25 Delicious Avocado Recipes for Breakfast, Lunch, Supper, and More

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There are various ways to consume avocados and many foods to eat with avocados since they have such a variable taste that may be mild or intense, sweet or savory.

In this piece, I look at 25 delicious ways to consume avocado throughout the day, including sweet and savory meals.

2. Butter or Mayo Replacement

Substitute conventional butter on toast with pureed avocado, and mayonnaise in salads with pureed avocado. Another benefit of using avocado in salads is that while salads are frequently lower in calories, adding some avocado may help you feel filled for longer, which is good for weight management or weight reduction.

Mashed avocado may also be used in lieu of butter in recipes, and it is not only more healthy, but it also has around a fifth of the calories that butter does.

3. Sour Cream Substitute

Avocado may also be used in place of sour cream. You’ll need one avocado, lime juice, one tablespoon of water, and one tablespoon of either avocado or olive oil to make this. Combine these ingredients with a pinch of salt and pepper and use in lieu of sour cream over baked potatoes and other dishes.

4. In Summer Soups

Avocado may be used in a variety of summer soups, which are ideal for light lunches or as a cold beginning for supper.

5. Stuffed Avocado

You may load avocado halves with cold or hot contents like green vegetables and lean protein, then bake the avocados for around 20 minutes.

6. Sushi

Why not add some shredded or mashed avocado to or on top of your California rolls the next time you make sushi?

How to Eat Avocado for Breakfast

7. With Eggs

If you like scrambled eggs in the morning, add some chopped avocado halfway through cooking and continue cooking the eggs until the avocado is warm. If you add the avocado at the beginning of the cooking process, it will burn!

Instead, just season your avocado scrambled eggs before serving. If you want to boost the protein content of your eggs, combine some bacon and eggs.

Since avocado and eggs work so well together, here’s another egg breakfast alternative. Just scrape off the pit of an avocado half and insert a raw egg into the well. Bake the avocado half for about 15 minutes at 425F, or until the egg white is set.

8. Homemade Smoothie

Smoothies are another excellent method to consume avocado for breakfast; just add some avocado to a prepared veggie or fruit smoothie.

9. Pancakes

While the hue may turn you off in the morning, adding avocado to your pancake mix may help you produce healthier pancakes.

10. Avocado on Toast

Spread some mashed or pureed avocado over a piece of bread and season with salt and pepper for a quick breakfast.

Other Ways to Eat Avocado

11. Grilled Avocado

If you’re grilling meat, slice an avocado, spray each side with a little oil (and citrus juice if desired), and cook for 30 seconds or so. The slices may be eaten with the grilled meats, as a salad topping for burgers, or as a side dish for any other meal.

Grilling avocados is also a clever approach to cope with avocados that refuse to mature. Just peel the avocados and throw them on the grill to soften and sear while taking on smokiness.

12. Pasta Dressing

As a spaghetti sauce, use mashed avocado. Just add some fresh basil and some Italian hard cheese, or even some mashed avocado, to your next batch of homemade mac and cheese.

13. Pizza Topping

Together with your standard pizza toppings, add some chopped avocado.

14. Avocado and Canned Fish Dip

What do you put on your crackers? Any canned fish will do, as long as it is canned in oil, such as sardines, tuna, mackerel, or smoked trout. To make a wonderful dip, add avocado to canned fish and combine with scallions, lemon juice, mayo, and spice.

15. Cakes, Muffins and Brownies

Avocado may be used in both sweet and savory muffin recipes, as well as a variety of cake and brownie recipes.

One word of caution: when using avocado in sweet baked goods, stick to recipes that include cocoa or chocolate to help mask the green tint of the avocado.

16. Cake Frosting

A simple but yummy cake frosting is made by combining avocado, cocoa powder, and icing sugar.

17. Puddings

Avocado’s texture and mild taste complement a range of chocolate or peanut butter puddings.

18. Ice Cream and Popsicles

Avocado popsicles (also known as avocado paletas or Mexican avocado ice pops) are another delicious alternative for avocados.

19. Dairy Free Desserts

Avocado, due to its texture, works well in dairy-free sweets like key lime pies, and as a replacement for butter or shortening in other baked items, avocado may be used as an egg substitute. In a recipe, two to four teaspoons of mashed avocado will substitute one egg.

20. Drinks

Avocado may also be used as a creamy basis in famous beverages like daiquiris and margaritas!

How to Eat Avocado Raw

Whether you are accustomed to eating avocados as guacamole, smoothies, or filled and baked, it may take some time to adjust to eating one avocado fresh or unadulterated. A raw avocado should be perfectly ripe to get the most out of it.

While the softness of the fruit is one of the most common indicators that an avocado is ready to eat, visit our article on how to tell if an avocado is rotten for additional information on how to tell when an avocado is ready to eat.

Ripe avocados may be eaten directly from the skin with a spoon, but you might like to add some mashed or sliced avocado to some fresh baked sourdough or crunchy toast. You may also season with salt to bring out the taste of the avocado.

21. Avocado Slices

Why not season avocado slices with lemon or lime juice and salt for a snack? You might also add some chile flakes and some lime juice. Even a little amount of balsamic vinegar can bring out the finest in raw avocado.

How to Eat Avocado If You Don’t Like It

Sure, I recognize that not everyone like avocado, but there are methods to consume avocado that will enable you to include it in your diet.

or seasonings is typically the simplest technique to mask the avocado’s taste. Herbs and spices are used to provide additional taste.

22. Extra Garlic Guacamole

If you like Mexican cuisine, create a conventional guacamole but add more garlic, ground cumin, or cayenne pepper to mask some of the avocado flavor.

23. Mayo Replacement in Salad

In a handmade salad, replace half or even a quarter of your standard mayo with mashed avocado.

24. Homemade Dip or Hummus

With Greek yogurt, make a guacamole-style dip with mashed avocado, garlic, cilantro, jalapenos, and lime.

Avocado may also be incorporated into homemade hummus, where a little more flavor, such as extra spices or sriracha, can help to mask the avocado taste. Making hummus creamier by including avocado.

15. Avocado and Greek Yogurt Breakfast/Dessert

Add a tiny quantity of mashed avocado to Greek yogurt for breakfast or dessert. Next add some toasted nuts, seeds, berries, honey, or other ingredients to mask most of the avocado taste.

Final Comments

As I’ve shown, there are 25 delicious ways to consume avocado in savory and sweet dishes suitable for breakfast, lunch, supper, and more. Why not try some of them and then be creative to discover what other ways you can consume avocado?

Even if you don’t like avocado, adding more spices or herbs can mask part of the taste, allowing you to have some healthful avocado in your diet on occasion.


What can I use avocado for for dinner?

Avocado dishes
Smoothie bowl with green goddess…
Nachos for a movie night with chorizo and creamy guacamole…
… California quinoa and avocado salad…. Horseradish latkes with avocado, gravadlax, and poached eggs.
… Chocolate, peanut butter, and avocado pudding…. Avocado and smoked salmon spelt pasta.
More to come…

Is it OK to eat avocado for dinner?

Avocados make an excellent accent to any meal or supper. Enjoying an easy-to-make avocado salad is a delightful way to integrate avocados into your regular diet. It’s as easy as tossing some avocado slices into your favorite salad or using avocado as the foundation for a healthy and nutrient-dense salad.

What pairs well with avocado?

Avocado Complementary Foods
Salads, burgers, and other dishes with bacon.
Beef burgers, tacos, sirloin, and so forth.
Grilled chicken, sandwiches, salads, and so forth.
Smoked turkey, sandwiches, etc.
Grilled salmon, sushi, and so forth.
Black beans are a side dish.
Steamed crab, for example.
Jul 11, 2022

What is the most popular way to eat avocado?

Its mild taste and creamy texture make them an excellent compliment to any meal or snack on their own. These are a few of our favorite avocado recipes: Avocado – This timeless classic will never let you down. Other from tortilla chips, we recommend dipping your vegetables, fruits, and other foods in it as well.

What foods not to mix with avocado?

The combo you want to avoid is eating avocados (a fat) with almonds (a protein). Avocado’s raw fat characteristics impede the digestion of protein found in nuts.

What are 3 ways to use avocado?

Avocados improve almost everything, from salads to veggie-packed salsas to smoothies. Spread avocados over toast, mash them into guacamole, or top your eggs with a few slices—just make sure they’re absolutely ripe (if they aren’t, here’s how to ripen avocados in a rush).

How many times a week should you eat avocado?

According to recent study, eating two avocados each week may improve your heart health and lessen your risk of cardiovascular disease. Avocados are nutrient-dense fruits packed in fiber, minerals, and good fats that have been demonstrated to lower cardiovascular risk factors such as elevated cholesterol.

Can I eat eggs and avocado everyday?

This mixture, however, should be used in moderation. “The optimal method to avoid exaggerating with fat and calories is to bring half an avocado paired with two eggs, ideally hard-boiled, no more than a couple of times a week,” says the expert, who explains 5 reasons why this meal combo is a smart choice.

Why not eat avocado toast in the morning?

These do not constitute a full breakfast.

Avocados are poor in protein since they are a fruit. Protein is essential in the morning since it offers you a surge of energy and keeps you fuller for longer. Avocado toast is basically a carb + fat combination.

What is healthy to dip in avocado?

With vegetables

Use cucumbers, carrots, celery, or any other vegetable as a dipping stick for a healthy method to slurp the dip into your mouth.

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