How the TaoTronics Air Fryer Allows You to Enjoy Deep Fried Meals Without the Fat!

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Regardless matter how hard we try to eat properly, most of us like deep-fried fries and wings. We can still enjoy our deep-fried favorites without all the fat by utilizing an air fryer!

The air fryer is a relatively recent addition to our countertop kitchen gadgets, designed to replace our often used deep fryer. In this review, I examine at one of the newest air fryers on the market, the TaoTronics air fryer, to see how it may enable you to dish up family favorites while avoiding the fat content of a deep fryer.

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Why is air frying better for you than deep frying?

While air frying can not replace healthy cooking techniques such as grilling or steaming, it is unquestionably preferable than deep fried your favorite meals. Instead of having to fill a deep fryer with oil to fry chicken wings, you can cook the same amount in an air fryer with as little as a tablespoon of vegetable or canola oil. Even with this little quantity of added fat, you will get crispy on the outside and juicy in the center wings without the extra calories and fat from deep frying.

In reality, when you air fry, you use around 5% of the cooking fat that you would use if you deep fried the same item. Air frying also eliminates harmful substances like acrylamide that accumulate in meals that we deep fried.

An air fryer cooks using air in the same manner as a deep fryer cooks with oil. The top of the air fryer has a heating element as well as a strong fan that circulates hot air carrying various fine oil droplets around the food in the basket. This air evaporates moisture from the food, which cooks it and gives it the crispy finish and taste of deep-fried food. Air fryers also preheat quickly and evenly cook and reheat food.

It is worth mentioning, however, that although air frying is ideal for dishes that would typically be deep fried, it does not provide the same finish and taste as grilling or even oven roasting, even if an air fryer is still baking and roasting the food.

When it comes to battered dishes, an air fryer may not always provide the same results as deep frying, particularly if the batter is flour-based or extremely moist. Before cooking in the air fryer, spritz battered items with oil to help them crisp and brown.

What Can You Make With An Air Fryer?

Fresh meats such as chicken, chicken wings, hog chops, steaks, ribs, shellfish, veggies, and more may be cooked in an air fryer. It’s also great with lobster tails, nachos, and our favorite grilled cheese sandwich. You may even finish the family dinner with a cake or even smores baked in the air fryer!

If you want your meats basted with barbeque or other sauces, cook in this manner, but add sauces in the final few minutes of cooking time rather than at the start. If you want to cook veggies or shellfish in the air fryer, you’ll need to add a little oil before you start.

If you often air fried chicken wings or short ribs, it’s worth trying to see whether they cook better in one or two layers or if you cook them in more layers but flip them sometimes while cooking.

Now that we’ve seen how versatile the air fryer can be in making some of our favorite foods healthier, let’s take a closer look at the TaoTronics air fryer.

TaoTronics Air Fryer Specifications

What exactly is in the box?

When you purchase a TaoTronics air fryer, you will get a quick start instruction as well as a thorough user handbook. There is also a recipe book with 50 dishes, which is quite useful if you are new to air frying.

There are labels on the air fryer reminding you to remove all of the packing before using it, and the touch screen illuminates when you first plug it in. You may use this to switch on the electricity, pick a preset program, or manually adjust the cooking time and temperature.

Let it to warm is frequently preferable, since you can then just put your food to the basket and push start.

The Most Crucial Characteristics

The six quart basket is suitable for cooking a chicken big enough for up to six people, measuring 11.73 long by 11.73 broad and 13.39 high.

It does weigh around 14 pounds, so if you have the room, you could find it simpler to leave it on the countertop permanently rather of constantly putting it away.

The TaoTronics air fryer operates on a regular 120v outlet and has a 360 air convection system driven by a 1750 watt fan.

TaoTemp Technology regulates temperature and time settings and contains 11 preset programs for popular items including chicken, fries, shrimp, burgers, and bacon. Using the touch screen, you may also manually adjust the time and temperature.

The touch screen menu is carefully oriented so that you can easily see and operate it without bending over the air fryer.

Foods may be cooked at temperatures ranging from 150F to 400F, and the manual timer can be set for five to 60 minutes. This means that if you simply want to air fry very finely cut delicate vegetables or reheat anything that would only take a few of minutes, you will need to manually monitor your food and switch it off.

Air frying shrimp takes just 8 minutes, but air frying wings takes 35 minutes. There is also a preheat feature, and the keep warm function is useful if your meat is done cooking before the remainder of your dinner.

Another significant advantage over a deep fryer is the reduced cleanup time. After cooking in the air fryer, the nonstick basket and frying tray may be rinsed clean or washed in the dishwasher. Just wipe off the exterior of the air fryer with a dry towel to clean it. If you like, you may cook with paper liners for even simpler cleanup; just cut one to suit the basket before using.

Air Fryer Security

Apart from the minimal fat cooking and quick cleanup, the safety features of air fryers provide them a significant edge over the traditional deep fryer.

Unlike deep fryers, there is less chance of getting burned by hot fat, and air fryers do not heat up the kitchen as much as deep frying does, which is a big bonus in the summer!

The TaoTronics air fryer is safe since it features overheat prevention and an automated shut off function. If you wish to check on your wings during cooking time, just remove the basket with its cool touch handle and it will turn itself off. After the program or timer countdown is complete, it will also switch off.

It is also advanced ETL listed (checked for electrical compliance and safety) and comes with a one-year manufacturer guarantee for ultimate peace of mind.

The Benefits and Drawbacks

While the TaoTronics air fryer comes with pre-set programs, a recipe book, and a user handbook, it may still take some trial and error to transition your favorite meals from the deep fryer to the air fryer. Depending on what you’re cooking, it may not always be the greatest idea to completely fill the basket. If you do want to fry a lot of fries or wings at once, increase the cooking time and remember to shake the basket or manually flip the goods to help them cook uniformly.

Even if you’re having trouble getting the results you want (such as extra crispy! ), stick with it since the amount of fat you save by converting from a deep frying to an air fryer is well worth it.

It may be more suited to families as a 6 quart air fryer, but if you want to air fry entire birds or bigger steaks or meat chops, this size is plenty for just a couple of people. And, of course, if you invite people around for dinner or snacks on a regular basis, its bigger capacity is a clear advantage.


Investing in the TaoTronics air fryer, which can decrease the amount of fat in deep fried dishes by up to 100% or as low as 95%, is a simple way to experience all of the flavor delight and texture of your favorite deep fried foods without the extra fat!

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