Kettle and Fire Review: Making Bone Broths Simple

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The days of leaving a large pot on the fire overnight to cook down knuckle bones into broth or stock for stews and soups are past. Currently, there are several bone broth products available that have done all of the difficult and time-consuming job for us!

Kettle & Fire is one of the top premium brands of bone broth, and I take an in-depth look at their goods in this review. I also discuss briefly why bone broth is an important element of many people’s healthy diets and why a good bone broth has become a popular part of the daily diet once again.

Should You Consume Bone Broth?

Bone broth, which was historically used to provide depth of flavor to many recipes, has become a must-have food, not only because of its high protein level, but also because it contains important minerals and other elements found in bones. Bone broth is created by breaking apart bones and gently boiling them for an extended period of time, allowing the nutrients from the bones to dissolve into the liquid broth. Adding an acid, such as apple cider vinegar, aids in the release of nutrients more effectively than just boiling the bones in water.

Phosphorus, calcium, iron, vitamin K, zinc, manganese, and collagen are just a few of the minerals found in bone broth. Collagen is a source of amino acids, which are the building blocks of proteins that the body requires from the food. You may be better acquainted with collagen in its boiled form, gelatin, which may be broken down into collagen once in the body. This collagen may therefore be effective in protecting the joints from overuse as well as damage caused by osteoarthritis.

Since bone broth is high in protein, it might help you feel satisfied for longer, which may be beneficial for weight loss. Certain amino acids serve various functions in the body in addition to aiding in the production of proteins. Glycine, one amine acid, may aid with sleep issues, and since bone broth is a rich source of this, consuming bone broth at supper time may help boost glycine levels in the body. Another amino acid included in bone broth is glutamine, which may be beneficial to persons suffering from digestive diseases such as inflammatory bowel disease.

Most commercially prepared bone broths include other components such as vegetables, herbs, and spices, which may add nutritional value to the broth. Because of the added taste, many bone broths may be consumed as a meal from a cup after heating, without the addition of any other ingredients.

But, like with many diets, much more research is required to determine the proven health advantages of bone broth.

How Do You Cook Using Bone Broth?

You may use bone broth in any dish that calls for a broth or stock base, and you can also be creative with it. These are just a handful of the numerous ways to use bone broth into your everyday cooking.

Traditional stews and casseroles benefit greatly from bone broth as a basis. It also works nicely in a variety of light soups, as well as Asian and fusion soups. Instead, you might add heartier components to create a more full dish. Not only may bone broth be used as a marinade foundation for a variety of meats (and even certain fish dishes), but it can also be used for braising. A nice bone broth can significantly improve the taste of your roast chicken, short ribs, pulled pork, and other dishes. Remember that after you’ve done cooking, you can use the leftover liquid to make gravy. If you’re making a pot pie for a large family dinner, you may also use bone broth as your liquid stock.

In addition to meats, bone broth may be used to vegetables such as mashed potatoes or mashed root vegetables, or even to scrambled eggs. Since most Kettle & Fire bone broths are also Paleo, you may use it as a foundation for Paleo-friendly dips and more.

Use bone broth as a foundation for spaghetti sauce, or if you’re craving Mexican for supper, try it in chili, enchiladas, or even taco soup. You may also cook your rice in bone broth, whether for rice or for risotto or another Mediterranean rice dish.

Bone broth is not limited to rice. You may substitute it for water while cooking savory oats, orzo, quinoa, lentils, or any other kind of grain. Replace all of the water with bone broth, or only part of the water with broth. For added taste and nutrients, consider soaking and boiling beans in bone broth the next time you prepare them.

If you’re feeling brave, you could also try adding some to a smoothie for an instant liquid boost.

Kettle & Fire bone broths may also be enjoyed from a cup or bowl after cooking for five minutes on the stovetop or one minute in the microwave.

Where Can You Get Kettle and Fire Bone Broths?

Kettle & Fire bone broths may sometimes be found in certain shops, but the best way to get the whole line is online at, either as one-time orders or via the company’s subscription program. The Kettle and Fire website is simple to use and lets you to search by dietary need (such as gluten free or Paleo), broth base, and other ingredients.

The bone broths are packaged in 32 oz cartons, whereas the bone broth soups are packaged in 16 oz cartons. You may buy the flavors you like as a one-time purchase, a subscription, or a ready-made one-time purchase bundle. Since delivery is free when you purchase six or more cartons, it is cheaper to buy more. Because it is shelf stable for two years, you have plenty of time to use it up.

A one-time purchase of six 32-ounce cartons of Classic Beef Bone Broth costs $47.94, while a six-pack of 16-ounce Broccoli Cheddar Bone Broth Soup costs $50.94. You may save money on them by purchasing in bulk or by enrolling in the Subscribe and Save program.

Kettle and Fire bone broths, like other premium and organic goods, come at a cost. As a result, Kettle & Fire may not always be the best option for your budget. If you can afford a treat now and again, go ahead and get a carton. You may want to use it for cooking rather than eating it as is since it will enable you to thin it up with water and stretch the flavor a bit farther.

Creating Organic Bone Broth

Kettle & Fire was founded in 2013 by two brothers with the goal of creating an ecologically friendly product that is healthy and created with high quality ingredients, and the products are organic to assure this.

Marrow bones for beef broth are supplied from New Zealand and Australia, where cattle are organic and grass fed and finished. Since the cattle are organic, they are not frequently administered antibiotics or growth hormones.

Farmers that supply Kettle & Fire must follow animal welfare guidelines, and the cattle are also butchered humanely in accordance with USDA slaughtering rules. In addition, the USDA inspects and certifies facilities and products, as does Whole Foods Market, which has examined Kettle and Fire operations from cultivation through manufacture.

Chicken bones, like cow bones, are organic and free range, given a diet devoid of animal byproducts and antibiotics, as well as non-GMO grains. Non-GMO Project Verified bone broths are also available.

The broths include no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives, and there is no added monosodium glutamate (MSG). All of the broths are gluten-free, as well as devoid of dairy, soy, and glyphosate residues. It is vital to remember that these broths are not low in sodium, despite the fact that they may not include any additional salt. If you compare a Kettle & Fire bone broth to one of your ordinary bone broths, you’ll discover that the Kettle & Fire has much less sodium.

or herbs and spices. This lengthy, steady boil enables amino acids, proteins, collagen, and other nutrients from the bones to seep into the broth. The bones for the broths are processed in the United States and boiled in steel kettles for a minimum of 20 hours at 130 degrees Fahrenheit with organic veggies, herbs, and spices.

Several Kettle & Fire bone broths are Keto, Paleo, and Whole30 friendly. But, verify before you purchase since certain broths may not be good for these diets (chili with beans is one example).

While Kettle & Fire does not presently manufacture kosher or halal broths, they do provide some recipes on their website that may be utilized by people who need to procure certified animal sources to prepare broths that meet their dietary needs.

How Does Bone Broth Stay Shelf Stable?

If you’ve ever prepared your own broth, you’ll know that in order to store it for an extended period of time, you must can or freeze it. Kettle & Fire uses retorting, a unique method in which the broth is packed and sealed in an aseptic and air tight environment before being heated for sterility.

The firm also employs Tetra Pak packaging, which is not only recyclable and ecologically produced, but also vacuum seals the bone broth until it is opened. When bone broth is treated in this manner, it may be stored for up to two years before being opened. After opening a container of bone broth, it must be refrigerated.

Bone Broths in the Kettle and on the Fire

While beef or chicken bone broth is used as a basis in practically all Kettle & Fire products, broth tastes range from the basic chicken and beef bone broths to flavored bone broth soups like butternut squash, tomato, and mushroom, as well as favorites like Thai chicken bone broth soup. In this part, I’ll go through some of the most popular Kettle and Fire bone broths, as well as a few more.

1. Traditional Beef Bone Broth from Kettle & Fire

This classic bone broth is created with organic beef bones, organic carrots, onion, and celery, as well as apple cider vinegar, parsley, bay, thyme, black pepper, and rosemary. It is ideal for drinking on its own or used in a variety of meals. In addition to the organic components, this product is Non GMO Project Verified, dairy free, and gluten free. It is suitable for the Whole30, Paleo, and Keto diets, and contains 6 grams of protein and 10 grams of collagen per serving.

2. Chicken Bone Broth with Kettle & Fire Mushrooms

This soup combines organic lion’s mane, portobello, and shiitake mushrooms as well as organic chicken bone broth for an earthy and richly flavored broth. Carrots, onion, leek, fennel, apple cider vinegar, and a variety of organic herbs are also included. This gluten-free and Non-GMO Project Verified mushroom chicken bone broth may be consumed as part of a Paleo, Keto, or Whole30 diet. Not only can you use this as broth, but it also provides an excellent basis for many recipes, particularly chicken meals.

3. Chicken Noodle Soup with Kettle and Fire

The Kettle & Fire chicken noodle soup, available in 16 oz cartons, is made with chicken bone broth and includes 11 grams of collagen to strengthen joints. One cup includes 5 grams of total fat, 16 grams of carbohydrates, and 11 grams of protein.

Already a robust soup, and just as you’d prepare it, if it’s not exactly as hearty as you’d want, you may add some leftover vegetables or additional chicken while the soup heats up.

Soup with Kettle and Fire Tomatoes

On a cold day, this rich tomato soup with a chicken bone broth base is ideal for lunch with a grilled cheese sandwich. This includes organic tomato paste, organic veggies, coconut milk, herbs, spices, garlic, and sea salt. This certified gluten free broth is delicious served hot from the pan or as a foundation for tomato-based dishes and stews.

Soup with Thai Chicken Curry Bone Broth

The Thai chicken curry bone broth soup is gluten free and Non GMO Project Verified. It is crafted with genuine and organic Asian spices, coconut milk, and chicken pieces. You may enjoy this spicy soup alone or with a salad, or add additional meat, lentils, or veggies for a heartier dinner.

Chipotle Beef Bone Broth Kettle & Fire

Whether you prefer a hot and spicy soup or just want to add some additional smokey flavor to your chili or even black eyed peas, the chipotle beef bone broth may be precisely what you’re looking for. This is Non GMO Project Certified, made with organic ingredients, Paleo and Keto friendly, and Whole30 approved. This is also suitable for a gluten-free diet. One serving contains 40 calories, 10 g of protein, and 8 g of collagen.

7. Broccoli Cheddar Bone Broth Soup Kettle & Fire

The broccoli and cheddar soup, which has a chicken bone broth base, receives its added flavor from the inclusion of sharp and aged organic cheddar as well as bits of organic broccoli. While Keto-friendly, this broth soup is neither Paleo or Whole30 compliant. Nonetheless, it is gluten free and Non GMO Project Verified.

This famous soup may be eaten on its own or with more veggies, cheese, or even meat or beans to create a more complete meal.

Soup with Kettle & Fire Butternut Squash Bone Broth

This creamy broth soup with organic squash puree, coconut milk, and chicken bone broth is delicious on its own or in a number of ways. It’s Paleo-friendly, with 6 grams of protein and 210 calories per serving. It is also dairy-free and gluten-free certified.

9. Bone Broth Soup with Beef Chili and Beans

While it is not suited for Paleo, Keto, or Whole30 diets, the chili is the most hearty bone broth choice offered from Kettle and Fire and is ideal for a satisfying lunch or a late supper when you don’t feel like cooking. A single serving has 300 calories and 19 grams of protein. It is dairy and gluten free and does not contain any dairy.

Kettle & Fire Premium Vegetable Broth No. 10

Vegetable broth, which is suitable for vegetarian and vegan diets, is produced with vegetables, herbs, and spices and may be used as a basis (cooking broth) for stews, soups, and so much more. This is also fat free, sugar free, and low carb, with just 5 calories per one cup serving. It is also gluten-free certified.

Final Thoughts

Unless you want to spend your free time cutting down bones and boiling them overnight, Kettle & Fire is the greatest choice for adding high-quality bone broth to your regular diet. Not only does bone broth provide taste, but it also provides a nutritious boost to the daily diet.

The fact that the goods are organic and devoid of additional colors, flavorings, and preservatives is significant to me, as is the fact that they are acceptable for a wide range of diets. The premium pricing of the bone broths will undoubtedly be a problem for certain family budgets, and in the future, I would like to see one or two reduced sodium variants since this would help make them suited for even more diets, according to this Kettle & Fire review.

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