Reviews of the 11 Best Popcorn Kernels in 2022

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Popcorn is an excellent snack that can be prepared in a matter of minutes. If you often host movie evenings, game nights, or other similar gatherings, you may want to pick up a bag of popcorn kernels. The finest popcorn kernels will enable you to manufacture soft, fluffy, and crispy popcorns similar to those served in movie theaters. The advantage of preparing popcorn at home is that you can always change the flavor to suit your and your visitors’ tastes.

Best Selection

Our favorite is the Orville Redenbachers Gourmet Popcorn Kernels because it has the ideal flavour, a good quantity, and the perfect texture. This is something you can eat on a regular basis without becoming bored.

Budget Selection

Our budget selection is the Great Northern Popcorn Premium 24 Pk- 8 Ounce Popcorn Portion, which has a delightful buttery taste, easy-to-store packaging, and can be cooked in just a few minutes. This popcorn kernel serves a group of 6-8 persons well.

Product Name Weight
Flavor Calories
(per serving)
Orville Redenbacher’s Gourmet Popcorn Kernels 96.00 Gourmet Yellow 120 A
Great Northern Popcorn Premium 24 Pk- 8 Ounce Popcorn Portion 8.00 Butter 140 A
Amish Country Popcorn Kernels 16.00 Baby White 140 A
Snappy White Popcorn 64.00 Popcorn 110 A
Amish Country Popcorn 10 – 4 oz Bags 4.00 Variety Gift Set 140 A
Amish Country Popcorn 3-1 lb bags 48.00 Purple, Blue, & Red 140 A
Anthony’s Organic Yellow Popcorn Kernels 48.00 Yellow Popcorn 150 A
Franklin’s Gourmet Movie Theater Popcorn 2.00 Butter 170 A
Great Northern Yellow Popcorn Kernels 192.00 4195 Original 100 B
Franklin’s Gourmet Popcorn Kernels 28.00 Organic 110 B
Snappy Yellow Popcorn Kernels 64.00 Premium Yellow 110 A

1. Orville Redenbacher’s Gourmet Popcorn Kernels

If you are a genuine fan of yellow popcorn, you will not be disappointed by the quality of these Orville Redenbachers popcorns. They’ve been farming high-quality yellow popcorn kernels on their family farms since 1952, and they’ve concentrated on making their popcorns crispy on the exterior yet delicate on the inside, which is one of the keys to superb movie-theater grade popcorns.

This product also comes in a large 5 pound 12 ounce container with a wide aperture for easy scooping out as much popcorn as you desire.

The container’s airtight top also keeps the kernels fresh for a long time, and the handle lets you to have a firm hold on it while raising it up. Popcorn kernels are also fantastic since they may be prepared in a variety of ways. These popcorns may be made in an air popper, electric popper, microwave, or on the stovetop. You don’t have to worry about how much oil to put in for a specific amount of popcorns with these popcorns because the container includes a clear table of measurements that tell you how much oil is needed to pop specific amounts of kernels, as well as simple instructions on how to make the perfect popcorns on your stovetop. To clear up any misunderstandings or confusions, the nutritional information for the popcorns are also provided.

Since they are 100% whole-grain and rich in fiber, these popcorns not only taste wonderful but also make a healthier snack than many other snack foods. They are non-GMO, organic, and gluten-free, and may be eaten by anybody. Since the container includes simply kernels and no oil or spice, you may add your own tastes and oil to make it healthier and more tasty.


  • 5 pound 12 oz container with an airtight lid on a wide opening and a handle to easily lift it up makes a user-friendly packaging
  • High-quality yellow popcorns kernels from family farms
  • No oil or seasoning is added to the kernels which give you flexibility in how you want to prepare your popcorns
  • The kernels are 100% whole grain, non-GMO, gluten-free and organic so it is good for your health
  • You can make your popcorns using versatile methods such as air popper, stove top, electric popper, and microwave, using these kernels
  • Easy instructions and oil measurements are given on the container along with the nutritional facts


  • No oil or seasoning is provided with the kernels
  • The popcorn kernels are not premeasured so you would need a measuring cup if you want to make an accurate amount of popcorns

2. Great Northern Popcorn Premium 24 Pk- 8 Ounce Popcorn Portion

The first thing we like about these popcorn kernels is their clever packaging. They come in premeasured 8-ounce packets, so you know precisely how much you’re going to need without having to use a measuring cup or guessing to measure out the kernels.

The packaging also includes a tri-pack design with distinct sections for the oil and seasoning. Since there is no measurement needed when using these packets, this is particularly beneficial when you are unsure how much oil or spice to add to make your popcorn taste fantastic.

Just open the package and pour the contents into a pan over medium heat. Additionally, since the seasoning, kernels, and oil are separated, you may omit the oil or seasoning if you want to personalize your popcorn by adding your own oil or seasoning. Since the 8-ounce packets are easier to handle than a large, hefty bag of popcorn, they are also simple to store and utilize. Another excellent feature of the packaging is that the back of the package has extensive, easy-to-follow instructions for the many techniques of making popcorn using these kernels. It comes with instructions for utilizing it in a commercial popper, electric popper, air popper, and stovetop popper. In addition to the directions, there is a clear description of the nutritional statistics for this package of popcorns.

The second thing we like about these popcorn kernels is their high quality. We prefer to compare the flavor of our home popcorns to the taste of the popcorns we had at those locations since our earliest recollections of the taste of popcorns come mostly from going to watch baseball games at a stadium or a movie theater. And these Great Northern Popcorns popcorn kernels concentrate on giving out the desired flavor by employing low-melt, buttery-flavored oil and extra-fine diacetyl-free seasoned salt. The kernels are also supplied directly from local farmers, ensuring the freshness of the popcorn.


  • Has separate compartments for the kernels, oil and the seasoning
  • The kernels are premeasured to be of 8-ounce portions
  • Low-melt buttery flavored oil and extra-fine diacetyl-free seasoned salt ensures the taste of your popcorns to be movie-theater quality
  • These popcorns are non-GMO and gluten-free
  • Detailed instructions on how to make popcorns using this packet are given at the back of the packet
  • Clear nutritional facts are given on the packet
  • Can be made in multiple ways using an air popper, electric popper, commercial popper or on the stovetop


  • If you do not want any packaged oil or salt and want only the kernels then this might not be the best option for you

3. Amish Country Popcorn Kernels

If you’re looking for crispy, white popcorn kernels that can be prepared in just a few minutes, this is the package to choose. The Amish County Popcorn Bag has 12 servings per container, making it ideal for get-togethers or movie evenings with friends and family.

Each serving of this popcorn kernel includes just 140 calories. You may eat this anytime you want without worrying about gaining weight. This low-calorie snack is prepared with nutritious and safe ingredients that are free of GMOs and gluten. It also does not include any nuts, so you do not need to be concerned about developing nut allergies if you take this product.

You may prepare the popcorn kernels on the stovetop by putting them in an oil-coated skillet with a cover. Before closing the cover, make sure the popcorn kernels are also coated with oil. You may also microwave them by putting the white kernels in a microwavable paper bag. It will only take two minutes for all of the kernels to pop.

This product has received Climate Pledge Friendly accreditation, indicating that its packaging is environmentally friendly. It produces little waste and is small in size, making it simple to store.


  • It comes with a recipe guide eBook that includes lots of trendy recipes
  • The popcorn contains very few hulls so you are unlikely to come across those inedible hard shells while eating
  • The popcorn turns out to be quite tender which makes it more enjoyable
  • It comes with clear cooking instructions that are easy to follow
  • You can prepare it both in the microwave and on the stovetop
  • You can customize the flavor of the popcorn by adding seasonings of your choice


  • The popcorn kernels do not come with any oil or seasonings
  • You will need to transfer the uncooked popcorn kernels to an airtight container or ziplock bag for later use

4. Snappy White Popcorn

The seemingly-ending dispute over whether white or yellow popcorn is superior may never be settled, but the good news is that both sorts are readily available on the market. If you like white popcorn kernels, which are often smaller than yellow popcorn kernels and may even be tenderer, then this is a terrific jar of white popcorn kernels to consider.

The excellent thing about this popcorn is that it comes in a 4 pound jar, which eliminates the need to cut multiple packages of little amounts to prepare popcorn for a group of people.

This jar also includes simply the kernels, with no oil or flavor, giving you complete control over how you customize your popcorn.

To spice things up, the jar has a fun recipe for cinnamon crunch popcorns, which you can search up and use to create a bowl of wonderful cinnamon scented sweet crunchy popcorns to enjoy with your favorite movie or TV program. Since these popcorns are whole grain goods, they are rich in fiber and low in fat, and they are non-GMO, making them a healthy snack alternative to crisps or fries.


  • The jar has 4 pounds of popcorns so you can use as much as you want, which is very useful if you have a big family or like having big portions of popcorns. This saves the time and effort because you do not have to cut open small packets of popcorns.
  • The jar is airtight ensuring the safe storage of your popcorn kernels.
  • They are white popcorns instead of yellow and are smaller and softer.
  • The jar has a special popcorn recipe
  • They are low in fat, high in fiber and non-GMO, which makes them a healthy food to snack on
  • No added oil or seasoning so you can customize your popcorns any way you like


  • If you want popcorn kernels that come with oil and seasoning then this item might not be the best option for you.
  • The popcorns are not premeasured

5. Amish Country Popcorn 10 – 4 oz Bags

These Amish Country popcorn kernels come in a bag of 10. Each bag includes 4 ounces of flavored popcorn that is ready in minutes. The size is ideal for experimenting with different tastes.

The flavors represent the various sizes of popcorn kernels or the sort of corn used to manufacture them. Since all 10 bags are flavorless, you may create your own popcorn according to your preferences. To make a tasty snack, add your favorite spices and oil. You may also use the recipe guide eBook, which covers around 15 intriguing recipes for creating unique and tasty popcorn dinners.

Since the popcorn kernels are manufactured with just fresh and healthy components, you don’t have to worry about eating any hazardous or dangerous chemicals. They do not contain GMOs or gluten, therefore allergic reactions are uncommon. Also, these popcorn kernels do not include any nuts, such as tree nuts or peanuts. This delectable delight will be available to all consumers without causing any health problems.


  • You will be left with very few unpopped popcorn kernels once you are done preparing them
  • You will be able to try out ten different types of corn
  • Some of the popcorns have a slightly sweet aftertaste
  • You can prepare it in an air popper or a microwave
  • The popcorn is quite tender and does not include a lot of calories


  • Individual bags do not have labelings so it will be quite difficult to tell them apart

6. Amish Country Popcorn 3-1 lb bags

If you’ve had both white and yellow popcorn and want to try something fresh, this package of three bags of popcorn is absolutely worth considering. Each bag includes one pound of popcorn kernels, although they vary in size, shape, texture, and taste.

You could be scared by their names, purple, blue, and red, and assume that they are genetically enhanced or unnaturally colored. Set your concerns aside, since the good news is that they are fully non-GMO and contain no artificial coloring.

They have been organically cross-bred to bring out the unusual hues in their kernels, and when popped, they will appear like your typical white or yellow popcorn, only more tasty and with less hulls.

Purple popcorn has a nutty kernel and is smaller than regular popcorn; when popped, it becomes soft and fluffy. Many popcorn fans prefer blue ones because they have a distinct natural sweet taste and contain less hulls, saving you the pain of having to pick off hulls that get caught on your teeth after eating popcorn. When popped, red popcorns resemble white popcorn, but they have fewer flaky hulls and inflate up to produce fluffy and meaty popcorns. There is no salt or oil added to any of these three types, so you may prepare them anyway you like, and what makes things even more fun and exciting is the recipe reference book that comes with this package, which provides you intriguing dishes that you can try with these popcorns.

These popcorns are not only fun to eat with your family, particularly your youngsters, but they also make a terrific present for any popcorn lover.


  • The set has three different varieties of popcorn kernels which makes it a unique and an interesting product
  • The popcorns are non-GMO, vegan, gluten-free, tree-nut and peanut-free and do not contain any added salt or oil so you can safely consume it without worrying about health issues
  • They can be made on the stovetop, in a microwave oven, air popper or electric popper
  • Comes with a complete recipe guide so that you can try out interesting recipes using the popcorns


  • The packaging of the bags could have been better, given the fact that the opening only comes with a simple twister, which may cause air to go inside the bags once they are opened.
  • They are not premeasured so you will have to measure out certain amounts of popcorns when making them

7. Anthony’s Organic Yellow Popcorn Kernels

If you can’t watch your favorite TV episodes or movies without snacking on popcorn, this may be the product for you. These yellow popcorn kernels not only cook quickly, but they also come in a huge number that allows for a total of 34 servings per container. 7.5 cups of bright, fluffy, soft popcorn may be made from only 3 tablespoons of these unpopped popcorn kernels.

By putting the unpopped kernels in a pan and covering it with a lid, you can quickly make the popcorn on the stovetop. You may also use an electric or air popper to make the popcorn. The microwave may also be used to prepare unpopped popcorn kernels. This quick snack is ideal for gatherings since it can be prepared in less than five minutes.

The popcorn kernels are created from plant-based components that are GMO and gluten-free. It also has no sodium, so you don’t have to worry about the popcorn being overly salty for your taste. You may always season it with butter, salt, and other seasonings. More creative and tasty dishes may be found on Anthony Goods’ website.


  • It contains only 150 calories per serving
  • The popcorns are large, fluffy, and has the right amount of crispiness
  • The airtight vacuum sealed packaging allows you to store it easily
  • The popcorn kernels pop perfectly and within a short period of time, too


  • The hulls in the popcorns get stuck between your teeth quite frequently
  • The high fiber content makes the popcorns a bit chewier

8. Franklin’s Gourmet Movie Theater Popcorn

If you’re searching for purely organic popcorn that doesn’t utilize animal fat and doesn’t include GMOs or gluten, with the extra requirement that the packets be premeasured for a modest serving, these 2 ounce packets from Franklins are a wonderful alternative.

These small popcorn packets include three sections that divide the oil, seasoning, and kernels and are ideal for creating home popcorns as well as tossing into your camping backpack to enjoy popcorns even while camping.

These popcorn kernels are certified to be organic, non-GMO, Gluten-free, soy-free, peanut-free, Kosher and Vegan so you can make it for yourself, your family or for your guests without having to worry about the possibilities of someone being allergic to certain ingredients. The oil in the packet is also measured to be the right amount and is 100 % pure coconut oil, which adds the delicious coconut flavor to your popcorns as well as makes it healthier compared to popcorns made using animal fat.


  • Vegan, organic, non-GMO, free of gluten, peanut, and soy
  • Premeasured oil, kernels, and seasoning in separate compartments
  • Small 2 oz portions of kernels that have been premeasured
  • Instructions for making the popcorn and nutritional facts have been given clearly at the back of the packets


  • 2 oz. makes a small bowl of popcorns which might not be enough if you want to make popcorns for a large group of people

9. Great Northern Yellow Popcorn Kernels

Sometimes a 12-pound container of 4195 Original popcorn kernels is all you need in your kitchen cupboard. This jar is ideal for both household and commercial usage, with about 200 servings per container. The yellow popcorn is light, delicate, and crispy, making it ideal for movie evenings.

The popcorn kernels are created from non-GMO components that are also gluten-free. The popcorn kernels include no nuts, dairy products, preservatives, or artificial flavorings. Moreover, since it is a low-calorie snack, you may gorge on it without worrying about gaining too much weight.

Popcorn kernels may be made in the microwave, on the stovetop, or using a popcorn machine. It is suggested that 3 tablespoons of oil be used for every half cup of popcorn kernels. To get that crispy texture, you don’t need to use a lot of oil.

After opening the jar, there is no need to move the popcorn kernels to another airtight container. Since the lid can be snugly screwed onto the jar, the popcorn kernels stay fresh for a long time.


  • The popcorns have fewer hulls in them, making them easier to chew
  • The big jar can be used to store other food
  • It contains only 100 calories per servings


  • The big jar is quite bulky which makes it difficult to store
  • You will need to add oil and other seasonings to the popcorn
  • The popcorn tends to become very chewy

10. Franklin’s Gourmet Popcorn Kernels

This jar of popcorn kernels from Franklins is a treat in every taste and is ideal for game evenings, movie nights, poker nights, and intimate gatherings. The popcorn kernels are tightly packed inside an airtight container, allowing them to stay fresh for longer.

You may make them in a microwave, popcorn machine, or on the stovetop in a saucepan. You’ll be left with crispy, tender yellow popcorn that tastes precisely like the kind you get at the movies.

The popcorn kernels are manufactured from fresh ingredients that are both safe and healthful. These are gluten-free popcorn kernels that are non-GMO. They are also rich in natural fiber. Since these popcorn kernels contain no salt or artificial flavorings, you may season them to your liking. Also, it includes just 110 calories per serving, so you may add butter or caramel without feeling guilty.

Since the plastic jar is not overly large, it may easily fit into small locations. After the jar is empty, you may reuse it to keep different foods. This product has 28 servings per container, so you may use it for a long time. You don’t have to rush to the store every time it runs out.


  • The popcorns are big, fluffy, tender, and not too greasy
  • These popcorns are low in fat and do not contain any trans fat
  • The corn kernels pop quickly
  • They have a nice yellow color to it


  • It does not come with clear cooking instructions
  • The popcorns are a little bit on the chewy side
  • They are not premeasured

11 Yellow Snappy Popcorn Kernels

Snappy’s yellow popcorn kernels are bigger and have a fuller shape than the white popcorn kernels. Four pounds of these yellow popcorn kernels will be sent to you in a big, sealed plastic container for convenient storing.

These popcorn kernels are entirely comprised of whole grain. They are also rich in fiber. The popcorn kernels provide 7g of dietary fiber. Moreover, it includes just 110 calories per serving, making it a nutritious snack. To make a huge amount of popcorn, you just need three tablespoons of unpopped kernels.

You’ll be able to make them in a matter of minutes on your stovetop or in an electric or air popper. You will also be able to make them in your microwave. This container of popcorn kernels includes 10mg of sodium and has a moderate salty flavor. It is advisable not to use additional salt while making the popcorn.


  • There aren’t many hulls in this popcorn which makes it easier to chew
  • You do not need to add anything extra when popping the corn kernels
  • All the kernels pop pretty well. You will be left with very few unpopped ones
  • The airtight container keeps the kernels fresh for a long time
  • The popcorns are fluffy and tender


  • The popcorn may turn out to be chewy if you use too much oil

Considerations When Purchasing a Popcorn Kernel

Reading about all of these popcorns may have made you desire them, and you may be preparing to go out and acquire a package of kernels from the nearby shop and make yourself a bowl of wonderful popcorns. However, before you do, we want you to think about a few things that will help you choose the popcorn that’s right for you and your family.

Price per pack

The number of kernels in each packet is an important consideration because you do not want to end up buying a large amount of popcorn that you will not be able to finish, but it is also a bad idea to buy packets that contain too little popcorn for your large family and running out of popcorn right before your favorite TV show begins. It is critical to calculate how many ounces of popcorn kernels you use each week or month and stock your kitchen properly to avoid waste or shortages.

Cooking Directions

Popcorn kernels that can be produced on the stovetop, in the microwave, or in an air popper can make your cooking procedure go more smoothly. You should get a bag or jar of popcorn kernels that come with detailed heating instructions if you want your popcorn to be light, fluffy, and crispy.

The package

It is crucial to remember, as with other culinary items, that the popcorn kernels have adequate packaging that enables safe storage of your popcorns. Popcorn kernels in airtight containers or resealable bags are ideal since they assist to keep the kernels fresh. The nutritional details should also be clearly stated on the container so that you are aware of any components to which you may be allergic. Likewise, if you want non-GMO and vegan kernels, the label should indicate this.

The many types of kernels

There are many different kinds of popcorn kernels, and everyone has their own tastes when it comes to the sort they like. If you want to experiment with various tastes and textures of popcorn, you may get yellow and white popcorn kernels on the market, as well as blue, red, purple, and so on. Each kind has its own distinct taste, texture, hull count, and size, and you may experiment with several varieties or stick to your favorite.

Just kernels or kernels seasoned with oil

Popcorn is similar to rice in that there are an infinite number of ways to cook it and tailor it to your preferences. Popcorn kernels without flavor or oil are an excellent alternative if you want complete control over how you cook your popcorn. You may substitute olive oil for butter, use cheese or caramel in lieu of salt, or try one of the interesting recipes included on the box of the kernels.

If you want to make popcorn quickly and easily, look for popcorns that have the kernels, oil, and salt separated, and all you have to do is rip the package open and put it to your stovetop, microwave, air popper, or electric popper. The salt, oil, and kernels in these packets are also premeasured, saving you the hassle of having to measure them out manually.


If I don’t have a microwaveable paper bag, how should I prepare the popcorn kernels in the microwave?

If you do not have a microwaveable paper bag, you may put the unpopped popcorn kernels in a microwave-safe bowl. Place a plate or tray on top of your dish before placing it in the microwave. If you want unburned popcorn, don’t microwave it for longer than 5 minutes.

How can I get the popcorn hulls out of between my teeth?

Remove the popcorn husks from between your teeth with a toothpick. Toothpicks, on the other hand, may cause damage, therefore it is recommended to use floss and massage it in between your teeth to remove any waste.


Now that you’ve learned about the seven greatest popcorn kernels on the market, as well as a complete list of the factors to consider when selecting the popcorn kernel that’s right for your taste and nutritional needs, you’re ready to treat yourself and your family to a wonderful bowl of popcorn.


What is the best rated popcorn kernels?

1 Connect Non-GMO Snacks Big.
2 kernels Orville Redenbacher’s Gourmet Popcorn.
Three Amish Country Popcorn.
4 Crisp White Popcorn Four pounds.
5 kernels of Dutchman’s White Popcorn.
Feb 19, 2023

What is the best corn brand for popcorn?

The Top 17 Popcorn Kernels
Orville Redenbacher’s Gourmet Popcorn Kernels – Original Yellow are the best gluten-free option.
Crispiest:Snappy White Popcorn…
Dutchman’s White Popcorn is the best vegan popcorn.
Bob’s Red Mill Resealable Whole White Popcorn is the best low-calorie option.
Great Northern Popcorn is the best pre-seasoned popcorn.
Additional details…•January 25, 2023

What are the healthiest popcorn kernels to buy?

Mushroom popcorn kernels are the most nutritious since they are non-GMO, low in cholesterol, and rich in fiber and minerals. Since mushroom popcorn is uncrushable, waste is minimized, ensuring that every bag of kernels is intact and ready to give all of the advantages from each kernel.

What popcorn kernels do movie theaters use?

While purchasing popcorn, you may have an option between yellow and white kernels. Choose YELLOW. This is what the theaters use since it swells out more, allowing more buttery seasoning to adhere to it.

What popcorn tastes the most like movie Theatre popcorn?

Joyful Time is the place to go if you like movie theater popcorn. Try Orville Redenbach’s for something a touch less buttery; you won’t be disappointed.

Which microwave popcorn taste like movie theater?

Pop Secret is the best movie theater style.

Whatever you do, it never seems to be as good and addictive as those concession booth buckets. Nevertheless, every now and again, a microwave popcorn may get very close to that movie magic—enter Pop Secret.

How to make popcorn that tastes like movie theater?

Instead, two main elements contribute to the distinct flavor and aroma of movie theater popcorn: popcorn popping oil and popcorn seasoning. Indeed, it’s that easy. Popcorn popping oils available in a variety of flavors, including pure coconut oil and a canola oil combination.

What oil is best for popcorn?

Our first option for the most delicious, rich, and buttery-like vegetable oil for popping popcorn is peanut oil. Coconut oil is another excellent option. Another fantastic option for buttery popcorn is clarified butter. If regular butter is used, it will burn and smoke, therefore use clarified butter.

Which popcorn is healthiest white or yellow?

With the exception of butter and salt, there is essentially no nutritional difference between white and yellow kernel popped corn.

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