TaoTronics Ice Maker (TT-IC002) Review – Great Portable and Quick Ice for Parties and More

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countertop ice machine that can address a variety of cold-drink-related problems! In this review, we examine at the TaoTronics TT-IC002 ice maker to discover why it is such a terrific small portable.

If your refrigerator does not already contain an ice maker, this ice maker is the ideal answer. Many of us have also experienced the annoyance of the refrigerator ice maker failing after the refrigerator has passed its warranty period, and unless it can be quickly (and inexpensively) repaired, it is frequently preferable to leave the ice maker broken and wait until a new refrigerator is required. This may not be an issue in the winter, but come summer, that ice machine is much missed!

The portable ice maker is also great for gatherings, bringing camping or RVing, or even attaching it to a generator for your next tailgate party.

Whether you simply need ice cubes for jugs of iced tea or an odd cocktail, the TaoTronics ice maker’s versatility means you don’t even need to run it continually. Just set up some freezer space, run the ice maker for a few hours each week, then put the ice into ziplock bags and store them in the freezer so you always have ice on hand.

The TaoTronics ice maker (and other portable ice makers) function in such a manner that it can produce ice quicker than an integrated ice maker. When you fill the reservoir with water and start on the machine, the water is pushed from the bottom of the reservoir through a filter and into the ice cube tray at the top of the device.

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The machine will then start a cycle in which the heat exchanger prongs are lowered into the ice cube tray. Refrigerant (like in a refrigerator) is used to swiftly chill the liquids, causing ice cubes to develop. The prongs remain in place longer for bigger ice cubes. Any remaining water is put back into the reservoir after the cubes are the desired size, and the heat exchanger is now heated just enough to enable the ice cubes to slide off and into the ice basket.

If the water reservoir is empty, sensors link to the control panel, activating on lighting or even putting the ice machine on standby. When the ice bucket is full,

Because of the speed of this process, portable ice makers produce much more ice than the ice maker in your refrigerator, making them a must-have for keeping beverages topped up all year.

TaoTronics Ice Maker Specifications

Unlike some other kinds of ice makers, the TaoTronics ice maker does not need a water connection, just a power outlet. This is why the ice maker is so portable; if you can securely connect it to an electrical outlet outside, family members or visitors may help themselves to ice whenever they choose. Just remember to give the refrigerant time to settle before using it if you do relocate it.

What’s Inside the Box?

The kit contains an ice basket and a food grade plastic ice scoop, in addition to the TaoTronics (TT-IC002) ice maker. It also includes a user handbook and a one-year manufacturer’s guarantee.

The machine itself weighs around 20 pounds and is 9.5 by 12.4 by 14.7 inches, which isn’t too enormous if you don’t have a lot of extra room on your countertop.

Its ice maker is also rather quiet; you’ll only hear it when the cubes clatter into the basket.

Options for Producing Ice

The reservoir contains little more than 4 quarts of water, which will provide 4.6 lbs. of ice. When the ice basket is full, the display will illuminate, and if the reservoir is empty, the display will also indicate that you need to replenish. If you are not intending to utilize the ice right away, you may want to store it in the freezer since it does not have a freezing feature to keep the ice cubes frozen for an extended period of time.

Depending on the sort of drink you want the cubes for, you may set the machine to generate bigger or smaller cubes. A big cube cycle takes nine minutes, whereas a tiny cube cycle takes seven minutes. If you keep emptying the basket and replacing with water, each cycle will produce nine cubes, up to a healthy 26 lbs. in 24 hours!

The display is a backlit display that enables you to pick the ice creating function and the size cubes you desire, as well as inform you when the ice maker is full or if more water is needed. The display will also indicate when the self-cleaning mechanism is in use.

Building in Stainless Steel

The ice maker’s outside shell is made of 304 stainless steel, which not only reduces the danger of rusting but also makes it simple to clean after usage.

The inside layer of the machine is composed of food quality ABS materials, and there is insulation between the inner and exterior layers to keep your newly made ice cool. The translucent plastic top allows you to see how much ice is in the basket without having to continuously removing the cover to check.

Self-Cleaning Capability

When you simply use water in the machine, a self-cleaning option may seem unusual, but minerals may build up, particularly if you live in a region with greater mineral deposits in your water. You may also avoid severe mineral buildup by making ice using cold filtered water rather than straight from the tap.

The stop button. After the program has completed, just move the maker to the sink, unhook the little drain cap underneath the machine, and let the water to drain before reinstalling the drain cap. To start the self-cleaning procedure on the TaoTronics ice maker, just fill the reservoir to the max line, push the clean button, and then the start button.

The Benefits and Drawbacks

The major benefit of this ice maker is that it does not need connecting to a water connection, and as long as you give enough time for the refrigerant to settle, you can bring it out to the yard or even take it camping with you for fast access to ice. The self-cleaning feature is extremely useful, especially if you live in a region where the tap water has a high mineral content.

This does not have a separate freezer function, like the majority of counter top ice producers, thus you will need to take the ice to your freezer if you are not going to use it all within the next few hours.


With the capacity to produce up to 24 pounds of ice in a 24-hour period, the TaoTronics TT-IC002 ice maker is a must-have if you do not have a built-in icemaker, or just for mobility and quick access to ice if you often party outside.

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