The 10 Best Egg Molds for the Kitchen

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A decent egg mold can make preparing breakfast and cleaning up a snap. Regardless of the meal, eggs are a nutritious and adaptable option, and a mold would guarantee they come out perfectly every time. Moreover, these molds are small and may be simply kept in a drawer or kitchen cabinet.

Whether you’re updating an egg mold set or purchasing one for the first time, sorting through all the possibilities and finding your favorite might take some time. To make your decision simpler, we’ve compiled a thorough list of the top ten egg molds on the market.

Best Selection

YumYum Utensils Non-Stick Silicone Egg Rings are an excellent choice that come in a set of four rings. Since it is made of BPA-free materials, you can be certain that you are serving healthful, tasty foods every time.

Budget Selection

Another excellent option is the HIC Nonstick Heart-Shaped Cooking Rings. They are long-lasting and have a quirky design that will make your meals more enjoyable and entertaining. These molds are simple to use and clean, allowing you to produce fast and tasty meals.

Product Name Grade
YumYum Utensils Non-Stick Silicone Egg Rings A+
HIC Non-Stick Fried and Poached Egg and Pancake Cooking Rings A
Ozera Egg Cooking Ring molds A-
PRAMOO Silicone Egg Bites Molds A
Fred & Friends, Dino Fred MATIC Hard-Boiled Egg Mold A-
SWETON Egg Mold Egg Shaper Ring B+
Koicaxy Stainless Steel Egg Ring Mold A-
KMEIVOL Stainless Steel Egg Mold for Kids A-
HYQO Stainless Steel Egg Mold Ring B+
AIYANG Non-Stick Silicone Round Egg Ring B+

1. YumYum Utensils Non-Stick Silicone Egg Rings

Highlighted Characteristics

  • Easy to clean and dishwasher-safe
  • Professional look
  • Made out of safe, BPA-free materials

YumYum Utensils’ silicone egg rings are a brilliant lime-green hue that will brighten up your kitchen. They are comprised of nonstick materials, so cooking with them is a breeze. They come in a group of four and are nicely packed, making them an ideal present.

Each ring is 4 inches in diameter and has a handle for readily checking how cooked the eggs are. These egg molds are quite flexible, since they can also be used to produce pancakes, patties, and other foods. Each ring is built to endure and is resistant to temperatures as high as 445 degrees Fahrenheit. Nevertheless, they are not oven-safe and should only be used on the burner.

2. HIC Non-Stick Fried and Poached Egg and Pancake Cooking Rings

Highlighted Features

  • Available in sets of various sizes
  • Uses BPA- and PFOA-free coating
  • Foldable handles for easy storage

These heart-shaped molds are ideal for making something a bit more intriguing than spherical eggs. Since they are composed of nonstick carbon steel, they can withstand temperatures of up to 430 degrees Fahrenheit and may be used for low-fat cooking. They also include a wooden handle that will keep cold throughout the cooking process, making them safe and simple to use.

They’re great for cooking pancakes, crepes, and eggs benedict. This set may be ordered with a pre-applied nonstick coating, which makes cleaning the molds much simpler. Overall, this is a fun and functional pair of egg rings for anybody who appreciates the unusual heart-shaped design.

3. Ozera Egg Cooking Ring molds

Highlighted Elements

  • Made out of premium stainless steel and silicone
  • Dishwasher-safe and easy to clean
  • Suitable for making pancakes, biscuits, and crepes

This egg ring set contains four egg molds, two pancake molds, and even a silicone brush and spatula. Each of the molds has a folding handle that makes them simple to use and store after cooking. This set is pretty enormous, so you may make a great amount of meals at once.

The egg rings may be used for more than simply fried eggs; they can also be used for poached eggs, fritters, and omelets. Pancake rings may also be used to cook bacon, potatoes, crepes, and other dishes. These rings are bright orange in color, so they will look fantastic in most kitchens.

4. PRAMOO Silicone Egg Bites Molds

Highlighted Characteristics

  • Comes with a full set of accessories
  • Ideal for use in pressure cookers and instant pots
  • Creates small egg bites that are perfect as snacks, side dishes or full meals

This egg mold set differs from the others in that it is meant for use with an instant pot rather than a cooktop. Everything you need to get started is included, including lids for both cooking and carrying. The set is available in two colors: blue and green.

In addition to the egg mold, which holds eight little egg bits, this set includes a stainless steel trivet that makes it simple to drop the mold into a pressure cooker. It is ideal for cooking eggs, but it may also be used to prepare poultry, fish, vegetables, and other foods.

5. Fred & Friends, Dino Fred MATIC Hard-Boiled Egg Mold

Highlighted Features

  • Made of BPA-free, food-safe materials
  • The design is fun, children will love it
  • An exciting, interesting gift for birthdays, parties, and more

The Fred & Friends egg mold produces hard-boiled eggs rather than fried or poached eggs, but it does it in a unique manner. Instead of the egg being spherical, this tool will mould the egg into the form of a dinosaur head by the time it is through cooking. It’s a fun method to cook eggs that even fussy kids will probably like.

Each mold holds a single egg and is composed of high-quality, long-lasting plastic. Although this product was designed for children, there is no reason why an adult who like dinosaurs shouldn’t be able to enjoy it as well. Moreover, the eggs’ distinctive form will make them stand out at any party, celebration, or event.

6. SWETON Egg Mold Egg Shaper Ring

Highlighted Elements

  • Suitable for eggs, pancakes, and more
  • Dishwasher-safe and easy to clean
  • Designs that will appeal to children

SWETON egg molds come in a variety of forms, such as a circle, a star, a heart, a plum, a flower, a mouse, and a Christmas tree. Each of these molds features a folding handle, making them safe, easy to use, and convenient to store.

The amusing patterns should make meal preparation enjoyable for people of all ages. The molds aren’t only for fried eggs; they can also be used to produce omelets, burgers, pancakes, and a variety of other cuisines.

7. Koicaxy Stainless Steel Egg Ring Mold

Highlighted Characteristics

  • Environmentally-friendly and rust-resistant materials
  • Easy to clean by hand
  • Rings are three inches in diameter

This egg mold set includes four sturdy, perfectly spherical stainless-steel molds. The molds are defect-tested to ensure that they are safe to use and will not leak eggs or batter when cooked with. Since they are so little, they are easy to store and carry.

Because of their tiny size, they may be used for mini hamburgers, omelets, crepes, fruit, and other dishes. Moreover, they can withstand greater temperatures than silicone molds, bringing up a plethora of new applications.

8. KMEIVOL Stainless Steel Egg Mold for Kids

Highlighted Features

  • Made out of food-grade stainless steel
  • Perfect for eggs, pancakes, desserts, and more
  • Easy to clean and dishwasher-safe

This is one of the most comprehensive egg mold sets available. It comes with 9 distinct forms, ranging from basic round and star molds to horses, flowers, and teddy bears. The molds feature a nonstick covering that makes it easier to cook eggs and pancakes in them. Food produced with unusual, entertaining shapes is more likely to be enjoyed by children, while adults may find inspiration in cooking with them.

Each mold features a folding handle, making it simple to use and store. A pastry brush is also included in the kit, making it easy to prepare and personalize your favorite foods.

9. HYQO Stainless Steel Egg Mold Ring

Highlighted Elements

  • Made of food-grade stainless-steel
  • Has a plastic handle
  • Comes with a variety of shapes
  • Easy to clean and dishwasher-safe

For those looking for interesting shaped egg molds, Eshop99 has another alternative. A circular mold, as well as molds shaped like a mouse, star, flower, and heart, are included in the five-piece collection.

Although intended for fried eggs and pancakes, they may also be used to make a variety of other dishes. They include a folding handle that makes them convenient to use and store.

10. AIYANG Non-Stick Silicone Round Egg Ring

Highlighted Characteristics

  • Made out of soft and flexible food-grade silicone
  • Easy to clean and dishwasher-safe
  • Heat resistant; can be used in an oven or a microwave

Instead of several tiny egg molds, AIYANG has a big silicone ring that can cook up to seven eggs or pancakes at once. This allows you to use the full surface of a pan while cooking a big dinner. It has flip grips to make it easier to wield.

This ring may be used to make muffins, omelets, burgers, and poached eggs in addition to pancakes and fried eggs. The set comprises two distinct rings, the first with standard round molds and the second with heart-shaped molds.

What You Should Know Before Purchasing the Finest Egg Molds

While purchasing an egg mold, there are several factors to consider. Everything counts, from the price of the mold to the materials used to make it. We’d like to provide a few things to consider before purchasing an egg mold so you can make the best option possible.

We’ll also go over some tips and tactics for utilizing different egg molds so you can make the most of your new culinary equipment. There are techniques and procedures to assure that no matter what dish you cook, it will turn out perfectly.

Selecting Metal vs. Silicone Egg Molds

As you may have guessed, the majority of the egg molds in our list are made of silicone, while there are metal ones available on the market. One of the reasons individuals choose silicone models is that they are less likely to attach to your eggs. They also keep you cooler than metal equivalents. Nonetheless, they may still become pretty hot, so wearing gloves while cooking with one is essential.

There are a few factors to consider while deciding between metal and silicone. All of these goods may be used to make wonderful dinners, but silicone egg rings are less likely to get clogged with food. Additionally, since silicone molds are more flexible than metal molds, pulling your food out of them should be simpler.

Consider how many eggs you’ll be cooking at once.

Although many egg molds come in sets of four, the quantity might vary. Some enable you to cook one egg at a time, while others have enough rings to fry eight at the same time. If you’re simply cooking for one or two people, a one- or two-pack may be preferable than a pack with six or eight rings. Those who wish to prepare for a big group of people, on the other hand, should choose a set with a large number of molds. In the end, everyone will need the molds for something different, therefore the choice is yours.

Make an egg mold budget and stick to it.

One of the best things about egg molds is that they are often affordable, so adding a set to your kitchen is unlikely to cost you a fortune. But, it is always a good idea to prepare ahead of time your budget so you know what you can and cannot afford. You should have no problems in this respect since it is a relatively inexpensive kitchen gadget.

Consider Color and Design to Enhance Your Kitchen

Many individuals aren’t concerned with the color or style of an egg mold as long as it performs its function, whilst others would welcome a tool that matches their kitchen’s decor. Conventional egg molds are circular, but they may come in a variety of colors, so choose the one you like most. Other molds, on the other hand, feature interesting forms like hearts, stars, or even dinosaurs.

Accessories and bonuses are included with a selection of egg molds.

Molds that come with extra accessories are another item to keep an eye out for. For example, some come with cookbooks or eBooks with a range of recipes, many of which describe foods other than fried eggs and omelets. Others include matching equipment like spatulas and silicone brushes. They are wonderful if you need said utensils and add value to a set you were planning to buy anyhow.

The Fundamentals of Using an Egg Mold

An egg mold is often a silicone or metal ring that is placed in a skillet to generate fried or poached eggs. The overall technique for most molds stays the same, so follow the steps below to get started:

  • Preheat either a skillet or a griddle pan over low heat and grease it up with a small amount of cooking oil or butter. Make sure that whatever pan you choose is large enough for the number of eggs that you’re planning to prepare.
  • Next, take the egg rings and place them into the heated pan so they can warm up a bit. This is only really necessary for molds made out of metal. The duration will vary between different products, but in most cases, the process should take around 30 seconds. You can skip the pre-heating entirely when using a silicone mold.
  • Take your eggs and crack them into the rings. Do your best to place the egg in the center of the mold so it spreads out evenly. Once the eggs are inside the rings, turn the heat up to about medium so they can start cooking.
  • Wait until the egg whites are solid before you remove the rings. Once the molds are gone, you can use a spatula to remove the eggs from the pan. If you are using rings made out of metal, be especially careful to avoid burning yourself. If there are heatproof handles, those should be used. If not, an oven mitt will protect you from getting burned.

Understanding How to Flip an Egg Mold

There are two alternatives for those of you who love their eggs over hard or over easy. The simplest method is to add a little amount of butter or oil to the yolks before flipping the molds.

Those who prefer to flip the eggs without the molds may find it simpler to do so initially. If you wait for the white to harden, the egg will remain perfectly spherical even when flipped without the ring.

How to Avoid Eggs Sticking to Egg Molds

By using a silicone egg mold, the odds of the egg clinging to it are quite minimal. Nevertheless, this is not the case with metal rings. To avoid this, just coat the metal ring with oil or butter before using it. Little parts and fragments may remain clinging to the mold, but the egg will be mostly intact.

Techniques for Utilizing Egg Molds

Even if you grasp the fundamentals of utilizing an egg mold, you may encounter problems and get frustrated. We’d want to discuss some of the most frequent issues individuals have concerning egg molds, as well as what you can do to work around them.

Slightly up the heat if eggs are leaking from the mold.

Although most manufacturers advocate beginning with a low heat and gradually increasing it as you cook, others have discovered that starting with a higher heat prevents eggs from seeping out of the mold. It will be difficult for the egg to cook correctly if the pan is not hot enough or the oil is not at a high enough temperature.

Make sure your burner is set to medium-high and that the egg creates a sizzling sound when put to the pan if it leaks out of a mold. If it doesn’t, the heat isn’t high enough, and the egg will remain liquid for a longer amount of time. At higher temperatures, the liquid will solidify fast, therefore this problem will not arise.

Use Olive Oil to Make Egg Molds Easier to Use

Although butter and other kinds of oil may be used, olive oil is your best choice. You may put a little to your pan, then set the mold down and swirl it to cover it. Since oil transmits heat better than silicone, it aids in the formation of a seal, keeping it from seeping out.

The ideal choice is extra virgin olive oil, which has a high smoke point, is flavorful, and is healthier than other kinds of oil. But, you may try out several alternatives to determine what works best for you.

Maintain the heat on high for the majority of the cooking time.

Even after the egg white has solidified, it’s a good idea to maintain the heat on high for another 30 seconds or more. After the egg’s foundation has fully formed, it will hold everything else in place. Following this stage, you may reduce the heat slightly to avoid your dinner from burning.

There’s a Simple Way to Tell whether an Egg is Fully Cooked

You may believe your egg is completely cooked but are unsure, and you do not want a messy mess when you remove it from the mold. Wiggle the ring to check if it begins to pull away from the egg. If it happens, you may presume it’s thoroughly cooked and safe to remove the ring. If it isn’t, give it some more time.


You should now have a good notion of what the best egg molds are, what to look for when purchasing them, and how to use them effectively. There are several possibilities available, so you will almost surely discover one that meets your requirements.

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