The 10 Best Grain Mills in 2022

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Are you a fan of baking? Does the thought of preparing pastries make your heart sing? If so, you’re probably sick of buying store-bought flour, which is laden with chemical additives and hazardous ingredients. You should definitely invest in a grain mill to guarantee you have fresh, fluffy flour to create delicious pastries, bread, and other baked goods. A grain mill, when operated properly, may grind any grain, nuts, seeds, or berries, not only wheat berries.

It is a low-maintenance, adaptable, and incredibly useful piece of equipment that every baker or food aficionado craves but is afraid to purchase–remove your reservations! Investing in a grain mill to grind your own flour is the healthiest choice you’ll ever make.

Best Pick

The NutriMill grain mill is our top choice because it is a strong, fast, and efficient equipment that grinds flour in a variety of settings ranging from coarse to fine. It is both cost-effective and long-lasting.

Budget Pick

The WonderMill grain mill is our budget selection because to its low cost, effective and quick grain handling, and simple, user-friendly operation and cleaning mechanism.

Product Name Grade
NutriMill Classic 760200 High Speed Grain Mill, 1200 Watt, 5 Cups Per Minute A+
Wondermill Electric Grain Grinder Mill A+
Deluxe Grain Mill by VICTORIO VKP1024 A+
Blendtec 52-601-BHM Kitchen Mill 60-Ounce Electric Grain Mill A
Victoria Commercial Grade Manual Grain Grinder with High Hopper B
Wonder Junior Deluxe Hand Grain Mill by Wondermill A+
CHARD GM-150 Grain Mill B
KoMo Classic Grain Mill A+
Country Living Hand Grain Mill A+
Country Living Grain Mill Motorization Kit A

1. NutriMill Classic 760200 High-Speed Grain Mill  

Highlighted Features

  • Compact, well-designed grain mill with a range of coarse to fine settings.
  • Strong, long-lasting item with a lifetime guarantee and excellent customer service.

This appealing NutriMill grain mill is a very efficient and powerful equipment that is well-designed and built to endure. It has a capacity of 5 cups per minute. The machine can grind a broad variety of grains, including rye, barley, wheat berries, maize, and soybeans.

It works quickly, and the flour may heat up significantly after being released, but it will also cool quickly. In certain circumstances, frozen beans may be preferable. The device is simple to clean, with tiny, distinct corners; a brush or paper towel may also be useful.

Many consumers immediately notice that the device blossoms a lot of fine flour dust. However, this is due to the collection vessel not being correctly positioned and the machine perceiving this as an operator error: apply a lot of force and smash (literally slam) the container bowl and the notification button will signal that the alignment is acceptable. This will solve the dust cloud issue.


  • Great value for money- powerful, efficient, fast
  • Large capacity- there is enough of area for a lot of grain, both for feeding and collecting the ground product.
  • Compact, well-designed grain mill with a range of coarse to fine settings.
  • Strong, long-lasting item with a lifetime guarantee and excellent customer service.


  • The bowl cover may be tough to remove; you must pry it open with great effort.
  • The device is loud but not uncomfortably so; the quantity of grain in the unit affects the level of sound it emanates.

2. Wondermill Electric Grain Grinder Mill 

Highlighted Features

  • Two distinct units: one output canister and one grinding hopper; a hose or pipe connecting one unit to the other; a filter on the canister that prevents dust from escaping.
  • Lifetime warranty

WonderMill’s efficient and powerful grain mill quickly grinds flour and other grains or beans. It is really made up of two units that are incredibly small and simple to store. This machine is ideal for individuals who need to process big amounts of grain in a short period of time.

The ground flour is collected in the cylindrical canister, and the ground product is sent to the canister through a foldable tube or outlet. Stainless steel is used for the blades. A filter on top of the canister collects fine flour particles. There are just three coarseness options available, with little variation in the final outcome.

There are three settings and two off switches. Assembly and disassembly for cleaning are very straightforward.The device is reasonably straightforward to use, with no complicated dial mechanism- just on/off switch.


  • It is quick, quiet, efficient, and strong; it does not create a lot of noise.
  • Great value for money


  • Individual grains or kernels may be spat out of the hopper, particularly if the quantity of grain is extremely small.
  • The device has several nooks and crevices that may get clogged and need diligent cleaning.

3. Deluxe Grain Mill by VICTORIO VKP1024

Highlighted Features

  • Adjustable knob for choosing coarse to fine settings; wide, clear hopper for huge amounts of grain; grinding cone for tiny, hard grains
  • Clamp firmly attaches to any flat surface up to 2 inches broad.
  • Separate motor available; detachable crank handle for comfort and efficiency.

This Victorio grain mill is efficient, but many people may find it time-consuming and slow- a little work can assure you fresh flour rich of nutritious nutrients. The device is designed to be mounted on flat surfaces up to 2 inches thick, and the rubber feet ensure that it is firmly secured.

The adjustable knob works well, but there is no set or lock mechanism for the setting, which causes the dial to wander somewhat. It can carry a considerable amount of grain in the hammer–much more than seen in the photographs. It is a quiet, efficient device that is simple to construct and remove.

The crank may also be removed for convenient storage and usage as needed. The cleanup is quite simple. The unit does not clog, and about a teaspoon may stay connected to the cone. To accommodate crushed flour without dust floating about, you may need a tall container.

It may take some effort to locate a spot to begin and some effort to crank- but the end result is soft and fine and well worth the effort.


  • Efficient- grinds about 5 cups in 10 minutes
  • Quiet- it hardly makes any noise while operating


  • The plastic handle may deteriorate and slide over time; it may even fall off.
  • There may be a few rough edges, so use caution while cleaning it.

4. Blendtec 52-601-BHM Kitchen Mill 60-Ounce Electric Grain Mill 

Highlighted Features

  • off switch; changeable setting dial; stainless steel milling toolsClear collection jar with a capacity of about 60 ounces (3 cups); on
  • Armed with 6-year warranty

A dial controls the off switch and varied fineness settings.BlendTec’s grain mill is one of the many useful kitchen equipment produced by this reputable manufacturer. It is a small, easy-to-use, and efficient machine. The equipment is made up of a Micronetic milling chamber and an on-board computer.

The equipment works quickly, and it can produce around 24 cups of flour in eight minutes without overheating. The hopper also regularly spits out beans and grain: after feeding the grains at the top, cover with a plate, basin, or colander to return the grain for grinding.

It is not self-feed; you must shove and jab the grain to move it along and grind it. The milling takes place in a relatively tiny area. There are some difficult-to-clean areas due to the unit’s many nooks and crevices; however, you may clean with a dry, soft brush rather than soap water.

You must use caution while latching or unlatching the container since it may shatter. Nonetheless, it is an excellent bargain and will be a useful addition to your cookware collection.


  • Efficient, small, and simple to use rapid: generates a high volume of flour in a short period of time


  • Product was not carefully wrapped before shipping–either in huge boxes or in extremely tight-fitting containers, with no protective covering in either instance.
  • Very loud- louder than a vacuum cleaner
  • It dusts fine powder about when the collecting jar is one-third to half filled or when opened, however adding a little towel may absorb the dust.

5. Victoria Commercial Grade Manual Grain Grinder with High Hopper 

Highlighted Features

  • Cast iron body and clamp; three-size tin hopper; iron grinding disks

Victoria Commercial’s manual grain mill is available in three hopper sizes: high, low, and one. To remove the first metal shavings, you must grind around 2 cups of inexpensive beans or white rice. The metal plates should not be too firmly together.

It is a useful, heavy-duty, and effective piece of equipment for grinding even the toughest beans. You may also change the grind fineness. It is strong and simple to clean. It is simple to assemble and disassemble for cleaning or storing.

Some consumers have complained about the item rusting quickly, particularly after the first wash. Furthermore, the goods is squeezed inside the packaging, so be careful not to lose any minor parts or get a damaged hopper- it will no longer fit the unit.


  • Functional, adaptable, and economical; excellent value for money


  • For the first few grinds, you may see metal shavings on your flour.
  • Several individuals have complained about the hopper being spray sprayed with dangerous chemicals, being too weak, or not being properly polished.

6. Wonder Junior Deluxe Hand Grain Mill by WonderMill 

Highlighted Features

  • Simple to mount and assemble: just figure out which component goes where.
  • Excellent value- flexible, useful, and durable equipment
  • Simple to assemble- adheres to the surface firmly and securely.

WonderMill’s hand grain mill redesigns a classic mill, adding a slew of helpful functions and a fresh style. The mill is comprised of powder-coated cast aluminum, heavy-duty bronze bearings, and steel shafts. In addition, the mill has two grinding systems: steel plates and stone burrs.

Nylon is used to make the steel clamps, grips, and adjustment knobs. To clamp this item, no drilling is required. The item must be assembled using the screws and pieces provided: this is fairly obvious, but setting it up and understanding how to operate it properly may involve some trial and error.

This device represents good value for money, since it is robust, strong, and well-designed for heavy-duty or everyday usage while costing less than half the price of regularly available grain mills on the market. It can grind a variety of grains, beans, and seeds, both dry and oil, but it must be well cleaned after each use. It takes a lot of muscular strength to get the job done, but it’s well worth it. You may also apply the grains twice, first on coarse and then again on finer settings for a more textured result.


  • Because this is a hefty item, shipping or mailing it may be challenging.
  • Even though the hopper seems to be empty, it leaves some residue–the secret is to keep using it until no flour comes out of it.


  • Aluminum body, steel and stone burrs for grinding, and few plastic components for durability

7. CHARD GM-150 Grain Mill

Highlighted Features

  • Large metal sheet hopper; simple to construct, install, and clamp design grinding mill; cast-iron grain mill and base
  • Grains and beans are coarsely ground; a little amount of coarse flour is produced, but it is unsuitable for bread baking.

People who just need a grinding mill on occasion or who want something inexpensive might choose this grain mill from Chard. It is not only inexpensive, but also highly long-lasting. Before it can be used, it must be mounted and secured to a flat, firm surface. The item also requires assembly (bolts and screws are included), which some users may find problematic. The protective rubber feet prevent the surface from being damaged.

The grinder and base are cast iron, while the hopper is a thin metal sheet. The huge hopper holds a lot of material. The handles are easily removed for storing. Instead of manufacturing flour, this device is great for flaking or breaking beans. Coffee or cocoa beans also work well.

This is a strong, long-lasting machine that can coarsely grind grains but not flour. Given the low cost of the equipment, the heavy duty constriction is adequate.


  • Strong, robust product that is built to endure a long time for the price; efficient


  • During grinding, the black plastic piece of the handle constantly comes off.
  • During operation, the nuts and screws get loose and must be tightened often.

8. KoMo Classic Grain Mill 

Highlighted Features

  • Classis style, beech wood structure with corundum and ceramic burrs
  • 360 W of motor power, no lumps, and about 8 oz. of flour each minute

This grain mill by KoMo is not only a traditional and attractive addition to your kitchen, but it is also quite efficient. This unit makes it easy to switch to 100% whole grain bread, pasta, and flours. If you don’t need the bran, use it with a sifter.

Some customers have claimed that the device shuts down after 10 to 30 minutes of operation owing to overheating. This machine is a true investment; the build and quality are excellent, and frequent pastry makers or those who want to grind their own wheat on a daily basis will reap significant benefits from it.

This is a well-engineered item that will last a long time; it is well worth the expensive price. The mechanism is continuous: dry grains are fed into the machine from the top, and ground product is collected at the bottom. It employs a highly exact stone grinder: all you have to do is choose the required coarseness level.

The motor is quick and efficient, and it works smoothly without overheating. A 12-year warranty is included with the unit.


  • Quieter than the majority of grain mills on the market.
  • Cleaning is simple: just detach the top grinding stone or use a soft brush to gently remove stored powdered flour.


  • This is an expensive unit

9. Country Living Hand Grain Mill 

Highlighted Features

  • You’ll have to spin the mill by hand; if that’s too difficult, connect a belt drive and a motor to it. You might also try a hand crank.
  • Heavy-duty all-metal structure; industrial grade ball bearings and steel grinding plates

This is a well-built, strong hand mill constructed of aviation aluminum; the wheels are cast-iron, and the fly-wheel is stainless steel. The machine comes with a package of flour that has been tested and milled using the equipment. It is covered by a lifetime guarantee.

A counter clamp to firmly connect the mill bottom to the countertop is one item that will help you get more advantages from this device. The device also includes a package of replacement parts that must be purchased separately: think about it before investing in it since this unit is designed to last!

The mill is hefty, and you should consider where you will install and attach it before purchasing it. The hand mill must be assembled, which is a simple and generally obvious process. It also needs a flat surface on which it may be affixed. The device may not balance and tumble over unless the weight is balanced and the whole setup is repaired.


  • It is less noisy than electric mills and does not generate fine, powdered dust.
  • The product is sturdy enough to last a lifetime!


  • Heavy, require a workbench for mounting
  • Difficult to turn the wheel for some
  • Warranty issues- purchasing motorization from somewhere else will void their warranty.

10. Country Living Grain Mill Motorization Kit 

Highlighted Features

  • Comes includes a wooden foundation with holes, a motor with pulley, and extra parts- simple to assemble and operate.

board, a motor with pulley, belt, and belt protector, and a variety of smaller hardware such as screws, washers, replacement parts, and so on. The revolution is around 60 revolutions per minute.This motorization kit from Country Living Grain Mill is a collection of supplementary equipment for motorizing the company’s manual mill. It does not include the mill itself. The kit is priced similarly to the mill. The set includes a wooden workbench.

A fine uniformity can be readily attained with the motor, which is difficult to accomplish rapidly while working by hand.


  • Compact, takes up less room; quiet–makes little or no noise; well-designed; and durable


  • Very pricey, but if you use their country mill on a regular basis, you should be ready to spend in it.
  • The hardwood base is unfinished, leaving possibility for polishing and other finishing touches.

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Grain Mill

The 10 Best Grain Mills in 2022


Grains may be ground in a number of ways using a grain mill. The grinding plate is the portion of the machine that accomplishes the grinding. They might be stone burrs or steel burrs in certain cases. Other machines have steel jagged teeth or spikes that shatter and grind as they rotate.


A grain mill may be manually or electrically operated.

An electric one utilizes roughly 1000 watts of power and operates on electricity; it is a contemporary, compact piece of kitchen equipment that grinds with accuracy, has a lot of horsepower, and moves quickly. During a power outage, it will be unusable.

A manual grain mill, on the other hand, does not need any electricity. It is available at all times. It just takes physical force. It may take quite a bit of physical muscle to get it to grind approximately half as much as an electric.

A hand mill is often powered by a crank, wheel, or handle. In certain circumstances, the handle may be removed for easier storage.


A grain mill may sometimes have an additional set of burrs. It also includes extra screws, tools, and nuts in case you lose any over time. You may also be given a cover for the device.

The mill comes with a canister or cylinder for collecting ground flour. Hand mills do not often come with collecting containers, thus you may need to use your own wide-mouth bucket at the exit to avoid any dusting or fog of flour dispersion.


Hand grain mills are often constructed of metal, such as stainless steel, cast iron, or aluminum, with few or no plastic components. Some grain mills may also be made of wood. Rubber portions on the crank handles and footings may be used to improve grip.


Some units need some assembly. They arrive with screws and pieces, and you must assemble them according to the instructions supplied. Make certain that no spare parts or tiny tools are lost during cleaning disassembly.

Before you can begin milling, a few hand grain mills must be installed and secured to a level, straight surface. Make certain that you drill and clamp tightly. A 2 to 5 inch hardwood board or surface should suffice.


A grain mill may range in price from approximately $50 to several hundred dollars. If you’re just going to use it sometimes, you may want to choose something less expensive. Most grain mills come with a lifetime or at least ten-year guarantee.


Some grain mills may be disassembled for convenient storage. Others are quite hefty and have fixed pieces. These may need the purchase of a cover.


Grain mills are often loud. You may prefer to do the procedures when your children are sleeping. Electric mills are generally louder than hand mills.

Speed and Efficiency 

Mills may grind up to 5 cups per minute or more; the higher the number, the quicker it is. enormous heat comes with enormous speed and power. Yes, mills become quite hot when operating, and the flour that comes out may also get hot.

This degrades the flour’s beneficial elements. However, you have no means of knowing whether or not your mill is heating up. If it occurs, you may choose to use frozen grains or beans so that the temperature increase just brings it back to normal.


Some mills have restrictions on the kind of nuts and grains they may grind; for example, some mills cannot ground oily nuts or grains.


After reading our in-depth evaluation, you may be tempted to purchase your own grain mill to get the freshest and cleanest flour that is high in health benefits. We developed the list with price, efficiency, ground grain quality and texture, speed, and other considerations in mind.

We have chosen the finest grain mills on the market so that you can make an informed decision and invest in a product that will endure. Our collection will help you narrow down your options, and we can promise you that purchasing an effective grain mill is no longer rocket science.


Which grain mill produces the finest flour?

Simply said, if you want the option of producing very fine flour, a burr grinding mill is a wonderful alternative. Although an impact mill will generate fine flour, it will not produce superfine flour.

What is the quietest wheat grinder?

The WonderMill is one of the quietest and quickest mills on the market. You can make super-fine flour or coarse flour at nutrient-preserving temperatures, guaranteeing that you always have the correct flour for your dish.

What is the difference between a flour mill and a grist mill?

A gristmill (also known as a corn mill, flour mill, feed mill, or feedmill) is a machine that grinds cereal grain into flour and middlings. The phrase may refer to both the grinding mechanism and the structure that houses it. Grist is grain that has been separated from its chaff in preparation for grinding.

Where are Country Living grain mills made?

The Country Living Mill is an heirloom mill that is built to last a lifetime. Despite being made in the United States using industrial dual-sealed ball bearings, it costs hundreds less than the nearest competition!

Where is the largest flour mill in the US?

The North Dakota Mill and Elevator Association in Grand Forks, North Dakota, is the biggest mill by capacity in the United States. It has a combined capacity of 52,500 cwts for wheat and durum.

Which mill is preferred for wheat grinding?

A grain mill, also known as a flour grinder, is a machine that grinds wheat, oats, barley, maize, and other cereals into flour for baking and cooking. When buying a grain mill, you will encounter two sorts of mechanical approaches. Burr mills and impact mills are the two types.

Which mill is preferred for dry grinding?

As a result, dry grinding in a jet mill is the ideal option, with the material subsequently needing to be blended into a wet dispersion. The final product must be dry, with a size objective of 500 nanometers (extremely tiny). A wet media mill must be used in this scenario, and the material must be dried after particle size reduction.

What is the best wheat to grind for bread?

Wheat is used to make bread.

It’s recommended to utilize a “hard” wheat type for bread production, such as hard red wheat or hard white wheat. Gluten, a protein that becomes flexible when kneaded, is abundant in hard wheat.

Is it better to mill your own grain?

The most crucial reason to possess a mill, though, is for taste. Whole grain flours are very perishable because they include the germ and its rancidity-prone oils. Having your own mill allows you to prepare a dough as soon as the wheat is milled, preserving as much of the grain’s taste as possible.

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