The 10 Best Knife Block for Safer Knife Storage

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The knife block not only provides a safe way to store knives, but it also decreases the potential of blade (and finger!) damage that may occur when knives are stored in a drawer. Using a knife block also guarantees that all of your knives are easily accessible when you are cooking dinner, but not so easily accessible to younger family members.

Knife blocks are offered in standard tabletop, in-drawer, and magnetic versions. In this post, we will look at the many kinds of knife blocks and weigh their benefits and drawbacks, particularly in terms of kid safety. We also examine a variety of knife blocks on the market to help you choose the finest knife block for your kitchen.

Best Pick

Our top option is the Noble Home & Chef in-drawer bamboo knife block, which is coated with food grade lacquer and can fit 12 knives and a sharpening steel in a standard-sized drawer.

Budget Pick

Our affordable selection for holding up to 16 knives in your kitchen drawer is the Bellemain in-drawer bamboo knife block.

Product Name Grade
Noble Home & Chef In-Drawer Bamboo Knife Block A
Bellemain 100% Pure Bamboo in Drawer Knife Block A-
Cook N Home Bamboo Knife Storage Block A-
Kapoosh Dice Knife Block A-
Kuhn Rikon Vision Knife Block A-
Wusthof 35 Slot Grand Block A
Kapoosh Urban Universal Knife Block A
Boker 30400 Wood Magnetic Knife Block A-
Artelegno Magnetic Knife Block A-
Cutlery and More 25-slot Walnut Universal Knife Block A

1. Noble Home & Chef In-Drawer Bamboo Knife Block  

Highlighted Features

  • A knife block that fits in standard-sized drawers.
  • It is made of MOSO bamboo and is 17 long, 9 broad, and 2 tall, with a capacity of 16 long knives.
  • There are 12 slots in all, including one for a sharpening steel.
  • Has a food-safe lacquer finish and may be cleaned with soap and water

The Noble Home & Chef in-drawer bamboo knife block fits in standard-sized drawers and has 12 knife slots plus an additional slot for a sharpening steel. This block is intended to reduce the edge of knives, and the knife slots have been tested with several knife manufacturers. The wider slots can hold up to 16 long knives and are spaced widely apart to accommodate the larger handles.

This block is 17 long, 9 broad, and 2 tall and is made of high quality and renewable MOSO bamboo that has been sealed with an FDA certified food-safe and water resistant lacquer. Because the bamboo has been sealed, it may be washed with soap and water but not in the dishwasher.

The unusual customer has gotten a block that has not been correctly created, and there may be some rough edges that need some repair. It is also more difficult to remove the steak or smaller knives from the block since they are flush with the top of the block.


  • In-drawer block
  • Takes 12 knives and sharpener
  • Fits standard drawers
  • Bamboo
  • Lacquered


  • Quality control may not always be the best
  • Some purchasers have reported receiving blocks with harsher edges.
  • It might be difficult at times to remove the smaller knives.

2. Bellemain 100% Pure Bamboo in Drawer Knife Block 

Highlighted Features

  • A knife block with a drawer that is 17 long by 5.3 broad by 2 tall.
  • It is made of MOSO bamboo and is intended to fit in standard-sized drawers.
  • Able to store up to 16 knives blade edge down
  • Can be cleaned with soap and water

The Bellemain in-drawer bamboo knife block fits in a typical kitchen drawer and can hold up to 16 knives of various sizes, blade edge down. This is crafted of MOSO bamboo and is 17 long by 5.3 broad by 2 tall. This block may be washed with soap and water and should be oiled on a regular basis to ensure its longevity. Some purchasers have reported having difficulty fitting 16 knives into this block, and as with any knife block, it may not always accommodate all sizes or kinds of knives while still enabling the drawer to shut correctly.


  • In-drawer block
  • Takes 16 knives
  • Made from bamboo
  • Washable


  • May not always fit 16 knives in it
  • With bigger knives, there’s a chance you won’t be able to shut the drawer correctly.
  • To keep the bamboo in good condition, it should be oiled on a regular basis.

3. Cook N Home Bamboo Knife Storage Block

Highlighted Features

  • This angled countertop knife block is 10.2 inches long, 9.2 inches high, and 4.8 inches broad.
  • It features 20 slots for blades and accessories such as a sharpening steel.
  • It has rubber feet on the bottom to keep it from sliding.
  • A towel may be used to clean this bamboo effect block.

The countertop Cook N Home bamboo wood knife block has 20 slots for regularly used blades, such as a cleaver, a chefs knife, and accessories such as a sharpening steel with a depth of up to 9 inches. This angled block is 10.2 long, 9.2 high, and 4.8 broad and should be cleaned simply with a cloth. This block is additionally equipped with rubber feet on the bottom to avoid slippage.

Some customers have been unhappy to discover that this block is not composed of real bamboo as described, but rather of a bamboo veneer, which may fracture over time. Some owners have also discovered that the holes are too narrow to accommodate bigger chefs knives.


  • Countertop knife block
  • 20 slots
  • Bamboo
  • Holds knives and accessories
  • Has non-slip rubber feet


  • Made of a bamboo veneer rather than solid bamboo
  • Slots are not usually big enough to accommodate larger blades.
  • There is a chance of it cracking over time

4. Kapoosh Dice Knife Block 

Highlighted Features

  • A universal countertop knife block that is 10.5 inches high, 5.5 inches wide, and 7.5 inches deep.
  • Can accommodate knives with blades up to 8 inches long.
  • The unique food-grade plastic flex rods fit to the curve of the blades.
  • The rods are top-rack dishwasher safe

The Kapoosh dice knife block in light oak wood grain is a countertop knife block intended for universal knife storage. This angled rectangular block is made out of unique food-grade plastic flex rods that bend to the curve of knives with blades up to 8 inches long and keep them in place. The flex rods may be removed from the block and cleaned on the dishwasher’s top rack.

This block is 10.5 inches tall, 5.5 inches wide, and 7.5 inches deep, and blades may be put anywhere in the block and at any angle. The shape also allows it to hold more blades than ordinary knife blocks with pre-marked holes. This item is covered by a one-year limited guarantee.

The flex rods may get bent or pushed down towards the base over time, making it difficult to insert knives. Although the rods are dishwasher safe, they are not always simple to clean and reassemble.


  • Countertop knife block
  • Universal storage
  • Stores knives up to 8 long
  • Food-grade flex rods
  • One year warranty


  • The rods become bent or pushed down over time
  • Not always easy to clean

5. Kuhn Rikon Vision Knife Block 

Highlighted Features

  • Countertop knife block made of clear plastic that measures 8.25 wide by 8.5 height by 2.75 deep.
  • It has a flexible inlay for storing blades and shears up to 8 inches long.
  • The base is weighted to prevent the block from toppling over.
  • This block can be dismantled for cleaning

The Kuhn Rikon Vision knife block is a clear countertop knife block with a flexible inlay that can hold knives and shears up to 8 inches long. The inlay can be removed to clean the block, and the base is weighted to keep it from toppling over. This piece is 8.25 inches broad by 8.5 inches tall by 2.75 inches deep.

The odd customer has complained that the flexible inlay is not as strong as anticipated, and that if this block is pushed over, the plastic may fracture. Although the inlay holds bigger blades securely, smaller knives may slide about since there isn’t enough tension in the inlay to keep them straight.


  • Countertop block
  • Transparent
  • Takes knives/shears up to 8 long
  • Weighted base
  • Dismantles to clean


  • If the clock is knocked over, the plastic may be damaged.
  • Smaller knives are not as effectively held in place by the inlay.
  • Some purchasers believe the inlay should be stronger than it is.

6. Wusthof 35 Slot Grand Block 

Highlighted Features

  • 35 storage holes in a countertop knife block
  • This can hold nine chefs knives, 14 ordinary knives, a pair of kitchen shears, a cleaver, a meat fork, and a sharpening steel.
  • It is made of natural wood and is around 13 long by 7.75 broad and 10.4 height.
  • Rubber non-slip feet prevent slippage and give stability.

The Wusthof great block is made of natural wood and contains 35 spaces for storing knives and other accessories. This countertop block can accommodate up to nine chefs knives (including those with broad blades), eight steak knives, and 14 other knives, as well as a cleaver, meat fork, kitchen shears, and a sharpening steel.

This hardwood block also contains four rubber feet to avoid skidding and give stability, and it is around 13 long by 7.75 broad and 10.4 high, albeit this bigger block may not accommodate your tiny blades as well as larger ones.

Some consumers got this block damaged and were uncertain if the damage was caused by manufacture or bad shipment packaging, and there may have been some additional small quality control concerns. It’s also unclear if this block is covered by the manufacturer’s lifetime limited guarantee.


  • Countertop block
  • 35 slot
  • Natural wood
  • Non-slip rubber feet


  • Uncertainty over whether Wusthof will provide a lifetime limited warranty.
  • There can be some minor quality control issues
  • Smaller knives may not fit as well as bigger knives in this block.

7. Kapoosh Urban Universal Knife Block

Highlighted Features

  • A modern and adaptable knife block in aqua blue.
  • This thin design is 9 long by 9 high by 2 broad and can accommodate blades up to 8 long.
  • Food-grade flex rods form to the blades and will not chip or dull them.
  • The flex rod insert is removable and may be washed in the dishwasher.

The Kapoosh Urban knife block features a modern design in aqua blue. This slimline block is 9 long by 9 high by 2 broad and can hold up to 8 long blades. This universal knife block has food-grade flex rod inserts that fit to the curvature of the blade and will not dull or chip the edge. The flex rod insert is also removable and may be cleaned in the dishwasher’s top rack. For added security, this block incorporates non-slip rubber feet.

Over time, the flex rods might get bent, making it more difficult for them to keep the blades in place. The rods may also be looser at the top of the block, which means that smaller knives will not be held as firmly as bigger ones.


  • Universal knife block
  • Flex rod storage
  • Contemporary design
  • Slimline


  • Over time and with usage, the flex rods are prone to bending.
  • Smaller knives may not fit as well, and the rods may get looser at the top of the block.

8. Boker Magnetic Block 

Highlighted Features

  • A tabletop magnetic block measuring 11.25 inches broad by 10 inches deep.
  • consists of seven black-colored wood panels
  • Will hold seven knives, including larger knives
  • The manufacturer provides a lifetime limited warranty.

The Boker magnetic block (30400) is a countertop block made up of seven hardwood panels with magnets that enable blades to cling to the block’s side. This black block, which measures 11.25 by 10 broad and 6 deep, can contain seven knives, even bigger ones. The manufacturer also provides a limited lifetime guarantee.

Knives can only be stored around the front of the block, limiting its storage capacity. Additionally, some owners have reported that the block scratches readily, and when damaged, the color behind the black surface may show through.

Some customers have also remarked that the magnets seem to be centrally set on each panel, implying that each knife must be carefully and correctly inserted when returned to the block.


  • Magnetic block
  • Countertop
  • Wooden
  • Holds seven knives
  • Lifetime limited warranty


  • Because of the magnet location, this can only retain seven knives around its perimeter.
  • The black finish of the block can scratch easily
  • When changing blades, extra care must be used to ensure appropriate attachment to the magnetic region.

9. Artelegno Magnetic Knife Block 

Highlighted Features

  • A magnetic knife block created and manufactured in Italy.
  • It has five levels and measures 9.84 by 4.9 by 8.25 inches. It can hold 10 knives up to 11.6 inches in length.
  • Produced using environmentally acceptable production procedures from responsibly procured beechwood
  • Is sealed with a stain-resistant, food-safe lacquer.

The countertop Artelegno magnetic block is developed and manufactured in Italy using environmentally friendly production practices. This angled knife block is made from sustainably sourced solid beechwood and is coated with a food-safe and stain-resistant lacquer. It measures 9.84 by 4.9 by 8.25 inches and has five layers with spaces for ten blades up to 11.6 inches.

The odd customer discovered that storing heavier knives in this block makes it too top heavy and more prone to tipping. It can only hold 10 knives since the magnets go down each side of the tiers.


  • Magnetic block
  • Countertop
  • Holds 10 knives
  • Made in Italy
  • Green manufacturing
  • Sustainable beechwood


  • larger knivesIf used to hold bigger objects, the danger of tipping increases.
  • Because of the arrangement of the magnets, this can only hold 10 knives.

10. Cutlery and More 25-slot Walnut Universal Knife Block 

Highlighted Features

  • sharpening steel and forkA universal knife block that can hold 14 blades, including eight steak knives, shears, and a carving knife.
  • Solid wood with a genuine walnut wood veneer
  • This angled block is 12.5 deep, 9.75 high, and 6.5 deep.
  • It has rubber feet to keep it from sliding about on the tabletop.

The Cutlery and More walnut angled knife block is composed of solid wood with a genuine walnut wood veneer and has 14 universal knife slots. This block also has a sharpening steel slot, kitchen shears, a carving knife and fork, and eight steak knife slots.

It includes rubber feet to avoid slippage on the tabletop and is 12.5 deep by 9.75 high by 6.5 deep. Some purchasers have been dissatisfied with the quality of the finish on this block, particularly where the slots have been drilled out and found to be on the rough side.


  • Countertop knife block
  • Universal
  • Solid wood
  • 22 knife slots plus accessory slots
  • Non-slip rubber feet


  • Some owners have expressed dissatisfaction with the polish of this block.
  • The wood surrounding the slots may need some fine sanding or polishing as well.

Things to Consider Before Buying A Knife Block

Keeping knives in the drawer with other cutlery raises the danger of not just blunting or ruining the blades, but also snagging your fingers while pulling items out of the drawer. Using a knife block keeps your blades together and helps keep them away from little and curious fingers.

Safety of The In-Drawer Knife Block

Knife blocks in drawers are typically intended to fit into a conventional kitchen drawer. An in-drawer knife block has separate knife slots of varying sizes. Most of them keep the knives’ cutting edges down for added safety, however other designs keep their blade edge up to prevent damage to the blade edge.

If you have smaller children, an in-drawer block with the blade edge down may be safer when combined with a proper drawer child lock, locking hasp, or padlock.

Advantages and Disadvantages of The Countertop Knife Block

The countertop knife block, which is often constructed of natural or synthetic woods, has precise holes to accommodate certain sized blades. You should spend some time and measures before purchasing a new block to ensure that most, if not all, of your knives will fit in the new block.

Some countertop blocks have spaces for other equipment such as poultry shears and sharpening steel, allowing you to store everything together.

When utilizing a countertop block made of wood, it might be difficult to choose the proper knife, particularly if your knives have the same handles since they are created by the same manufacturer and have comparable sized handles.

Traditional wooden countertop blocks are particularly difficult to clean, and moisture may accumulate within the block, causing mold to form in the slots. Storing a wooden block away from direct heat and moisture sources like the cooktop and sink, as well as making sure your knives are always totally dry before returning them to the block, may help avoid moisture build up.

Over time, a wooden countertop block or any other sort of hardwood knife block may cause some blunting of blades. The cutting edge passes over the hardwood surface every time you take a knife out and return it to the block. To prevent this, keep the rear or spine of the knife placed against the wood rather than the cutting edge of the blade while taking and replacing knives in the block.

Some countertop blocks are constructed of translucent plastic or acrylic, and these sorts of blocks make it simple to pick the perfect knife while also complementing more modern kitchens.

whether you possess a knife set from a certain manufacturer, it is worth checking to see whether that manufacturer also sells knife blocks, since they are often sized to fit the blades made by that firm.

Flex rods or thin polypropylene strands are also used in universal countertop knife blocks. These blocks can hold any kind or size of knife up to the manufacturer’s suggested length, and unlike other types of knife blocks, they can also hold ceramic blades. When you put a knife into one of these blocks, the flex rods separate and bend to secure the blade.

These blocks are often constructed of wood or synthetic materials and may be disassembled to clean the flex rods; however, the rods will bend and break with time, making it more difficult to insert knives.

Countertop blocks can be on the larger side, and because they are often diagonally spaced to allow you to easily remove knives, they can take up a lot of countertop space. However, the design of angled blocks allows you to place the block in a locked high wall cabinet away from children while still allowing you to safely remove and replace knives.

Top-slot blocks take up less space than angled blocks and keep the handles higher and away from smaller family members, however there is still the danger of them reaching for the block and tipping it over. These top slot types are more difficult to store in a high cabinet since the block must be removed to remove and replace the knives.

The Magnetic Knife Block

A magnetic knife block, which is often formed of wood or synthetic materials, is suitable for keeping blades as well as other metal kitchen tools. Magnetic blocks are offered in tabletop and wall-mounted configurations. A sufficient wall space for this sort of block is required for a wall mounted magnetic block.

Magnetic blocks are made up of powerful magnets or magnetic strips that enable the steel blade to be securely attached to the block. One benefit of magnetic blocks is that you can see every portion of the knife at all times, ensuring that you always grab the one you desire. This is also an issue when there are children about, since if they try to touch a knife on a magnetic block, there is a far larger danger that they may cut themselves or completely detach the knife from the block.

Because blocks are often totally magnetized, there is some flexibility in where you set your knives on the block, and when choosing a magnetic block, it should be powerful enough to hold the blades to the block but not snap the knife to it when you place it on the block. If the magnets are too powerful, the blade may be chipped. When placing a knife on a magnetic strip, make sure the spine of the blade hits the magnetic block first, not the cutting edge.

To remove a knife from a magnetic block, just grab the handle, twist, and pull it away from the block, being careful not to dislodge any blades nearby. When you remove a knife from a magnetic block, it may exert pressure on the tang, therefore if your knife does not have a tang, the magnets may create some additional stress to the knife’s stability over time.

Magnetic blocks are occasionally constructed of metal, although when contrasted to wood, a metal block may produce scratches on the side of the blade.

Magnetic bricks are often simple to care for. They do not gather filth or food particles in the same way that regular blocks can, and they can be cleaned with a moist cloth. If the magnetic block is made of natural wood, an occasional oiling with a food-safe oil (such as olive oil) can bring it back to life.

Magnetic blocks cannot be used to hold ceramic blades, even if the handles are metalized for safety, since the magnetic attraction is insufficient to hold a ceramic knife.

It is fitted with an appropriate lock.When there are children in the home, magnetic blocks are never the ideal answer unless they are stored in a proper closet that is fixed high and securely.

When making meals, a magnetic block or rack on the countertop may come in useful. A magnetic block, placed at the rear of the counter or on the wall, may be used as a temporary grip for a knife for the few seconds that you need to set it down while adding food to the pan. This is perhaps safer than leaving it on the chopping board and within reach of young fingers.

Under-cabinet blocks include magnetic knife blocks and wooden blocks. These fit behind an upper kitchen cabinet as a cubby. As with any under-cabinet installation, space beneath the cupboard is required to properly remove and replace the knives. These blocks do not often come with child-proof fittings, but you may be able to connect one to them.


This article has discussed the many kinds of knife blocks available, as well as which are the safest solutions when there are youngsters in the house. Unfortunately, no knife block is ever completely kid-proof, but the correct block, along with child locks and storage height, may help keep blades out of reach of inquisitive fingers.

We hope you found this post useful and that you are now able to choose the safest and best knife block for your house, whether you like an in-drawer design, the strength of a magnetic block, or the conventional wooden block.


What is the most sanitary way to store knives?

Think about cleanliness.

The best method to keep your knives clean is in a drawer block or magnetic strip. Depending on how near your magnetic bar is to your food preparation area, knives stored on magnetic strips may catch food spatter.

Is a wood block the safest place to store knives?

Although wooden knife blocks are a more typical storage solution, they are far from ideal. Storing knives in wood blocks is more likely to dull them, and the knife blocks may also be a breeding ground for yeast, mold, and other diseases.

What do chefs store their knives in?

Many chefs insist on storing their knives in protective sleeves while not in use to prevent the blades from wear. “In a professional setting,” King continues, “I store my knives in wooden sleeves wrapped inside a Japanese-style fabric knife roll to protect the edge of the blades.”

What is the best way to store knives in a kitchen?

Direct to the Point

We suggest a magnetic knife strip (like this) or a cork-lined knife holder (like this) for most home chefs. Both of these knife storage options provide significantly more versatility than knife blocks while maintaining safety and aesthetics.

Do knife blocks hold bacteria?

If you keep blades in a knife block, you should clean it on a regular basis since the knife block may be a breeding ground for germs.

How do Japanese store their knives?

Sayas are hardwood sheaths that protect a knife’s blade and allow you to securely store your knife in a drawer without fear of injuring the cutting edge.

What are the 3 proper places to store knives?

In general, there are three fundamental approaches for properly storing your kitchen knives. You may store them in countertop knife blocks, drawers, or on magnetic strips hung on the wall. All of these options are deemed safe for knife storage, but the best choice is generally determined by how well your kitchen is set up.

What are the disadvantages of a knife block?

One negative is that utilizing a knife block may leave you wondering where to put knives that don’t fit (hello, meat cleaver! ), so you’ll need to find another solution. It’s also tough to keep your knife block clean since water and crumbs may seep into the slots.

How do I choose a knife block?

Ideally, you should choose a knife block from the same manufacturer as your kitchen knives. This enables you to preserve the brand-specific design while expanding your knife range by combining an accessory from the same brand.

What does Gordon Ramsay use for knives?

Ramsay favors Henckels knives, a German-style brand, according to MasterClass. According to Acit Group, German-style chef’s knives are known for their hefty blades that are robust enough to handle chicken bones due to their added mass.

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