The 10 Best Oil Misters in 2022 for Low-Fat Cooking

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Having an oil mister on hand makes it simple to utilize your preferred oils in cooking without spending additional money on commercial cooking sprays. Oil misters, which are also good for vinegars, juices, and cooking wines, make it simpler to use lower quantities of liquids for cooking or dressing, which is ideal for individuals who wish to regulate portion or calorie consumption.

In this post, we will look at 10 of the greatest oil misters, as well as what you should look for when purchasing a mister. We also provide some pointers to assist you get the most out of your new oil mister.

Best Selection

Our favorite is the Evo Oil Sprayer stainless steel oil mister, which is anti-fingerprint and delivers a predetermined amount with each trigger stroke, making it excellent for portion control.

Budget Selection

The Misto aluminum oil sprayer with a brushed finish to minimize smudges and a BPA-free two-step pump mechanism is our budget pick.

Product Name Grade
Evo Oil Sprayer Stainless Steel Oil Mister A
Misto Brushed Aluminum Oil Sprayer – 5061116 A-
iTrunk Olive Oil Sprayer B+
The Fine Life Ideal Olive Oil Sprayer Mister A-
Woohubs Oil Sprayer B+
Prepara Simply Mist Oil Mister A-
TOPNICES Upgraded Olive Oil Sprayer A-
SKENDA Premium Oil and Vinegar Sprayer Set A-
Purelite Oil Mister A-

1. ​Evo Oil Sprayer Stainless Steel Oil Mister  

Highlighted Characteristics

  • An 18/8 stainless steel mister which is anti-fingerprint
  • Able to dispense oils and vinegars in a fan spray pattern without the use of chemical propellants
  • Each trigger pull dispenses 1.35 ml making it ideal for portion control
  • Does not contain any BPA, DEHP or latex
  • Should be hand washed in warm soapy water

It is made of 8 stainless steel and distributes 1.35 cc with each trigger pull, making it great for nutrition and portion management. This oil mister also works with vinegar and delivers liquids in a distinctive fan design without the use of propellants. The Evo Oil Sprayer stainless steel oil mister is available in a variety of quantities and colors.

Its mister’s stainless steel structure is also anti-fingerprint, and the trigger mechanisms are free of BPA, latex, and DEHP. This should be cleaned by hand in warm, soapy water. Like with any mister, it is good checking it out when it comes to confirm it is operating well, and the odd consumer has had difficulty using this with certain oils. Several purchasers would have wanted the ability to modify the quantity of oil poured rather than having the same amount delivered on each trigger stroke.


  • Oil and vinegar mister
  • 18/8 stainless steel
  • Propellant free
  • Set volume dispensed
  • BPA-free


  • There is a risk of receiving a mister that may not work properly
  • A small number of buyers would have preferred that the amount dispensed could be altered
  • Some oils may increase the risk of clogging

2. Misto Brushed Aluminum Oil Sprayer – 5061116 

Highlighted Characteristics

  • A half cup aluminum oil mister that is also suitable for vinegars, cooking wines and juices
  • Contains a filter so you can herbs to your oil without it clogging
  • Uses a pump mechanism without the use of any chemical propellants
  • Does not contain any BPA
  • Can be cleaned in hot water with a drop of dish soap

The brushed surface on the Misto aluminum oil sprayer (5061116) helps to avoid fingerprint smudges. This reusable mister can store oils, vinegars, juices, marsala wine, and other liquids, making it excellent for salads and cooking oils. The pump type cap has a two-step control system that allows you to prime the sprayer 10 to 15 times before pressing the pressured sprayer to emit an even mist. If the spray’s strength deteriorates, the sprayer should be primed again.

This mister has no chemical propellants, and the spray mechanism is BPA-free. This has a filter so that you may use infused oils without the herbs blocking the pump. This can be washed with hot water and one drop of dish soap and contains about half a cup of oil. To avoid oil buildup, it should be cleaned every six to eight weeks.

Coconut oils cannot be used in this mister, and some consumers have reported that the oil streams rather than sprays, however this may also occur if the mister is not primed or pumped enough before use.


  • Aluminum oil mister
  • Also for vinegars, juices and wines
  • Holds half cup of oil
  • Anti-fingerprint
  • BPA-free
  • No chemical propellants


  • This is an aluminum mister which not all buyers will be keen on
  • Can be prone to streaming instead of spraying; especially if not primed enough before use
  • Coconut oil cannot be used in this


Highlighted Characteristics

  • An oil, vinegar and juice mister made from scratch-resistant glass
  • Does not contain any chemical propellants or BPA
  • Holds around 4 oz of liquid and gives a super fine spray
  • Contains a filter so you can use infused oils in it
  • Should be hand washed and comes with a one year satisfaction guarantee

The CHEFVANTAGE oil mister is made of scratch-resistant glass and comes with a variety of colored toppers, including brushed stainless steel. This oil mister sprays a thin mist and is excellent for most kinds of oil, including coconut, as well as vinegars and juices. You may also add infused oils to this since it has an in-built filter.

This mister has no propellants and must be primed with a few pumps before use. It also has no BPA. This will contain around 4 oz of liquid while allowing for the air pressure to build up for the spray mechanism. This item also has a one-year satisfaction guarantee and should only be cleaned by hand.

Since this mister is made of glass, there is a slight chance that the air pressure within the bottle may get too high, causing the bottle to burst. Releasing the pressure after usage and keeping the mister away from heat sources should lessen the likelihood of this happening. The unusual customer has also had difficulty opening the lid after usage to replace the oil.


  • Mister for oil and vinegar
  • Super fine spray
  • Scratch resistant glass
  • Propellant free
  • Satisfaction guarantee


  • ​As with any glass under pressure, there is a small chance that this can explode
  • ​Some buyers have found it difficult to open the top to refill the oil

4. iTrunk Olive Oil Sprayer 

Highlighted Characteristics

  • A mister suitable for oils, vinegars, fruit juices and more
  • Also comes with a funnel, bottle cleaning brush and basting brush
  • Made from food grade glass, this also has a measure scale down the side
  • The top is stainless steel and how the trigger is used will dispense different volumes
  • No chemical propellants are used

The iTrunk olive oil sprayer includes a bottle cleaning brush, a basting brush, and a funnel to fill the sprayer bottle. This is a food-grade glass mister with a stainless steel lid and no chemical propellants. This mister may be used for oils, vinegars, wine, fruit juices, and other liquids, and the volume delivered can be adjusted by depressing the trigger.

The unusual buyer believes the glass is thinner than that of other glass misters, and other owners have reported spraying in a stream rather than a mist.


  • Food grade glass mister
  • Stainless steel top
  • Includes funnel and bottle cleaning brush
  • Variable spray volume
  • ​No chemical propellants


  • Some consider this glass to be thinner than other misters
  • There is a risk of this spraying as a stream rather than a mist

5. The Fine Life Ideal Olive Oil Sprayer Mister

Highlighted Characteristics

  • Mister made from ultra lightweight food safe and BPA free Tritan plastic
  • This is free from chemical propellants and uses and FDA-approved air system
  • Suitable for oils, vinegars, juices and more this holds around two thirds of a cup
  • Infused oils can be used as this contains a filter
  • Should be cleaned by hand washing

The Fine Living oil mister is built from ultralightweight food safe translucent Tritan (BPA-free plastic) and is contoured for a pleasant grip. It uses an FDA-approved air pressure system with no chemical propellants. The top and bottom are colored, and this mister comes in four different colors and may be used for oils, vinegars, juices, and other liquids.

This sprays a thin mist and, since it contains a filter, it may also be used with infused oils. It also comes with a one-year satisfaction guarantee. This carries around two-thirds of a cup of oil and should only be cleaned by hand. Several customers were dissatisfied with the spray function, while others struggled to utilize it with richer oils.


  • Mister for oils, vinegars and more
  • Shaped for a better grip
  • Food safe and BPA free Tritan plastic
  • No chemical propellants
  • Available with different colored tops


  • You may find this more difficult to use with thicker oils
  • Some owners have been disappointed with its spray mechanism

6. Woohubs Oil Sprayer 

Highlighted Characteristics

  • A transparent glass mister for oils, vinegars and more
  • Holds around 3.4 oz and each spray is the same amount for easy portion control
  • The BPA-free pump mechanism is anti-slip as is the base of the bottle
  • Does not contain any chemical propellants
  • Suitable for cleaning by hand

The Woohubs oil mister is made of clear glass and BPA-free components and is excellent for oils, vinegars, juices, and cooking wines. Each mist spray is a consistent quantity, and this can store around 3.4 oz. The pump mechanism is anti-slip for convenient usage, and the bottle base is similarly non-slip. It should be cleaned by hand and has no chemical propellants.

This may not be as long-lasting as other oil misters, and some purchasers have expressed dissatisfaction with the quality of the glass used. When used, it is also prone to seeping down the edge of the bottle.


  • Transparent glass mister
  • For oils, vinegars and more
  • BPA-free
  • Each spray is a set amount
  • Anti-slip pump design


  • The quality of glass used may not be as good as you would expect
  • There is a risk of it leaking during use
  • May not be as durable as other oil misters

7. Prepara Simply Mist Oil Mister

Highlighted Characteristics

  • A glass and BPA-free oil mister
  • Will dispense a stream or spray depending on how you pull the trigger
  • Each spray is a uniform 7 ml, ideal for portion control
  • Does not used any chemical propellants and does not need priming before use
  • The base is dishwasher safe or can be handwashed along with the trigger mechanisms

priming is required before use. The Prepara is suitable for all oils. The glass and BPA-free plastic Simple Mist oil mister is composed of. The trigger mechanism is a one-of-a-kind device that produces a stream or mist of oil depending on how quickly you pull the trigger. This uses no chemical propellants and does not need pumping.

This sprays a consistent 7 ml of oil, making it excellent for nutritional management. The glass base may be cleaned in the dishwasher or by hand, as can the trigger spray. This may not last as long as you would want for a mister. Some customers have reported difficulty adjusting the sort of spray with the trigger, while others have reported difficulty creating a mist when using oils in this mister, instead it produces a stream.


  • Glass oil mister
  • Oil stream or spray
  • Each spray is the same volume
  • No pump priming needed
  • Dishwasher safe base


  • Some owners have struggled to spray a mist with this mister
  • The trigger may not the easiest to control
  • May not be as durable as you would like

8. TOPNICES Upgraded Olive Oil Sprayer 

Highlighted Characteristics

  • An oil mister along with a filling funnel, bottle cleaning brush and basting brush
  • Made from 304 stainless steel, this has a black BPA-free plastic pump mechanism
  • Can be used for oils, vinegars, juices and cooking wines
  • Holds around 3.4 oz and should be cleaned by hand washing every four to six weeks
  • Comes with a satisfaction guarantee from the manufacturer

The TOPNICES oil mister is made of brushed food grade 304 stainless steel and includes a black BPA-free plastic pump mechanism. The pump sprays a mist and includes an anti-slip handle for ease of usage. This mister is suitable for oils, vinegars, cooking wines, and juices and comes with a filling funnel, a bottle cleaning brush, and a pasting brush. The manufacturer also offers a satisfaction guarantee.

It can carry around 3.4 ounces and should be hand washed every four to six weeks. Several owners have discovered that in order to get a mist spray, you must gently squeeze the pump; otherwise, it will merely stream, and since the bottle section is stainless steel, you cannot tell how much is left in the mister.


  • 304 stainless steel mister
  • For oils, vinegars and more
  • BPA-free mechanism
  • Comes with bottle brush and funnel
  • Satisfaction guarantee


  • You cannot see how much oil is left in the mister
  • There needs to be some control over the spray to produce a mist instead of a stream

9. SKENDA Premium Oil and Vinegar Sprayer Set 

Highlighted Characteristics

  • A set of oil and vinegar misters which are labeled
  • Each mister will hold up to 3.5 oz
  • Transparent glass bottles with stainless steel tops and bases
  • The pump mechanism is textured for a non-slip grip and also free from any BPA

The SKENDA oil and vinegar mister set is made of clear glass with a stainless steel top and base and is branded so that the proper bottle is always used. The pump mechanism is BPA-free and textured to provide a secure grip. These misters have a capacity of 3.5 oz.

The strange customer discovered that the mister bases may be unequal, and one of the bases came free from the glass container. Several consumers have had difficulty getting the oil mister to mist rather than stream.


  • Oil and vinegar mister set
  • Glass and stainless steel
  • Labeled misters
  • BPA-free
  • Non-slip pump


  • The bases can be uneven on these and there is a small chance of a base coming loose from the bottle
  • Some owners have struggled to spray a mist instead of a stream

​10. Purelite Oil Mister 

Highlighted Characteristics

  • AN oil mister which produces a continuous fine spray
  • Does not use any chemical propellants
  • Made from food safe glass, this mister is covered with a blue film which acts as a safety film and also protects the oil from UV
  • Holds 4 fl. oz and has a wide mouth and fill lines for easy filling
  • Safe to use herb oils as this has a filter

The Purelite oil mister is a non-chemical propellant-free continuous fine spray mister. The bottle is constructed of food-safe glass and is coated with a unique blue dark film that prevents UV light from reaching the oil while also functioning as a safety film to keep the bottle from breaking if it is dropped.

This 4 oz mister includes fill lines on the outside and a large mouth for simple filling. Since it has a filter, you may put infused oils in it. This is also backed by a satisfaction guarantee. Several consumers were dissatisfied with how long this could mist before the pump needed to be re-primed, while others were upset to discover that the blue hue came from the film rather than colored glass.


  • Continuous spray oil mister
  • Food safe glass
  • Blue safety film is also UV resistant
  • Has fill lines
  • Contains a filter


  • This may not mist for as long as you would like before it needs re-priming
  • Some buyers have been disappointed with the blue film, preferring the bottle to be blue glass

Considerations When Purchasing an Oil Mister

In addition to cooking and dressing oils and vinegars, the oil mister is great for hair oils and other household and culinary duties.

Commercial sprays, such as PAM, may be fairly costly when compared to other cooking oils, so although purchasing an oil mister is pricey, refilling it with your normal oil will cost considerably less than purchasing sprays from the grocery store. Oil misters are more gentler on the environment since they utilize air pressure rather than chemical propellants.

Plastic misters are far safer than glass misters, but be sure the plastic is food safe and BPA free. Stainless steel misters are equally long-lasting, but unlike glass or plastic, you can’t look inside to know how much oil is still within.

The mister should spray evenly on anything you spray it on, whether it’s a skillet, waffle iron, or even food in the air fryer. It is important to note that, in addition to propellants, commercial spray oils frequently contain additives such as soy lecithin, which aid in the dispersal of oil droplets when they hit the pan. Because your home oils do not contain these additives, the spray from an oil mister will not be as uniform as a store-bought spray.

After purchasing a new mister, carefully clean it with hot soapy water and allow it to dry completely before adding the oil or vinegar. Most oil misters need room to enable the pump mechanism to function correctly, thus the oil or other liquid should only be poured to the maximum provided. The top should be thoroughly reinstalled, making sure it fits snugly. If the top is not correctly replaced, it will be difficult to pressurize the mister for spraying.

Oils containing herbs or floating particles should be avoided in a mister unless it contains a filter to keep them from blocking the pump. Some misters will also warn against using coconut oil since, although it may be liquid initially placed in the mister, it has a tendency to harden with time. Oils may also thicken or become foggy in cooler kitchens, making spraying more difficult.

Most misters, depending on their design, will need priming, or pumping many times before spraying. The number of times specified in the directions will normally vary based on the kind of oil used and how much is left in the mister.

You may need to relieve the pressure in the mister after spraying the oil over the surface. It is critical to perform this if specified in the instructions. You may just need to remove the cap, or you may need to shift the trigger to a different position.

You should also clean your oil mister on a regular basis with warm soapy water to avoid the possibility of rancidity and clogging of the pump mechanism.


There are several benefits to utilizing oil misters, not the least of which is portion control. Using normal cooking oil in a mister may also save money over time compared to purchasing commercial cooking sprays. Oil misters are also great for vinegars, salad dressings, and other liquids that are thin enough to pass through without clogging.

We hope you liked reading our evaluations of the finest oil misters and that the information we gave helped you in selecting the best oil mister for you, whether BPA-free plastic, glass, or stainless steel.

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