The 10 Best Whiskey Stones in 2022

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Nothing is more revolting than going without a cool drink when you really need one. Worse, you wind up utilizing a subpar cooling technique, which impairs your drinking experience by diluting your drink or adding weird aromas and smells. However, with high-quality whiskey stones, you can say goodbye to watered-down cocktails and weird odors. Unlike ice, whiskey stones are non-porous by nature, so adding them to your drink will help it cool quicker while preserving its essence. The stones do this by absorbing all of the heat in your drink without melting, allowing you to enjoy a cooled drink anytime you choose.

While the market is brimming with options, you should know which whiskey stone would work best for you. If you’re looking for a premium whiskey stone to cool your drink, you’ve come to the right spot because we’ll walk you through the greatest whiskey stones on the market right now. We’ve also created a full shopping guide to assist you choose the one that’s right for you. Continue reading to learn more.

Best Pick

Brotec Whiskey Stones is our top option on the list. The stone set includes eight excellent grade granite pebbles that provide an amazing cooling effect to your drink. The set includes one velvet bag, two whiskey glasses, and an exquisite wooden gift box, making it an outstanding addition to your bar or a wonderful present idea for a whiskey enthusiast.

Budget Pick

The greatest whiskey stone for the money is the Kollea Reusable Chilling Stones. The set includes six food-grade stainless steel stones with excellent cold temperature retention. The pebbles are simple to clean and come with a nice gift box and a set of tongs, making them our best value selection.


Quick Comparison: Top 10 Best Whiskey Stones

Product Name Grade
Brotec Whiskey Stones A
Kollea Reusable Chilling Stones A-
Quiseen Beverage Chilling Stones B+
ROCKS Whiskey Chilling Stones A-
Osleek Whiskey Stones A-
Sipping Stones Grey Whiskey Chilling Rocks B+
Spirit Stones Whiskey Chilling Stones A-
Spirit Stones Whiskey chilling rocks A-
BarMe Whiskey Stones A-
Outset 76435 Whiskey Stones B+

1. Brotec Whiskey Stones

With this excellent whiskey stone set from Brotec, you may enjoy a cool whiskey without worrying about strange scents or changing the flavor of your drink. The set includes eight excellent whiskey stones, one black velvet bag, two whiskey crystal shot glasses, and an attractive wooden box built with polished wood and a soft velvet pouch, making it one of the finest whiskey stone gift sets.

The whiskey stones can keep your whiskey, Bourbon, and other beverages cold for hours, providing you peace of mind as you enjoy every sip.

To optimize the chilling impact of your stones, just clean them well and lay them in a freezer for four hours or more before placing three pieces in a glass and enjoying a smooth cooled drink. Overall, Brotec whiskey stones are a terrific complement to any drink, not just whiskey. Adding them to your bar will provide you with unparalleled flexibility by enabling you to cold your beverages without affecting the flavor or fragrance.

Highlighted Features

  • Premium quality stones
  • Ideal for cooling any drink
  • Comes with eight high-quality granite pebbles that quickly chill your beverages without damaging them.
  • Keeps your drinks cold for hours
  • Can be a great gift idea for whiskey aficionados
  • Comes with two beautiful whiskey glasses

2. Kollea Reusable Chilling Stones 

Cooling your beverages has never been simple, but with these Kollea reusable chilling stones, you can cold your drink quicker without affecting the fragrance or flavor. The rocks are constructed of food-grade stainless steel that will not rust or corrode.

The stones are long-lasting, reusable, dishwasher safe, and FDA approved, allowing you to enjoy a cooled drink anytime you choose. The set includes six high-quality ice cube cooling stones as well as slip-resistant tongs for easy removal of cooled pebbles from the freezer into your glass.

A plastic storage tray is also supplied to help you organize your stones while they are freezing. You simply need to freeze these Kollea chilling stones for one to two hours to enjoy a chilled drink for up to four hours. If you want to surprise your loved ones or a friend, you don’t have to worry since Kollea cooling stones come in a nice gift box for better presentation.

Highlighted Features

  • Easy to clean
  • Gives your drink an authentic taste
  • This set includes six stainless steel pebbles that are sturdy, reusable, and dishwasher safe.
  • BPA-free tongs with slip resistance are included.
  • Keeps your drink cold for up to 4 hours
  • Rust and corrosion resistant
  • Ideal for use on whiskey, wine, vodka, and beer
  • FDA certified

3. Quiseen Beverage Chilling Stones

With this fantastic Quiseen cooling stones, you may say goodbye to diluted beverages and weird odors in your whiskey. The collection includes 9 cold pebbles that provide true taste to your drink without diluting it.

For simplicity and efficiency, the cooling stones are made of soapstone. Quiseen chilling rocks are re-usable and come along with a carrying pouch to enable you to enjoy a chilled drink even when travelling or on a weekend gateaway.

You will have flexibility with these chilling stones by cooling beverages of your choosing such as whiskey, vodka, cocktail, beer, and wine, among others, making it a perfect addition to your bar.

Highlighted Features

  • Package has nine beverage cooling stones
  • 100% soapstone construction ensures that your beverages taste genuine.
  • Comes with a velvet pouch and a gift box
  • Re-usable
  • Provides slight chill between 8 to 15 degrees
  • Effective
  • Affordable

4. ROCKS Whiskey Chilling Stones

With this amazing whiskey cooling stone from ROCKS, you can say goodbye to watered-down cocktails and damaged glasses. Six well-crafted spherical cooling rocks with a diameter of 1.37 and a thickness of.78 are included in the bundle. The stones have a clean surface that is gentle on your glass and will not leave any scratches even after repeated usage.

All six cooling pebbles are natural and have various hues that serve to energize your drinking mood. Aside from their many hues, Rocks cooling stones are made of excellent grade granite, allowing you to enjoy your drink till the last sip.

With Rocks cooling stones, you will enjoy not only cold spirits but also other drinks like beer, wines among others. By incorporating these eco-friendly pebbles into your home bar, you will be able to appreciate the real essence of authenticity.

Highlighted Features

  • Round stones with a diameter of 1.37 and a thickness of.78
  • Effective
  • Friendly to your drink and glass
  • Comes as a pack of 6 premium granite rocks
  • Each stone features different color
  • FDA certified
  • Does not dilute your drink or introduce any strange odors.
  • With just one to two stones for each sip, it has a great cooling power.

5. Osleek Whiskey Stones 

Osleek whiskey stones are composed of food-grade stainless steel that resists corrosion and oxidation. The set includes eight titanium gold coated stainless steel pebbles, a tong, and a velvet bag, all housed in a wooden gift box.

The stones have a great chilling power, so they keep your beverages cold for a long time. When placed into your drink, the stones turn your whiskey a gleaming gold hue while preserving its flavors, aroma, and quality.

By storing these elegant whiskey stones in your freezer, you’ll be able to enjoy a well-chilled drink whenever you want. From whiskey to beer, cocktail to wine, you name it, and these high-quality rocks will help it chill down quicker.

Highlighted Features

  • Effective in keeping drinks cold for long
  • Made from FDA-approved food grade material of the highest quality.
  • Has 8 Titanium gold coated stainless steel ricks
  • Comes with tongs for efficiency
  • Ideal for use on different drinks
  • Does not dilute your drinks
  • Comes packed in an elegant gift box

6. Sipping Stones Grey Whiskey Chilling Rocks

Say goodbye to extended periods of cold with these drinking stone whiskey cooling rocks. The stones are composed of pure soapstone and simply need to be frozen for a few hours before they can be used. Because soapstone is non-porous, adding it to your drink will have no effect on its flavor, fragrance, or overall quality.

The stones are beautifully designed to avoid scratching your glass and may be a terrific accent to your next party table. Their grey hue is pleasing to the eye, and bringing them to the table will impress and improve your guests’ drinking experience.

Highlighted Features

  • Comes as a nine-piece set
  • 100% soapstone for an excellent chilled beverage
  • Grey in color
  • Preserves the taste of your drinks
  • May scratch the glass if not handled with care
  • Affordable

7. Spirit Stones Whiskey Chilling Stones

With these incredible whiskey stones from Spirit Stones, you may enjoy a subtle chill that doesn’t change the flavor of your drink. For a whiskey connoisseur, the rocks are a wonderful option. The package includes ten reusable rocks that are suitable for use with whiskey, scotch, and Bourbon.

Spirit Stones are crafted entirely of pure soapstone, ensuring a smooth, cooled drink. The firm pays close attention to detail throughout the manufacturing process to ensure that you always enjoy high-quality beverages.

Unlike other typical whiskey stones on the market, Spirit Stone chilling pebbles have managed to distinguish themselves. They do not allow any soap or liquid to get caught on them, enabling you to confidently add them to your drink.

Highlighted Features

  • FDA approved
  • Made from 100% pure soapstone
  • Chills your beverages efficiently without overpowering their flavor.
  • Re-usable
  • Allows no soap or liquid to get stuck, making cleaning simple.
  • Dishwasher safe

8. Spirit Stones Whiskey chilling rocks

If you’re looking for the finest steel whiskey stones, these cooling rocks from Spirit Stones can be a good addition to your freezer. The stones are constructed of high-quality steel for maximum cooling power. To enjoy a chilled glass of whiskey, just freeze the rocks for two hours and you’re ready to go.

The stones have been sufficiently sealed to prevent soap or your drink from entering the rock, enabling you to enjoy a smooth chilled drink devoid of any foreign odor or flavor. The set includes four stainless whiskey stones, a tray, and one-inch ice cubes.

Every pebble has been properly engineered to avoid scratches, making them not only pleasant to your drink but also to your glass. The stones are also dishwasher safe, making cleanup a breeze.

Highlighted Features

  • BPA free
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Made from premium quality food grade steel
  • Only has to be kept in the freezer for 2 hours.
  • Does not scratch the walls of your glass
  • Re-usable
  • Makes a gift idea for whiskey aficionado

9. BarMe Whiskey Stones

A diluted drink with unfamiliar tastes might impair your drinking enjoyment. However, by using these BarMe whiskey chilling rocks, you may get a quicker chilling effect without changing the flavor of your drink. Although they are marketed as whiskey chilling stones, they may also be used to chill vodka and scotch.

Six stainless steel chilling stones, one velvet whiskey bag for freezing and storage, and a set of tongs for serving your iced stones are included in the bundle. The rocks are distinctive due to their bullet-shaped form.

Unlike traditional whiskey cooling stones, which take hours of waiting, these BarMe rocks will chill your drink to ideal temperatures in 3 to 4 minutes. BarMe has utilized high-quality stainless steel that is rust and corrosion resistant to guarantee that every drink you take is healthy.

Aside from their quick cooling impact, the stones also have a great capacity for maintaining cold temperatures, enabling you to enjoy chilled drinks glass after glass without needing to add additional rocks. Not only that, but the stones are robust, allowing you to re-use them for a long amount of time, making it an excellent investment or present idea for a whiskey enthusiast.

Highlighted Features

  • Has an incredible chilling effect
  • Does not dilute your drinks
  • Ideal for use on your whiskey, scotch, and vodka
  • Features a bullet-shaped design
  • Made of 304 food grade stainless steel, this chiller chills your drink in four minutes.
  • Rust and corrosion resistant
  • Durable and reusable

10. Outset 76435 Whiskey Stones

Outset whiskey cooling stones are a set of nine black polished granite boulders with a sophisticated appearance. The stones must be cooled for a few hours before use, but once chilled, they hold cold temperatures, allowing you to enjoy a smooth chilled drink without dilution.

A velvet bag is also supplied for easy transportation or storing of your stones as required.

Highlighted Features

  • Retains cold temperatures for long
  • Stylish
  • Made from high-quality granite rocks
  • Comes with a storage velvet bag
  • Polished to prevent scratching your glass

Benefits of Using Whiskey Stone

Maintains the quality of your drink

Whiskey stones are comprised of non-porous materials, allowing you to enjoy a smooth cooled drink without affecting its flavors. This is in contrast to using ice cubes, which melt and dilute your drink. Worse, ice cubes are made using hard water from the faucet, which increases the likelihood of alien scents and odors infiltrating your drink and interfering with its inherent qualities.

Saves space

Unlike ice cubes, which melt entirely, whiskey stones do not, saving you room that might have been utilized for ice trays. Because they are reusable, they are cost effective and make an excellent complement to your beverage.


Using whiskey stones ensures high levels of sanitation which helps bar any foreign material from contaminating your drinks giving you the confidence to enjoy every sip.

Gives your drink striking appearance

Whiskey cooling stones come in a variety of forms, giving your drink a unique aesthetic that will energize your drinking mood.

Chills drink faster

You don’t have to wait all night to enjoy a cooled cocktail with whiskey stones, as you would with ice. The pebbles also offer excellent temperature holding qualities, allowing you to cool your drink quicker.


Aside from liquor, whiskey stones are useful for cooling down other beverages. They may also be microwaved to keep drinks warm, letting you to enjoy your beverages just as you want them.

Factors to Consider When Buying Whiskey Stone

If you want a smooth cooled drink with no changes in flavor, you will need to invest in high-quality whiskey stones. The rocks have diverse characteristics, therefore you should be fully educated before making a purchase. Some of the important elements to consider while purchasing whiskey stones are listed below.


Soapstone, granite, or stainless steel are used to make whiskey stones. Soapstone whiskey rocks are inexpensive, soft, unscented, and non-porous. Soapstone rocks, unlike granite and stainless steel, are only suitable for usage when a minor cooling effect is required.

Granite whiskey stones are more durable and have a greater cooling effect than soapstone. You simply need to refrigerate it for a few hours before you use it. The main disadvantage of utilizing granite cooling rocks is that they are naturally harsh and may damage your glass if not handled properly.

Stainless steel whiskey stones are non-porous, smooth, corrosion resistant, and do not corrode. They feature a non-toxic chilling gel that provides an outstanding chilling effect and enables it to keep cold temperatures for a long time, making it an excellent choice if you want to cool your drink to ideal temperatures. When it comes to durability, stainless steel rocks outlast soapstone and granite.

Stainless steel stones are BPA-free, dishwasher safe, and perfect for use not just in alcoholic beverages but also in other beverages that need cooling.


Depending on the maker, each whiskey stone packaging comes in varied amounts. The majority of whiskey stones come in groups of four to ten. The suggested amount of rocks to use per glass varies based on the chilling stone potency and capacity to hold cold temperatures.

For example, some rocks may need two to three pieces, while others would just require one or two. Consider the amount of beverages you want to cool before selecting the appropriate bundle. To prevent keeping your guests waiting, you may need to purchase many packages for a party. This will, however, be determined by the recommended amount of stones per drink as well as the number of persons.

There is no suggested amount, and the number you choose will be determined by your particular tastes.

Ease of cleaning

Whiskey stones must be cleaned properly after use to avoid cross-contamination between beverages. Cleaning difficult-to-clean stones will take a significant amount of time. Fully sealed models prevent soap and other liquids from being absorbed, making cleaning a breeze. Dishwasher whiskey rocks are also recommended for their ease of cleaning.

Recommended drinks

Whiskey stones may also be used to cool other drinks. This will differ from one brand to the next. Before you buy one, be sure you know how to use it. Depending on the material used, some may restrict the quantity of beverages you may chill, while others will enable you to chill any drink. Never use a whiskey stone to chill a drink that has not been approved by the maker.


The market is brimming with various whiskey stone forms. Chilling stones are often spherical, square, bullet, or flat disc forms. These shapes provide a dazzling effect to your drink. The form of your cooling rock, on the other hand, may have an effect on your glass. When not utilized with caution. Square-shaped stones have the potential to damage your glass.

Choosing smooth or polished stones can help limit the possibility of scratching your glass.

Wait time

Before utilizing your whiskey stones, you must first cool them for the duration indicated by the manufacturer. To minimize any problems, learn the chilling time before picking your favourite cooling stones. Always use cooling pebbles that need less chilling time.

Temperature retention power

Depending on its capacity to hold cold temperatures, each cooling stone will have a specified duration during which it can keep your drink icy. The majority of producers will state how long the whiskey stones will keep your drink cool. To prevent disappointment, use rocks that can sustain frigid temperatures for an extended period of time.

Included accessories

There are several accessories that come with whiskey stones, but they vary. These accessories are useful, and your pick will be determined by your tastes. Among them are the following:


When freezing your rocks, a whiskey stone tray is a must-have item. They guarantee that the stones do not come into touch with one another, enabling them to cool quicker and preventing contamination with other meals. When not in use, the trays provide simple storage for your stones.


Holding your cooled stones with your hands or a piece of cloth may change the flavor of your drink. A set of tongs allows you to easily retrieve your cold pebbles while also preventing contamination and the stone from landing on filthy places, providing excellent hygienic standards.

Whiskey glasses

Whiskey is best served with whiskey glasses, and if you are a beginner or purchasing chilled rocks for your bar, look for brands that include these accessories.


When you require transportation, this is when your bag comes in handy. These bags are specifically intended to carry your package in a pleasant and hassle-free manner.

Gift box

If you want to surprise a loved one with a whiskey stone set, a gift box can help you display your gift properly.


The price of whiskey stones is heavily influenced by the material used, the amount of stones contained, and the accessories included. While it is best to stick to your budget, you should also evaluate what you are searching for. Purchasing your cooling stones without the necessary attachments may create hassle and may possibly cost you more than you think. Always compare prices and choose the finest option.

Who makes the best whiskey stones?

Whiskey cooling rocks come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and the market will never run out of options. Before you dive in and make your choice, keep in mind that not all whiskey stones are created alike, and not every pebble on the market will provide you with the necessary results.

People will always have different preferences when it comes to chilled beverages. Some like it slightly chilly, while others prefer it when the ideal temperatures are attained. The manner you like your drink should dictate your choice of whiskey stone set. All of the stone brands mentioned above are wonderful choices if chosen carefully.

Tips for using whiskey stones properly

  • Never freeze whiskey stones that haven’t been cleaned. After each usage, make sure you thoroughly clean them with warm water and mild dish soap. This helps to remove any whiskey tastes that may later develop undesirable smells and affect the nature of your drink.
  • Soapstone whiskey stones should never be cleaned in a dishwasher because they may shatter.
  • Whiskey taste may be difficult to remove with warm water and soap. To get rid of them, soak your stones for three to four hours in a combination of vodka and warm water. Rinse them with warm water, pat them dry, and place them back in the freezer.
  • Always use the quantity of stones advised by your manufacturer for the best cooling effect.
  • To protect your drink’s flavor, always use tongs to keep your stones from dropping and picking up dirt or germs from your hands.

Whiskey stones frequent asked questions

How long does it take whiskey stones to chill my drink?

The chilling period varies based on the material and cold temperature holding characteristics of the rock. While some whiskey stones will chill your beverages in minutes, others may need you to wait many hours.

Are whiskey stones safe?

Because whiskey stones are non-porous by nature, they do not introduce any foreign taste, odor, or even water to your drink. The FDA has approved their usage on a variety of drinks. Learn which beverages your favourite cooling stone is suggested for.

How does whiskey stones cool drinks?

To ensure that your whiskey stone thoroughly chills your drink, freeze it according to the manufacturer’s suggested chill time. Once they are done, place them in your whiskey glass and pour a little bit of your drink to cover the stones before waiting for them to do their work. The time it takes for your drink to reach its cooling temperature can vary depending on the stone brand you choose.

Which whiskey stones won’t scratch my glass

When compared to round whiskey rocks, most square whiskey rocks are more likely to damage your glass. However, with extreme caution, you can reduce the odds of the stones striking your glass. Alternatively, you may go for softer rocks made of soapstone or polished versions.

Final verdict

Whether you are a whiskey beginner or a connoisseur, using whiskey stones will allow you to enjoy smooth cooled cocktails without changing their taste. Even better, you’ll love using your chilled rocks on various cocktails. The fact that whiskey stones may also be microwaved to reheat your beverages allows you to enjoy your drinks whenever you choose.

However, if you’ve never used them before, you should be prepared. While each pebble will be unique, the combination you choose should be compatible with your tastes. All of the top whiskey stones we’ve chosen above are from reputable producers and are intended to help you cool your beverages to your liking. It is important to note that the rocks differ, and making the incorrect pick can damage your drinking experience. Please use our instructions to help you make the best selection.


What are the best stones for whiskey?

The Top 6 Whiskey Stones for 2022
Rabbit Whiskey and Beverage Jumbo Chilling Stones are the best stainless steel.
Areaware Geometric Whiskey Stones are the most unusual.
Brotec Round Granite Whiskey Stones are the best value.
Kollea Stainless Steel Reusable Chilling Whiskey Stones are the best little.
Eliská Whisky Cubes are the best splurge.

What whiskey stones stay cold the longest?

Granite and stainless steel maintain temperatures better than soapstone, allowing you to keep your whiskey colder for longer. They are also tougher and more durable than soapstone. Stainless steel whiskey stones often use a non-toxic chilling gel that improves the capacity to maintain a chilly temperature.

Is granite or stainless steel whiskey stones better?

Steel, stainless

This means they can keep colder for longer than other alternatives and, in certain cases, freeze quicker in the icebox. Because of these factors, some drinkers believe that stainless steel whisky stones are the finest whiskey stones.

Do whisky stones work?

According to Rolling Stone, whiskey stones (also known as whiskey rocks) freeze your beverage in the same manner as ice cubes would, but without melting and diluting the liquor.

What is the downside of whiskey stones?

The Quest for Whiskey Stones

Whiskey stones may damage glasses and even teeth. Whiskey stones, depending on their material, might move around the glass as you drink, bouncing against it and producing microscopic fractures.

Do whiskey stones work better than ice?

Whiskey stones do an effective job of chilling your drink for extended periods and give a better aesthetic to your glass. However, ice provides a greater cooling effect, requires little thinking to utilize, and is always a classic.

Do whiskey rocks go bad?


Because the stones are rocks, there is no set time limit on how long you may keep them.

Can you leave whiskey stones in the freezer?

DO I THROW THE WHISKY STONES IN THE FREEZER? You certainly do! Simply put them in the freezer for a couple of hours and use as ice. You may either remove them from the box and place them in a freezer bag, or you can leave them in the box.

Do whiskey stones go in fridge?

These stones, which come in a range of sizes, are intended to be frozen and added to straight shots of whiskey, bourbon, or scotch to cool them without diluting the drink. Stainless steel whiskey stones, on the other hand, are the ideal for keeping beverages icy cold.

Do you wash whiskey stones before use?

Whiskey stones are little cubes of soapstone or stainless steel that are used to cool whiskey without diluting it like ice cubes. Washing whiskey stones correctly ensures that they are clean and free of any aromas or tastes that might interfere with the taste of your drink.

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