The 10 Greatest Raclette Grills for Conversational Dinner!

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A raclette grill, which is best characterized as a combination between a BBQ and a fondue party, will not only get your friends and family chatting, but it will also allow them to prepare and eat precisely what they want! The raclette grill is a European innovation that enables us to cook meat, fish, and vegetables while also melting cheese without the need for an open fire.

In this article, we take a close look at the raclette grill and what makes it suitable for family gatherings, home parties, pool parties, and more. We discuss what to look for in a raclette grill, what to cook on it, and, perhaps most importantly, which cheeses perform best on a raclette grill. We also examine 10 of the top raclette grills on the market today to help you pick the best raclette grill for your house.

Best Selection

Our favorite raclette grill is the 1200 watt Swissmar Classic eight person raclette grill with reversible grill plate and recipe booklet.

Budget Selection

Our affordable raclette grill option is the Salton eight-person raclette grill with color-coded pans and an immersible grill plate.

Product Name Grade
Swissmar KF-77041 Classic Eight Person Raclette Grill A
Salton PG1645 8 Person Raclette A
King of Raclette Six Person Raclette Grill B+
Hamilton Beach 31602 Raclette A-
Milliard Eight Person Raclette Grill A-
Techwood Raclette Grill A-
Artestia Electric Raclette Grill A-
Gourmia GEG1400 Electric Raclette B+
Swissmar KF-77088 Ticino 8- Person Raclette B+
NutriChef Eight Person Raclette Grill A

1. Swissmar KF-77041 Classic Eight Person Raclette Grill  

Highlighted Features

  • raclette grill for eight people with eight pans and heat resistant spatulas
  • dish of crepes The nonstick grill plate may be used as a grill or as a flat surface.
  • Is 1200 watts and has a temperature control.
  • Heat-resistant handles are included with nonstick raclette pans.
  • The maker sells additional accessories such as a cast iron grill plate.
  • The manufacturer provides a one-year limited guarantee.

A crepe platter. While this rectangular raclette grill comes with eight nonstick raclette pans with cool-touch handles and eight heat resistant spatulas, some consumers believe that it is not big enough for eight people. The reversible cast aluminum nonstick grill of the Swissmar Classic eight person raclette grill (KF-77041)

This is a 1200 watt model with variable temperature control and a recipe booklet included. This raclette grill’s base is enameled steel, and you can also buy a granite stone or cast iron grill plate for this raclette. The manufacturer provides a one-year limited guarantee.


  • raclette grill for eight people
  • Plate with two sides
  • Non-stick
  • 1200 watt
  • Temperature control is variable.
  • A one-year limited warranty is provided.


  • Instead of a flat plate, the crepe plate is indented to hold two crepes.
  • For eight guests, the grill plate may not be as large as intended.

2. Salton PG1645 8 Person Raclette 

Highlighted Features

  • A raclette grill with 1400 watts for eight people.
  • The nonstick grill plate may be immersed for simple cleaning.
  • The raclette pans are color labeled for convenience.
  • It also includes spatulas with stay-cool handles.
  • The manufacturer provides a one-year limited guarantee.

The 1400 watt Salton eight person raclette grill is rectangular and contains eight bigger color coded raclette pans and eight spatulas with stay cool handles to effortlessly remove food. The grill plate is also completely immersible, making cleaning a breeze. The manufacturer additionally provides a one-year limited warranty.

Several owners have complained that the spatulas are flimsy, and although the pans are color marked, the marks may fade quickly. Even though the grill plate is nonstick, you may need to oil it well before use since its nonstick qualities might be improved.


  • raclette grill for eight people
  • Pans with different colors
  • Grill plate that can be immersed in water
  • 1400 watts
  • A one-year limited warranty is provided.


  • The color coding on the pans might fade soon.
  • The nonstick surface may not be as effective as anticipated.
  • The spatulas may be fairly delicate.

3. King of Raclette Six Person Raclette Grill

Highlighted Features

  • Temperature-adjustable circular six-person raclette grill
  • It has a replaceable nonstick stainless steel plate as well as a granite stone plate.
  • There are six triangular raclette pans and six spatulas included.
  • The manufacturer provides a three-year limited guarantee.

The six-person King of Raclette grill contains an adjustable stainless steel nonstick grill plate and a granite stone plate. This raclette grill has 1000 watts of electricity and temperature control, as well as six triangular pans and six spatulas.

The manufacturer also provides a three-year limited warranty. Several owners believe that the pans for this grill are on the small side, and that the nonstick surface may not be as durable as expected.


  • Raclette grill in a circle
  • Six-person capacity
  • Plates made of steel and stone
  • Temperature control
  • Limited guarantee for three years


  • The wattage of 1000 watts is lower than that of similar raclettes.
  • You may think the pans are too tiny.
  • It’s possible that the nonstick surface isn’t as effective as it might be.

4. Hamilton Beach 31602 Raclette 

Highlighted Features

  • A 1200 watt 8-person raclette grill with temperature control.
  • It includes eight pans, spatulas, and recipes.
  • Dishwasher safe nonstick grill plate, pans, and spatulas
  • The manufacturer provides a one-year limited guarantee.

The 1200 watt Hamilton Beach eight person raclette grill includes an eight pan heating section and a nonstick rectangle grill. It has adjustable temperature settings and comes with eight pans and eight heat resistant cooking spatulas.

The nonstick grill, pans, and spatulas are dishwasher safe and come with a recipe book and a one-year limited guarantee from the manufacturer. Several owners have reported that the coating on the bottom side of the grill plate begins to flake off, and the nonstick coating on the grill side begins to wear off, particularly if you have to scrub it clean after use.


  • for a group of eight
  • 1200 watt
  • Temperature may be adjusted
  • Components that are dishwasher safe
  • A one-year limited warranty is provided.


  • The bottom side of the grill’s coating may begin to flake.
  • Cleaning may also wear away the grill’s nonstick coating.

5. Milliard Eight Person Raclette Grill 

Highlighted Features

  • A raclette grill for eight people that comes with eight pans and eight spatulas.
  • It comes with a changeable grill plate for grilling and making crepes.
  • It also has a granite stone top for slow searing.
  • This ETL-certified 1200 watt grill features adjustable temperature control.
  • Nonstick grill and pans are dishwasher safe.

The Milliard eight-person raclette grill includes a nonstick reversible grill top for grilling and a flat side for cooking other items such as pancakes. Its rectangular raclette also has a granite stone top for slower searing of meats and fish, as well as eight nonstick pans that are dishwasher safe, along with the nonstick grill top.

This ETL-certified 1200 watt grill also features an adjustable grill temperature. It also includes eight wooden spatulas. The unusual customer discovered that the heating of the cheese pans might be erratic at times. It may also take longer to heat up than other raclette grills, and its construction is less sturdy than premium versions.


  • raclette grill for eight people
  • Metal grill plate that may be reversed
  • Plate made of granite stone
  • 1200 watts
  • ETL certification


  • Heats considerably slower than comparable raclette grills.
  • The heating of the pans might be erratic at times.
  • Not as durable as high-end raclette grills.

6. Techwood Raclette Grill 

Highlighted Features

  • A 1500 watt raclette grill for eight people with a fan system to reduce cooking smoke.
  • The grill plate is convertible and may be used for grilling or cooking crepes.
  • Temperature control is adjustable from warm to scorching.
  • Includes a 60-day money-back guarantee and a three-year limited warranty.
  • The dishwasher may be used to clean the grill plate, pans, and drip tray.

Crepe preparation. A fan system is also included with this rectangle grill to help reduce smoke when cooking. The pans feature cool-touch handles, and the grill has a 60-day satisfaction guarantee and a three-year limited warranty. The Techwood eight-person raclette grill includes a reversible nonstick grill for grilling and flattening.

This also features an adjustable temperature for cooking from warming to searing temperatures, however some buyers have reported that it does not achieve the stated higher temperatures, making it difficult to cook steaks on. For simple cleaning, the grill surface, pans, and drip tray are all dishwasher safe. The owner’s instructions for this grill may not be the clearest, which means it may take you a bit longer to get it up and running.


  • raclette grill for eight people
  • 1500 watt
  • Grill plate that can be reversed
  • The fan system
  • Components that are dishwasher safe
  • Limited guarantee for three years


  • This may not always reach the greatest temperature, making it unsuitable for searing steaks.
  • Some owners have had difficulty setting it up and using it since the documentation might be more clear.

7. Artestia Electric Raclette Grill

Highlighted Features

  • A barbecue for eight people with changeable metal grill plates and a high density granite plate.
  • Eight dishes with heat-resistant handles and eight spatulas are included.
  • ETL approved and cooks up to 375 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Dishwashers may be used to clean the spatulas and pans.

The Artestia eight person raclette grill can cook up to 375F and comes with a reversible aluminum grill plate and a high density granite grill stone. This ETL Approved rectangle grill is 1200 watts and comes with eight heat resistant spatulas and eight pans.

The pans and spatulas are dishwasher safe, however since this grill cooks at a lower temperature, it may not be ideal for searing certain foods. A few owners have also complained about how long it takes to warm up.


  • raclette grill for eight people
  • Grill plate that can be reversed
  • The granite stone
  • ETL certification
  • 1200 watt


  • Some people believe that it takes too long to warm up.
  • Cooking temperature is lower than that of other raclette grills.

8. Gourmia GEG1400 Electric Raclette 

Highlighted Features

  • A vertical six-person raclette grill in the shape of a sombrero.
  • The cone is equipped with pegs for attaching food for grilling.
  • The brim serves as a broth reservoir and also collects barbecue spillage.
  • There are six triangular cheese pans.

The Gourmia vertical six-person raclette includes a sombrero-style grilling surface with pegs to hold food and a brim to collect any spillage. Its brim also serves as a broth reservoir for boiling veggies. Six triangular pans for the cheese are located underneath the grill.

It may be difficult to get the food to stay to the grill surface at times, and cleaning around the spikes afterwards can be tricky. Some owners also favor the flat raclette grill since it provides more versatility than vertical cooking, which may restrict choice and size.


  • Raclette grill in the vertical position
  • Six-person capacity
  • The cone grill
  • reservoir for broth


  • The raclette grill’s design might restrict the variety and size of what you can cook.
  • Not all foods adhere well to the pegs.
  • Cleaning around the pegs might be tricky.

9. Swissmar KF-77088 Ticino 8- Person Raclette 

Highlighted Features

  • A raclette grill for eight people with a granite stone top.
  • It includes eight pans and eight wooden spatulas.
  • The manufacturer provides a one-year limited guarantee.

The Swissmar Ticino eight-person raclette grill (KF-77088) has a granite stone top, eight pans underneath it, and eight wooden spatulas. This is a 1300 watt rectangle grill that may need some temperature adjusting practice since granite warms differently and takes much longer to cool than a nonstick metal grill when the temperature is reduced.

When you wish to cease cooking, you must stand up and turn the power off at the outlet. The manufacturer provides a one-year limited guarantee. There is no option to buy an alternative form of grill top, such as cast iron or aluminum, as there is with other raclette grills from this manufacturer. This also lacks a on button.


  • raclette grill for eight people
  • Granite counter-top
  • 1300 watt
  • Temperature may be adjusted
  • A one-year limited warranty is provided.


  • cooking temperatures on granite Cooking times will need to be adjusted.
  • Unlike other raclette grills from this manufacturer, extra grill plates cannot be purchased.
  • When the temperature is reduced, it takes longer to cool than a metal grill plate.

10. NutriChef Eight Person Raclette Grill 

Highlighted Features

  • A raclette grill with two surfaces for eight people.
  • The grill plate is part metal and half stone.
  • This 1200W raclette set includes eight pans and eight spatulas.
  • It has a temperature control that may be adjusted.

The NutriChef eight-person raclette grill features two cooking surfaces, one with a grill plate and the other with a granite stone plate for multifunctional cooking. This is a rectangular 1200 watt grill with adjustable temperature control that comes with eight pans and eight spatulas.

Since the grill surface has dual cooking, cooking times will need to be adjusted to account for the two surfaces, and the granite surface will be more difficult to clean.


  • raclette grill for eight people
  • There are two cooking surfaces.
  • Stone plate and metal grill
  • 1200 watt
  • Temperature control


  • Cooking times will need to be adjusted for the dual cooking surface.
  • The granite surface might be challenging to clean.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Raclette Grill

A raclette grill is an excellent way to gather family and friends for a dinner without having to spend hours in the kitchen cooking a formal feast. Using the raclette grill is not only a terrific conversation starter, but it also allows visitors to pick precisely what (and when) they want to eat.

Unlike a regular charcoal grill, a raclette grill may be used safely on the dining table, in the kitchen, or outdoors (weather permitting).

There are many factors to consider when purchasing a raclette grill. Most are two-tiered, with the grill plate on top (above the heating element) and the cheese pans or coupelles beneath.

Raclette grills are typically rectangular, although they may also be oval or circular in form. The majority of raclette grills need an electrical outlet, however certain portable models may be operated otherwise. Those made to sit on the tables are typically sized for two to ten diners, with bigger ones designed to serve more during parties.

If you are considering purchasing a larger or more complex raclette grill, you will want not just enough of tabletop space for while it is in use, but also adequate storage room in between.

The grill plates of a raclette grill are typically made of aluminum or stainless steel for faster heating and lower weight. Look for nonstick pans for quicker cooking and cleaning, but be sure to use appropriate tools such as silicone, wood, or plastic on them to avoid damaging the nonstick surface. Some nonstick grill plates are totally immersible or dishwasher safe, making cleanup even simpler.

Some grill plates are made of cast iron as well. This sort of grill plate, like any other cast iron cookware, will need pre-seasoning before use. After usage, you should simply need to wipe it down.

The majority of metal grill plates have a ridged grill surface, although some may be reversible and have a flat side for cooking crepes and other meals. Grill plates may also have enough space to cook a fondue pan.

Some raclette grills come with a metal grill plate and a granite stone, while others may allow you to purchase additional surfaces.

Granite does not heat up as rapidly as a metal grilling surface, therefore it is not suited for swiftly cooking meals or grilling fresh vegetables and meats. Granite stone, on the other hand, is great for searing meats because it locks moisture and taste into the meat as it sears, giving it additional flavor. Granite can also uniformly distribute heat throughout its surface, and since it holds heat, it aids in keeping food hot during the meal.

If you have a granite plate, do not use nonstick cooking spray on it since it will burn on the surface of the stone. Granite will also need to be preheated for around 30 minutes before cooking, or it may be baked in the oven at 350F.

A granite surface may be cleaned with warm soapy water after usage and then allowed to dry. Additionally, keep in mind that a granite stone may discolor with time.

When shopping for cheese pans, seek for ones with cool-touch or stay-cool handles. Some pans may also be color labeled, which might assist your visitors in remembering which pan they are using. Spatulas are often made of wood, plastic, or silicone. If made of wood, items should be hand washed rather than placed in the dishwasher.

It should include an off button so you don’t have to continually disconnecting it from the power socket, as well as a temperature control so you can cook a variety of things on it and dial the heat down to keep the items warm after done. Preferably, the raclette grill should have its own on/off switch.

About Raclette

A raclette is a grill as well as a kind of Swiss cheese! Shepherds from the Valais area would transport cheese and potatoes up to the Alps as early as the late 1200s since it was not only inexpensive but also less prone to deteriorate during the hotter summer months.

The potatoes would be roasted over the fire, and a slice of raclette cheese would be placed close to the fire and allowed to melt. After melted, it was scraped into the cooked potatoes; in fact, scraping translates to racler in French, which is where the phrase raclette originates from.

Raclette cheese is still melted over an open fire and served over bread, pork, potatoes, and other meals in areas of Switzerland and France today. Since fewer people now have open fireplaces, the raclette grill and raclette melter have eliminated the necessity for the fire.

The raclette grill, like the cheese, is popular in Switzerland and the Alpine areas, enabling people to mingle while cooking their meal on the grill.

What to Cook on A Raclette Grill

Almost everything goes when it comes to the raclette grill! Thin steak slices, sausages, salmon pieces, diced pork and chicken, and seafoods all cook nicely on a raclette grill, but you may choose to stick to the more conventional cured meats.

Together with pickles, potatoes are a classic complement to raclette cheese. Smaller potatoes with skins are preferable and should be partially cooked, if not totally boiled, or even roasted prior. The potatoes may then be put in the pans on the raclette grill to stay warm while the cheese melts on top.

Sliced onions, garlic, zucchini, bell peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes, and other vegetables may be left in dishes with the meats, fish, and seafoods for visitors to add to the grill as they want. Additionally, provide a variety of herbs and spices in little plates so that visitors may season their cheese to their liking.

Except for the potatoes, nothing has to be cooked ahead of time; everything else may just be cut and sliced before grilling. You may also slice or grate the cheese before plating it for melting.

Skewers may be left on the table for visitors to build their own skewers or shish kabobs, and soft cheeses like mozzarella can be grilled on the grill plate. Visitors should be encouraged to experiment with different meal combinations and pairings. You may also serve salad, slaw, and crispy breads with the barbecue.

A raclette grill is not just for savory meals. Attempt sweeter meals like crepes, and you can also grill fruits like apples, pears, and pineapple.

Lighter sweets like fruit salad or sorbet will balance off a raclette grill supper, and traditional drink accompaniments are dry white wines since the acid in the wine helps maintain the cheese smooth tasting, however some people like red wine. Other drink alternatives for a raclette party include light beers, mineral water, or even hot tea; tea, in particular, is a popular non-alcoholic option for easing cheese digestion!

It all depends on what you cook on a raclette grill, but it may be a healthy way to cook, particularly if the grill plate is nonstick and you use minimum olive oil to coat it. Of course, any health advantages from grilling will almost certainly be negated by a large amount of melted cheese!

Cheese Suitable for Raclette Grilling

Traditional raclette cheese may be difficult to get, and it may be extremely pricey. Raclette cheese is a semi-hard Swiss cheese created from cow’s milk that is best eaten melted. It has a buttery and nutty taste, and the age of the raclette cheese will decide whether the flavor is mild or acidic. It can also be rather pungent cold, so it’s not necessarily for the faint of heart!

Along with conventional raclette cheese, flavored variations, such as with peppercorns or garlic, may be offered, and having multiple tastes for the raclette grill is a terrific way to get your guests experimenting with their meal.

Gruyre, Emmantaler, and Jarlsberg are some other European cheeses that are comparable to raclette. Gruyre, like raclette, is a Swiss cheese produced from whole milk and has tiny holes. Gruyre is nutty and buttery when young, with a sweet and somewhat salty flavor. If you want a flavor that is closer to raclette cheese, stick to a younger Gruyre.

Emmantaler is a Swiss cheese with bigger and more irregular holes. When melted, it tastes like raclette cheese, with a buttery and nutty flavor. Since Emmantaler is a tougher cheese than raclette cheese, it must be thoroughly melted before serving.

Jarlsberg is a semi-firm Norwegian cheese with microscopic holes that has a taste profile and melting ability akin to raclette. Some popular raclette grill cheeses include gouda, brie, and even gorgonzola.

The United States also produces several award-winning raclette-style cheeses, which you should be able to locate quite easily, or you may substitute other types of cheese, either what is readily available or what you desire. A raclette grill is an excellent method to experiment with various varieties and tastes of cheese.

About 6 to 9 ounces of cheese per person, with a little extra on the side. To fit the pans, slice the cheese thinly, and if the cheese has a rind, leave some of it on since it will crisp up and give flavor to the cheese. You may also cut or grate the cheese, but if you’re using a soft cheese, harden it up in the freezer for 30 minutes or so before grating.

Overcooking the cheese on the raclette grill will cause it to separate and become gritty. Any grilled cheese left over may be cooled, wrapped, and refrigerated or frozen. Refrigerate it and use it up within a few days as a meltover or over toasted munchies.

Tips When Using the Raclette Grill

Make sure that you have an appropriate tabletop protection or mat below the raclette grill since it may become quite hot underneath. It might be beneficial to choose a responsible individual as grill master so that they can keep an eye on the raclette grill to keep younger family members away from it and avoid anything from burning.

Preheat the raclette grill before adding the meal; the manufacturer will generally specify how long this should take. Some people like to start preheating the grill as guests arrive, so it can warm up during early drinks.

Even if the raclette grill plate is nonstick, a little oil and a sprinkle of salt on the surface of the plate can assist prevent food from sticking. Herb salt should not be used since it will adhere to the grill plate.

If the grill plate is cast iron, it should have been pre-seasoned according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Add too much food and cheese to the raclette pans to prevent uneven cooking and the danger of the cheese burning since it is closer to the grilling heat. Remember that you may use the pans on the grill top to cook eggs; in fact, this is a terrific and mess-free method!

To flip over grill items, always use proper utensils, such as wood or silicone, and remove the utensils from the grill after done.

Even though the pans on your raclette grill are nonstick, there is still the possibility of the cheese burning. If you have burned on cheese in the pans, the simplest approach to remove it is to soak the pans in hot water and dish detergent for an hour or two.

After the water has cooled, use a disposable soft dish scrubber to gently peel or scrape away the cheese. If your pans are nonstick, avoid using anything too abrasive as this might ruin the nonstick surface. If the cheese remains stuck to the pans, add more hot water and dish soap and soak for a second time.

Likewise, remember to thoroughly air your home after a raclette grill, since the scent of cheese may linger for some time!


If you are seeking to purchase a raclette grill, we hope that this post has been instructive. Even if you only wanted to know what a raclette grill was (but were scared to ask), we hope that we have not only answered your questions, but also encouraged you to buy one.

Perfect for cooking a broad range of dishes and cheeses, we hope that our raclette grill reviews will help you pick the finest raclette grill and that your raclette grill parties will give your guests something to talk about!


What should I look for in a raclette grill?

heated sauces and a cooking surface. With that in mind, my first choice is the VonShef Raclette Grill with 6 Small Pans, Nonstick Plate, and Adjustable Temperature Control – 6 Person – 900W. Raclettes need a heat source, whether electrical or chemical, in order to melt cheese.

What is the best side dish for raclette?

Raclette requires “gschwellti,” or steamed potatoes. Some tasty accompaniments to pickled onions and gherkins are fruit mostarda, corn on the cob, red pepper, and sun-dried tomatoes. Fruits like pears, pineapple, and grapes pair well with raclette.

What do you need for a raclette dinner?

What to Pair with Raclette. Several side dishes may be served with raclette in addition to veggies, fruits, and trimmings. For example, some visitors may want to skip the potatoes, so serve the raclette with crusty bread or baguette. Serve a small seasonal salad as a starter to round off the dinner.

What cheese is best for raclette?

Everything you’ll need for a real raclette: The Cheddar: If you can’t get raclette cheese, use any extremely nice melting Swiss cheese, such as Gruyere or even Appenzeller. Assemble the cheese so that it has a level surface to melt in front of the fire.

Which is better French or Swiss raclette?

Although Switzerland contributes 80% of the Raclettes, French Raclettes are somewhat softer and have a smoother, creamier flavor. Raclette is the name of a Swiss dish as well. Raclette is available in both round and square forms and may be paired with Wine de Savoie.

How much raclette do you need per person?

2 cheese wheels to go with our raclette melter. Each customer receives between 4 and 12 pounds of raclette cheese. We provide cheese blocks for simple cutting for use with a raclette grill, as well as 13 to 1 ratios. How much cheese do I require? We suggest 1 for a typical raclette feast.

What do the French eat with raclette?

Raclette cheese is traditionally served with tiny and firm potatoes, charcuterie or cold meats, and vinegar-seasoned condiments like as cornichons and pickled onions. With a glass of kirsch or a dry white wine like Riesling, your fall comfort meal is complete! Good appetite!

Do you serve bread with raclette?

A successful raclette night requires bread and potatoes. The bread is typically a baguette from France. I’ve tried various breads, but they simply don’t hold up. You want French bread’s chewy texture and sour acidity.

What kind of tea do you drink with raclette?

There are also numerous teas that might work well with cheese raclette, such as black tea or white tea, which offer fruit and nut tastes that complement cheeses and provide bitter notes that can adapt to raclette flavors.

What can I serve as an appetizer before a raclette?

Sliced Honeycrisp apples as an appetizer.
Almonds, uncooked.
Baguette, sliced.
Jams with various flavors.
Feb 6, 2017

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