The 12 Best Cookie Presses for Home Gourmet Baking

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We will never turn down precisely formed and uniform cookies. Cookies taste much better when they are shaped creatively. You may want to invest in a good cookie press to bring out the best in you as a baker.

We take an in-depth look at some of the top cookie presses on the market. Whether you’re baking cookies for the holidays or simply another evening, here are some items you won’t want to pass up!

Best Selection

The OXO 1257580 Good Grips Cookie Press is both fashionable and useful. The device is one of the greatest cookie presses available today, with a dozen stainless steel cookie disk designs, a contoured lever, and a non-slip base.

Budget Selection

The Wilton Preferred Press Cookie Press is made of plastic and aluminium and provides exceptional value for money. It is simple to flip between the 12 patterned cookie discs and get ideal results thanks to its elevated base.


Quick Comparison: Top 12 Best Cookie Presses

Product Name Material Number of Patterns Available Grade
OXO 1257580 Good Grips Cookie Press Plastic 12 A+
Wilton Preferred Press Cookie Press Metal and plastic 12 A+
Marcato 8300 Atlas Biscuit Maker Press Anodized aluminum 20 A
Edge Cook Spritz Cookie Press Gun Kit Stainless steel 20 A+
Wilton Comfort Grip Cookie Press Plastic 12 A
Cuisinart CCP-10 Electric Cookie Press Plastic and metal 12 A-
Cuisinart CTG-00-CP Cookie Press Plastic 18 A-
Fante’s 12007 Easy Cookie Press Metal 5 B+
Cambom Clear Cookie Press Gun Kit Plastic 16 B
Oceanpax Cookie Press Stainless steel 20 B+
Shule Cookie Press Stainless steel 20 B-
Zulay Classic Cookie Press Stainless steel 20 B

1. OXO 1257580 Good Grips Cookie Press

Highlighted Characteristics

  • Contains easy-to-clean stainless steel cookie-pressing discs for consistently excellent cookies.
  • It has a transparent shaft that lets you to see how much dough is left.
  • This press may be completely dismantled for easy cleaning and dough loading, and it is simple to reassemble before use.

The OXO Good Grips Cookie Press is one of the most cheap alternatives on the market while yet providing enough performance. The non-slip base ensures that it stays stable when in use, and the supplied storage case keeps all of your CDs organized while not in use.

This cookie press comes with 12 stainless-steel cookie discs in the following shapes: flower, daisy, sunflower, butterfly, fleur-de-lis, tree, leaf, wreath, shell, bear, heart, and snowflake. The lever is ergonomically constructed, making this gadget simple to operate regardless of hand size or grip strength. This press really delivers on consistent cookies at a low price.

2. Wilton Preferred Press Cookie Press

Highlighted Features

  • The elevated base allows for fast and simple disc swapping between batches without disassembling the complete press.
  • The aluminum and plastic construction provides long-term usage.
  • A transparent cylinder allows you to see how much dough is left.

The Wilton Preferred Press Cookie Press comes with 12 secure Fit-Right discs for consistently excellent cookies. This press is capable of producing butter biscuits, shortbread, and sugar cookies, to mention a few. It may also be used to make whipped cookies and other things in the kitchen. The soft, trigger-like handle is ideal for individuals who struggle with grip strength or just wish to make big quantities easy.

This press comprises disc forms such as a heart, a snowman, a tree, a pumpkin, a turkey, a flower, starbursts, and more. The plunger uniformly distributes the dough between the discs, resulting in flawlessly pressed cookies every time. This is one of the most reasonably priced versions on the market, and the hourglass shape makes it ergonomic and simple to grip regardless of hand size.

3. Marcato 8300 Atlas Biscuit Maker Press

Highlighted Elements

  • Manufactured in Italy, with a traditional design and 20 discs of various shapes to get you started.
  • Offered in a variety of colors to complement any kitchen decor or personal preference.
  • Extrudes dough with an adjustable knob, enabling you to resize cookies for various types and thicknesses.

The Marcato 8300 is one of the most popular models on the market since it is made in Italy with high-quality materials. The plunger-style operated shaft is constructed of steel, anodized aluminum, and ABS and can endure the pressure of even the thickest doughs.

This cookie press is easy to operate and quite good at its task. It also comes with a generous 10-year guarantee, ensuring that you are purchasing a reliable instrument. This useful tool can swiftly punch out hundreds of biscuits in various shapes, styles, and thicknesses, providing you more flexibility in the kitchen.

4. Edge Cook Spritz Cookie Press Gun Kit

Highlighted Characteristics

  • For a range of baking purposes, this set includes 20 discs and eight icing tips.
  • Those suffering from arthritis and grip concerns might also benefit from the easy-grip handle.
  • Since the cookie gun and attachments are made of stainless steel, they will last for many years.

The Edge Cook Spritz Cookie Press Gun Set has a plethora of wonderful ideas for cookies and biscuits of all shapes and sizes. With a total of 20 cookie discs to construct all types of classic and creative forms, as well as eight different icing tips to create even more unique patterns, you will have a limitless number of alternatives. This kit also comes with a one-year replacement warranty and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

This ergonomic cookie press is simple to use and suitable for both beginners and experienced cookie makers. The gadget is simple to disassemble and clean with soapy water. To ensure lifespan, dry it entirely before reassembling and storing. This press would also make an excellent present for the baker in your life. This cookie press should be on your list whether you’re adding to your Christmas baking equipment collection or seeking for the ideal gift for someone else.

5. Wilton Comfort Grip Cookie Press

Highlighted Features

  • The glass barrel and fluted bottom of this simple plastic cookie press allow for easy dough pouring.
  • It has twelve plastic discs with various patterns. Flowers, hearts, seasonal shapes, and many more are examples.
  • The soft-grip trigger allows anybody, regardless of hand size or grip strength, to quickly punch out biscuits.

Despite the fact that the Wilton Comfort Grip Cookie Press is a basic model, it is far from dull. It comes with a selection of discs to get you started making excellent cookies. It even has an ergonomic grip, making cookie pressing enjoyable and simple for everyone. This manual press has a white finish that will mix in with any kitchen, and the material makes it very simple to clean.

The 8.5-inch cookie press contains a considerable amount of dough without being too big to manage. It is compatible with the majority of other Wilton discs, giving you even more alternatives for pressing cookies. This press might be suitable for first-time cookie press users or those searching for something more economical.

6. Cuisinart CCP-10 Electric Cookie Press

Highlighted Elements

  • Electric cookie press that operates with the touch of a button and allows you to manufacture hundreds of cookies in minutes.
  • The ergonomic handle design guarantees that anybody may easily press cookies.
  • The clear tube allows you to see how much dough is left within the press.

This electric cookie press has a one-touch function that allows you to keep your other hand free. This guarantees that you receive consistently beautiful cookies every time. The ergonomic design with an easy-grip handle is among the finest available. It also comes with a translucent tube so you can keep an eye on the dough. The parts effortlessly separate for easy cleaning.

This press will last for years because to its sturdy, dishwasher-safe components. It also comes with 12 different discs, allowing you to make cookies in a variety of forms. A package of eight decorating tips transforms the press into an icing gun, enabling you to make tastier cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and other baked goods.

7. Cuisinart CTG-00-CP Cookie Press

Highlighted Characteristics

  • It has an outstanding collection of 18 distinct discs as well as 6 decorating tips for icing and other whipped toppings.
  • The easy-grip trigger allows you to quickly manufacture hundreds of biscuits.
  • Seasonal and numerical patterns allow you to make a variety of butter cookies, spritz cookies, and other treats.

The Cuisinart Cookie Press has an easy-loading mechanism that lets you to easily fill the gun and pound out excellent cookies in a couple of minutes. The press comes with a number of accessories straight out of the box, giving you everything you need to get started right away. The press is dishwasher safe, which, paired with the white surface and quick disassembly, makes cleaning a breeze. Moreover, the tiny size fits inside any drawer.

The tips are ideal for stuffing deviled eggs, spaghetti shells, and other dishes. Apart from that, it is made by Cuisinart, a reputable manufacturer of kitchen gadgets and equipment.

8. Fante’s 12007 Easy Cookie Press

Highlighted Features

  • Since 1906, this cookie press has been a popular option, having a traditional Italian design for delicious cookies every time.
  • There are five basic spritz cookie shapes included for a variety of cookies.
  • The top unscrews for simple loading, allowing you to fill it with dough in seconds.

This traditional cookie press has a simple design that has weathered the test of time. The slide-on form plate lets you to rapidly choose the desired shape, twist the handle, and watch perfectly shaped cookies emerge.

This cookie press also comes with an instruction manual and the original Fante family recipe, all of which will assist you in getting started with cookie baking. It’s simple to clean since it comes apart easily and can be hand-washed in soapy water. This type provides a dependable, high-quality cookie press.

9. Cambom Clear Cookie Press Gun Kit

Highlighted Elements

  • It includes 16 discs of different shapes and sizes, as well as seasonal patterns.
  • Six icing tips for cake decorating, deviled eggs, filling cream puffs, and more are included.
  • Includes a translucent tube that allows you to view the contents and determine when a refill is required.

The Cambom Clear Cookie Press Gun Set includes everything you need to get started right away. The supplied discs include different flowers, conventional spritz cookie forms, and festive designs, as well as a selection of icing tips. Whether you’re just starting out or seeking to replace your existing press, this kit has a lot to offer.

This is a low-cost, high-quality cookie gun for individuals who just need a basic culinary item. Even if you’re new to cookie pressing, the simple trigger mechanism allows you to quickly manufacture hundreds of biscuits. It may also be used with a variety of doughs and fillings, giving you a plethora of alternatives. All of the pieces are easily removable, making cleaning a breeze. Moreover, it is composed of non-toxic, BPA-free materials.

10. Oceanpax Cookie Press

Highlighted Characteristics

  • The product is made of stainless steel and is long-lasting.
  • Every portion of the body is removable, making cleaning a breeze.
  • The set comes with 20 patterned disks, four icing tips, and a recipe booklet.

The Oceanpax Cookie Press can deliver delicious coffee shop cookies to your house. The device is simple to use. Home chefs may learn how to use it in a matter of minutes. The product is built of high-quality materials that will last a long time. The body is made of a mix of stainless steel, aluminum alloy, and plastic, assuring durability and performance.

It serves several purposes. The kit includes a cookie gun press, which is useful for both baking and decorating cupcakes. The set includes 20 fantastic disks, four icing tips, a sturdy paper box, and a recipe book.

11. Shule Cookie Press

Highlighted Features

  • The item is composed of food-grade stainless steel and comes with aluminum cookie discs.
  • The equipment is simple to disassemble, making it simple to clean and maintain.
  • By twisting the knob, the lever may alter the cookie sizes.

Shule Cookie Press combines value and performance to create a fantastic addition to your kitchen. It enables you to easily bake and decorate cookies at home. The set contains four frosting tips as well as 20 interchangeable cookie discs. There is also a recipe booklet with tips from brilliant cooks all around the globe.

The device is built of food-grade stainless steel, making it one of the most durable units available. Despite this, it is lightweight and portable. When it is time to clean, the machine may be disassembled in less than a minute. Since all of the components are removable, it is ideal for both professional chefs and home cooks.

12. Zulay Classic Cookie Press

Highlighted Elements

  • The kit includes 20 beautiful stencil discs and 4 icing tips.
  • The product is comprised of stainless steel and anodized aluminum, which ensures long-term service.
  • In one batch, the lever may dispense up to 40 little cookies and 25 big cookies.

Because of its excellent functioning, the Zulay Classic Cookie Press is one of the most desired cookie presses. The unit’s conventional but timeless stainless steel design in silver finish makes it an attractive complement to contemporary kitchens. Because of its structure, you may be certain that the cookie press will last a long time.

A standard-size dough chamber is included with the cookie press. To help you shape the cookies, the box also contains 20 ornamental discs and four icing tips. You can switch between them with ease.

Another unique feature of this appliance is the adjustable lever, which enables you to modify the size of the cookies as you bake. This will allow you to improve your recipe and provide variety to the patterns. Just fill the dough chamber, and the ergonomic lever will distribute around 35 to 40 little cookies and 20 to 25 big cookies at a time.

How to Choose the Best Cookie Presses for Consistently Unique Cookies

A cookie press is an excellent tool for creating tiny, even, and tasty cookies that seem to have come from a professional bakery. These handy gadgets may also be used to fill cream puffs, ice cupcakes, devilled eggs, and other treats. There are many various sizes and types to select from, as well as a wide range of accessories like as discs and tips, making your press an extremely flexible culinary equipment. If you need a cookie press but aren’t sure what you’re searching for, this guide should give enough information to assist you locate a press that will meet your demands.

Cookie Presses are classified into two types: electric and manual.

The majority of cookie presses on the market today are operated manually. It’s not that electric versions aren’t beneficial; they simply haven’t gained traction as much since, for the most part, manual ones accomplish the job just fine without the usage of energy. This implies that manual presses are less expensive and provide much more diversity in terms of choices and use.

Electric presses provide more consistent output and take less time. They also need less elbow grease, which is ideal for folks whose hands are unable of physically pressing out a large number of biscuits. Having said that, for thicker and heavier doughs, you should still use a manual model since electric motors may not be able to manage the strain.

Finally, the decision is yours to make. Taking into consideration all of the advantages and disadvantages of each press, the selection should not be too difficult. The manual press is ideal for novices and can be used anywhere, whilst the electric press produces more consistent results once you get the hang of it.

Material Selection

Another significant distinction between cookie presses on the market today is the materials used to make them. The majority of presses on the market are made of food-grade stainless steel, which makes the surface simple to clean and resistant to absorbing smells and stains. These presses are built to endure and are made of high-quality materials.

Another alternative is to buy a cookie press made of plastic or composite. These presses are still strong, but not as easy to clean as stainless-steel counterparts. Some individuals prefer the lightweight material’s feel to that of metal. Also, the plastic replicas may be less expensive. Remember, no matter what material you pick, the most crucial element to consider is durability.

Cookie Press Kits vs. Solo Cookie Presses

Several cookie presses on the market are supplied in kits that contain many discs, tips, and other accessories, eliminating the need to buy them individually. When purchasing one of these products for the first time, it is definitely more cost effective to get a kit that includes a variety of discs and attachments, both because it is less expensive and more handy. The finest cookie press packages include 12 to 20 accessories, including discs for making themed holiday goodies. They come in so many different variations that everybody should be able to find something they enjoy.

Skilled bakers may want greater adaptability from their cookie presses, and they will get it. You may want to look at some higher-end machines, which provide much more than simply cookie discs. Accessories such as icing tips, pipes, and a variety of nozzles are included in their kits.

If you don’t want to make anything other than cookies, buy a package that contains as many discs as feasible. It’s pointless to purchase a kit with icing tips and other accessories if you’re not going to utilize them.

Tube of Dough

Cookie presses depend on the size of the dough tubes to decide how much product they can retain and distribute. Typically, the tube is composed of metal or plastic. Unless you want to stop the baking process, we suggest using a clear plastic dough tube. The visibility allows you to see how much dough is left without having to disassemble the product.

It is better to choose a cookie press with a bigger dough tube for more effective baking. A good tube should be able to carry at least 25-30 big cookies. It will enable you to bake in mass in a short amount of time.

How to Make Cookies with a Cookie Press

How to Use Your Cookie Press

It might be tough to learn the technique of pressing cookies. Inconsistent cookies, sticky dough, difficulties separating cookies, and other little issues may become aggravating if you are not sufficiently prepared. Here are a few pointers for first-timers to keep things running smoothly:

  • Utilize recipes created for that particular cookie press. Otherwise, you risk damaging the press or ruining your cookies.
  • Use parchment paper instead of greased baking pans. To guarantee that the cookies stick correctly after being created, use a cookie press on a bare, ungreased baking sheet. After baking, the cookies will unstick from the surface.
  • When first starting out, take your time. Take the press from the oven and lay it flat on a baking sheet. Push hard and wait before lifting the device to allow the dough to settle onto the sheet. This ensures that all of the cookies are the same size.
  • Don’t worry if the cookies seem little at first; they will rise and firm up as they bake if you followed the instructions exactly.
  • While selecting a cookie press, pay attention to the manufacturer’s recommendations since the thickness of dough that each model can handle differs. Certain versions are built primarily for delicate, light doughs and may not be strong enough to withstand heavier variations. The last thing you want to do is inadvertently ruin your new press.

After you’ve done it a few times, pushing cookies becomes second nature. Nonetheless, you should always start slowly and follow the instructions given with the press.

Questions and Answers

Is it worthwhile to invest in a cookie press?

Although manual presses are less expensive and perform the same function, having a cookie press may drastically alter the game for bakers and home chefs. They provide constant and sustained pushing. They will not only save you a lot of time, but they will also wow you with the outcomes. Cookie presses are also incredibly useful when it comes to frosting cakes and cupcakes. Indeed, if you like baking, having a cookie press on hand will come in useful.

How do cookie presses function?

Cookie presses operate on a simple mechanism. In terms of baking, you will need to make the dough and work your magic with the flavor and texture of the goods. The remainder will be handled by the cookie press.

Begin by arranging the dough. To make the greatest use of the cookie press, provide a smooth texture. After that, place a cookie disc in the bottom and connect it to the barrel.

Next, using a spatula, fill the press. Reassemble the cookie press. Press the dough until the cookies are equally distributed on a pan or sheet. As a result of the cookie press, your cookies will be put on the cookie sheet in the proper form, ready to bake.


Cookie presses may effortlessly add a delightful delicacy to any holiday or special occasion. We adore cookies, but we grow bored of our favorite cookie recipes being round. Cookie presses, too, have a unique solution to this challenge. They provide accessories like discs and frosting tips to enable bakers to experiment with new flavors. The finest cookie presses are built of corrosion- and rust-free materials, which makes cleaning and maintenance a breeze. Choose versions with bigger dough tubes for mass baking. A supplementary icing tip may also assist bakers in adding some fascinating patterns.


What is the best electric cookie presses?

Amazon’s best overall choice is the Oxo Good Grips Cookie Press Set. Go to the Review section.
Amazon has the best price on the Hutzler Quick Action Cookie Press and Decorator Set.
Amazon has the best stainless steel: Marcato Atlas Biscuit Maker Cookie Press.
Amazon’s best set is the Cuisinart Cookie Press Set.
At Amazon, the best attachment is the GEFU Cookie Press Attachment.

What is the difference between cookie cutter and cookie press?

Cookie cutters make forms by reshaping the cookie’s edges. Cookie presses can accomplish the same thing, but they also produce more detailed cookies.

Is there a cookie press that makes large cookies?

Cookie Press Marcato Atlas Deluxe Biscuit Maker

This sturdy metal press has a capacity of 35 to 40 little cookies and 20 to 25 big cookies. With the turn of a knob and the push of a handle, you can easily alter cookie size and achieve your preferred sweets.

What is the best cookie press for arthritic hands?

Highlights of the product. The OXO cookie press, like its siblings, was particularly developed for use by persons with arthritis. As a result, the handle used to extrude the cookie dough is ergonomic as well as composed of a soft, non-slip substance.

What is the highest rated cookie scoop?

The Most Effective Cookie Scoops for Creating Perfectly Sized Cookies
Overall, the best. Wilton Cookie Scoop in Stainless Steel. Check on Amazon. …
Second place. Set of Fayomir Cookie Scoop. Look into Amazon.
Our Favorite. Cookie Scoop Set by Homure H. Look into Amazon.
Contender. Cookie Scoop Oxo Good Grips. Look into Amazon.
Consider this as well. Scoop of Chee Mong Cookie.
Feb 21, 2023

Who is the best cookie maker in the world?

Dorie Greenspan is very likely the finest cookie baker in the world. She has been baking for almost 30 years, with a particular fondness for cookies. In New York City, she co-owned a popular cookie bakery with her son, a self-proclaimed cookie monster.

What is the secret to using a cookie press?

Making Cookies using a Cookie Press
Give enough time. It’s a short procedure once you get the hang of using a press.
Just use cookie press recipes.
Don’t oil the cookie sheet.
Remove the air from the press.
Place the press flat on the baking sheet.
Don’t overdo it with the cookies.
Practice… Before lifting, pause.
Additional details…•October 30, 2019

Which is better plastic or metal cookie cutters?

Metal cookie cutters are often sharper than plastic cookie cutters and will provide superior results. Flour your cookie cutter of choice before placing it on the rolled-out dough and pressing straight down. While using the cookie cutter, try not to wiggle or twist it.

How do you keep cookies from sticking to cookie press?

For the best results, bake your Spritz cookies on an oiled nonstick cookie sheet. Do not line your cookie sheet with parchment paper or a silicone mat; this dough works best if it can adhere to the pan during baking.

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