The 12 Best Long Slot Toasters for Making Crispy Toast for Breakfast

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Is it possible that your toaster does not cook your bread equally on both sides? A long slot toaster is designed to toast bread pieces of various sizes. Anything from burger buns to thick artisan bread may be toasted or cooked on it. The finest characteristic of a toaster is that it has a variety of functions such as reheating, defrosting, and so on.

Also, you may choose between 6 or 7 stages of toasting. Yet, cleaning the toaster might be a source of concern. When purchasing the finest long slot toasters for your requirements, examine the number of slots and their width.

Best Selection

The IKICH Long Slot Toaster is our top option on this list since it contains a warming rack as well as clever functions to prepare the slices for breakfast. Variating the toast setting in 6 ranges ensures that the bread is crisp on the edges and chewy on the interior. Stop toasting pieces of bread if you believe they are overdone.

Budget Selection

The Elite Gourmet Long Toaster is our top value selection because it boasts broad and lengthy slots that evenly cook the four slices of bread. The adjustable toasting ranges quickly toast the buns or muffins. You may reheat cold rotis or tortillas on the heating rack to soften them as if they were just made.

Product Dimension (LxWxH inches) Grade
IKICH Long Slot Toaster 16.34 x 7.56 x 8.8 A
Elite Gourmet Long Toaster 14.68 x 7.13 x 7.68 A
Dash Extra Wide Slot Toaster 6.6 x 15.7 x 7.8 A-
Hamilton Beach Extra Wide Slot Toaster 11.3 x 7.48 x 7.48 B+
BUYDEEM Extra Wide Slots Toaster 12.2 x 6.97 x 11.02 A-
LOFTER Long Slot Toaster 16.93 x 7.09 x 8.27 A
Oster Stainless Toaster 17.5 x 8.8 x 9 A
Breville Touch Toaster 15.5 x 8.1 x 8.2 A-
LOFTER Extra Wide Slots Toaster Not mentioned B+
CUSIMAX Long Slot Toaster 15.15*5.4*7.5 A
SACVON Long Slot Toaster Not mentioned B+
KitchenAid Long Slot Toaster 16.5 x 7.5 x 7.9 B+

1. IKICH Long Slot Toaster

Highlighted Characteristics

  • The slots are long enough to toast four pieces of Pullman loaf, sandwich bread, or two slices of artisan bread simultaneously.
  • Six toasting settings enable everyone to toast their bread to their liking.
  • The toaster’s sleek form complements the style of your contemporary kitchen.
  • This toaster can thaw and reheat slices of bread or pizza.
  • The built-in warm rack makes it simple to heat bagels and croissants.
  • By collecting bread crumbs, a mobile crumb tray helps to keep the kitchen clean.

This toaster is designed with sophisticated technology to alleviate the stress of cooking breakfast for the whole family. To begin with, it is composed of stainless steel, which makes it robust, and the beautiful silver finish complements the kitchen. The feet at the bottom hold the toaster firmly in place.

Moreover, the holes are designed to accept bread of any form. This toaster can heat anything from sandwich bread to broad burger slices of bread. The finest feature of this toaster is that it can both reheat and toast your bread. You also don’t need a microwave to cook your frozen pizza. Slices may be placed in the long slots or on the heated racks for the ideal chewy and crispy pizza.

Moreover, the toaster is simple to use, thanks to the buttons on the fronts that are labeled with their purposes. It will automatically pop up when the slices of bread are ready according to your preset shade. You may also stop toasting by pushing the cancel button at the top, which will cease toasting immediately.

Bread crumbs will be gathered on the crumb tray at the bottom, so you won’t have to bother about them. You can effortlessly remove and wipe the tray. The toaster’s cables may be enclosed at the bottom. The toaster is small enough to fit easily in the cabinet.

2. Elite Gourmet Long Toaster

Highlighted Features

  • To accommodate bread such as bagels and Texas toast, the toasters’ slots are large and broad.
  • The normal features six toasting ranges for toasting the bread as desired.
  • The toaster’s reheat function allows you to simply reheat day-old toasts or pizzas.
  • If the bread is too brown for your liking, you may interrupt the toasting process immediately by pressing the cancel button.
  • Using the toaster’s self-centering mechanism, the loaves of bread are equally toasted on both sides.
  • The bread crumbs will be collected on the crumb tray at the bottom.

To complete the aesthetic, the kitchen equipment must complement the decor of the kitchen. This Elite Gourmet long toaster features a modern style that will complement any kitchen. The toaster’s control panel is made of stainless steel and is easy to use. It is used to warm different varieties of bread.

Among other things, the warming rack allows you to cook frozen pizzas or chapatis on it. If you do not wish to use the heated rack, it may be folded. The heat range may be adjusted by twisting the regulator.

The toaster also includes reheat and defrosting capabilities, allowing you to enjoy soft bread at home. Cleaning the toaster is simple since the bread crumbs are gathered in the base tray. The tray is detachable, keeping the mess out of the kitchen.

Occasionally both sides of the bread do not toast equally, and you must swap sides of the bread in the midst of toasting. But, with this toaster, you will receive consistently brown, crispy slices of bread for breakfast with no effort.

3. Dash Extra Wide Slot Toaster

Highlighted Elements

  • This vintage toaster has just one broad slot for toasting two slices of bread.
  • The see-through glass allows you to keep an eye on the amount of toasting.
  • You may choose one of seven different browning degrees.
  • The toaster’s rubberized feet keep it steady on the counter.
  • It contains a separate button for toasting bagels as well as a stop toasting button.
  • When the bread is toasted, the toaster will automatically turn off.
  • Since the glass and crumb tray are detachable, you may clean the slots.

Dash’s toaster not only has a lot of functionality, but it also has a really distinctive look. The slot, which is large and broad for this toaster, is the most significant portion of the taster. This toaster accepts bread slices of various shapes and sizes. The toasting procedure is simple; just put the slices of bread and pull down the lever to allow the slices to receive heat.

When the slices are finished, they will appear automatically. Through the glass pane, you can see the browning. It offers seven degrees of toasting strength to accommodate clients with varying preferences. Also, electricity waste will be decreased since they automatically switch off when the bread is done.

Not to mention that the toaster has a defrost and warming function. Nevertheless, owing to the absence of a heated rack, you will be unable to warm your chapatis or tortillas in the toaster. You thoroughly clean the toaster since the pieces are simple to disassemble.

4. Hamilton Beach Extra Wide Slot Toaster

Highlighted Characteristics

  • The toaster has two slots, each of which can hold one piece of bread.
  • You may toast the bread to any of the six toasting levels.
  • In its broad slots, you may cook little English muffins and bagels.
  • The toaster has a high-lift toast booster that lifts tiny bits of bread for easier access.
  • To avoid making a mess in the kitchen, an adjustable crumb tray is placed at the bottom.
  • When necessary, the cancel button on the countertop assists in terminating the whole operation.

The Hamilton Beach toaster is intended for small families since it has two broad slots, each of which can toast one piece of bread. Anything from thick bakery bread to miniature English muffins may be toasted in the toaster. You may consume the dry old bagel by inserting it in the toaster and toasting it to a certain temperature.

If you have frozen pizza or bread, use the defrosting option on your toaster. There are six choices for heating or toasting the bread. The toaster is supported by large legs that hold it in position. It is relatively small in size, making it easy to keep in a kitchen cabinet.

But, there is no warm rack or reheating option to keep the croissants or burritos warm. The auto shut-off mechanism keeps the bread slices from burning. The bread crumbs are also collected at the base tray.

5. BUYDEEM Extra Wide Slots Toaster

Highlighted Features

  • This toaster has broad slots for effortlessly heating burger buns or bagels.
  • Since it has two control panels, you can only use two of them without heating the others.
  • If the bread is frozen or cold, it is simple to thaw or reheat it.
  • When you push the high lift lever, the slices of bread are lifted.
  • To offer variety to the toasts, the toaster has seven browning settings.
  • To keep the toaster clean, the crumb tray simply slips off.

This Buydeem toaster features a classic design that would complement the decor of a restaurant. This toaster has four independent slots that are controlled by two operating panels. This toaster may be the greatest 4 slice toaster since it can cook toast in two different ways at the same time. This allows you to service a large number of consumers without keeping them waiting.

The slots are big enough to fit bagels and muffins, and you may cancel toasting at any time by pressing the cancel button. The button has LCD indications that show which section is making whatever style of toast. Despite the toaster’s several settings, the absence of a warm rack prohibits the bread from remaining warm. A heated rack keeps the item warm, and warm bread may be eaten right away. But, if the bread has been warmed, allow it to chill for a few minutes before eating.

6. LOFTER Long Slot Toaster

Highlighted Elements

  • Each slots are 1.6 inches wide and can hold four slices of bread.
  • The time necessary to finish the toasting process is shown on the LCD.
  • Six toasting dials allow you to choose the ideal level of toasting.
  • On the toaster, there are three fundamental functions: reheat, defrost, and cancel.
  • The bottom of the toaster includes a multi-hole design that allows it to cool fast.
  • The retractable crumb tray is large enough to capture all of the bread crumbs.

Lofter’s toaster offers clever features that are not present in other toasters. To begin, the time display informs you of the amount of time necessary to create your toast. As a result, you don’t have to constantly watch the toaster to take the slices out to avoid over-toasting.

Moreover, the toaster boasts a stylish design and a stainless steel finish, making it sturdy and long-lasting. The slots are intended to accommodate various types of bread. The button is equipped with LCD indications that make them immediately visible. The knob includes six browning choices, allowing you to make the toast of your choosing.

To store the cord, the toaster features cord storage. The crumb tray is detachable, making it easy to remove the crumbs of bread from the toaster. A cloth may be used to clean the outside.

7. Oster Stainless Toaster

Highlighted Characteristics

  • The 2 slot toaster delivers evenly toasted pieces of bread.
  • To deliver the necessary bread toast, a rapid 30-second function is included.
  • You can make the ideal crispy bread with the 7 toasting levels.
  • When the bread is done, the toaster automatically turns off.
  • This stainless steel toaster is simple to clean with a dry cloth.
  • The toaster also has a heating function for reheating frozen bread.

Do you arrive late for work because of breakfast? The Oster toaster boasts a 30-second fast setting that cooks toast in less than a minute. Place the bread pieces on the toaster, lower the lever, choose the toasting range, and click the 30-second button. Without having to worry about time, you may just enjoy the bread with butter.

Moreover, the adjustable toasting range allows you to get the ideal brown slice of bread. Nevertheless, since there is no heating rack, you cannot cook your cold pizzas or chapatis on it. You also don’t need to remove the four pieces of bread since the toaster switches off automatically when the job is finished.

8. Breville Touch Toaster

Highlighted Features

  • The toaster slot is long enough to cook four pieces of bread at once.
  • It features 5 customizable toasting settings that allow it to toast various types of bread slices.
  • You may modify your toast without changing the intensity by selecting A little more.
  • Using the Lift and Look button, you may also inspect the slices of bread.
  • There are options to stop toasting in the midst of the operation.
  • To collect crumbs, a detachable crumb tray is fitted to the base of the toaster.

The Breville Touch toaster features a stylish appearance that will complement the aesthetic of your kitchen. The touch buttons elevate the appearance of the toaster. First and foremost, the toaster includes two large slots in which to lay four pieces of bread and toast them evenly. You may choose one of five toasting levels.

The toaster’s distinctive feature is the ability to raise and check on the toast if you are unsure about selecting the browning level. If you believe you need to toast a little longer, you may do so by pressing the a little more button. You may simply personalize the bread to your preferences.

It has the basic functionality of a toaster, such as defrost, cancel, and bagel choices. And cleanup is easy since there is a crumb tray to collect all of the debris.

9. LOFTER Extra Wide Slots Toaster

Highlighted Elements

  • It includes two broad signal holes for toasting two pieces of tiny bread or one loaf of commercial bread.
  • The shade knob has six settings for adjusting the intensity of toasting.
  • The bread may be reheated or defrosted at any time.
  • To keep the toasted bread or croissant warm, an additional rack is added to the toaster.

This is a one-slot toaster that can toast two slices of bread. The control panel includes reheat, defrost, cancel, and a shade selection knob. Place the slices in the slot, pull the lever down, and adjust the toasting level. Within minutes, you’ll have the ideal crispy toasts.

The toaster’s operation is shown via an LCD indication on the button. The stainless steel finish toaster has a holder for warming tortillas. Not to add the lengthy crumb tray for collecting bread crumbs.

10. CUSIMAX Long Slot Toaster

Highlighted Characteristics

  • The toaster is made of stainless steel and includes a single slot for toasting two slices of bread.
  • The glass pane enables you to view how the bread transforms.
  • You may toast your bread in seven different brown hues.
  • The toaster’s pieces are removable, making cleaning simple.
  • When the toasted bread is done, the lever mechanically lifts it.

This toaster has a distinct look that will draw attention, as well as functions for preparing toast in a variety of settings. To begin, this toaster includes an on/off switch for baking the slices of bread. Also, if you believe your bread is becoming too dark, you may quickly interrupt the process by using the cancel button.

If you’re not sure about the toasting level, the toaster incorporates a glass pane to assist you acquire the proper shade of bread. A sliding tray is supplied at the bottom to collect crumbs and keep the surface clean. Also, the toaster may be disassembled in sections for thorough cleaning.

11. SACVON Long Slot Toaster

Highlighted Features

  • This retro-style toaster features two large slots for toasting burger buns, bagels, and other items.
  • It has six toasting settings for different amounts of toasting.
  • The toaster displays the time so you know how long to toast the bread.
  • The reheat, defrost, and cancel functions are available on the multi-functional toaster.
  • The crumbs from the slices of bread are stored in the stainless steel crumb tray.

If you want a colorful toaster, the SACVON long slot toaster may be the one. It is a bold red hue that will catch the eye. 4 pieces of bread fit easily into the slots. While toasting bread, you may adjust the range and wait for the minutes shown on the LCD.

Bagels have bigger slots as well, and there is a separate option to reheat or toast them. You may cancel the procedure at any moment by using the cancel button. The crumbs from the bread and bagels are collected on the crumb tray. Just press the tray’s push button to release it, and then remove it to dispose of the crumbs.

12. KitchenAid Long Slot Toaster

Highlighted Elements

  • The toaster’s two lengthy slots allow for the toasting of a variety of bread forms.
  • A somewhat longer option enables you to toast the bread further once it has reached a particular degree of toasting.
  • The high lift lever makes it simple to remove the little slices of bread.
  • There are reheat and thaw settings available to heat the bread as desired.
  • To clean the toaster, just take out the crumb tray.

Finally, the toaster we have is a bright red toaster with all of the necessary functions to enjoy the toast. First and foremost, it is small and will not take up much room on the kitchen counter. The slots are intended to be broad and can easily handle two slices in each slot.

It also includes four toasting settings and a somewhat longer button for the ideal toasted piece of bread for morning. Nevertheless, the functions of the buttons on the panel are drawn rather than written on words, making it difficult to distinguish the task. The toasting makes no mess since the crumbs are gathered on the broad crumb tray.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Long Slot Toaster 

Functions available 

The quantity and kind of features provided on a toaster might vary, but a decent toaster should at the very least contain defrosting, reheating, warming, and canceling capabilities. These functionalities are often activated by a single push button and are labeled with icons or titles so that the user can quickly recognize the button.

Another key characteristic that all toasters should have is the ability to adjust the toast’s degree of doneness. Without this option, you would be unable to choose how brown you want your toast to be, and since various types of bread take differing amounts of time to toast, this feature is especially vital in a long slot toaster used for toasting artisan bread.

Various toasting levels

Everyone’s browning level of bread is different. Take our family as an example: young individuals like crispy and crunchy bread, whereas middle-aged adults prefer chewy toast. The toasting ranges can fluctuate depending on whether you eat it with butter or in a sandwich.

The toasters feature 6 to 7 roasting ranges to accommodate everyone’s tastes. To vary the toasting level, some toasters feature settings such as a little longer or a little longer.

One slot or two slots 

Most long slot toasters feature two slots, allowing them to toast four regular-sized bread slices at once when utilized to their full capacity. But, if you have a small family and do not need two slots, you may go for a single slot toaster since a long slot toaster can accommodate two bread slices in one of their slots, so a single-slot toaster might be a smart alternative to conserve room on your kitchen counter.

The size of the slot 

A long slot toaster’s primary function is to toast artisan bread and bakeries that are too long or broad for conventional toasters, hence the size of the slot in a long slot toaster is an essential thing to consider when purchasing one. A long slot toaster’s slot should be long enough to handle two regular-sized bread slices side by side at the same time, and it should be at least 1 inch wide. Toasters with changeable widths are ideal for toasting bakery goods such as Panini and croissants.

Crumb tray and cord storage 

The crumb tray, which collects the crumbs and pieces of bread that come off during the toasting process, is one part of cleaning a toaster. A decent toaster should feature an easily removable crumb tray that can be emptied and cleaned on a regular basis. If this is not done correctly, the crumb tray may accumulate too much crumb, causing it to burn and damage the whole machine.

Long slot toasters are electrical appliances, hence they come with an electric cable for power supply. This cable should be able to be placed within or under the toaster so that it does not dangle outside when the toaster is not in use, which may lead to a variety of dangerous scenarios.


To clean the slots, what should I use?

The bread crumbs are gathered on the crumb tray at the bottom, which is easily removed. Yet, tiny brushes are used to clean the slots. Before cleaning, be sure to switch off the toaster.

How do you get the hot short bread out of the toaster?

If you don’t want to burn your hand, use lengthy tongs. To avoid being shocked by the toaster, use tongs with a plastic or silicone head.


While long slot toasters are not for everyone, they are a must-have for anybody who enjoys artisan bread and bakeries of all shapes and sizes. Long slot toasters are also quite handy and a great time saver if you have a big family and need to toast a lot of bread every morning.

If you are one of them and have discovered the finest long slot toaster, you can begin preparing butter, jam, and a cup of coffee to go with your bread and start your day off well with a very fulfilling meal.


What toaster has the longest slots?

This list of the best long slot toasters on the market might assist you in selecting the best one for you.
Breville Bit More 4-Slot Toaster…. Elite Gourmet Long Slot 4-Slice Toaster…. Waring Light Duty Extra Long Two-Slot 4 Slice Toaster…. Hamilton Beach 2-in-1 Countertop Oven and Long Slot Toaster.
Jan 14, 2023

What are the top 5 toasters?

Food Network Kitchen Tested the 5 Best Toasters of 2023
Cuisinart 2-Slice Digital Toaster with MemorySet is the best overall.
Hamilton Beach is the best buy. Toaster with two slices.
KRUPS Morning Set is the best 4-slice toaster. Toaster with four slices.
Breville Die-Cast Smart Toaster is the best smart toaster.
SMEG 2-Slice Toaster is the best retro toaster.
Jan 10, 2023

What appliance makes the best toast?

The Cuisinart CPT-122 2-Slice Small Plastic Toaster and its four-slot twin, the CPT-142 4-Slice Compact Plastic Toaster, are hands down the greatest toasters for the money. The toasters in this price range browned bread, bagels, and waffles better than the competition.

Are expensive toasters worth it?

We discovered that there is no association between the price of a toaster and how well it scored, thus there is no way to know whether a toaster will be any good based just on its price.

How many years does a toaster last?

Although toasters vary in price and functionality, most toasters have a six to eight-year lifetime. Cleaning your appliance on a regular basis to eliminate extra breadcrumbs and other food particles will help it last longer.

What toaster do the Kardashians have?

One running joke in the Kardashian family is that Kris Jenner’s favorite kid used to be Kim but is now Kylie. The humor is highlighted in a 2017 episode when Kris brags to Kim about Kylie gifting her a gorgeous Smeg toaster “just because.”

How do you pick a good toaster?

If you’re searching for the finest toaster for you, check for features like wider slots, many shade settings, and toasting capabilities that are suited to your preferences. Whether you’re making a simple breakfast or a complicated brunch feast, the appropriate toaster may improve the experience.

What toasters are made in the USA?

45 of the Greatest Toasters Manufactured in the U.S.A.
Cuisinart CPT-435P1 4-Slice Countdown Motorized Toaster…. KRUPS KH732D50 Vintage Toaster. GE 2-Slice Toaster. REDMOND 2 Slice Stainless Steel Toaster Keenstone 2 Slice Stainless Steel Toaster. SACVON Stainless Steel Toaster with Digital Countdown Timer. Vintage Stainless Steel Toaster.
Additional details…•September 28, 2022

What is a toaster that toasts bread quickly?

Eat your toast and drink it as well. The Toastmaster fast toaster maximizes toasting power, allowing you to finish your breakfast 50% quicker than regular toasters. It can fit a broad range of breads and bagels thanks to its extra wide toast slots and high rise toast raise.

What toasters do restaurants use?

A conveyor toaster can typically make 200 – 2,400 slices per hour. A conveyor toaster, on the other hand, is ideally suited for medium- to large-scale enterprises like as catering firms, breakfast buffets, or restaurants. A pop-up toaster may be preferable if you produce less output.

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