The 12 Best Pastry Boards for Every Baking Need

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The quality of your ingredients and the instruments you employ are critical when preparing dough. Whether you’re a professional chef or a home cook, having the correct equipment can make baking your favorite treats a snap. Most individuals knead the dough on their kitchen counter, but they are unaware of how unsanitary this technique is. If you want a better option, you may consider purchasing a pastry board.

A pastry board is a must-have kitchen item that will allow you to knead or roll out your dough without creating a mess. Pastry boards often give a large, clean surface for working with dough. The greatest pastry boards make it easy to prepare a broad range of dough. On your pastry board, you will be able to produce brioche, sourdough, pizza dough, pasta dough, and many other things. By purchasing the greatest pastry board, you may be able to get the required dough consistency.

Best Pick

The Fox Run Pastry Board is our top option because it boasts a lovely, pure marble structure that complements your kitchen furnishings, non-slip feet for increased stability, and a big surface space for working on your dough comfortably.

Budget Pick

The Dexas 403-50 Superboard Pastry Board is our budget selection because it is durable enough to be used as a cutting board, it is easily cleaned and needs no maintenance, and it is incredibly portable.

Product Name Shape Weight
Material Item Dimensions
Fox Run Pastry Board rectangle 10.6 marble 12.25 x 16 x 1 A
Dexas 403-50 Superboard Pastry Board rectangle 2.59 plastic 17 x 14 x 0.25 A
JEmarble Pastry Board rectangle 22.0 marble 20 x 16 x 0.75 A
Tableboard Co Reversible Cutting Board PBB1 rectangle 14.0 wood 22 x 28 x 0.38 A
Thirteen Chefs Pastry Board rectangle 7.09 wood 24.5 x 17.7 x 1.7 A
Bethany Housewares Pastry Board and Cloth Set round 2.00 wood 19 x 19 x 0.3 A
Kota Japan Pastry Board rectangle 11.4 marble 15.75 x 11.75 x 0.63 A
Sur La Table Pastry Board rectangle 25.0 marble 22.75 x 19 x 3 B
Catskill Craftsmen Over-the-Counter Pastry Board rectangle 8.80 wood 24 x 18 x 2.75 A
Zelancio Reversible Pastry Board rectangle 11.48 wood 24.6 x 20.7 x 3.1 A
Kota Japan Pastry Cutting Board rectangle 12.12 granite 16 x 11.75 x 0.63 B
Snow River Pastry Board rectangle 10.13 wood 18 x 24 x 0.75 B

1. Fox Run Pastry Board

Use this Fox Run Pastry Board to put an end to your dough rolling difficulties. The plank is constructed of marble, which is an excellent material for all of your pastry requirements. Marble planks, unlike wooden boards, can transmit heat at a quicker pace, making them an ideal tool for rolling out dough.

The board’s inherent non-stick properties make it suitable for rolling any form of dough. Non-slip plastic feet are included at the bottom of this board to safeguard your tabletop. Because this pastry board features a nonstick surface, you won’t need to use as much flour while kneading or rolling dough. The board has a smooth and cold surface that is great for making a wide range of foods such as pizzas, pies, biscuits, pastries, tarts, and more.

Its style and color are elegant in any kitchen and complement your cooking equipment. You may also use this pastry board to showcase sweets. Overall, the Fox Run Pastry Board features a modern design that is excellent for any baker. Its vibrant colors, distinctive designs, and useful functions make it a perfect board for any kitchen.

What we liked: The pastry board has a large surface area, which is ideal for rolling or kneading a large quantity of dough.

What we didn’t like: The non-slip plastic feet don’t do a good job of keeping the pastry board steady when in use. Furthermore, stains may be difficult to remove if you do not utilize marble-friendly cleansers.

Highlighted Features

  • Recommended for rolling pastries and dough
  • Smooth and cool
  • Elegant
  • Allows rolling and kneading with less flour
  • Designed using 100% natural marble
  • It has non-slip rubber feet for further stability and to safeguard your surface.

2. Dexas 403-50 Superboard Pastry Board

This Dexas Pastry Board is made of high-quality materials to ensure that you enjoy baking for years to come. The board is made of a non-porous, stain-resistant material that does not collect smells.

Its authentic granite design adds an attractive appearance to your kitchen that complements most decors. It is difficult to discern that it is composed of plastic. You may use it as a chopping board as well as a baking board for rolling and kneading dough. The long-lasting substance also aids with the sharpening of your blades. It has a strong surface that will not fracture, split, warp, or peel.

The pastry board is quite simple to clean by hand. All you have to do is thoroughly clean it with warm, soapy water. If you dislike washing dishes, you may place the pastry board in the dishwasher for simple and rapid cleaning. This makes washing later easier.

What we liked: The pastry board is quite light. It barely weights 2.59 pounds, so you can simply carry it about. Furthermore, there is no BPA in the plastic composition.

What we didn’t like: The pastry board is thin. Because it lacks a scratch-resistant texture, avoid using blades on it.

Highlighted Features

  • Durable
  • BPA free
  • Stain resistant
  • Lightweight
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Non-porous
  • Can serve as a pastry board or a cutting plank

3. JEmarble Pastry Board

The JEmarble Pastry Board is composed of strong, real marble, which keeps your board colder than ambient temperature. The low temperature of the board makes kneading or rolling dough simpler since it is less prone to get greasy, moist, or shapeless. This board is ideal for creating a variety of pastries in hot or damp kitchens.

The board has a huge surface area of 320 square inches, allowing you to easily knead or roll a significant volume of dough. Because the surface is so smooth, you can also use this pastry board to temper chocolate. The pastry board has non-slip feet that assist hold it in position while you’re working on your dough. Furthermore, the pastry board is weighted, which aids in its stability while usage.

This marble pastry board is also extremely simple to clean. All you have to do is immediately rinse it with warm, soapy water. It is advised that you use gentle dish detergents since aggressive ones may harm the surface.

What we liked: Because of the lovely marble artistic patterns on the top, you may use this board to exhibit pastries and other treats at parties or special occasions.

What we didn’t like: The 22-pound pastry board could be too hefty for some. Cleaning such a big object in your sink may be challenging.

Highlighted Features

  • Marble construction
  • Slip-resistant feet
  • Offers a surface area of 320 square inches
  • Durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Weighs 22 pounds

4. Tableboard Co Reversible Cutting Board PBB1 

Enjoy stress-free baking with this Tableboard Co Reversible Cutting Board PBB1, which has been created not just to make kneading and rolling dough simpler, but also to endure for generations. Because of the flat surface, you may prepare the components with little flour or oil.

You may knead and roll dough on the smooth side to make pizza, pie, bread, and pastry. When chopping fruits and veggies, spin the board over to produce accurate cuts without risking dulling your blades.

The pastry board includes a 1.5-inch lip on either side for countertop stability. Simply lay the board at the perimeter of your tabletop and make dough or cut food as desired. Its size and solidity make the procedure easier to control without chasing your dough all over the place.

Tableboard is handcrafted by highly trained artisans to provide a pleasurable baking or cooking session. Because it is made of high-quality timber materials, it is rare to have splinters or rough places. The board is also quite simple to clean. All you need is a clean, moist towel to get started. To maintain your pastry board in excellent condition for a longer period of time, oil both sides of the hardwood surface on a regular basis.

Overall, Tableboard is a high-quality board that looks great even when not in use. Its oil-cured wood surface makes rolling dough simple, making it a must-have kitchen tool for any home cook or baker.

What we liked: It has a large surface area that enables you to comfortably knead dough or cut veggies. Because the board weights 14 pounds, it is unlikely to move when you knead or cut food on it.

What we didn’t like: Because you can’t immerse the board in water, removing stains from the hardwood surface may be tough.

Highlighted Features

  • Made to last
  • Can be used a pastry or cutting board
  • FDA approved
  • Easy to clean
  • Large and friendly rolling surface

5. Thirteen Chefs Pastry Board 

The smooth, hardwood surface of the Thirteen Chefs Pastry Board is ideal for preparing dough for pastries. The smooth side may be used for kneading or rolling various doughs, while the other side can be used for cutting or slicing fruits and vegetables. You may also use this pastry board to cut food without dulling your utensils.

Because the board is constructed of fine Acacia wood, the surface features gorgeous, one-of-a-kind designs. It has a golden-brown color that complements the look of your kitchen. Acacia wood is highly resilient and will keep your board in excellent shape for a long time.

The board is waterproof, so you may immerse it in water to clean it. After washing, it is suggested to cover the dry board with oil.

The high lip bracing on the board assist to keep it steady while you work on your dough. It is not necessary to hold it when using the board. You can knead, roll, cut, and slice food with ease.

What we liked: The board has a huge area, so you can create a large quantity of dough or chop a significant number of food all at once.

What we didn’t like: If you don’t grease the board on a regular basis, you could get splinters.

Highlighted Features

  • Wooden structure
  • Doubles as a cutting board
  • Water-resistant
  • Sustainable production
  • Weighs 7.09 pounds

6. Bethany Housewares Pastry Board and Cloth Set

You can roll your pastry dough like a pro with the Bethany Housewares Pastry Board and Cloth Set. The hardboard has a diameter of 19 inches, allowing you to effortlessly roll out a huge quantity of dough. This pastry board may be used to produce pies, pizzas, lefse, cookies, and much more.

The cloth has dimensions printed on it, which helps rolling the dough simpler. Diameters of 10 inches, 12 inches, and 14 inches are included. The material is composed of cotton and is preshrunk, so it will not shrink after hand washing.

To keep the dough from sticking to the surface, sprinkle a little bit of flour over it.

What we liked: Many customers claimed the cloth kept the dough from sticking to the surface. It also keeps the dough from splitting apart during rolling.

What we didn’t like: The pastry board has a substantial shape, so if you’re short on room, you may want to try something else.

Highlighted Features

  • Slip-resistant base
  • Lightweight
  • Printed measurements
  • Comes with a pastry cloth
  • Norwegian cookware

7. Kota Japan Pastry Board

If you often create pastries, pizzas, and pies, you may be interested in the Kota Japan Pastry Board. The white marble pastry board is a beautiful piece of kitchenware with a smooth, cold surface that is ideal for kneading all sorts of dough. It may also be used as a serving board for pastries, pies, muffins, and other delicacies.

The pastry board has a surface size of 192 square inches, allowing you to quickly knead or roll dough. It has non-slip rubberized feet that keep it sturdy as you work on your dough. While making the dough, the pastry board is unlikely to slide over your kitchen surface. You may also freeze cookies or biscuits by placing the board in the refrigerator.

The device has a lifetime guarantee, so if you have any issues, you can always get your money back. The pastry board is exceptionally strong and will not fracture or break apart any time soon.

What we liked: Because the surface of the pastry board is colder than room temperature, it may be used to temper chocolate.

What we didn’t like: Compared to comparable goods, the pastry board is fairly tiny. Furthermore, you will be unable to use it as a cutting board since blades and other equipment would create scratches.

Highlighted Features

  • White marble construction
  • Weighs 11.4 pounds
  • Rubberized feet
  • Can be used in the refrigerator
  • Lifetime warranty

8. Sur La Table Pastry Board

No more chasing your dough around your work surface. You can effortlessly bake beautiful pastries with this huge Sur La Table Pastry Board. Its surface is cold and smooth, requiring no additional flour or oil when rolling your dough.

The board’s high-quality marble structure not only gives it an exquisite appearance, but it also makes kneading or rolling dough simpler. Because the surface cools fast, your dough is unlikely to adhere to it when kneading or rolling it.

Because of the naturally chilling function, you may create pastries and other products without producing a major mess. This board may also be used to showcase your charcuterie plate and cheese. Although not dishwasher safe, you may simply clean this pastry board by hand with warm water and light dish soap. All the stains and crusty chunks of dough wash away easily.

What we liked: You may chill cookie dough or other kinds of dough on the pastry board in the refrigerator. The chilly temperature is unlikely to degrade the item’s quality. Furthermore, the product seems to be fairly durable and is unlikely to fall apart anytime soon.

What we didn’t like: The device weights 25 pounds, so if you have weak wrists, you may need some help transferring it from one location to another.

Highlighted Features

  • Large enough to roll your dough to the proper thickness.
  • Handy
  • Allows you to prepare even the delicate pastries
  • Easy to maintain
  • Complements your countertop even when not in use
  • Excellent choice for creating your charcuterie and cheese dish.

9. Catskill Craftsmen Over-the-Counter Pastry Board

The Catskill Craftsmen Over-the-Counter Pastry Board has a 432 square inch work surface. The board has two sides, one smooth and one rough. The smooth surface is ideal for kneading and rolling dough, and the grainy surface is ideal for chopping fruits and vegetables without dulling your cutlery. The flat side of the board includes measuring lines engraved into it so you may shape or cut the dough properly.

The oiled surface of this pastry board makes cleaning easy. All that is required is a moist cloth or towel to clean the surface.

It is not recommended to soak the hardwood pastry board in water as this may reduce its quality. The surface of the board features 1-inch rails, allowing you to lay it on the edge of your kitchen counter or tabletop to keep it steady while in use.

One thing to keep in mind about this product is that it is created in a sustainable manner. All waste materials generated during the milling and production processes, such as sawdust and wood shavings, are converted into wood pellet fuel. This fuel may be used in lieu of charcoal, gas, and oil for cooking and lighting fires in fireplaces.

What we liked: The measuring markers are indented, so they won’t wear out with repeated usage. Furthermore, the board is simple to maintain. All you have to do is apply oil to it from time to time.

What we didn’t like: The surface is pretty rough, therefore use a lot of flour or oil before working on your dough.

Highlighted Features

  • Wooden structure
  • Clear measurement guides
  • Oiled finish
  • Weighs 8.8 pounds
  • Sustainable production
  • Made in the USA

10. Zelancio Reversible Pastry Board

The Zelancio Reversible Pastry Board is a versatile kitchen item that enables you to work comfortably on your dough. It has a 480-square-inch area that is ideal for both professionals and home chefs.

The pastry board is constructed entirely of natural Acacia wood, which has an unusually smooth surface. This implies you don’t need to use a lot of wheat or oil while making your dough. The smooth surface is etched with measuring indications, allowing you to quickly prepare pies, pizza dough, biscuits, and other meals in regular sizes. The board features raised lips on both sides so you can work on your dough comfortably while standing on the edge of your countertop.

The board is quite simple to clean. All you have to do is thoroughly clean it with warm water and a moderate dish detergent. It is advised that the board be dried promptly after cleaning with a towel or cloth. Once completely dry, keep the board in your cabinet.

The measuring indentations are incredibly smooth and will not leave a trace on your dough. You may use the board’s rough side to cut food.

What we didn’t like: Because the board is rather hefty, washing it in the sink may be difficult.

Highlighted Features

  • Offers a surface area of 480 square inches
  • Made of natural Acacia wood
  • Eco-friendly
  • Engraved measurement markings
  • Doubles as a cutting board
  • Weighs 11.48 pounds

11. Kota Japan Pastry Cutting Board

The Kota Japan Pastry Cutting Board is durable enough to provide excellent service for a long time. This pastry board has an attractive design and may be used as a serving piece to exhibit all of your pastries.

Because the board is manufactured of high-quality granite materials, you can expect it to last a long time. With regular usage, the board is unlikely to shatter or split apart. It provides a smooth surface for effectively kneading or rolling dough. The cold granite surface helps your dough hold its form while kneading or rolling it.

The pastry board is unlikely to absorb any dough grease or stains. It is simple to clean by hand with warm water and mild dish detergent. It may also be used in the dishwasher to help you save time and effort when cleaning.

The pastry board includes rubberized feet to keep it sturdy while in use. Furthermore, you will be able to cut the pastry dough without leaving visible markings on the board’s surface.

What we didn’t like: The board is rather hefty, so it may be difficult to move about. It is also quite thick and has sharp edges. The board has the appearance of a huge tile.

Highlighted Features

  • Made of granite
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Extremely sturdy
  • Non-slip base
  • Lifetime warranty

12. Snow River Pastry Board

Snow River is a market leader recognized for years for its prowess in crafting top quality hardwood boards, and this pastry board is no exception. The board is subjected to a particular drying procedure throughout the manufacturing process, which helps to avoid cracking.

The Snow River Pastry Board has a smooth rolling surface that has been designed to enable you to roll out a range of pastry doughs such as those used to make pie, biscuits, cookies, croissants, and many other items. The board features a built-in front lip that is 2 inches in height. This elevated section aids in the stability of the board. You won’t have floury dough all over your kitchen, making cleanup simpler.

What we liked: The solid mahogany finish is exceptionally smooth, allowing you to mix dough with minimal flour or oil.

What we didn’t like: The pastry board is not dishwasher-safe, so you’ll have to hand-wash it. To prevent moisture absorption, properly dry it immediately after washing. If the board is kept damp, it may discolor or decrease in quality.

Highlighted Features

  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Made using premium quality material
  • Help keep your countertop clean
  • It is not necessary to use a lot of flour or oil to roll out your dough.

Benefits of using a pastry board

The 12 Best Pastry Boards For All Your Baking Needs

Easy to use

Pastry boards are made to aid in the rolling of dough and the preparation of baking recipes. To use one, you do not need to be a skilled cook. The tools’ basic design makes them suitable for both regular and occasional usage.

Reduces mess

A baking board keeps your kitchen tabletop clean and lowers the possibility of spills. This means that when you’ve finished kneading or rolling your pastry dough, you won’t have to spend much time cleaning your kitchen surface.


You can make a variety of pastry recipes on a baking board. A pastry board may be used to produce pies, puff pastries, pizza dough, and many other things. A pastry board may also be used for slicing fruits and vegetables.


Some pastry board manufacturers include clearly indicated dimensions, temperature, and weight units to assist you with the baking process.

Easy to clean and maintain

Most manufacturers design baking boards with the user in mind, providing the market with not only easy-to-use equipment but also easy-to-maintain boards. Some of the materials are dishwasher friendly, while others need simply a moist clean cloth to be wiped off.

Factors to consider when buying The Best pastry board


The market has a large selection of pastry boards in various sizes. While a big board will provide you enough of rolling and working space, you should consider the size of your countertop before deciding on the best size. As a general guideline, you should choose a pastry board that is smaller in size than your kitchen countertop. A huge pastry board will take up too much room on your countertop and will make it difficult to spread out your dough.

If you often produce a significant quantity of pastry dough in a single batch, you might consider investing in a large-sized pastry board. However, if you typically prepare a small number of pastries, a modest-sized pastry board may be more practical. A large pastry board enables you to comfortably knead or roll out your dough.


Pastry boards are typically available in two shapes: rectangular pastry boards and circular pastry boards. Most people like rectangular pastry boards since they provide a larger surface space for placing your rolling pin, dough scrapers, and other objects. A circular pastry board, on the other hand, may be preferable for rolling out your dough.


With the rising demand for pastry boards, an increasing number of manufacturers are flooding the market with a variety of materials to cater to various customer tastes. The material quality has a significant impact on the product’s durability. Plastic, wood, and marble are all prevalent materials.

Wooden boards go nicely with any decor and are simple to use and maintain. Wooden models may also be used as cutting boards and will not dull your blades. The density of the hardwood board you choose is important. High-density woods such as oak, maple, and walnut are used to make some of the greatest hardwood boards. These aid in the prevention of bacterial development and the reduction of moisture. To keep wooden models in good condition and to keep them from cracking, add beeswax or mineral oil.

Plastic models, on the other hand, are convenient and simple to disinfect, as opposed to wooden ones. It is not necessary to cover it with oil on a regular basis. If you choose a plastic model, be sure it is BPA-free.

Mable boards are long-lasting and have natural cooling characteristics that assist keep your dough temperatures stable throughout the baking process. Marble boards, unlike wooden models, do not deform when drenched in water. Marble boards are non-porous, sanitary, and long-lasting. The majority of bakers choose marble pastry boards.


The steadiness of your board is critical to your baking experience. Using a board that moves and requires you to chase your dough around the work surface may waste a lot of time and energy. You may not be able to obtain the desired dough consistency.

A good pastry board should be solid and smooth, with a flat surface for rolling and kneading dough. Models with non-skid feet can assist hold your board in place and reduce the possibility of it slipping, even when put on a wet surface. The non-skid feet should be incredibly firm and long-lasting so that you can easily create your pastry dough.

However, some pastry boards may not have slip-resistant feet but do have other properties like as the capacity to endure pressure and lay level on the working surface. Some may have raised lips on the surface’s edge to protect it from sliding around as you prepare your dough. The ones with raised lips should be put on the edge of your countertop or table.


A heavyweight pastry board may assist keep your dough sturdy while you’re kneading or rolling it. However, moving it from one location to another may be problematic. The board will demand a lot of work and energy to move. If you have weak wrists, you should choose a pastry board that is not too heavy. Plastic pastry boards are often relatively light, while hardwood or marble pastry boards are rather hefty.


The look of your baking board should complement the rest of your kitchen decor. Color will not only add elegance to your kitchen, but it will also boost its aesthetic value. Most individuals are drawn to marble pastry boards because of their lovely design. Some people like classic wooden pastry boards, while others prefer plastic ones.

Ease of Cleaning

The majority of pastry boards are simple to clean. Plastic and marble may be immersed in water, however wooden ones must be washed off with a moist towel. If you dislike cleaning the dishes, you should consider purchasing a dishwasher-safe pastry board. To keep the board from warping or being damaged, always put it on the top racks of your dishwasher. It is essential to get a pastry board that does not collect stains or moisture so that you do not have to spend time cleaning it.


How do I prevent the dough from sticking to the surface?

To keep the dough from sticking, cover the surface with flour or oil. Another option is to place the board in the refrigerator for a few minutes. The cool surface will keep your dough cold and supple without becoming too sticky.

What type of oil should I use to coat a wooden pastry board?

To coat your wooden pastry board, use food-grade mineral oil or walnut oil. It is preferable to avoid using vegetable or olive oil since they may emit a foul odor.


If you like preparing handmade pastries, pies, bread, cookies, and other doughy foods, you might consider purchasing a pastry board. A pastry board facilitates the preparation of dough and serves as a portable work surface. You don’t have to take anything off your kitchen counter to knead or roll out your dough. The greatest pastry boards not only provide a large work area for making dough, but they also improve your baking experience.


What is the best pastry board?

Cutting Board.The Best Pastry Board
Silicone Baking Mat Mat Non Slip Non Stick Extra Large Bread Kneading Board. 👉【THICKER AND BIGGER】- The Silicone Pastry Mat is much thicker an…
Bethany Housewares 20 Inch Board. Pastry board and cloth set.
Ironwood Gourmet Double-Sided Countertop Lyon Pastry

Are pastry boards worth it?

When cooled, a marble surface is perfect for preventing dough from sticking — especially if you don’t want to add too much more flour. If you like baking, this is a must-have item in your kitchen. And you can buy one for less than $30!

What is the best size for a pastry board?

A board that is at least 20 by 16 inches is required for rolling out pastry dough.

Is marble or wood better for a pastry board?

Marble is simple to maintain, and many varieties are dishwasher safe. These boards are sturdy and tend to stay cold, making them ideal for dough that is very heat sensitive. Plastic pastry boards are lightweight, simple to clean, and often less expensive than other kinds.

What oil is best for pastry board?

USP-grade mineral oil is the most affordable and widely used food-grade oil. Vegetable or olive oil should not be used since they get rancid soon. Mineral oil the whole surface of the kneading board.

Who makes the best pastry in the world?

According to Taste Atlas, there is no question that Portugal has the greatest pastry in the world. The nation topped the list of the 100 greatest pastries in the world for 2023, released recently by the World Food Atlas.

What is the best surface to roll pastry on?

We like to roll out the dough between two big pieces of plastic wrap or parchment paper, rather than on a floured work area.

Is it cheaper to make or buy pastry?

The verdict: Making your own pastry is undoubtedly less expensive, and I appreciate the idea that most of the time, I’ll have the materials on hand, eliminating the need for a special trip to the store.

What is the alternative to marble pastry board?

Stainless steel is more sanitary and lighter than marble or wood. If stored in a cold environment, the surface may stay cool longer than wood, making it ideal for delicate pastries that don’t need a lot of flour.

Why do pastry boards have a lip?

It also features lips on the sides to hold the board in place and prevent it from slipping around while working, and the front lip works as a backsplash to keep loose flour or errant bits of dough on the board.

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