The 12 Best Pastry Cutters for Baking, Cooking, and Other Activities

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Pastry might be difficult to deal with, but with the correct tools, it can be as simple and as enjoyable. A pastry cutter is essential to the success of any dough, pastry, or crumble, therefore selecting the appropriate one is crucial. Fortunately, we’ve done the legwork for you with our helpful guide. We took the time to analyze the top pastry cutter models on the market today, including what distinguishes them and which features are most significant. In addition, after the evaluations, youll discover a full shopping guide to assist you in selecting the best pastry cutter for all of your baking and kitchen prep requirements.

Best Pick

With its excellent build, the Spring Chef Dough Blender provides all of the functionality and durability that you want.

Budget Pick

We prefer the Orblue Dough Blender for people on a budget since it has a lot of functionality and is built of robust materials without being too expensive.


Quick Comparison: Top 12 Best Pastry Cutters

The 12 Best Pastry Cutters for Baking, Cooking, and More

Product Name Grade
Spring Chef Dough Blender, Top Professional Pastry Cutter A
Orblue Dough Blender Pro – Premium Stainless Steel Pastry Cutter A
OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Bladed Dough Blender and Cutter A-
HULISEN Stainless Steel Pastry Scraper, Dough Blender & Biscuit Cutter Set B
SUMO Pastry Cutter B
K&S Artisan Pastry Cutter Set A
Zulay Kitchen Professional Dough Blender, Pastry Cutter A-
Winco 5 Blade Pastry Blender B
Last Confection Dough Blender Pastry Cutter B
EAGMAK Pastry Blender and Dough Scraper A-
EAGMAK Pastry Cutter Set with Tools A
Last Confection Dough Blender, Professional Stainless Steel Pastry Cutter A-

1. Spring Chef Dough Blender, Top Professional Pastry Cutter

Highlighted Features

  • Five blades for added cutting and blending power
  • Handle has a soft grip for easy mixing and great comfort
  • Made from dishwasher-safe materials

The Spring Chef Dough Blender stands out from the crowd, with a simple but efficient design that provides about everything you might want in a pastry cutter. Its small form is ideal for people of all sizes, and the handle allows you to combine and mix comfortably no matter how long you work in the kitchen. It also has thicker blades than other cutters, and with one additional blade, you’ll be able to combine and cut dough and pastries quicker and easier than ever before.

This rust-proof pastry cutter, unlike other versions, has a rubber grip rather than plastic or metal, and the blades are more efficient than wired ones. This dough blender is strong enough to mash potatoes, chop fruits and vegetables, mix baby food, and even prepare sauces and salsas. It’s a multipurpose gadget that can handle pastries and just about anything else you can think of.

2. Orblue Dough Blender Pro – Premium Stainless Steel Pastry Cutter

Highlighted Features

  • Wider blades offer superior blending and cutting
  • The no-flex construction is perfect for tougher ingredients and longer product life.
  • Lifetime guarantee on every dough blender

The Orblue Dough Blender Pro is intended to provide professional results at an affordable price. This cutter and blender has five durable, broad blades that are linked so that they do not bend and provide greater cutting and mixing capabilities than comparable devices with wires or thin blades. Furthermore, the stainless-steel material is very simple to clean and can be rinsed with soap and water or placed in the dishwasher for even easier cleaning. If you wish to combine and cut pastry and doughs like an expert, this instrument with a simple, attractive, high-quality design may give the ideal balance.

This dough blender is great for pizza dough, biscuits, pastries, and other culinary projects. It’s faster and easier to use than a food processor, plus it’s rust-proof. It may also be used to mash potatoes, chop fruits and vegetables, and do a variety of other tasks. Because the firm provides a lifetime warranty, you can be certain that this pastry cutter will withstand anything is thrown at it. It also has a non-slip handle for ergonomic comfort and simple handling, even if your hands are dirty.

3. OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Bladed Dough Blender and Cutter

Highlighted Features

  • Premium OXO comfort handle
  • Blade placement is ideal for easy blending
  • Super-lightweight design is easy on all hands

The OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Bladed Dough Blender and Cutter is a one-of-a-kind home kitchen gadget ideal for the home cook. If you don’t create pastries on a regular basis but need a good tool for when you do, this model will do the job every time. The high food-grade stainless steel is rustproof, and the blades are evenly spaced, allowing you to combine and chop almost anything. Furthermore, it is part of the OXO series of Good Grips cooking equipment, which provides comfort in every usage with a robust, ergonomic design.

Even with flour-covered hands, its non-slip handle guarantees that you always have the greatest hold on your baking. The curved blades effortlessly cut through pastry and other materials, and this model is one of the lightest on the market. It can be cleaned in the dishwasher or by hand, and there are no joints, fissures, or crevices where food may accumulate and cause difficulties over time, making cleaning a snap no matter what you’re mixing.

4. HULISEN Stainless Steel Pastry Scraper, Dough Blender & Biscuit Cutter Set

Highlighted Features

  • Additional cooking utensils are included for simplicity of pastry creation.
  • Made of rustproof stainless steel and heavy-duty non-slip materials.
  • Unique blade design features wider curves with fixed blades

The HULISEN Stainless Steel Pastry Scraper, Dough Blender, and Biscuit Cutter Set is intended to provide all of the equipment you want in a one package. In addition to the sturdy dough blender, you’ll get a pastry scraper and cutter, as well as a collection of five biscuit cutters, giving you a plethora of alternatives for your pastry and dough. The set is built of high-quality metal and is intended to provide strong performance in any situation. The cutter itself has four robust blades and a unique design that will hold up better over time.

This pastry set gets you more bang for your buck by allowing you to purchase everything in one bundle. Furthermore, the scraper blade and cookie cutters have dimensions printed on the outside so you’re never left guessing. The equipment may also be used to prepare fruits and vegetables, cookies and other baked products, and a variety of other tasks around the kitchen. Furthermore, it is sturdy enough for daily usage while being simple enough for the ordinary home chef.

5. SUMO Pastry Cutter

Highlighted Features

  • Available in a variety of colors to complement your preferred look.
  • Ultra-thick blades provide strong, dependable performance.
  • Can be used to crack nuts, mash vegetables and fruit, and more.

The SUMO Pastry Cutter is a multi-purpose tool with a strong construction and four color variations. It also has a larger handle and blade area than others, as well as a curved blade design and a robust stainless metal finish that is rustproof and built to endure anything you need to mix, chop, mash, or crush. With a smaller diameter than many pastry cutter handles on the market today, the comfortable grip suits practically any hand. It also has a non-slip design with finger grips to guarantee secure usage every time.

This simple pastry cutter is far from ordinary. It has a variety of functions in the kitchen that extend well beyond conventional pastries and baked products, and you’ll certainly find yourself with no lack of ways to put it to use. It’s simple to clean and can go in the dishwasher, providing you lots of options for cleaning. It also has a unique curved blade design with perfect location for excellent cutting and blending, as well as a lifetime warranty to offer you piece of mind that you are selecting a tool that can withstand any project.

6. K&S Artisan Pastry Cutter Set

Highlighted Features

  • Sturdy stainless-steel finish serves many uses
  • Includes a biscuit cutter set for consistently excellent biscuits.
  • Rust-resistant and dishwasher safe

This K&S kit is great for individuals who desire professional results with little effort. It works with a variety of doughs and has a heavy-duty structure that outperforms many other home use versions on the market today. The collection contains five biscuit cutters of varying sizes that may be used to make cookies, biscuits, and other types of pastries. Furthermore, the cutter has a strong, easy-to-grip handle that is tiny enough for even the most delicate hands while yet being powerful enough to get the job done.

This dough blender and cutter is made by a company that prioritizes quality in all of its goods. It is also carefully built to be simple to use and clean, and it can be cleaned in the dishwasher. The cutter has unique blades that are intended to give excellent cutting power without a lot of flexing and bending, making it suitable for a broad variety of applications. This cutter may also be used for mashing and other culinary duties while still providing the performance you want for pastry cutting.

7. Zulay Kitchen Professional Dough Blender, Pastry Cutter

Highlighted Features

  • Offers four colors to choose from
  • Heavy-duty blades are perfectly oriented for optimal cutting in
  • Medium-sized blender is ideal for all users

One of the most significant features of a pastry cutter is the comfort-grip handle, which is intended to accommodate most hands and provides effortless operation. Because of the sturdy rubber construction, there will be no more hand cramps or stiffness when creating pastry.

The stainless steel is rustproof and simple to clean with soap and water. If you want an easier cleaning, it is also dishwasher safe. The pastry cutter has uniformly spaced blades that are useful for more than simply cutting butter and pastries. It may be used to chop nuts, fruits, and vegetables, as well as to make mashes or mix your own baby food. Of course, even if you just use it for pastry, it will always deliver the best answer. Furthermore, with four fashionable hues to choose from, it may blend into any kitchen decor or just be your favorite color.

8. Winco 5 Blade Pastry Blender

Highlighted Features

  • Function-first design
  • Five strong blades are included for cutting and mixing.
  • Dishwasher-safe stainless-steel construction

The Winco 5-Blade Pastry Blender is one of the simplest alternatives on the list, but it does the job. If you’re not concerned with color coordination, quality rubberized grip handles, or other features, this tool is an excellent value. The cutter is constructed of food-grade stainless steel and may be used to cut various types of pastries, doughs, and other baked goods. Of course, this multi-purpose tool may also be used to chop and mash other things in the kitchen.

This pastry cutter is ideal for professional kitchens and people who value functionality. Furthermore, it is manufactured by Winco, a market leader in culinary equipment for chefs and restaurants, food service, and food preparation. This dough blender is an economical device that can be purchased as a single unit or in a pack of three if you are equipping a commercial or big kitchen. This is also one of the lightest alternatives on the list, making it ideal for folks with poor grip or tiny hands.

9. Last Confection Dough Blender Pastry Cutter

Highlighted Features

  • Straight-edged blades with a professional style for heavy-duty cutting and blending
  • Construction is made entirely of professional-grade stainless steel.
  • Handle is lightweight and compact, and it fits wonderfully in all hands.

The Last Confection Dough Blender is another fundamental culinary equipment that is far from dull. This professionally designed pastry cutter and dough blender includes all of the functions you’d expect without any frills. The food-grade stainless steel construction assures that you can complete any task, whether you’re creating biscuits, pie crusts, pizza dough, or any other dough or pastry. Furthermore, the angle of the blades is suitable for a variety of other culinary tasks.

This cutter’s five blades are properly positioned to get the greatest results, and its no-flex construction assures heavy-duty mixing every time. It is rust-resistant and may be cleaned with soap and water or placed in the dishwasher for even simpler cleaning. If you want a pastry blender that performs the job without a lot of additional functioning components or functions, this is the model for you.

10. EAGMAK Pastry Blender and Dough Scraper

Highlighted Features

  • Includes a dough scraper for extra cutting and mixing help.
  • Comfortable grip handle for easy use
  • Dishwasher-safe and rust-proof construction

This package comes with a sturdy, high-quality pastry blender as well as a dough scraper to assist you with all of your pastry and dough operations. The scraper blade has the same comfortable grip handle and stainless-steel construction, as well as a six-inch size that is excellent for a variety of applications. Furthermore, the blade comes with precisely stated dimensions, so no more guesswork with your pastries and dough, no matter what you’re preparing.

The pastry blender’s strong design comprises five durable blades that are properly angled and placed for the greatest blending results. This dough blender can also be used to mash and chop fruits, vegetables, nuts, and other culinary products, making it one of the most flexible tools for pastry preparation and other food prep requirements.

11. EAGMAK Pastry Cutter Set with Tools

Highlighted Features

  • Additional culinary gadgets are included for various preparation requirements.
  • Made of durable food-grade stainless steel
  • This is an excellent gift package for the bread or pastry maker in your life.

This EAGMAK set is one of the most complete on the market. In addition to the pastry cutter, which has high-quality construction and craftsmanship, you also receive four additional culinary utensils. It includes a six-inch pastry scraper with dimensions clearly labeled for simple reading, as well as a set of biscuit cutters with easy-to-read proportions. The kit contains five different-sized cutters, as well as a pastry brush and an egg separator.

This sturdy pastry cutter offers everything you need, from the ergonomic grip to the sturdy metal blades that can easily cut through butter, fats, and other components. Furthermore, the pastry cutter is so adaptable that it may also be used for fruits, nuts, and other household goods. This EAGMAK set offers something for everyone, whether you’re seeking to update your own kitchen or searching for a terrific gift set for the pastry chef in your life.

12. Last Confection Dough Blender, Professional Stainless Steel Pastry Cutter

Highlighted Features

  • Premium molded rubber grip handle that fits virtually all hands properly.
  • Simple, easy-to-clean design
  • Five blades for maximum blending and cutting

This is an enhanced version of the basic Last Confection Pastry Blender, intended for commercial and food service usage. This dough cutter has a quality handle for individuals who suffer from wrist and hand fatigue, as well as a superior, robust stainless-steel construction. The cutter can be cleaned in the dishwasher or by hand with soap and water and is ready to use in minutes.

Last Confection’s pastry cutter has a five-blade design for flexible cutting, blending, and mixing of all pastries and other soft foods. It may be used to chop up hard-boiled eggs, crush avocados for guacamole, and more. Furthermore, it outperforms in the preparation of all types of doughs and pastries and comes with a satisfaction guarantee from the manufacturer. This dough cutter is for you if you want professional-grade, consistent results without the professional expense.

How To Choose the Best Pastry Cutter for Your Kitchen

The 12 Best Pastry Cutters for Baking, Cooking, and More

There are several factors to consider when selecting a pastry cutter for your kitchen. Although it seems to be a basic instrument, factors like as blade positioning and thickness may have an impact on cutter quality. Now that you’ve seen what some of the greatest models have to offer, here are some of the main characteristics you should look for.

Construction Materials

For good reason, all of the pastry cutters on this list are manufactured of food-grade stainless steel. Your dough blender should be long-lasting and simple to use. Plastic isn’t robust enough for this use, and other metals aren’t suitable for kitchen usage. For simple cleaning, safe usage, and longevity, use stainless steel pastry equipment.

Ergonomics and Design Features

Dough blenders are notoriously difficult to use, while being superior than food processors for dealing with pastries and doughs. Fortunately, manufacturers have recognized this and begun to develop handles and ergonomic designs that are more suitable for the average home user. A rubberized or plastic grip handle on several of the types on this list makes them simpler to operate. This function may not be available in all professional and food service alternatives, but it is one to check for if you have particularly sensitive hands.

Some folks like the simple steel handle on these instruments, while others want the premium grip choices. If you aren’t sure what you want, check out a few different pastry cutters before you purchase to see how they feel in your hand and how simple they seem to be to work with.

Pastry Cutter vs. Pastry Set

You’ll note that certain pastry cutters (including those on our list) come in sets, frequently with other equipment. This is a terrific method to get more for your money if you plan on using the additional equipment, such as dough scrapers or biscuit cutters.

One method individuals utilize the kits is to buy them as presents for bakers and dough makers in their life. This is a wonderful way to show someone you care while also providing them with helpful equipment for their pastry baking and other culinary interests.

Blade Thickness and Placement

The blade system is, of course, the most significant element of a pastry cutter. To cut through butter and other hard substances, most cutters contain a set of three or more blades spaced a specific width apart. The number of blades, the distance between them, and their thickness all have an impact on how effectively the cutter works and what kinds of pastries and doughs it can handle.

Some cutters, for example, are meant for light usage in the normal household kitchen and may only have three or four thinner metal blades, but a commercial-grade pastry cutter may have five thicker, angled blades built to handle large projects and provide high-quality results. It all depends on your planned use and how much money you want to spend on this sort of product. A simple model may suffice if you just use it on occasion, or a commercial-grade one may be appropriate for a home kitchen where pastries are often served.


This list includes some of the greatest alternatives on the market today, as well as advice on how to choose the best one for your baking and pastry requirements. Remember that the blades (or wires) are what matter, but don’t short yourself on a comfortable grip. When you have an easier time mixing and cutting pastry dough using one of the ergonomic, comfort-minded models on the list above, you will thank yourself. When looking for a decent pastry cutter, the most crucial elements to consider are the materials’ durability and convenience of use.


Which dough cutter is best?

The Perfect Dough Cutter for the Serious Baker
Overall, the best. Dough Cutter MS WGO. Look into Amazon.
Second place. Chef Dough Cutter for Spring. Look into Amazon. Check the price at Walmart.
Contender. Dough Cutter by XoYoZo. Look into Amazon.
Mentioned as an honorable mention. Dough Cutter by OXO. Look into Amazon.

Are pastry cutters worth it?

The Advantages of Using a Pastry Cutter

Dough cutters and butter cutters are important since they assist your fats integrate correctly and evenly with your flour, in addition to keeping your hands and kitchen cleaner. Light, airy dough is the characteristic of outstanding pastry, and pastry cutters assure this.

What is the difference between pastry blender and pastry cutter?

The terms pastry blender and pastry cutter refer to the same handheld equipment that is used to chop butter into flour for pastry dough. This tool is made up of a succession of metal strips or wires that are wrapped around and attached to a handle.

Is a pastry cutter the same as a food processor?

Pastry cutters are U-shaped, with a handle at the top and 4-5 narrow blades at the bottom that cut the butter. Unlike a food processor, pastry cutters allow you to target the largest chunks of butter in your bowl while preventing the butter temperature from rising too high.

How do you keep dough from sticking to the cutter?

What can I do to keep the cookie cutters from sticking to the dough? With each cut, coat your cookie cutters with flour. Work from the middle of the rolled-out dough outward, cutting shapes close together to avoid excessive waste and rerolling.

Is a plastic or metal dough scraper better?

Dough Scrapers Made of Plastic vs. Metal

Metal scrapers are more durable and are ideal for cutting, splitting, and measuring dough as well as scraping dough off a work area.

Is it cheaper to make or buy pastry?

The verdict: Making your own pastry is undoubtedly less expensive, and I appreciate the idea that most of the time, I’ll have the materials on hand, eliminating the need for a special trip to the store.

What is the most important tool for a pastry chef?

That’s why we’ve developed a list of thirteen necessary instruments for creating scrumptious pastries and baked goods:
Leveler for cakes.
Shield of the Pie Crust.
Thermometer for Candy (Digital).
Cleaning Tab for Pastry Blender.
Pastry Mat with Nonstick Coating.
Tip Drying Rack and Pastry Bag.
Torch of Crème Brulee.
Cake Stand on a Turntable.

Are pastry chefs rich?

Pastry chefs make between $41,000 and $116,000 per year on average. That may seem to be a wide range. We arrived at those figures by averaging three different sources: publishes salary information for pastry cooks all throughout the United States.

Why do you use cold butter when making pie crust?

Pie crust is usually made with cold butter to ensure that the end crust is exceptionally flaky. The butter will stay in solid pieces in the dough rather than evaporating into layers during baking. Good!

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