The 12 Most Effective Honing Steels for Dull Kitchen Knives

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A dull knife may destroy your culinary experience like nothing else. A dull knife, unlike a sharp knife, makes it difficult to anticipate your slicing or chopping. A dull blade is also difficult to manage, and it is likely to slide, increasing your chances of harming your fingers. A honing steel is a must-have kitchen item that may help you align your dull knife while also making the practice enjoyable.

Knives of different forms may be found in your kitchen. The length of the rod should be sufficient to allow for the honing of large blades. You should also safeguard your fingers when sharpening knives, and most of them feature finger protectors. The finest honing steel for you would be one that provides a good grip and does not fall off when you are honing the blades.

Considerations When Purchasing an Honing Steel

Material for Honing

Honing tools are made from a range of materials, including ceramic, steel, and diamond. Each material has benefits and disadvantages.

If you sharpen your tools on a regular basis, a ceramic honing tool is an excellent option. Ceramic rods, on the other hand, are mild and provide a little sharpening effect. The issue with a ceramic rod is its brittleness, which necessitates extreme caution since it is readily broken.

Steel, like ceramic, is an excellent material for routine honing. The edges of the rods might be ridged, smooth, round, or square. Steel rods give quicker sharpening and better blade honing, but they also wear out faster.

Smooth steel rods are suggested because they have a low wear rate. Steel rods, on the other hand, are insufficient for sharpening Japanese blades. If you want to sharpen Japanese knives, diamond and ceramic are excellent options.

Diamond rods, on the other hand, are a fantastic alternative if you do not regularly use your tools. With a few strokes, the rod sharpens and aligns your blade. Unfortunately, diamond is abrasive, and the coating may remove significant metal.

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Design of the Handle

Honing tools are composed of fragile materials that may quickly shatter if not handled correctly, which is where your handle design comes into play. The handle should be ergonomically constructed, comfortable, slip resistant, and appropriately proportioned to fit exactly in the hands. Another advantage is the safety guard, which increases your safety while using the instrument.

A badly built handle may cause wrist strain and ultimately impair your honing experience.

Length of Sharpening Rod

The length of your honing tool determines the size of blades that can be honed. Most kitchen knives are 10 to 12 inches long, and a sharpening rod of this length will enable you to polish your cutlery without difficulty.

Utilization Ease

Honing steel is not the same as honing experience. Your sharpening abilities should dictate your tool selection. If you have little or no expertise sharpening knives, using honing equipment with guidelines may help you become a pro.


If you do not maintain your honing tool, it is likely to get clogged with microscopic metal particles, reducing its efficiency. To improve its function, your honing steel, like any other tool, will need regular maintenance.

The substance of your honing tool will determine the sort of maintenance required. Ceramic rods are more difficult to maintain than steel or diamond rods. Ceramic rods, on the other hand, are an ideal alternative for routine sharpening.

Top 12 Honing Steels

Product Length (inches) Grade
Utopia 12 Inch Steel Knife Sharpening Rod 12 A
Winware Stainless Steel Sharpening Steel, 12-Inch 12 A
Green Elephant Knife Sharpening Rod 11 A-
ALLWIN-HOUSEWARE W Professional Knife Sharpening Steel 12 B+
Noble Home & Chef Professional Honing Rod 12 A
Messermeister Ceramic Rod Knife Sharpener 12 A-
DALSTRONG Honing Steel 10 A
Mercer Culinary German Honing Steel 12 B+
Amesser Knife Sharpener Honing Steel 10 B
Chefast Honing Steel Knife Sharpening Rod 10 A
Fanerfun Knife Sharpener Rod 13 A-
HENCKELS Fine Edge Pro Sharpening Steel 9 B

1. Utopia 12 Inch Steel Knife Sharpening Rod

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If you’re seeking for the finest sharpening steel, Utopia Kitchen has created an incredible honing tool. The tool is made of carbon steel that has been nickel chrome coated. The steel rod has a fine surface, which helps protect the cutting edge throughout the honing process.

This Utopia honing tool can help you sharpen and align your knives with ease, whether you are right or left handed. Its comfortable grip has a slip-resistant rubber bottom and precisely fits in the hands, allowing you to sharpen your knives correctly.

Utopia honing steel works on any blade style and size allowing you to sharpen varied knives without limitations. However, this 12-inches rod is not suitable to put on the dishwasher as it will damage all other plates and cutlery. It needs to be wiped dry immediately after washing with water. You can also clean the rod with a non-woven cloth infused in cooking oil and then wipe it dry. With just a few strokes, you can hone your standard and serrated knives blades.

Highlighted Characteristics

  • The rod is constructed with carbon steel that provides sturdiness when sharpening the knives.
  • The nickel-chrome surface prevents from damaging the edges while sharpening.
  • Long ergonomic handle to ensure comfortable grip for both left and right-hand users.
  • The bottom of the handle is wrapped with rubber that makes it slip-resistant.
  • It has a hanging loop that allows easy storage of the rod.
  • All kinds of knives can be sharpened with this rod.

2. Winware 12-Inch Stainless Steel Sharpening Steel

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The Winware honing tool is a Winco device with a sharpening blade that measures 12 inches. The handle is made of high-quality plastic and has a hanging hook for simple storage.

It features a finger protection at the beginning of the handle to keep your fingertips safe. Since it is made of stainless steel, there is no danger of rusting if it comes into touch with water. Nevertheless, we do not recommend putting the rod in the dishwasher since it may harm other plates and bowls. The manufacturer recommends washing the rod using a damp towel.

Highlighted Characteristics

  • It is a stainless steel made honing rod that has less capability of corrosion.
  • The ergonomic handle is 5-inches long that gives enough space to hold the rod comfortably.
  • The handle is made of plastic that makes it slip-resistant.
  • The hanging loop helps in hanging the rod in the kitchen.
  • Has a finger guard at the front of the handle to protect your fingers while sharpening.

Sharpening Rod for Green Elephant Knives

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If you’re seeking for the finest honing steel for Japanese and German knives, this Green Elephant tool might be a great option. The tool’s hardness has been tested to be 9 Mohs, allowing you to sharpen and position your blade as required.

Green Elephant is a good option for sharpening hunting knives in addition to being an outstanding honing tool for Japanese and German blades. Its comfortable and lightweight grip makes sharpening a breeze.

The unique stress absorbing function of this gadget is one of our favorites. A silicone barrier between the ceramic and the handle, together with the plastic end cover, has been meticulously developed to assist absorb vibration waves while also keeping your ceramic honing rod safe.

The sharpening tool is simple to use and maintain. All you need to do is hand wash the ceramic knives sharpening rod with ordinary detergent and air dry it.

It should be noted that steel knife sharpeners should not be used on ceramic blades. Bending or dropping the ceramic knife sharpening rod is not recommended.

Highlighted Characteristics

  • It is a premium quality made ceramic honing rod with a grit 1500 to hone the dull knives easily.
  • The rod has shock-absorbing technology that prevents it from shattering when mishandled.
  • An ergonomically designed handle provides a strong grip and prevents slipping off.
  • The finger guard keeps your fingers away from the knives while honing.
  • The hanging loop is attached to the plastic handle to easily hand the rod.

4. ALLWIN-HOUSEWARE W Pro Knife Sharpening Steel

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Sharp blades are more hazardous than dull knives, thus a sharpening steel is ideal for sharpening the knife in a few strokes. It is a 12 inch long rod that simply sharpens all varieties of knives. The ergonomic handle gives a comfortable grip and a finger guard keeps the rod from sliding on the kitchen counter.

Moreover, because of its high carbon steel construction and nickel-chrome coating, this rod is ideal for everyday usage. Instead of soaking or placing it in the dishwasher, a moist towel should be used for cleaning. Hang the rod with the hanging loop to dry after wiping.

Highlighted Characteristics

  • High carbon steel is used to make the rod that makes it sturdy.
  • The rod is magnetized in order to avoid the mix of metal particles of knives with food.
  • It comes with a strong ergonomic designed handle for a stable grip.
  • The polypropylene handle protects the rod from slipping off while sharpening.

Noble Home & Chef Professional Honing Rod No. 5

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Noble Home & Chef Professional’s honing rod is composed of heavy-duty material and will provide extended service for all types of knives. It is a magnetic honing rod that is 12 inches long. It prevents metal particles from combining with food or being breathed from the air. There is no need to be concerned about rusting since it is chrome plated.

Moreover, you can observe from the design that it has a sleek appearance and is dishwasher safe. Nonetheless, the company suggests washing them gently with a moist towel. Placing the rod in the dishwasher with other items might cause it to break. It does not, however, have a hanging loop or a cover for safe storage.

Highlighted Characteristics

  • It is a 12 inches rod made from hardened carbon steel for durability.
  • They are plated with chromium plating to make them safe from rust and corrosion.
  • The handle provides a solid grip and prevents slipping off.
  • Magnetized rod so that particles don’t fly or get combined with food.

Messermeister Ceramic Rod Knife Sharpener, No. 6

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If you’re searching for a high-quality ceramic honing steel, this Messermeister sharpener might be a great pick. The tool is strong enough to resist the demands of honing. One of our favorite features of this tool is its ability to sharpen and align the blade with mild abrasion.

Its handle is soft and ergonomically built to provide you with a solid grip every time you use it.

Since the core is robust, the rod is less prone to shattering. The rod, however, is magnetic, and the little metal particles may quickly get mixed with your meal. We advise against washing the rod in the dishwasher since it would ruin all other kitchen equipment. You may clean the honing with a moist cloth and air dry it.

Highlighted Characteristics

  • A 12 inches knife sharpener made from ceramic
  • It has a 1200 grit to hone any dull knives effortlessly.
  • The handle has a non-slippery grip due to its ergonomic design.
  • This lightweight rod has a hanging ring to store them safely.

DALSTRONG Honing Steel No. 7

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This honing steel is 10 inches long and composed of high-quality carbon steel for durability. Its unique feature is that the rod has a complete tang to provide the blades’ full support. At the handle, the rod is doubly riveted. The ergonomic handle guarantees a comfortable grip for sharpening any style of knife.

Its heavy-duty honing rod, on the other hand, lacks a hanging hook but does come with a storage case. Also, they do not need extensive cleaning since they can be kept clean by just wiping them with a moist non-woven cloth.

Highlighted Characteristics

  • The rod is manufactured with carbon steel to give a durable service.
  • The ergonomic handle is contoured with pakka wood that provides a sleek look.
  • The handle is riveted to keep the rod stable while honing.
  • The fingers are protected as they have a finger guard at the end of the rod.

Mercer Culinary German Honing Steel No. 8

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As the name implies, the honing steel is composed of German steel, which makes the rod tougher than others. It features a fine medium grit that makes honing simple and smooth. This 12 inch honing steel weighs approximately 12 ounces and is simple to carry when honing.

But, since it is not a full tang metal, you should exercise caution while putting on weight. The handle is composed of polypropylene, which absorbs moisture from the hands and reduces the chance of falling off. The rod also includes a hanging ring for use with any hook. Additionally, the rod is magnetic, so when honing, the metal portions may come into contact with neighboring food and air.

Highlighted Characteristics

  • It is a premium quality rod made from german stainless steel to make it strong.
  • 12 inches long honing steel that has enough space for all kinds of knives.
  • Enormous finger guard at the junction of the rod and the handle that protects and supports your fingers.
  • The ergonomic handle is made of plastic to provide a non-slippery grip.

Honing Steel Amesser Knife Sharpener

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Professional chefs utilize a variety of knives, and for their blades, they need a high-quality honing steel, such as Amesser Knife Honing Steel. It is a sturdy, 10-inch-long rod made of carbon steel with nickel coating. The coating protects them from corrosion.

The handle of this honing steel absorbs stress and resists heat, which is a quality we like. The handle is ergonomically built for a secure grip. This useful rod is simple to clean; just wipe it off with a moist towel.

Highlighted Characteristics

  • This 10 inches steel honing rod is coated with carbon steel and nickel chrome to give a form of a strong rod.
  • The handle is made of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene(ABS) which has heat and scratch resistance.
  • Standard and serrated edged knives can be honed on this rod.
  • The ergonomic handle helps to get a strong grip while honing the knives.
  • A hook comes as an accessory with the honing steel.

Chefast Honing Steel Knife Sharpening Rod No. 10

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Chefast Honing Steel Knife Sharpening Rod is a 10-inch long rod that may be used to sharpen various types of knives. Carbon steel strengthens the knife, while chromium coating resists corrosion. It features tiny grit that easily sharpens dull blades.

The sharpening rod includes a storage bag, a cleaning cloth, and an instruction handbook. Since chefs must travel with their knives, an honing steel is also required, and this one may be readily transported in its storage bag.

The bag will prevent other cutlery from damage. Many people are perplexed about cleaning the rod, thus a wiping cloth is included. Just wipe the rod with the included cloth; if you wish to thoroughly clean the rod, moisten it with water.

Highlighted Characteristics

  • This carbon steel constructed rod is coated with chromium to protect from rust.
  • A rod carrying bag is given so that it can be easily carried along with other kitchen tools.
  • Cleaning is very easy as a cleaning cloth is also sent along with the rod.
  • The ergonomic handle is made of polypropylene to protect from slipping off.

Fanerfun Knife Sharpener Rod No. 11

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This Fanerfun rod is a heavy-duty rod composed of carbon steel that is robust enough to sharpen many sorts of knives. The rod has a medium grit rating of 1000 to 3000. It is made of magnetic casting technique, which makes it sturdy and scratch-resistant.

This rod is perfect for honing all types of knives. You don’t have to worry about the rod sliding since it has a comfortable grip and a finger guard to safeguard your fingertips from mishaps. A hole in the handle allows you to hang the rod on hooks. The firm has avoided using water to clean the rod. Just wiping the particles away with a dry cloth will do the trick.

Highlighted Characteristics

  • The rod is manufactured with carbon steel to provide the hardness required for honing.
  • The 13 inches rod underwent magnetic technology to reduce the mix of metal parts with foods.
  • A perfect non-slippery grip is provided from the ergonomic handle.
  • The finger guard protects the fingers and helps with stability to hold the rod.
  • Medium grit makes the honing easier for dull knives.

HENCKELS Fine Edge Pro Sharpening Steel No. 12

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At the bottom of our list is the HENCKELS Fine Edge Pro Sharpening Steel, which sharpens dull knives quickly. The rod is composed of stainless steel, which makes it sturdy and durable for everyday usage. Moreover, this rod contains small grit lines for quickly sharpening blades.

The handle is ergonomically designed with a finger shield to safeguard your hands. The handle will not readily come off. Nevertheless, since it does not come with a storage bag or box, you must keep the rod separately so that other culinary utensils do not get damaged.

Highlighted Characteristics

  • Stainless steel is used in the construction process of the sharpening rod.
  • It is a 9 inches rod with a fine grit to hone the knives in 2 or 3 strokes.
  • The handle is smooth as it is made of polypropylene that gives a strong grip.
  • The ergonomic handle also includes a finger guard to protect the fingers from accidents.

Which Honing Steel Is the Best?

There are several varieties of honing steel available on the market. Each of these instruments is intended to sharpen various types of cutlery. If you are seeking for a high-quality honing steel, all of the goods mentioned above are suitable when used according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Determine what you need in an honing steel and compare options.


What is the difference between honing and sharpening?

Sharpening knives implies removing part of the material off the blade to make the edges sharp. Honing knives involves pushing the edges to the center to sharpen the edges.

How can grit aid in knife sharpening?

Grit aids in the removal of material and the restoration of sharp edges. The dull knives are honed with grit counts ranging from 1000 to 3000.

How should the knives be honed?

To ensure sharp edges, kitchen knives are commonly set at an angle of 15 to 20 degrees. The Japanese, on the other hand, are mostly sharpened at 17 degrees.

How often should you hone the knives?

The material used to produce the blades influences the honing process. Stainless steel knives should be sharpened after 2 to 4 usage, but carbon steel knives should be honed after every use.

Final Decision

Skilled chefs need sharpening steel on a regular basis since dull knives damage their cuisine. Honing steels are used to sharpen blades, therefore exercise caution while dealing with them. The majority of honing steels feature finger guards to safeguard your fingertips. To limit the danger of accidents, the finest honing steel should be able to give a suitable and non-slippery grip.

Also, you should avoid putting honing rods in the dishwasher since the grits can cause harm to other cooking items. Storage is also an important consideration since not all of them have a hanging loop on the handle. We reviewed the characteristics of honing steel in our post to assist you in selecting the best one.

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