The 14 Best Electric Knife Sharpeners for Sharp Cutting

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What could be worse than your knife not cutting through the meal you want to eat a few minutes later? Is there anything more vexing than a dull and chipped blade? I’m curious how many of us have bled when attempting to cut through cardboard or a slick piece of meat with a dull knife. Until we discovered a tool called a knife sharpener, which is really simple to use and can put an end to all of your cutting nightmares.

Since there are hundreds of possibilities for your knives, there are hundreds of options for sharpeners. You may find it difficult to choose the knife sharpener that will bring your knife razor edges for the most consistent cutting experience, which is why we have made an effort to make your life a little easier by including some of the best electric knife sharpeners in this article; mentioning the convenience and inconveniences you may face using them so that you can select the perfect sharpening tool for your knives.


Things to Consider Before Buying an Electric Knife Sharpener

1. Type of the sharpening wheel 

It is critical to examine the sharpener’s material and mechanism for sharpening your blades. Diamond is a typical sharpening material used in sharpeners. When you hear the phrase “100% diamond abrasive,” you may assume it’s fantastic since diamond is one of the toughest materials and should be strong enough to grind your damaged blades effectively. Although this is somewhat true, it is also true that diamond abrasives may be highly forceful and may harm rather than sharpen a sensitive knife.

Diamond abrasives are excellent for sharpening knives in general, but when sharpening thin, susceptible knives, be careful not to over-grind the blades. Abrasive belts are another excellent choice for diamond abrasives since they are flexible enough to accommodate numerous kinds of blade materials as well as varying blade shapes. If you have exotic knives with unusual materials and curves, you could choose sharpeners that employ flexible abrasive belts rather of a set stone.

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2. Number of stages in the sharpening process 

The number of steps may determine how hard the machine is to run, the size of the machine, and how accurately the blades are sharpened. Most sharpeners come with two or three sets of slots, each designated for a separate stage of the procedure. If you want coarse grinding, precise grinding, and polishing, you might opt for sharpeners with a three-stage procedure. If you want a sharpener that is small and easy to use, choose one with a two-stage technique.

3. Angle Guides

As we explained in the last part of this essay, knife sharpening requires the use of a sharpening angle. And it’s fantastic if you’re a knife specialist who can figure out the angle to sharpen the blades at, but this isn’t the case for most knife users. As a result, a knife sharpener must have a method of guiding your knife blades to the proper angle for sharpening.

4. Bevel

Another consideration when selecting an electric knife sharpener is the kind of blade your knife has. The knife sharpener you choose must be compatible with the blade of your knife. Straight, serrated, double, and triple-bevel blades are available. Convex, chisel, double, flat, hollow, and saber bevels are also prevalent.

Although while electric knife sharpeners are acceptable for sharpening most kinds of knives, you must exercise extreme caution when dealing with thin, delicate blades that may not withstand the harsh sharpening nature of the wheels and may shatter, bend, or deform.

5. Versatility

Bonuses are always appreciated, and no one minds if you have a kitchen item that goes above and beyond to provide exceptional flexibility. What’s the harm in using your electric knife sharpener to sharpen other equipment with edges, such as an ax, a lawnmower, or scissors, in addition to your kitchen knife? And you should be aware that there are solutions available that provide such versatile usage, so you may want to explore this as well.

6. Safety and ease of maintenance

Electric knife sharpeners may be hazardous to use if not handled correctly, therefore to have a stronger grip and control over it and prevent it from sliding or skidding, look for one with a sturdy base or rubber feet. This ensures stability and keeps it in place.

In terms of maintenance, you should look for alternatives that include high-quality receptacles, since sharpening produces a significant quantity of metal residue, which must be collected and disposed of appropriately. Other from that, an electric knife sharpener needs little upkeep.

Top 14 Best Electric Knife Sharpeners

Product Name Fixed/Adjustable Angle Dimensions Weight Grade
Work Sharp WSKTS-W Knife & Tool Sharpener Adjustable, 40°/50° 5 x 9 x 5 inches 1.9 Pounds A+
Presto 08800 EverSharp Electric Knife Sharpener Fixed 9.9 x 7.2 x 4.8 inches 2.95 Pounds A+
Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpener Adjustable 5.5 x 10 x 6 inches 3.1 Pounds A
SHARPAL 191H Pocket Kitchen Chef Knife Scissors Sharpen Fixed 2.76 x 2.36 x 2.76 inches 100 grams A
Chef’sChoice 15 Trizor XV EdgeSelect Professional Electric Knife Sharpener Adjustable,
10 x 4.25 x 4.25 inches 1.9 Kilograms B+
Presto 08810 Professional Electric Knife Sharpener Adjustable 18.43 x 11.25 x 2.18 inches 5.07 Pounds A+
LINKYO Electric Knife Sharpener Fixed 9.75 x 4.92 x 7.25 inches 2.7 Pounds A
Chef’sChoice 250 Hone Hybrid Combines Electric and Manual Sharpening Fixed, 20° 8.8 x 3.3 x 3.7 inches 2.7 Pounds A
EdgeKeeper Electric Knife Sharpener Adjustable 8.3 x 3.6 x 4 inches 2.89 pounds B+
Chef’sChoice Professional Electric Knife Sharpening Station Fixed, 20° 12 x 6 x 6.25 inches 3 Pounds B+
Chef’sChoice 120 Diamond Hone EdgeSelect Professional Electric Knife Sharpener Fixed, 20° 12 x 6.2 x 6.2 inches 4.7 Pounds B+
Chef’sChoice 220 Hybrid Diamond Hone Knife Sharpener 7.31 x 3.25 x 4 inches 2 Pounds A
Shenzhen Knives Electric Diamond Knife Sharpener 11.53 x 4.17 x 3.77 inches 1.91 pounds A
Work Sharp Culinary E5 Electric Kitchen Knife Sharpener Adjustable 7.25 x 4.5 x 5.2 inches 2.5 Pounds A+

1. Work Sharp WSKTS-W Knife & Tool Sharpener

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Our first evaluated product is from Work Sharp and is suited for sharpening any and all knife and blade tools you have. It not only sharpens them like a pro but also provides your greatest comfort and is very time-efficient due to its variable speed motor.

Its changeable abrasive grit belt is responsible for its ability to sharpen a broad variety of blades ranging from serrated and curved knife blades to ax to shears and many more.

It can meet all of your sharpening demands, whether coarse (P80), medium (P220), or fine (6000), and do so quickly. The abrasive belt can sharpen kitchen knife blades to a 40-degree angle and outdoor knife blades to a 50-degree angle with consistent results.

The sharpener contains interchangeable angle guides that can sharpen all types of blades for increased accuracy. After you’ve sharpened your blades using this, you can use them for a long time without having to hon them again. With a robust appearance, you can use this machine for an hour without breaking a sweat.

But, you must be cautious not to use this with a 220V power converter, since this is not suggested by the producers.


  • It comes with a one-year guarantee, so you can buy with confidence.
  • In sharpening steel blades, the abrasive belt does not burn or harm them.
  • The sharpening angle may be adjusted using the movable dial.
  • You may move the product for grinding and honing as needed.
  • The adaptable band allows for coarse, medium, and fine sharpening.
  • The device is well-made and provides you with a solid grip and control over it, reducing the danger of utilizing it.


  • The guarantee is only applicable in North America, where the power supply is restricted to 110V.
  • By utilizing the machine, little tiny metal fillings might spew out, which can be dangerous if breathed.

2. Presto 08800 EverSharp Electric Knife Sharpener

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What we like most about this Presto product is its simplicity, both in terms of appearance and functionality. For many individuals, a basic sharpener with few sophisticated functions is ideal for getting the job done fast and effectively.

This tiny sharpener comes with extremely clear and simple directions on how to use it, and you simply need to follow them to have your knife sharpened in no time. The work procedure is divided into two phases. To begin, slip the blade through the two slots marked for step one, which grinds your blades.

The blade must then be passed through the other two holes designated for the second stage, which hones your blade. All of the slots are angled so that you don’t have to know your blade’s sharpening angle and you don’t have to rely on guessing. This guarantees that you obtain a consistent outcome every time you use this machine to sharpen your knife.

While it is relatively easy to operate, it contains sharpening wheels constructed of a very hard and high-quality substance called Sapphirite, which is used in professional knife shops, and so enables you get professional grade sharpening results while also providing the machine its great longevity.


  • The machine is simple to use, so anybody may use it without prior knowledge of knives or blades.
  • The two-step method guarantees that your knife is sharpened effectively and smoothly.
  • The slots are angled so that you don’t have to estimate the sharpening angles of your knives.
  • The machine features a clean, minimalist appearance and is compact, making it ideal for a small office or kitchen.
  • The sharpening wheel is composed of sapphirite, which provides a professional degree of sharpening for your blades.


  • Since the angles are set, you have a lot of flexibility in terms of the kind of blades you wish to sharpen.

3. Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpener

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This knife and tool sharpener from Work Sharp is another of our favorites since it is perfect for sharpening all sorts of knives and blades. The tool has a wide range of applications and can sharpen not just straight blades but also curved and unusually shaped blades.

Apart from its adaptability, you have complete control over this. You have complete control over how sharp your blades are. Moreover, the sharpener’s motor is outfitted with innovative technology that enables you to change the pace at which you sharpen your tool.

Yet, you must understand how various speeds effect sharpness. When you sharpen a blade at a fast speed, you are essentially grinding it. This is a more vigorous sharpening method that is great at eliminating rust or damaged residues that have accumulated on the surface of your blade. On the contrary, using a slower speed sharpens the blades. This method is used to smooth the blade.

The adjustable sharpening angle adds to the tool’s flexibility. Since not all knives have the same angle, sharpeners with predetermined sharpening angles cannot be used to sharpen all kinds of blades. This, on the other hand, with its adjustable angle, is ideal for sharpening blades of all sorts and thicknesses from every angle feasible, including serrated, kitchen, pocket, or outdoor knives. The sharpener’s sharpening angle is changed by twisting a dial.

Also, when it comes to adaptability, this will not fail you. You may be wondering whether it can sharpen knives that come with a gut hook or ax blades. The answer is, of course, yes! The sharpener is equipped with several flexible bands that allow you to better manage the kind of blade you are sharpening. Moreover, the belt has three degrees of abrasive properties: coarse, medium, and fine. The coarse belt is used to sharpen heavy-duty and difficult blades. The ordinary knives are sharpened using a medium belt, and the fine belt adds the final touch after they have been honed with the other two belts indicated.

The sharpener has been improved by including a spot to hold the instrument with one hand while sharpening the blades with the other. This improves the sharpening’s grip, preventing it from skidding away and causing an accident. Additionally, the tool is constructed to endure and has a highly solid and powerful body that can successfully sharpen blades and run for an hour straight.


  • It may be used to sharpen a variety of knives as well as other equipment such as mower blades and gut hooks.
  • A dial allows you to simply alter the sharpening angle.
  • It includes three flexible bands for fine, medium, and coarse sharpening, and may be utilized for a variety of sharpening tasks.
  • The motor speed may be adjusted to meet the kind of sharpening you wish to conduct, such as grinding and honing.
  • The machine is quite strong and provides a solid grip for working.
  • It is a very versatile machine.


  • If you are new to knife sharpening, you may not be able to use it to its maximum capacity.
  • Some users may find it cumbersome.

4. SHARPAL 191H Pocket Kitchen Chef Knife Scissors Sharpen

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Let us introduce you to the SHARPAL electric knife sharpener if you are seeking for a 3-stage sharpening gadget that will provide you with nothing but a wonderful experience.

This fantastic sharpener has three distinct settings: the first stage uses tungsten carbide blades for quick edge settings, the second stage uses a ceramic blade to hone your knife to perfection, and the third stage scissor grinds your knife with a specially created tungsten carbide blade. Combined with the three phases, the knife sharpener does not skimp on providing a quality service and will meet all of your sharpening demands.

The sharpener’s robust suction base guarantees more stability and eliminates the possibility of it sliding while you’re in the act. The suction power of the base of this very safe equipment is double that of its rivals on the market. Just set it in the correct location and hit the black switch; the machine will automatically suck on the table, and you are ready to begin! Also, it will not need you to handle it, keeping your hands safe from harm.

Moreover, due to its small size and weight of just a few grams, the device is extremely easy to use, since it can be held with one hand alone and moved about the kitchen very easily. It takes up little room in your kitchen, saving you the trouble of storing it.


  • The device is covered by a 3-year warranty, which guarantees its great durability according to the manufacturer.
  • It includes a premium after-sales service to assure complete client satisfaction.
  • It provides high-quality features at an affordable price.
  • Since it is small and lightweight, it can be easily stowed in any area of your kitchen when not in use.
  • After being manufactured, the product is field-tested to high standards, making it a highly common alternative.


  • It can only be used for fine sharpening.
  • It is ineffective in sharpening dull knife blades.

5. Chef’sChoice 15 Trizor XV EdgeSelect Professional Electric Knife Sharpener

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When it comes to sharpening knives, this Chefs Choice knife sharpener is the ultimate game changer. Yet, before we get into its amazing powers, we need to talk about bevel angles.

The cutting edge of various knives has varying forms and angles. This angle and shape influence how easy you can cut through a certain material as well as the blade’s lifetime. Unlike most western blades, Asian knives, such as Santoku knives, have a narrower angle of 15 degrees.

And today, everyone seeks for this 15-degree bevel angle for general culinary applications since it provides for more accuracy, less friction when cutting, and is very sharp. This powerful gadget from Chefs Choice enables you to turn any knife angle into the extremely sought 15 degree angle. This means you don’t have to fly to Japan for a single knife, or spend a lot on an expensive 15-degree angle knife if you have this sharpener at home.

Nevertheless, one disadvantage of the standard 15-degree bevel angle is that it is prone to chipping or breaking owing to its thinness. The good news is that this machine takes this into account and changes your knife to a 15-degree angle with a triple bevel, ensuring its longevity. This means you’re killing two birds with one stone by utilizing this sharpener. You get a sharp 15-degree angle and long-lasting blades.

While the whole procedure seems to be quite sophisticated, there is no need to be afraid since this machine makes doing this incredible feat very simple. It contains three stages and three various sorts of slots, each one tailored to its own function. The sharpening discs in the first and second stage slots are composed of pure diamond abrasive and sharpen the blade while also generating bevels on the knife for longevity and establishing the 15 degree angle on the blade.

The third stage slots are then coated with a stropping substance that softly polishes and smoothes out the sharpened knife to give it a smooth finish. All three kinds of slots offer a variable angle guide, which means you don’t have to rely on guessing to determine the sharpening angle. This machine can sharpen any sort of kitchen knife, sports knife, pocket knife, or serrated knife.


  • It is not only a sharpener, but also a converter, since it can convert blades with 20 degrees of bevel to knives with 15 degrees of bevel.
  • The three-stage procedure assures that the finished blade is not only sharp but also long-lasting.
  • The machine is straightforward to use yet enables you to acquire outstanding sharpening results
  • Sharpening discs consisting entirely of diamond abrasives and flexible stropping material are included.
  • The angle guides are movable rather than fixed, allowing you to sharpen knives of various angles with ease.
  • It is quite adaptable.
  • It is useful for sharpening serrated blades.


  • While diamond abrasives are very effective, they are also quite aggressive, and they run the danger of overly removing metals from your blades.
  • It might be too abrasive for particularly sensitive knives.

6. Presto 08810 Professional Electric Knife Sharpener

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If you liked the Presto sharpener above but want a bit more control over the sharpening process and more variety, this Presto sharpener is for you.

This has been created in a trendy manner while retaining the simplicity and compactness that we appreciate about Presto products. Instead of a two-step procedure, this machine sharpens in three stages: coarse grinding, precision grinding, and honing.

All of the slots are angled, so you don’t have to worry about assuming the correct angle for your knives. All you need to do is pass the knife through each slot to receive a razor-sharp edge with a polished finish. This is because the slots for step one have sapphirite wheels made for coarse grinding to give your blade the proper sharpening angle, the slots for step two have sapphirite wheels made for medium grinding to give the blades the edges required for precision cutting, and the slots for step three have ceramic wheels with a very fine grit, which smooths out the edges to give it a flawless finishing.

If you possess a variety of knives, you’ll be glad to know that you can pick the appropriate sharpening settings on this machine based on the kind and thickness of your blades. The settings are thin, medium, and thick. The thin setting is great for lightweight knives like paring and fillet knives, while the medium setting is best for regular kitchen knives and the thick option is best for hunting and sports knives.

The medium mode knives may also be used to sharpen Santoku knives, which are Japanese knives used for producing sushi fillets and other Japanese cutting methods.


  • It is basic and easy to use, yet it is quite adaptable.
  • It includes a three-stage procedure with slots tuned with the necessary sharpening wheels to deliver professional-grade sharpening results.
  • It features three distinct settings that may be chosen depending on the kind of knife you are sharpening.
  • Since the slots are angled, you don’t have to measure or guess the proper sharpening angles for your knife.
  • To keep your workstation clean, the machine’s base features receptacles that catch metal fillings from the sharpening operation.


  • It is not suitable for sharpening curved or serrated blades.

7. LINKYO Electric Knife Sharpener

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The electric knife sharpener from LINKYO is another of our favorites when it comes to high quality electric sharpeners, with numerous customers vouching for it. Using a 2-stage knife sharpening process, the angle of the blade is reshaped and sharpened in the first stage, and the blade is honed and polished in the second and final step to give it a fresh new appearance.

The straightforward machine is fast and secure, with minimal complication. There is no obligation to hold in a certain angle, thus you do not need much expertise in this industry.

The blade setting guides hold the blades in a perfect position automatically. Moreover, the heavy-duty base has a non-slip suction cup that keeps the sharpener in place and prevents it from sliding, assuring your safety even more since you do not have to hold it with your hands.

Finally, since sharpeners produce a large quantity of metal debris that must be disposed of properly, this device will save you time by providing removable mess-free receptacles.


  • It eliminates uncertainty since the blades are automatically positioned, making it airy.
  • It has a built-in stop mechanism that allows it to cease sharpening the blades without causing any harm to them.
  • The sharpener is quite affordable and is suitable for folks on a tight budget.
  • It is simple to operate and does not need complicated maintenance methods.


  • It is incompatible with specialist blades like as serrated or scissor blades.

8. Chef’sChoice 250 Hone Hybrid Combines Electric and Manual Sharpening

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Why settle for one when you may have two? And all at the same price? ChefsChoice’s 2-in-1 sharpener is a hybrid equipment that can be used for both manual and electric sharpening. This is an excellent addition to any kitchen, particularly for those who are used to manual sharpeners and have just lately switched to electric ones. They may enjoy the best of both worlds.

The sharpener has a three-stage hybrid system, the first two of which are concerned with electric sharpening and are totally motorized. Stage 3 is, on the other hand, independent of the previous two and does not need power since it is performed manually. The electric and manual sharpening combo sharpens the blades to razor-sharpness and adds strength and longevity.

Additionally, the abrasion material utilized is diamond, which assures a super-sharp polished edge when the three processes are done. The normal number of strokes needed every stage is 5 to 20, with each stroke lasting around 5 seconds. With its 20 preset angle, the knife sharpener works brilliantly.

Last but not least, it is quite simple to maintain. You just need to wipe it off with a moist towel; no oil or lubricating solutions are necessary. As for the recommendation, you should remember to alternate your blade sharpening left and right.


  • It’s great for double-beveled, steeled, and crisscross edges.
  • The sharpener works on both serrated and straight blades.
  • It is quite affordable and a wonderful alternative for budget-cutting.


  • It may not be suitable for sharpening Asian blades such as santoku or sushi knives.
  • It only works with knife blades with a 20-degree angle.

9. EdgeKeeper Electric Knife Sharpener

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When it comes to price, the EdgeKeeper electric knife sharpener takes the cake. The two-stage sharpener can effectively sharpen any fine edge blade, providing a professional finish in the comfort of your own home.

You don’t need any previous knowledge in this area since the slot angles will automatically set the blades at an ideal angle, giving you excellent results every time you use them. Moreover, a detachable magnet container inside the machine collects excess residue (metal fillings) that may be simply disposed of. This reduces the machine’s maintenance requirements and relieves you of the laborious cleaning procedure.

Moreover, the gadget has non-slip silicone feet to avoid skidding and keep the sharpener in place. It also has diamond-coated sharpening wheels for straight-edge steel blade sharpening.


  • The tiny size makes it easy to store since it takes up less room.
  • It is really effective, and you will have sharp blades in seconds.
  • The items are sturdy and outlive the majority of their rivals.
  • It is great for individuals on a tight budget.


  • It is only capable of sharpening fine-edged knives.
  • All of the metal shavings do not accumulate in the magnet underneath and may end up outdoors, where they may be breathed.

10. Chef’sChoice Professional Electric Knife Sharpening Station

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Instead than purchasing separate equipment for each blade type, the ChefsChoice Professional Electric Knife removes the guesswork and successfully sharpens all sorts of 20-degree class blades.

The knife sharpener produces highly consistent results on both straight edges and serrated blades, including culinary, household, sports, and pocket knives. The sharpener has three stages: stage one includes sharpening with 100% diamond abrasive material, stage two involves sharpening with steel, and stage three uses flexible stropping disks.

The shiny appearance after sharpening gives it a whole new attitude. In addition, for further stability, the product has rubber feet that give superior friction and will remain securely in place.


  • The device comes with a 3-year limited manufacturer’s warranty.
  • It guarantees safe functioning and guards against any risks.


  • It is not a good option for sharpening Asian blades such as santoku and sushi knives.
  • It has a set angle and can only be used with knife blades with a 20-degree angle.

11. Chef’sChoice 120 Diamond Hone EdgeSelect Professional Electric Knife Sharpener

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This is another excellent gadget from Chefs Choice, identical to the one we previously mentioned but without the capacity to convert a 20-degree bevel edge to a 15-degree bevel edge. While this may seem to be a disadvantage to some users, it is reassuring to those who do not want their knife edges to be too thin.

Other from that, it contains all of the excellent features found on the 15 Trizor XV model, such as 100% diamond abrasives for stages one and two, flexible angle guides, and a stropping disc for stage three.


  • It contains all of the features found on the 15 Trizor XV model from Chefs Choice.
  • It does not reduce the bevel angle of your knife to 15 degrees, but it does make it razor sharp.
  • It can sharpen a variety of knives, including butcher’s knives, serrated knives, sports knives, and so on.


  • It weights 4.7 pounds and is not very portable.

12. Chef’sChoice 220 Hybrid Diamond Hone Knife Sharpener

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As the name implies, this knife sharpener is semi-electric and requires human honing after electrically grinding the knife in the first phase. Since the honing stage is finer and more thorough than the more aggressive grinding phase, Chefs Choice’s decision to make the honing step manual rather than electric is a wise one.

This means you may use your own judgment to determine how many times you should pass the blade through each slot, and you have more control over how you polish the blades.

Apart from the aforementioned characteristics, the machine’s sharpening wheels are constructed of 100 percent diamond abrasive and are designed in a crisscross pattern to offer your knife a sharper bite. The machine’s white body gives it a traditional appearance and complements the decor of your kitchen.


  • It combines an electric grinding stage with a manual honing stage to provide you with both control and convenience of usage.
  • The grinding grooves are positioned at an angle to eliminate any guessing from the operation
  • The sharpening wheels include a crisscross design to improve the bite of your blades.


  • If you’re searching for a full-fledged electric sharpener, this may not be the greatest choice.

13. Shenzhen Knives Electric Diamond Knife Sharpener

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If you prefer ceramic knives over other types of knives, you’ve probably been looking for a knife sharpener that works with ceramic knives, and if you’ve arrived here, congrats on finding the correct sharpener for your ceramic knives.

The nicest feature about this knife sharpener is that it can be used on both ceramic and stainless steel blades, which is great for anybody who has both kinds of knives.

Another distinguishing feature of this knife sharpener is the ability to separate the cartridge, which includes two kinds of sharpening wheels, from the main body for simple cleaning and repair. This cartridge includes two sharpening stones: one with a 600 grit for coarse sharpening and one with an 800 grit for fine sharpening or honing.

They are both formed of diamond abrasion, and when paired with the machine’s strong motor, they can repair 1mm deep chips on your knife blades. Another typical issue with previous knife sharpeners that has been solved with this sharpener is the shallow sharpening slot, which makes it difficult to sharpen the end of the blade near the handles. The slots in this machine have been increased to make it easier to sharpen the blade from tip to handle.


  • Sharpening stones are packaged in the form of a cartridge that can be withdrawn for cleaning and replaced as the stones wear out.
  • The sharpener includes two diamond abrasive sharpening stones with varying grades for coarse and fine sharpening.
  • The sharpener may be used to remove chips as deep as 1mm.
  • The machine’s slots are elevated to sharpen hard-to-reach sections of the blade near the handle.


  • Serrated knives, scissors, and outdoor knives should not be sharpened using this sharpener.

14. Work Sharp Culinary E5 Electric Kitchen Knife Sharpener

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While we use stones to sharpen knives at home, do you know what manufacturers and professional knife sharpeners use? They employ what is known as an abrasive belt.

It is the same technology utilized in our Work Sharp sharpener, so you can attain professional and factory-level results in the comfort of your own home. It sharpens knives to perfection by using a revolving belt with a 17-degree angle guide.

The benefit of a flexible belt over a set abrasive is that it may be used to sharpen a wide range of blades, including kitchen scissors, serrated blades, exotic knives, and so on. This makes the sharpener a flexible gadget that can provide comprehensive coverage throughout your house. While sharpening a knife, most users are unsure if it is sharp enough. This sharpener has been pre-programmed to know when to stop, which will eliminate your perplexity.

You can shape, sharpen, and improve your knife with the push of a button, and it will also switch itself off after the sharpening cycle is over. You’d be surprised at how quickly and efficiently this machine works, since it can complete a sharpening cycle in just 90 seconds! Another interesting aspect of this sharpener that we like is the vacuum incorporated into the machine.

While sharpening your knives with different sharpeners, make sure you are far away from any food material since you do not want sharpening debris to contaminate your food. Yet, since this sharpener employs an inbuilt vacuum to suck in all the dirt, you may sharpen your knives anywhere while still knowing that your kitchen surface will be clean.

You may assume that a strong and sophisticated sharpener with all of these characteristics would be larger than the others, but the fact is quite the reverse. The first adjectives that spring to mind when looking at these sharpeners are elegant, small, and durable. This sharpener received the 2018 Innovation Prize for its design. While the sharpener is self-sufficient in producing the finest results in sharpening your blades, it also includes a ceramic honing rod to give you an added edge in tool maintenance.

If you’ve ever seen a cooking demonstration, you’ll notice that your favorite chefs sharpen their knives with a rod before they begin cooking. This procedure makes it easier to sharpen your knives and maintains the cutting edge clean and razor-sharp at all times. Angle instructions on the honing equipment will also give you the proper angle for honing your knife. Another slot on the ceramic rod is known as the MicroForge port. Passing your knife through this port will enable it to easily cut through soft fruits, cooked meat, bread crust, and other difficult-to-cut materials.


  • Instead of a fixed abrasive stone, it sharpens your knives using a flexible abrasive belt that spins.
  • It is quite versatile and can be used to sharpen many types of knives as well as scissors.
  • Besides from the belt, there is an angle guide to help you sharpen your knives at the proper angle.
  • It’s small, elegant, and portable.
  • It has a built-in vacuum to keep the sharpening debris off your counter.
  • After the sharpening cycle is over, it switches off.
  • It includes a free ceramic honing rod as well as a MicroForge port.


  • The pre-set angle is 17 degrees, and if you want to sharpen knives of other angles, you must purchase the installation separately.

Sharpening knives using an electric sharpener requires knowledge of basic technical ideas, which we will break down in the next part so you may have a thorough understanding of electric knife sharpeners before you go out and purchase one for yourself.

What is a Sharpening Angle? 

This word appears often in the product descriptions of numerous knife sharpeners. So what exactly does it mean? In layman’s words, this implies that the cutting edge of your knife has been constructed at a precise angle. This angle impacts the sharpness and durability of your knife. Since this angle varies from knife to knife, it is critical to sharpen your knife at an angle that matches the angle of your knife’s edge. This may be accomplished in a variety of ways.

If you are confused about this angle, you may utilize knife sharpeners that include an angle guide that will guide your knife as you sharpen it. This simplifies the procedure since you don’t have to estimate what the angle of your knife could be. A flexible angle guide is another excellent sort of angle guide. After the angle guide is set, you must be extremely cautious while sharpening the knife so that you do not apply too much pressure or move the knife in an unusual manner.

But, if the guide is flexible, it will guide your knife more efficiently and accurately. If you have more expertise using and maintaining various types of knives and would want to have control over the angle of sharpening, consider sharpeners with a dial that allows you to adjust the angle to the number that is most appropriate for the knife that you are sharpening.

You may have heard that the thinner the angle, the sharper the blade, and while this is partially true, the entire picture is not as simple as that, so if you want to know more about the sharpening angle and how it truly affects the performance and durability of your knife, it is better to have an in-depth knowledge about it before jumping to an easy conclusion.

Sharpening, grinding, and honing – Are they the same? 

Most electric knife sharpeners feature a two- or three-step operation, with distinct slots for each stage. You may be wondering why, and this section will explain why. While we may refer to sharpening as just mending the dull edges of knife blades, there are underlying components to sharpening. To begin, coarse abrasive material is used to remove dull and damaged sections of the blade, a process known as grinding. This is the initial stage in honing your tool. The honing process follows, which involves smoothing out the blades.

When the blade is ground in the first stage, materials are removed from it and a wire edge is generated, which is neither smooth nor durable. The second phase, honing, eliminates tiny imperfections and strengthens the edge, therefore the stone used in this process has a finer grit than the coarser grinding stone. To get professional-level sharpening results, a competent knife sharpener should have distinct slots for grinding and honing.

How often should a knife be sharpened? 

This is one of those queries that is often posed yet has no definitive solution. Calculating how frequently you should sharpen your knife is difficult due to the many elements that influence how often you should sharpen a certain knife. First and foremost, it is determined by how often you use the knife. If you use a knife regularly, you should hone it once a week. But, the second phase of sharpening, grinding, does not need to be done as often, and grinding your knife too regularly might actually take too much material off the blade and harm it.

A knife should be ground once or twice a year in general, although cleaning and honing may be done more regularly depending on your use. The reason for which you use the knife also influences how often it has to be sharpened. A knife used to cut hard materials, such as bones, will need more care than a knife used to cut softer materials. While it is difficult to tell if your knife needs honing or sharpening, there are simple techniques to tell if it is not sharp enough.

One of the simplest indicators is when your knife squishes anything soft, such as a tomato, rather than cleanly cutting through it, and another is to gently feel the blade with your thumb to check whether there are any burrs on the edge. While most of the technical features of electric knife sharpeners have been deconstructed for your convenience, the most crucial issue remains: how to pick the best electric knife sharpener. But don’t worry, the following part will answer that for you since we will explain some of the main aspects to assist you decide which sharpener is ideal for you.


Visiting to a sharpening business might be a costly and time-consuming alternative to having an electric knife sharpener. Having an electric knife sharpener at home is a simple method to properly care for your blades, and we hope that this post has cleared up any uncertainty on how to get one. You may definitely make a good choice now that you know the top electric knife sharpeners on the market. With an electric knife sharpener at your side, you will be able to enjoy a razor-sharp cutting experience that will undoubtedly enhance your culinary enjoyment.

Have fun sharpening!


Which is the best knife sharpener on the market?

The Wusthof Easy Edge Electric Sharpener is our top selection for best overall.

What do professionals use to sharpen knives?

“A sharpening stone, also known as a whetstone, is generally used by professional cooks to sharpen knives, razors, scrapers, and other tools.” He notes that “they may be constructed to need either water or oil for lubrication, which also helps to remove or wash away the metal that comes off the edge of the instruments during sharpening.”

What sharpener does Gordon Ramsay use?

Royal Doulton® Maze 9-Inch Sharpening Steel by Gordon Ramsay.

What is the best electric knife sharpener for pocket knives?

Top Choices
Work Sharp Culinary Knife & Tool Sharpener Ken Onion Edition is the best overall.
Presto EverSharp Electric Knife Sharpener is the best value.
Wüsthof Electric Knife Sharpener is the best beginner option.
Chef’sChoice 2000 Commercial Diamond Hone Electric Kitchen Knife Sharpener is the best professional-grade option.
Additional details…•August 9, 2022

Are electric knife sharpeners worth it?

Electric knife sharpeners are a simple and handy method to maintain your blades at home when sharpening day arrives. Manual sharpeners might be more slower and less powerful. Yet mastering whetstones, a favorite of many professional cooks, requires a lot of time, accuracy, and effort.

What is the name of the company approved knife sharpener?

AnySharp comes with a performance guarantee throughout the product’s operating lifespan (2 years). Apart for the changeable sharpening tools, the lifetime guarantee includes the whole sharpener. AnySharp is the most effective knife sharpener you will ever own. Guaranteed.

Do you push or pull when sharpening a knife?

Using your fingertips, press the place you wish to sharpen. Stroke the blade till it reaches the other edge of the whetstone while maintaining the angle and pressing the tip with your fingers, then bring the blade back until it hits the edge of the whetstone.

What is the best and fastest way to sharpen a knife?

You can sharpen your knives at home using an electric sharpener or a whetstone (also called a sharpening stone). Electric sharpeners take no work from you, but stones are often favored since they are softer on blades, less costly, and easier to use.

What knife sharpener does Ina Garten use?

Chef’s Choice Diamond Hone Professional Electric Knife Sharpener, third. Of course, any excellent knife necessitates the use of a decent knife sharpener! This heavy-duty, two-stage electric sharpener, recommended by Ina, will leave your knives sharper than when you initially got them.

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