The 14 Delicious Goat Cheese Substitutes

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If you are a cheese lover, you are well aware of how addictive goat cheese taste is. It’s a popular sort of cheese and a must-have if you’re planning on building a charcuterie board. Goat cheese is really versatile. It has a spreadable texture as well as a sour and acidic taste that goes well with everything. If you don’t like soft textured cheese, goat cheese may develop a crumbly taste as it matures.

Goat cheese is also known as chvre in France. This cheese is created from goat milk, as the name implies. It is available in a variety of forms. Here are some examples of the kinds available:

  • White Mold Goats Cheese
  • Chvre
  • Blue Cheese

If you are sensitive to cow milk cheeses, goat cheese is a perfect option in your dishes. It will provide a unique touch to your recipes and will undoubtedly elevate them to a whole new level.

The Best Goat Cheese Substitutes

The 14 Delicious Goat Cheese Substitutes

Cooking with cheese is always enjoyable. There’s something special about the flavors you’ll be able to produce with this item. Because of its smooth texture, goat cheese is undoubtedly one of your favorite varieties of cheese to work with. However, there may be occasions when it is just unavailable in your cupboard or, worse, at your local grocery shop! But don’t worry, there are goat cheese substitutions you may use when goat cheese is unavailable, or just to experiment with other tastes in your new dish!

Fromage Blanc

Those who like the softness of goat cheese but cannot obtain it locally can investigate Fromage Blanc. It is white in color and has a delicate texture that is simple to distribute. It can be worn with anything! It has a creamy texture and may be used to replace other cheeses such as goat and cream cheese. However, unless you live in cheese paradise, it is not the simplest option to find. However, if you come across Fromage Blanc at your local grocery and no goat cheese is available, you may surely purchase it and use it as a replacement in your dishes.

When storing fromage, remember to place it in a clean, sealed container and place it in the refrigerator. Your Fromage Blanc cheese may be kept correctly for up to a week.

Blue Cheese

Blue cheese is an excellent replacement for goat cheese since it is spreadable and simple to utilize. Blue cheese, on the other hand, has a stronger flavor than goat cheese. You should use this in moderation in your recipes so that you can better manage the taste of your food.

Because of the blue veins in the cheese, it has a distinct look. People think that blue cheese was created by accident when a drunk guy left his half-eaten bread inside a damp cheese cave. When he returned to the cave, he noticed that the mold that had grown on the bread had ultimately transformed regular cheese into blue cheese.

Blue cheese may be created from milk from a goat, a sheep, or a cow. This kind of cheese is made in six phases, which are as follows:

  • Acidification
  • Coagulation
  • Curds and whey
  • Salting
  • Shaping
  • Ripening

Feta Cheese

Feta cheese is another strong-flavored cheese that may be used in place of goat cheese. While it has a stronger flavor, it complements many dishes. It’s an excellent accent to bland salads and sandwiches. However, when compared to the other replacements on this list, feta cheese has a crumbly feel.

Feta is often offered in tiny chunks. It is created from sheep and goat milk, which offers it a modest health edge over other forms of cheese. Feta cheese is well-known for being high in healthy fats. So, if you want to provide something nutritious and unusual to your health-conscious guests, this cheese would be an excellent addition to your dish.

This sort of cheese is so popular in Greece that it accounts for 75% of the country’s cheese consumption. If you like the taste of this cheese over others, keeping it in the refrigerator will help it last longer. However, bear in mind that freezing feta cheese will cause it to lose its natural firmness and taste.

Ricotta Cheese

Ricotta cheese is a healthful alternative to goat cheese. This is often prepared from sheep milk, which has a low fat level. It tastes quite similar to goat cheese but has a slightly harder texture. Ricotta cheese is also strong in protein, so if you’re attempting to lose weight, incorporate it in your new diet.

Ricotta cheese is often used in recipes such as manicotti, lasagna, cassata calzone, cheesecake, ravioli, and pizza. Because of its gently sweet taste, ricotta is often used in Italian recipes.

Queso Añejo

Mexican cuisine is also noted for its use of cheese. This civilization was so fond of the flavor of cheese that they created their own Mexican quesos that would undoubtedly excite your taste buds. The Queso Aejo is one example of this.

Queso Aejo translates as “old cheese.” It’s an aged version of Queso Fresco prepared from whole milk. Queso aejo, on the other hand, has a crumbly texture that makes it unsuitable as a replacement for fresh goat cheese, but if you need a substitute for aged goat cheese, queso aejo is one of the cheeses to consider because of its excellent taste. Salads and other meals will taste better with a sprinkling of queso aejo. If you live in Mexico or have access to a Mexican market, queso aejo is an excellent replacement.

Cotija Cheese

Many people like the salty, pungent taste of Cotija cheese. You could be one of these foodies, but did you know it can also be used to replace goat cheese? While it has a different texture than goat cheese, it may still be used in salad recipes or other meals that call for a crumbly textured cheese.

Cotija cheese, which is comparable to parmesan, is also from Mexico. This cheese has a salty taste, so just use a little quantity in your recipes. When using this kind of cheese, be in mind that it will not melt when cooked and is best utilized as a topping cheese.

Manchego Cheese

Manchego cheese is a very unique cheese. It’s prepared from the milk of Manchega sheep. It comes from Spain and has a popular semi-hard consistency. It has an aged taste that becomes richer and deeper with age. When you slice a manchego cheese, you will smell dried herb fragrances in addition to its particular fruity and nutty taste. If you don’t require a replacement with the same texture as goat cheese, manchego cheese is a wonderful taste equivalent.


Mascarpone is another goat cheese replacement. This cheese has a creamy and delicate texture that may be used in both savory and sweet dishes, such as tiramisu. Although the cream cheese-like texture is softer than goat cheese, it is ideal for dishes that need this degree of softness.

The crucial thing to remember is that the tastes of mascarpone and goat cheese are extremely different. Mascarpone has a sweeter flavor, so if you don’t believe you can have much sweetness in your dish, you may want to contemplate using it as an alternative.

Cream Cheese

Cream cheese is perhaps the simplest goat cheese to obtain, particularly if you live in the United States. It’s creamy enough to work nicely in recipes that call for goat cheese. It’s a versatile ingredient, although you’ll usually find it in sweets. This also has more fat, so use less of it in your recipe. Cream cheese is very simple to prepare at home.

Queso Fresco

Queso Fresco isn’t the only Mexican cheese that works well as a replacement for goat cheese. Although it lacks the correct texture, queso fresco has a tangy flavor that may be used to replace goat cheese. The texture is similar to that of old goat cheese. In terms of availability, this replacement is not the easiest to come by. However, if you want to explore a bit, you may use this, particularly if it is available at the grocery shop.

Aside from goat cheese, queso fresco may be used in place of feta cheese. It pairs well with egg dishes, appetizers, and even desserts. Because of its somewhat crumbly texture, it may be used in a variety of cuisines.

Cottage Cheese

When you’re in a hurry to prepare your meals since your visitors are already on their way, having a simple and quick goat cheese alternative on hand is essential. Cottage cheese is the greatest option in this circumstance. While the texture may change somewhat from that of goat cheese, it is quite simple to make on your own. Blend your cottage cheese in a food processor until it’s nice and smooth. After mixing, place it in the fridge until it becomes firm enough to be used as a replacement for goat cheese.

This alternative is already suggested for individuals who like maintaining a healthy and fit body. Cottage cheese is low in fat and rich in protein, making it an ideal choice for health-conscious consumers.


It’s quite pleasant to be able to melt cheese. Camembert is a terrific item to add if you want the charm of melting cheese in your cuisine. It has a moderate taste and may provide color to your dish even if you don’t use goat cheese. The silky texture isn’t as smooth as camembert, but it’s still worth a try.

Tofu/Vegan Goat Cheese

Tofu is one of the ingredients that vegans swear by. The crumbly texture is reminiscent to goat cheese. It also works well as a substitute for feta and ricotta cheeses. If you don’t like plain tofu, you can use tofu chvre. Tofu is widely available, particularly in Asian nations. Furthermore, it offers several health advantages.


India has its own kind of cheese. Paneer is one among them. This is a traditional cheese found in Nepal, Pakistan, and India. Because the texture is similar to that of goat cheese, you may use it as a replacement without combining it in a food processor. You can produce Paneer at home, but the procedure is time-consuming, and it is more easy to purchase it in supermarkets.

The world of cheese is vast. There are several varieties to choose from. Each kind has its own taste, texture, and aroma. But they all have one thing in common: they all provide a unique taste to foods. When a food item contains cheese, it becomes more magical. One of the cheeses you can rely on in the kitchen is goat cheese. Its silky texture is quite delicious, and the taste is just enough to convince everyone to order a second dish of your cuisine. Even if goat cheese is already ideal for your recipe, you may still utilize the substitutions listed in this article.

Some of these options, such as Paneer, may be simpler to get, particularly if you reside in Mexico or India. Others are replacements that may not taste exactly like goat cheese but may be used to experiment with the flavor of your dish.


The 14 Delicious Goat Cheese Substitutes

What can be used as a substitute for goat cheese?

Instead of soft goat cheese (also known as chevre), use the same quantity of cream cheese or mascarpone cheese to get a comparable creamy texture. However, none has the tanginess of goat cheese, so if you want a little kick, soften the replacements with a little plain yogurt.

What cheese is equivalent to goat cheese?

You may use ricotta cheese or blue cheese as alternatives for goat cheese since they have a similar flavor and texture. Mascarpone and tofu cheese are two more options.

Can I substitute Parmesan for goat cheese?

Fresh goats cheese is tangier, creamier, and less salty than parmesan, but it will still bring some cheesy flavor to the dish. Because goat cheese does not melt as well as parmesan, it may not be suitable for use in cooked foods.

What can I use instead of goat cheese in a cheese ball?

Yes, you may use cream cheese instead of goat cheese, exactly like a cheeseball. I suppose cream cheese with freshly grated Parmesan would be delicious.

Are feta and goat cheese interchangeable?

The fundamental distinction between feta and goat cheese is the kind of milk used in each. While feta is mostly manufactured from sheep’s milk, goat cheese is predominantly created from goat’s milk. Nonetheless, feta and goat cheese are both white cheeses with a creamy texture.

Is Boursin cheese goat cheese?

Boursin is a soft, spreadable cow’s milk cheese that originated in Normandy, France.

What is goat cheese called in the grocery store?

The word “goat cheese” is sometimes used interchangeably with chèvre cheese, the fresh, rindless logs of goat cheese that can be found anywhere from the dairy section of your grocery store to artisanal cheese stores and farmers’ markets.

Is goat cheese similar to mozzarella?

(Style) Sterling Goat Milk Mozzarella Pasteurized milk is used to make cheese. While a touch drier than typical mozzarella, this stirred-curd cheese has a beautifully mild flavor and is ideal for cooking or eating.

Is there a goat cheese like cheddar?

A Cheddar-style cheese for fans of goat milk cheese. Our master cheesemaker created this cheese to have a soft creamy malleable body with a lovely mild goat milk taste.

Is goat cheese similar to ricotta?

Goat cheese: Fresh goat cheese may be used in place of ricotta. The key word here is “fresh.” Aged goat cheese will be considerably more hearty and robust in flavor. Sour cream: The textures are clearly distinct.

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