The 15 Best Pizza Peels for Better Pizza Baking

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Do you want to achieve the taste of restaurant pizza with a pizza peel? The pizza peel makes it easier to place the pizzas in the oven without burning your hand. For restaurants, there are peels with a long handle that may be easily placed on or removed from the hot oven. Nevertheless, the paddles come in a variety of sizes and cannot handle all pizza sizes.

Peel paddles are composed of aluminum, composite, or wood to fulfill various functions. The aluminum paddle is often used in restaurants because it uniformly distributes heat and may be kept in the oven to cook the pizza evenly. The bamboo wood pizza peel may be used as a chopping board or a pizza serving board. Therefore choose the finest pizza peel to bake the pizzas with wonderful tastes.

Best Selection

The Honey-Can-Do Pizza Peel is our top choice since it can accommodate extra-large pizzas and the metal paddle will assist to evenly cook the pizzas. Moreover, it includes a long wooden handle that will retain a pleasant grasp while resisting the heat of the oven. The handle is triple glued to the paddle to ensure the pizza peel’s stability.

Budget Selection

The Chef Pomodoro Pizza Peel is our top budget selection since it folds up and takes up less storage space. This pizza peel is constructed of wood and metal. The aluminum easily glides the pizzas into the oven, and the wooden handle aids in carrying the pizzas in and out. The large button on the handle straightens and folds the peel and may also be cleaned with your hands.

Aside from our best and budget pick, there are several other pizza peels that we thought would be great for anyone who is serious about making pizzas, and we present you with a quick comparison among these peels in the following section of our article so that you can assess each of them and find the one that is most suitable for you.

Product Dimension(L*W)inches Material Grade
Honey-Can-Do Pizza Peel 16×14 Aluminum A
Chef Pomodoro Pizza Peel 14×12 Aluminum A
Pizza Royale Bamboo Pizza Peel 19×12 Bamboo A-
New Star Foodservice Pizza Peel 14×12 Aluminum A-
Heritage Pizza Peel 22×14 Wood A
LX LERMX Pizza Peel 17×12 Bamboo B+
Checkered Chef Pizza Peel 13×9.5 Stainless steel A-
Frederica Trading Pizza Peel 11.5×11.5 Bamboo wood A
Ironwood Gourmet Pizza Peel 14×14 Wood A
Epicurean Pizza Peel 17×10 Composite B+
BF BILL.F Pizza Peel 16×12 Wood A-
TDHDIKE Premium Pizza Peel 14×12 Aluminum B+
SPLENDR Pizza Peel 14×12 Aluminum B
American Metalcraft pizza peel 18×16 Aluminum A-
Super Peel Pizza Peel 23×14 Composite resin B+


1. Honey-Can-Do Pizza Peel

If you are searching for a pizza peel that is simple to use and needs little maintenance, this is a wonderful pizza peel to consider. Since the paddle of this peel is composed of aluminum, it conducts heat more quickly and aids in the creation of a flawlessly crisp outside crust on your pizzas.

Aluminum paddles dry quicker and easier than wooden paddles, which need air drying. Aluminum is more robust than wood and lighter than steel, which makes it an excellent choice for pizza peels.

The peel’s handle is constructed of wood, which keeps it from heating up while the peel is in the oven, providing a pleasant grip and safeguarding your hand from burns. The handle is also 8 inches long, which allows you to reach portions of the oven’s inside that are too hot to reach with your hands. The paddle’s large surface gives you plenty of room to hold your pizzas, while the narrow sides make it simpler for the peel to glide beneath the pizza, retaining its smooth texture and form. The handle is slanted to provide a hinge point, making it simpler to move the peel and pick up the pizza with it.


  • The paddle part is made of aluminum which allows even spreading of heat and allows it to last long even with a low maintenance
  • The paddle has a large surface area for holding your pizza
  • The handle is made of wood which stays cool when the peel is in the oven, keeping your hand safe from heat and giving you a comfortable grip
  • The handle is angled to give you a hinge point, allowing you to control the peel easily
  • Aluminum peel is lighter than steel, making it a great material to be used by beginners


  • If you want a pizza peel with a more traditional appearance then a wooden pizza might be better
  • The handle does not have a hole for hanging the peel for drying purposes

2. Chef Pomodoro Pizza Peel

If you want a metallic pizza peel with a bit of elegance and aesthetics, this is a superb pizza peel that comprises of a robust aluminum paddle and a pine wood handle that will not fail you. Its peel has the extra benefit of being extremely lightweight, allowing even those with limited physical ability to use it with ease. The narrow sides of the aluminum paddle allow it to easily slip beneath pizzas, swoop the pizza up, and carry it into or out of the oven.

Since aluminum takes less upkeep than wood, it is a good baking utensil for someone who wants to spend less time cleaning up. Its pizza peel is distinguished by its exquisite wooden handle, which is attached to the paddle by a wooden knob. When the peel is not in use, the handle may be folded back onto the paddle by tightening the knob, saving a lot of room. When the pizza peel is needed, the handle may be straightened out and the knob utilized to tighten the handle into place. The handle also features a hole in the end through which you may hang the paddle if desired.


  • The paddle is made of aluminum which makes it a durable and an efficient pizza peel
  • The handle is made of pine wood which gives it an elegant appearance
  • The handle can be folded back onto the paddle when the peel is not being used, allowing it to be stored in a compact size
  • The paddle has very thin edges which makes it easier for you to slide it under your pizza
  • It is comparatively lightweight
  • The handle will stay cool during the baking process giving you a comfortable grip and protecting your hand from the heat


  • It has to be washed gently without using any harsh detergents
  • It is not dishwasher safe
  • If the wooden knob is not tightly screwed, the handle might be unstable when the pizza peel is in use

3.Pizza Peel Pizza Royale

This pizza peel demonstrates that amazing kitchen tools are the product of careful design, a genuine enthusiasm, and the resolve to develop a tool with previously unheard-of remarkable durability, user-friendliness, and attractiveness. The creators of Pizza Royale worked hard for a long time to discover the ideal material and design for this pizza peel.

The unusual material utilized to construct this pizza peel is bamboo, which prevents it from warping, splitting, or chipping. This implies that the surface of your pizza peel will be equally spread out and smooth for a long time, making this a very durable product.

Pizza peels may also be a breeding ground for germs due to their constant interaction with flour and water, but with bamboo’s anti-microbial characteristics, you and your family will be better protected against bacterial contamination. Since it is constructed of bamboo, it has the appearance of wood but is lighter than wood, making it simpler to lift and handle the peel according to your requirements. Unlike many other synthetic materials, bamboo has no negative effects on the food cooked on it and is also ecologically benign, providing you piece of mind that you are using a product that does not create ethical concerns.

Another important element that distinguishes this pizza peel from the competition is its design. It has a big enough surface area for comfortably creating pizzas while also fitting most household baking ovens. The ergonomically designed handle provides a stable, comfortable grip. The handle also includes a hole at one end for hanging the peel to dry. The peel’s edges have been tapered so that it can easily slip beneath the pizzas in the oven while also allowing the pizzas to glide off the peel and onto your plate. This peel is not only useful for managing pizzas in the oven, but it can also be used as a cutting board for cheese, bread, and other items, making it a multi-purpose kitchen tool.


  • It is made of bamboo which is a unique material with exceptional qualities
  • It is resistant against deformation due to humidity, being chipped or splintered
  • It has the aesthetic appearance of wood but is a lot lighter
  • It has a surface area that is large enough but is not too large so that it can fit home ovens
  • The handle is shaped to give you a comfortable and firm grip
  • Bamboo has antimicrobial properties and it is also eco-friendly which makes it a great product in ethical aspects
  • Its edges have been tapered so that it can easily slide under the pizzas and help you pick the pizza up from the baking stone


  • The handle is not too long so if you have a very big oven where you have to reach deep into the oven, then this might be too short for you

4. Pizza Peel from New Star Foodservice

A pizza peel is used to conveniently slip pizzas into the oven, and this pizza peel is composed of aluminum, which warms up quickly. The paddle distributes heat evenly, ensuring that the whole pizza is equally cooked. Since pizzas cook faster on this pizza peel, you may enjoy the crispy crust and juicy toppings of the pizza.

The handle is riveted to the blade to maintain balance when placing and removing pizzas from the oven. The handle is ergonomically shaped and composed of wood to offer a firm grip.

Because of the wood, the handle will not get hot, and it is not the oven that will allow you to remove the pizza without burning your hand. You may use this pizza peel to make bread, cupcakes, or muffins in addition to pizzas. Cleansing is simple since it quickly releases food and resists all types of odors and stains. Nevertheless, since the peel is not collapsible and has no hole on the handle to hang on the hook, storing it might be difficult.


  • The paddle is constructed with anodized aluminum to make it durable for regular use.
  • The blade is slim enough to easily slide the pizzas off the paddle.
  • The handle is made of wood to resist the heat from the aluminum blade.
  • The handle is 8 inches long which keeps your hand away from the heat.
  • The blade is triple riveted to the handle to provide stability while carrying the pizzas.


  • Food can get stuck if the flour is not sprinkled on the blade before placing the pizzas.
  • Takes a lot of space for storage as the pizza peel is not foldable.
  • Hanging hole on the handle is not designed to store easily.
  • The sharp edges can cut your hand for not being careful.

5. Heritage Pizza Peel

A pizza peel is one of those culinary equipment that may earn you praise and appreciation from your friends and family. As a result, you want it to be both a practical tool and a classic item that adds to the beauty of your kitchen design.

This pizza peel is one such item that will wow everybody who sees it proudly displayed on your kitchen wall. It is constructed of Acacia wood, which has a charming, polished look that has earned it a particular position in the creation of household furniture.

It is not only physically appealing, but it also feels smooth in your palm and is quite durable if properly cared for. This peel’s paddle is big enough to handle your handmade pizzas but not so huge that you can’t manage it easily. The thickness of the peel has been altered to be resistant to warping while being thin enough to flow easily beneath the pizza in the oven.

Since the handle is also constructed of acacia wood, it remains cool throughout the baking process, protecting your hand from the oven’s heat. The paddle’s edges are trimmed to guarantee that your pizzas are effortlessly scooped up from the pizza stone without fail.


  • It is made of acacia wood which gives it a smooth and elegant appearance
  • The paddle is large enough to fit your pizzas yet compact so that you can control it easily
  • The edges of the paddle have been tapered so that you can smoothly slide it under your pizza crust
  • The handle will stay cool when it is being used, ensuring that your hand are safe from the heat
  • The handle has a hole through which you can hang the peel on the kitchen wall
  • The thickness of the paddle has been carefully adjusted to prevent it from warping


  • Since it is made of wood, it requires proper maintenance for it to last a long time, for example, it has to be perfectly dried after use
  • Risk of burning your hands as the handle is not long.
  • The pizza peel can be heavy to carry as it is made of wood.

6. LX LERMX Pizza Peel

The LX LERMX pizza peel is a hardwood pizza peel with a sleek design that may be used to serve pizzas on. If you’re seeking for an environmentally friendly product, this may be it since no hazardous chemicals were utilized in its manufacture. It is 17 inches long by 12 inches broad and can bake a perfect-sized pizza for movie night.

This peel’s best characteristic is that it can be used for numerous purposes, such as a vegetable cutting board. The paddle is firm and steady on level surfaces, which aids in maintaining balance when chopping fruits and vegetables. You may also use this as a serving plate for pizzas or other munchies.

The handle contains a hole for hanging on a wall hook. Since the paddle is not as thin as other pizza peels, it may take some time to transfer heat adequately. But, the handle is too tiny to keep the pizza peel balanced. Hand washing with mild soap and warm water is required for cleaning.


  • This pizza peel is made from premium quality bamboo to prevent health hazards.
  • This pizza peel can be used as a chopping board as well as a serving board for cheese.
  • The handle is designed to provide a compatible grip while carrying.
  • 12 inches pizza can be baked on this paddle.
  • It will be easy to carry as the bamboo-made handle resists heat.


  • Will take time to bake the pizzas evenly as wood is not a good conductor of heat.
  • The handle is too short to put the pizza peels in the oven without feeling the heat.
  • Washing regularly with water can damage the pizza peel.

7. Checkered Chef Pizza Peel

If you are weary of caring for a wooden pizza peel that takes a lot of maintenance and are searching for a more lasting and heavy duty pizza peel, this could be the one for you. This pizza peel’s paddle is constructed of high-quality stainless steel, which is more durable than aluminum or wood and can be securely cleaned in a dishwasher, saving you the time and effort you would otherwise have to spend delicately hand-cleaning the peel.

Another feature that we like about this pizza peel is that its handle can be neatly folded back on the paddle section, providing for a compact method to store it when not in use. Pizza peels often have a long handle and, if not foldable, may take up a lot of room on your kitchen counter or drawer, making it a burdensome tool, which is not the case with this innovatively constructed pizza peel.

This peel’s handle also has a hole at one end, allowing you to hang it on the wall to dry if desired. The handle is wrapped in rubber to give you with a solid but comfortable grip while also ensuring that the handle stays cool throughout the baking process and keeps your hand safe from the heat.

As compared to wooden paddles, the edges of this steel pizza peel are significantly thinner, allowing it to slip smoothly beneath even the thinnest pizza dough without damaging the pizza. The strong handle and paddle are also linked at an angle, giving you more control over the movement of the pizza peel, making it simple for even a novice to cook wonderful pizzas.


  • It is made of stainless steel which makes it more durable and easy to maintain than wooden pizza peels
  • The handle can be folded back on the paddle which allows it to be stored in a very compact size
  • The edges of the paddle are very thin, which makes it easier to swoop up your pizzas
  • The handle is covered in rubber, which gives you a comfortable grip and stays cool during the baking process
  • The pizza peel can be safely washed in the dishwasher
  • The handle has a hole at its end for it to be hanged on the wall


  • It appears less elegant than a wooden pizza peel
  • Pizzas can get stuck if flour is not sprinkled on the paddle beforehand.

8. Frederica Trading Pizza Peel

If you’re just starting out in the kitchen, this pizza peel will come in handy since it can be used to create pizzas as well as bake cakes, bread, and other baked goods. It’s lightweight, and the paddle’s thickness keeps it from breaking when you’re producing great pizzas. You can simply construct a 12 inch pizza on it for your gathering and use the pizza peel as a serving dish.

The bamboo peel is made of wood and has a beautiful appearance. When not making pizzas, you may use it as a chopping board for fruits and vegetables since it is robust enough to withstand the strain. The whole pizza peel is 8 inches long and has a hole for hanging on the handle.

Additionally, the handle is ergonomically constructed to give a pleasant grasp while keeping the hands away from the flame. Since the food does not stay to the board, it can be easily cleaned with warm water and soap. But, since it is a wooden product, be care to dry it promptly after washing with a dry towel.


  • Frozen pizzas can easily be made on this peel as it is 11.5 inches.
  • Multi-functional pizza peel that can be used as a chopping board.
  • The paddle is .5 inches thick that will easily not break or bend.
  • The edges at the front of the paddle are made thin to easily transfer pizzas to other serving dishes.
  • The hanging hole on the handle helps in storing the pizza peel easily.
  • The pizza peel is made of wood and contains no toxic chemicals.
  • It is less than 2 pounds that can be carried by the children comfortably.


  • Only regular size can be accommodated on the pizza peel.
  • Hand washing the pizza peel with warm soapy water to keep it durable for a long time.
  • Unevenly cooked pizza is possible as wood is not a good conductor of heat.

9. Ironwood Gourmet Napoli Pizza Peel

Another excellent pizza peel made of responsibly sourced acacia wood. If you are concerned about food safety, you may use this pizza peel with total confidence since it has no harmful coating with synthetic components and has been treated with mineral oil that has been assessed as safe for use with food ingredients.

The mineral oil coating and high-quality acacia wood provide a smooth, polished surface on the paddle without making it greasy, ensuring that your pizza dough does not adhere to the surface and retains its smooth texture throughout the baking process.

Another thing we love about this pizza peel apart from its excellent materials is its design. The edges of this peel are gently sloped, which allows the pizza to be smoothly swooped up from the baking stone, without destroying it or causing it to fall off. The handle has been shaped ergonomically to allow you a comfortable grip which will help you in maneuvering the pizza peel in any way you want.


  • It is made of acacia wood which makes it appear elegant and traditional
  • The pizza peel has been coated only with health-friendly mineral oil and does not contain any synthetic or toxic chemical coating
  • The paddle has gently sloped edges, which makes it an ideal pizza peel to easily move your pizza in and out of the oven
  • The handle is contoured ergonomically to give you a comfortable grip
  • The handle has a hole at its end with which you can hang the pizza peel on the wall


  • The handle is comparatively short so if you want to reach very deep into your oven then this might not be the best pizza peel to use
  • Since it is made of wood, it requires high maintenance

10. Epicurean Pizza Peel

As you can see, this pizza peel is not like other pizza peels since it is constructed of composite. It comes in two distinct hues, and you may select which one you want. The nicest part about this peel is that it is light in weight and requires little maintenance. You can simply cook and serve 12 inch pizzas on this peel.

Moreover, it can withstand temperatures of up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit without warping. Its clean design suggests that it is ready to serve anything on the peel.

The edges are neatly tapered and may be cleaned in the dishwasher. Since it is not a nonstick peel, pizza or other food may get stuck; therefore, sprinkle some flour on the peel before placing the pizza. While it is not collapsible, the hole in the handle allows it to be mounted on the wall.


  • It is made of the composite to make it durable and lightweight.
  • It has the perfect thickness that will not warp easily due to heat.
  • It is black in color that makes it different from other pizza peels.
  • Can be used to serve pizzas as well as chop vegetables.
  • The pizza peel does not require high maintenance as it is dishwasher safe.
  • Huge hanging hole to store the peel on the wall.


  • The materials used for constructing it might not be non-toxic.
  • The peel needs to be prepared with flour before placing the pizza.

11. BF BILL.F Pizza Peel

This pizza peel by BF BILL.F has a distinct appearance due to its natural acacia wood design. Acacia wood is well-known for its durability and toughness, and this pizza peel has both of these qualities. It has a consistent thickness to ensure that the pizzas cook evenly. This pizza peel is unique in that it has arc edges that aid in sliding pies into the oven.

Moreover, it includes a hanging hole in the handle that allows you to effortlessly hang it on the wall without taking up any room. This pizza peel is ideal for cooking or heating pizza at home. This peel may also be used in restaurants to prepare and sell pizzas.

This wooden pizza peel, on the other hand, requires special attention to keep its appearance. To maintain it in excellent condition for a long period, hand wash it with soapy water and dry it quickly.


  • The pizza peel is made from acacia wood which is known for its strength and durable features.
  • It is a round-shaped peel where you can easily bake 10 to 12 inches pizza.
  • The edges of the peel are polished smooth that easily slides off the pizzas.
  • Natural wood prints on the feel provide a warm look when the food is served on it.
  • Can be used to cut veggies as well as serving dishes for various items.
  • Smooth handle to give a comfortable grip to carry the pizzas.
  • The handle has a hole to hang the peel easily on the wall.


  • Knife stains will be formed if used regularly as a chopping board.
  • Need to be hand washed and dried immediately to prevent damages.
  • Varnish of the peel can mix with the food when heated.

12. TDHDIKE Premium Pizza Peel

It might be difficult for pizza restaurant operators to cook and serve a big number of pizzas in a short period of time, but this pizza peel can assist. The paddle is constructed of metal and has tapered sides to help the pizzas slide easily. This pizza peel will make it easier to place many pizzas in the oven and remove them without getting them stuck.

This peel’s most appealing characteristic is its ease of folding. The large button facilitates folding the handle for storage in the cupboard. You may simply hang them on the wall if you don’t want to keep them in the cupboard. The hardwood handle is long enough to keep your hands apart.

Nevertheless, this pizza peel is not versatile, and if pizzas are cut on it, scratches form, damaging the peel. It is not dishwasher safe, and you must wash it by hand to remove any oil or remains on the peel.


  • Aluminum and wood are used to construct the pizza peel.
  • It can be fully folded for easy storage or can be hand with the leather rope attached to the handle.
  • The handle is made from oak trees to prevent getting hot in the oven.
  • A big metal helps to fold and unfold the pizza peel.
  • Uniform conduction of heat as aluminum heats quickly to cook the pizzas.
  • The handle is long enough to keep your hands safe from burning.


  • The pizza peel is not safe for the dishwasher.
  • The wood will get burnt if the peel is kept in the oven for a long time.
  • Flour needs to be sprinkled on the peel before placing the pizzas.
  • The peel can also be used for sliding and scrapping the pizzas in the oven.

13. SPLENDR Pizza Peel

The most important aspect of making pizzas is removing them from the oven at the proper moment to prevent them from burning. Splendr’s pizza peel is lightweight due to its aluminum construction. This pizza peel will not rust like wooden peels and is very simple to clean.

The ergonomically built and long handle allows you to place the pizzas in the oven without burning your hands. The peel’s folding design means it takes up less storage room.

The handle button aids in tightening and straightening the pizza peel. This peel, however, cannot be used to serve pizzas or munchies. Since it is constructed of aluminum, it is readily deformed by heat from constant usage.


  • The 14 inches paddle is made of aluminum and the handle is made of oak wood.
  • The edges of the pizza peel are tapered so that no one can get hurt.
  • The peel is foldable for storing or can be hanged on the wall with the leather cord.
  • Thickness is around 2 inches that easily slide the pizzas into the oven.
  • All the materials used on this pizza peel are food-graded elements that will create any health hazards.


  • Can not be used to serve pizza or as a chopping board.
  • The pizza peel needs to be hand washed for cleaning.

14. American Metalcraft pizza peel

Since it is 1816 inches long, the American Metalcraft pizza peel may be used to make extra-large pizzas. The metal paddle slips the pizzas smoothly into the oven, and the lengthened handle protects your hands from the heat. Aluminum is used to lighten the weight of the pizza peel.

To keep the pizza peel balanced, the handle is doubly riveted to the paddle. Nevertheless, it cannot be used for anything else, and the peel should not be left in the oven for too long. If the handle is left unattended for an extended period of time, it may catch fire. Cleaning with the dishwasher is not permitted, and dishes must be dried after washing.


  • The peel has a dimension of 18x 16 inches that makes extra-large pizzas.
  • The paddle is made from 14 gauge aluminum to make the pizzas without getting stuck.
  • The edges have tapered which helps in sliding the pizzas to the oven easily.
  • The handle is made of wood that resists the heat of the oven.


  • Hand wash is recommended by the brand for longer use.
  • Pizza cannot be sliced on the peel as the knife will leave some stains.
  • The peel is not foldable and can take a huge space for storage.

15. Super Peel Pizza Peel

This pizza peel differs from the others in that it includes a pastry cloth belt that allows the pizzas to slip effortlessly into the oven. To begin, the paddle is made of composite, and you must cover it with fabric before sliding the pizzas or pastries into the oven using a conveyor belt tool.

The pizza peel cannot be cooked in the same oven as the pizzas. The peel, on the other hand, comes in a huge size that can fit extra-sized pizzas. If you’re searching for a pizza peel for your kitchen, this may be the one. It’s simple to use and can be cleaned in the dishwasher. Even the peel is NSF certified, ensuring that there are no health risks.


  • It has a non-stick surface that slides the pizzas without sticking.
  • It is made of composite that has no risk of warping or splitting.
  • All the materials used for this pizza peel are food graded and NSF approved.
  • A hole is designed on the handle to easily hang it on the wall.
  • The pizza peel is safe for putting in the dishwasher.


  • Needs to assemble with the provided fabric before every use.
  • Cannot be used as a chopping board or serving dish for pizzas.

Now that you are familiar with the pizza peels that we thought were the best on the market, you may have found at least one that you liked and you may be getting ready to go and shop for mozzarella and pizza sauce, but before you do that, we will discuss a few important factors that must be considered so that you can make an informed decision on which pizza peel will be the perfect one for you.

Things to Consider When Purchasing a Pizza Peel

Are you looking for the peel so you can effortlessly slip the pizzas into the oven? Pizza peels come in a variety of sizes, so choose the one that meets all of your needs. If you are searching for a pizza peel for your house, choose one that can be utilized for several purposes. Also, quick cleaning of the peel is required since you do not want to lose time scraping the leftovers from the pizza peel.


Wood and metal are the most common materials used to make pizza peels. It is up to your personal choice and the qualities you want in your pizza peel to choose which material is ideal for you, since both wood and metal have advantages and disadvantages. Hardwood pizza peels are more visually appealing, elegant, and classic. What this implies is that you may serve your pizza to your visitors on the pizza peel without it being odd or improper, however in the case of a metallic peel, you may wish to move the pizza onto a more acceptable plate before serving it to the guests.

Unfortunately, they are hard maintenance and must be properly dried after washing. You must also clean them gently by hand, taking care not to use any strong detergents on the fragile wood. Metallic peels, such as those made of aluminum or steel, on the other hand, are simpler to use for novices since they have a very thin paddle and are easier to slip beneath your pizza. The metallic ones are also lighter than the wooden ones, making them more user-friendly and maneuverable instruments.


The design of the paddle is significant because it determines how simple it is to swoop up and transfer your pizzas to the oven. The form of the paddle may be separated into round and rectangular varieties, and you can choose which shape is best for you based on the size and shape of your oven and which shape you are most comfortable with. If you’re using a wooden peel, make sure the sides are tapered or angled to make it simpler to slip the paddle beneath the pizza.


When it comes to selecting the perfect pizza peel, the length of the handle is a crucial element that may help you limit down your selections. If the handle is too short, it will be difficult to reach the deepest areas of your oven, particularly if it is huge. A handle that is overly lengthy, on the other hand, will make it difficult to move about in your kitchen.

Another consideration is if the handle is foldable. Since the handle of a pizza peel takes up a lot of storage room, some pizza peels include handles that can be folded back into the paddle when the pizza peel is not in use, allowing it to be kept in a compact size.

Whether you choose a wooden or metallic pizza peel, the handle should be constructed of a material that stays cold throughout the cooking process, protecting your hand from the hot oven.


Since pizza peels come in various sizes, you should choose your pizza peels based on the size of the pizza you want to bake as well as the size of your oven. If a pizza peel is too little, it will not hold your pizza correctly, but if it is too huge, it may not even fit through the opening of the oven.

The peels have a foldable function.

Pizza peels are often lengthy and take up a lot of room in the cabinet. Brands are creating foldable peels in order to avoid space waste. Pizza peels that have been deceived are simple to store. A screw on the foldable pizza peels aids in folding and straightening the peels. In addition to the folding option, the handles include hanging holes so that they may be conveniently hung on the wall.


What kind of pizza peel is best for making pizza at home?

For usage at home, wooden pizza peels are preferable since they may be used as a serving dish. The peels of wood may be used as chopping boards. The pizza dough will not stick to the wooden peels.

Is it necessary to season pizza skins in order to keep the dough from sticking?

No, pizza skins do not need seasoning. Normally, the dough sticks to the metal pizza skins. To prevent these problems, dust the paddle with flour before laying the pizza.

Which size pizza peel would be most beneficial to me?

The size of the pizza peels is determined by their intended purpose. If you run a pizza shop, you will need huge size pizza peels to bake different sizes of pizzas. For the house, you may go for a 12 inch pizza peel so that the pizza can be placed inside the oven.


Pizza peels are needed to bake pizzas without burning your hands. You will feel the heat of the oven when arranging the pizzas, whether you are working at home or in a restaurant. Pizza peels, which have long handles, are used to put the pizzas in the oven to spare your hands. Some pizza peels include tiny handles that are suitable for making pizzas at home. Long-handled pizza peels are the finest option if you work in a restaurant.

Overall, wooden pizza peels may be utilized for a variety of reasons, and the dough does not become stuck easily. While aluminum peels cannot be reused and the dough becomes stuck if the flour is not dusted. Nevertheless, most metal pizza peels are foldable, which saves storage space. In this post, we discussed the characteristics in depth to assist you in selecting the finest pizza peel for your needs.

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