The 15 Best Stock Pots for Every Cooking Need

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When it comes to cooking, having the correct tools makes all the difference. Stockpots are one of the most diversified tools on the market, but many people aren’t sure how to choose the ideal one for their purposes. Instead of going through trial and error or attempting to figure out the intricacies on your own, have a look at our helpful guide of the top stockpots on the market today. The greatest stockpots will not only enhance your cuisine but will also facilitate the cooking process.

How To Choose the Best Stock Pot: There’s More to it Than You Think

The 15 Best Stock Pots for All of Your Cooking Needs

Those who have a decent stockpot or collection of stockpots in their kitchen have a certain amount of adaptability. Investing in a solid, dependable stockpot may transform the way you cook and enhance your kitchen in a variety of ways. A stockpot’s flexible shape makes it ideal for stocks, soups, and stews, but it can also be used for so much more.

The greatest stockpots may be used for anything from pasta to braising meat, so be sure to look at all of the design elements and select a stockpot that will provide you with all of the performance you want for years to come. Whether you’re a novice home chef or a seasoned expert, any of the stockpots on this list will meet your needs. The greatest part is that you just need one stockpot with the proper stockpot unless you want a range of sizes.

A stockpot is only as excellent as the features it offers. Continue reading to discover about the factors that will influence your selection while looking for the greatest stockpot for the money.

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Understanding Stock Pot Sizing: Your Primary Concern

There are a range of sizes available depending on how much you expect to cook or what you intend to use your stockpot for. The 8-12 quart capacity seems to work well for most people, however there are pots with lower and even much bigger capacities available. Some pots will be as large as 20 quarts, although those are typically reserved for commercial use, parties and events, and canning and jarring. Here are some pointers to assist you choose the right size for your stockpot if you want to make the most of it:

  1. Always purchase more than you need. While you may just need half of the pot to cook a delicious soup on a chilly winter day, you will want a bigger area to prepare the canned and jarred goods you have in mind. It’s never a good idea to be short on room, so go larger if you’re not sure.
  2. Consider the pot’s diameter and size, as well as its cooking capacity. If you have a small range top, you arent going to want a massive stockpot that takes up the entire space, for example. Fortunately, most of these pots have a modest footprint and will fit on any stove.
  3. The best rule of thumb is to estimate your needs and then purchase twice as much. Most people dont realize the capacity that they are actually talking about and therefore might purchase a pot thats too small without thinking. The appropriate size makes all the difference if you want the most varied range of usage.

Stockpot Materials

Because of the extended durations of cooking needed in stewing and preparing stocks, all stockpots should be made of superior materials that can endure prolonged exposure to low heat while still providing years of service. There are a few different options available with the stockpots on the market today, including those featured throughout the reviews. Stainless steel is the most popular finish, however additional alternatives are available.


Materials include stainless steel and premium aluminum. Stainless steel is the chosen material for stockpots, which are designed after several professional pots and cooking sets. This material maintains heat effectively and has a tough finish that will last for years.Stainless steel stockpots are the norm, and most include some aluminum in the bottom for uniform heating and reducing hot spots. The majority of pots are constructed of long-lasting 18

Anodized Aluminum

The anodized aluminum stockpot is another wonderful option that can be purchased in many consumer cookware manufacturers. This design is ideal for decreasing pot weight and providing a premium nonstick surface while yet providing premium heating and little reactivity. Choose clad aluminum pots, which are somewhat more costly but will provide enough of performance and durability. They also heat more evenly.

Safety and Other Features

When shopping for cookware, consider the safety features and extra components that provide you with the tools you need for effective, safe usage in any kitchen. Aside from size and material, here are some additional factors to consider when purchasing a high-quality stockpot.

Riveted Handles

Any stockpot worth its salt will have separate riveted handles. This provides simple handling and a long-lasting design that will last for years. It will also keep the handles cold and eliminate the need to worry about how to move your stockpot. This secure handle design is pretty typical on most stockpots, but if it is something you desire, make sure it is featured on yours. Always certain that the stockpot and its cover have riveted, secure handles that can withstand everything you hurl at them.

Cool-Touch Handles and Lids

The process of cooking in a stockpot is never rapid. As a result, you must ensure that you choose pots with cool-to-the-touch handles and lids. While this isn’t a deal-breaker since potholders and towels are available, it will make cooking safer and simpler for everyone. Consider the various models and the handles that are utilized on each. The majority of handles will be constructed of tough aluminum, stainless steel, or another metal.

Some of the stockpots on our list will include superior silicone or rubberized handles for a better grip and heat protection. Some include composite handles that are intended to make carrying easier.

Sturdy Base

Of course, a robust stockpot requires a firm, even-heating foundation. A stainless pot with an encapsulated aluminum base is the greatest option for reducing the possibility of hot spots and providing a robust surface that will not deform with time. Those who cook more regularly or want to invest in something a bit more durable may choose from all-clad versions, which are fairly priced for home chefs but provide professional-level cooking quality and a thick, even foundation.

You should never purchase basic aluminum stockpots or pans without a reinforced base since they are just not worth the money. At the absolute least, ensure that the base is constructed to handle prolonged heating, since stockpots are often used for items that are best cooked at low heat for an extended length of time. Choose a quality stockpot with a premium foundation for the best results.

Lids, Accessories, And More

Once you have the right stockpot, youll want to make sure that you have all of the other tools and accessories to cook up your best dishes. Most stockpots come with their own lid, which may be made of aluminum or glass. Many chefs like glass lids so they can view their food while it cooks, although this isn’t always necessary. When selecting a stockpot, consider what you want so that you acquire one with a suitable lid.

When it comes to the lid, you should think about whether you want one with a steam vent or not. Again, this is a personal taste, but most glass lids include a built-in steam vent to enable the pot to breathe and limit the possibility of overflow. Keep in mind that stockpots with metal lids are unlikely to have a venting function. This isn’t a necessary ingredient, although it may aid with the cooking process in a variety of ways.

Always look at a stockpot for its features and applications, not simply how nice it looks or because other people are purchasing it.

Accessories are Available

Many stockpots come with optional steamer inserts and other attachments that allow you to use them in a variety of ways in the kitchen. Not all pots come with additional tools or gadgets, but some do, and you should take advantage of this to get the most bang for your buck. Whether you are planning to use your stockpot for steaming, canning, soup making, or anything else, you should figure out how to maximize your efforts by taking the time to invest in accessories that will make cooking a breeze.

Top 15 Best Stock Pots

The 15 Best Stock Pots for All of Your Cooking Needs

Product Name Capacity
Material Weight
Item Dimensions
T-fal B36262 Stockpot 12.00 Aluminum 4.60 10 x 14 x 14 A
IMUSA USA L300-40314 Stock Pot 8.00 Stainless Steel 1.50 8 x 9 x 11.5 A
Cook N Home Quart Stockpot 8.00 Stainless Steel 4.39 12 x 10 x 8 A
Farberware 50005 Classic Stockpot with Lid 6.00 Stainless Steel 3.80 12.2 x 12.2 x 6.9 B
HOMICHEF Stock Pot 16.00 Stainless Steel 4.40 11 x 15.5 x 12.5 A
Farberware 16715 Stock Pot 10.50 Aluminum 5.17 16.88 x 12.25 x 8.75 A
Tramontina 80116/041DS Gourmet Stock Pot 8.00 Stainless Steel 4.44 12.75 x 9 x 9.75 A
Cook N Home Stockpot with Lid 8.00 Stainless Steel 3.30 13 x 7 x 10 A
Cooks Standard Stockpot 11.00 Stainless Steel 5.25 13 x 10 x 10 A
Rachael Ray Stockpot 12.00 Enamel, Steel 6.73 12.8 x 12.2 x 12.99 B
T-fal 2100092146 Stock Pot 8.00 Aluminum 4.10 10 x 12 x 12 B
Farberware 50008 Classic Stock Pot 12.00 Stainless Steel 4.70 4.75 x 9.75 x 10.75 A
Cuisinart 6466-26 Stockpot 12.00 Aluminum 7.90 14.41 x 10.75 x 10.35 B
Granite Ware Stock Pot 15.50 Steel, Ceramic 3.60 14 x 11.56 x 10.5 B
Farberware Stockpot with Lid 16 Enamel, Steel 5.95 15.5 x 12 x 13.5 A

1. T-fal B36262 Stockpot

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Highlighted Features

  • A 12 quart capacity lets you to cook a big amount of meals at once.
  • The nonstick coating simplifies cooking and cleaning.
  • Comes with a glass lid that has a vent hole

T-fal’s 12-quart stockpot is ideal for cooking a great amount of food in a short amount of time, making it ideal for parties, family gatherings, and special occasions. It is built of heavy-gauge aluminum, which conducts and retains heat more effectively than stainless steel stockpots. Furthermore, because to the high-quality materials, it can tolerate high temperatures without warping or burning the surface. You may even use this stockpot in the oven at temperatures lower than 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

The heat-resistant, ergonomic handles are incredibly robust and durable while providing a pleasant grip. The transparent glass top lets you to keep an eye on your meal without constantly raising the cover. Furthermore, the opening in the lid enables steam to travel through, preventing the boiling water from bubbling over. It also keeps your meal from being too mushy. The nonstick coating helps you to use less oil while also making cleaning easier. When it comes to cleaning, this stockpot is dishwasher safe.

What we liked: The broad, metal base helps the stockpot to transmit heat evenly over its cooking surface, making hot spots rare. Furthermore, this stockpot is suitable for both gas and electric cooktops.

What we didn’t like: Despite its towering construction, the stockpot is rather narrow. It may not be the ideal solution for those who are short.

2. IMUSA USA L300-40314 Stock Pot

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Highlighted Features

  • Metal riveted double-sided handles for simple handling
  • Designed for large-batch cooking
  • Includes matching stainless-steel lid

The IMUSA USA L300-40314 Stainless Steel Stock Pot with Lid has everything you need in a large but not overpowering stockpot. Whether you choose the comfort of riveted, robust handles that keep cool to the touch or the durability of stainless steel, this stockpot guarantees flawless performance every time. This stockpot has the perfect size for cooking a large batch of soups, stews, lobsters, corn on the cob, and lots more. This stockpot comes in helpful when cooking for a big group of people.

This stockpot is handcrafted in India, and the attached cover allows you to seal in flavors and cook up some delicious recipes. Furthermore, it is ready to use straight out of the packaging and just requires a fast wash in warm, soapy water before you begin cooking any of your favorite recipes. With an 8-quart capacity, this pot is also suitable for canning and jarring and is excellent for big amounts.

What we liked: The stockpot weighs about 1.5 pounds and features riveted handles that make it easy to transport from one location to another.

What we didn’t like: The stockpot’s thin walls make it seem fragile. Furthermore, numerous customers have reported that the stockpot rusts readily.

3. Cook N Home Quart Stockpot

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Highlighted Features

  • Durable 18-10 stainless steel construction
  • Includes tempered glass lid that is vented
  • Compatible with induction cooktops

This 8-quart stockpot has a large cooking capacity with an aluminum disc in the bottom for consistent heating and eliminating the possibility of hot spots. The mirror-polished stainless surface complements any kitchen, and the reinforced rim is suitable for the extended heating necessary for jarring, canning, and other tasks. This pot is suitable for use on all sorts of stovetops, including gas, electric, and induction stovetops such as glass and ceramic.

Cook N Home also sells this stockpot in 3-, 5-, 12-, and 20-quart sizes, making it simple to choose the right size for your requirements. However, many people find that the 8-quart capacity is more than enough for all of their cooking, canning, and other needs. The handles include rubber grips and are glued on for safety and a cool-to-the-touch surface. It is oven and dishwasher safe up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

What we liked: The vented glass lid lets steam to escape. This keeps your meal from becoming mushy.

What we didn’t like: Because the stockpot is rather large, it would most likely take up a lot of storage room. Furthermore, the bottom of the stockpot tends to discolor with repeated usage.

4. Farberware 50005 Classic Stockpot with Lid

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Highlighted Features

  • The 6-quart size provides enough of space for typical cooking requirements.
  • Because of the totally stainless base, it is induction-compatible.
  • Includes stainless-steel lid

This stockpot isn’t the most expensive on the market, but it has enough functionality to accomplish the job. This pot has a mirrored surface for a traditional style, as well as a robust construction and materials suited for uniform heating. It is also compatible with all kinds of cooktops. The comfortable handles are built of a long-lasting material that provides a firm grip for simple handling.

When you purchase this stockpot, Farberware will provide you with a lifetime guarantee. If anything goes wrong with your marijuana, you may contact them for a refund or replacement with almost no questions asked. This pot is oven-safe up to 350°F, making it ideal for all types of food preparation and cooking. It’s a simple stockpot, but it does the job well and consistently.

What we liked: The stockpot is dishwasher-safe, making cleanup fast and simple. Furthermore, it features a thick base that helps to transfer and absorb heat efficiently, keeping your meal warm for an extended amount of time.

What we didn’t like: There is no vent hole in the glass cover. The trapped steam may result in a mushy texture in the dish. Furthermore, when you remove the lid, hot water drops all over the surface. If you are not cautious, this might result in injury.

5. HOMICHEF Stock Pot

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Highlighted Features

  • It has a tight-fitting cover to keep tastes and heat in.
  • The 16-quart stockpot may be used to make stocks, stews, and other dishes.
  • The mirrored steel finish is as attractive as it is functional.

This commercial-grade stockpot is one of the more economical alternatives on the list, with a premium thick base that improves equal heat distribution and lowers the chance of hot spots regardless of the kind of cooking or canning you undertake. Because of the uniform heating, the nickel-free material is suitable for food usage and has a non-toxic finish. The pot also boasts a mirrored stainless-steel finish for a classic design, as well as a vented glass top for safety.

The Homichef stockpot weights 4.4 pounds, indicating that it is as strong as it seems and will provide years of service. It also has a three-ply structure for uniform heating at all temperatures and secure, heavy-duty riveted handles for safety and enhanced handling. You’ll also get a money-back guarantee and a one-month trial period for anybody who wants to try it out but isn’t completely convinced. Overall, this stockpot provides great quality and performance throughout its lifespan.

What we liked: You can use the stockpot on practically any sort of burner, including gas, electric, ceramic, induction, halogen, and even glass cooktops. Furthermore, the 16-quart size lets you to prepare a significant quantity of food in one batch, saving you time and energy.

What we didn’t like: If you use acidic ingredients like vinegar and tomatoes, the stockpot may get stained. Furthermore, it rusts pretty readily.

6. Farberware 16715 Stock Pot

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Highlighted Features

  • There are three color choices: aqua blue, black, and champagne silver.
  • Durable, heavy-duty construction ensures years of use.
  • A glass cap is included to lock in flavor and keep heat controlled.

If you want something more than a standard stainless-steel stockpot, this model could be for you. This 10.5-quart stockpot from Farberware is large enough for parties and celebrations while being manageable for regular usage. The nonstick coating is simple to clean and guarantees that your favorite meals cook evenly, whether you’re steaming lobster, cooking corn on the cob, or just preparing stews, soups, or chili.

This stockpot has a shatter-resistant glass top so you can keep an eye on your food as it cooks, and the sturdy handles provide a nice, cool-to-the-touch grip. Plus, the entire stockpot is dishwasher-safe and oven safe up to 350 degrees. Every purchase also comes with a quality warranty, providing you peace of mind that you’re getting a trustworthy stockpot.

What we liked: The stockpot features a nonstick coating on the cooking surface, which allows you to use less oil, butter, or grease while cooking meals. This enables healthier cooking habits.

What we didn’t like: The stockpot may be too large to fit in the dishwasher. Furthermore, there are no steam vents on the lid.

7. Tramontina 80116/041DS Gourmet Stock Pot

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Highlighted Features

  • Tri-Ply structure for long-lasting, uniform heating and cooking
  • Handles are riveted on and ergonomically designed for ease handling.
  • Oven-safe up to 500 degrees

For consistent heating and cooking, 10 stainless steel and an aluminum core are used. The mirror-polished surface also gives a traditional touch.This type is ideal for those looking for more from their stockpot. Tramontina is a well-known brand of consumer cookware, and this set is just one of their many excellent offerings. Magnetic stainless steel, 18 gauge steel, and nylon are used in the tri-ply structure.

This NSF-certified pot is one of the better options available since it can endure greater oven temperatures than other stockpots on the market. It also has a lifetime warranty and is guaranteed to function on all types of cooktops, including induction ranges. Even heat distribution, high-quality materials, and reasonable price make this medium-sized stockpot a must-have for any kitchen. This Gourmet Collection stockpot is ideal for both professionals and home cooks, and it is reasonably priced.

What we liked: The stockpot is oven-safe to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, so you may experiment with a variety of recipes. It also includes heat-resistant handles, so you won’t have to use potholders to move it from the cooktop to the kitchen countertop.

What we didnt like: The lid is not clear so you will need to lift it from time to time to monitor the progress of your food. This causes heat loss and causes your food to cook at a slower pace.

8. Cook N Home Stockpot with Lid

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Highlighted Features

  • Includes a vented glass cover to keep heat and taste in check.
  • Riveted handles offer durability
  • The 8-quart capacity is ideal for daily cooking, canning, and other tasks.

This stockpot is made from durable stainless steel with a mirror-polished finish that will provide as much in the way of looks as it does when it comes to performance. In addition, the pot contains an encased metal disc in the bottom to provide consistent heating, fewer hot spots, and other benefits. This pot is an excellent option for everyone since it is compatible with glass, ceramic, and other materials used in gas, electric, and induction cooktops.

This model has all you need if you want a basic stockpot that is also inexpensive. Although the lid is only certified to 350 degrees, it may be used in an oven up to 500 degrees. The multi-ply bottom will last for years, and the material has a robust, sturdy finish. This stockpot is available in a variety of sizes and is intended to nest together for simple storage. It also comes from a reputable brand and is backed by a quality warranty.

What we liked: The thick base allows the stockpot to heat up quickly and evenly. This helps you to prepare your meals in less time.

What we didn’t like: The stockpot lacks a scratch-resistant cooking surface. Furthermore, the cover is not entirely shatter-proof.

9. Cooks Standard Stockpot

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Highlighted Features

  • Features a reinforced rim with riveted handles
  • The large 11-quart capacity is great for canning, stewing, jarring, and other similar tasks.
  • Will work on induction cooktops

10 stainless steel with aluminum on the bottom for even heating and durable cooking, and the brushed finish offers a classic look that is also easy to clean. This large stockpot comes with a cover to seal in tastes, and both components can resist temperatures of up to 500 degrees in the oven.The Cooks Standard Professional Grade stockpot line has some of the most advanced features available in consumer-grade cookware. This pot is constructed of 18

our stockpot, like many of the pots on our list, is dishwasher safe, making it an excellent option for anybody looking for something that is as simple to clean as it is to use. The material is suitable for use on any cooktop, including glass and ceramic, and the tapered lip offers drip-free pouring for all of your requirements. This huge stockpot is great for parties, celebrations, large-batch cooking, and so much more, from stocks to steaming and everything in between.

What we liked: You’ll be able to cook acidic foods without destroying the stockpot’s texture or coating. Furthermore, when exposed to high temperatures, the bottom is unlikely to burn or deform.

What we didn’t like: You must dry the stockpot soon after cleaning it to avoid microscopic rust spots from appearing on the surface.

10. Rachael Ray Stockpot

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Highlighted Features

  • The smooth surface enables it to be compatible with induction stovetops
  • It may be used in the oven at temperatures lower than 450 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Large capacity for easy and stress-free cooking

If you want to enhance the aesthetics of your kitchen décor on a budget, this Rachael Ray stockpot is a must-have. The stainless steel surface is enamel-coated to provide a rich, glossy, marine blue surface that not only conducts and retains heat well but also looks attractive at all times. It may also be used as a serving dish. There is no need to move the meal to another plate; just serve it right from this pot.

The 12-quart capacity allows you to cook a variety of food in large batches so this stockpot will come in handy when you are cooking for a large group of people. You won’t have to worry about staining the pot since it has a stain-resistant cooking surface. This not only makes cleaning easy, but it also keeps your pot looking as good as new in the long run. The loop handles enable you to gently wrap your fingers around them when transporting the stockpot from one location to another. Furthermore, the lid fits well and helps to trap heat and moisture, preserving the food’s juiciness and tastes.

What we liked: The stockpot features a nonstick coating, which enables you to cook with less oil, butter, or grease. Moreover, the non-stick coating does not contain any PFOA which makes it safe for consumption.

What we didn’t like: Because the stockpot weighs 6.73 pounds, it is likely to become much heavier when loaded with liquids or solid meals. Removing the external sticker is a tough and time-consuming task.

11. T-fal 2100092146 Stock Pot

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Highlighted Features

  • From T-fal, a leader in consumer cookware
  • For busy home chefs, the dishwasher-safe design is excellent.
  • Heavy-gauge metal transmits heat evenly and is long-lasting.

The T-fal 8-quart stockpot has the brand’s renowned nonstick coating on both the inner and outside, making it simple to clean and even easier to cook, whatever you’re cooking. You’ll also like the silicone handles, which are cool to the touch and have an ergonomic shape for ease of usage. The pot may be used in the oven at temperatures lower than 350 degrees Fahrenheit and can be washed in the dishwasher to save time and effort.

Along with this stockpot, youll receive a tempered glass cover with a steam vent and a silicone grip for safety. The bottom of the pot is engineered to prevent warping and avoid hot spots, ensuring that it will last a long time. Plus, it comes with a warranty from T-fal to give you even more peace of mind in your purchase.

What we liked: The handles remain cool throughout the cooking process. Furthermore, the riveted handles give a secure grip.

What we didn’t like: Because the stockpot has a ridged bottom, it cannot be used on induction cooktops. Furthermore, when you use the stockpot in the dishwasher, the nonstick coating tends to crack.

12. Farberware 50008 Classic Stock Pot

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Highlighted Features

  • Includes full-cap base for even heating
  • 12-quart capacity offers plenty of cooking space
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty from Farberware

The Farberware Classic Stainless-Steel Stockpot has 12 quarts of cooking capacity and is ideal for stews, soups, meats, canning and jarring, and more. It may also be used to cook chili, lobster, pasta, and steam vegetables. The consistent heating base eliminates hot spots, and the sturdy stainless-steel construction will last years of usage.

This oven-proof stockpot can withstand temperatures of up to 350°F and is dishwasher safe, making it simple to clean even if you don’t have time to wash pots. The stainless-steel stockpot comes with a matching cover and a broad rim for smooth heating. It also comes from a reputed brand and comes with a lifetime guarantee for further piece of mind.

What we liked: The stockpot has a mirror-like appearance that would look great in any kitchen. Furthermore, the stainless steel design prevents rust and corrosion. Because the handles are welded in, they are unlikely to come free after repeated usage.

What we didn’t like: The stockpot lacks a scratch-resistant cooking surface. To remove the factory wrapping, give the stockpot a good wash before using it for the first time.

13. Cuisinart 6466-26 Stockpot

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Highlighted Features

  • This stockpot stands out from the crowd thanks to its distinctive black appearance.
  • The hard-anodized aluminum core is intended to transmit heat fast.
  • Riveted handles provide a strong, temperature-safe grip.

This stockpot is made by Cuisinart, a leading manufacturer of kitchen appliances and cookware, and it has a distinctive design for those searching for something a bit unusual. It is composed of sturdy metal to minimize hot spots and has a nonstick inside for simple cleaning and to keep food from sticking. Although it is not compatible with induction cooktops, it may be used on gas burners and ceramic stovetops.

If you’re searching for something distinctive, this innovative stockpot has 12 quarts of capacity and incorporates a glass top that allows you to keep heat in while keeping an eye on your food. It can withstand temperatures of up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit in the oven and is safe to store in the freezer or refrigerator. The curved rim allows for simple pouring without drips, and the glass lid is tempered for safety and long-lasting usage. It also features an elegant design that is sure to turn heads in the kitchen.

What we liked: The handles are exceptionally strong and stay cool throughout the cooking process.

What we didn’t like: The stockpot weights 7.8 pounds, so you may need some help getting it off the fire. Furthermore, while the lid can resist temperatures of up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit, it cannot be used in the oven.

14. Granite Ware Stock Pot

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Highlighted Features

  • There is no PFOA or other harmful chemicals in the nonstick coating.
  • It is compatible with induction cooktops
  • Lightweight and allows for even heat distribution

If youre looking for a sturdy and durable stockpot that can be used to cook big batches of chili, stew, steamed seafood, pasta, meatballs, and other such food, then this one from Granite Ware might be a good investment. This stockpot offers a large capacity of 15.5 quarts so it is suitable for both domestic and commercial use. The black surface and inside absorb heat rapidly, allowing your food to cook evenly and within the time frame specified. It is compatible with all kinds of cooktops, making cooking more convenient. It may also be used in the oven.

The stockpot is composed of low carbon steel, making it more durable than stockpots made of other comparable materials such as stainless steel. After that, the low carbon steel is coated with glass to prevent it from interacting with food and other components. The handles are molded in, so you won’t have to worry about them going loose, and the dimpled top keeps your food wet and delicate.

What we liked: The stockpot is dishwasher-safe, making cleanup a breeze. You should be able to effortlessly prepare soup or other meals for 15-20 people.

What we didn’t like: The stockpot lacks heat-resistant handles, so you’ll need to use gloves or potholders to remove it from the burner or oven. It is quite bulky so be sure to have storage space before getting it.

15. Farberware Stockpot with Lid

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Highlighted Features

  • Loop handles provide solid support
  • Safe to use in the oven at a temperature below 400 Fahrenheit
  • The beautiful blue exterior elevates your cookware collection.

If you can’t seem to locate a high-quality stockpot that is ideal for batch cooking, consider purchasing the Farberware Stockpot. With a huge cooking surface of 16 quarts, this stockpot can cook a significant quantity of food in a single cooking session. Its loop handles are welded in which allows you to carry it easily. It also has a domed cover, which helps to trap heat and keep moisture in food.

The outside and lid are painted with solid blue enamel, while the inside is coated with cream enamel. The enamel covering protects the stockpot from severe stains, making cleaning much easier. You just need to wash the pot with warm, soapy water and you’re ready to go. The stockpot’s strong steel design allows it to retain and transmit heat evenly throughout the cooking surface. It can also tolerate high temperatures without warping or denting.

What we liked: The stockpot has a width of 11 inches and a height of 8.5 inches so you will be able to include a large quantity of seafood, poultry, or vegetables easily.

What we didn’t like: It doesn’t have a nonstick surface, so you’ll need to use a lot of oil, butter, or grease before cooking. Furthermore, it is not dishwasher safe.

The Many Uses of Stockpots

A stockpot is a great addition to any kitchen, offering a great deal of versatility and countless cooking options. While other pots and pans have limitations, the stockpot enables you to cook, can, and accomplish a lot more than you may think. Furthermore, the variety of sizes offered ensures that there is something for everyone. The following are some of the most typical applications for stockpots.


Stockpots are generally used for long-term, low-temperature cooking. This is what makes them great for creating stews and soups, whether those are beef, chicken, seafood, or even vegetable-based. Stews and soups are always best cooked in large batches, and whether you’re serving a large family or just preparing a huge quantity to store for later, having a quality, large-capacity stockpot may make all the difference.


Of course, you can’t discuss stockpots without mentioning their propensity to steam just about everything. When it comes to steaming in the kitchen, the correct stockpot and accessories may be your greatest friend, from lobster boils to corn on the cob and even tamales. You can steam vegetables, meats, and a variety of other foods in your stockpot, and with various steam trays and other inserts, it may become your most used kitchen item.

Canning and Jarring

Stockpots with capacities of up to 20 quarts are available for industrial and large-scale cooking, but these larger pots are also suitable for jarring and canning. Many individuals are returning to gardening and gathering fruits and vegetables at home. You can only utilize so many of these foods fresh, so you may need to perform some jarring and canning to get rid of the excess food and prevent it from going to waste. With the right stockpot, you may quickly and easily jar or can any items you choose.

Lobster and Seafood Boils

A large stockpot is essential for people who wish to enjoy a traditional lobster or crawfish boil. Seafood enthusiasts appreciate gathering together for a large supper when there is enough to go around in coastal places and even inland. Furthermore, these stockpots come in so many various sizes that you may select one for regular cooking or a bigger model for parties and entertaining.

Benefits of a Proper Stockpot

There are several advantages to having one of the greatest stockpots available today. Of course, no matter which model you choose, youll find that it delivers plenty of versatile performance and gives you the chance to get more out of your cooking than you might have expected. If you’re still not convinced about the benefits of keeping a stockpot on hand, consider the following:

  • Stockpots are useful. You may use this one pot for all of your culinary requirements, saving you the effort of purchasing several components.
  • They can be purchased in sizes ranging from six to 20 quarts, with plenty of sizes available in between, giving you a useful tool thats perfectly sized for all of your cooking needs.
  • Having a stockpot allows you to cook more, be more creative in the kitchen, and organize more successful parties and gatherings.


How do I make the non-stick coating last for a long time?

If you want to extend the life of your nonstick coating, start by replacing metal spatulas and tongs with wooden or silicone ones. Maintaining a low or medium heat setting may also be beneficial, since excessive heat may quickly ruin the nonstick coating on the cooking surface.

How can I fix a scorched stockpot?

A burnt stockpot may be repaired in a variety of ways. You might begin by heating a solution of vinegar and water in the saucepan, then drain it fully before adding baking soda. You might clean the scorched places with a gentle sponge. On the other hand, salt and dish detergent also make a great combo when trying to clean a scorched stockpot. You might also try adding lemon juice to restore the pot’s luster.


Stockpots contain a plethora of useful characteristics that make them ideal cookware. The huge capacity and sturdy construction enable you to experiment with various recipes in the comfort of your own home. The greatest stockpots give outstanding service, allowing you to enjoy your culinary experience every time, whether you are boiling lobsters or creating soup.

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