The 15 Greatest Spice Racks to Organize Your Kitchen

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Have you ever gone through your whole kitchen cupboard looking for a certain spice? It is usual to have to look for the spice jars if they are not well organized. A spice rack organizes your spices so that you can readily reach them without making a mess in your kitchen.

Not all of the spice jars, however, fit on the spice racks. Some racks include spice jars, which makes it easier to locate jars that will fit the rack. Some spice racks are made to suit standard-sized jars. There are several alternatives for selecting the ideal spice rack to complement the style of your kitchen.


Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Spice Racks

The Many Types of Spice Racks

The reality is that it would be almost difficult to include every kind of spice rack available here, but we can provide you with information on the most popular ones. The types listed below are among the most popular on the market.

  • Spice Racks for Cabinet Doors This kind of spice rack is attached to the inside of your kitchen cabinet doors. One of the most significant advantages of this solution is that it saves wall and counter space. It does, however, keep your spices concealed and out of sight of your visitors.
  • Spice Racks for Drawers These spice racks are made to fit within your drawers, which has the same disadvantage as a cabinet door spice rack in that most people would never see it. It may, however, be an excellent solution for someone who does not want to place a rack on the wall and wishes to keep their spices hidden away.
  • Spice Racks with Magnetic Boards They are available in two styles: countertop and wall-mounted. Fundamentally, the spice jars are paired with magnetic bases. Since the jars and bases may be held on any magnetic surface, you have a lot of options.
  • Spice Racks with Drawers One of the most significant advantages of a pull-down spice rack is that you can keep your spices hidden away when you wish, but when it comes time to utilize them, the procedure is simple. Several of these racks allow you to identify the spices so you can simply find what you wish to use.
  • Spice Racks on Their Own Another popular option is the solitary rack, which may be seen in both residential and commercial kitchens. They are available in a variety of styles, but are designed to be sturdy while placed on a counter or other surface.
  • Spice Racks that hang on the wall If you have a dearth of room in the kitchen, this spice rack is for you. It features a basic design that enables you to put the rack on the wall in an accessible location. This eliminates the need to take up valuable counter space.

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Materials Used in Construction

The majority of spice racks are composed of plastic, metal, or wood. Steel with some form of finish is the most prevalent metal. Steel is a popular option since it is very sturdy and can hold a large number of spice jars without bending or breaking under strain.

Wood is another option, particularly as it can be coordinated with other kitchen furnishings. There are also plastic spice racks available, although they are less common. Nonetheless, many of the solutions supplied are durable and look wonderful in the kitchen.

The Capacity Level of the Spice Rack

Another item to consider is how many bottles or jars a rack can hold without spilling. The fact is that these racks come in a variety of sizes, with one holding a handful of tiny jars and another holding dozens of spice jars, soup cans, or jelly jars. What matters most here is that the rack you purchase has adequate room for you to arrange all of your spices.

Deciding Whether You Need Spices Included

Spice racks may include everything you need, including the jars for the spices and the spices that go within them. In certain circumstances, all you get is a rack. None of these solutions is superior than the other, but you should analyze your requirements and utilize that to choose which option is best for your kitchen.

Prefilled spices are great for those who simply need the most common spices, but they may not be beneficial for people who already have jars and spices and only need a rack. If you decide to use prefilled spice jars with your rack, keep in mind that certain companies will even provide free refills for a set number of months or years after purchase. This may save you money in the long term.

Top 15 Best Spice Racks

Product Number of jars Grade
Kamenstein Revolving Spice Tower 20 A
Talented Kitchen Spice Tin Set 12 A
DecoBros Spice Rack 9-15 A-
Spectrum Diversified Spice Rack 12-15 B+
DecoBros Spice Stand 18 A
DecoBros Spice Rack Shelf Organizer 12-15 B+
Belwares Spice Rack Organizer 12 A
Sorbus Spice Rack and Multi-purpose Organizer More than 20 A-
EZOWare Countertop Rack 18-20 B
YouCopia Spice Rack 24 B
HOLDN’ STORAGE Spice Rack Organizer 30-40 B+
MyGift Spice Organizer 30-40 A-
AllSpice Wooden Spice Rack 30 A
Vertical Spice – Spice Rack 30 A-
SWOMMOLY Spice Rack Organizer 18 A-

1. Kamenstein Revolving Spice Towers

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Highlighted Features

  • This spice rack comfortably accommodates 20 jars of spices.
  • Since the rack can be rotated 360 degrees, the jars are easy to reach from any angle.
  • The jars are labeled so that you can simply choose the appropriate spice without having to open each one.
  • As part of the spice tower bundle, the jars are filled with different spices.
  • The jars’ sifter tops make it easier to pour the desired quantity of spices.
  • This silver stainless steel rack is simple to install on the kitchen countertop.

The spice tower rack can accommodate 20 spice jars and revolves to make storing more convenient and compact. You can conserve space while keeping your spices close at hand. Then there are the complimentary spice jars with sifter lids. You’ll receive basil, marjoram, garlic salt, coriander, rosemary, oregano, and more herbs and spices.

It also comes with a 5-year spice refill warranty. When someone buys the Kameinstein 20 Jars Rotating Spice Towers, they automatically have access to this feature. On the inner top flap of the box, there are instructions on how to receive and use this. Thus, if you’re looking for a spice rack organizer and want to add additional spices to your collection, this product is a perfect place to start.

2. Talented Kitchen Spice Tin Set 

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Highlighted Features

  • It comes with a set of 12 jars, each of which can hold 3 ounces of contents.
  • The spice containers include magnets to help you keep them organized.
  • For your convenience, two kinds of label sheets are provided to designate the tins.
  • The translucent lids provide a sift and pour function.
  • In the refrigerator, the spice jars may be used to keep spices or liquid.

This Talented Kitchen set comes with 12 magnetic metal tins, two different styles of spice labels, and a kitchen conversion chart. The magnetic tins remain firmly in place, making them simple to use and store. These are circular storage containers with transparent top lids and sift-pour pouring for simple identification and pouring.

The spice label stickers are water resistant. There are 113 clear spice labels and 126 chalkboard spice labels among them. The 113 clear spice labels are made of clear PVC glossy material and include 96 pre-printed most popular spice names (black letters on transparent backdrop) and 17 blank stickers. The 125 blackboard spice labels are made of black chalkboard vinyl and are split into six numbers, 96 pre-printed most popular spice names (white letters on black backdrop), and 18 blank stickers for you to create your own.

It also includes additional kitchen measuring conversion charts for your convenience. When you’re cooking and short on time, there’s no need to look up measures online. This product is well-designed in terms of cost effectiveness. The 12-pack magnetic spice bundle might help you organize your spices.

3. DecoBros Spice Rack 

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Highlighted Features

  • It is a spice rack that hangs on the wall to save room on your countertop.
  • Depending on their size, you can store 9 to 15 jars.
  • It is made of steel, which makes it strong enough to keep the jars balanced.
  • Screws and anchors are included with the rack.
  • It is a multi-purpose rack that may be used to store spice, jelly, or other food jars.

If you don’t have a lot of room in your home and want to make use of your walls, DecoBros’ wall mounted spice rack may be for you. The spice rack is composed of strong and high-quality steel wire. It is a trendy multi-purpose spice rack with a three-tiered level shelf that can hold your misplaced spices.

This rack may hold spice bottles, jelly jars, and even your nail polish collection. Nevertheless, if you have a huge collection of these items, this product may not be large enough to fit them all. You may need more than one to store everything. I’ve seen ideas online where someone set up 2 to 4 of these racks to alleviate that problem.

The DecoBros 3 Tier Wall Mounted Spice Rack may be used for almost anything. Nevertheless, to prevent bending or falling, do not place large or heavy goods on this rack. Of course, this was built to last, and you can avoid the possibility of it toppling if you properly place it on the wall, but don’t put anything heavy on it.

4. Spectrum Diversified Spice Rack 

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Highlighted Features

  • This steel-made spice rack has three layers for storing all of your spices in one spot.
  • This wall-mounted rack has curved boundaries that provide a contemporary touch to your kitchen.
  • It may be wall-mounted or placed on a countertop.
  • The spice rack’s four rubberized feet keep it balanced.
  • A stick duster aids in cleaning the rack.

This Spectrum Countertop 3 Tier Spice Rack serves several functions. Organize your spice bottles, nail polish, art jars, prescription bottles, and other tiny goods. It is intended as a three-tier rack with numerous levels of shelving, although it is also available as a two-tier rack.

While the product name implies that it is for the countertop, it may also be mounted to the wall. It also comes with the mounting hardware you’ll need to hang it on the wall if you choose. You may store your spices within easy sight and reach.

Spectrum has always provided unique designs and innovative storage and organizing solutions. They provide all unique designs that are copyright, trademark, and intellectual property protected. Thus you can only find these designs under their brand, and if you like it, you should think about it.

5. DecoBros Spice Stand

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Highlighted Features

  • 18 bottles of spices are given along with the 3 layer rack.
  • It is a countertop spice rack that helps to keep your kitchen organized.
  • The rack is composed of high-quality stainless steel with a rust-resistant chrome finish.
  • The glass jars may be simply labeled with the accompanying ingredient-named stickers.
  • The jars are equipped with sifters to prevent extra substances from leaking.
  • The jars’ airtight lids keep the ingredients fresh and tasty.

If you purchase spices in bulk, you may save a lot of money. Most spices are also available in repackaged forms in plastic pouches. You may select one or the other and still save money, but this arrangement necessitates the purchase of storage bottles and jars to keep them safe. If you like this arrangement, the DecoBros Spice Rack Stand Holder could be just what you’re looking for.

This DecoBros product, unlike the previous one, is truly built as a spice bottle holder. This item is a set that contains a spice rack, 18 spice bottles, and 48 spice labels. The spice rack is intended to suit the accompanying bottles and has three sections that each contain six bottles.

The spice bottles, on the other hand, are fashioned of a transparent glass jar with a shining cover. This enables you to look right through the spice’s contents for simple identification. Each container also has a detachable plastic cover with perforations that functions as a spice shaker.

6. DecoBros Spice Rack Shelf Organizer 

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Highlighted Features

  • It is created in the form of a staircase that may be enlarged as well as divided.
  • The rack does not take up much room since it can be reduced and stretched as needed.
  • It is simple to use on the tabletop or within the cabinet.
  • Since it is essentially a long flat surface, it is easier to clean and maintain.
  • It may be used to organize wine bottles, jelly jars, fragrances, and other items.

DecoBros is a well-known company when it comes to spice racks, which is why this is the third one on our list. This one, unlike the preceding two, has two pieces: a big and a medium shelf that can be enlarged and split for usage. It seems to be a stair step rack that may be used for more than simply spices.

The DecoBros 3 Tier Expandable Cabinet Spice Rack Step Shelf Organizer may also be used to store canned goods, wine and liquor bottles, jars, fragrances, and cosmetics. It has ample room to hold the bulky items. It also includes two strong metal chrome frames that help to sustain the whole construction.

That is an absolutely fantastic tool. If you don’t enjoy hanging racks on walls or putting together a tiny cabinet, this product can be for you. Consider adding it to your kitchen to help you organize all of your spices.

7. Belwares Spice Rack Organizer 

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Highlighted Features

  • This two-tier spice rack can hold 12 different spice jars.
  • This revolving spice rack comes with spice jars.
  • To avoid corrosion, high grade stainless steel is employed in the organizer’s construction.
  • The jars are thickly formed of crystal transparent glass, which aids in the selection of the appropriate spice when needed.

Buying a rack and spice jars separately might be perplexing since it is difficult to decide which shape will suit the rack. Spice glass jars that suit the Belwares Spice Rack Organizer are included. The herbs and spices are plainly visible, and the steel lid keeps the items fresh.

It might be the greatest spice rack for the pantry since it spins smoothly and keeps the spice jars within reach. Since it is two-tiered, it saves a lot of room in your kitchen and keeps your spices organized. Also, the jars may be cleaned in the dishwasher.

Moreover, the jar lids have three different settings where you may sprinkle the appropriate quantity of spices. The lids are particularly intended to remove salt, big grains of oregano, or crushed pepper flakes without opening the whole lid.

8. Sorbus Spice Rack 

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  • The four tiered racks can hold all of your kitchen’s supplies while maintaining a neat appearance.
  • Since it is a wall-mounted rack, it eliminates the need for extra counter space.
  • The spice rack comes with the hardware needed to place it on the wall.
  • The rack features a traditional design made of robust steel that will suit your kitchen’s décor.
  • It may be used to store various items such as electronics, cosmetics, crafts, and so on.

With this device, you can eliminate clutter while also saving counter and cabinet space. You may also save time by eliminating the need to look for the ones you need. With a rack like Sorbus, you may easily locate the products you want and then elegantly organize them.

This spice rack will liven up your kitchen and go with any decor. The Sorbus Spice Rack and Multi-purpose Organizer is constructed of traditional rural rustic chicken wire and high-quality steel with a black polish finish. It includes a four-tiered shelf where you may store spices, ordinary home supplies, and other stuff. It is ideal for use as kitchen and bathroom storage and converts the area into a visually appealing décor.

As long as the surfaces are level, it is simple to install on most walls and the insides of various storage cabinets. The device was created to be easily placed so that you may store your spices and other stuff close at hand. If you like the notion of using shelves and racks instead of counters, this is a wonderful place to start.

9. EZOWare Countertop Rack 

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  • The rack is meant to hold herb or spice jars of various sizes.
  • It is simple to place on the countertop, minimizing spice bottle clutter.
  • Rubberized feet hold the rack firmly in place.
  • This steel rack is coated with chrome to prevent corrosion.
  • Its lightweight design allows it to readily transfer from one location to another.

This two-tiered rack was created by EZOWare with broader and higher shelves to handle most bottles, jars, and canisters. This rack is ideal for small and medium-sized containers. Each layer may even accommodate two rows of these little containers, saving you significant storage space.

This is a free-standing rack that can be moved and positioned anywhere you choose. It is a multipurpose device that may be used in the kitchen, bathroom, or any other preferred place in your house. It’s ideal for keeping condiments, spices, canned foods, lotions, make-up, nail polish, shampoo, and other similar items.

The EZOWare 2 Tier Free Standing Countertop Multi-purpose Rack is both sturdy and long-lasting. It is made of solid steel with chrome coating, making it corrosion resistant. It also features rubber grip feet to protect the rack from slipping or sliding and to avoid harming counters or other surfaces.

10. YouCopia Spice Rack  

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Highlighted Features

  • More than 20 bottles may be stored in the rack’s stacking drawer.
  • Adjustable dividers in the three drop drawers allow for the storage of jars of varying shapes.
  • It features a tiny style that will effortlessly merge into your kitchen’s decor.
  • The spice rack is lightweight and portable, making it ideal for outdoor barbecues.

Cooking at outdoor gatherings may be messy, and it might be difficult to locate the correct spices when you need them. The YouCopia spice rack overcomes the issue by placing the spice jars in drawers and making them portable. Not only can you use it outside, but you can also use it on your kitchen countertop to keep your spices organized.

While spice jars are included with the rack, the flexible divider allows you to simply alter the area for your jars. Nevertheless, labels are provided with the rack to identify the bottles in order to avoid misunderstanding between spices and herbs.

This spice rack is unique in that you cannot tell which spices are in which shelf. To find the required spice, you must search through all of the drawers.

11. HOLDN’ STORAGE Spice Rack Organizer  

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Highlighted Features

  • It is intended to hold spice jars in your tiny kitchen cupboards.
  • The two-tier racks may be removed from the wall cabinet.
  • Spice and jelly jars may be conveniently stacked on the rack to keep the surface clean.
  • It is a long-lasting spice rack constructed of stainless steel with chrome coating.
  • The ball-bearing tracks aid in the seamless removal of the rack.
  • Apart from jars, you may use them to hold tea bags, chips, or cookies.

Narrow built kitchen cabinets waste a lot of room and make your kitchen seem crowded. The HOLDN STORAGE spice rack simply fits on the narrow racks and provides enough room to arrange your food. They are simple to install, and all necessary hardware is included with the rack.

The nicest aspect of this rack is the ease with which the tray can be removed to access the ingredients. As a consequence, it saves time by not having to go through all of the jars one by one to locate the proper one. Moreover, there is no partition to store each bottle, allowing you to store bottles of any size.

But, if you keep the tray hanging with heavy bottles, the rack may collapse easily. If the drawers are overly heavy, the ball bearing may struggle to move out.

12. MyGift Spice Organizer 

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Highlighted Features

  • A four-tiered rack to accommodate all of your kitchen’s spice jars.
  • This wall-mounted spice organizer will give your kitchen a vintage vibe.
  • The spice rack comes with the screws required to place it on the wall.
  • On this rack, ordinary spice jars may be assembled.

This storage organizer is a wall-mounted rack that can be easily hung on a variety of surfaces. It may be on a pantry door, a kitchen wall, or the insides of cabinets.

The MyGift Country Rustic Chicken Wire Storage Organizer is a four-tiered wire shelf that is intended to keep its contents safe. Each shelf level can hold a large number of standard-sized spice bottles, jars, and other kitchen items. The rustic chicken metal wire design goes well with any farmhouse decor concept.

After your spices and other items are sorted, you may save counter and cabinet space. Use this spice rack storage organizer to add practicality and flair to your walls.

13. AllSpice Spice Rack

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Highlighted Features

  • This is a wooden spice rack that will look great on your kitchen wall.
  • The rack includes 30 spice jars, each with a capacity of 4 ounces.
  • Shakers with small and big holes, as well as spoon scraper tips, are included with the spice jars.
  • Waterproof spice labels aid in obtaining the spice needed for the cooking.
  • The rack is held in place by foam rubber feet.

This wooden spice rack is maybe the most costly on our list. So don’t be concerned that it will cost you a fortune. Since they are passionate about spices, this wooden spice rack might demonstrate that it could be a worthwhile investment. AllSpice has committed itself over the years to developing new spice storage solutions because they recognize its value.

One example is the AllSpice Wooden Spice Rack. It is constructed with a strong wood frame made of bamboo, North American oak, or maple wood. This product is available in seven different shapes and colors: matte black, oak, matte white, bamboo, walnut stain, cherry stain, and natural maple. There is also a small, medium, and big rack choice since it comes in 12-jar, 30-jar, and 60-jar sizes. You may kind of adjust it depending on your design and requirements.

It doesn’t stop there. This wooden spice rack also comes with jars that can hold up to 4 ounces of herbs and spices. Accessories such as large-hole shakers, small-hole shakers, and the AllSpice special spoon scraper top have also been included. They also provide 315 stickers with pre-printed labels as well as some blanks for customisation. Now the price seems to be fair and worthwhile.

14. Vertical Spice – Spice Rack

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Highlighted Features

  • It includes three vertical drawers for organizing your spice jars and providing quick access to the spices.
  • The rack can hold 30 regular-size jars or 60 half-size jars.
  • Using the screws supplied by the company, you can effortlessly attach this rack on your pantry.
  • The steel ball bearings allow the drawers to open smoothly.
  • The rack’s base is robust enough to keep the jars stable when the drawers are pushed out.

This spice rack features three vertical drawers, each with two layers to keep the spices organized. It does not include spice jars, but any regular-sized jars will fit on the rack. This rack is simple to install within a small cabinet and will keep the jars clean. The jars’ sides are encased by steel to prevent them from dropping when the drawers are pulled.

Moreover, this rack makes optimal use of the space in a tiny kitchen cabinet while still providing adequate room to store other dry objects. Unfortunately, you must open each drawer to locate the specific spice container, which may be tedious at times.

15. SWOMMOLY Spice Rack Organizer

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Highlighted Features

  • This rack may be fixed on the wall or put on the kitchen countertop.
  • The rack comes with 18 empty glass spice bottles.
  • The rack stores the spices, which helps to keep the kitchen tidy.
  • This three-tier spice rack comes with the screws needed to mount it on the wall.

Finally, we have a SWOMMOLY spice rack that can comfortably store 18 spice jars. You may use it to organize your frequently used spices or herbs on this rack for convenient access. The racks also include 18 spice jar bottles that may be placed on the rack. A silicone funnel is included to help fill the jars.

Also, you will get stickers with spice names on them to mark the bottles so that you do not have to go through all of the jars to locate the specific one. This rack’s ability to be installed both on the countertop and on the wall is really useful if you move often. This metal spice rack will not bend easily and will remain rust-free for a longer amount of time.


How long do the spices stay fresh in a jar?

It is dependent on how the spices are preserved. Ground spices may be stored for more than two years, and dried spices can be stored for three years. If kept dry and away from sunshine, the entire spice will keep for 2 to 4 years.

How to determine if the spices are fresh or expired? 

Spices do not expire, although they lose taste as they age. As a consequence, the foods will not taste as nice as they did when additional spices were added.

What type of slice rack should I choose for my narrow cabinet?

Vertical Spice’s spice rack is ideal for tiny cabinet spaces. They are compactly built and feature two layers to neatly organize your spices.

The Bottom Line

Are you having trouble organizing your little kitchen? Several little gadgets in the kitchen take up a lot of room if they are not properly arranged. To begin, arrange your spices on spice racks to minimize clutter. The spice rack not only cleans up the kitchen but also saves a lot of space.

Moreover, spice racks come in a variety of designs. You may pick between a countertop and a wall mount rack depending on the size of your kitchen. The spice rack may also be used to hold other utensils. We reviewed the advantages of the finest spice racks in our post to help you manage your kitchen.


What is the best way to organize spices in the kitchen?

Choose a drawer organizer that keeps the jars tilted and in layers, or use a divider to keep jars upright and corralled. Hang racks or magnetic strips on the walls or behind high cabinets if you’re limited on enclosed storage space. Spices may also be stored in a shoebox or plastic bucket.

What are the best containers for storing spices?

Glass containers are excellent for storing spices. Since glass is not porous, it is an excellent choice for preserving spices, and its transparency allows you to clearly identify the contents. It can keep for up to two years.

What are the different kinds of spice racks?

“Rotating spice racks, drawer spice racks, tiered expandable shelving, wall-mounted spice racks, and sliding drawer spice racks are the many kinds of spice racks,” says Shaniece Jones, professional organizer and creator of One Woman Army Closet Design & Organizing.

How do you organize spices into categories?

Emma Laperruque, Food Editor, separates her spices into three categories: fiery (red pepper flakes, black pepper, crushed mustard, and so on), savory (fennel seeds, caraway seeds, cumin seeds, garlic powder, bay leaves, and so on), and baking spices (cinnamon sticks, cloves, nutmeg, ground ginger, etc).

Should spices go in cabinet or drawer?

Arrange them in a drawer.

One of the finest locations to keep spices in the kitchen is a small drawer near the stove or wherever you prepare meals. This is because they are simple to reach even if your hands are occupied with meal preparation.

How do you arrange spices in cabinets?

Sort alphabetically.

‘I normally arrange the spices alphabetically with white labels or white letters,’ Liford explains. ‘I usually recommend placing the little spice containers in a newer spice jar that you can name yourself, so that all the spice jars are the same size and easy to discover.

Are glass or plastic jars better for spices?

A glass storage jar keeps food fresh.

Although spices do not always rot or go bad, plastic storage containers do not create an airtight seal in the classic sense. Plastic is permeable, allowing air to enter the food container. When spices are exposed to air, they might get stale quicker.

What is the best long term spice storage?

Spices should be stored in a dry, cold, and dark environment, such as a food cellar, for long-term usage. This will dramatically increase the shelf life of your spices. Spices may also be vacuum packed in mason jars or mylar bags to extend their shelf life.

What is the best way to store dried spices?

Keep your seasonings and spices in a pantry or cupboard that keeps a cool temperature and is away from direct sunlight and dampness. All seasonings should be kept in sealed containers at all times.

What are the 10 most popular spices?

Top ten spices to have in your kitchen
Black pepper is a spice. As an alternative to the ubiquitous salt, black pepper is a delicious spice that works well in tiny amounts on most savory foods. …
Garlic Powder… Thyme… Cinnamon… Oregano… Rosemary…

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