The 6 Best Dosa Pans in 2022

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To an Indian, a dosa is equivalent to a pancake to a Westerner. Both are simple to prepare, delicious to eat, and leave you feeling delighted that you just ate a delicious snack.

Dosas are prepared in a particular pan known as a dosa pan. Dosa pans can produce dosas, but they can also make pancakes and other things. Dosas have been prepared for thousands of years and are believed to have originated in India.

Over thousands of years, Indians have made dosas using a variety of utensils. None, however, have been as successful in producing that ideally thin-shaped dosa as utilizing one of the finest dosa pans.

Best Pick

Futura Nonstick Tava is our top-rated dosa pan because of its unrivaled quality and low pricing. It’s well-made, with a 5-mm thick pan that cooks dosas quickly and evenly. This dosa pan has the added benefit of being compatible with both gas and induction stovetops.Hawkins family

Budget Pick

The Prestige Omega Deluxe Granite Omni Non-Stick Dosa stood out to us as the best value for money. Aside from its inexpensive price, this dosa pan has a nice touch with its granite design and would be a fantastic addition to any upmarket and contemporary kitchen.

Product Name Grade
Hawkins/Futura Nonstick Tava/Griddle A
Prestige Omega Deluxe Granite Omni Non-Stick Dosa Tava A-
Victoria Cast Iron Dosa Pan B+
Vinod Nonstick Dosa Tawa B
YADNESHYADNESH Induction Base Non-Stick Dosa Tawa B
PRC Non Stick Dosa Pan B-

1. Hawkins/Futura Nonstick Tava/Griddle

For numerous reasons, we recommend using a griddle to create your dosas. It is the essence of great craftsmanship and features that lets you to create your dosas exactly as you want them.Tava Futura Nonstick The Hawkins

Let’s start with its nonstick coating, which is a must-have quality for any dosa pan. This dosa pan features a nonstick coating that adheres extremely well to its firm, anodized aluminum pan (dosa pan). This is composed of strong gauge aluminum and is built to last.

The nonstick feature of this dosa pan is significant since it eliminates the need for butter or oil to be put over it while cooking your dosa. The dosa batter may be placed on this dosa pan immediately after it has been heated and will come off without sticking.

This dosa pan is fantastic since it is exceptionally thick, measuring around 4.9 millimeters thick. This is critical because the thicker the pan, the more uniform the heating process. This will guarantee that your whole dosa is equally cooked.

You may use the always-cool handle to grasp this dosa pan. It features a great and ergonomic design that is both pleasant to grip and robust. The handle is secured to the pan with stainless steel screws or rivets that are very sturdy and will not loosen.

To give you a sense of the dimensions of this dosa pan, it is around 20 inches long from the end of the handle to the end of the pan and weighs approximately three pounds. Unfortunately, since the handle can not fold over, it might be difficult to store in your kitchen. However, at the end of the handle is a hole where you may hang this dosa pan with the rest of your kitchen’s pots and pans.

What we loved: We liked that you could cook your dosa or whatever else you wanted on an induction or gas burner with this Hawkins Dosa Tava. It transmits heat really efficiently and rapidly, so your dosa will be done cooking in no time.

What we didn’t like: Unfortunately, the nonstick coating on our dosa pan broke off after just two months. Regardless, if you apply a little oil or butter on this dosa pan, the dosa will still cook extremely nicely and should slip out easily.

2. Prestige Omega Deluxe Granite Omni Non-Stick Dosa Tava

Our pick for the best cheap dosa pan is the Prestige Omega Deluxe Granite Omni Non-Stick Dosa. Don’t be deceived by its low price; this dosa pan has amazing features, a stunning shape, and a highly robust, 5-layer covering.

The appearance and style of this dosa pan immediately indicate that it is unique. It has a granite dosa pan design that is both sleek and attractive, making it an excellent option for modern and contemporary kitchens.

Aside from its stunning look, it also boasts several fantastic features. Let’s start with its 3 millimeter thick body, which is coated with three layers of nonstick coating. This nonstick coating is long-lasting, and your dosas will easily glide off this dosa pan.

A couple additional layers are carefully worked out underneath the nonstick coating. Spatter coatings are two strengthened layers that assist to guarantee that this dosa pan always looks and feels brand new, no matter how long you have been using it. It aids in preventing wear and tear and keeping it looking fresh.

The intermediate layer is a form of coating that aids in evenly heating and cooking your dosas. It also reinforces the existing tough nonstick layer and serves as a backup nonstick layer.

Aside from its beautiful appearance, many people like that this dosa pan can be used on both gas and induction stovetops. Having two choices is also useful when they wish to lend it to a friend who may have a different sort of cooktop heating than them.

What we loved: We appreciated the look and functionality of this dosa pan. We were pleasantly amazed at how well the nonstick coating worked in this dosa pan and how simple it was to clean after use for such a low price.

What we didn’t like: one of the disappointments with this dosa pan was that the handle grew loose after a few months, and it became progressively looser as the months passed. While the remainder of the dosa pan was well-made, we would have preferred a better-made handle.

3. Victoria Cast Iron Dosa Pan

The Victoria Cast Iron Dosa is a somewhat different style of dosa pan that can also get the job done properly. This dosa pan, as the name implies, employs cast iron rather than aluminum to properly cook your dosa.

Cast iron is another great material for cooking dosas, and it may be even more effective than metal. This dosa pan, in particular, has a considerably rounder pan than other dosa pans, providing you with a lot more surface area to construct a larger dosa if desired.

One of the main features of this dosa pan that strikes out is its simplicity. This dosa pan features a little handle integrated into the pan or pan section itself, rather than a handle affixed by rivets. It is likewise constructed of cast iron and is created in this manner to make it easy for people to handle this dosa pan.

You’ll be glad to hear that this Victoria Cast Iron Dosa pan comes pre-seasoned with flaxseed oil, which is perfectly safe to use as shown by its non-GMO components. This pre-seasoned dosa pan is perfect for cooking at high temperatures and makes it even easier to remove your dosa after it’s done.

Because the pan section of this dosa pan is so much larger, several individuals claim to have made pancakes and pizza on this larger surface area. This dosa pan is oven-friendly and can handle very high temperatures, ensuring that your pizza is properly cooked through in your oven.

What we liked:This dosa pan has outstanding heat retention and, once heated up appropriately, it cooks your dosa batter swiftly and completely.

What we didn’t like: The one thing we didn’t like about this dosa pan is that since it’s made of cast iron, the complete dosa pan is far too heavy. At 11.5 pounds, this dosa pan is substantially heavier than any other dosa pan on our list, and we wish it had two handles since carrying it with just one is tough.

4. Vinod Nonstick Dosa Tawa

Returning to the aluminum-based dosa pans, the Vinod Nonstick Dosa is another pan that we feel performs an excellent job of cooking dosas while maintaining a fairly simple design.

Let’s start with the building. This dosa pan is five millimeters thick, which is called extremely thick. It is somewhat thicker than other aluminum dosa pans. This Vinod Nonstick Dosa pan has a total length of 30 inches.

It is constructed of the typical aluminum components seen in many of today’s famous dosa pans. This aluminum alloy provides for more even heating distribution, preventing your food from being overdone or scorched. As a result of the nonstick coating, this helps to guarantee that your food does not burn and adhere to the pan.

This Vinod Nonstick Dosa is constructed using Swiss technology, which means it has a triple layer construction topped off with the aforementioned nonstick coating. The dosa pan’s surface is also scratch-resistant, letting users to use metal spatulas and utensils on it.

While the pan’s base is excellent, the handle is also excellent. It is secured to the pan with three rivets that are all extremely robust and will not come free.

We particularly loved the look and weight of this nonstick dosa pan. It has a really basic and beautiful design and would look excellent in a contemporary kitchen. Its weight is also a huge relief, as the previous cast iron dosa pan we tested weighed 11.5 pounds. This one weighs just 2.3 pounds, which was a huge comfort for our hand and arm!

What we didn’t like: after using this dosa pan a few times, we discovered that it doesn’t heat up uniformly, and our dosa batter even formed bizarre bubble forms when cooking, which we had to flatten every time.

5. YADNESH Induction Base Non-Stick Dosa Tawa

The Induction Base Non-Stick Dosa is the greatest option for folks who only have an induction burner in their kitchen rather than a gas stovetop. As the name suggests, this dosa pan is best suited for induction stovetops, but it also works well on gas stovetops.

This dosa pan for induction stovetops has a large pan that spans 10 inches broad. This dosa pan, like other dosa pans, is not particularly tall, measuring less than one inch (0.8-inches).

It has two prominent elements in terms of structure. The pan has an aluminum body that transfers heat nicely on induction stovetops. It also has a robust handle that stays cool during cooking so that you can easily handle it.

This nonstick dosa pan also includes a few other accessories that aren’t strictly essential but provide a wonderful touch. It includes a wooden spoon as well as a plastic scrubber. Because the wooden spoon is not composed of metal, it will not damage the surface of the dosa pan. The plastic scrubber is also a nice touch and makes cleaning the dosa pan a breeze.

If you don’t want to clean the food crumbs off this dosa pan, you may put it in the dishwasher since it is dishwasher-safe.

What we liked: We really enjoyed the additional accessories that came with this dosa pan. No other dosa pan comes with anything extra, and it was great to have a wooden spoon to cook with while using this dosa pan. A fantastic addition to this bundle.

What we didn’t like: The handle on this dosa pan disappointed us. We discovered that the rivets got loose a month after using it, and they are so loose that the handle seems as if it may come off at any minute.

6. PRC Non Stick Dosa Pan

The Non Stick Dosa Pan was the final dosa pan on our list that we believed was ideal for cooking a dosa. our dosa pan, like the others on our list, is nonstick and has more than enough area on the pan itself to cook a dosa, a pancake, and a crepe.

This dosa pan spans 11 inches wide, making it one of the wider pans on our list. This increased surface area on your pan allows you to produce a larger dosa as well as cook other meals.

This one, like other nonstick dosa pans, is made of aluminum. Aluminum is an excellent heat conductor, and this long-lasting material efficiently warms the whole pan. This ensures that the whole dosa batter is cooked thoroughly and that no areas are slightly more cooked than others.

This dosa pan is 2.4 millimeters thick, which is a pretty common thickness among the nicer dosa pans we’ve encountered. It wouldn’t be a dosa pan without a nonstick coating on the pan’s surface, which this one possesses. The nonstick coating is necessary for cooking dosas since they must be able to slip off the pan without sticking to it. If it adheres to the pan, it is likely that it will be damaged since a dosa is exceedingly thin and any damage to it would cause it to lose its dosa form.

What we liked: We preferred this dosa pan size over the others. Apart from being substantially larger, it is also an extremely light dosa pan, weighing just 12.3 ounces (less than a pound!).

What we didn’t like: Unfortunately, we discovered that this dosa pan does not transfer heat very effectively, and several areas of our dosas remained undercooked after cooking. We tried various foods, such as pancakes, but the results were the same.

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Dosa Pan


The material of the dosa pan is clearly important for a variety of reasons. You won’t want to acquire a dosa pan if the materials utilized in its manufacturing aren’t dependable or long-lasting.

The greatest dosa pans are typically composed of either aluminum or cast iron. Aluminum is most likely the most prevalent form of dosa pan in the Western world. It is substantially less expensive than cast iron and also much lighter. They are normally dependable because metal transmits heat efficiently, which is crucial for cooking dosas since they must be evenly cooked at the same time to avoid any areas from burning.

A cast iron dosa pan is the most dependable sort of dosa pan material, and that is what many people in India choose to use. Cast iron is also an excellent heat conductor and an extremely robust (nearly indestructible) material for a dosa pan. Unfortunately, one disadvantage is that since it is such a thick substance, it may be quite heavy.

Size and Weight

Another significant consideration is the size of the dosa pan. Do you prefer creating smaller dosas or larger ones while preparing dosas? Dosa pan sizes may vary from 10 to 12 inches, and although two inches may not seem like much, it can make a significant impact when your dosa is cooked.

Weight, in addition to size, might be significant. Most metal dosa pans are luckily relatively light in weight, and it should be simple to locate one that weighs less than three pounds, including several that are less than one pound. Cast iron dosa pans, on the other hand, are substantially heavier due to the sheer bulk of cast iron. They are normally heavier than 10 pounds.


The handle is a less crucial component, yet one that many people notice. Aluminum dosa pan handles are not part of the pan and are generally fastened with rivets (screws). They are typically cold to the touch, and some dosa pans are even oven safe (check first). One thing to keep an eye out for with the handles is if the rivets fall loose. This, in turn, may cause the handles to become very loose.


Nonstick dosa pans are great for dosa cooking since dosas are a tiny piece of food that should slip straight off the pan once cooked. A nonstick dosa pan is essential because if you mistakenly overcook your dosa, you don’t want it to adhere to the pan, which is what happens with most dishes.

A nonstick coating also prevents a dosa from sticking to the pan and tearing. When it tears, the dosa is practically destroyed, and you’ll have to start again.

Final Thoughts

Indian food is a fantastic meal that is enjoyed by people all over the globe. Dosas are an important element of Indian food and nutrition, and they may be made in the comfort of one’s own home using one of the finest dosa pans.

As we have just seen, there are several excellent dosa pan options available to you. Each does an excellent job of preparing this Indian dish, and they are all reasonably priced. Whether you’re making a dosa or pancakes, a dosa pan is a fairly dependable alternative.


Which company is best for dosa pan?

Meyer Flat Dosa Tawa in Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron.
Dosa Tawa Vinod Zest Nylon, Ceramic Nonstick.
Dosa Tava Hawkins Futura 28 cm, Non Stick Dosa Tawa.
Dosa Tawa Prestige Omega Deluxe Granite.
12 Inch Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Rock Tawa Dosa Tawa.
Nonstick CAROTE Dosa Tawa Pan.
Solimo Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Dosa Tawa (Amazon Brand).

Which nonstick dosa pan is best?

The Top 10 Best Nonstick Tawa in India
Dosa Tawa Prestige Omega Deluxe Granite.
Granite from Wonderchef Tawa Nonstick Dosa.
Stovekraft Pigeon Tawa made of nonstick aluminum.
Hawkins Futura (Hawkins Futura) Tawa Nonstick Dosa.
Tawa Dosa Cello Nonstick.
Butterfly Cocktail Omni Tawa in Nonstick Aluminum.

Which dosa tawa is best for crispy dosa?

5 Dosa Tawa Recipes You Must Have in Your Kitchen:
The Indus Valley Pre-Seasoned Dosa Tawa:… Glen Electric Dosa Maker:… Fashionista Flat Iron Tawa:… Gabry Aluminum Basic Nonstick Tawa:

Which pan quality is best?

Zwilling Deep Fry Pan from Amazon is the best overall. Go to the Review section.
Amazon has the best price on Nordic Ware Restaurant Cookware Nonstick Frying Pan.
Amazon has the best set: All Clad All-Clad E7859064 Hard Anodized Nonstick Fry Pan Cookware Set.
Amazon’s Best Oven-Safe: Caraway Frying Pan.
Amazon has the best deal on a Le Creuset nonstick pan.

Which is the most famous dosa in world?

Sankalp restaurant has the Guinness World Record for manufacturing the world’s longest dosa. In 2013, a restaurant specializing in South Indian food created a 53-foot dosa!

Which pan is best for Indian cooking?

5 essential Indian kitchen cookware and their advantages
1. Frying Pans with Two Sides. A frying pan is the most important piece of equipment in any kitchen.
2. Kadai made of stainless steel. A sturdy Kadai is the first choice of any Indian home.
3. Cookware with a ceramic coating.
5.A Santoku knife made of stainless steel.

How to choose pan for dosa?

Dosa Pan Purchasing Guide

A dosa tawa is not the same as a crepe pan. Your tawa should be 13 inches across and absolutely flat. There should also be no rim. At the same time, it has to be thick enough to keep the heat in.

What is the secret of crispy dosa?

*To make a super crisp dosa, add a little more oil and cook it on a low heat for a longer amount of time, till it becomes golden brown. Then flip to the other side. Serve with chutney, gun powder, ghee, or jaggery.

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