The 6 Greatest Celery Seed Substitutes You Should Know About

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Celery is a popular spice that is primarily grown in Europe (1).

It is grown in various parts of the world for use in modern cuisine.

Throughout the year, fresh stalks may be found at the vegetable market. It’s most typically used in salads.

For centuries, Greeks used celery seeds to treat health issues. The Romans employed it as a taste enhancer, and it eventually became a speciality in both Italian and French cuisine (2).

Only in the nineteenth century did Americans begin to use celery seeds as a pickling solution (3).

Why are celery seeds popular?

Celery seeds are more than simply taste boosters.

They have a plethora of health advantages to offer. They keep your blood pressure at a healthy level (4). These seeds boost your immune system and aid in the battle against illness. They will also help you sleep better at night.

Celery seeds provide antioxidant protection and aid in the production of red blood cells. They have also been shown to increase cognitive performance. (5)

Where can you purchase celery seeds?

Celery seeds come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They may be utilized in either their natural or powdered form. They are available in supermarket and herbal food shops.

Seed extracts are available on the market. You may use alternatives if you can’t locate them nearby or if you’ve run out of stock and need to finish a meal without them.

Best substitutes for celery seeds

Wild celery is gathered for its seeds. These seeds have a strong taste and should be used sparingly.

The seeds have a similar scent as the stalks and leaves. Nonetheless, celery seeds have a high concentration of taste concentrates. When seeking for an alternative for celery seeds, look for anything with a stronger taste, comparable to the seeds.

These are some of the finest celery seed replacements to consider.

1. Celery leaves and stalk

Celery plant stalks and leaves have a similar scent and taste. Since the seeds are considerably more concentrated, you will need to use more of them as a replacement (6).

There is also a difference in texture and mass. The stalks and leaves are tough and difficult to conceal in sauces and soups.

To replace a teaspoon of celery seeds, you may need to use 5-6 tablespoons of chopped stalks and leaves.

If you want the stem and leaves to be less obvious, be sure you cut them finely.

If you run out of celery, you may try other vegetables like Bok Choy, Fennel Stalk, and Cardoon.

2. Dill Seeds

Celery and dill seeds have similar taste qualities.

Despite their modest differences in appearance, dill seeds may be used in the same ways as celery seeds, including the pickling process.

3. Celery salt

Celery salt is very popular and may be found in many kitchens throughout the world.

Understanding the difference between celery seeds and celery salt is vital for knowing how to utilize them.

Celery salt is a mixture of salt and powdered celery seeds. If you’re out of celery seeds, try this alternative (7).

Check the quantity of salt that has been applied to the whole dish. You can simply manufacture celery salt at home. If you don’t know how to manufacture celery salt, you may buy it in shops or attempt recipes on the internet.

4. Lovage

Lovage is a parsley family member that is native to Central Asia and the southern Mediterranean area. It is appreciated for its taste and scent, making it an excellent celery alternative.

The plant looks like celery and has spicy leaves. You may flavor it with fresh leaves. Celery stems and leaves may be used in any recipe that calls for celery. The dried leaves and seeds are great alternatives for celery (8).

The fragrant seeds may also be used in lieu of fennel seeds. They are often used as a garnish on foods, bread dough, and salads. You may ground the seeds with sea salt to make a spice that can be substituted for celery seeds.

5.  Exotic spices

There are other spices that have the same taste characteristic as celery seeds. Try replacing nigella and caraway seeds for the celery seeds.

Caraway seeds give concentrated bursts of flavor required for a superb potato or coleslaw salad.

Nigella Sativa is often used in Indian cuisine. They are available at Indian grocery shops.

Despite their differences, nigella seeds excellently replicate the taste of celery. Both seeds have a strong scent and are tasty (9).

Nigella and caraway seeds are often used in the same cuisines as celery. Both are often used in soups, sauces, and pickling.

Pungency-wise, they are likewise comparable. This also suggests that nigella seeds may be used in the same proportion as celery seeds.

6.  Celery Flakes

Celery flakes are nothing but the dried leaves and stalks from the celery plant. The stalks and leaves are dehydrated and broken into flakes. If you run out of celery seeds, you may use flakes.

As compared to fresh stalk and leaves of celery used as a substitute for seeds, a little quantity of flakes is sufficient.


Celery seeds provide a robust taste to any meal without completely changing it. These seeds’ taste is essential in soups and sauces. Be certain that you just use a minimal quantity.

While being a frequent ingredient in dressings, breads, pickles, and soups, the seeds are not as commonly utilized as other herbs. If you run out of the above-mentioned seeds, you may use the alternatives.


Are fennel and celery seeds the same?

Fennel seeds have a flavor comparable to celery, although not as intense. It has a little sweeter flavor than parsley. It also includes anise or licorice notes that are more prominent than celery seeds. Fennel seeds, as you can see, have a light green tint due to chlorophyll.

What can I use instead of celery seed or celery salt?

Fennel Seeds or Caraway Seeds

As an alternative for celery salt, caraway or fennel seeds would also be tasty. Grind and combine with salt in a 1:2 ratio, much like celery seed. Use a bit less in your dishes to avoid overpowering the other tastes.

Can you substitute celery seed for fennel seed?

Celery seed has a flavor comparable to celery but with a little bitterness. Add whole celery seeds or crushed celery seeds to your meal. Celery seed may be used in place of fennel seed in a 1:1 ratio.

What’s the difference between celery seed and wild celery seed?

The spice celery seed is created from the seeds of wild celery, which is linked to the celery sold in shops. Since the stalks and leaves of wild celery have a stronger taste than normal celery, it is mainly utilized exclusively as a source of seeds for celery seed spice.

What is the closest thing to celery seeds?

What Can You Substitute for Celery Seed? Instead of celery seed, use fresh celery, celery salt, dill seeds, fennel seeds, or caraway seeds in your recipes.

Who should not have fennel seeds?

Fennel seeds should be avoided by those who have asthma or other allergies. According to medical professionals, even stomach cramps might be caused by an allergic response to fennel seeds.

What is a good celery substitute?

The most effective celery alternative
Onion green (raw in salads) What is a decent raw celery substitute? Green apple or cucumber (raw in salads) What is another nice celery alternative for salads? …… Fennel (cooked) Another celery alternative for prepared foods such as soups and stews? The carrot (cooked) A simple celery substitute? …\sLeek (cooked) (cooked)
Oct 26, 2020

Is celery salt better than sea salt?

The final message is that it doesn’t matter if it’s sea salt or plain salt: adding salt to your diet is best avoided entirely. Onion, celery, and garlic salt are likewise heavy in sodium and do not provide any relief.

What does celery seed do?

Celery seed is now largely used as a diuretic, which means it helps your body shed water by boosting urine flow. Celery seed may also be used to treat arthritis and gout. Assisting in the reduction of muscular spasms.

Can you substitute celery for fennel?

Celery (raw in salads) (raw in salads)

What is a decent raw fennel substitute? Celery. Celery lacks the licorice taste of fennel, but it has a comparable crispness. To create a comparable fennel-like flavor, thinly slice it.

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