The 8 Best Gel Food Colorings for Consistent Colors

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Food coloring may be hard. Getting the correct colors that will offer the desired outcome without sacrificing product quality is always a problem. There’s also the option of liquids vs gels to consider. Gel food coloring is often favored over liquid food coloring because its thicker composition is less prone to thin down frostings and other liquids and create problems. Not all gels, however, are made equal. Some have more color depth or variety, while others have less aftertaste.

This guide will assist you in locating the finest gel food coloring sets or individual colors, regardless of your needs. We examined the best gel food colorings on the market today and offered in-depth information on each. In addition, towards the conclusion of this article, you’ll get advice on how to acquire the finest food coloring for your baking or crafting requirements. Now, let’s have a look at how the items compare by grade.

Best Selection

The AmeriColor Student Kit, which contains 12 various food coloring gel pastes in vibrant colors that leave no aftertaste and will not separate no matter how they are used, is our favorite set. Moreover, this set is noted for consistently generating consistent color outputs.

Budget Selection

Those on a tight budget would appreciate Wilton’s gel set, which is a market leader in home baking items and accessories. Wiltons 12-count gel-based food coloring kit delivers vivid colors in convenient containers at an affordable price.

Product Name Grade
AmeriColor Student Kit Gel Food Coloring A
Wilton Icing Colors 12-Count Gel-Based Food Color A
Wilton Neon Gel Food Color Set A-
U.S. Cake Supply 12 Color Cake Food Coloring Liqua-Gel B
Good Cooking Food Coloring Liqua-Gel A
Wilton 610-981 Icing Gel B
Chefmaster Liqua-Gel Starter Set A-
AmeriColor Food Coloring Soft Gel Paste A-

1. AmeriColor Student Kit Gel Food Coloring

Highlighted Characteristics

  • Fade-resistant colors with superior coloring strength
  • No separating or weeping
  • Squeeze bottles are easy to use and make measuring a breeze

This assortment of gel food coloring from AmeriColor is the ideal introductory package for both beginners and more experienced cooks. Don’t be fooled by the name; this kit includes everything an expert baker needs, as well as enough of colors for a range of creations. This set is noted for its exceptional pigmentation and top quality, producing brilliant, vivid colors with less gel than rivals. They also come in convenient squeeze bottles that will not spill or over-pour.

This kit contains all of the traditional fundamental colors as well as several extra popular colors. Super black, royal blue, sky blue, lemon yellow, chocolate brown, super red, deep pink, fuchsia, violet, leaf green, teal, and orange are among the hues included in the set. Any colors you don’t have may be blended with those supplied, giving you limitless options. This package contains excellent ingredients with no aftertaste and is Kosher-certified. The color outcomes are brilliant and accurate, and the gel will last longer since it extends farther than others, offering you more bang for your buck.

2. Wilton Icing Colors, 12-Count Gel-Based Food Color

Highlighted Features

  • From Wilton, a leader in home baking products
  • 12-count set includes all primary colors and bonus colors
  • Small containers are well-sealed and easy to work with

Wilton’s 12-count gel food coloring kit is a household favorite among many home chefs. Wilton is well-known for its pastry accessories and baking supplies, and this gel food color set is another another of their excellent offerings. Just a little amount of gel is required to produce vivid, vibrant colors suitable for all types of decorative and food coloring tasks. They are Kosher-certified but made at a facility that also handles soy, eggs, and tree nuts.

This icing color set has all of the fundamental colors as well as brown, black, teal, copper, and burgundy. Each jar contains 0.5 ounces of gel coloring and has a tight screw cap to prevent spilling during storage or transportation. Wilton’s unique gel-based recipe is intended to create vivid colors without affecting the consistency of your frosting or batter, and it can be used with almost anything. A single toothpick dipped into the color is enough to color a complete batch, which means these colors will last you for months.

3. Wilton Neon Gel Food Color Set

Highlighted Elements

  • 4 neon colors
  • Convenient squeeze bottles for easy dispensing
  • Produces bold colors with minimal gel used

If you’re looking for something a bit unusual, this Wilton Neon Gel Food Color Set is sure to take the cakeliterally if that’s what you’re baking. This collection has four vibrant neon hues that will provide the ideal tint for any event or design. You’ll receive purple, magenta, teal, and orange food color gels in this set for all types of treats and coloring requirements, and each one will generate strong effects without using too much product, so they’ll last a long time even with frequent usage.

These food colors are manufactured in the United States and are intended to function without affecting the flavor or consistency of the dish. The colors are also Kosher and gluten-free, however they are manufactured at a facility that also handles tree nuts, soy, and eggs.

4. U.S. Cake Supply 12 Color Cake Food Coloring Liqua-Gel

Highlighted Characteristics

  • Includes 12 deluxe colors
  • Convenient squeeze bottles offer easy dispensing
  • Fade-resistant and freeze-tolerant gel can last for years

U.S. Cake Supply’s Liqua-Gel 12 Color Kit is a cake decorator’s dream. This collection contains all of the finest, brightest colors in gel form, ensuring that your batters and frostings are not affected in any way. There is no aftertaste to worry about, and the colors are simple to blend for consistent results. This package contains a variety of red tones as well as other conventional colors to make decorating a snap. Navy blue, white, teal green, forest green, Christmas red, Georgia peach, bakers rose, golden yellow, tulip red, scarlet red, burgundy wine, and fuchsia are all included in the package.

This food coloring gel set includes the most common secondary hues. It is prepared in the United States using just the best ingredients. These gel food colors are Kosher-certified and come in a handy package that preserves them and protects them from light and the weather. Each hue will provide brilliant results without using as much as liquid food coloring, giving you more bang for your buck. Moreover, for many years, this brand has been the favorite choice of professional cake manufacturers.

5. Good Cooking Food Coloring Liqua-Gel

Highlighted Features

  • Includes 12 vibrant primary colors
  • Each bottle measures 0.75 mL
  • Can be used for delicate items without breaking down or weeping

The Liqua-Gel Food Coloring 12 PK contains all of the fundamental primary colors needed for decorating and food coloring. This set includes a dozen colors that are readily dispensed owing to their simple squeeze bottles and flip-cap design, which seals firmly to prevent the colors from spilling in storage even when put on their side. When combined correctly, the set does not split or leak when blended with any meals or frostings, and the colors are bright. They may be used for a variety of baking, decorating, and culinary tasks, and they will keep longer since a little goes a long way.

Coal black, sky blue, royal blue, lemon yellow, buckeye brown, leaf green, teal, fuchsia, sunset orange, super red, deep pink, and violet are the colors included in this kit. They may also be used to make slime, homemade playdough, and other non-food crafts and products. These gel colors are Kosher-certified and created in the United States. They are prepared with high-quality components to improve color saturation without altering the consistency of your doughs, frostings, or other dishes.

6. Wilton 610-981 Icing Gel

Highlighted Elements

  • Only includes one container of black gel icing
  • Sturdy container includes screw-top lid
  • Can be applied with a toothpick—a drop or two will go a long way

This Wilton Icing Gel provides the best black in all of your food coloring needs. The 1-ounce jar contains concentrated food coloring gel, which is Kosher approved and intended to provide deeper, richer colors than liquid food coloring. You only need a tiny quantity of this coloring to get the desired brightness, and using too much may alter the flavor of the meal. Although the majority of the selections on this list are sets, many chefs and decorators will tell you how important it is to be able to purchase black food coloring and icing individually.

Because of the exceptional coloring technique used in the concentrated gel, one single bottle may go a long way. Moreover, it is made by the respected company Wilton, so you can be certain that you are receiving a high-quality product no matter what you use it for. True black is also great for making homemade slime or play dough, as well as other crafts. This black gel food coloring, made from basic materials and tailored to give outstanding effects, is a must-have for anybody who routinely decorates or colors dishes.

7. Chefmaster Liqua-Gel Starter Set

Highlighted Characteristics

  • Offers a full set of colors to get any chef started on coloring like a pro
  • All colors are made in the USA and won’t affect textures or consistency
  • Liqua-Gel is one of the leading preferred brands among professional decorators

Whether you’re new to food coloring or seeking to purchase a complete set, the Chefmaster Liqua-Gel Beginning Set has everything you need. This package contains 12 vibrant colors in 0.7-ounce bottles that will last a long time since just a few drops are required to achieve color perfection. These certified-Kosher colors are created in the United States, so you can be certain that you’re obtaining high-quality, FDA-approved food-safe materials. Also, when blended with any kind of whipped or light icing, these gels will not break down or leak.

This beginning kit has all of the main colors as well as a few extras. Buckeye brown, leaf green, sky blue, sunset orange, violet, royal blue, deep pink, flesh tone, lemon yellow, fuchsia, super red, and coal black are included in the kit. Since these colors have no taste, you won’t have to worry about them altering the flavor of your cuisine.

8. AmeriColor Food Coloring Soft Gel Paste

Highlighted Features

  • 20-ounce bottle provides long-lasting use
  • Will not separate or harden
  • Squeeze bottle with flip cap offers easy dispensing

AmeriColor’s brilliant white gel paste bottle is a best-seller. One container contains enough gel paste to use in frostings, icings, fondant, batters, macarons, and so much more. When you want a bright, dazzling white finish, you can even use it to produce homemade play dough and slime. Another reason people pick white is to provide a firm foundation before coloring to attain the desired color outcome. In any case, AmeriColor’s coloring will meet all of your requirements.

This gel paste’s high-quality components are intended to blend with everything without separating, bleeding, weeping, or hardening. It produces brilliant effects with only a few drops of color, and every single product from this company is created in the USA and certified Kosher. Because of the smooth gel consistency, you can get the colors you’ve always wanted without worrying about altering the consistency of your icing or dough along the way. Moreover, it comes from AmeriColor, a long-standing leader in food coloring goods, so you can be certain that you’re receiving a high-quality food coloring product.

How to Select the Best Gel Food Coloring: Baking, Decorating, and Other Activities

There is a lot you can accomplish with the correct food coloring product, but first you must choose which one is best for you. Of course, the first step is to locate the appropriate colors for your decorating or baking requirements. Next, think about whether you should purchase a set or individual colors, as well as which sets give the greatest value and what components are utilized.

There are some additional aspects to consider, but the end objective is to purchase the finest gel food coloring for your requirements, whatever they may be. Continue reading to find out what criteria should be on your must-have list.

What exactly are the ingredients?

Virtually all gel food coloring preparations have the same components, which are a combination of sugars, color pigments, and water. Some include other components or a basis other than water, but the color pigment is the most essential component. If anything, this is what might change the flavor of the product, which is the last thing you want. Check the label carefully to verify that you are purchasing items with few components that will not interfere with the flavor or consistency of the final result.

One important factor to consider is where the ingredients are obtained and where the product is manufactured. Items created in the United States are FDA-approved and food safe, so you can purchase with confidence, even when purchasing online. When combining anything with food, it is important to consider what you are putting into your own or other people’s bodies.

If you want vegan, non-GMO, or other carefully designed gel food colors, these are also available. You’ll simply have to browse through the listings and labels to make sure you locate what you’re looking for. The wonderful thing about food colors is that they often do not include substances that would conflict with certain dietary demands, so this may be less of a problem.

How many colors are there?

All but two of the items on our list of the finest gel food coloring products are marketed as a set. Usually sets have roughly a dozen colors, while smaller and bigger sets are available. The neon set, for example, only comes in four hues. It’s not so much about having the most colors as it is about having the correct colors for your requirements.

Many individuals just want one or two hues, so purchasing a set with 12 or more distinct colors may seem like a waste of money. But, you may be shocked at how often you use them after you have them. Additionally, if you don’t need the full set, you can always gift them to someone who will. If you simply need one or two colors, individual colors are great. But, purchasing the bundle will generally save you money.

Another consideration is which colors are included in the set. As you can see from the list above, many sets contain basic colors as well as one or two additions. There are many more sets, such as neon and secondary color sets. Online purchasing allows you to find nearly everything you desire in terms of gel food coloring sets and kits, regardless of your needs.

Dispenser Design and Usability Container

The most significant disadvantage of food coloring, especially gel form, is that it is often difficult to deal with due to the high possibility of staining counters or other objects that are not intended to be colored. That is why it is critical to examine the dispenser or container containing the gel food coloring and how the coloring is applied. Several of the sets on our list have a squeeze bottle design, which is the most user-friendly since it enables you to apply one drop at a time without the need for extra equipment or containers.

Certain Wilton colors come in little pots with screw-on lids, yet even Wilton recommends dipping toothpicks into the hues. As a result, usage should not be much more complicated. Of course, some individuals will not want to keep open containers of gel coloring on the counter for long periods of time, which is why squeeze bottles with flip-top lids are frequently recommended.

When it comes to generating the right hue, precision is essential. Precision cannot be obtained without the proper dispenser, thus although it may seem small, it is more important than you know. When purchasing a food coloring kit, take the time to analyze the distribution mechanism and container type. You’ll probably discover that it makes a significant difference in how easy it is to work with once you start, and you’ll be pleased you did.

The Advantages of Gel Food Coloring

Employing gel food colors produces bright colors while reducing the possibility of thinning down the liquid or item being colored in the process. Liquid food colors are significantly more prevalent, yet even the most inexperienced home cook understands that using too much might jeopardize the whole meal. That is why many individuals prefer gels, despite the fact that they are more difficult to get.

Thankfully, anybody can now purchase online and get a vast assortment of high-quality gel food coloring goods. Working with gels provides a number of advantages, including:

  • Brighter colors are created with less food coloring used. Gels are not only going to produce brighter colors in general, but they will need much less product to be used, meaning you get more for your money and have fewer added items in your mixtures.
  • Gel food coloring can be used for non-baking crafts and creations, as well, including making slime and homemade playdough. They will again create more vibrant colors than liquids and won’t change the consistency of the slime or dough, which can be critical to the successful outcome.
  • Gel products are made with Kosher-certified ingredients in most cases. This isn’t always the case, so be sure to read the label for exact details, but most food colors are Kosher.
  • Working with gel is less messy. You won’t have to worry as much about spills, stains, drips, or getting too much coloring in your batter or frosting, because the gel is easier to control. Even if it’s not in a squeeze bottle, it’s still going to be easier to work with than liquid.
  • Gel food coloring is usually fade-resistant and designed for long-term use without having to worry about the product degrading over time. They have a long shelf-life and will produce the same vibrant colors from the first day to the last, unlike liquids that can dry up, separate, or have other issues over time.


That concludes our review of the best gel food coloring. Remember to think on the ingredients, the simplicity of usage, and the number of colors you’ll obtain. Individual bottles may cost a bit extra if you just want one or two colors. Bulk sets often have greater offers to help you save money. The packages are also suitable for people who want more than one hue or want a complete collection of food coloring gels.

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