The 8 Best Gravity Water Filters for Safe Drinking Water in Any Location

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Keeping your drinking water clean and fresh is always a concern, but purchasing single-serve water bottles is wasteful. Everyone is doing their bit these days to lessen their carbon footprint, and ditching the plastic bottles is a fantastic place to start. Not only that, but having a gravity water filter means you can enjoy clean water anywhere you go without having to bring it with you. They are a terrific asset to have whether you’re camping, trekking, or simply planning for an emergency.

Then there’s the matter of deciding on the finest gravity water filter. There are several solutions available, but we’ve done the legwork for you. You’ll find a thorough assessment of each one below, including its finest features and downsides, to help you get a feel of what’s available. In the conclusion, you’ll discover a guide to assist you compare and choose the best gravity water filter for your specific requirements. Let’s start by evaluating how the best filters compare.

Best Selection

The Platypus GravityWorks system is our top option due of its huge 4L capacity and excellent design, making it ideal for both outdoor usage and emergency. It also comes with a convenient carrying pouch to keep everything together while on the run.

Budget Selection

The LifeStraw Family 1.0 Portable Gravity Powered Water Purifier> is ideal for emergencies and can create up to 18,000 total gallons of filtered water thanks to its single-use filtering mechanism.

Product Name Grade
Platypus GravityWorks High-Capacity Water Filter System A
LifeStraw Family 1.0 Portable Gravity Powered Water Purifier A
Travel Berkey Gravity-Fed Water Filter A-
Sawyer Products One-Gallon Gravity Water Filtration System B
LifeStraw Flex Advanced Water Filter with Gravity Bag A
LifeStraw Mission Water Purification System A-
Katadyn Gravity Camp 6L Water Filter B
Katadyn BeFree 3.0L Water Filter A

1. Platypus GravityWorks High-Capacity Water Filter System

Highlighted Characteristics

  • Includes complete system with multiple reservoirs, hoses, and more
  • Can filter up to 4 liters of water at once
  • Cartridge can filter up to 1,500 gallons of water

Platypus’ premium water filtration system is intended for dedicated outdoor enthusiasts. The device has two 4-liter reservoirs, one for clean water and the other for unclean water. It also includes a hollow fiber microfilter, a cutoff clamp, hoses, and a compact storage bag to keep everything contained when on the road or in storage. The system complies with both NSF and EPA pollutant removal criteria for all major bacteria and germs.

The GravityWorks water system is simple to use: just fill the filthy water reservoir, hang the bags, and let gravity and the filtering system do the rest. You’ll be able to create, store, and carry all of the water you need on the move without having to deal with large bottles, plastic trash, or other inconvenient aspects. Also, unlike other filters, our antimicrobial filtering system is BPA-free and does not leave an aftertaste. It can create up to 1.75 liters of clean water every minute, making it fast and simple to acquire clean water wherever you are. You may even clean it in the field by backflushing the system for four seconds, and it will be ready to use in no time.

2. LifeStraw Family 1.0 Portable Gravity Powered Water Purifier

Highlighted Features

  • Surpasses all EPA standards for purification systems
  • Can produce 9-12 liters per hour
  • Comes sealed and is ideal for emergencies

The LifeStraw Family 1.0 Portable Gravity Powered Water Purifier has over 13.2 million users and outperforms all filtering requirements by eliminating 99.9999% of bacteria and 99.99% of viruses without the use of chemicals such as iodine or chlorine. This one-of-a-kind single-use device is meant to create up to 18,000 liters of filtered water, which is enough to supply clean water for a household of four for three years. This is an outstanding production for an emergency water system, and it earns a spot on our list.

The system works by suspending the full container and allowing it to fall through the filtering system and out the bottom of the hoses without the need of a pump or energy. You can even backwash the system while you’re out and about, and the filter is simple to maintain so you can keep getting the cleanest water possible. The water is filtered to 0.02 microns, and all of the filter components are FDA approved for generating drinkable water. This modest LifeStraw kit has all you need for a basic system that provides effective emergency solutions.

3. Travel Berkey Gravity-Fed Water Filter

Highlighted Elements

  • 2 filters included with the system
  • 1.5g capacity
  • Durable metal containment system with a built-in dispenser

The Travel Berkey Gravity-Fed Water Filter is a one-of-a-kind choice on the list. It provides a robust filtration solution, but unlike other bagged solutions, it is a solid cylinder composed of superior stainless steel and BPA-free plastic composites. The supplied filters will filter a total of 6,000 gallons before having to be changed, allowing you to get a lot of usage out of a single purchase. The additional filter is a welcome addition to this system, since most just offer a single filter with the original purchase.

This water filter system works by pouring water into the top of the container, which then filters through the system as it falls to the bottom. The water may then be supplied directly from the front tap into glasses, pots, and other containers. With a height of just 18 inches and a lightweight structure, this filter is simple to transport and set up outside. Also, it can filter enough water for 1-3 people each day, providing you plenty of capacity when you just need something for a couple of people or for occasional usage. It everything comes with the Berkey warranty to offer you that additional piece of mind.

4. Sawyer Products One-Gallon Gravity Water Filtration System

Highlighted Characteristics

  • Includes MINI 0.1-micron filter that can fill water bottles, hydration packs, and other containers
  • Portable system holds up to one gallon of water
  • Filter can process up to 100,000 gallons before replacement

This filtration system is ideal for usage in an emergency or while hiking or trekking through nature without continual access to clean water. You may fill the bag with water and then let gravity filter it, enabling you to fill your water bottles, hydration packs, pots, or any other containers you need to fill while on the road. Moreover, this system has a powerful filter that eliminates more bacteria and protozoa than other systems on the market, surpassing EPA criteria in all regions.

The Sawyer Products Water Filtration System is easy to use and comes with everything you need. While filtering from the bag, you may also use the sport cap on the filter to switch the system on and off. With your order, you will get a one-gallon bladder bag, cleaning coupling and plunger, gravity hose, adapters, and the MINI water filter. All MINI units are tested three times to verify performance meets requirements, and each unit comes with a lifetime satisfaction guarantee.

5. LifeStraw Flex Advanced Water Filter with Gravity Bag

Highlighted Features

  • This filter exceeds EPA and NSF standards
  • Can filter up to 2,000 liters with the hollow fiber membrane
  • Every LifeStraw product purchase donates to clean drinking water to children in need

The LifeStraw Flex Advanced Water Filter with Gravity Bag is a high-end solution for individuals who need emergency or outdoor water purification. This system features two filters that eliminate pollutants and germs while also enhancing water flavor. The hollow fiber membrane eliminates almost all bacteria, protozoa, and microplastics, while the carbon fiber capsule reduces heavy metals, chemicals, and chlorine to enhance flavor and quality.

Its water filtration system can manage an astounding capacity over time, and the filters may both be changed when they no longer filter well. The carbon capsule can filter up to 100 liters of water before having to be changed, but the hollow fiber filter can filter up to 2,000 liters before needing to be replaced. The LifeStraw system features a convenient bladder hanging strap, and the filter may also be used with plastic bottles or as a straw on its own. This system is ideal for outdoor usage, emergencies, travel, and a variety of other applications.

6. LifeStraw Mission Water Purification System

Highlighted Elements

  • Available in 5L or 12L capacity for large groups and families
  • Removes bacteria, viruses, and protozoa beyond EPA and NSF standards
  • Includes hanging strap for easy gravity setup anywhere

When you need a large amount of clean water rapidly, go for a larger, better system. Now comes the LifeStraw Mission Water Purification System into action. This system comes in two remarkable capacities, storing either 5 or 12 liters of water for individuals with high-capacity requirements. Each system, which comprises the hoses and the dispenser, can filter between 9 and 12 liters of water each hour. When not in use, the bag can be rolled up and stored easily, and it comes with its own carrying case to keep everything contained.

This LifeStraw system comes with a filter that will give up to 18,000 liters of filtration before it needs to be changed, making it one of the finest filters on the market today. In addition, like with all LifeStraw products, your purchase will help provide water to children in need. This filtration system makes gravity filtering simpler than ever for large parties or larger water demands in emergencies, camping, and outdoor excursions. When traveling, you may backflush the system to clean it out so that it is ready for the next stop.

7. Katadyn Gravity Camp 6L Water Filter

Highlighted Characteristics

  • Offers an impressive 6L capacity
  • Features a quick-connect adapter that can easily connect to many hydration bladders
  • Optional shower adapter (sold separately)

This is an excellent system, despite its simplicity. The Katadyn Gravity Camp 6L Water Filter can store up to 6 liters of water and has a window so you can always monitor the water level. It can create up to 1,500 liters of clean, safe drinking water per day and fulfills all EPA and NSF quality and bacteria elimination criteria. With a 0.2-micron Ultra Flow Filter and the latest in filtration technology, this system can filter up to two liters of water per minute.

The Katadyn Gravity system is unusual among the solutions discussed in this article in that it may be converted into a portable emergency shower. The attachment is offered separately, however it may extend the functionality of this water filtering system and provide you with even more options. It also comes with its own carrying bag to keep everything together when stored or transported, and it features an inbuilt sediment trap that helps avoid the problems associated with backflushing for quick cleaning in the field.

8. Katadyn BeFree 3.0L Water Filter

Highlighted Features

  • Features 0.1-micron filtering capability
  • Can filter up to 1,000 liters before filter replacement
  • Filter can be cleaned without backwashing

The Katadyn BeFree Water Filter has a capacity of 3 liters and comes in a fashionable bag that is robust and portable. It is intended to remove up to 99.9999% of bacteria and other protozoa, exceeding all NSF and EPA gravity filtration for drinking water criteria. Also, unlike other systems that need backwashing to clean, this filter just requires swishing or shaking in clean water to remove any buildup or debris. This filter can create up to 2 liters of clean, filtered water every minute.

This water filtration system is ideal for wilderness trekking, hiking, camping, and even simply having on hand in case potable water is unavailable. You’ll never have to worry about running out of clean water since you can manufacture your own anyplace in minutes. The collapsible bag is simple to store, and it all comes from a corporation with over 90 years of industry expertise. This system is ideal for individual or small group usage, and the high-tech material is BPA-free and engineered to last in all situations.

How to Choose the Best Gravity Water Filter for Camping, Emergencies, and Other Purposes

Since there aren’t many significant distinctions between gravity water filters on the market, it might be difficult to choose one. Thankfully, now that you’ve learned a bit more about these systems by seeing the best of what’s available, you should be able to determine which components are most significant. Consider the aspects below in your selection to acquire the finest gravity water filter for your requirements, whatever they may be.

While each one is more of a personal choice, it will have an influence on the item you finally purchase. You wouldn’t, for example, purchase a tiny unit for a big group trip, and you wouldn’t squander money on a system that filters less water than a similarly priced one. It all comes down to striking the right balance, which is what this book is all about. Continue reading to discover more about selecting the best water filter for your on-the-go and emergency water requirements.

How much water will it be able to hold and produce?

You’ll need to evaluate what capacity you’ll need depending on why you’re buying a gravity water filter. If you are purchasing it for personal use, a smaller system with a capacity of one to three liters may suffice. If you’re wanting to create water for a big family or a group excursion, you may want to consider one of the larger models, such as LifeStraw’s five and 12-liter variants.

The bladder or container’s capacity shows you how much water it can store. Another factor to consider is output, or production. Some of the systems here, for example, will generate roughly two liters of water per minute, which is very ordinary for a gravity system. Consider how much water you need and how soon you require it to establish the kind of output you like. More is clearly preferable, but if you don’t require a lot of water, this may be a consideration you can delegate.

EPA and BPA-Free Requirements

When looking for a more environmentally friendly clean water solution, it makes sense to go for one that is BPA-free and made of materials that are robust, sustainable, and will provide you with the quality you need. Several of the bladders and containers on this list are constructed of considerably higher-quality materials, and they are all intended to comply with all FDA food-grade usage and human consumption rules. To ensure you’re obtaining the finest material, look for the building materials or especially to check whether item is labelled as BPA-free.

You should also ensure that the filter you pick, like all of the others on this list, fulfills or exceeds all EPA and NSF criteria for antibacterial and antimicrobial protection with the associated filtering system. Thankfully, most firms are competing against one another and, as a consequence, routinely breaking the EPA and NSF rules. Nonetheless, it is critical to confirm that the listing you choose states that the filter meets or exceeds these criteria. That way, you can be certain that you are receiving the purest and cleanest water possible.

Other Material Issues

While the majority of the filters on this list are gravity bags or bladders, there are other types of filters on the market. One type we looked at, for example, is constructed of tough stainless steel. Ceramic versions are also available for individuals looking for something a bit different or who have allergies and sensitivities to consider.

The material of the container is less important than the aesthetic or function it provides. Several individuals prefer bladder-style containers because they can be compressed and coiled up for storage and travel when not in use. Hard-sided types, such as those constructed of stainless steel, are more difficult to transport and are better suited for camping or other usage where they will be put up and packed away and will not need to be moved about as much.

Use Intentions

The reason you’re purchasing a gravity water filter will most likely have the biggest influence on your final selection. For instance, people looking for a system for emergency usage will have different requirements than those looking for a system for hiking, camping, or other outdoor activities. It was noted briefly in the preceding section that canister-style filters and others that are less portable are best suited for camping or fixed usage. In the same way, the sort of requirement you have will determine which filtering option is appropriate for you.

Camping provides several possibilities since you do not require anything portable or with many convenience features. If you’re hiking or traveling, you’ll want something portable, like one of the bladder-style filters that comes with its own carrying bag to hold all of the different components and extras. Some individuals buy these systems to have on hand in case of an emergency, and the kind you pick depends on how much money you want to invest. A system intended primarily for emergency usage may be suitable, but other versions may offer additional features that you like.

Why Do People Choose Gravity Water Filter Systems?

Apart from the fact that they can filter almost any water source, these systems have other advantages. These systems’ filters can process thousands of liters of water before needing to be replaced, and can remove up to 99.9999% of some impurities and bacteria, giving you peace of mind that you’re drinking water that’s cleaner than what comes out of the tap at home, regardless of where you got the water in the first place.

Gravity water filtration systems are an environmentally beneficial approach to get fresh, pure water without the need of a pump or batteries. Moreover, they limit the usage of throwaway plastic bottles and other garbage, which may assist reduce environmental effect as well as your total carbon footprint. This also helps to save money on bottled water and other purifying techniques or systems.

Of course, in an emergency, this is a perfect alternative for drinkable water. Consider the following scenario: there is no flowing water and no clean water accessible. Using just a gravity filtering system, you may have clean water in minutes. Grab it from a lake, stream, or even your own sink, and let gravity filter it through the system to create water that meets or exceeds NSF and EPA cleanliness and safety requirements.

If you’re searching for a full-time in-home filtering system, this may not be the best choice. It has a slower output than pumps and other filtering solutions and is better suited for infrequent outdoor usage or in an emergency. When buying in gravity water filters, keep all of these factors in mind so that you can discover the correct match and ensure that you obtain the proper filtering solution in the first place. In the long term, the advantages of employing gravity filters for outdoor and emergency use, which is what they were built for, often outweigh the downsides.


Clean water is critical, but that doesn’t mean you should settle for any old water filtration system. It offers you even more incentive to look for and buy the finest gravity water filter you can discover. Remember to consider the system’s capacity, how it operates (if it needs particular hanging or hoses), and your planned application. Examine how much water it can generate every minute or hour to ensure it can provide adequate water for your requirements.

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