The 8 Best Portable Electric Stoves in 2022

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Remember when you wanted to rebuild your whole kitchen and it took a toll on your energies and pocketbook since you had to purchase so much takeaway? You may recall wanting and regretted not purchasing a portable stove to alleviate your misery at that time of difficulty.

When you’re moving to a new home and your kitchen isn’t yet ready, you have little or no kitchen room to set up a complete cooktop, you live in a dorm, or you’re frequently traveling, a portable electric burner might come in handy.

They are lightweight, simple to assemble, and simple to use. Most include excellent temperature and timing settings, allowing you to maintain a consistent temperature and save cooking time. Even if you have a fully functional cooktop in your kitchen, having a second burner on hand is always useful- especially when hosting a big number of people and need to get food cooked fast!

Portable electric burners are especially useful for cooking in the summer since there are no oppressive temperatures in the kitchen and no warming of the walls, for example. Just simple, enjoyable cooking!

Best Pick

The Cuisinart CB-60 is our top option because it is a stylish twin burner with a plethora of features, improved user controls, and excellent heat dispersion.

Budget Pick

The Duxtop 8100 MC is our budget selection because it is a low-cost single burner with several features, digital controls, and an excellent heating system.

Product Name Grade
Cuisinart CB-60 Cast-Iron Double Burner A
Duxtop 8100MC 1800W Portable Induction Cooktop Countertop Burner A
Elite Cuisine ESB-300X Maxi-Matic Single Burner Electric Hot Plate B+
Duxtop LCD Portable Induction Cooktop Countertop Burner 9600LS A+
Weleyas Portable Electric Induction Cooktop Countertop Single Burner, Gold B+
Avalon Bay Portable Induction Cooker Cooktop Countertop Burner, IC100B A
Weleyas Portable Electric Induction Cooktop Countertop Single Burner, Platinum A
Vollrath (59300) 12″ Mirage Cadet Induction Range B+

1. Cuisinart CB-60 Cast-Iron Double Burner  

Highlighted Features

  • Affordable, superior quality, attractive design
  • Compact design, easy to clean unit

This Cuisinart two burner is not only gorgeous but also incredibly practical. It has two cast iron hot plates. The body is entirely comprised of brushed stainless steel. The machine also features two sets of indicator lights, one green and one orange, to alert you when the thermostat has reached the proper temperature for cooking.

One burner operates at 1300 watts and the other at 500 watts, totaling 1800 watts. The second burner cooks slowly and is only suitable for buffets, keeping soups, etc. warm, or simmering. The primary burner warms up well and evenly, making it suitable for frying.

It features two distinct temperature controllers with up to six levels each. 3 or 4 is enough for everyday cooking, while higher levels are reserved for deep frying. Even at the maximum setting, the tiny burner achieves extremely low temperatures. This is mainly only useful in emergency scenarios such as kitchen renovations or power outages. However, it takes an extraordinarily long time to even begin heating up. After many months of use, users have claimed that the knobs have become glitchy.


  • Two sets of indication lights, as well as independent temperature controls with six settings each
  • Cast iron frying plates and brushed stainless steel body; non-slip rubber feet


  • Not particularly long-lasting: may reveal traces of a bug after a few months
  • Does not heat up effectively; the smaller burner is completely worthless for cooking.

2. Duxtop 8100MC 1800W Portable Induction Cooktop Countertop Burner 

Highlighted Features

  • Ten power levels; digital timer with incremental timings; temperature range of 140° to 460° Fahrenheit
  • When no cookware is found, the auto pan detection system and error message alerting system notify users.
  • 1800 W single burner with digital control panel

This Duxtop device is exceptional value for money. It is jam-packed with useful features. The device includes a digital control panel with gold-bordered buttons that are exceptionally responsive. The majority of temperature management is intuitive. It needs 1800 watts to operate but also has nine other power settings. It has 10 temperature settings ranging from 0 to 460 degrees. It also features an incremental timer that starts at 1 minute.

When the timer expires, the device will shut off automatically. When the machine is turned on, an exhaust fan generates a low noise. It also includes pan detection, which turns off when the proper cookware is not put over it. The device warms up quickly and begins at level 5, but you may simply change it to meet your needs.

The disadvantage is that the low setting is ineffective: this device is not intended for simmering or keeping food warm.


  • Compact, simple to clean, simple to use, and lightweight
  • Heats up quickly: ideal for spaghetti or sautéing dishes.
  • It works well with induction compatible cookware, such as cast iron and magnetic steel.


  • When the fan is turned on, it generates a sound; certain individuals are sensitive to this high-frequency sound and have a tough time coping with it.
  • The center of the unit warms up, while there is hardly little warmth at the periphery: excellent for tiny cookware, but may burn the center of bigger cookware

3. Elite Cuisine ESB-300X Maxi-Matic Single Burner Electric Hot Plate

Highlighted Features

  • The heating element is coiled and may be lifted for cleaning.
  • A 750-watt or 1000-watt generator is needed, as well as a single burner.
  • Compact black circular unit with non-slip rubber feet

This single burner from Elite Cuisine is available in two styles: rectangular stainless steel and circular black, both of which are quite appealing. It draws 750 watts of electricity. The coil is not properly secured and wobbles a lot, posing a risk of tilting or surface sliding. Cleanup, on the other hand, is simplified since the coil may be lifted.

Despite the modest wattage, the heating is quick and achieves a high temperature. Water can be boiled in 10 minutes, and even if you cook for an hour, there is no heating up of the surrounding air and resulting suffocation. It is lightweight and small, making it perfect for short-term usage. However, this is not a long-lasting device. The materials are subpar and may degrade with time: at one point, the coil may only heat up one side.


  • It is ideal for camping vacations or outdoor cooking since it uses little electricity (1000 watts from a generator).
  • Heats up quickly; old-school yet useful equipment; equal heat distribution
  • Excellent, amazing pricing–one of the lowest in the market
  • Low on power consumption


  • Flimsy; poor materials: will not endure long.
  • Temperature and thermostat controls are unreliable: cycles on and off erratically

4. Duxtop LCD Portable Induction Cooktop Countertop Burner 9600LS 

Highlighted Features

  • Twenty temperature and power settings; time increments of one minute up to ten hours
  • Keep warm, boil and safety lock features included

This Duxtop single burner is not only strong and stylish, but it also has a slew of interesting functions. It includes 20 power levels (100 to 1800 watts), 20 temperature settings (100 to 460 degrees), and a built-in timer that can cook for up to 10 hours!

This machine is more expensive than many other available stovetops, but the outstanding build quality, better user interface, more control over temperature and power, and more precise temperature justify the price. Unfortunately, the heating for this device is not even–the core (5-inch radius) warms up more faster than the surrounding zone. It works well for cookware with a diameter of up to 8 inches, but bigger equipment will not achieve the appropriate heat.


  • A great user interface, great user control


  • Heats up fast and may cause overheating in meals such as bacon.
  • The fan makes a loud humming sound when operating

5. Weleyas Portable Electric Induction Cooktop Countertop Single Burner 

Highlighted Features

  • 1800 watt single burner; no display screen; led indicator light blinks when temperature is chosen and illuminates completely when temperature is set
  • 9 power levels; 8 temperature settings ranging from 140 degrees to 460 degrees; 180-minute built-in digital timer
  • Auto shut down mechanism if no cookware detected

Weleyas’ 1800 Watt single burner has a copper heating coil with a sufficient diameter of roughly 19cm that is enclosed within the smooth glass cooking surface. It is controlled entirely by touch sensors, with no extra display screens or knobs.

There are eight temperature settings (in 40-degree increments) and nine power levels available. A temperature notification system with LED lights is available. The machine also has an auto pan detection system and an error message system.

It warms up quickly, taking just a few minutes to boil a cup of water. The heat is distributed evenly. The glass surface is smooth, without ridges, and is simple to clean. The controls are responsive–light tapping and some intuitive learning will have you up and running in no time.

This simple gadget is simple to use, but make sure you use appropriate cookware. When the machine is turned on, the fan emits a little amount of noise, but not enough to irritate you. It can potentially be too tiny for certain people. Furthermore, there are no simmer or keep warm choices on the machine.


  • Heats up quickly; evenly distributed heat; heating element carefully contained, away from spillage, and so forth.
  • Simple to use; simple to clean: smooth glass surface


  • The glass surface might be brittle, so use caution when using heavy cookware.
  • No simmer or keep warm feature
  • The connection length may be too short for certain users; also, since the cord connects in the center rather than the bottom, it may get heated while in use.
  • Not the best in its price range

6. Avalon Bay Portable Induction Cooker Cooktop Countertop Burner, IC100B 

Highlighted Features

  • Single 1800-watt burner with 8 power settings and temperature control
  • A crystal plate cooking surface; an auto-pan detecting mechanism; a temperature control dial; and an LED display

This Avalon Bay 1800 Watt single burner is a terrific deal. It has a built-in timer, a digital display, and a dial for adjusting the temperature.

The greatest aspect about this item is that the operating mechanism is straightforward and easy to understand: for elderly folks, this is a wonderful product that saves them from having to constantly use a kitchen burner. Even yet, some customers report error messages advising them to use induction compatible cookware or contact the business for assistance in resolving difficulties.

There are eight temperature settings (ranging from 140 to 465 degrees Fahrenheit) and eight power levels beginning at 300. When in use, the machine generates very little noise. It is also extremely simple to clean. The heat dispersion is quick and efficient.


  • Extremely light and portable: ideal for camping excursions.
  • Great heat distribution


  • More temperature steps would have been preferable.
  • Many customers report to encounter problem messages regardless of the cookware they use.

7. Weleyas Portable Electric Induction Cooktop Countertop Single Burner, Platinum

Highlighted Features

  • 9 power levels beginning at 100W; 8 temperature settings beginning at 140 degrees; At the appropriate temperature, the LED indication light turns on.
  • Pancake, Maximum Power, stop button, and few more unique characteristicsRoti

This small burner is jam-packed with features that make cooking enjoyable and simple. It is a single 1800 Watt burner that is meant to be a fashionable and efficient addition to your cookware collection. It has a glass cooking surface with a blue LED screen and white push buttons.

For boiling, choose Pancake mode or Maximum Power mode. The three-hour timer contains one-minute increments and an automatic pan detecting system. There is also a pause button.There are nine power levels and eight temperature settings, as well as an indication light to indicate the temperature setting. Roti is also included with the unit.

It is a highly practical, reasonably priced machine that is also quite safe to use–the unit does not heat up at all. Furthermore, the smooth surface makes cleaning a breeze. Some people prefer larger temperature increments at lower temperatures. Also, when you turn on the unit, it starts at the mid-power level; you must adjust it as desired.


  • Rapid heating, excellent heat dispersion, lightweight and compact design


  • With usage, the white panel is prone to wear and peel.

8. Vollrath (59300) 12″ Mirage Cadet Induction Range

Highlighted Features

  • Twenty power and temperature settings, built-in timers, and a digital temperature display panel
  • Solid construction, long-lasting item with stainless steel exterior and molded plastic bottom.

In terms of certain extra characteristics, this Vollrath single burner is distinct from many other portable stoves on the market. The unit needs a current of 15 amps. The top is stainless steel, while the bottoms are plastic.

The temperature is shown on the unit’s digital screen. It features twenty power settings (ranging from 90 to 1800 watts) and twenty temperature ranges ranging from 100 to 400 degrees. With the proper cookware, it is simple to use and sensitive to temperature fluctuations.

The device is small and simple to clean. The unit’s particular temperature memory feature also allows users to return to the previously used temperature, reducing the inconvenience of selecting a temperature each time.


  • Easy to operate and clean
  • Greater, finer temperature control
  • Beautiful stove; great build materials


  • You may have difficulty locating the ideal outlet to power the gadget.
  • A little too small: only works with tiny pans.
  • Boiling time is somewhat longer than that of other powerful units on the market.

Things to consider before buying The Best portable electric stove

A portable stove is useful for persons who travel often, move frequently, host a big number of guests, do not want to go through the effort of stovetop cooking every time, or are presently having a kitchen makeover. While there are various versions available, some of them are just weak and will break down after a few usage. Before purchasing one, do extensive research and keep the following aspects in mind:

Temperature Settings

This is one of the most crucial features of a portable stove. Not only will you want a large temperature range, but you will also want a greater range of temperature increments for flexibility.

Most stoves have a temperature range of 140 to 460 degrees Fahrenheit, but it is the intervals that are significant. They typically feature 8 to 10 intervals in 20-degree increments. This should provide you with more freedom and flexibility.

Power Levels

An induction stove’s most typical power level is 1800 watts. If it is a single burner, it has an output of 1800 W. For two burners, the bigger burner (e.g., 1500W, 1400W, etc.) is the main burner, while the smaller (lower power) burner is the secondary or extra one.

Smaller ones are often used for buffets or to keep food warm or on a low boil. The main burner is responsible for all cooking and boiling.

Portable stoves typically have eight to ten power levels, with 100-watt increments.

Additional Features

Modern portable stoves are elegant, lightweight, small, and sleek, with a plethora of capabilities. Some feature indication lights to let you know when it’s on. Some models offer separate light alerts for each temperature level.

An exhaust fan will be installed on all stoves. Most models include fans that create a high-frequency sound that you may be sensitive to; if you acquire one by mistake, request a replacement.

Portable stoves also include an auto shut-off function that turns the device off when no cookware is present.

Some have LED screens, while others have LCD displays. Some feature dials or other manual temperature control mechanisms. Others feature completely touch-sensitive panels. Some of the more costly ones may feature many cooking modes, such as Boil, Simmer, Fry, Keep Warm, and so on.


Ceramic or glass plates are often used in induction stoves. These are rather delicate, so use caution when using heavy pots or kitchenware that may damage them. You may also use a silicone pad to keep the table clean.

The heating coil is visible in the non-induction models since it is not contained within. These are often constructed of copper or aluminum. The body of the stove in these variations is typically stainless steel.

Portable stoves are often black or silver in appearance, with little or no white. They have a square, round, or rectangular form with a chord that is at least 3 feet long for plugging in.


A portable stove must be lightweight and small; otherwise, it is pointless to get one. It must be small enough to fit in the back of a vehicle or take up minimal counter space. They must be simple to use in the outdoors, such as for camping and barbeques.


Portable stoves are available in a range of costs, beginning at $40 and up to several hundred dollars and even a thousand dollars or two.

If this is your first time using an induction stove, you should start with a low-cost model (less than $100). Remember that appropriate cast iron, magnetic steel, or clad cookware is required for induction stovetops, which will need an extra expenditure and upgrade.

Non-induction models are often less expensive; they may be more durable and operate similarly to standard stovetops. There is also no need to purchase appropriate cookware.


Our in-depth article on the best portable electric burner has most likely persuaded you that it is a useful and effective kitchen appliance worth investing in. Furthermore, we have chosen the finest and most popular portable stoves on the market to assist you in narrowing down your choice.

This list was developed using factors such as temperature control, heat dispersion, power, budget, size and dimensions, safety, and so forth. Because there are so many stove brands and prices to select from, our evaluation will help you make an informed decision.


What is the best portable stove top 2022?

We judged the single-burner Duxtop Induction Cooktop (model 9600LS) to be the finest portable induction cooktop for most home chefs after evaluating induction cooktops in 2020 and again in 2022.

How do I choose a portable electric stove?

How to Select the Best Electric Portable Stove Temperature Settings. You need a portable stove that is practical and has user-friendly temperature settings for effective cooking whether you are using it as backup cookware or as a travel burner for camping.
Cooktop design.
Weight and portability.
Level of power.

What is the best countertop burner in 2022?

In our cooking tests, the Duxtop 9600LS was the best-performing burner. The 9600LS handled every ingredient and job we tried effectively, with 1800 watts of power and temperature settings ranging from 130 degrees to 460 degrees Fahrenheit.

Which brand of electric hot plate is the best?

Commercial units for catering and professional usage are also available.
Duxtop 1800-Watt LCD Portable Countertop Burner is the best overall choice.
Cuisinart CB-30P1 Cast-Iron Single Burner Hot Plate is the runner-up.
Elite Cuisine Countertop Burner is the best bang for your buck.
PICK FOR UPGRADE: Duxtop LCD Portable Double Induction Cooktop.

What is the stove of the year 2022?

We are thrilled to announce that the Stovax Riva2 wood burning fire range has been named Best Stove at the 2022 Build It Awards!

What electric stove top won’t burn you?

Cooktop Induction Safety

Because the surface of an induction stove or cooktop does not get hot, you may touch it with your fingers without being burnt. This also means that splattering sauce over the cooking surface will not cause it to burn, making cleaning simpler.

How do I choose the best electric stove?

A checklist when purchasing a new range
Make a budget.
Choose a fuel type (if you have one)
Take accurate measurements of the available area.
Choose a kind.
Select a finish.
Choose a burner type.
Consider adding more features.
Make a list of shops and websites you visit.

How do I choose a portable stove?

See our post on the best camping stoves for a look at our favorite selections.
Choose Your Stove Style.
Select the number of burners.
How many BTUs do you require? … Fuel and Capacity.
Important characteristics include: Simmer Control and Wind Resistance.
Is It Worth It to Have Push-Button Ignition? … Are weight and size important to you?

How many watts does an electric stove need?

How Much Power Does an Electric Stove Consume? Let’s put an end to the suspense by providing some basic cost estimates. Most electric ovens use between 2,000 and 5,000 watts, whereas the typical electric stove consumes approximately 3,000 watts.

What color countertops are trending for 2022?

White and Gray Prevail as Top Colors: White remains the most popular color for kitchen cabinets, backsplashes, and walls.

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