The 8 Best Wort Chillers in 2022

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Whether you are a regular or infrequent homebrewer, depending on low-tech techniques may take up a lot of time, and chilling your Wort to yeast pitching temperatures can be a hassle. However, thanks to new inventive ways, you can effortlessly chill your wort. Thanks to technological advancements, convenient Wort Chillers have been created. And if you’ve ever utilized these tools, you’re aware of the many advantages they provide.

The advantages of utilizing fresh wort in the brewing process are well documented. But it doesn’t imply we’ll get the same satisfying consequences from boiling hot wort. Wort chillers aid in quickly lowering the temperature to yeast pitching temperature. It is unquestionably quicker than ice. So, if you want to use this fantastic technology into your brewing process to produce more pleasurable, quicker, and tastier outcomes, we have examined some of the top wort chillers on the market that may be of assistance to you. Learn more about them!

Factors to consider when buying a wort chiller

The 8 Best Wort Chillers in 2022

Homebrewing may be enjoyable, but only with the proper wort chiller. Different chiller models are created differently, thus you must exercise extreme caution before purchasing in any favored type. Here’s what you should look for in a wort chiller to spice up your brewing process.

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Chiller type

There are three kinds of wort chillers. The immersion type, plate models, and counterflow type are all available. Though all of these chillers are intended to assist you in cooling your finished beer, they function in various ways. Immersion wort chillers are one of the most prevalent brewing equipment.

These versions often vary in terms of design, hose fittings, breadth, length, and diameter. Immersion versions are convenient, inexpensive, and simple to clean. All you need to do now is connect the inlet and outlet of your hose fitting and let the water run to chill down your beverage.

The main disadvantage of immersion models is that they use a lot of water and demand a lot of storage space owing to their size.

Plate wort chillers cool your beer quicker than immersion models and are smaller in size, making them easier to store. Unlike immersion models, which utilize flowing water to lower temperatures, heat exchange for plate models typically occurs via plates located between the plate device space.

Though successful, employing plate chillers has several drawbacks. One downside of utilizing a plate chiller is that it is prone to clogging. Cleaning these coolers takes time and needs adequate sanitation. Some plate models cannot be disassembled for adequate cleaning, resulting in a significant risk of contamination.

In contrast, counterflow chiller types operate on the opposite refrigerator concept. They have a cylindrically formed coil on the outside and another coil within. To chill your beer, run hot wort through the inner coil while water flows in the opposite manner within the outer coil.

Counterflow wort chillers, like plate variants, are difficult to maintain owing to the fact that they include a coil within another coil. Counterflow chillers, like immersion chillers, demand a lot of storage space.

Quality of material

Wort chillers are constructed with stainless steel or copper tubing. Each of these materials offers benefits as well as problems. In comparison to copper, stainless steel wort chillers are stronger, more robust, and easier to maintain. Furthermore, stainless steel will not rust or oxidize.

However, unlike copper, tailoring a stainless steel wort chiller to fit the angle and location of your kettle size is difficult. In terms of heat conductivity, stainless steel is less effective, which is why it takes longer to cool hot wort to yeast pitching temperatures.

Copper wort chillers, on the other hand, have high heat conductivity and can cool your beer in minutes. Copper wort coolers, like stainless steel versions, are corrosion resistant. You may simply modify a copper beer chiller to fit your kettle angle and location.

A copper substance has a high oxidation rate. When copper is exposed to air, it takes on a black hue. Copper wort chillers are more costly than stainless steel versions.

Recommended wort quantity

Depending on your production levels, you’ll need a wort chiller that can cool your beer quickly. Depending on the performance and cooling capabilities, most manufacturers will suggest the gallon batches you can chill. Choose models that can chill larger amounts than your standard manufacturing.

Cooling period

Each wort chiller has a different chilling time. As previously stated, copper versions have higher heat conductivity than stainless steel ones. However, the cooling time will vary according on the copper model. Be prepared to pay extra if you value your time.

What is the best wort chiller to buy?

Choose your wort chiller based on your brewing expertise for the best results. If you are new to brewing or have little expertise, choose with immersive models. These chillers are simple to operate, clean, and need no skill.

Depending on their preferences, experienced brewers may use counterflow or plate wort chillers. The model you choose should be able to enable you to brew your beer quickly and effortlessly. Avoid low-cost versions and instead choose for devices that can adequately chill your drink without leaking.

Temperature changes may cause leaks in models with compression fittings. Soldered hose fittings can tolerate temperature fluctuations while avoiding leaks. If you do not have enough money to invest in models with soldered hose fittings, make sure the compression fittings are constructed of high-quality material and that a thorough examination is performed before use to detect any symptoms of leaking.

Top 8 Best Wort Chillers

Product Name Wort Chiller Type Grade
Homebrew Wort Chiller Immersion type A+
NY Brew Supply Wort Chiller Immersion type A
Northern Brewer Stainles Steel Wort Chiller Immersion type A
Learn to Brew LLC Immersion Chiller Immersion model A-
HFS (R) Homebrew Beer Wort Chiller Plate model B
Coldbreak Wort Chiller Immersion chiller B
Exchilerator Wort Chiller Counterflow model B+
Duda Energy B3-36A 40 Plate Beer Wort Chiller Plate model B-

1. Homebrew Wort Chiller 

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With this immersion wort chiller, you can lower your wort temperatures more quickly. It is simple to include this copper wort chiller into the brewing process. The cooler comes with an inch garden fitting hose that fits practically any sink utility faucet.

You can put an end to any brewing disaster with this equipment. The chiller features an output tube devoted to allowing the hot water that has been warmed by your wort to go to the sink without making a mess. Its simplicity makes cooling simple and enjoyable.

Highlighted Features

  • This copper product is 25 feet long and has a coil diameter of inches.
  • It is made in the USA
  • It has an inch Female Garden Hose fitting that is compatible with the majority of conventional utility sink faucets.
  • The output hose is constructed of vinyl and has a length of 5 feet.

2. NY Brew Supply Wort Chiller

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A 50-foot-long 8-inch stainless steel tube devoted to assisting a speedier chilling process.Use this excellent chiller from NY Brew Supply to save time and rapidly convert your wort to pitching yeast conditions. The chiller is very efficient and comes with a three-year warranty.

Because stainless steel is recognized for its capacity to resist corrosion and oxidation, you will be able to use your chiller for many years to come. The maintenance of stainless steel materials is simple, which is a fantastic quality that helps you to save time. Furthermore, the performance of this chiller is excellent, making it an excellent choice for both novice and expert home brewers.

Highlighted Features

  • The product is very efficient and comes with a brass hose fitting.
  • The vinyl tubing enables the brew to be cooled directly off the burner.
  • The stainless steel product is 50 feet long.
  • It can cool up to 5 to 10 gallons in a batch

3. Northern Brewer Stainless Steel Wort Chiller

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Northern Brewer Homebrew Supply’s slight changes to the design of the Silver Serpent wort chiller have now made it the most hygienic immersion chiller available.

Rather of totally sanitizing it before use, you may place the clean chiller in the kettle a few minutes before it finishes boiling and it will be ready to use.

Coiled tubing 8 in. This chiller’s drop-angle connectors assist keep any leaks out of your wort, reducing the danger of contamination and eliminating the annoyance of kinked tubing.This wort chiller comes completely constructed, with hose clamps that may be used on a typical garden hose connection or laundry sink faucet, as well as barbed fittings and tubing. This has a length of 25 feet and measures 9 inches broad by 16 inches tall to the bend.

This chiller is ideal whether you are an experienced homebrewer or a novice. It is constructed of stainless steel, so you won’t have to worry about corrosion or rusting, and cleanup will be simple after you’ve done chilling your wort.

Highlighted Features

  • It has a drop-angle connector to reduce leakage.
  • The 25 feet tube has a diameter of inches
  • It is made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel
  • It also has connectors for a garden hose and a laundry sink faucet.

4. Learn to Brew LLC Immersion Chiller 

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With this Learn To Brew chiller, you can quickly cool your boiling wort to yeast pitching temperatures. The firm knows how a low-quality cooler may spoil your brewing experience and will work with you to make your home brewing a joyful and exciting procedure with no leaks.

8 inch copper tubing that is 50 feet long for quick and efficient beer chilling. The cooler female and male garden hose fittings are constructed of soldered metal, which maintains them in place throughout the brewing process and prevents polluted water from leaking into your wort.This cooler comes with a high-quality 3

Soldered compression fittings, unlike conventional compression fittings, do not contract and expand as a result of temperature changes. This prevents contaminants from coming into touch with your beer, providing you with piece of mind. It is simple to adjust your loops. All you have to do is pull them apart to the width you want.

Highlighted Features

  • It is made of leak-proof copper material
  • It features soldered fittings
  • The immersion wort chiller is 50 feet long.
  • It can connect both male and female garden hose fittings and can resist temperature fluctuations with ease.

5. HFS(R) Homebrew Beer Wort Chiller

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If you need to cool anything quickly, the HFS plate chiller is the way to go. This plate chiller, made of 304 stainless steel that has been copper brazed, can cool a ten gallon batch from 212F to 75F in only 10 minutes.

This chiller’s design enables cold water to flow through every other plate while wort flows through the plates in between. This implies that there is more surface area available to cool the wort than if you used an immersion chiller.

You must use a pump or a gravity system to operate this plate chiller. If you can link this chiller to a closed-loop cold water pump system, you can also contribute to water conservation. This will also need rigorous sanitization before to chilling your wort.

4 inch, or a normal garden hose fitting. Other connection sizes are available, and you may choose how many plates you want in your chiller: 20, 30, or 40.The water fittings are 3 inch NPT whereas the NPT fittings are 2 inch.This chiller has one wort connection.

Highlighted Features

  • This plate variant is composed of stainless steel and brazed with 90% copper.
  • Each batch of the product may chill 10 gallons.
  • It is intended to cool from 212 degrees Fahrenheit to 75 degrees Fahrenheit in approximately 10 minutes.
  • It can accommodate from 20 to 40 plates

6. Coldbreak Wort Chiller

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A 50-foot-long copper tube 8 inches in diameter. Its clamps are constructed of long-lasting stainless steel, and its garden hose fitting is made of heavy-duty high grade lead-free material, allowing you to experience quicker cooling in minutes.This top grade Wort chiller from Coldbreak will help you cool your beer gallon batches quicker. The cooler has three compartments.

Although this cooler can reduce a 5-gallon batch from boiling point to 75 degrees in 10 minutes or less, you can still get your hot beer to yeast pitching temperatures for quantities larger than five gallons quicker.

Fasten your hose clinches while the Vinyl tubing is still heated to avoid leaks. To avoid contamination during brewing, clamps should be thoroughly examined before use for any symptoms of leaking.

Highlighted Features

  • The item is composed of copper and provides for a smooth flow of water.
  • It features strong stainless steel hose clamps
  • The chiller is 50 feet long and inches across.
  • It can cool at least five gallons in a batch

7. Exchilerator Wort Chiller

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The Exchilerator is a counterflow wort chiller that can cool five gallons in five minutes and chills 25% quicker than a stainless steel chiller.

This is made of Pex tubing and has a co-helical pattern of 10 gauge non-metallic wire woven around the inner copper tube, which is also FDA certified. The solder and brass utilized in this chiller are likewise lead-free. For optimal efficiency, this tube arrangement guarantees that cooling water goes across all surfaces.

This cooler, which works with either a pump or a gravity system, is also safe to re-use the waste cooling water without leaving a bad taste in your mouth! This system is simple to clean; just flush it with hot water from your hot liquor tank or a brewery cleaner.

2 inch NPT connectors are also included, as well as garden hose fittings for connecting it to your hose. It also includes a convenient roll of Teflon tape.This includes the temperature and valve manifolds, as well as 1

Highlighted Features

  • It is a counterflow design that chills wort 25% quicker than stainless steel.
  • Lead-free brass fittings and stainless steel collars are used.
  • It is intended to chill five gallons in five minutes.
  • It has an inner copper tube as well as PEX tubing with non-metallic wire.

8. Duda Energy B3-36A 40 Plate Beer Wort Chiller

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The DudaDiesel B3-36A plate wort chiller is a modern type that can provide exceptional performance while utilizing standard municipal water pressures in your house. This chiller has the capacity to cool a 10 gallon batch in under five minutes, depending on how your system is configured.

This is more efficient as a longer plate chiller, but if you require a larger flow rate, consider a model variation with more plates to prevent a severe reduction in pressure.

This plate chiller is made of copper brazed stainless steel and comes with various connectors as well as fittings for garden hose connection. This plate wort chiller will need a pump or gravity feed system to operate.

Highlighted Features

  • The item is constructed of copper-brazed stainless steel.
  • It works well even under high water pressure
  • It has mounting studs at the bottom for a simple installation.
  • It has a variety of hose and other equipment connection possibilities.

Benefits of using wort chillers

Quality clear beer

Wort chillers allow for a quicker cold break. Cold break is often proteins from malt that curdle and settle during the chilling process. The proteins contribute to fogging in the secondary fermenter and bottle, but with a beer chiller, you can immediately separate your wort from the cold break.

Save time

Unlike the ice bath approach, wort coolers can successfully chill a vast surface area. You can convert gallon quantities of your beer’s boiling point to yeast pitching temperatures in a matter of minutes, making the brewing process more enjoyable and thrilling.

Minimize contaminations and off flavors

When you utilize a wort cooler to chill your beer, you limit the possibility of un-sanitized water mingling with your wort, which equals better beer. Using a beer chiller also aids in the prevention of DMS (dimethyl sulfide), a chemical that tastes and smells like creamed corn and is caused by the use of wheat or barley during the brewing process.

Effective and safe

High temperatures tend to kill the yeast and raise the danger of bacterial contamination in your beer, therefore it must be cooled quickly. Wort chillers are a safe and efficient technique to cool your boiling beer to yeast pitching temperatures.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are wort chillers worth it?

Wort chillers save time and labor for homebrewers. It also reduces all of the temperature fluctuations connected with the brewing process. It is not a necessary aspect of the beer brewing process, but it has several advantages. Wort chillers perform quite well when it comes to quickly chilling beer, therefore the investment will be well worth it.

Why is it important to cool wort quickly?

It is critical to cool the wort in order for the yeast to live. When the wort is quickly chilled, they may produce excellent beer. Furthermore, swiftly chilling wort offers health advantages. The procedure reduces the possibility of contamination by microbes that thrive in warm environments. Furthermore, as soon as the temperature goes below 160 degrees Fahrenheit, various bacteria begin to take control and develop tastes in the wort, which enhances the beer.

Should I sanitize my wort chiller?   

You may easily sterilize the wort chiller before adding it into the brewing process. The wort chiller, unlike other brewing equipment, does not need to be sterilized. As soon as it is utilized for brewing, the high temperature around the wort and the flowing pressure will spontaneously sanitize it. That being stated, you should always clean the wort chiller before and after use.


Making your own beer allows you the option to modify it to your tastes. However, one of the key processes in brewing that determines the ultimate product is chilling down your boiling beer. The technique you employ to get the temperature down to yeast pitching temperature makes a great impact, and a wort chiller is one of the most effective and dependable.

However, before selecting on the greatest wort chiller to purchase, consider your own preferences. Consider your budget, chiller type, chilling duration, suggested gallon batches, cleaning convenience, and durability.


What are the different types of wort chillers?

Immersion and counterflow wort chillers are the two primary kinds. Each one freezes hot wort in a unique manner. An immersion chiller is a coil of metal, often copper, that is entirely submerged in the wort.

How do you sanitize a wort chiller?

During the final 15 minutes of the boil, many home brewers will sanitize their chiller in their wort. Another alternative is to boil the chiller in a separate pot, however this is unnecessary if your chiller is already quite clean. Soaking your wort chiller for 20 minutes in StarSan helps brighten and sanitize it.

What is a immersion wort chiller?

Immersion wort chillers are comprised of coiled copper or stainless steel tubing and are installed after the boil in your brew kettle. Running cold water (from your sink or garden hose) through the coils, which function as a heat exchanger between the cold water and the hot wort, cools the wort.

What is a copper wort chiller?

Wort Chillers for Immersion

A copper immersion chiller is a copper coil linked to a garden hose or kitchen sink, through which cold water circulates internally and is submerged in hot wort.

What is the best type of wort chiller?

Copper wort chillers are very effective at providing a quick and clean chilling method. They are activated by immersing the chiller in the wort and pouring cold tap water through it. The heat from the boiler will pass into the cold water, resulting in warm water.

Which chillers are best?

Water-cooled chillers often outperform air-cooled chillers in terms of efficiency. Water evaporation requires much less energy than blowing air over a heated surface to disperse heat. This is due to the high heat capacity of water. Furthermore, water chillers have a longer lifespan than air-cooled chillers.

Is a wort chiller worth it?

It is critical to cool wort down below 80 degrees as soon as possible after the boil since this is when the wort is most vulnerable to bacterial contamination. A wort chiller reduces the possibility of infection and aids in the production of clearer beer by facilitating cold break.

How often should you clean chiller condenser?

The cement dust in the air is transported into the cooling tower water and the condenser water system. This buildup is so terrible that we have to do a tube cleaning visit once a month to stay on top of things.

How do you clean algae out of a chiller?

Aqueous cleaning with Citranox® Liquid Acid Cleaner and Detergent is suggested for regular cleaning and scale removal in water chiller systems. Typically, a 2% solution of Citranox detergent is cycled to remove scale and other deposits, followed by a water flush to clean the system.

How long does it take to cool 5 gallons of wort?

When using an immersion chiller, a 5-gallon batch of hot wort will drop from 212° to 60-72° in roughly 20 minutes, depending on the ambient temperature and the temperature of the water supply.

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