The 9 Best Ramen Bowls to Hold Your Noodle Soup

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Eating ramen is always enjoyable, but it’s much better when you have the right bowl for the task. The ideal ramen bowl will have a functional shape that is appropriate for ramen meals while also being attractive in your kitchen.

Many of the sets include everything you could possibly need while eating your favorite ramen, from the bowls to the spoons and chopsticks, and the majority come in sets of two or four, allowing you to dine with friends or family. Below, we’ll go over what makes these ramen bowls unique, as well as what you should know about them before you buy. Our fast comparison will show you what kind of bowls are available, so we’ll start there.

Best Pick

The Veriosa Ramen Bowl Set is the finest alternative due to its big and easy-to-handle bowls in four distinct colors that are not only dishwashing and freezer safe but also sturdy.

Budget Pick

The Vallenwood Melamine Large Ramen Bowls Set is a fantastic choice owing to its durable composition. It is also completely microwave and dishwasher safe.

Product Name Grade
Veriosa Ramen Bowl Set with Soup Spoons, Chopsticks, Chopstick Rests A+
Vallenwood Melamine Large Ramen Bowls Set B+
World Market Japanese Ceramic Ramen Bowl Set A
NJCharms Ceramic Japanese Ramen Noodle Soup Bowl Set A
Apex S.K. Large Japanese Ramen Noodle Soup Bowl B+
NJCharms Large Ceramic Ramen Soup Bowls A-
Vallenwood Ceramic Ramen Noodle Bowl Set A-
Happy Sales HSBS-CBWP2 Ramen Noodle Bowls A-

1. Veriosa Ramen Bowl Set with Soup Spoons, Chopsticks, Chopstick Rests

This 16-piece set contains 54-ounce bowls that are large enough to hold a full dish of ramen and plenty of additional toppings. Because the bowls are constructed of food grade and lead-free melamine, they are less likely to shatter if dropped and are easy to handle even when filled with boiling soup.

The insides of the bowls are shiny and simple to clean after use, while the bowl outers feature a contrasting patterned matt texture that prevents them from sliding in your hand. The bowls’ lips are very tiny, allowing you to suck without spilling.

Along with the four various colored bowls, the set contains tiny spoons with handles that are hooked enough to prevent them from sliding into the bowl. There are also four chopstick stands and pairs of anti-slip chopsticks. This coating makes them simpler to grasp for younger family members, as well as elderly relatives who may not have had as much chopstick practice as they would have wanted.

Even though the bowls are simple to clean, you may put them in the dishwasher after use if you like, or you can keep leftovers in the bowl in the freezer. This set has a lifetime guarantee and is packaged in a bright Japanese-styled box, making it ideal for presenting to any fan of Japanese cuisine.

Highlighted Features

  • Set includes two spacious 54-ounce ramen bowls, chopsticks, chopstick stands, and spoons.
  • To facilitate usage, the chopsticks are anti-slip coated.
  • Made of food-grade, lead-free melamine that is freezer and dishwasher safe.
  • It comes in a nice box, making it ideal for giving.

2. Kimi Cuisine Ramen Bowel Set with Chopsticks and Ladle Spoons

This Kimi Cuisine ramen bowl set has everything you need to enjoy a steaming hot bowl of ramen. The material used to construct the bowls is simple to use and fast to clean since the complete set is dishwasher safe, eliminating the need for hand cleaning. The bowls also contain a chopstick holder, so you don’t have to drop them in the bowl or leave them on a napkin between eats.

The most notable feature of this set is its durability while staying very lightweight for your convenience. They are also packaged colorfully and make an excellent gift for anybody who like ramen or other Japanese cuisines. Because of the bowls’ basic form and color, they would look fantastic in any kitchen without pulling attention away from the area itself.

Some things to consider when purchasing this set are that the chopsticks may not be as good quality as the bowls, so some people may wish to buy better ones at some time, and that some people do not like the texture on the interior of the bowls. Otherwise, this is a set with a lot of elements that will make you feel like you’re eating actual ramen no matter where you are.

Highlighted Features

  • For a genuine Japanese eating experience, this set includes 37-ounce ramen bowls, chopsticks, and ladles.
  • Designed for ramen, noodles, pho, udon, soup, fried rice, and other Asian-inspired foods.
  • Made from durable food-grade melamine

3. Vallenwood Melamine Large Ramen Bowls Set 

If you want to elevate all of your favorite Asian dishes to the next level, these Vallenwood bowls could be precisely what you need. They’re large enough to hold a considerable quantity of ramen or other noodle meals and keep everything hot throughout the meal.

The bowls’ material is sturdy and unlikely to shatter, even when used often or dropped on the floor. This makes the set ideal for the clumsier among us, as well as for youngsters who are trying ramen for the first time. The bowls and accessories come in a gift box that is ideal for holidays and special occasions when giving to someone who like Japanese cuisine.

The main problem with this product is that it sometimes arrives with broken chopsticks or spoons that are not of the same quality as the bowls. The inside of the bowl may also seem orange rather than red.

Highlighted Features

  • Made of microwave and dishwasher safe unbreakable restaurant-grade melamine.
  • The 32-ounce chef-recommended size keeps the noodles, broth, and topping fresh until the final mouthful.
  • Includes one or four bowls, spoons, chopsticks, and chopstick stands for all of your serving needs.

4. World Market Japanese Ceramic Ramen Bowl Set

This set provides the best method to eat ramen as it should be, with two bowls in the correct form to enjoy noodles, broth, and toppings without worrying about anything pouring out. This whole set may be used in the microwave and washed in the dishwasher. It’s built of non-absorbent ceramic to keep your ramen hot and tasty for as long as possible.

These World Market bowls are suitable for both hot and cold foods from a variety of cuisines, Japanese or elsewhere. While the bowls have the term Ramen on the side, they are also suitable for munching on ice cream, cereal, pasta, rice, and other foods.

The chopsticks that come with this set, like some other ramen bowls, aren’t of the finest quality, and you may want to buy separate ones in the future.

Highlighted Features

  • Colorful bowl set includes chopsticks and soup spoons for a complete eating experience.
  • All bowls are FDA-approved and free of BPA and lead.
  • The bowls are constructed of insulated ceramic that is resistant to fading, chipping, and staining.

5. NJCharms Ceramic Japanese Ramen Noodle Soup Bowl Set

This is a terrific alternative if you want a set of bowls that look excellent on the table, with an eye-catching fish pattern that is sure to be appreciated. Along with the bowls, the set includes two spoons and two sets of chopsticks, and the dinnerware is as lovely as the bowls. All of the pieces are constructed of dishwasher-safe materials for simple cleaning and may be packed and returned with little wear and tear.

These ramen bowls are built to endure, look amazing, and carry lots of ramen, making them an ideal choice for a wide range of individuals. You may choose from three different colors to ensure that the bowls complement your kitchen decor and personal taste. They feature a traditional form with a bigger body and longer foot to give the meals a contemporary twist.

If you’re searching for paper-light ramen bowls, they won’t be your first choice since the materials used to construct them are pretty substantial. This isn’t much of a disadvantage for people looking for something a little more robust that will stand out while entertaining.

Highlighted Features

  • Bowls are handmade from long-lasting, thick, restaurant-grade earthenware.
  • 60-ounce capacity holds large amounts of ramen and gives ample room to prevent spillage.
  • There is no need to scrub anything by hand since everything is dishwasher safe.

6. Apex S.K. Large Japanese Ramen Noodle Soup Bowl 

When you want to enjoy a night of ramen with a genuine vibe, this set includes Japanese ramen bowls and spoons. These bowls are designed to contain ramen but may also be used for curries, noodle meals, fried rice, dumplings, and chow mien. These goods are constructed of melamine and are designed to withstand transportation.

The bowls feature a traditional shape but a contrasting red and black color scheme to make them more visually appealing. All of the accessories that come with the box match the bowls, so your supper will look and feel like it belongs together.

Highlighted Features

  • It includes four sets of bowls, spoons, and chopsticks.
  • Each bowl carries 57 ounces of noodles, broth, and toppings for huge ramen and other soup meals.
  • This item comes in a lovely gift box, making it an excellent option for anyone shopping for a noodle aficionado.

7. NJCharms Large Ceramic Ramen Soup Bowls

Each of these Japanese ramen bowls is built to endure and will most likely stay in your kitchen for a long time. They employ a typical narrow at the bottom and broad at the top design to guarantee that the toppings and soup remain in the bowl and do not overflow and make a mess while you eat. This set’s attractiveness is enhanced by the inclusion of chopsticks and spoons, ensuring that you have tools for each bowl.

The set is of exceptional quality and complements well, providing you a restaurant-like atmosphere in the comfort of your own home. The whole package is comprised of dishwasher-safe materials, allowing the pieces to be readily cleaned and stored until the next time they are needed. The only thing to keep an eye out for is that the texture of the bowl may begin to wear the chopsticks down, requiring them to be changed at some time.

Highlighted Features

  • Made of thick, robust restaurant-grade ceramic that will survive for a long time even with everyday usage
  • huge 51-ounce capacity for holding huge quantities of soup and toppings.
  • Includes a set of dishwasher-safe spoons and chopsticks constructed of high-quality materials.

8. Vallenwood Ceramic Ramen Noodle Bowl Set

If you want a classic set of bowls that will endure a long time, this selection from Vallenwood is a great choice. They come in two sizes to accommodate your requirements, and you can select between a white or black pattern on the bowls with a pebbled design to break up the color. While they are mainly intended for ramen, the bowls may also be used for various East and West Asian meals.

Those of you seeking for environmentally friendly cutlery will enjoy the fact that all of the options shown here provide just that. Extra utensils are also provided for individuals who may not have the finest chopstick abilities but still want to experience the delicious flavor of handmade ramen. Keep in mind, though, that the spoons are known to shatter in certain circumstances, so you may want to have a backup plan.

Highlighted Features

  • Restaurant-quality, dishwasher-safe, and microwave-safe ceramic
  • A 32-ounce size makes it great for ramen and other noodle and rice meals.
  • For convenience, includes everything from bowls to spoons, chopsticks, forks, and chopstick stands.

9. Happy Sales HSBS-CBWP2 Ramen Noodle Bowls

The cherry blossom pattern of these bowls will appeal to anybody seeking for a beautiful ramen set with two bowls and two pairs of chopsticks. While they may seem delicate, the bowls are composed of high-quality materials that avoid chipping and breaking. They also come in a wonderful box that can be used for storing when you don’t feel like cooking ramen but want some more protection.

The bowls are very tiny in comparison to the others on the list, so they may not carry enough ramen for your satisfaction. Due to moisture accessing the inner layer, there are sometimes minor flaws beneath the covering. This is unusual, but it is worth noting.

Highlighted Features

  • It comes with two high-quality ceramic bowls and is packaged in a lovely gift box, making it great for presenting.
  • The set includes microwave and dishwasher safe bowls and chopsticks.
  • Each dish provides a place for chopsticks to rest between bites or after a meal.

What You Should Know When Purchasing the Best Ramen Bowl

Price, materials utilized, and capacity are all important considerations when selecting the best ramen bowl. However, before you start looking for the perfect bowls to put in your cabinet, you need first understand what the various types of ramen bowls are. There are many various types of ramen bowls on the market, and each one delivers something somewhat different.

Types of Ramen Noodle Bowls

When seeking for the perfect ramen noodle dish, keep in mind that various varieties have varied weights, shapes, and curvatures. All of these factors contribute to choosing what is ideal for you to consume noodle soup from. Ramen bowls on the market include the following:

  • Tayoudon, Hira This bowl is a flatter variation of the tayoudon bowl, which is explained further down. It is designed to contain a huge number of noodles and is most typically seen at restaurants that provide a big quantity of ramen for a cheap price.
  • Koudaidon The bowl features a large bottom to protect your hands from burns while handling hot roman. It also features a slightly curved rearward lip that allows you to view what’s within. This is a handy bowl that is often seen at low-cost restaurants.
  • Menbachi This translates as noodle bowl, which informs you exactly what the bowl contains. These bowls are often bigger and deeper than others. They also feature a large hole that makes it easy to consume ramen, which is mostly soup.
  • Ohgigatadon This fan-shaped bowl has a straight, sheer exterior and is great for individuals new to ramen. It is often used in industrial kitchens since it is easy to carry, stack, and does not take up much room. However, because of its tilted design, it is not always as roomy as other bowls.
  • Tamadon This is a spherical bowl with a round, thick mouth and a rounded form. Because of the broad lip, it is more durable and less prone to chipping. It is most often used for ramen with toppings.
  • Tayoudon This multi-purpose bowl is often used in contemporary ramen restaurants for ramen, udon, soba, and other soups. The form also makes it perfect for use with rice dishes, making it ideal for establishments with a diverse menu.

Many bowls include extras such as forks, spoons, and chopsticks. While traditional ramen is eaten with a spoon and chopsticks, there’s nothing wrong with substituting a fork for the chopstick if that’s more convenient for you.

Proper Proportions for the Perfect Bowl of Ramen

A perfect bowl of ramen takes a lot of effort, and that effort extends beyond the wide range of ingredients that may be used. The Japanese believe that there is a precise proportion that should be employed between the ramen bowl itself and the contents within.

According to this proportion ratio, the soup, noodles, and toppings should fill up around 75% of the bowl, leaving the remaining quarter vacant. This makes it easier to pick up noodles and toppings with chopsticks and enables the spoon to dip into soup without spilling.

A basic ramen meal consists of four distinct components: broth, tare, noodles, and toppings. Toppings and broth may be produced using a variety of foods, such as vegetables, meats, or anything else you want. A proper bowl of ramen would be incomplete without all of these ingredients, therefore the bowls you pick should be large enough to contain all four.

Types of Materials Used to Make Ramen Bowls

Traditional Japanese ramen bowls are normally constructed of porcelain, however melamine or plastic may also be used. Ceramic is the finest option since it is tough and durable while also insulating the soup and noodles so your dinner remains hot for a longer period of time. Plastic and melamine bowls, on the other hand, are less costly and are often found in Western households.

Ramen Bowls and Choosing the Perfect Size

The bowls on this list vary in size from roughly 18 ounces to 60 ounces, and you should evaluate what capacity is best for you before making a purchase. If you generally eat little amounts of ramen by yourself, the smaller bowls may be plenty. bigger bowls, on the other hand, are perfect for folks who want bigger servings of ramen or who may be sharing with someone else.

If you are still unsure about which size of bowl is best for you, we suggest going with something in the center, such as a 30-ounce bowl. This is enough for single-serve ramen, and most come in a set that can feed two to four people at once.


With so many alternatives on the market, shopping for ramen bowls might be intimidating, but this guide should help. When you know what size and material you want, you can filter down your selections and discover the correct product much faster. With the diversity of bowls available in this article, you’re likely to discover one that fits your needs.


What kind of bowl is best for ramen?

Ramen bachi is the standard Japanese name for a ramen bowl. Menbachi is a deep and broad bowl that is particularly ideal for ramen among the many different varieties of Japanese soup bowls that vary in size and form.

What are the different types of ramen bowls?

However, the major way ramen is classified is by its basic taste, which is determined by how the broth is created. Ramen is classified into four types: shoyu, tonkotsu, miso, and shio. Here’s all you need to know about the four different varieties of ramen.

How do you serve ramen to a crowd?

Ramen for the main course

Once everyone is seated, add the noodles, let them boil, then arrange them in bowls with tongs, top with ladles of soup, and serve, allowing guests to design their own bowls at the table.

What is the most popular ramen soup base?

1. Shoyu. Shoyu is the Japanese term for soy sauce, and this lighter-style ramen is seasoned with it. It may seem clear-brown or darker and murky. It is the most frequent form of ramen and was established in 1910 at the Rairaiken ramen cafe in Tokyo’s Asakusa area.

What bowl is best for soup?

What to Look for in a Soup Bowl: The Criteria

Stoneware retains heat well, although porcelain is more durable and may be manufactured into thinner, lighter-weight bowls. Both are microwave-, dishwasher-, and oven-safe to differing degrees.

What is a real ramen bowl?

A superb bowl of ramen is large and flavorful, with a protein such as pork belly, chicken, or beef. It’s often stuffed with crisp veggies and topped with a soft-boiled egg.

What is the most popular type of ramen?

1. Shoyu ramen: Shoyu ramen is served in a soup base seasoned with soy sauce, often chicken broth. In Japan, this is the most prevalent form of ramen.

What are authentic ramen bowls made of?


A ceramic ramen bowl keeps your ramen hotter for longer than a melamine or plastic cousin. There are so many lovely handcrafted patterns available in pottery.

What is the most famous type of ramen?

Ramen Tonkotsu Shoyu

Tonkotsu shoyu ramen, produced with a broth blend of tonkotsu pig bone broth and soy sauce-based broth, is the most popular form of ramen in Japan, according to Japanese people.

How to make ramen a little fancier?

Here are some additions to ramen:
Sesame seeds are a kind of seed.
Bacon is crumbled.
Sesame oil, nori (dried seaweed), fresh herbs (cilantro, Thai basil, chives).
Chiles, crushed.

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