The Best Napkin Holders for Keeping Your Napkins Organized!

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While many of us still like the convenience of paper napkins, a napkin holder is still a necessity in our homes. The napkin holder can keep paper napkins accessible and neat while still being simple to move throughout the house and even out into the yard for those summer grilling.

In this post, we look at 10 of the greatest napkin holders on the market, as well as the napkin holder itself, how it originated, and even some ideas for what else you can keep neat in your house with the aid of a napkin holder!

Best Selection

The Simplehuman Quick Grip napkin holder, with its weighted tension arm for grabbing just one napkin at a time, is our top pick.

Budget Selection

The Home Basics napkin holder, with its chrome finish and weighted base for convenience of use inside or out, is our Budget Choice.

Product Name Grade
Simplehuman Quick Grip Napkin Holder A
Home Basics Paper Napkin Holder A
OXO Good Grips SimplyPull Napkin Holder A-
MyGift Torched Wood Napkin Holder A-
Boston International Napkin Holder A-
Spectrum Diversified Euro Round Napkin Holder B+
Home Basics NH44398 Cast Iron Paper Napkin Holder A-
MyGift Black Metal Tree & Bird Design Tabletop Napkin Holder B
Home Basics Scroll Collection Bronze Flat Napkin Holder B+
mDesign Modern Decorative Paper Napkin Holder B

1. ​Simplehuman Quick Grip Napkin Holder  

Highlighted Characteristics

  • Horizontal napkin holder for 75 standard sized square napkins
  • Has a weighted and non-slip base
  • Weighted tension arm to hold napkins in place and allow you to take a single napkin
  • Has a five year limited warranty from the manufacturer

The Simplehuman Quick Grip napkin holder can hold up to 75 square standard sized paper napkins and includes a weighted tension arm that allows you to remove just one napkin at a time. The non-slip base of this horizontal napkin holder is made of stainless steel and is meant to cradle the napkins to keep them neat. The manufacturer provides a five-year limited guarantee.

This napkin holder is incompatible with rectangular napkins and will struggle with bigger dinner napkins. Several owners have discovered that the arm tension on this holder is not always sufficient to prevent more than one napkin from being withdrawn at a time.


  • Horizontal napkin holder
  • Stainless steel
  • Non-slip base
  • Tension arm
  • Five year warranty


  • Only suitable for holding standard size square napkins
  • The tension arm can be prone to releasing more than one napkin at a time

2. Home Basics Paper Napkin Holder 

Highlighted Characteristics

  • An upright napkin holder made from heavy duty steel
  • Has a chrome finish and is wipe clean
  • Has a weighted base and ball feet to keep napkins out of table spills

The freestanding Home Basics napkin holder is made of strong durable steel and has a weighted and elevated base to make it stable even when used outside. This napkin holder with a chrome finish keeps napkins upright and is 5 high by 2 deep by 5 long. This is simple to wipe off or wash with light soap and water.

This napkin holder may not be as sturdy as anticipated, and napkins may sometimes fall out of the holder depending on their size and number. The welding quality may not be as great as it might be, and you may encounter the occasional sharp edge that requires filing for safety. Several consumers have also reported that the ball feet might be uneven, preventing it from standing correctly on a level surface.


  • Upright napkin holder
  • Steel construction
  • Chrome finish
  • Weighted base
  • Easy cleaning


  • The quality of the welding can be inconsistent
  • The ball feet can be uneven and prevent it from standing properly
  • Depending on the size of napkins, they may fall out of the holder

3. OXO Good Grips SimplyPull Napkin Holder

Highlighted Characteristics

  • A horizontal stainless steel and ABS plastic napkin holder measuring 6¾” long by 6¼” wide and 3″ high
  • Able to take different sized napkins
  • The base is weighted and non-skid
  • Has a weighted arm that folds into the base to store when not in use
  • Comes with a lifetime limited warranty

The OXO Good Grips SimplyPull napkin holder includes a weighted arm with a rubber grip that keeps napkins in place against the weighted base. The arm may easily be folded flat into the base for storage and opens wide and remains open for simple refilling.

The base of this holder is broader to allow a variety of napkin sizes, and it is also non-skid. It is 6 long by 6 broad by 3 high and is made of stainless steel and ABS plastic. The manufacturer also provides a lifetime limited warranty.

Several consumers were dissatisfied with the quality of this holder, and it may be a little bulky, particularly because it is a horizontal rather than a vertical holder. Its finish may also indicate that it is susceptible to finger prints and other spot stains.


  • Horizontal napkin holder
  • Weighted arm
  • Takes different napkins
  • Arm folds into base to store
  • Lifetime warranty


  • ​Some buyers have commented that this is a bulky napkin holder
  • ​The quality of this product may not be as you would expect from this manufacturer
  • ​Can be prone to spot staining and fingerprint marks

4. MyGift Torched Wood Napkin Holder 

Highlighted Characteristics

  • A horizontal napkin holder with a rustic wood finish
  • Can hold more than 50 standard square lunch napkins
  • The center bar is weighted to hold napkins in place
  • The base has rubber feet to prevent it from scratching surfaces

The MyGift torched wood napkin holder has a rustic wood finish and is horizontal. This includes a weighted middle bar to hold napkins in place and rubber feet on the bottom to protect it from scratching. This container can carry up to 50 standard square lunch napkins. This is not a solid wood holder, as some purchasers assumed, which means it may not be as durable for outside usage when it is windy.


  • Horizontal napkin holder
  • Rustic wood finish
  • Weighted bar
  • Rubber feet


  • This is not made from solid wood
  • Holds only standard square lunch napkins

5. Boston International Napkin Holder 

Highlighted Characteristics

  • Multipurpose horizontal napkin holder
  • This holder is a traditional garden gate design that is made from steel with a brass finish
  • Suitable for holding 8⅕” by 4½” guest towels or buffet napkins

The Boston International napkin holder (BID12) is a horizontal holder that can accommodate standard 8 by 4 guest towels or buffet napkins. This steel garden gate features a conventional garden gate design with an antique bronze finish. This napkin holder lacks a weighted arm or pivot to keep napkins from flying away if used outdoors, and the metal feet are unprotected from harming the surface of the table or countertop.


  • Horizontal napkin/guest towel holder
  • Steel construction
  • Brass finish
  • Garden gate design


  • Does not have a pivot or weighted arm to hold napkins in place
  • The metal feet do not have any rubbers or covers on them to prevent damage to the countertop

6. Spectrum Diversified Euro Round Napkin Holder 

Highlighted Characteristics

  • A vertical napkin holder suitable for standard sized napkins
  • This is a contemporary circular design
  • Made from steel with a satin nickel finish, it measures 3½” long by 5½” wide by 5½” high

The Spectrum Diversified Euro napkin holder, both circular and vertical, can store normal sized napkins upright. This modern holder is made of steel and has a satin nickel finish. It is 3 long by 5 broad by 5 high. Its form allows for the storage of medium to large-sized napkins, and the metal work may not be of the highest quality. You may also discover that you must maintain it fully filled in order to avoid napkins from dropping out as they are used.


  • Vertical napkin holder
  • Circular design
  • Made from steel
  • Satin nickel finish


  • This is more suitable for medium to larger napkins
  • Some buyers have been disappointed with the overall quality of this holder
  • You will need to keep it filled to prevent napkins from falling out as they are used

7. Home Basics NH44398 Cast Iron Paper Napkin Holder

Highlighted Characteristics

  • A vertical napkin holder with a traditional Fleur de Lis design
  • Measures 5⅝” high, 2″ wide and 5″ long
  • Made from cast iron with a black enamel coating
  • Has rubber feet to prevent damage to the countertop

The Home Basics cast iron napkin holder has a typical Fleur de Lis pattern and is constructed of cast iron that is sturdy enamel coated. This black napkin holder is vertical and is around 5 high by 2 broad by 5 long. It also features rubber feet to protect your table or surface. Several purchasers got this damaged, and it does not hold as many napkins as other napkin holder styles.


  • Vertical napkin holder
  • Cast iron
  • Fleur de Lis design
  • Has rubber feet


  • This cannot hold as many napkins as other styles of holders
  • There is a risk of receiving this holder with damage

8. MyGift Black Metal Tree & Bird Design Tabletop Napkin Holder 

Highlighted Characteristics

  • A vertical napkin holder measuring 5″ long by 5¼” inches high and 2″ deep
  • Made from steel with a cut out design of a tree with birds in its branches
  • Has rubber feet to prevent damage to your countertop or table

The steel MyGift Tree & Bird napkin holder features a carved out pattern of a tree with birds in the branches and stands vertically. The base of this holder is 5 inches long, 5 inches high, and 2 inches deep, with rubber cushions to protect the table.

Larger dinner napkins will fit, although they will overhang the borders somewhat. This is a lighter weight napkin holder, and due of its design, you may accidentally bend it while adding or removing napkins.


  • Vertical napkin holder
  • Made from steel
  • Tree and bird design
  • Rubber feet


  • Although metal, this is a light weight napkin holder
  • This is a more fragile holder that you will need to take extra care with
  • Will take larger dinner napkins although they will overhang the edges

9. Home Basics Scroll Collection Bronze Flat Napkin Holder 

Highlighted Characteristics

  • A horizontal napkin holder measuring 7½” square by 2½” high
  • Made from heavy duty steel this has a bronze colored finish
  • Napkins are held in place with a weighted pivot arm
  • Has metal feet to keep napkins out of any table spills

The horizontal Home Basics scroll napkin holder is composed of high sturdy steel and finished in bronze. This includes a weighted pivot arm to hold napkins in place and rounded metal feet to protect napkins from absorbing table spillage. This is a 7-square holder that stands 2 inches tall.

This does not have any rubber protection to keep it from scratching surfaces, and some owners have reported that it does not rest as flat as it should, causing it to wobble.


  • Horizontal napkin holder
  • Made from steel
  • Bronze finish
  • Weighted pivot arm


  • Does not have any rubber protectors on the feet
  • May not sit as flat as it should do as the feet can be uneven

​10. mDesign Modern Decorative Paper Napkin Holder 

Highlighted Characteristics

  • A larger vertical napkin holder sized 6″ long by 5½” high and 3″ deep
  • Made from strong steel wire with a rust-resistant and durable finish
  • Contains ball feet to keep napkins clear of spills

The mDesign ornamental napkin holder is a vertical holder that is 6 inches long, 5 inches high, and 3 inches deep. This is made of robust steel wire and has a rust-resistant coating. These has ball feet to prevent napkins from spilling, however they do not have rubber protection.

While it is a bigger napkin holder, not all consumers have been as enthusiastic about it, and when the holder empties, the napkins will begin to fold over because there is no arm or weight to maintain them in place.


  • Vertical napkin holder
  • Steel wire
  • Rust resistant finish
  • Ball feet


  • As a larger napkin holder this may not be suitable for your requirements
  • Because there is no arm or weight, the napkins will begin to fold over as the pile reduces
  • Does not have any rubber feet on the base to prevent scratching

Considerations When Purchasing a Napkin Holder

A napkin holder is any device used to store napkins, and it is the most convenient method to keep napkins neat, close at hand, and away from any table spillage.

The majority of napkin holders fall into one of two design types. The first sort of holder employs the napkins’ outward pressure to retain them between two surfaces. This sort of holder is often symmetrical and is also known as a vertical, or upright, napkin holder. A vertical napkin holder is handy if you have limited room since it takes up less countertop or tabletop area than a horizontal napkin holder.

The second kind of holder has walls all around it and retains napkins flat, similar to a horizontal holder, and the base is normally sized for standard napkins, commonly lunch napkins.

Horizontal napkin holders often contain a weighted base and a weight or an arm to keep the napkins in place and make taking one napkin at a time simpler. This style is especially appropriate for outside meals since napkins are less prone to fly away on windy days.

Napkin holders are similar to the normal napkin dispensers used in restaurants, however a napkin dispenser is always a metal box that enables you to remove just one napkin at a time from the front or top of the dispenser.

Linen napkins have been used since Roman and Greek times, and wrought iron napkin holders and napkin rings were popular in the nineteenth century. Napkin rings were popular in the early 1800s as a method for affluent French families to display their wealth at the dinner table by using silver, bone, porcelain, and even pearl embellished napkin rings.

A historical napkin holder was a little device used to retain a cloth napkin in a button hole or at the top of a necktie knot. These napkin holders, which were often fashioned of silver, were in use as early as the Edwardian period.

When the Scott Paper Company designed and started manufacturing paper napkins in 1930, the popularity of the napkin holder grew with the need for paper napkins.

By the 1950s, and with the expanded usage of materials such as plastics, the napkin holder had become a low-cost and essential household addition. This desire for low-maintenance paper napkins that were also cost-effective (because to the cheap cost of manufacturing paper) led to the reduction in the usage of traditional cloth napkins.

Leading designers’ introduction of paper napkins also contributed to the growing popularity of paper napkins, and although many homes decided to use paper napkins for daily eating, they still used cloth napkins for formal dinners.

While selecting a napkin holder, consider not only its function but also its appearance. There are many various designs of napkin holders, so choose one that complements the décor of the location where you want to install it.

Many napkin holders are composed of metal, mainly steel, for durability, although cast iron may also be used for a more classic look. Napkin holders may now be molded from polymers or constructed of wood, and their styles can range from classic to modern to everything in between.

Napkin holders are also useful in other areas of the house. These may be used as mail or document racks, scrap paper holders, racks for saucepan lids, or even in the kitchen cabinet to store seasoning packets!

Paper Napkins Dimensions

You should constantly consider napkin size when purchasing a new napkin holder. If you just use one size in your house, seek for a napkin holder that only accepts that size; however, if you prefer to have multiple sizes on hand, you will need a holder that is more flexible on napkin sizes.

Cloth napkins and paper napkins come in a variety of sizes. Paper napkins are often smaller than cloth napkins for economic reasons and because they are only used once. Paper napkins are typically offered in three sizes: beverage, luncheon, and dinner.

When folded, a beverage or cocktail napkin is around 5 square, but a regular lunch paper napkin is a 13 napkin folded into a 6 square. Lunch napkins are one of the most common sizes and are often available in 1, 2, or 3 ply thicknesses.

Dinner napkins are bigger than lunch napkins, often measuring 16 to 18 when unfurled or 8 when folded squarely. Guest towels are also classified as paper napkins.

Napkin Protocol

While the primary function of any napkin paper or cloth is to blot your lips and wash your fingers, there are a few dos and don’ts when using one!

You should only unfold your napkin and set it on your lap once your host has done so. If you need to leave the table at any time throughout the dinner, put your napkin on your chair once you get up.

When you’ve completed your meal, fold your napkin loosely and set it to the left side of your plate. If your plate has already been cleared, put it in the middle of your place setting.


In this post, we looked at the benefits of the two primary kinds of napkin holders, vertical and horizontal, as well as what you should think about when buying a new napkin holder for your house. We also provided advice on paper napkin size and basic etiquette, or the dos and donts of using napkins.

We hope you enjoyed this post and that our evaluations helped you choose the finest napkin holder for all of your home entertainment requirements, whether you need paper napkins for quick breakfasts, slow family brunches, or casual meals with friends!

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