The Top 10 Bloody Mary Mixes for 2022

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A Bloody Mary is a favorite for many of us, whether for a light breakfast or to shake off the excesses of the night before. Rather of rummaging through the pantry or refrigerator for the required components and then spending time creating the cocktail, the Bloody Mary mix is great to have on hand since most just need you to add alcohol and your preferred garnish.

In this post, we will look at a variety of Bloody Mary mixes, from the standard to those with a twist, to help you pick the finest Bloody Mary mix for your tastes. We also look at the major components in a conventional Bloody Mary, how the drink was made, and the nutritional elements of the Bloody Mary, including its high salt levels.

Best Selection

Our top option for drinking with or without alcohol is the classic flavorful and spicy Ocean Spray Bloody Mary mix 32 fl. oz (Pack of 12).

Budget Selection

McClures Bloody Mary mixer 32 fl. oz. is our gluten free and kosher budget selection of the mixes for a dill twist on a typical Bloody Mary.

Quick Comparison: Top 10 Best Bloody Mary Mix

Product Name Grade
Ocean Spray Bloody Mary Mix A+
McClure’s Bloody Mary Mixer A
Zing Zang Bloody Mary Mix B+
V8 Bloody Mary Mix B+
Demitri’s Extra Horseradish Bloody Mary Seasoning Mix A
Bloody Revolution Original Gourmet Bloody Mary Mix A
Charleston Bloody Mary Mix ‘Bold & Spicy’ A
Master of Mixes 5 Pepper Bloody Mary Mix A-
Fast Mary’s Bloody Mary Enhancer A+
Mr & Mrs T Original Bloody Mary Mix B+

1. Ocean Spray Bloody Mary Mix  

Highlighted Features

  • 12 pack of 32 oz. In proprietary BarPac bottles, bloody mary mix
  • A rich and spicy concoction of classic tastes
  • Tomato juice, cranberry juice, Worcestershire sauce, horseradish, and spices are included.
  • It is suitable for mixing with alcohol or drinking on its own.

The Ocean Spray Bloody Mary mix 32 fl. oz. (Pack of 12) contains tomato juice concentrate, cranberry and grapefruit juices, Worcestershire sauce, horseradish, and spices. This may be sipped on its own or with alcohol, however the recipe suggests adding more ingredients for a Bloody Mary.

This is a spicy and thick mixture, which some people may find a bit too thick for mixing. This combination is packaged in a revolutionary BarPac container with a spout, making it suitable for home bars.


  • Bloody Mary concoction
  • Traditional taste
  • Thick and spicy
  • Bottle of BarPac


  • It might be a touch thick to combine.
  • If you’ve never tried it before, choose the large pack size.
  • While serving, it is advised that you add more components to the mix.

2. McClure’s Bloody Mary Mixer 

Highlighted Features

  • A 32-ounce tomato-based Bloody Mary mixture
  • With the addition of pickle juice and dill, it takes on a new taste.
  • It is gluten-free and kosher, and it is created with all-natural ingredients.
  • May be consumed on its own or with alcohol.

McClures Bloody Mary mixer 32 fl. oz. combines peppers, pickle brine, garlic, and dill, in addition to the basic tomato, to create a sour and strong combination. Since it lacks more typical components like Worcestershire sauce and horseradish, it adds a unique touch to a standard Bloody Mary, albeit the pickle juice taste may overpower your drink.

This product is gluten-free, kosher-certified, and manufactured entirely with natural ingredients. You may either add alcohol or serve it as is.


  • Bloody Mary concoction
  • Tangy taste
  • All-natural
  • Kosher
  • No gluten


  • You may notice that the pickle juice overpowers the other tastes.
  • Will provide a unique taste to a more typical Bloody Mary.
  • Certain tastes, such as horseradish, are missing.

3. Zing Zang Bloody Mary Mix

Highlighted Features

  • Ready to serve with or without alcohol
  • Traditional Bloody Mary mix in a 32 ounce bottle
  • Can be kept at room temperature.

The Zing Zang Bloody Mary mix 32 oz is a typical form of mix that is ready to serve with vodka or beer. This mix, like other mixes, may be salty since it contains roughly 20% of your Daily Value of sodium in one serving. It also includes soy and preservatives and may be stored at room temperature.


  • Bloody Mary concoction
  • Traditional taste
  • Will be kept at room temperature.


  • Sodium content is higher.
  • Soy and preservatives are present.

4. V8 Bloody Mary Mix 

Highlighted Features

  • A 46-ounce spicy Bloody Mary mix with tomato, salt, pepper, celery, and onion.
  • A serving contains all of the veggies as well as vitamins A and C.
  • May be consumed on its own or as part of a Bloody Mary mix.

The V8 Bloody Mary mix 46 fl. oz includes at least one full serving of veggies and contains vitamin A and C. It is made with pure tomato juice, vinegar, pepper, salt, celery extract, and onion extract. Each serving of this mix includes 40 calories and is great as a solo drink.

This juice does not include all of the traditional Bloody Mary elements, so you may wish to add Tabasco sauce or additional seasonings, however a few of consumers have observed that it is hot.


  • Bloody Mary Cocktail
  • Vitamins A and C are present.
  • The taste is spicy.
  • Drink on its own or in a cocktail.


  • You may like it as an aperitif rather than as a Bloody Mary.
  • Does not include all of the important ingredients of a conventional Bloody Mary mix.

5. Demitri’s Extra Horseradish Bloody Mary Seasoning Mix 

Highlighted Features

  • A bottle of Bloody Mary seasoning (16 oz.)
  • This has a fiery taste and additional horseradish.
  • It may be used with tomato juice and vodka to make a Bloody Mary or used as a marinade in cookery.

Demitris Bloody Mary Seasoning 16 fl. oz. has additional horseradish and just requires the addition of tomato juice (and booze!). This is a spicy mixture that may also be used as a marinade. Since this, like other Bloody Mary mixes or seasonings, is rich in sodium, you may want to combine it with a reduced sodium tomato juice to lessen your salt consumption. The packing on this may be less than perfect, and the bottle seals may rupture during shipment.


  • Bloody Mary seasoning
  • more horseradish
  • The taste is spicy.
  • Use as a marinade as well.


  • Bottle seals aren’t as strong as they should be.
  • Sodium content is high.
  • A Bloody Mary requires the addition of tomato juice.

6. Bloody Revolution Original Gourmet Bloody Mary Mix 

Highlighted Features

  • A gourmet 32 oz. Bloody Mary concoction
  • Worcestershire sauce, horseradish, celery salt, and other classic components are included.
  • This mixture is suitable for drinking on its own or with alcohol, and it may also be used as a marinade.

The Bloody Revolution Original Gourmet Bloody Mary mix 32 fl. oz., a standard Bloody Mary mix featuring Worcestershire sauce, tomato, vegetable juice concentrate, pepper, horseradish, celery salt, garlic, and onion, is also suitable for use as a marinade. This thick and spicy concoction may be consumed on its own or mixed with alcohol.


  • Bloody Mary concoction
  • Traditional taste
  • Consume it plain or with alcohol.
  • Perfect for use as a marinade


  • This may be a tad too thick for all applications.
  • It may be a touch peppery.

7. Charleston Bloody Mary Mix ‘Bold & Spicy’

Highlighted Features

  • A 32 fl. oz. twin pack Bloody Mary concoction
  • An award-winning blend with a robust, peppery taste.
  • Created with a unique combination of habanero mash, Worcestershire sauce, apple cider vinegar, and spices.
  • It is suitable for gluten-free diets and is devoid of MSG and high fructose corn syrup.

The Charleston Bloody Mary mix Strong & Spicy 32 oz (pack of 2) does not include horseradish and is made with a proprietary mixture of habanero mash, Worcestershire sauce, apple cider vinegar, and spices. This boldly flavored award-winning blend is gluten-free and devoid of high fructose corn syrup and MSG. Since it contains beef broth and anchovies, this mix may not be suited for all diets.


  • Mux Bloody Mary
  • Spicy
  • Honorable Mention
  • No MSG
  • No gluten


  • Extremely strong taste that may not be acceptable for many drinks.
  • Anchovies and beef broth are included.
  • There is no horseradish in this product.

8. Master of Mixes 5 Pepper Bloody Mary Mix 

Highlighted Features

  • A set of three 33.8 oz. bottles of Bloody Mary mix
  • Tomato, Jalapeno, De Arbol Chili, Habanero, Chipotle, and Ancho Chili peppers are included.
  • May be consumed alone or with alcohol.
  • The taste of this gluten and dairy free blend is fiery and spicy.

The Mixing Master 5 Pepper Bloody Mary mix (33.8 fl. oz.) comprises a mixture of Jalapeno, De Arbol Chili, Habanero, Chipotle, and Ancho Chili peppers, as well as vine ripened tomato juice and lemon juice. This is a ready-to-drink combination that just requires the addition of alcohol.

This combination is gluten and dairy free, and although some drinkers have stated that it is hot and spicy, it may be lacking in other tastes. This, like other mixes, is heavy in sodium, with one serving providing 30% of your daily sodium value.


  • Bloody Mary concoction
  • Five pepper mixture
  • The taste is spicy.
  • No gluten
  • No dairy.


  • While hot, there may be a lack of depth in other tastes.
  • Greater sodium content

9. Fast Mary’s Bloody Mary Enhancer 

Highlighted Features

  • A dill-flavored spice blend for Bloody Marys.
  • Enhancer may be used with tomato juice and wine, or it can be used as a marinade.
  • Is gluten and MSG free, and it is excellent for vegan diets.
  • It may last up to three years.

The Quick Marys Bloody Mary Enhancer Mild Bangin Mix has a typical spice blend as well as a pronounced dill taste. This enhancer may be used as a marinade or on the grill in addition to being added to tomato juice and utilized in beverages.

This is naturally vegan, has no MSG, and is gluten free. This is also shelf stable and may be kept fresh for up to three years, however refrigeration is advised once opened.


  • Bloody Mary mixer
  • The taste of dill
  • No gluten
  • Vegan
  • Free of MSG


  • To make a Bloody Mary, you’ll need tomato juice (and alcohol).
  • The enhanced dill flavor may not appeal to everyone.

​10. Mr & Mrs T Original Bloody Mary Mix 

Highlighted Features

  • A box of 24 tiny 5.5 ounce cans of Bloody Mary mix
  • It contains 95% tomato juice and coarse black pepper.
  • They are appropriate for single sips or traveling with.
  • It may be mixed with alcohol or consumed on its own.

The Mr & Mrs T Original Bloody Mary mix 5.5 fl. oz (pack of 24), which contains 95% tomato juice, lemon, and coarse black pepper, just requires the addition of alcohol, however others choose to add additions such as Worcestershire sauce and celery salt. Since they are smaller cans, you may need to use more of them when creating pitchers or traveling. There is also the possibility that the cans may arrive broken or leaking.


  • Bloody Mary concoction
  • Original taste
  • Consume it plain or with alcohol.
  • Cans that are smaller in size for travel


  • The amount of Bloody Marys that may be manufactured is limited to 5.5 oz cans.
  • Cans may be damaged during transportation.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Bloody Mary Mix

The Bloody Mary cocktail is a popular tonic for the excesses of the night before because of the high salt content to restore electrolytes, its vegetable basis to calm the stomach, and the alcohol content, well, enough said!

Employing a Bloody Mary mix is great since few of us have all of the fresh ingredients on hand or even the energy to create the cocktail when the urge strikes. If a combination isn’t spicy enough, you can easily add more, but if you’re not a fan of the heat, you can smooth it down with more tomato juice or water.

Whether you are new to Bloody Mary mixes or want to try other varieties, it is important to read the ingredients before purchasing. Not all will have the tastes you want; for example, some may lack horseradish, Worcestershire, or Tabasco sauce, whilst others will have a dill or saline tang.

While some Bloody Mary mixes do not need refrigeration, a Bloody Mary is best served chilled and with lots of ice.

Nutritional and Sodium Considerations of a Bloody Mary Mix

A typical serving of Bloody Mary mix has 40 to 70 calories, 9 to 13 grams of carbohydrates, 4 to 7 grams of sugar, 2 grams of fiber, and 1 to 2 grams of protein. It might potentially include up to 1489 mg of sodium.

Because of the additional salt, as well as the salt already present in other components like Worcestershire and Tabasco sauces, the sodium levels in a mix, or even a handmade Bloody Mary, are rather high. A healthy person should not consume more than 2,300 mg of salt per day.

If you use Bloody Mary spices or enhancers that do not include tomato, you may lower the sodium amount of your drink by adding reduced sodium tomato juice.

You must include the nutrition of your alcohol and garnish when calculating the nutrition of your Bloody Mary. A pickle spear, for example, comprises just around 4 calories but may contain up to 300 milligrams of salt.

Since it includes tomatoes and other fresh ingredients, a Bloody Mary is high in vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, and iron. How much you use depends on the mix and what else you add to it when serving.

Origins of the Bloody Mary

During the 1920s, vodka was growing popular in Europe as refugees fled the Russian Revolution, and bars began to experiment with vodka in drinks.

Many believe that Fernand Petiot invented the Bloody Mary at the New York Bar in Paris in 1921, afterwards renamed Harrys New York Bar and frequented by American migrants such as Ernest Hemingway.

When Petiot returned to the United States, he attempted the recipe at the King Cole Bar in New York, but the patrons were unimpressed, claiming the drink was too bland. The Bloody Mary was invented when Petiot combined black pepper, cayenne pepper, Worcestershire sauce, lemon, and Tabasco sauce. The 21 Club in New York also claims to have originated it in the 1930s. There’s also a likelihood that George Jessel, a Hollywood star from the 1920s through the 1950s, invented the tomato juice and vodka concoction.

While the name is associated with Queen Mary 1 of England, who attempted to reestablish the Catholic Church in England, it is possible that the drink was named after a waitress named Mary who worked at Chicago’s Bucket of Blood bar. When Petiot created a cocktail for one of his customers at the New York Bar in Paris, the customer said it reminded him of his girlfriend (Mary) whom he met in a cabaret, hence the drink was christened Bloody Mary.

A 1942 issue of Life magazine referred to the cocktail combination of tomato juice, vodka, and lemon juice as a Red Hammer, while a subsequent advertising in the magazine for a Worcestershire sauce advised it be mixed with salt and pepper in a Tomato Juice Cocktail.

The Key Ingredients for a Bloody Mary

While everyone has their own spin on this famous cocktail, the main components are tomato juice and vodka. Peppers, celery seed, horseradish, olive brine, and molasses are often used, and salt or celery salt may be sprinkled on the rim or blended into the drink. Pickle juice and clam juice are two further variations.

A Bloody Mary also needs lemon or lime juice. While the tomato juice may seem to be acidic enough, the citrus really helps cut through the rich tomato juice and balances the drink if the tomato is a touch too sweet.

Many people regard Worcestershire sauce, as well as Tabasco or other spicy sauce, to be essential ingredients.

Worcestershire sauce is a fermented sauce invented in the United Kingdom by two chemists in Worcester. The sauce recipe was created in the 1830s by John Wheeley Lea and William Henry Perrins after Lord Sandys requested them to duplicate a flavor he had acquired during his travels in Bengal. The original sauce contains vinegar, molasses, salt, anchovies, tamarind extract, onion, garlic, spices, and flavorings, however modern Worcestershire sauces are often anchovy-free.

The initial batch of the sauce was mediocre, so it was abandoned in the barrel. After a period, the barrel was rediscovered, and the sauce had mellowed into what is now known as Worcestershire Sauce. Since the English High Court found that Lea & Perrins could not possess a trademark to the county of Worcestershire, a court judgement in 1876 said that other producers might brand their product Worcestershire sauce.

The largest worldwide brand is still Lea & Perrins Worcestershire sauce, which is currently owned by Heinz and is aged for 18 months before bottling. Only a few people are aware of the exact recipe.

A Bloody Mary is often served on the rocks in a highball glass with a celery, cucumber, pickle spear, or olive garnish, or with bacon, chicken, smoked salmon, or shrimp. Garnishing a Bloody Mary is often limited only by your creativity or the supplies of your kitchen!

A vodka Bloody Mary may also be made with gin, tequila, rye, or bourbon. Mezcal and Aquavit are two more odd combos. Except for the alcohol, the components for a Virgin Mary are the same as for a Bloody Mary.


Since its debut as a cocktail, the Bloody Mary has evolved into a drink that may be flavored with nearly anything, however many of its original and essential components remain. Bloody Mary mixes are perfect since they require no work to prepare and let you to add anything you want to it. Apart from the alcohol level, one issue for many drinkers is the high sodium content in Bloody Mary mixes, and we have looked at how you may lower some of the salt content in the drink in this article.

We hope our evaluations on the finest Bloody Mary mix have helped you find the best mix for spicing up your glass, whether you like it with alcohol or simply on the rocks, whether you want a convenient mix to whip up a pitcher when your friends call suddenly, or just to help shake off your excesses.


What is the popular Bloody Mary mix?

Overall winner: McClure’s Bloody Mary Mixer

McClure’s is renowned for producing delicious pickles, and this Bloody Mary mix contains some of those saline, salty characteristics. McClure’s seasonings include pickle brine from other McClure’s goods, as well as dill, garlic, and black pepper.

What does Zing Zang Bloody Mary Mix taste like?

I just tried Zing Zang Bloody Mary Mix and was blown away by how strong and tangy it was. Tomatoes, Worcestershire sauce, onion, garlic, lemon, celery seed, and other spices are used to make the mixture. With a good spicy bite, the tastes are robust and deep.

What is the most popular Bloody Mary garnish?

The standard garnishes for the original Bloody Mary are a celery stick and dill pickles, but some restaurants and pubs go all out, adding onion rings and tiny cheeseburgers.

What is the spiciest Bloody Mary mix?

The World’s Hottest Bloody Mary Mix is Carolina Reaper Bloody Mary Mix.

What Bloody Mary Mix does american airlines use?

According to legend, the first Bloody Mary mix was served in the air in the early 1960s when an American Airlines executive tasted Mr. and Mrs. “T” and promptly contracted the mix for the whole fleet. American currently offers Campbell’s, which only creates the product because it was convinced to do it for airlines.

What’s the difference between Bloody Mary and Bloody Mary?

The most noticeable distinction between a Bloody Maria and a Bloody Mary is the liquor: Bloody Marias are made with tequila, whilst Bloody Marys are made with vodka. Some recipes stop there, but tequila’s rich, savory flavor profile makes it a great foundation for a delightful cocktail.

How do you doctor up a Bloody Mary Mix?

Using infused spirits to improve our Bloody Marys is one of our favorite methods to do it. You can buy some in shops or manufacture your own at home (it’s simpler than you think!). For an extra kick, try spirits laced with horseradish, black pepper, jalapeo, habanero, or chile.

What vodka is best for Zing Zang Bloody Mary?

You may use whatever vodka you like. I suggest Tito’s Vodka since it is incredibly smooth. Sobieski vodka is my personal favorite. It’s reasonably priced and really smooth.

Should you shake a Bloody Mary?

The ideal technique to prepare a Bloody Mary is not to shake or mix it with ice, as you would with any other cocktail. Why? It dilutes the mixture too much, resulting in a watery consistency. Just combine the ingredients without ice and serve over ice.

What are the 2 garnishes for a Bloody Mary?

Suggestions for Bloody Mary Garnishes
Shrimp is a simple bloody mary classic that is simple to create!
Cheese- Mild, sharp, or spicy cheese cubes are always appreciated!
Add a few varieties of olives, such as black, green, blue cheese filled, marinated, and so on.
Additional details…•April 22, 2022

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