The Top 10 Bottled Water Brands for 2022

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Water is one of the most important things the body need to live. It may take several forms, ranging from filtered water to tap water to boiling water. Nonetheless, many individuals now prefer to drink water from a bottle.

So what precisely are the greatest bottled water brands, and how can I pick one? There are several fantastic bottled water brands from all around the globe. Some of them are generated differently depending on where they originate from. Several of them exploit the natural environment to generate very clean waters rich in therapeutic minerals and electrolytes.

Bottled water is something to enjoy no matter how you want to drink it since it is manufactured in Europe and North America, and there are numerous bottled water brands to select from.

Best Selection

Perrier Carbonated Mineral Water is the greatest bottled water brand. Perrier has a remarkable reputation for creating some of the finest waters in the world, and this one is no exception. This carbonated water quenches thirst while giving the zing that many people like in sodas without the added sugar.

Budget Selection

Bottled water users on a budget who want a little taste in their water might try the Propel, Kiwi Strawberry water. This water has a fantastic and mild taste and is ideal for those seeking for a good deal.

Product Name Grade
Perrier Carbonated Mineral Water A
Propel, Kiwi Strawberry, Zero Calorie Water A-
San Pellegrino Sparkling Natural Mineral Water B+
CORE Hydration, Nutrient Enhanced Water B+
Nestle Pure Life Purified Water A-
evian Natural Spring Water B+
Icelandic Glacial Natural Spring Alkaline Water B+
Acqua Panna Natural Spring Water B
VOSS Artesian Still Water B
Poland Spring Origin B-
Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water A-

1. Perrier Carbonated Mineral Water

Perrier is one of the world’s biggest water brands, therefore it should come as no surprise that they are our top bottled water brand. Since 1863, Perrier has been creating the most pleasantly tasting water in France, one of the world’s leading producers of natural water.

Perrier offers a variety of water options, but we believe their Carbonated Mineral Water is by far their finest. Although many individuals dislike carbonated or fizzy water beverages, they must sample Perrier’s version before dismissing it.

This Carbonated Mineral Water beverage, like all of their other beverages, is very refreshing and will help to satisfy any thirst. It has some carbonation or fizz, but not enough to make your eyes tear up if you attempt to gulp it down. The carbonation is mild and works nicely with the water.

This Perrier Carbonated Mineral Water comes in their characteristic green packaging, however the bottles are constructed of plastic rather than glass, as their consumers are used to seeing. This Carbonated Mineral Water is available in a case of 24 bottles.

If you don’t like plain carbonated water, Perrier also has a variety of flavored carbonated water beverages. The most prominent flavor is their Lime flavored carbonated water, which we tasted and found to be a really smooth tasting flavored water beverage.

What we loved: We appreciated the freshness that this Perrier Carbonated Mineral Water provided. We liked how the fizz doesn’t entirely overrun the water and simply provides a subtle touch to the drink.

What we didn’t like: We don’t have anything against Perrier in general, but we do wish that a box of their water didn’t come with so many bottles. 24 seems to be a lot, and it is more than what we and maybe others would prefer to spend for it. It would be ideal if it came in a pack of six.

2. Propel, Kiwi Strawberry, Zero Calorie Water

It’s alright if you’ve never heard of the Propel bottled water brand. They have not yet completely developed their brand, but they are associated with Gatorade, one of the world’s top sports drinks. Propel is made by the same company that makes Gatorade and provides a low-cost bottled water alternative.

Propel, like its forefathers, Gatorade, makes a beverage that comes in a variety of flavors. This specific bottle of Propel water has a delectable Kiwi Strawberry taste. This adds an added level of taste to the water, making it more delicate and crisp.

Propel is an excellent option for consumers seeking for bottled water that isn’t simply motionless and unflavored. As an extra plus, Propels water includes electrolytes and vitamins, which are just what many people need after a strenuous exercise.

Many individuals believe that Propels flavored water is superior than Gatorade since it quenches their thirst while containing no added sugar in the beverage. One disadvantage of Gatorade is the amount of sugar it contains, but with Propels water, you won’t receive any of that sugar.

This Kiwi Strawberry Propel bottled water pack has 12 bottles, each holding 24 fluid ounces of water. There are other varieties to sample, of course, but many people seem to enjoy the Kiwi Strawberry one above the others.

We enjoyed how efficiently this bottle of water rehydrated our bodies after a strong aerobic lesson. We were really pleased to have an option to Gatorade since we don’t like electrolyte-based beverages with a lot of sugar in them.

What we didn’t like: the taste could stand out a little more or there could be more of it in the water itself. When you sip the water, the flavor is quite subtle, yet the aftertaste lingers in your mouth for a long.

3. San Pellegrino Sparkling Natural Mineral Water

San Pellegrino is a well-known water brand that has long been a favorite option among bottled water enthusiasts. Their name has become linked with high-quality mineral water that is incredibly pleasant to drink over time.

San Pellegrinos water is produced in Italy and brought all the way to North America to give Westerners a taste of some of Europe’s greatest water. A case of this great bottled water has 12 bottles, each containing 33.8 ounces of water. The ultimate result is a water that is delicious and crisp, sure to satisfy any thirst.

Many people like the well-balanced character of San Pellegrinos bottled water, especially this Sparkling Water. It produces a significant quantity of carbonation or fizz in the water without fully dominating the drink. It’s low in carbonation but excellent in total water thirst satisfaction, according to some. Many sparkling water businesses struggle with over-carbonation, but San Pellegrino has found the correct balance in their bottled water.

Our Sparkling Natural Mineral Water is so clear and fresh that it may be enjoyed in a variety of ways, from quenching thirst after a workout to pairing with meals. San Pellegrino’s all-natural water does not include any artificial tastes or colors, nor does it contain any calories.

What we liked:difficult It’s to find a bottled water brand that can achieve the proper mix between refreshing flavor and carbonation levels, but San Pellegrino has been able to do it for decades with their Sparkling Natural Mineral Water, and it’s a joy to drink.

What we didn’t like: San Pellegrino is a bottled water brand that caters to more wealthy tastes, and if you don’t want to spend top money for this bottled water brand, there are plenty of other less expensive choices available.

4. CORE Hydration, Nutrient Enhanced Water

We can’t say we blame folks who haven’t heard of CORE Hydration. It is a relatively unknown bottled water brand, but with the correct exposure, it will be able to demonstrate to water users that it is one of the best bottled water brands on the market today.

CORE Hydration elevates the notion of adding nutrients to natural water and offers individuals a premium water-drinking experience. Their bottled water is packaged in a stylish, contoured container with curved edges. It’s finished with a blue lid that covers the water bottle opening.

Each bottle holds 30.4 fluid ounces (900 milliliters) of water. This is definitely more than a standard bottle of water, which typically holds roughly 500 milliliters of water. This CORE Hydration bottled water pack has a total of 12 bottles, each of which is BPA-free and 100% recyclable.

CORE Hydrations water is enriched with nutrients and supports adequate hydration as a result of these nutrients. The water in these bottles is ultra-purified and includes helpful electrolytes and minerals to rehydrate your body after a strenuous exercise.

It does not include any hazardous minerals or particles that are often seen in mineral-producing waters. Several individuals claim the flavor of this water is quite pleasant, and they notice a substantial change in their hydration levels after drinking this bottle of water vs a conventional bottle of water an hour later.

What we loved: We really appreciated the whole CORE Hydrations bottled water experience. It was a very premium experience, from the unusual and pleasant to hold water bottle to the wonderfully cold and clean flavor of their water.

What we didn’t like: this product is very pricey when compared to other bottled water brands in terms of cost per milliliter. But, since it provides a high-end water-drinking experience, the price may be justified.

5. Nestle Pure Life Purified Water

If you’ve ever questioned whether you’ve seen the brand Nestle before, chances are you have. The issue is that you’ve probably seen them on chocolate packages or other forms of confectionery rather than on a bottle of water. To your surprise, Nestle manufactures one of the finest filtered water bottles on the market today.

Nestle Pure Life Purified Water is one of the finest and most affordable bottled water options for the average person. It is reasonably priced, and you get high-quality, filtered water that is both safe and healthful to drink. There are no gimmicks or frills in this water, and you won’t find any of their trademark sweeteners or added sugars either. There are no artificial sweeteners or other additives.

Nestlé Purified Water is packaged in a 500 milliliter recyclable plastic container. You will get 24 bottles of water in total. With 24 bottles in a box of Nestle Purified Water, you can stock up on bottled water at your home or even at work. As previously said, it is quite reasonably priced and should be regarded as your go-to, basic and filtered water option.

Still water is perhaps the greatest option for folks who don’t enjoy flavored or sparkling water. Many folks just prefer fresh, unique-tasting water that has been thoroughly tested to guarantee that it is absolutely safe to consume.

What we liked:This is one of our favorite still water bottle brands since it delivers great value and the smooth, clear water that we like. Sparkling and flavored water are enjoyable to drink at times, but we always choose natural and filtered water.

Something we didn’t like: We didn’t dislike anything about this water. It tasted just as it claimed it would and is so cheap that it’s difficult to find a better all-around value option for filtered water.

6. evian Natural Spring Water

Ask anybody whether they’ve heard of or seen the evian Natural Spring Water bottle before, and we promise that the majority of people have. It is one of the most well-known and famous bottled water brands, having weathered the test of time owing to its distinct flavor of Natural Spring Water.

Evian Water is one of the world’s oldest bottled water brands, having been in business for almost 150 years. Their Natural Spring Water is sourced from the French Alps and offers a well-balanced blend of minerals and electrolytes that give it its particular flavor. Their Spring Water blend has been researched and tested over the years and is one of the best still water drinks for rehydrating and replenishing electrolytes.

Being one of the world’s most trustworthy bottled water companies, evian has pledged to safeguard the environment and the globe by packaging its water in recyclable plastic bottles. As a result, they are convenient to transport to work or to your exercises.

Each bottle of evian Natural Spring Water holds 33.8 fluid ounces (1 liter). These one-liter bottles of water are available in packs of twelve, ranging from twelve to 48 bottles.

What we liked: We really appreciate the one-liter bottles. That obviously contradicts what many bottles of water contain, which is about 500-600 milliliters, and it is wonderful to have the choice of getting more water per bottle since it also helps to reduce plastic waste.

What we didn’t like: evians Natural Spring Water is recognized for having a weird flavor to their water. We don’t think much of it, but we also recognize that it isn’t for everyone, and it’s definitely one of Evan’s main complaints about their water.

7. Icelandic Glacial Natural Spring Alkaline Water

You’re undoubtedly aware that some of the greatest bottled water brands originate from well-known European nations such as France, Italy, and Switzerland. Yet you may be shocked to learn that Iceland, a small European island nation, also produces some great bottled water, like Icelandic Glacial Natural Spring Alkaline Water.

Natural Spring Alkaline Water lfus Spring, an Icelandic spring, produces water. There, the water is considered as particularly clean since it naturally includes a very low mineral content but is also free of hazardous pollutants such as heavy metals. As a consequence, the water is really clean to the core and includes essential minerals.

This water tastes exceptionally fresh to many people, and it is classified as a Natural Alkaline Water drink due to its natural alkaline level, which is assessed by a pH of 8.4. This bottle of Icelandic water will rehydrate the body delightfully since it is naturally alkaline and includes non-harmful minerals.

Although this Natural Spring Alkaline Water is recognized for its simple or still taste, Icelandic Glacial also offers a few additional Spring Water flavors including Elderflower, Lime, and Lemon.

What we loved: We appreciated the refreshing flavor of this Spring Alkaline Water. We were skeptical at first since we had never heard of it, but we were blown away by how smooth and crisp this bottle of water was.

What we didn’t like: since it’s a bottle of water that doesn’t have a great reputation in North America yet, it may be difficult to get and, in some situations, you’ll have to pay a premium to buy a pack of this bottle of Icelandic water.

8. Acqua Panna Natural Spring Water

Italy is another hotspot nation that produces some of the world’s greatest bottled water. Acqua Panna Natural Spring Water may be a bottled water brand that many North Americans have never heard of, but in Europe, it is a highly popular brand that fully merits its name.

Acqua Panna Natural Spring Water has a long history dating back to 1564, when it was first produced in the Tuscan area of Italy. Because of its unique combination of an energizing flavor of fresh water that includes vital minerals, this area has been designated as the principal location for bottled water manufacturing.

Several people claim that this Natural Spring Water goes well with any meal or may be used to chill down on a hot summer day. Those who have tried it claim it is extremely light and simple to drink. Others even claim that the water has a silky feel, which may not appeal to all water consumers.

Acqua Panna Natural Spring Water is accessible in North America and is imported straight from Italy, despite its popularity in Europe. Acqua Panna water is packaged in a 500 milliliter BPA-free and 100% recyclable plastic bottle. It is sold in packs of 24 bottles and in quantities of 24, 48, and 72 bottles.

What we loved: We appreciated the large amount of Acqua Panna water that arrives in each packet. We believed we received excellent value for money with a box of 24 bottles, and each water bottle has the appropriate quantity of water.

What we didn’t like: the silky texture we stated before might be a turnoff while sipping it, particularly if you’re not drinking it with food or wine. Its smooth texture may nearly taste like plastic on its own.

9. VOSS Artesian Still Water

No matter where you reside in the globe, theres a strong chance you’ve heard of the VOSS brand before. They were formerly noted for their bizarre and somewhat hefty water bottles composed of a glass-like substance. Yet, they have gone a long way since then, and their VOSS Artesian Still Water still provides an ultra-premium water experience.

VOSS no longer utilizes glass bottles, instead opting for high-quality polyethylene terephthalate (PET) materials, which are molded into the form of a bottle. This is clearly much better for the environment and is BPA-free. As a result, it may seem and even feel like a glass bottle, but it is not, and it retains its luxury feel and branding on the bottle itself. It also seems to be substantial, yet each bottle is rather light and comes with an airtight, resealable cover to keep your water fresh.

VOSS Artesian Still Water is made and bottled in Norway, another European nation. It is created in a deep underground aquifer in the Southern Norway area. VOSS clean and natural water is emitted from this location. This premium VOSS Artesian Still Water comes in a set of 24 bottles, each holding just 330 milliliters of water.

What we liked:VOSS continues to provide a unique water-drinking experience. Its bottles and lids are unlike any other brand, and as a result, it provides the most distinctive water-drinking experience.

Things we didn’t like: We didn’t like two things in particular. The first is that its pricing remains outrageous for water that can be obtained in any other water bottle. Second, 330 milliliters per bottle simply doesn’t seem right, and we were often left wanting more. We believe it should be at least 500 milliliters.

10. Poland Spring Origin

Don’t be misled by the name of this bottled water brand. Despite its name, this bottled water is neither European nor Polish. It is instead freshly manufactured in Maine, USA.

You would not think of Maine as a major provider of spring water, yet this water comes from the vast and lush Maine woodlands. This spring water springs from a 10,000-year-old glacier sand, bringing with it a well-balanced, clear, and natural spring water.

Poland Spring Origin has a clear, refreshing flavor and is high in natural electrolytes. Many individuals believe that drinking this water in the morning or after a long and strenuous exercise helps to replace all of the electrolytes lost during both activities.

Each bottle of Poland Spring Origin has an uncomfortably numbered 900 milliliters of water, which may frequently seem to be too much water and left you wondering why they didn’t simply round up the bottle to a full liter. In any case, each box of this Spring water includes 12 bottles in recyclable plastic bottles.

We enjoyed the natural and clear flavor of this spring water. This is the spring water for you if you want it straight up, clear, and pure tasting. It also does not have a foul flavor that might leave you with a bad aftertaste. While being constructed of recyclable plastic, the bottle is nevertheless incredibly sturdy and durable for a plastic water bottle.

What we didn’t like: we’ve previously said this, but it’s a rather uncomfortable and cumbersome looking size for a water bottle. 900 milliliters is plenty of water, but it also seems to be excessive. Also, since there is so much water in one bottle, the bottle itself is a little unpleasant to grasp due to the lack of rivets for your hand.

11. Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water

Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water, founded in 2012, is yet another unusual and intriguing bottled water brand. What distinguishes it is that it is promoted as Volcanic Water, which might be unnerving for some individuals. But don’t worry, this Volcano Water isn’t as horrible as it sounds, and it’s actually Hawaii’s most popular bottled water brand.

Hawaiian Volcano Waiakea The Mauna Loa volcano, one of Hawaii’s active volcanoes, produces water from both snow and rain. The water is filtered through around 15,000 feet of volcanic rock. The water gathers up essential nutrients and electrolytes as it travels down this lengthy mountain. It is stated that the water generated here is one of the greatest in the world for producing fresh water.

This Hawaiian Volcanic Water has a pH of 8.2 and is naturally alkaline. It does not employ any chemical boosters in its water, so all you receive from this bottle is pure volcanic water. In terms of bottle packaging, Waiakea takes great pride in establishing a sustainable environment and employs a BPA-free, recycled plastic material. Waiakea goes even farther, donating a percentage of their profits to Africa in the form of clean water supplies.

A case of this distinctively Hawaiian bottled water has 12 bottles, each measuring a substantial one liter.

What we liked: Apart from their amazing bottled water, which is clean and smooth, we like everything Waiakea stands for. We enjoy their wonderful and imaginative branding on these meticulously recycled plastic bottles, and we also respect the fact that they practice what they preach by giving back to areas who need access to safe drinking water.

What we didn’t like: the price of this water bottle brand is pretty extravagant, which is likely due to the fact that it has to be sent all the way from Hawaii.

Considerations Before Purchasing the Best Bottled Water Brands

Water Characteristics

The top bottled water manufacturers create a variety of various waters, since not all of them are the same. To be honest, many of them are one-of-a-kind in their own way (i.e. Volcanic Water). Here’s a rundown of some of the numerous kinds of water that these water companies may generate.

Still or natural water is any bottled water that is manufactured that does not include any additions in the form of tastes or has no carbonation in it. If you sipped this water, it would be identical like drinking clean tap water. This sort of water is known by a variety of names, including the aforementioned Volcanic Water, as well as Spring Water and Mineral Water. Certain forms of water often include beneficial minerals, and some even contain electrolytes.

Sparkling or carbonated water is another popular form of water among a huge number of water consumers. As the name says, this sort of water has some carbonation or fizz to it, so that each sip has a bite to it. This sort of water is popular among those who like the flavor of fizzy drinks but do not want the extra sugar.

Flavored water has arisen in recent years as a new option to drinking plain, unflavored water. Flavored water comes in a variety of tastes and provides water users with a little more depth in terms of water taste. These tastes are often quite subtle, yet they are apparent when individuals drink this sort of water. This sort of water is very beneficial for those who dislike the taste of plain water.

Where Does the Water Come From?

Another important aspect influencing a bottled water brand’s image is where the water comes from. Several of the best-known brands get their water from Europe. France, Italy, Switzerland, and even Iceland are among the noteworthy nations that make good bottled water.

The United States also has a few states that produce excellent bottled water, and they may be places that you would not think of as major producers of fresh, natural water. These are the states of Maine and Hawaii.

How Much Water Is in a Bottle?

Each bottled water company provides a varied quantity of water in each bottle. There is often no guideline for how much water is included in a bottle. It may vary from 330 milliliters to one liter (1000 milliliters) per bottle.

Obviously, the less water there is, the simpler it is to take about with you and hold in your hand as a drink. Certain one-liter water bottles might be challenging to both handle and drink from. In the end, how much water is good for you in each bottle depends on your demands and what you discover to be best for you.


We have explained that some bottled water nowadays has tastes. Some individuals may prefer this option since it provides them with something to taste rather than nothing. Flavors in bottled water may vary from a single, delicious taste to a blend of numerous fruits or components.

The sugar content is the one thing you should look at before buying a flavored bottle of water. Some bottles will have a little quantity of sugar, however others may not contain any sugar but may contain an additive or artificial flavoring instead.

Last Thoughts

Bottled water is one of those ageless, pleasantly chilled fluids that is nice to consume, whether you drink it with your meals, after an exercise, or simply to sip on to replenish yourself throughout the day. It is safe to consume on a daily basis and may be revitalizing for certain individuals.

Whether you select one of the top bottled water brands from Europe or North America, keep in mind that they all serve the same purpose: to keep you hydrated and to guarantee that your body gets the appropriate quantities of water in a day to operate efficiently.

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