The Top 10 Cookbook Stands to Keep Your Cookbook Clean

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Those of us who like spending time in the kitchen have all experienced the moment when the cookbook shuts, typically at the vital stage in the recipe! We then have the option of re-opening the book with sticky hands or washing our hands before touching it. The unobtrusive cookbook holder is a must-have kitchen equipment that keeps the cookbook open on the right page while also keeping it out of the way of food splatters.

For those of us who prefer to save our recipes online, conventional cookbook stands now serve as tablet stands. In this post, we will look at what elements to look for when choosing the best cookbook stand, as well as examine some of the top stands on the market.

Best Selection

The Clear Solutions Home big cherry wood and acrylic cookbook holder with a splatter screen is our top-rated cookbook stand created in the United States.

Budget Selection

Our fold away inexpensive cookbook stand option is the view adjustable BamBoo cookbook stand.

Product Name Grade
Clear Solutions Deluxe Large Cookbook Holder A
wishacc BamBoo Book Stand A-
Norpro Acrylic Cookbook/Tablet Holder B+
OXO Good Grips Pop-Up Cookbook Holder A-
TRIPAR Swirl Design Cookbook Stand A-
Boston Warehouse 72728 Tablet Stand Bake A-
VonShef 07/277 Wire Cookbook Stand A-
Home Basics Cast Iron Fleur-De-Lis Cookbook Stand A-
US Art Supply Extra Large Cookbook Holder A-
Clear Solutions Under Cabinet Mounted Cookbook Holder A-

1. ​Clear Solutions Deluxe Large Cookbook Holder  

Highlighted Features

  • A huge cherry wood cookbook holder with an acrylic splatter shield measuring 15 by 12 inches.
  • Adjustable to various reading angles
  • Flattens for easy storing
  • This is made in the United States and comes with a one-year guarantee against breakage.

The Clear Solutions Household large cherry wood and acrylic cookbook holder is made in the United States and can be adjusted to various reading angles. This stand is sturdy enough to hold larger cookbooks, and its 15 by 12 acrylic shield will keep splatters off these larger books. This is also suitable for tablets, but the shield prevents easy swiping.

This huge stand with a 15 by 6 base folds flat for storage and has a one-year breakage guarantee. When inserting bigger books, use caution since the front is hinged and will tumble down onto the tabletop if not handled properly. Plus, if you’re trying to purchase this as a present, the package clearly shows what’s inside.


  • a big stand
  • For use with cookbooks or tablets
  • Splatter protection
  • Fold and store
  • Manufactured in the United States
  • Warranty period of one year


  • When purchasing as a gift, the wrapping displays what is within the box.
  • While loading heavier books onto the stand, more caution is required.
  • The splatter barrier prevents simple swiping when used as a tablet stand.

2. wishacc BamBoo Book Stand 

Highlighted Features

  • A natural bamboo cookbook stand measuring 11 by 8.1 inches.
  • May be used to hold cookbooks or a tablet.
  • There are five distinct viewing angles available.
  • Wipes clean and folds down to storage
  • Rubber non-slip feet to avoid slipping

The BamBoo cookbook stand can be adjusted to five different viewing positions and folded flat for storage. This stand measures 11 by 8.1 inches and may also be used to support a tablet. While in use, it includes two metal pegs at the front of the stand to keep pages in place.

It is made of natural bamboo and can be wiped clean. While some consumers have gotten simple designs, it has a pattern carved into the bamboo. This stand should also feature non-slip rubber feet to prevent movement, however some have arrived without these.


  • Bamboo structure
  • For use with cookbooks or tablets
  • Viewing angle may be adjusted
  • Design cut through
  • Folds away


  • Several customers have reported receiving a plain design rather than one with a cut out pattern.
  • Receiving this without the non-slip feet is a danger.
  • There is no splatter shield on this.

3. Norpro Acrylic Cookbook/Tablet Holder

Highlighted Features

  • A transparent acrylic cookbook and tablet holder measuring 12 by 9 inches.
  • Includes a built-in splatter shield
  • It just has one viewing angle and does not fold up for storage.

The tablet holder is a modern design constructed of one piece of transparent acrylic that includes a splatter shield to protect your book or tablet from spills. The Norpro acrylic cookbook is 12 by 9 inches.

or larger volumes. Since the viewing angle cannot be altered, certain books may be more difficult to read. For storage, this does not fold down. Since it is constructed of acrylic, there is a chance of it breaking if dropped on the floor, and others have felt that this stand is too fragile for bigger and heavier objects.


  • Acrylic is transparent.
  • Splatter protection
  • Requires either a cookbook or a tablet
  • 12 by 9


  • You run the risk of harming it if you drop it.
  • For heavier or bigger cookbooks, it may be too fragile.
  • The reading angle cannot be adjusted.

4. OXO Good Grips Pop-Up Cookbook Holder 

Highlighted Features

  • A pop-up cookbook that opens automatically and a tablet holder
  • Folds down for cupboard or cookbook shelf storage after use.
  • Splatter guard may be pulled down for easier scrolling or page flipping.
  • Viewing angle is not adjustable.

The OXO Good Grips pop-up cookbook holder is designed to open automatically and is great for carrying cookbooks and tablets. It may be folded down and placed flat or beside cookbooks after use. This holder’s viewing angle is not adjustable, which increases the danger of glare when using it with a tablet.

The splatter guard pulls down to enable you to freely scroll or flip pages, and although it is adequate for bigger and heavier cookbooks, it will not totally cover larger volumes. The back is also too short to accommodate loose sheets of paper.


  • For use with cookbooks and tablets
  • Open automatically
  • Remove the splatter guard.
  • Fold it away


  • The viewing angle cannot be changed.
  • When there is glare from overhead lights, it might be difficult to view your tablet.
  • Not recommended for heavy or bigger cookbooks.

5. TRIPAR Swirl Design Cookbook Stand 

Highlighted Features

  • A classic cookbook and tablet stand with weighted chains.
  • This is made of metal and features a swirl pattern with a dark colored antiqued finish.
  • For convenient storage, the back folds down.

The TRIPAR cookbook stand (swirl design) is made of metal and has a dark antiqued appearance. This is a typical non-adjustable cookbook stand with weighted chains to keep pages in position while in use. This stand is also appropriate for tablet use, however it lacks a splatter shield. It has a fold-down back for simple storage.

The construction quality of this item may not be as durable as anticipated, and you may get it with minor aesthetic damage.


  • Metal structure
  • The finish is antiqued.
  • For use with a cookbook or a tablet
  • Folds down


  • There is no splatter guard.
  • You could get this with little aesthetic damage.
  • The construction may not be as strong as anticipated.

6. Boston Warehouse 72728 Tablet Stand Bake 

Highlighted Features

  • A bake design tablet and cookbook stand in black and white.
  • An easel design built from composite wood
  • The easel leg folds for convenient storage and may also be placed on the wall.
  • There is just one viewing angle

The Boston Warehouse tablet stand (72728) is a complex composite wood design with a black and white finish. This is an easel-style support appropriate for cookbooks and tablets, however it lacks a splatter guard and the viewing angle is not adjustable.

The easel’s leg folds for storage, and there is a hole at the top for hanging it on the wall when not in use. Several customers have reported that the stand is not as strong as promised, and there may be slight aesthetic damage to the surface.


  • Easel design
  • Tablet and cookbook holder
  • The colors black and white
  • Composite wood
  • Features a hole for hanging


  • The reading angle is not adjustable.
  • There is no splatter protection.
  • It is possible to get it with minimal aesthetic damage.

7. VonShef 07/277 Wire Cookbook Stand

Highlighted Features

  • A metal cookbook stand with a modern design and a chrome finish.
  • This is a non-folding style that is raised from the countertop.
  • The platform is 7 by slightly more than 11 inches and stands 9.6 inches tall.
  • It only has one viewing angle and is best suited for thinner cookbooks.

277) has a modern design with a chrome finish. This stand is elevated above the countertop, which helps to keep your book clean. Since it cannot be folded down for storage, it may be too big for certain kitchens where storage or countertop space is limited. VonShef’s wire cookbook stand (07).

It is 7 by slightly more than 11 inches and has an overall height of 9.6 inches, making it only appropriate for thinner cookbooks. There is no splatter shield on this.


  • a big stand
  • Design for the modern era
  • Metal structure
  • Chrome plating


  • There is no splatter protection.
  • Only appropriate for thinner cookbooks
  • It cannot be folded for storage.

8. Home Basics Cast Iron Fleur-De-Lis Cookbook Stand 

Highlighted Features

  • A cookbook and tablet stand made of black cast iron
  • A fleur-de-lis pattern on a traditional style stand
  • Includes hooks or arms to keep the cookbook in place and feet to keep it from sliding or damaging the surface.

The Home Essentials cast iron fleur-de-lis cookbook stand (black) is a sturdy cookbook or tablet stand. This has a single viewing angle and is 5 inches tall, 10.5 inches long, and 5.7 inches broad. It also contains pegs or arms to keep the pages in place and little feet on the bottom to keep it from sliding or damaging the tabletop.

Since this is a cast iron stand, it cannot be folded down for storage, and there is a chance that you may get it with some aesthetic damage. This model also lacks a splatter shield.


  • Stand in traditional style
  • For use with a cookbook or a tablet
  • wrought iron
  • The fleur-de-lis pattern


  • There is no splatter protection.
  • Some aesthetic harm may occur.
  • It does not fold down for storage.
  • There is just one viewing angle

9. US Art Supply Extra Large Cookbook Holder 

Highlighted Features

  • Extra-large table easel for use as a cookbook or tablet stand.
  • Folds for convenient storage and is 13 broad by 9 tall.
  • Hand sanded and oil polished aged beechwood construction
  • It has two flip-up page holders and an adjustable viewing angle.

The extra big table easer from US Art Supplies may also be used as a cookbook and tablet stand. This folds flat for convenient storage and is 13 broad by 9 tall. This stand is made of aged beechwood and has been hand sanded and oil polished. It includes two flip-up page holders to keep a book or tablet open. The viewing angle may also be adjusted.

This lacks a splatter protection and may not be as long-lasting as planned. The foundation looks to be composed of a composite material rather than the promised beechwood.


  • Easel for a big table
  • Folds down
  • Beechwood that has aged
  • Adjustable
  • Page holders that flip up


  • Instead of beechwood, the foundation is made of composite material.
  • There is no splatter protection.
  • That may not last as long as intended.

​10. Clear Solutions Under Cabinet Mounted Cookbook Holder 

Highlighted Features

  • A cookbook and tablet holder that is positioned beneath the cabinet.
  • Handcrafted in the United States of America from natural maple.
  • Folds down to a depth of 2 inches beneath the cabinet.
  • A half acrylic splatter barrier is included.

The Clear Solutions Household under cabinet mounted cookbook holder is handcrafted in the United States of natural maple and features a partial acrylic splatter protection. It is 2 deep while stowed beneath the cabinet and holds a cookbook or tablet when brought out.

This is more expensive than a standard cookbook stand, and installation might be difficult since it must fit beneath an above kitchen cabinet. Several purchasers have also discovered that the general quality of the product was not as promised, and owing to the space needed for the holder, it is doubtful that you will be able to leave anything on the countertop beneath it while in use.


  • Holder for under-cabinet use
  • For use with cookbooks and tablets
  • The native maple
  • Splatter shield in part
  • American made


  • Significantly more pricey than a standard cookbook stand.
  • Installation might be difficult.
  • Overall product quality may be worse than planned.

Things to Consider Before Buying A Cookbook Stand

Whether you like baking or prefer to prepare savory foods, the cookbook stand will enable you to focus on your cooking while having your recipe close at hand. Putting the cookbook on a stand also frees up more countertop room for real meal preparation.

A stand protects your cookbook out of the way of oil splatters and flour dust, which is especially essential if your cookbook has been handed down through generations.

While no one knows when the cookbook stand originally existed, it was most likely around the period of early cookbooks, which date back to the fourteenth century. Around the time, palaces and other high persons published cookery books. These were primarily made as aides-memoires for employees, but they were also used by royalty to show off how lavish their meals were.

More books started to be produced with the emergence of sophisticated printing in the fourteenth century, and by the seventeenth century, it was feasible to publish recipes. As one 1847 book published in England Simple Cooking for the Working Classes illustrated, they were still produced for the wealthy, but also for the less fortunate.

Cooking books maintained to maintain class differences in European nations, but as literacy rates rose and household finances grew, some publishers started to make books for all homes or all classes.

As time passed, rather than social groupings, the key differentiating element of cookbooks became their binding quality. The most costly books were calf bound and exclusively accessible to the affluent, but the less expensive ones were created as tiny yet inexpensive booklets. During the early twentieth century, cookbooks were seldom targeting specific social or economic groups; instead, the emphasis was on producing cookbooks for specific dietary needs, such as those featuring kosher recipes.

Features of Cookbook Stands

Cookbook stands may be conventional in design or modern in style, making a statement on your counter.

They are built of different materials, such as cast iron, stainless steel, or coated steel, and are intended to last a long time. Polymers and acrylics are also popular, as are natural materials like wood or bamboo, however natural materials are more prone to aesthetic damage and the humidity in a kitchen atmosphere will wear them down over time.

The upright position of a cookbook stand not only makes reading from a book simpler, but it also lowers glare from overhead lighting, which may make reading a recipe difficult when a book is open flat on the countertop. Some stands also feature changeable viewing angles, which allows for more adaptability with various book sizes.

Size might be an important issue depending on how much countertop space you have available. If you have enough room on your countertop to leave your stand out, the size does not important; however, if you need to stow it away when not in use, a smaller or slimline model will be more ideal.

Some stands have a swivel base, which makes working across a larger or angled countertop space easier, and some fold away to take up less space, though these are often smaller and may not be as heavy duty as non-folding stands.

If you use a variety of recipe books, you’ll need a stand that can accommodate varying book thicknesses and is robust enough to handle your heaviest book. A stand with a built-in counterweight or bookmark assures that it will remain open on the page, but if you often use recipe cards or sheets of paper, a stand with pegs or arms at the base of the upright may be more beneficial since they will assist prevent draughts from disrupting loose pages.

If the stand includes a shield to protect the pages from splatters, it will make the work a bit simpler. It’s also worth looking at the spatter shield’s size, which should be big enough to cover the pages of your larger cookbooks.

If you prefer to utilize internet recipes, a cookbook stand that also functions as a tablet stand is a worthwhile purchase. These stands are often compatible with any sort of device and should provide a variety of viewing angles to make it easier to see the screen. Some tablet cookbook stands also include a charging port and a splatter shield, which is excellent for safeguarding your iPad from wayward brownie mix!

A tablet cookbook stand should also be easy to place your tablet or phone into, as well as strong and steady enough to enable you to touch the screen without the stand tilting or sliding.


Investing in a cookbook stand is the simplest method to avoid splatters on a prized cookbook or tablet. These subtle, but necessary kitchen accessories often serve an aesthetic as well as an utilitarian purpose in the kitchen, and features like as adjustable viewing angles and splatter shields increase the cookbook stand’s total adaptability.

While cookbook stands come in a variety of forms and sizes, we hope that this article has made it simpler for you to choose the perfect cookbook stand for your kitchen, whether you want it for cookbooks, your tablet, or both!

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