The Top 10 Dish Drying Mats for 2022

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One of the most vexing aspects of making a delicious dinner at home is the unpleasant task of cleaning the dishes. Even if you have access to a dishwasher, you will still have to wash a large number of dishes by hand. So where do you store these dishes once you’ve washed them?

Here comes the dish drying mat. But we’re not talking about any old dish drying mat here. We’re simply talking about the finest dish drying mats, and they are really beneficial for drying off those freshly cleaned dishes. It is energy efficient since it does not need any electricity or water, and it performs well.

Best Selection

The Bellemain XXL Dish Mat is undoubtedly the greatest overall dish drying mat for one reason: its size. This dish drying mat’s size is unrivaled on our list, and when you have a home full of dishes, having that additional dish drying mat room cannot be overstated.

Budget Selection

The Umbra UDRY Rack with Microfiber Dish Drying Mat is the most affordable option. This is the best option for those looking for a dish drying mat on a budget. It has a nice microfiber mat that is also extremely large, and the dish rack in the center is an added plus.

Product Name Grade
Bellemain XXL Dish Mat A
Umbra UDRY Rack and Microfiber Dish Drying Mat A-
Envision Home Microfiber Dish Drying Mat B+
OXO Good Grips Large Silicone Drying Mat A-
S&T Microfiber Dish Drying Mat B
Drymate Dish Drying Mat B-
Homeway Essentials Silicone Dish Drying Mat B+
Norpro Microfiber Dish Drying Mat B-
SUBEKYU Microfiber Dish Drying Mat A-
MicoYang Silicone Dish Drying Mat B+

1. Bellemain XXL Dish Mat

Because of its size and the materials it is composed of, the Bellemain XXL Dish Mat is our top selection for dish drying mats. This dish drying mat is XXL in size, as the name suggests. This means you’ll have no trouble fitting whatever dishes are left in your sink that aren’t in the dishwasher. This XXL dish drying mat can accommodate anything from wine glasses to plates to pots and pans.

This XXL dish drying mat is stated to be 40% larger than standard dish drying mats, so you no longer need to use two mats when a XXL one would suffice.

Apart from its vast surface area, this dish drying mat is comprised of high-quality materials. It makes use of a thick microfiber material that is believed to absorb water more quickly and speed up the drying process. This material is also scratch resistant, so your valuable glass plates or wine glasses will be safe from scratches and scuff marks. The cloth features a characteristic honeycomb weave design that aids in water absorption.

The greatest thing about this dish drying mat is that after you’ve finished using it and all of your dishes are dry, you can quickly fold it up and store it in a drawer in your kitchen. It features a totally flexible core that enables it to be folded easily without compromising the material or the mat’s quality.

What we liked: We would not have awarded this dish drying mat its top rank if we didn’t like its enormous size. It outperforms all other dish drying mats simply because we could pack more onto it than any other.

What we didn’t like: as nice and soft as the microfiber material is on this extremely thick dish drying mat, it can be quite bouncy, which means you have to make sure your dish is firmly on the mat or else it may come down when another dish is placed on it.

2. Umbra UDRY Rack and Microfiber Dish Drying Mat

The Umbra UDRY Rack with Microfiber Dish Drying Mat is our top selection for folks on a tight budget looking for a dish drying mat. This one is one of a kind since it combines a dish drying mat and a rack in one product.

This dish drying mat is 24-inches wide and 18-inches tall, and it has a dish drying rack in the middle. This is quite useful since it separates your dishes, which can stand straight up in the main dish rack, from your cups and glasses, which can stand up on both sides of the dish rack.

This is a highly effective method of cleaning your dishes since it does not seem cluttered when combining your plates and cups on the mat. This dish drying mat and rack is incredibly large, allowing you to be more economical with the space on the mat while still accommodating more dishes, glasses, and even pots and pans.

Many people like the microfiber material that it is composed of since it is incredibly absorbent of water. The microfiber material is comfortable and avoids scratches on your valuable glasses while drying them fast.

This dish drying mat, like the last one, is foldable and can be conveniently tucked away into a drawer in your kitchen when not in use.

What we liked:this one is particularly affordable in that it saves room by having a dish rack in the center that can handle more than 10 plates and provides more than enough space on the mat half for your cups, glasses, pots, pans, and bowls.

What we didn’t like: we discovered that although the microfiber does a wonderful job of absorbing water, it takes much too long to dry. We also noticed the plastic dish rack attachment in the center was a little fragile and had a tendency to disconnect.

3. Envision Home Microfiber Dish Drying Mat

The Envision Home Microfiber Dish Drying Mat is another huge drying mat that is ideal for drying your dishes on. One thing that this mat excels at is water absorption, since it can absorb almost treble its mat weight in water!

Although absorbing much more water than it weights, it performs a remarkably good job of keeping your kitchen surface dry. It does not discharge the water that has been absorbed onto your kitchen surface, and there are no problems to clean up.

This dish drying mat’s fabric is constructed of soft microfiber material, which is typical in many dish drying mats. This mat, in particular, is reversible, enabling you to use it many times before cleaning it. Many people like that it may be washed in a washing machine, but only with cold water and liquid detergent.

It may be used as a dish drying mat as well as a mat for kitchen equipment such as a blender, mixer, or toaster oven. This helps to keep these items from harming your kitchen surface.

It is little smaller than the other two we have evaluated in size at 18 by 16 inches, but it does come in two distinct colors, black or cream.

What we loved: We appreciated how versatile this mat was. We used it to dry dishes, and it absorbed all of the water well. We also used it as a drying mat for dishes from our dishwasher.

What we didn’t like: We would have wanted this dish drying mat to be a little bit larger since it didn’t seem large enough to hold all of the plates and glasses.

4. OXO Good Grips Large Silicone Drying Mat

Apart from microfiber, silicone is another frequent material used to make dish drying mats. This silicone substance is used by the OXO Good Grips Big Silicone Drying Mat to swiftly dry dishes.

Silicone drying mats have the feel of a rubbery material and are normally an excellent option since they are non-slip and gentle. The silicone in this dish drying mat is elevated and ribbed, allowing you to set your dishes on top of the ribs. Water from your dishes would then drip down to the mat while your dish remained raised on these ribs.

This is an excellent method to dry your dishes, and it can accommodate a variety of plates and cups. It’s about 17 inches broad and 12.5 inches tall, but it could be larger. Since silicone is not a fabric, many people prefer it over microfiber dish drying mats because the water does not penetrate into the fabric. Since the water from your dishes ends up below the ribs, after you’ve removed all of your dry dishes, just flip this mat vertically over the sink to drain all of the water and your cleaning is complete.

And since silicone is highly rubbery, it is also incredibly flexible, which means you can simply fold or wrap it up and store it in a kitchen drawer or even hang it on a hook because this drying mat has a little hole for that.

What we liked: We prefer silicone over microfiber since microfiber might smell musty after a while, however silicone will never smell no matter how much water is dripped on it.

What we didn’t like: as nice as this dish drying mat is, it’s difficult to prevent the water on it from overflowing onto our kitchen countertop, which would be inconvenient since we’d have to continuously wiping it off.

5. S&T Microfiber Dish Drying Mat

Another well-known dish drying mat made of microfiber is the S&T Microfiber Dish Drying Mat. People tend to choose microfiber or silicone mats, depending on their own preferences.

This S&T Microfiber Dish Drying Mat is another excellent option for drying dishes on your kitchen countertop without the mess of water all over the place. This is due to the use of an extremely thick microfibre material that can absorb approximately four times the mat’s weight in water. This is quite useful since it stops water from seeping all over your kitchen surface and keeps your dishes dry.

This mat has a black and white gingham design that will bring some flair and individuality to your kitchen. Its size, although adequate, might be a little larger, since it is now just 18 inches broad and 16 inches tall. Customers like using this dish drying mat since the thick microfiber enables it to be used on both sides and because it is totally reversible.

Although the microfiber material is incredibly thick, it is also very soft, which helps to protect not only your dishes, but also your countertop from scratches and blemishes. After you’re through using it, just put it in the washing machine with your clothing, but only in cold water.

What we liked: The black and white gingham design on this dish drying mat was quite appealing to us. Dish drying mats might be a little monotonous in terms of color schemes since they are generally simply a single color, but this one adds a pleasant touch to the kitchen and performs quite well.

What we didn’t like: we wish it was a little larger since plates, pots, and pans may be fairly large and there isn’t much area to put them all on this dish drying mat.

6. Drymate Dish Drying Mat

The Drymate Dish Drying Mat does not utilize microfiber or silicone to remove water from damp dishes. It employs a unique and trademarked drymate substance that performs an excellent job of preventing water from seeping onto your kitchen tabletop.

Unlike a microfiber fabric, which tends to be a little heavier while drying dishes, this drymate material is really fairly thin, and even more unexpected, it dries quite rapidly. You may be astonished to learn that despite being just 0.13-inch thick, this mat can absorb up to five times its own weight in water or other liquids.

Another interesting feature of this dish drying mat is that it includes a slip-resistant undercoating that helps hold it firmly and securely in place. As a result, when you lay a dish on it, it will not slip and slide about and will remain in place.

Its anti-slip coating on the bottom will not harm your kitchen surface and is perfectly safe to use. This mat is 19 inches broad and 16 inches tall. This drying mat has an excellent reputation for durability and is also easy to wash since it can be washed in the washing machine and then hung to dry.

What we loved: We appreciated how this won’t move or slide no matter where you set it on your kitchen surface. To move it, you must first pick it up and then set it down. This is excellent since we know our wine glasses will not tip over if we move the mat slightly.

What we didn’t like: Unfortunately, its boast of being able to absorb five times its weight in fluids is simply not true, as we discovered a pool of water below when we took it up.

7. Homeway Essentials Silicone Dish Drying Mat

The Silicone Dish Drying Mat is another excellent silicone dish drying mat. Silicone, like microfiber, is a well-known dish drying mat material due to its efficacy in drying your dishes. Silicone differs from microfiber in that water cannot penetrate into the material since it is not a cloth. Instead, the water just flows off and on to the silicone layer, where you can pour it into your sink.

This silicone dish drying mat is excellent for storing dishes, pots & pans, glasses, and utensils. This silicone mat, like many others, features raised ridges that enable water to flow off your dishes. This mat’s dimensions are also extremely impressive, measuring 21 inches wide by 18 inches tall.

This dish drying mat is also quite versatile, since it may be used as a storage mat in your garage, a welcome mat, or even a fridge liner. This silicone substance is also very heat resistant, withstanding temperatures of up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

When not in use, you may fold or wrap it up and store it in a drawer or cupboard. Since the silicone material is so flexible, it may be used almost everywhere.

What we loved: We particularly enjoyed the size of this mat and how quickly our dishes dried on it. During the harsh winter months, when there is a lot of snow outside, we purchased an additional one to serve as a doormat, where all of the snow slides off and melts into water.

What we didn’t like: As much as we love this dish drying mat, it is rather pricey when compared to one of the better microfiber ones, and may cost up to four times as much.

8. Norpro Microfiber Dish Drying Mat

The Norpro Microfiber Dish Drying Mat is another microfiber dish drying mat that will dry your dishes considerably quicker than normal kitchen towels. Apart from swiftly drying your plates, bowls, and utensils, it is also thick enough to provide a delicate cushion for your most essential items.

It is significantly thicker than comparable microfiber drying mats at 0.25-inches thick, which is due to the superb cushioning it provides your dishes. This helps to protect them when they are on this mat. Your kitchen surface will also be preserved since this drying mat can absorb up to four times its weight in water. This is to prevent water from dripping all over your kitchen surface.

This dish drying mat is 18 inches wide and 16 inches tall, which is quite usual for standard-sized mats. While not in use, you may either hang it to dry using the hole that a hook can go through, or fold it up and store it in a cupboard.

What we loved: We appreciated the additional softness that this mat provided. When you lay a cup or a bowl on this mat, it seems to softly sink into the fabric, protecting it and your kitchen countertop, similar to a memory foam bed mattress.

What we didn’t like: we discovered that this mat did not dry as quickly as other microfiber mats, and as a result, we began to detect mold spreading around the borders after a few months of use.

9. SUBEKYU Microfiber Dish Drying Mat

The SUBEKYU Microfiber Dish Drying Mat is the last microfiber dish drying mat on our list. Apart from the standard advantages of a microfiber dish drying mat, which this one also has, we were attracted to the design since it adds a lot of flair to a contemporary kitchen.

This fashionable dish drying mat has a sophisticated rhombus-shape design in grey and white. It’s constructed of microfibre, which can absorb up to four times its own weight in water. As a result, like other microfiber dish drying mats, your dishes, bowls, and utensils will be protected once placed on the mat.

When you’ve finished using it, you’re supposed to wash it in your washing machine with light-colored items but not dry it in your dryer. It is preferable to air dry it instead. Put it on your kitchen counter or fold it neatly and keep it in a drawer for later use.

This dish drying mat works just as well as any other microfiber dish drying mat, but we like the rhombus design. It adds character and flare to your kitchen and looks great in lighter-colored kitchens.

What we didn’t like: we wished the mat was a little larger.

10. MicoYang Silicone Dish Drying Mat

The final item on our list is the MicoYang Silicone Dish Drying Pad, which employs silicone to help dry off those wet dishes. Other from drying your dishes, the nicest thing about silicone dish drying mats is that they can be used for a variety of reasons, and this one is no exception.

While it’s not drying your dishes, you may use this silicone mat as a door mat for your visitors to dry their feet on or as a fridge liner. It can also withstand heat, with a heat resistance of up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

It should come as no surprise that silicone dish drying mats are more versatile and simpler to clean than microfiber ones. This silicone mat can be swiftly cleaned in the sink with a brush and soapy water, and when you’re done with it, you can fold it up tightly and store it away wherever you choose.

What we liked: The non-slip layer on the bottom of the mat was really appealing to us. The mat will not slip or slide around no matter where you place it.

What we didn’t like: We were startled to see that their XL version of this mat only measures 18 inches broad and 16 inches tall, when we expected it to be much larger.

Considerations Before Purchasing the Best Dish Drying Mat


The dish drying mat material is often comprised of microfiber or silicone, as seen by the goods on our list. Microfiber is useful because it absorbs water just like any other fabric. Microfiber is excellent at absorbing water, and some mats may absorb up to four to five times their weight in water. Microfiber is also useful since it is soft and will not damage your glass dishes or kitchen surface.

Dish drying mats made of silicone are unique in that they are not composed of cloth. Water does not sink into the silicone since it generally remains on the mat or evaporates slowly over time. Silicone mats often have raised ridges where your dishes may rest. This is significant because water will leak off the dishes and into the crevices between the ridges. Silicone is also quite innocuous to your dishes and will not leave any scars on them.


The size of the mat should also be considered while selecting the best dish drying mat for you. It is because you will want to know how large it is and how many plates, cups, bowls, and utensils it can hold. It’s also useful to know how large it is so you know how much countertop space it will take up in your kitchen.

Some of them, such as our top selection, the Bellemain XXL Dish Mat, are XXL in size and will take up more counter space than something like the OXO Good Grips Large Silicone Drying Mat, which is substantially smaller. If you do not anticipate having a large number of dishes to dry on a dish drying mat, a smaller mat may be more practical for you.


The beautiful thing about these dish drying mats is that they are really simple to store after use. Although you could just leave it on your kitchen counter as a permanent home for your wet dishes, many people opt to keep it once it has served its function.

Our dish drying mats are foldable or rollable, making storage a pleasure. This makes it simple for users to locate a place in the kitchen, such as a drawer or cupboard, to put it away when not in use. Some even include a little hole where you can hang it to dry and store it without taking up any space in your cupboards or drawers.

Cleaning It

You’ll probably want to wash your dish drying mat after using it. Thankfully, this is also quite simple. You may wash microfiber mats in your washing machine with your clothing, but only in cold water. To dry it, place it in your dryer and set the temperature to low tumble to prevent the mat from shrinking.

Dish drying mats made of silicone may be washed in the dishwasher with your other dishes. Since silicone is excellent at evaporating water, you can either dry it in the dishwasher or bring it out to dry on your tabletop. People may also wash their silicone drying mat in the sink with warm soapy water if they like.

It is essential to wash your dish drying mat on a regular basis, particularly microfiber ones, to keep the fabric from becoming soiled and smelling musty.

Last Thoughts

Every household must clean the dishes, yet how each household dries their dishes varies. Although some individuals like to load their dishwasher with all of their dishes, this may be a waste of water and electricity, increasing your monthly utility and water cost.

Purchasing one of the top dish drying mats is the ideal solution for drying your dishes and is completely free once purchased. It is a simple and economical technique to dry your dishes, and it works quickly. This stuff should be in every home!


What type of drying mat is best?

Microfiber is excellent, but silicone is another popular material. The ribbed design of the OXO Good Grips Large Silicone Drying Mat enables water to drain while keeping dishes above the liquid and bacteria-free.

What is the best non toxic dish drying mat?

SiliQueen Silicone Drying Mat – Dark Gray is the best non-toxic option.

It is composed of BPA-free and non-toxic food-grade silicone, and it rolls up and stores effortlessly.

Is microfiber or silicone dish drying mat better?

Microfiber drying mats absorb water, but silicone drying mats elevate the dishes from the water residue. Some people like microfiber since it provides a protective cushion (not only for your dishes but also for your tabletop) and can be washed.

What is the best dish drying mat for small spaces?

OXO Excellent Grips Silicone Wine Glass Drying Mat is the best extra-small option. This OXO silicone mat is ideal for kitchens with small countertops and little free space. It will fit on even the most congested counters since it is just 6 inches broad and 17 inches long.

What is the most efficient drying technology?

Nowadays, hot air drying is the most prevalent drying technique. It is a simple and effective solution for strong industrial and culinary items, as well as a low-cost option.

How often should you change your dish drying mat?

If a mat isn’t cleaned on a regular basis, it might get contaminated and impede the cleaning process, since the scrubbed things will come into touch with an object that could be harboring hazardous germs. As a general rule, you should wipe a dish mat once a week to prevent mold and mildew from forming.

What is the most sanitary way of drying the dishes?

Air-drying dishes on a dish rack turns out to be a more hygienic way than using a dishtowel. Choose a two-tier dish rack or one that fits over your kitchen sink to offer additional area for air-drying.

Is Dawn dish soap non toxic?

Is Dawn Soap Harmful? Dawn Dish Soap is dangerous because it includes toxins such as Triclosan, 1,4-dioxane, synthetic color, fragrance, and the deadly methylisothiazolinone. These components have the potential to cause minor to severe health problems such as nerve and liver damage, skin irritation, and allergic responses.

What is better than microfiber?

Cotton sheets are more permeable than microfiber sheets and will not retain heat as quickly, resulting in a more pleasant night’s sleep. Microfiber sheets, on the other hand, may be more durable than cotton sheets since natural fibers, especially less priced cotton choices, can break down more rapidly with many washings.

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