The Top 10 Kitchen Tongs in 2022

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A tong is certainly a kitchen necessity that is praised by all cooks for its flexibility. It is ideal for anything from stirring mushrooms in a pan to turning a steak on the barbecue to serving hot meals to family and friends. For obvious reasons, a nice set of tongs is in great demand during BBQ season.

The finest kitchen tongs should be strong, long-lasting, and heat-resistant. Steel tongs with a slightly rounded edge may let you extract a lobster or an ear of corn without exposing your hands to hot water. If you use silicone ends, you can prevent scratches on your nonstick pans.

If you’re searching for a new pair of tongs, you’ve come to the perfect spot. We have researched the greatest alternatives available to provide you with the guidance you need to acquire the ideal pair of tongs for your daily requirements.

We completed our study by looking at the most popular tongs on big sites like Amazon. In writing this evaluation, we took notice of both the important benefits and the drawbacks. By reading through this extensive evaluation before making your final selection, you can put our hours of research to good use.

Best Selection

Dragonn Superior kitchen tongs are ideal in every way, thanks to their simplicity of use, high quality, ease of cleaning, and lifetime guarantee. It is an excellent option due to its solid design with heavy duty steel and diversity of uses.

Budget Selection

Hot Target professional grade tongs are nonstick and heat resistant, featuring a ring pull locking mechanism. The non-detachable silicone heads, simplicity of use, and attractive price tag make it an excellent budget purchase.

Product Name Grade
Dragonn Premium stainless steel locking kitchen tongs A+
Hot Target Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Kitchen Tongs A+
Grillhogs Barbecue Grill Tongs A
OXO 1101880 Good Grips 9-inch tongs A
ECKO 1057838 Angled Serving Tongs B+
Oneida Raffia 11 ½ inch salad tongs B+
Cuisipro 12-inch stainless steel locking tongs B
Dreamfarm Clongs 9-inch tongs B

1. ​Dragonn Premium 12-inch and 9-inch stainless steel locking kitchen tongs  

Highlighted Features

  • Nonslip rubber handles provide a secure grip for added safety and comfort while working with a BBQ, grilling, or cooking.
  • The tongs can be locked with a single click thanks to the innovative and easy locking mechanism.
  • It is small enough to fit in a drawer for simple storage.
  • Are they dishwasher safe?
  • Product of superior quality

The Dragonn kitchen tongs are made of high-quality brushed stainless steel. They come in two sizes: 12 inches and 9 inches, implying that you can use them to turn or lift hot food from a safe distance.

Dragonn Premium’s flexibility allows them to be used for grilling, cooking, and BBQ purposes. These cushioned cooking tongs have thumb rests and non-slip handles. The softly raised edges provide excellent grip.

These heavy duty steel tongs make flipping and lifting on the grill a breeze. The wide hanging loops at the end make storing simple. They may also be washed in the dishwasher. This product comes with a money-back guarantee from the creators.


  • Durable stainless steel professional cooking set
  • It has a rubber handle for simple usage.
  • Thumb rests are included.
  • Simple to clean and use
  • With a money-back guarantee of 100%


  • With frequent usage, it rusts and warps.

2. Hot Target Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Kitchen Tongs 

Highlighted Features

  • Heat and nonstick properties
  • A ring-pull lock mechanism is included.
  • It is quite simple to clean and store.
  • The heads are constructed of BPA-free silicone.
  • Composed of corrosion-resistant stainless steel 1mm thick
  • Silicone tips will not harm your costly barbecue grates or equipment.

If tongs are your favorite cooking utensil, investing in a pair of three ensures that you always have a clean choice on hand. These Hot Target kitchen tongs come in a pair of three for a low price. The smaller tong measures 7 and may be used to flip omelets, while the bigger one is 12 and can be used to flip meats. This professional tongs set is comprised of corrosion-resistant stainless steel that is 1mm thick.

Its quality build and unrivaled strength make it an excellent choice for creating your favorite foods in your kitchen. Hot Target tongs are made of superior 100% food grade silicone that is PVC and BPA free and will not harm your barbecue grates or nonstick cookware. The nonstick silicone heads can resist temperatures of up to 480°F, making them ideal for turning big portions of meat. The silicone heads are removable, which is a huge plus.


  • Temperature resistance up to 480F
  • Dishwasher safe tongs
  • Better control is provided by the smooth ring pull locking mechanism.
  • A 100% satisfaction guarantee is provided.
  • BPA-free and nonstick


  • When hand washing, the silicone tip comes off.

3. Grillhogs Barbecue Grill Tongs

Highlighted Features

  • The lengthy wood handle keeps your hands cool while in use.
  • It has a fresh and enhanced design.
  • The ultimate BBQ accessory designed for seasoned grillers.
  • The locking mechanism keeps your grilling tongs small and tidy.
  • Provides exceptional durability

Grillhogs barbeque grill tongs are a good alternative for seasoned BBQ grillers searching for a long-lasting solution. It is constructed of high-quality stainless steel and stain-resistant oak wood. The safe long handles keep your hands cool while also providing you with superior control during use. The solid oak handle protects your hands from being burned by the heat. This is one of the greatest barbecue tools available today because of the smooth and durable hardwood oak grip.

This ultimate BBQ accessory has a lock and hook mechanism to keep your cooking tongs clean. These rust-resistant tongs keep meat juices from sticking. After using the tongs, wipe them clean to keep them ready for the next time.


  • Simple to clean
  • Increases grip and accuracy.
  • A large chunk of meat would not readily slide out of this tong.
  • The wood handle makes it easy to grip.
  • Sturdy construction and eye-catching design


  • According to some users, metal is fairly fragile.

4. OXO 1101880 Good Grips 9-inch tongs with silicone heads 

Highlighted Features

  • Strong stainless steel structure with comfortable non-slip grips
  • Silicone heads are completely safe to use.
  • Tongs may be locked for easy storage.
  • Scalloped angle heads can withstand temperatures of up to 600°F.

If you cook a lot with enameled or nonstick pans, the OXO 1101880 Good Grips 9-inch tongs are your best choice. The 13-degree sharp angle ensures a firm grip on a wide variety of food sizes and shapes. With these tongs, you can handle anything from thin spaghetti to a full chicken.

OXO Good Grips has a strong and sensitive spring. The stay-cool handles and big rubber grips provide comfort while cooking. It can withstand temperatures of up to 600°F and is designed for heavy-duty twisting and gripping. The OXO 1101880 Good Grips tongs will not melt or wilt under pressure, allowing you to cook with confidence. The tongs are made of stainless steel and include thumb rests for added comfort.

The OXO classic tongs are built to endure. If you have any issues while using this product, you may return it for repair, replacement, or refund. When the customer follows the specified use requirements, this warranty applies to faults produced by typical home use.


  • Provides a secure grip
  • Sturdy with a complete metal backbone
  • Soft and non-slip handles
  • Tongs effortlessly lock for easy storage.
  • Is the dishwasher safe?


  • The lateral movement is a little slanted.
  • After repeated usage, the spring stiffens.

5. ECKO 1057838 Angled Serving Tongs 

Highlighted Features

  • Contains exclusive handle designs
  • Modernized appearance and enhanced functionality
  • Is the dishwasher safe?
  • Long-lasting for regular usage

If you wish to serve with simply tongs, reconsider! Scissor-style tongs perform significantly better and are often used by caterers and professional cooks. They are quite easy to use. Do you want one? Then the ECKO 1057838 Angled Serving Tongs are ideal for you.

The ECKO 1057838 Angled Serving Tongs provide exceptional value and consistent performance. All cookware buyers recognize the brand. Tongs ECKO 1057838 are dishwasher safe. While the metal edges make them unsuitable for use with nonstick cookware, they work great with stainless steel pans.

The ECKO 1057838 tongs provide a pleasant grip, so users will have no problem preparing their favorite recipes.


  • Provides a firm grip
  • Provides dependable performance and excellent value.
  • It may also be used to serve.
  • Premium cookware and cookware would not be scratched
  • It has a high-quality design.


  • flimsy construction
  • Rusts and misaligns with repeated usage.

6. Oneida Raffia 11 ½ inch salad tongs 

Highlighted Features

  • Durable stainless steel construction
  • Since they are manually polished, they will not rust or tarnish.
  • It is simple to clean and dishwasher safe.
  • Meant to be used one handed, much like a pair of scissors.
  • May be readily kept in drawers

Wouldn’t it be lovely to have a good pair of tongs when you have a large bowl of salad on the table for a family dinner? As compared to salad serving forks and spoons, these stainless steel salad tongs are significantly simpler to use. The Oneida Raffia 11-inch salad tongs may be used one-handed, allowing you to comfortably hold the bowl while serving out all the greens. These tongs will complement any salad bowl, regardless of its material.

While the Oneida Raffia 11-inch salad tongs are lovely, they are quite cheap and ideal for regular usage as well as family gatherings. The metal is long-lasting and will not tarnish with repeated usage. When you invest in Oneida Raffia 11 inch salad tongs, you won’t have to worry about corrosion or discoloration. This is true even when serving acidic lemony pasta.


  • corrosion-free and long-lasting
  • Can be readily cleaned
  • These may be hung by their handles.
  • A lifetime warranty is provided.
  • Well-made and simple to use


  • During usage, the metal is thin and pointed, digging into the fingertips.

7. Cuisipro 12-inch stainless steel locking tongs

Highlighted Features

  • Tongs with a nonstick coating and a locking mechanism
  • Because of the spoon-like ends, it may be used as a serving piece.
  • Arms are kept closed by a locking mechanism.
  • The loop allows for simple storage.
  • Is it dishwasher safe and simple to clean?

If the OXO stainless steel tongs are too large for you, try the Cuisipro 12-inch stainless steel locking tongs. This simple set of tongs performs a better job of holding items like ramekins. This tong performs well when picking up a single strand of spaghetti.

10 stainless steel with a matte finish. Despite the lack of rubber padding, the handles stay cool even after being exposed to high temperatures. Cuisipro tongs have a strong, ribbon-style spring. It is easy to operate due to the typical locking mechanism. Cuisipro tongs are made of industrial grade 18 stainless steel.

The dishwasher is safe for these nonstick locking tongs. The curved handle provides a pleasant grasp while still gripping hot food from a safe distance.


  • Contoured handles provide a secure grip.
  • Simple to use and clean
  • The product also serves as a serving piece.
  • A limited lifetime guarantee is provided.
  • When in use, the inwardly curved shaft minimizes pinching.


  • The build quality is not as excellent as it was in prior versions.

8. Dreamfarm Clongs 9-inch tongs 

Highlighted Features

  • The clever curve prevents liquid from leaking on the counter after usage.
  • Heat resistant to 500°F
  • Very simple to use
  • Nonstick cookware is not scratched by silicone tips.
  • Dishwasher safe and easy to clean

Dreamfarm Clongs 9-inch tongs are distinguished by their unique locking mechanism. All it takes is a touch on the end to open or close the tongs. This design does not need the use of an outmoded second hand pull and push.

The silicone tips on the Dreamfarm Clongs 9-inch tongs make them suitable for nonstick bakeware and cookware. These tongs can withstand temperatures up to 500°F. The handle is slightly bent so that the top may sit upright on the kitchen counter.

Despite complaints of problems with the locking mechanism, Dreamfarm addresses customer concerns pretty effectively. The silicone components come in four different colors to bring a splash of color to your kitchen. Clongs is designed to grasp tightly while without scratching your pricey bakeware and cookware.

It is a fantastic lifting and gripping tool. Clongs’ waffle head shape makes them great for serving. The flat tips let users to pick up even the tiniest of meals with ease.


  • The click lock button mechanism is simple to operate.
  • BPA-free and dishwasher safe on the top rack
  • Durable stainless steel construction
  • Easily manageable with one hand
  • Design that is both clever and stylish


  • Several difficulties with the latching mechanism have been identified.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing Kitchen Tongs

Tongs are regarded a second pair of hands for a reason. They should feel powerful, deft, and sure without burning or numbing the fingers. Even the most delicate meals should be able to be jostled, flipped, lifted, and gripped with a competent set of tongs.

Tongs are simple tools, and you should have no trouble finding the appropriate one for your kitchen. Many elements should be considered while shopping for the best tongs for your kitchen. The grabbers must be accurate enough to pick strands of spaghetti with elegance.

Tongs should also be able to handle large duties like lifting a wet ramekin and a bird without dropping or harming them. Tongs that do not pinch your skin while use are clearly preferable.

Tongs come in a variety of sizes and shapes. We completed considerable research to select the finest tongs on the market based on the factors listed above. This study includes specific details of the finest tongs to add to your kitchen.

12-inch tongs are normally long enough to protect your hands from hot oil and spattering. Tongs bigger than 12 inches in length are appropriate for high-heat applications like grilling. The smaller tongs are almost exclusively used for serving.

The finest tongs should be able to lift heavy meals, pick up wet and thin foods, withstand heat, and be useful for non-cooking chores such as serving.


We compiled a detailed list of the top alternatives available based on numerous characteristics after thoroughly researching several tongs on the market. We tested how well the tongs held an item and gave them a good rating if they could take up food of all sizes without sliding.

We also investigated the effort required to hold and use tongs. We graded tongs that were pleasant to hold near for extended periods of time without causing hand or wrist discomfort. We did not overlook pincer design while writing this evaluation.

Uncoated and scalloped tongs are much superior than others. Our final selection includes tongs from all categories so that you may choose the best one for your needs.


What are the best tongs on the market?

OXO Good Grips Tongs from Amazon are the best overall.
Amazon has the best price on Winco Tongs.
Best High-End: Williams-All-Clad Sonoma’s Nonstick Tongs.
Cuisinart Tongs from Amazon are the best silicone.
At Amazon, the best one-handed tongs are the Rösle 12-Inch Tongs.
Material Kitchen is ideal for serving.’s exclusive tongs.
Best Mini: 14 October 2022

What is the best tongs material?

Stainless steel is undoubtedly the greatest material for tongs since it can endure high temperatures of up to almost 500 degrees Fahrenheit, is simple to clean, is sturdy, and is resistant to rust and corrosion.

What are the three types of tongs?

Serving tongs are classified into three types: buffet, salad, and scissor-style. Serving tongs, like utility tongs, may be constructed of a variety of materials including metal or steel, plastic, wood, and bamboo. Buffet tongs with a triangular or scalloped tip make it simpler to pick up and serve various items.

What are the best tongs for an air fryer?

Tongs with Silicone

Heat-resistant tongs are ideal for moving food into, out of, and around the air fryer basket. A decent set of stainless steel tongs with silicone heads is strong and dishwasher-safe, allowing you to handle food while protecting your fingers and arms.

Which is better nylon or silicone on tongs?

Silicone is more heat resistant but less stiff. Nylon melts at roughly 400° F, but silicone is heat resistant up to 600° F. (individual brands vary to some extent).

How many tongs should you own?

They were mentioned casually the other week, and after a very heated discussion — to come up with our all-inclusive list of Kitchn Essentials — workers determined that every home chef needs not one, but two sets of tongs.

What steel is best for tongs?

A excellent tong steel, especially for beginner tong manufacturers, is A36, a common mild steel with a maximum carbon content of. 29%. For a stronger tong, more experienced tong producers may want to use a medium carbon steel such as 1045, 4140, or 8640.

Are wands or tongs better?

Curling tongs, on the other hand, are more suited to generating more equal, bouncy curls, and a wand works better for natural-looking waves due to the tapered shape. The relatively new ‘waver,’ which has a three-barrel attachment and clamp to generate S-shaped waves with little effort, is also worth investigating.

What is the best size curling tong?

Choose a barrel size of 1″ to 1.25″ for tight curls, 0.75″ to 1.5″ for huge bouncy curls, 1.25″ to 1.5″ for big curls, and 1.25″ to 2″ for loose curls. You should also consider your hair type and select the proper temperature to style your hair in the finest manner possible.

Which Epicurious tongs are best?

The Epicurious staff unanimously believes that the OXO Good Grips tongs are the best model for the money. Nothing else I’ve tried comes close in terms of adaptability and functionality.

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