The Top 10 Meal Prep Bags in 2022

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Have you ever wished you could bring lunch from home to work? We feel the same way! Maintaining a balanced diet and controlling your calories would be lot simpler. That’s when we came across meal prep packs. Meal prep bags enable you to plan meals, keep them fresh, and transport them.

With a meal prep kit, you can simply maintain a healthy lifestyle and avoid cafeteria food. The bags are often designed with storage capacity, mobility, and insulation in mind. You may transport a wide range of foods, from fruits and beverages to a three-course dinner. Moreover, the finest meal prep bags are appropriately insulated, allowing your food to remain fresh and warm for an extended period of time.

We scoured the market to bring you the greatest bags. Every bag on our list has left an impression on us in some way. So learn more about them.

Best Selection

Insulated Lunch Meal Prep Bag from ThinkFit. ThinkFit Insulated Lunch Meal Prep Pack is a highly efficient and competent lunch solution that includes six varied size portion control food containers, one medium-sized shaker cup, and two reusable ice packs. It is a full bundle that easily rates as our top choice for daily usage.

Budget Pick

Jaxx FitPak Meal Prep Pack Original Fit and Fresh The Fit and Fresh Original Jaxx FitPak Meal Prep Pack provides excellent value for money, with six containers, a standard-sized shaker, and an ice pack. Moreover, the tiny black bag features a lovely red lining that makes it as gorgeous as it is utilitarian.

Product Name Includes Bag Material Grade
ThinkFit Insulated Lunch Meal Prep Bag 6 food portion control container, 1 shake cup, 1 pill organizer, 2 ice packs BPA-free plastic with double insulation A+
Fit and Fresh Original Jaxx FitPak Meal Prep Bag 6 food portion control container, shaker bottle, ice pack, and vitamin case Polyester A+
MIER Adult Meal Prep Bag It does not include containers Peva and fabric A
Evolutionize Meal Prep Lunch Bag 3 meal containers and an ice pack EPA foam A+
Isolator Fitness Insulated Lunch Bag 6 meal prep containers, and 3 ice packs Polyester A
FitPacker Small Meal Prep Bag It does not include boxes or cups Polyester and Nylon A-
6 Pack Fitness Expedition Meal Prep Bag 3 containers, and 1 nutrition supplement container Water-resistant EnduraPoly fabric B
Prep Naturals Meal Prep Bag 3 containers, 1 water bottle, and 2 ice packs BPA-free material B+
MDMP Meal Prep Lunch Bag 3 large containers, 1 shaker, and 2 reusable ice packs 1680D PVC material B
RitFit Meal Prep Lunch Bag 3 containers, 2 ice packs, and a recipe book BPA-free PVC and lead B

1. ThinkFit Insulated Lunch Meal Prep Bag  

Highlighted Features

  • It includes six dishwasher and microwave safe containers.
  • It has a shoulder strap.
  • Have one free 20-ounce shaker cup and three BPA-free storage containers.
  • There is one 7-compartment push-button vitamin pill box.
  • It comes with a reusable ice pack and a storage compartment.
  • Have strong and well-protected lids on all four sides.
  • Both sides are well insulated.

ThinkFit Insulated Lunch Box is the first item on our list. We loved this product for a multitude of reasons. Recognize that there are a few factors that make meal prep packs appropriate for you. First and foremost, this product is adaptable. It is appropriate for both adults and children. It includes six containers. Since the containers are dishwasher safe, cleaning the product will not take long. The containers also have the added virtue of being oven safe. As a result, if you need to reheat the meal, you may do it directly using the containers. The bag comes with a shoulder strap. As a result, you can effortlessly transport it anyplace without feeling burdened.

Let’s be precise about what the bag has in store for you. It comes with one 20-ounce BPA-free shaker cup and three storage containers that attach to the bottom of the cup. What is the significance of this? Of course, for transporting many sorts of meals! With ThinkFit, you can transport everything from dense meals to fluids. And we’re not done with the box’s characteristics yet. It includes a 7-chamber push-button vitamin pill box and a reusable cold pack. Undoubtedly, it is a dream come true for frequent travelers as well as busy office professionals. With this tool, you can actually carry your house. It also offers an extra storage compartment for holding small items.

The box has well-protected covers on all four sides. They are strong and long-lasting, allowing you to transport them without difficulty. It enables simple handling, security, and convenience. When compared to all of the meal prep boxes we tested, the insulation on the boxes is the best.

It has been shielded with high-quality materials. This means that your food will be adequately covered and maintained at the proper temperature throughout the day. The company also believes in giving back to the community. The product has a policy of donating $2 from every purchase to the less disadvantaged members of society. As a result, by using this product, you are not only benefiting yourself but also benefiting society.


  • Keeps meals at the proper temperature for an extended period of time
  • Something that is long-lasting and robust
  • Flexible for storing a range of things
  • It is simple to transport thanks to secure holds.
  • Portable and simple to use
  • Manufactured with high-quality materials
  • Handling is simple.


  • Several consumers complain that the stitching is too loose for their needs.

2. Fit and Fresh Original Jaxx FitPak Meal Prep Bag 

Highlighted Features

  • It includes four 2-cup and two 1-cup reusable portion control containers, a shaker bottle, an ice pack, and a vitamin case.
  • The bag has excellent insulation.
  • JAXX agitator is included with shaker bottles.
  • Containers do not leak.
  • Dishwasher, freezer, and microwave safe containers

We’ve all heard that meal prep kits make it simple to start eating healthily and in the appropriate quantities. Fit & Fresh Original Jaxx FitPak Insulated Meal Prep Pack is one of those items that will make your life easier. Its worth is essentially providing you with a hub for storing and transporting various sorts of food. It includes four 2-cup and two 1-cup reusable portion control cups, as well as a shaker bottle, an ice pack, and a vitamin case.

The bag in which the goods will be transported is also suitably insulated. We liked how the product comes as a whole bundle. It has everything you need in the proper proportions. It genuinely offers shaker bottles that are pretty distinct from standard ones. It is equipped with a JAXX agitator. This unique invention makes it exceedingly simple and convenient to shake and combine the contents of smoothies or protein drinks.

The containers are guaranteed to be leak-proof. How? The lids are securely fastened and constructed of high-quality materials. The containers may be washed, frozen, and microwaved. This tool makes heating with the container, cleaning them, and even storing them quite simple.


  • Versatile for storing a range of food items
  • One location for preparing and transporting everything
  • Insulated bag with compartments for the container
  • Simple to clean and handle
  • Overall, it is simple to maintain.
  • Shakers bottles are distinct and more handy than traditional ones.


  • The canisters are difficult to open and shut.

3. MIER Adult Meal Prep Bag

Highlighted Features

  • It has a soft pu handle strap.
  • Have a removable shoulder strap
  • Two zippers on the outside
  • PEVA lining provides insulation.
  • There are separate areas for hot and cold foods.
  • Outer pouch for storing snacks
  • The middle compartment is large enough to hold a large amount of food.

MIER Adult Lunch Box Insulated Lunch Pack is on our list of the best meal prep bags for a variety of reasons. To begin with, the bag is quite easy to transport. How so? It comes with a soft pu handle strap as well as an easy removable shoulder strap. The bag’s outside has twin zippers for ease of accessing and removing vital goods.

The bag has two distinct areas for storing hot and cold food items separately. The top has a pouch for carrying nibbles and small snacks. The middle section is the compartment for carrying daily meals such as burgers, sandwiches, salads, fruits, and so on. A little pocket in the front is also available for storing napkins, keys, and other items. We recognize that the bag must be well insulated in order to keep the food intact.

The excellent thing about this product is that it has a PEVA liner that ensures the bag is fully insulated. The PEVA linings are also environmentally friendly. We thought the bag’s general structure and style to be ideal for office workers, particularly those who are always on the move.


  • Simple to transport
  • Storage is ideal for both hot and cold foods.
  • The PEVA inner insulation keeps the temperature stable.
  • Ideal for on-the-go folks
  • Simple to clean
  • Snacks, lunches, and other necessities have their own compartments.


  • In terms of durability, the stitching of the outside cloth might have been better.

4. Evolutionize Meal Prep Lunch Bag

Highlighted Features

  • Design that is both appealing and practical
  • Three of the most popular meal prep containers are included.
  • It has a huge gel pack for the basics.
  • Top-mounted insulated fourth compartment
  • Carrying space for four meal containers, two shaker glasses, and other small things
  • PEVA liner and EPA foam are used to insulate the product.

Evolutionize Meal Prep Insulated Lunch Bag is one of our top picks for the best meal prep bags. This is a bag with an appealing and useful design. It comes with three containers for meal preparation. It also has a huge gel pack for storing your needs. Apart from that, the bag contains a separate fourth compartment where you may put your selected food item and preserve it at a constant temperature throughout the day.

There’s a reason we dubbed the design “very useful.” To be more specific, the bag allows you to carry 4 meals in 4 insulated containers, 2 shaker cups for transporting protein shakes, smoothies, and so on, and lots of little pockets for carrying daily items in a practical way. The producers employed PEVA lining with EPA foam to insulate the items. The good news is that these two are eco-friendly and accomplish the job well.

We found the bag’s four different sections to be quite useful for office workers, working parents, teachers, and so on. Furthermore, the bag is so adaptable that it may even be used for small family picnics. The fact that the product creators believe in giving better quality service is a huge plus. As a result, if a customer is displeased with the product, the designers will work hard to find a better alternative.


  • Color and design are unique.
  • Carrying space for enough food to last the whole day
  • Insulated using environmentally friendly materials
  • Design that is neither too huge nor too tiny
  • Simple to transport and maintain
  • Perfect for usage in the home or on the move.
  • There are enough mesh pockets to hold additional day-to-day items.


  • When compared to other meal prep bags, the zippers are a little thin.
  • Zippers may get trapped.

5. Isolator Fitness Insulated Lunch Bag

Highlighted Features

  • It has four insulated chambers.
  • Capable of sustaining meals for 12-16 hours each day
  • Access to the uppermost compartment is made easier.
  • It includes 12 leak-proof containers of several sizes: (6) 16oz, (2) 12oz, (2) 28oz, and (2) 38 oz.
  • Possibility for purchasing additional containers in addition to the package
  • The containers may be used in the microwave, dishwasher, and freezer.
  • The shoulder strap is cushioned, and the handles are comfy.
  • It barely weighs 5.3 pounds.
  • Zippers have a lifetime warranty.
  • Offers a free recipe book for on-the-go food preparation.

We offer exactly the appropriate fit for someone searching for additional spaces to carry extra for the complete business or your family. The bag has four pockets, all of which are totally insulated to keep your food chilled all day. It will truly keep your food fresh for 12-16 hours. There is also a surface compartment for convenient access and carrying of daily necessities. We did found the bag to be too large to carry on a regular basis. As an example, the bag is appropriate for a family excursion or picnic, but it is inconvenient for taking to the workplace.

The bag’s best feature is that it comes with a plethora of attachments. To be more specific, the bag includes 12 leak-proof containers of varying sizes dependent on your requirements. The containers may be used in the microwave, dishwasher, and freezer. They are also devoid of BPA. We’d want to be more precise about the containers since you may not use the goods on a regular basis; you’ll need to know all the little nuances as well.

Depending on your needs, the containers are available in four different sizes. We found the size differences to be pretty useful for everyday usage as well. The sizes and numbers of containers are classified as follows: (6) 16 oz, (2) 12 oz, (2) 28 oz, (2) 38 oz. If necessary, more containers may be purchased with the bundle at a lower cost than normal. The bag comes with a cushioned shoulder strap for carrying ease. The carrying handle is quite comfortable, and despite its large size, the bag weighs just 5.3 pounds.

The package also includes three leak-proof ice blocks. We liked that the zippers are covered by a lifetime guarantee. Customers often complain about zipper durability while purchasing meal prep bags. You have nothing to worry about with this product. The product also supports a healthy lifestyle and living, therefore you will get a complimentary recipe book with instructions on how to prepare nutritious meals. Also, there are YouTube videos accessible for this brand.


  • more space and storage
  • Containers come in a variety of sizes to meet your requirements.
  • Carrying and handling convenience
  • Lightweight and strong
  • Useful and long-lasting.
  • Promotes a healthy way of life and living
  • Keeps meals fresh for a long period
  • Utility-focused compartments


  • As compared to other meal prep bags and boxes, the design is less attractive.

6. FitPacker Small Meal Prep Bag

Highlighted Features

  • It includes four meal prep containers.
  • The containers have a 28oz capacity.
  • Insulated bag; capable of maintaining the proper temperature
  • Two distinct containers for fluid transport
  • The fluid compartment can hold bottles with a capacity of 32oz.
  • Bags constructed of 600D polyester and nylon

The Fitpacker Meal Management Bag entered our list of the best meal prep bags due to its elegant appearance and several utilitarian functions. Together with the backpack, it includes four meal prep containers. The 28oz containers are large enough to carry modest meals throughout the day. The bag’s insulation is also excellent, which means it will preserve your food and keep the temperature stable throughout the day.

Indeed, keeping hydrated is critical, and having water on hand is necessary. This bag has two distinct pockets for holding 32 oz shaker bottles. Protein drinks or smoothies may be stored in the side pockets. Since the pockets are on both sides, they may be used to carry bottles as well as retain small things.

The material utilized to make the bag is likewise of high quality. It is constructed of 600D polyester and a nylon blend. In brief, we liked how the bag’s design is streamlined and how it has exactly the proper amount of storage space for bringing daily meals.


  • provides enough storage space
  • Elegant design with several practical functions
  • Excellent insulation
  • Fluid and heavier meal portions are separate.
  • Great for office workers, instructors, and even children.
  • Sturdy and long-lasting
  • Simple to transport


  • For people who do not need to carry much for the day, the bag may be too large.

7. 6 Pack Fitness Expedition Meal Prep Bag 

Highlighted Features

  • It comes with three pre-loaded gel packs.
  • It keeps food fresh for 8 hours.
  • Laptops and tablets have their own container.
  • Two fluid-carrying chambers
  • One huge compartment for holding sports equipment or apparel
  • Many little compartments for wallets, cards, keys, power banks, and phones
  • The containers are BPA-free and leak-proof.
  • Zips are used to appropriately insulate all of the compartments.

Expedition 300 Stealth Black is another excellent meal prep tool. For your convenience, it comes with three gel packs. It will keep your food nutritious and fresh for 8 hours. This bag is ideal for transporting lunches to and from work. The bag’s versatility impressed us. It is more than simply transporting your daily meals. The bag is ideal for transporting all of your workplace needs. It contains a section for laptops and tablets up to 15 inches in size. There are extra pockets for cards, sunglasses, power banks, and other items.

Water bottle storage is provided on both sides of the backpack. That means you can conveniently transport your protein shakes, milkshakes, or smoothies while on the road. Since the bag is insulated, it will also maintain the temperature of your fluids. It comes with three leak-proof and BPA-free containers. For your convenience, there is also an additional sports container. It provides a comprehensive solution for all office workers and those on the move. They can effortlessly transport all of the necessities in one bag without having to worry about the goods being jumbled up.

The product’s finest feature is that it includes a section for everything! It features little pockets or compartments for keys, phones, business cards, wallets, and other small items. There is also a huge compartment for storing sports equipment or apparel. In summary, you can fit practically everything in this bag.


  • A single point of contact for all necessities
  • More than simply a meal transport sack
  • Ample storage room for computers, clothes, and exercise equipment.
  • Separate compartment for carrying fluids and big meals
  • Little pockets for various necessities are provided.
  • For persons on the move, one bag offers a full answer.
  • Extremely adaptable; suitable for a variety of applications.


  • This bag may be too big for folks who simply want to carry their dinner things.

8. Prep Naturals Meal Prep Bag with Meal Prep Containers 

Highlighted Features

  • It includes ten sets of containers, as well as utensils and napkins.
  • The containers have a capacity of 28oz.
  • A fork, knife, and spoon are included in the cutlery set.
  • The inside is lined with PEVA.
  • Sturdiness is provided by EPA foam.
  • Large enough to transport proteins, vitamins, water, and daily meals.
  • The containers have FDA and LFGB approval.
  • Microwave, freezer, and dishwasher safe containers

This product is ideal for persons who need to transport large amounts of food on a daily basis for different reasons. It has everything you need and more: more containers, more storage capacity, and greater ease! It includes ten sets of containers as well as spoons, forks, and napkins. The containers have a 28oz capacity. We liked how the bag gives a comprehensive answer to your demands.

This is one of the few kits that includes space, containers, cutlery, and napkins all in one. The inside of the bags is manufactured with food-safe PEVA lining to provide optimum insulation. The bag also has EPA foams in spots to provide sturdiness and longevity.

Apart from being a sturdy bag for carrying, we found the bag to be roomy enough to hold practically anything connected to your diet. This bag may hold anything from proteins, vitamins, water, and hefty meals. In terms of safety, you’ll be relieved to hear that the containers are FDA and LFGB certified. The containers may be used in the microwave, freezer, and dishwasher. A fork, knife, and spoon are included in the cutlery set.


  • 10 full meal solution packages are included.
  • Large storage capacity
  • Manufactured from high-quality polyester
  • Design that is long-lasting and strong
  • Flexible space possibilities
  • Allows for safe and simple food handling
  • A proper insulating mechanism is required to keep food cold and fresh.


  • The bag is small enough to hold daily necessities as well as meals.

9. MDMP Meal Prep Lunch Bag

Highlighted Features

  • It includes three 45oz containers.
  • 2 ice packs and 1 shaker bottle are included as extras.
  • Composed of high-quality polyester (1680D).
  • It keeps food fresh for more than ten hours.
  • Zippers of ZKK caliber
  • Containers that are leaf proof and BPA free

This meal prep lunch kit includes a backpack, three containers, two ice packs, and one shaker bottle. This product is primarily intended for single usage and people who like to carry less yet of more value. The bag features high insulation and is constructed of 1680D polyester. Over a period of 10 hours, you will be able to keep your food fresh and cool. The zippers are made by ZKK.

Each container is leak-proof and has a 45oz capacity. Apart from the container, the package also contains a 22oz bottle. This means you can effortlessly transport your necessities. The container’s straps are cushioned to provide you with the comfort you want. Of course, the bags are also insulated.


  • The bag has a sleek and contemporary design with a navy blue color.
  • The bag is big enough to hold three containers, a shaker, as well as fruits and dry food.
  • The straps are cushioned and adjustable, making it a pleasant option.


  • The bag is unlikely to withstand hard usage for an extended length of time.

10. RitFit Meal Prep Lunch Bag

Highlighted Features

  • It is made of high-quality BPA-free plastic and has a second layer of insulation.
  • The exterior material is both water-resistant and tear-resistant. It is also waterproof.
  • The product comes with three microwave and dishwasher safe containers.
  • The meal prep bag has three distinct sections.

The RitFit Meal Prep Lunch Pack is a very functional tool that has three distinct sections for various meals. You can load everything from fruits and meals to beverages in the same bag, portion them to stay on track with your diet, and the bag’s dual insulation will keep the food fresh for hours.

Also, there is an additional layer of internal lining for further cushioning. This allows the meal to stay warm for many hours. Food may be heated and cooled as desired. Moreover, the kit includes two reusable ice packs. This simply adds to the promise of fresh food delivery.

The bag’s high-quality Oxford fabric makes it waterproof, tear-proof, and leak-proof. The zipper is also quite smooth, allowing for quick access to the compartments. Overall, the bag is rather durable, allowing you to bring fresh and healthful food to work for many years to come.


  • The bag has a fashionable design and a small body.
  • It is very portable, and its three sections make it quite adaptable.
  • It also has adjustable straps for added convenience.


  • All of the containers are the same size, which may be inconvenient for those who follow portion control.

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Meal Prep Bag

Size and Capacity  

The first thing to think about is the size of the bag. Will it fulfill your needs? Is there enough room to carry the amount of food you want to bring? Bigger bags are often more versatile. In other words, they may fulfill several functions. For example, you can transport enough food for a picnic while simultaneously carrying enough food for the full day on a busy workday.

A smaller bag, on the other hand, is easier to travel. It is readily transportable across town, on a bus, or even on a plane. Moreover, the greatest meal prep packs have their own containers and bottles, saving you a trip to the store and providing convenience.


Insulation refers to strips of foam or layers inside the outer layer of a bag that guarantees the temperature within the bag stays constant for an extended period of time. This permits the meal to keep its current temperature. That example, cold food will stay cold and warm food will stay warm. The majority of the bags on our list provide insulation.

Other insulation systems, on the other hand, are stronger and contain a second layer. As a result, they will be able to provide healthier and fresher meals for a longer length of time. It should be noted that PEVA lining is well-known for its excellent insulation. Therefore, if that’s something you’re looking for, don’t be afraid to go for it. While making a purchase, consider how long the food within the bag can be stored. The finest meal prep bags typically have a time range of 8 to 16 hours.

Number of Compartments

Several meal prep bags include many sections to help you arrange your food better. Some backpacks include three sections for dry food, fruits, containers, prescriptions or supplements, and a bottle. This is great for segregating daily meals and keeping various compartment temperatures for different foods. If it is not something that would help you, you should choose a small bag with fewer sections since they are always more transportable.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is meal prep bags? 

Meal prep bags are often used to transport pre-packaged meals to work, school, or a picnic. They are meant to hold many sorts of food for long hours, thanks to insulation technology and large storage chambers. They also provide enough space to carry your needs, such as dry food, water, and beverages.

Since you may bring homemade lunch and snacks to work and school, these bags are a wonderful method to keep a healthy lifestyle. They keep you from buying junk food on impulse. You may also make homemade smoothies to replace unhealthy, excessively sweetened beverages.

Should you refrigerate meal prep bags? 

Meal prep packs do not need to be refrigerated. These bags are insulated and intended to keep your food safe from the elements. Hence, even if you attempt to keep the food cold, refrigeration will not function. Use the ice packs that come with most of these bags instead. These are intended to fit within the compartments and cool your food as needed. The majority of the meal prep bags on our list are meant to keep food warm for at least 8 hours.


Our hectic schedules and active lifestyles often conflict with our nutritional regimens. While we are on the go, it might be difficult to maintain a balanced diet since we are forced to eat junk food and high-calorie meals. Nevertheless, a meal prep pack may alter that. These bags will allow you transport prepared food and beverages while keeping them fresh and at the proper temperature. These bags are ideal for transporting food for up to eight to sixteen hours.

You may also arrange food like never before by separating various meals into containers. We have researched many of the finest meal prep bags on the market. If you properly read our purchasing advice before making a purchase choice, you’ll be sure to bring home a nice bag that you won’t regret.


Which food prep box is best?

The finest meal prep containers, according to Healthline
Divided Glass Containers that are Fit and Fresh.
Food storage containers from Rubbermaid Brilliance.
Stackable Clear Bowl Set by Duralex.
Mealbox 10-Piece Split Glass Food Storage Set by Pyrex.
Glass Meal Prep Containers from Bayco.
Glass storage containers with a no-leak lid made of Pyrex.
Additional details…•November 18, 2022

What meal preps last the longest?

Soups, stews, and chili are perfect for meal prep since they keep for longer than most meals (up to five or six days) and are particularly freezer-friendly. If you’re new to meal prep and are concerned about how meals will taste after a few days, start with a soup, stew, or chili.

What should I buy for meal prep for a week?

Cooked grains and pasta are excellent choices for meal prep.
Beans that have been cooked.
Meat that has been prepared.
Vegetables that have been roasted.
fresh and hearty veggies (think celery, carrots, peas, bell peppers, kale, cabbage, radishes, etc.)
Nuts and seeds, as well as entire fruit (apples, oranges, and stone fruit).
More to come…

Is meal prepping really cheaper?

Eating healthily has a poor image for being prohibitively costly. Yet, meal preparing saves money since it allows you to purchase products in bulk, freeze excess food for later use, and, most significantly, spend less money dining out.

What is America’s most popular meal kit?

They adore it! HelloFresh has been named America’s #1 Meal Kit by USA Today four years in a row, as well as the Most Trusted Meal Kit Delivery Service in 2022 and 2023.

What meal kit is the best value?

2023’s Best Low-Cost Food Delivery Services
Look at Everyplate. EveryPlate. Starting at $5 per serving…
Look at Dinnerly. Dinnerly. Starting at $6 per serving…
Visit Mosaic Foods. Foods with a mosaic design. Plans begin at $5 per serving…
Visit HelloFresh for further information. Hi, Fresh…
Look at Home Chef. Chef at Home…
Visit Daily Harvest for further information. Every day, harvest.
Mar 24, 2023

Is it OK to meal prep for 7 days?

If you use meal prep containers and store your prepared meal prep properly, it may last up to 7 days in the fridge. Certain foods preserve longer than others, which is important to bear in mind while planning for 7 days.

How many times do you eat when meal prepping?

Aim to eat every three hours, with six little meals or three large meals (breakfast, lunch, and supper) with snacks in between.

Can I meal prep chicken for 5 days?

Chicken is one of the greatest meats for meal prep since it’s affordable and can be stored in the fridge for up to four days after cooking, so we’re here to ensure that your chicken prep is flawless.

How much should meal prep cost weekly?

Prepping meals for a week will cost between $60 and $100, depending on where you buy for goods. This may seem to be a high price for a one-time purchase, particularly if you’re accustomed to spending $8 at a time.

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