The Top 10 Olive Oil Dispensers for Your Kitchen

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Whether you like pizza, spaghetti, or salads, you already know how important olive oil is in your home kitchen. Possessing the greatest olive oil dispenser may provide you with a simple method to utilize olive oil while also adding some style to your kitchen or dining area. Anyone seeking for a high-quality olive oil dispenser will discover ten of the finest alternatives below, along with lots of information on which aspects are most important when determining which is ideal for you.

Best Selection

The Zeppoli Oil and Vinegar Bottle Set is a terrific option since it includes a beautiful set of bottles in a steel rack as well as fine rubber stoppers that can be used for salad dressing, sandwiches, and pizza.

Budget Selection

Another excellent alternative is the Aozita Glass Olive Oil Bottle, which comes in a dark glass with a sealed lid to keep your olive oil fresh and makes refilling the bottle quick and easy without worrying about spilling.

Product Name Grade
Zeppoli Oil and Vinegar Bottle Set A
Aozita Glass Olive Oil Bottle A
Tablecraft Oil & Vinegar Cruet A-
Vremi Olive Oil Dispenser Bottle B+
ChefVantage Olive Oil and Vinegar Cruet Dispenser Set A-
Belwares Olive Oil Dispenser Bottle Set B+
Rachael Ray 53234 Solid Glaze EVOO Bottle Dispenser A-
Xyun Olive Oil Bottle Dispenser A-
NiceBottles Olive Oil Dispenser A
GM Gmisun Olive Oil Dispenser B+

1. Zeppoli Oil and Vinegar Bottle Set

Highlighted Characteristics

  • Made of strong glass and premium durable BPA-free rubber stoppers built to last
  • Includes a total of two bottles and a rack so you can easily transport your oil and vinegar
  • Offers a 17-ounce capacity that works well for large families

This Zeppoli oil and vinegar bottle combination has a lot going for it, beginning with the presence of a foldable funnel for swiftly pouring extra oil into the bottle. It also contains four spout seals to address any leaking or spilling concerns as they arise. The set offers everything you need for salads, spaghetti, and other foods that need a touch of oil and has a traditional appearance that would look well in most kitchens.

This set’s components are all high-quality, so they won’t break or cause a mess in your kitchen. Each bottle includes a double-spout, allowing you to precisely manage how much oil you apply to your recipes. These fantastic oil and vinegar dispensers are also smudge-free, eliminating the need to scrub off fingerprints.

2. Aozita Glass Olive Oil Bottle

Highlighted Features

  • Includes an 18/8 stainless steel aided funnel so you can fill the dispenser without any mess
  • Dishwasher-safe design for all components so you don’t have to spend extra time cleaning
  • Offers a high-quality white inner cork and black sealed top to keep out dust and debris

The Aozita Glass Olive Oil Bottle is tall and classic in style, and it can store up to 17 ounces of olive oil. One of the finest features of this container is that it is dark brown in color, which prevents light from entering and destroying your olive oil. If you want premium olive oil, this will keep it fresher for longer than a transparent bottle or anything made of a material other than glass.

This container also has a flap cover to keep dust out and to allow you to pour out the precise quantity of oil you desire with each meal. If you don’t need to store olive oil, it works very well for cooking oils, vinegar, and dressings. It also takes up little room in the kitchen, measuring 10.25 x 2.3 inches for the bottle and 1.3 x 4.3 inches for the pourer.

3. Tablecraft Oil & Vinegar Cruet

Highlighted Elements

  • Features a tapered spout design made of stainless steel for controlled and precise pouring
  • Includes a dispenser bottle that has easy measurements when you want a specific amount of oil
  • The cruet is sturdy and made of materials that make it unlikely to leak and cause a mess

The Tablecraft Oil & Vinegar Cruet is constructed of delicately tinted green glass and would look wonderful when serving guests in any kitchen or dining area. It can carry up to 16 ounces of liquid and has labels for milliliters, teaspoons, and tablespoons to ensure you get the precise quantity you need.

This is one of the most elegant bottles on the market, and it may also be used to serve vinegar or salad dressings. It is provided by a firm recognized for producing high-quality items, and this convenient dispenser is no exception. The only major negative is that the glass is still quite light, so keep it away from direct sunshine.

4. Vremi Olive Oil Dispenser Bottle

Highlighted Characteristics

  • Large 17-ounce bottle with handy measuring labels
  • Works well for several dishes including salads, pasta, pizza, and drizzling bread with oil
  • Created entirely from BPA-free food-grade materials for your health and safety

When you purchase the Vremi Olive Oil Dispenser Bottle, you are purchasing a high-quality bottle as well as a non-drip spout and a silicone cap. The dispenser is constructed of strong glass, and the lid pump is made of black silicone to avoid spills and messes while in use or dropped. The pump is also ideal for ensuring that you always obtain the correct amount of oil.

The push button pump on this model allows you to combine and emulsify liquids to prepare marinades or olive oils with herbs for a more sophisticated dinner accompaniment. It may also be used with vinegar, soy sauce, and salad dressings, among other liquids. It includes a dishwasher-safe base, and the pump and tip may be cleaned with soap and water.

5. ChefVantage Olive Oil and Vinegar Cruet Dispenser Set

Highlighted Features

  • Offered in a variety of colors, including stainless steel, bronze, red and white
  • Designed with versatility in mind and capable of serving oil, vinegar, dressing, water, juice and more
  • Made of high-quality glass that prevents drips, spills and other accidents while in use

The ChefVantage Olive Oil and Vinegar Cruet Dispenser Set is both functional and visually beautiful in your kitchen. Whether in use or on display, it offers a touch of refinement and traditional design to any kitchen. It includes a clog-free design that enables adding oil or vinegar to your favorite foods like spaghetti or salad simpler than before.

This oil bottle includes a non-drip function, so you won’t have to wipe up oil off your surfaces every time you use it. This is one of the smallest bottles on our list, with a capacity of nine ounces, making it great for a small household or someone who consumes olive oil less often. It’s also very light, weighing less than ten ounces when empty.

6. Belwares Olive Oil Dispenser Bottle Set

Highlighted Elements

  • Features a drip-free design that works well for making salads and other dishes without a mess
  • Offers a modern design that will fit perfectly into many kitchens
  • Created using high-quality glass, rubber and plastic for top performance and a nice feel

Belwares Olive Oil Dispenser Bottle Set allows for clean pouring without leaking, spilling, or dripping. The bottles allow you to manage the amount of oil that comes out, ensuring that you use just enough without going overboard. The set includes two different-sized containers that may be used for oils, vinegar, salad dressings, and other liquids.

This is a fashionable set with just the right quantity of liquid, so you won’t have to refill the bottles every time you use them. They are also designed to be simple and quick to clean, since they are dishwasher-safe and can be handwashed in seconds. If you want a one-of-a-kind collection of bottles that will function admirably, this is a great place to start.

7. Rachael Ray 53234 Solid Glaze EVOO Bottle Dispenser

Highlighted Characteristics

  • Design and style of this bottle matches the other colorful items from Rachael Ray collections
  • Created to ensure your oils and vinegar stay fresh for longer than in competitors’ bottles
  • The dishwasher-safe design creates less work for you and facilitates easy cleanups when needed

This EVOO Bottle Dispenser, like other Racheal Ray goods, has a distinctive design and style that adds an unusual touch to the kitchen. It does, however, a fantastic job of giving what you need when it comes to pouring out olive oil, vinegar, or other liquids. It includes a freeform handle that makes pouring oil into your favorite meals easy.

This oil dispenser features a stylish design and a spout that allows you to select how much oil comes out at one time, ensuring that you always receive the quantity you desire. There is no need to be concerned about leaks while using this dispenser, and you can enjoy quick refills. Overall, it’s one of the most distinctive dispensers on our list, and it’ll offer a unique touch to any kitchen.

8. Xyun Olive Oil Bottle Dispenser

Highlighted Features

  • Available in two dark colors so you can choose by style while still ensuring protection from the light
  • Pour spouts include a dust cap and flap cap so you can protect your oil and keep out debris
  • The multipurpose design makes these ideal for everything from wine to oil, vinegar and more

The Xyun Olive Oil Bottle has a classic style that will complement any kitchen and is designed to make accurate pouring straightforward and easy every time it is used. The non-drip construction prevents spills and dribbling whether using the bottle or dumping it on the counter. There are also two pour spouts to choose from, so you may clean one while the other is in use.

This bottle has a capacity of 17 ounces, which is more than enough for most residential kitchens. It also includes a complimentary funnel, allowing you to refill the bottles as needed without causing a mess. The bottles will look excellent in your kitchen or on a dining table when you have company visiting.

9. NiceBottles Olive Oil Dispenser

Highlighted Elements

  • Includes a dark green bottle that will help fight sunlight, which can degrade your olive oil
  • Works well for dispensing a variety of items like cooking oils, vinegar, and salad dressings
  • Offers a top flap that can be used to keep dust and bugs out of the dispenser for clean oil

This NiceBottles Olive Oil Dispenser is designed to make it simple to dispense your favorite olive oil or other liquids. It features a tapering body made of dark glass with a 16.9-ounce capacity, making it appropriate for most residential kitchens. The bottle also comes with a black screw cap and a stainless steel pourer with a top flap to keep your oil safe when not in use.

The only major problem some have is that it is somewhat higher than typical and may not fit in all kitchen cabinets. Those who can handle the size may, however, buy one or two of these bottles at a time for olive oil, vinegar, or both. It’s a wonderful low-cost alternative for anybody looking for a high-quality dispenser to have on hand.

10. GM Gmisun Olive Oil Dispenser

Highlighted Characteristics

  • Includes a large 21-ounce capacity for all your oil, vinegar and other thin liquid needs
  • Created from lead-free glass and BPA-free plastic to ensure oil is safe and healthy to use
  • Offers a dishwasher-safe bottle but the plastic cap should be hand washed for best results

This GM Gmisun olive oil dispenser is one of the best alternatives available, with an ergonomic non-slip handle that clumsy people will love. It contains a food-grade silicone gasket to prevent leaks and keep your oil in excellent condition. It also has a dripless spout that can be opened and closed as required.

This bottle features a wide mouth design that eliminates the need for a funnel or other specialized equipment for clean refills. All you have to do is remove the cap, pour in the oil, and replace the cover. Those searching for the utmost convenience will find it in spades with all of the features incorporated in this bottle design by GM Gmisun.

The Advantages of Using an Olive Oil Dispenser

You may already be aware of the many health advantages of olive oil, but olive oil dispensers provide additional benefits that may not be as well recognized. Some of these advantages are evident, but others may not be, so we want to share them all with you so that you have all of the knowledge you need before purchasing one of these dispensers.

Provides guidance on portion sizes

Using an olive oil dispenser allows you to manage the amount of oil you use on your salads or pizza. Without a dispenser, you could not know how much liquid is being poured and end up pouring too much. This problem is solved when utilizing a dispenser since you know how much oil is being poured to a fraction of an ounce.

Although this is useful in many instances, it is particularly critical when preparing a dish that requires a precise quantity of oil. On the other hand, a little too much or too little oil on a salad may not be such a huge concern.

A high-quality olive oil dispenser can also assist you with calorie management, as the measurement label on top may give you a decent sense of how much you’ve poured into a dish.

Aids in the Prevention of Leak and Waste

If you’re using high-quality, pricey olive oil, you probably don’t want to waste even a drop of it. An olive oil dispenser helps with this by providing a spout that allows you to manage how much liquid goes out. You may pick the flow rate that is most comfortable for you when you have control over the rate of flow.

The spout is also important for regulating dripping and leakage, which becomes waste after the pouring is complete. Although a few drips of olive oil may not seem like much, they may build up over time. This provides you extra oil to use and prevents you from having to purchase more as often.

A good seal is also necessary and is supplied with most dispensers. As a result, a dispenser that tips over does not produce a flow of oil that must be cleaned up. This is not something you can anticipate from other types of bottles used to hold oil or vinegar.

Old Techniques are Easier to Store

If you purchase olive oil in quantity, you’re certainly aware of how difficult it can be to store.

An olive oil dispenser is specifically designed to provide long-term storage of the oil. The makers guarantee that the bottles fit all of your requirements so that you can rely on the olive oil in the long term.

Moreover, these dispensers are intended to take up as little space as possible in your kitchen or dining area. You may stack them next to one other or other containers to maximize the amount of space available.

Olive Oil Dispenser Aesthetics and Design

Although some goods have a very basic appearance and design, olive oil dispensers may be a little more imaginative. Depending on the layout of your kitchen, you may choose from a variety of dispensers to find the one that best fits the space. While selecting the best olive oil dispenser for your requirements, keep texture and color in mind.

The Best Way to Keep Olive Oil

Where do you presently keep your olive oil? You are not alone if it is placed near to the stove for convenience, but this is not the greatest location to guarantee your oil maintains its quality over time.

Many people use olive oil on a regular basis, and whether you use a nice and costly bottle or something simple, you want to preserve it correctly so that it lasts as long as possible. To do so, you must first understand who the adversaries of olive oil are. They include heat, light, and oxygen, and any of these might cause your olive oil to become rancid faster than normal.

There are two things to consider while keeping olive oil. What you’re going to store it in and how you’re going to store it.

How to Keep Olive Oil Fresh

The ideal way to store olive oil is in a dark-colored glass container, which helps to keep light out. You may also use a stainless steel container to protect the oil from excessive light. If your olive oil comes in a bulk container, pour little amounts into the dark bottle you want to use and replenish it as needed.

You should not keep the oil in a plastic container since many of them contain chemicals that may leach into the oil. It is also recommended to avoid reactive elements such as copper or iron, which may react with olive oil and render it harmful to use.

Keeping the oil away from oxygen is also important, since it may deteriorate the quality of your oil over time. This might cause your olive oil to deteriorate or become rancid over time. The ideal option is to use your olive oil as soon as possible after purchasing it and to keep it sealed with a top or lid.

Things to Consider While Purchasing the Best Olive Oil Dispenser

Now that you understand why an olive oil dispenser is beneficial, it’s time to think about the numerous elements that go into picking the ideal solution for your requirements. Selecting one at random may result in disappointment if it does not perform the functions that are important to you. We’ll go through some of the factors to consider when purchasing a dispenser so you can be sure you obtain the proper one.

There Are Many Varieties of Olive Oil Dispensers to Select From

There are three primary types of olive oil dispensers on the market, so determining which one you want is an excellent first step toward purchasing your own. We’ll go through the distinctions between a sprayer, a pourer, and a cruet below so you know what sets them apart.


The most common form of olive oil dispenser is one with a detachable pouring spout. When you utilize this kind of dispenser, you can easily manage how much oil comes out. If you want to use it for anything other than oil, it works nicely with salads, fried meals, and wine pouring.


An olive oil sprayer is an excellent choice for anybody who appreciates salads, toasted foods, and grilled dishes. Instead of pouring oil via a spout, you spray a mist of oil over a plate. This allows you to make any dish more flavorful with a little amount of oil, while also preventing your olive oil from depleting too soon.


An olive oil cruet is a container with a narrow, long spout. Typically, the spout is constructed of high-quality glass or rust-resistant metal. This method may be used to drizzle oil or vinegar over soups, salads, pasta, or freshly baked bread.

Materials Used in the Production of Olive Oil Dispensers

Apart from the kind of oil dispenser you choose, the material it is composed of is the second most significant factor to consider. Many of the dispensers on the market are constructed of glass, but the nuances are what make them unique. You may even select between several glass hues, break-resistant glass, or another material entirely.

A simple dispenser is frequently more than enough to lend some elegance to the dining area. Individuals who are prone to clumsiness may choose a dispenser constructed of a more robust glass or a stone dispenser.

We mentioned color before, but it bears repeating. Colored glass is your greatest choice for preventing oxidation, which may spoil a fine olive oil, if you want the best-tasting and highest-quality oils.

Selecting an Olive Oil Dispenser Size

Since everyone uses various quantities of olive oil, some may prefer a bigger bottle while others prefer a smaller one. While deciding on a size, keep in mind that olive oil will retain its maximum quality for around two months after you open the bottle. Choosing a large but little used bottle can result in foul-tasting oil that you may end yourself tossing away.

Pour Spouts: All You Need to Know

When it comes to pour spouts, consider if you want a thin or thick flow, slow or quick pours, and whether even or well-ventilated pours are important to your cooking and dressing choices.

Some of these dispensers’ pour spouts lack a lid, which may be a problem since dust and debris can seep inside. It’s a good idea to seek for a dispenser with both a cap and some kind of ventilation. You won’t know how the oil will flow out each time you use it if you don’t have proper ventilation.

Hinged and flip-top caps are available, giving you more control over the amount of oil you use. Some spouts even include multiple pouring choices, allowing you to pour a large or little amount of olive oil each time you need it.

The Significance of Seals in Olive Oil Dispensers

Now that you know what kind of pour spout is best for you, be certain that it has a strong seal. Most spouts will have rubber stoppers that are vented to retain the oil in the bottle while allowing some air to escape. The most important aspect of seals is to ensure that they are tight enough to prevent leakage and leaks if the bottle is knocked over.

The Component of Design and Style

When it comes to items that will be shown to your family and friends, design and aesthetics are important. This is also the place where you may let your hair down and wear anything you want. There are long and slim bottles, round and squat bottles, and everything in between. You may personalize the dispenser by selecting the colors and designs that appeal to you.

Oil Dispensers Come with Additional Benefits

You may come across an olive oil dispenser with accessories that make it more handy or attractive to look at in your kitchen. Some feature extra pour spouts, while others may have a screw top for secure sealing. Some include carry racks to allow you to move them about, while others feature a funnel to make refilling a snap.


Understanding what the finest olive oil dispenser is and which characteristics help you get the most out of it should help you choose the best one for your requirements. Having the ability to swiftly and effectively drizzle oil will make dinner more convenient, and a gorgeous dispenser will liven up your environment. You can rely on each of the models listed above to provide what you want and to be a fantastic addition to your dining area.

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