The Top 10 Pink Himalayan Salts for 2022

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Since there is no substitute for salt in flavoring our meals, we can always choose a healthier salt. Pink Himalayan salts have gained popularity due to its mineral content, which includes iron oxides, calcium, potassium, magnesium, and others. Moreover, many individuals prefer the mild taste characteristics of these salts over normal white salts. It is difficult to overpower a meal with pink Himalayan salts. If you want to discover more, keep reading. We have collected a list of the top pink Himalayan salts on the market, as well as factors to consider before making a purchase.

Best Selection

Because of its overall high quality, the SaltWorks Ancient Ocean Himalayan Pink Salt is our top pick. This pink salt is unique in that it imparts the finest taste to our cuisine of any pink salt brand we tested. With this five-pound package of pink salt, you get a lot for your money.

Budget Selection

Those who like a good bargain will enjoy The Spice Lab Himalayan Salt. This low-cost pink salt alternative is both economical and of high quality. This 2.2-pound bag of 100% all natural pink salt has a good quantity of pink salt, and at this price, it’s difficult to match.

Product Name Package Weight Grain type Grade
SaltWorks Ancient Ocean Pink Himalayan Salt 2.2 kg Fine Grain A+
The Spice Lab Pink Himalayan Salt 1 kg Coarse A+
Soeos Pink Himalayan Salt 1.1 kg Coarse Grain A
Himalayan Chef Pink Salt 454 grams Fine Grain A+
Viva Doria Pink Himalayan Salt 907 grams Coarse grain A
Wild Himalayan Pink Salt Fine Grain 450 grams Natural fine grain A-
HimalaSalt Primordial Himalayan Sea Salt 170 grams Fine Grain A
Focus Nutrition Pink Himalayan Salt 908 grams Fine Grain B+
Sundhed Pink Himalayan Salt 250 grams Coarse Grain B+
Evolution Gourmet Pink Himalayan Salt 2.2 kg Fine Grain B

1. SaltWorks Ancient Ocean Pink Himalayan Salt

The SaltWorks Ancient Ocean Himalayan Pink Salt is the greatest pink Himalayan salt in our opinion. This one combines the highest grade pink salt we’ve found with the greatest pricing for this product. This pink salt comes in a large five-pound package. You’re getting a really realistic and quality pink salt experience to enjoy with your cuisine with this five-pound bag of pink salt.

You’d never guess it by looking at the sack, but this Himalayan Pink Salt weighs five pounds. The salt in this bag is extremely fine grain size and may be simply transferred to a salt shaker or kept in the bag if preferred. To give you a sense of the size of these pink salt grains, they are nearly the same size as table salt; however, not all pink salts are as fine.

This pink salt is kosher and composed entirely of natural, organic materials. Consumers will be relieved to learn that this pink salt is genuine and was obtained responsibly from mineral-rich mines in the Himalayas. Pink salt collected in this location is the best grade pink salt available worldwide. These have been known to exist for hundreds of millions of years, unmined under the Himalayan Mountains until pink salt became a popular flavoring component.

Due of its tiny particle size, this pink salt dissolves fast in your cooked food. As a result, it provides a lot of wonderful taste but not as much sodium as ordinary salt. Pink salt is also recognized to offer a variety of health advantages, including those for the skin. Many people like pink salt in a highly therapeutic bath, combining it with herbs and oils to produce a really tranquil and pleasant bath experience.

What distinguishes this pink salt product from others is that it contains just pure pink salt. What often happens with pink salt is that it gets mixed up with other comparable sized pebbles that make their way into the bag. SaltWorks employs its own proprietary technology to remove any undesirable junk from this bag of pink salt by meticulously inspecting each and every grain of pink salt in this bag. Definitely a laborious task, but one that the end user will appreciate since they will know for certain that they are only adding pink salt into their food, drink, or bath.

Highlighted Features:

  • The product dissolves fast, making it an excellent choice for baking, cooking, and salt shakers.
  • It contains a blend of dried herbs and essential oils that promotes quick dissolving and health benefits.
  • It is kosher certified, which makes it suitable for a wide range of individuals.

2. The Spice Lab Pink Himalayan Salt

Those looking for pink Himalayan salt on a budget might look at The Spice Lab Himalyan Salt. This pink salt provides the highest quality pink salt at the lowest price of any option on our list.

This 100% natural pink salt is ideal for flavoring vegetables, meats, and soups, and it also has wonderful skin health benefits and may be used in baths. Its natural components make it a good alternative for anyone following a Paleo or Keto diet.

This pink salt comes all the way from the Himalayan Alps, where it was mined by hand within the mountains. This pink salt has a coarse form and may be crushed down even further using a salt grinder.

This pink salt comes in 2.2-pound bags, but The Spice Lab also sells it in additional sizes, with the largest weighted bag weighing up to 10 pounds. If you cook often, this 2.2-pound package of pink salt is probably plenty to last you a while.

The one significant advantage of pink salt over conventional, white salt is that pink salt offers several health advantages. This pink salt, in instance, includes 84 distinct trace elements including iron. Getting enough iron in your diet is an excellent way to remain healthy.

Pink salt is also excellent for replenishing electrolytes in the body. For example, during sleeping, you sweat off electrolytes from your body and often wake up dehydrated. It’s a good idea to combine a tiny bit of pink salt with water in the morning to restore those lost electrolytes and get you ready for the day.

Many have liked using this pink salt not just to add flavor to their cuisine, but also for health and relaxation. Others believe that pink salt has inherent healing properties and might assist in muscle recovery after strenuous exercise. Many claim that adding pink salt to their bath, along with a few additional ingredients, is very calming and soothing for their physical and mental health.

Highlighted Features:

  • It comes in a 1 kilogram package of gourmet pure crystal salt.
  • It includes 84 traces of elements, including minerals and iron, but no iodide.
  • It is 100% pure and unprocessed, with no plastic parts.

3. Soeos Pink Himalayan Salt

Soeos Pink Himalayan Salt is a container full of rock salt obtained from the Himalayan foothills in Pakistan’s Punjab area. It is composed of compounds comparable to table salt, with sodium chloride accounting for over 98% of the product.

Himalayan pink salt is made out of rock salt that varies in color from pale pink to crimson. You may also come across some white rocks. This is mostly used to preserve food and season meals. Pink salts have previously been used in lieu of bath salts by certain individuals owing to their health advantages and mineral content. Pink salt blocks are also sometimes used in dishes, on cooking surfaces, and on cutting boards.

This pink salt stands out from the crowd because it includes magnesium, potassium, calcium, and other healthy minerals. Also, the pink salt has no chemicals, anti-caking agents, or microplastics, which distinguishes the product.

The product has a 5-year shelf life, so you can anticipate it to last a long time. Nonetheless, keep the salt in a secure location. Place it in a cool, dry location that is not directly exposed to sunlight.

Highlighted Features:

  • This product’s ingredients are all non-GMO, halal, and kosher certified.
  • The salt has no chemical additions, preservatives, microplastics, or caking agents.
  • Each serving of the salt includes over 80 minerals, making it a healthy option.

4. Himalayan Chef Pink Salt

The Himalayan Chef Pink Salt is ideal for those who just need a pinch of pink Himalayan salt and do not need more than a pound. One pound bag of pink salt should be plenty for those who do not cook on a daily basis. This pink salt has a fine grain size that falls between coarse (largest) and extremely fine (smallest).

This pink salt originates from the foothills of the Himalayas in Pakistan. Pink salt collected from the Himalayan Mountains is the finest and most natural pink salt on the planet. Pink salt from this part of the globe is free of contaminants and of the greatest quality.

Pink salt is noted for the fantastic taste it contributes to foods, which is made possible by the high mineral content. These minerals are both healthier and less salty than normal salt. Pink salt gets its brilliant pink color from iron oxide, which oxidizes to produce this pink tint.

This pink salt has more minerals than regular salt, making it a healthier option for seasoning meals. That is the fundamental reason why people prefer pink salt over ordinary salt, since it has less sodium. These health advantages extend to bathtubs, as this one may be added in for a reviving and calming soak that is also good for your skin.

Many clients like this Himalayan Chef Pink Salt, and much more enjoy it due of the exceptional customer service. If you are dissatisfied with this pink salt after the first month, you are entitled to a complete refund before the 30 days are over. Yet, since they were so pleased with it, not many people took them up on their offer.

Highlighted Features:

  • The commodity is mined in Pakistan in the foothills of the Himalayan mountains.
  • It is halal and kosher, as well as non-GMO and vegan friendly.
  • The salt is packaged in an airtight zip-lock bag, ensuring freshness and convenience.

5. Viva Doria Pink Himalayan Salt

The Viva Doria Himalayan Pink Salt is ideal for those who want their pink salt to be coarse in texture. Pink salt with coarse grains is the greatest size for salt. Some people choose to add it to their cooking and cuisine in this form, while others prefer to put it in their salt grinder, where it may be crushed down even more into a finer grain.

This Viva Doria Himalayan Pink Salt comes in a resealable zip lock container and contains two pounds of pink salt. We can’t express how much we appreciate the fact that this pink salt bag comes with a re-sealable zip lock bag. This is really useful for folks who don’t have a salt grinder or shaker to put this pink salt in, and it simply makes things lot simpler the next time you want to use it.

The pink salt used in this package is imported from Pakistan and is confirmed to have originated from the country’s intensive and mineral-rich mines. This pink Himalayan salt, like many others, is produced entirely naturally and is kosher certified. It is of exceptionally good quality since it originates from the Himalayan Mountains, which are rich in minerals. Pink salt gets its bright pink hue from its high mineral content.

This pink salt contains no calories and just 18% sodium per quarter teaspoon serving size, which is on the upper end for pink salt but significantly lower than ordinary salt. This two-pound package of coarse pink salt has roughly 907 servings.

Highlighted Features:

  • The two-pound bag has a resealable standup pouch or zip-lock closure, making it simple to use and store.
  • It comes from Pakistan and is guaranteed to be genuine, all-natural, and mineral-rich pink salt.
  • Since the salt is kosher and halal, it appeals to a wide range of customers.

6. Wild Himalayan Pink Salt Fine Grain

Pink salt from the Himalaya Mountain area has been existing for hundreds of millions of years, which many people are unaware of. This pink salt has been unmined in mines in this area for many years. The Wild Himalayan Pink Salt Fine Grain is a pink salt product that has been mined for hundreds of millions of years.

Due of its antiquity, this pink salt has a very fine and exquisite flavor. Laborers harvest this salt by hand from the aforementioned salt mines. This pink salt has been lurking deep below the Himalayan mountains for centuries, and pink salt has only recently become a common culinary component in homes.

This pink salt is loaded with nutrients and has a bright, gorgeous, and natural pink tint. Its pink tint is caused by the mineralization of salts and contains 84 trace minerals and other beneficial particles.

This Wild Pink Salt comes in a 1-pound bag, which is a good quantity if you’re just trying it out for the first time and don’t want too much of it. If you’re searching for something to stock up on, one of these bags may not be enough. In any case, this one-pound bag has around 453 serves, with each serving corresponding to nearly one fourth of a teaspoon. Pink salt is fantastic since it does not contain any calories and hence has 0 calories per serving. The only other significant element in pink salt is its sodium content, which is 380mg per serving.

Wild Pink Salt takes great satisfaction in getting pink salt from sustainable Himalayan sources. They want to be as honest as possible about how they acquire their pink salt since this area is not wealthy, and they care about the supply chains that can generate this pink salt for them.

Although many people admire their attempts to be open about where they get their pink salt, they are also major lovers of this pink salt since it has transforming impacts on the flavor of their meals. Salt is a natural food and meal enhancer that adds taste and balance to every dish. Pink salt is fantastic since it is not as salty or overpowering as ordinary salt and provides a much more subtle enhancement of flavor and taste. It may also be used to enhance the taste of drinks.

Highlighted Features:

  • With its smooth and unassuming taste, the product contains over 80 trace minerals and electrolytes that will enrich your recipes.
  • It is simple to keep and utilize because of the seamless packing.
  • The package weights just 450 grams, which is ideal for those who do not intend to buy in bulk.

7. HimalaSalt Primordial Himalayan Sea Salt

If you want to share your passion for pink salt with your family and friends, one of the greatest packages available today is the HimalaSalt Primordial Himalayan Sea Salt.

This HimalaSalt Primordial Himalayan Sea Salt comes in a bundle of six pink salt vials. Nobody needs six containers of salt when a single large container would suffice. As a result, this is an excellent option for individuals to share with their loved ones. Each container weighs just six ounces, or 0.38 pounds, and by giving a couple out, they may check out pink salt without committing to purchasing additional items weighing one pound or more.

This pink salt will surprise your guests, and it’s an excellent one for them to start with since it’s 100% natural and has a beautiful, clean taste. It is ideal for persons who follow a gluten-free diet since it is certified gluten-free and kosher. Vegans will not feel left out since this pink salt is made in a vegan factory and will not cause allergies in them.

If your friends inquire about the components of this pink salt, you can assure them that it contains only pure and natural materials. It has no additions or anything to alter the taste, and it just provides the rich and clean flavor that pink salt is renowned for.

Those who have tried and used this salt feel it is a good place to start. Since it is such a little container, it provides a strong introduction to pink salt while also requiring little effort on their part to complete it.

Apart from the health advantages of this product, HimalaSalt gives 5% of the revenue from the sale of this pink salt to Agricultural Education for Youth. It’s a terrific idea to teach the future generation of farmers about sustainable agricultural practices and agriculture in general.

Highlighted Features:

  • It is created with non-GMO ingredients, and the salt is kosher, vegan-allergen-free, and gluten-free.
  • The manufacturing method is environmentally friendly, using 100% onsite solar power.
  • 5% of each pack’s revenues goes toward supporting youth agricultural education.

8. Focus Nutrition Pink Himalayan Salt

Focus Nutrition’s amazing pink Himalayan salt has a pleasant and crisp flavor. Its smooth and delicate taste makes seasoning a lot more enjoyable. There is no way to overseason a meal. Isn’t this what every chef desires?

Moreover, the product is devoid of chemicals, colours, and artificial preservatives, making it a healthy option. It is available in its most natural, unpolished form, containing natural minerals. Heat was never used to treat the product. This is critical for preserving all of the helpful minerals. Their unique production procedure results in a stunning pink salt that is filled with over 84 minerals and traces. It contains a lot of calcium, potassium, iron, and magnesium.

You may use this product to give a delightful salty touch to your food, marinades, baked goods, and more. Even a pinch of this pink salt on the lip of a margarita glass can make a noticeable difference. The two-pound product is packaged in a resealable container, making it considerably simpler to use and store. The packaging alone increases the shelf life significantly.

Highlighted Features:

  • The salt comes in a resealable container, which simplifies storage and extends its shelf life.
  • It is rich in essential nutrients, with over 84 minerals and traces.
  • Since the product was never heated, it is fully unprocessed and high in nutrients.

9. Sundhed Pink Himalayan Salt

Sundhed Pink Himalayan Salt is a genuine Pakistani product. It is gathered from the old sea beds inside the Himalayan highlands. These natural salts are devoid of chemicals and contaminants, making them the cleanest salts on the earth. It may be used to season, preserve, and serve food, as people in Pakistan and Nepal have done for hundreds of years.

The product is entirely unprocessed and has no chemical additions. The product contains no dyes or artificial colors. The gorgeous pink texture appears spontaneously. The manufacturing method is environmentally friendly, and all of the substances utilized are organic. You may use the product in conjunction with your keto diet or another kind of diet. It will add flavor to your recipes while also providing health advantages.

Pink salt is ideal for flavoring meat, fish, vegetables, eggs, soups, stews, pasta, and many other dishes. You may also mix it into baked goods to make your family’s favorite muffins taste even better. Also, you may use the product to quickly season and finish a barbeque cooked fish or meat.

Highlighted Features:

  • The goods is genuine and came from Pakistan.
  • It contains more than 84 minerals and trace elements, including iron, magnesium, and others.
  • The bag is modest, containing roughly 8 ounces of salt, making it simple to store and consume before it expires.

10. Evolution Gourmet Pink Himalayan Salt

Finely milled Evolution Gourmet Pink Himalayan Salt is very popular among people all over the globe. This pure salt is created entirely of organic components in a sustainable manufacturing procedure. It is also devoid of gluten. As a result, pink salt is an excellent choice for those seeking a healthier alternative to traditional white salts.

The pink gourmet Himalayan salt is not heated, so its natural health advantages are preserved. This salt replenishes naturally existing minerals. We can’t claim the same about the other processed salts we use on a daily basis.

This salt is reported to have over 84 minerals and trace elements that are good to our bodies and are not found in conventional salts. It helps to balance our body’s water level, promotes metabolism, regulates blood pressure, and so on.

You may season any food with the salt, including meat, fish, and vegetables. It complements baked goods very well. You may also use the salt to make a pleasant bath, which relaxes your muscles and relieves you of any aches and pains. It will perform its magic when combined with your normal shower gel. The salt is also an excellent exfoliant.

Highlighted Features:

  • The salt comes in a five-pound bag, making it an excellent choice for those wishing to buy in bulk.
  • It includes naturally occurring minerals and trace components and is gluten-free.
  • Since the fine grind salt is organic and kosher, it appeals to a wide range of customers.

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Pink Himalayan Salt


Pink salt is derived from the Himalayan Mountains in Asia, as the name suggests. Pink salt originated in this location hundreds of millions of years ago and has only been utilized as a great alternative to conventional white salt used to season dishes in the last 50 years.

Pink salt is extracted mostly from underground salt mines in and around the Himalayan Mountain range. Pink salt is mined by hand at these salt mines, broken down into smaller grinds, and manufactured by a variety of brands.

Check for genuineness before finalizing your purchase. The greatest pink Himalayan salts are obtained directly from the Himalayan area, particularly Pakistan and Nepal.


Pink salt’s brilliant pink tint is one of its most noticeable characteristics. Pink salt derives its rose tint from the minerals in the salt. Its pink appearance is due to the combination of trace elements such as calcium, magnesium, and potassium.

Many people believe that pink salt receives its color from artificial coloring, however this is simply not the case. Certain pink salt companies may artificially tint their salt to make it more pink, and these are not legal. Consumers should avoid pink salts that have been stated to be artificially colored by reviewers since, in addition to the phony coloring, there is a very strong likelihood that this pink salt is not truly from the Himalayan Mountain area.


Pink salt’s form might vary, although it is typically consistent with that of any other seasoning component. Pink salt is often available in three distinct forms that are constant among other seasonings: coarse, fine, and extremely fine.

The biggest bits of pink salt you will encounter are coarse pink salt. Depending on your preferences, you may desire larger bits of pink salt that you can then ground down into tiny pieces in your salt grinder. You may also just use it as is to season your dish. Some like larger bits of pink salt to add to their baths.

Pink salt that is finely formed is perhaps the most common, and it is normally the size of table salt. It’s neither too large or too little, and you may use it as is or grind it down even more. Extra fine is obtained by grinding it down further from fine. Extremely fine pink salt is perhaps the least common, and the grains are incredibly finely formed.


Many people are unaware of the numerous varied applications for pink salt. We all know that pink salt is fantastic for seasoning meals to add taste, but it also has other purposes.

One of these applications may be rehydrating your body after a long night’s sleep. While you sleep, you lose electrolytes and become dehydrated. Other from drinking Gatorade, a dose of pink salt mixed with a glass of water is an excellent approach to tackle this in the morning. Pink salt contains 84 distinct minerals, which assist to recover lost electrolytes during sleep and let you start your day well hydrated.

Baths are another great way to use pink salt. If you’ve ever visited a spa, there’s a strong possibility you’ve been exposed to pink salt. Pink salt is thought to have numerous therapeutic and calming properties, and many people love putting some pink salt into their bath, along with other soothing elements. As a consequence, the bath is both soothing and therapeutic.

Container/Package Size

Pink salt is available in almost every packaging and container size imaginable. One of the nicest things about pink salt is that it comes in a variety of packets with varying weights.

Some containers include pink salt in a tube from which pink salt may be poured via microscopic holes. Several packets or bags of pink salt include merely a bag, while others include a bag that may be resealed after use.

Pink salt comes in various weights depending on how often you cook with it. Some are as light as 0.38 pounds, which is the lightest weight we’ve observed. We’ve seen pink salt in packages weighing up to 10 pounds.

Final Thoughts

The finest Pink Himalayan Salt will undoubtedly enhance the taste of your food. Although it is not as powerful as conventional salt, it is a fantastic addition to your kitchen’s seasoning elements and is always useful to have on hand. Also, if you find yourself not utilizing your pink salt as often in the kitchen, you may carry it with you to the bathroom and pour some of it into your bath for a calming soak.

Pink salt has several health advantages, and as more people get acquainted with it, it will rapidly become a common home staple.


Which is the world best pink salt?

Himalayan Pink Salt: This salt is mined in Pakistan’s Punjab province at the Khewra salt mine. This rock salt includes all 84 trace minerals, which contribute to its pink tint. It is said to be a healthier alternative to table salt.

How do I choose the best Himalayan salt?

The more red the salt, the more harsh the flavor. It had that odd, metallic flavor that reminded me of table salt. When it comes to Himalayan salt, remember that redder is not better. Choose a salt that is a blend of white, rose pink, and orange.

Which brand is best for pink Himalayan salt?

Nonetheless, these are the greatest Himalayan pink salt brands on the market:
… Sherpa Pink Gourmet Himalayan Salt, Extra-Fine Grain, 28 oz…. SaltWorks Ancient Ocean Himalayan Pink Salt…. McCormick Fine Ground Himalayan Pink Salt…. Himalayan Chef Pink Salt, Fine Stand Up Bag (4 ounces)

What is number 1 pink salt?

Prague Powder #1, also known as Tinted Cure or Pink Curing Salt, is used for curing meats, sausages, fish, and jerky. According to FDA and USDA rules, Prague powder #1, one of the most used curing salts, includes 6.25% sodium nitrite and 93.75% sodium chloride.

What is the healthiest Himalayan salt?

Pink Himalayan salt is a form of salt that is naturally pink in color and is mined in Pakistan near the Himalayas. Several people believe that it is rich in minerals and has tremendous health advantages. Pink Himalayan salt is commonly regarded to be much healthier than conventional table salt for these reasons.

What is the healthiest Himalayan sea salt?

Pink Himalayan salt is healthier and includes more minerals. White Himalayan salt, on the other hand, is the rarest kind, having less mineral concentration than pink Himalayan salt. The pink hue of Himalayan pink salts is due to the additional minerals they contain.

What color Himalayan salt is best?

When it comes to consuming Himalayan Mineral Salt, a color balance of pink, white, and red is ideal. Some people assume that the darker the salt, the higher the mineral content, and hence the higher the quality and health benefits. This is not totally right.

What is the best healthiest salt in the world?

Himalayan pink salt is typically regarded as one of the healthiest salts due to its mineral concentration.

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