The Top 10 Popsicle Molds for 2022

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We have no doubts that every single child stated, “I scream for Ice Cream.” And on a hot summer day, ice cream or popsicles are a great way to cool down your mind and body while having fun. Of course, you already know that, and you also realize that creating popsicles at home may be a valuable experience since it is simple and inexpensive. But, selecting the best Popsicle mold for you and your family might be difficult, particularly if you have children.

Youngsters like items with distinct patterns and forms, which adds to the overall enjoyment and excitement of the experience. But there is where the grownups step in, and their choice determines how the future is played. As a result, we have produced this post for you so that you may not only get an idea of popsicles or which one to purchase, but also comprehend what; what is.

That is why we have scoured the market and selected some of the top popsicle molds available today so that you can compare and understand which popsicle mold would be ideal for you. Thus, without further ado, let us proceed with the article.

Best Selection

The Zoku Fish Pop Mold is our favorite of the group for one simple reason: it’s sleek, playful, and versatile. With the thrilling distinctive design of marine animals and the ideal Popsicle size for all ages, you can’t go wrong with this product. And, of course, features like Drip Guard and the mold’s base being polypropylene only add to why this should be chosen.

Budget Selection

The Tovolo Groovy Pop Mold was chosen for its low cost. If you want something that isn’t fancy but gets the job done, this is the one. With this product’s regular form and size, the popsicles will appear quite recognizable to everyone. And, of course, the features are quite standard, such as the Drip Guard.

Name of Product Grade
Zoku Fish Pop Molds A+
Tovolo Groovy Pop Molds A-
Ozera Reusable Popsicle Molds Ice Pop Molds Maker B+
Norpro Frozen Ice Pop Maker with 24 Wooden Sticks B
Nuby Garden Fresh Fruitsicle Frozen Pop Tray B
Sunsella Silicone Popsicle Molds/Ice Pop Maker A
Frozip 125 Disposable Ice Popsicle Mold Bags A-
Zipzicle Zip-Top Ice Pop Pouch, 36-Pack B
Tovolo Easily Removable Dino Pop Molds B+
HIC Flavor Blast Ice Pop Maker Popsicle Freezer Pop Molds B

1. Zoku Fish Pop Molds

This Zoku Popsicle mold is nothing but entertaining. If you or your children like marine animals, this will delight you since it has six different designs of sea creatures. Each Popsicle carries roughly 1.1-1.6 ounces of liquids, making it ideal for anybody.

Due of the distinctive patterns on both the mold and the stick, you might wind up with odd ice pops that are usually enjoyable and hilarious. This product’s build and characteristics are intriguing. The mold is constructed of silicone.

Due of the silicone, it is very resistant to temperature changes. The mold’s base is composed of polypropylene, so your ice pops won’t get stuck after they’re done. As a result, you may simply rip it off anytime you want. Its design allows you to manufacture not just popsicles but also candy pops and other treats.

The sticks include Dry Guard, which means that when your popsicle freezes, it will grip better and be less messy for you. Since this product is BPA-free, you can rest certain that it is safe for both your children and you. Sadly, this is not dishwasher safe, so if you must clean it, use gentle hot water and soap.


  • The light shines brightly over there, with the whole product concentrating on the uniqueness of the Popsicle. With 6 various varieties of critters and matching fish bones (sticks), youngsters may have a lot of fun, and it’s really thrilling for the little ones.
  • The bottom of the mold is composed of polypropylene, which prevents your Popsicles from sticking to the mold as they freeze. This is a fantastic feature since it makes the whole procedure incredibly nice and simple.
  • Dry Guard keeps your pop from slipping between your fingers as it melts. As a result, it is less untidy while you have it. Apart from that, it assists you in keeping your Popsicle in place while it freezes.
  • This product is BPA free and constructed of silicone. As a result, the product is risk-free and does not include any dangerous ingredients that might damage you or your children.


  • This item should not be washed in the dishwasher. This indicates that you must hand-wash this product with soap and water since placing it in the dishwasher might cause irreversible harm to the product.
  • These popsicles do not come in regular sizes. Although it is an excellent option for youngsters and maybe teens, the size might be a problem for adults, particularly if they like ice pops.

2. Tovolo Groovy Pop Molds

When it comes to design, the Tovolo Popsicle is more classic. You may manufacture up to 6 popsicles at a time, and the product is available in two colors: yellow and spring green. The base is 7x5x8 inches, which is an adequate size for holding every single mold together, making it easy to freeze your popsicles and keeping them from tipping over.

Each Popsicle is rather large, or in other words, larger than our previous offering. This product’s structure is made of BPA-free plastic. As a result, each of your popsicles is risk-free and healthful.

Each mold features a drip guard to keep the liquid from spilling over and is big enough to hold your Popsicle without becoming messy. Since this device is dishwasher safe, you no longer have to physically clean it, which saves time and reduces stress.


  • With this product, you may produce up to 6 popsicles at once. This is the standard capacity, and the product is available in two colors. With the two color options, you may choose your favorite.
  • Drip Guard is included with each Popsicle. The Dip Guard makes it less messy to enjoy your Popsicle, and it also helps the Popsicle maintain a solid structure from end to end when freezing.
  • This product’s plastic structure is BPA-free. Being BPA free implies that it has no dangerous chemicals that are damaging to health, making it fully safe to use.
  • This item is dishwasher safe. You would no longer have to wait and hand wash the product, which takes time and adds stress.


  • Each Popsicle has defined dimensions. And since they are all joined together while freezing, they might take up some room, which is inconvenient if you have little space.

3. Ozera Reusable Popsicle Molds Ice Pop Molds Maker

The Ozera popsicle mold has a typical shape that makes things easier, but it also has characteristics that make this product fascinating. The product comes in a variety of hues from the start. In reality, there are six different options. You may produce up to 6 popsicles at a time, which is very typical.

Each popsicle’s base measurement is 65.58, which fits within the normal size range. You will also get a funnel and a brush with this product to assist you in preparing and cleaning popsicles.

This product is constructed of BPA-free plastic. As a result, your popsicles are free of chemicals and completely safe to consume. Each mold has a drip guard, which prevents your popsicles from tipping over and keeps you from making a mess while enjoying them. With this product, you may manufacture a variety of popsicles from various ingredients such as fresh juice, yogurt, gelatin, and so on that are pleasurable and exciting for you and your children.

And, of course, Ozera is so confident in their product that they’ve included a money-back guarantee. If you are displeased with their goods or discover any flaws, you may return it and get a refund.


  • This product can normally produce 6 popsicles at a time. Apart from that, there are six color choices, allowing you to choose the product based on the color you want.
  • The Drip Guard makes it easier to enjoy your Popsicle. Besides from that, it aids in the production of the Popsicle by providing a suitable installation with a solid seal.
  • This product has no BPA. Since it is BPA free, it does not contain any hazardous chemicals that might impact your popsicles; hence, it is safe to use and good for the environment.
  • You may be certain that they trust in their goods since they provide a money-back guarantee. And if anything seems to be wrong, you can always get your money back.
  • This package includes a funnel and a brush, both of which are always useful. You can effortlessly fill the molds for creating popsicles and clean them with these two attachments.


  • While these popsicles are standard size, space may be a problem when assembling them altogether and may be difficult if you have limited fridge space.

4. Norpro Frozen Ice Pop Maker with 24 Wooden Sticks

The Norpro Corporation has created their own popsicle variety that is distinctive in its own right. Although they did not deviate from the classic design, they did make several changes that set them apart from the crowd. You may prepare up to ten above-average popsicles right now.

Regrettably, this product was built in such a manner that it does not have a permanent gripping stick. Thankfully, they packed their goods with 24 wooden sticks that you can use to make popsicles.

This product’s body structure is completely unique. Instead of being separate, there is a top seal that covers all of the popsicles. Each mold is 4x9x5.5 inches in size. When it comes to this product, the structure is also intriguing. This product’s frame is composed of metal with a BPA-free plastic mold.

This assures the product’s overall durability, and the BPA-free plastic ensures that your popsicles are not contaminated with hazardous chemicals. Of course, you may use this product to produce a variety of popsicles with varied components. Sadly, this product is not dishwasher safe and must be washed by hand.


  • The 10 Popsicle in the Making per use is larger than most, which is important for a large party, particularly if the number of people exceeds 6.
  • This product’s frame is comprised of metal and plastic. This strengthens and extends the life of the structure.
  • This product’s plastic is BPA-free. There are no dangerous chemicals that may impact your popsicles or you since it is BPA free.


  • Due of the design, each mold does not have its own lid, which might be inconvenient, particularly when you just want to remove one Popsicle. Apart from that, there is no permanent stick, which seriously hampers the production of the Popsicle, even though extra sticks are included with the product.
  • Given of the capacity and sheer size, it may be difficult to find place to store it in the freezer, particularly if you are short on space.
  • This product is not dishwasher friendly and will need a significant amount of time to clean manually.

5. Nuby Garden Fresh Fruitsicle Frozen Pop Tray

The company Nuby takes an unusual approach to Popsicle mold, and by unusual, I mean they really go out there. First and foremost, you can only produce up to four popsicles at a time with this product. Now it becomes fascinating from here because I’m not guessing, but I know this is for youngsters.

These popsicles are designed so that youngsters may easily grip them. That is, they are less than the conventional measurement. So if you have children, they are a fantastic match, and if you do not have children, it is entirely your decision; we are not criticizing.

This product is constructed of BPA-free plastic. This is particularly crucial for children since it signifies that this product is devoid of dangerous chemicals that may damage both your children and you. Since each mold has a drip guard, the process will be less messy and the popsicles will be in perfect form when frozen.

Overall, the design of this product has been tailored to infants over the age of six months, and from that perspective, it is a very nice product for them. The overall design and colors of the product are appropriate for babies.


  • This Popsicle mold was designed for little toddlers over the age of six months. If you have children above that age, this product may be quite appealing.
  • This product’s plastic structure is BPA-free. This is critical for this product since it is intended for youngsters. Since it is BPA-free, this product has no dangerous chemicals that might damage your children.
  • Each mold includes a Drip Guard. Even if we anticipate it to be messy, this helps it to be less so. Furthermore, due of the Drip Guard, the Popsicle’s form is more studier, resulting in a stronger grip upon freezing.


  • This Popsicle is designed for kids. This product would be quite unusual to possess if you were an adult. This is due not just to the design but also to the size. It’s too little for an adult.
  • This item should not be washed in the dishwasher. As a result, you’ll have to hand-wash this goods, which might be time-consuming.

6. Sunsella Silicone Popsicle Molds/Ice Pop Maker

This is another variation on our regular fashioned popsicles, however there is a difference between this design and the usual design that we are all familiar with. There are rumors and evidence that this design existed before the regular one that we are all familiar with. Yet, in this day and age, we have the best of both worlds.

Its Popsicle design is quite thin, which makes it more enjoyable to hold. Sunsella really created an excellent product that is both elegant and bright. Each mold comes with its own holder, and each mold has a distinct color. With the purchase of this product, you will get a recipe PDF that will allow you to start creating popsicles right away.

Silicone is the substance utilized to create the product. Since the silicone is BPA-free, it is safe to use because it contains no dangerous chemicals. Popsicles, despite their many designs, are simple to produce due to their basic design. These molds are dishwasher safe, which makes cleaning them simpler and eliminates the need for you to waste time washing them.


  • Using this, you may produce up to 6 popsicles at once. The Popsicle molds, however, are detached and come with their own cover due to the design of this product. As a result, it takes up less room and is more portable.
  • Just like when you purchase the product, you receive a recipe e-book to help you get started. This move makes it simple for you to learn anything new.
  • This product’s construction is BPA free, which means it contains no dangerous chemicals and is safe to use.
  • The molds may be washed in the dishwasher. This eliminates the need for you to think too hard or spend too much time cleaning.


  • Since the molds are detached and lack a base to hold them all together, it is easy to lose a Popsicle mold here and there after some usage.
  • The design may be a difficulty since they lack the usual structure of a Popsicle that we are used with. This is largely dependent on your own tastes.

7. Frozip 125 Disposable Ice Popsicle Mold Bags

Frozip’s Popsicle molds were designed with mobility and space economy in mind. When creating popsicles, the procedure is the same, but because of the design structure, they are more portable, and their sheer size saves a lot of freezer room.

You will get a total of 125 disposable tubes. Sadly, you must purchase another box after you are through, but 125 popsicles is a lot! The kit also includes a funnel to aid in the filling process. The design is straightforward; it is constructed of BPA-free plastic that is USDA approved.

As a result, the mold bags are safe to use and do not contain any hazardous chemicals. Sadly, there are no color options for this product. These are transparent bags, which adds intrigue since your Popsicle recipe will be the color of the bag.


  • These popsicles are very portable due to the product design. You get 125 zip mold tubes that are simple to use and transport due to their compact form and size.
  • With this product, you will get a funnel to assist you in preparing your Popsicle. This simplifies your preparation.
  • The plastic is BPA-free and USDA-approved. You may be certain that this product will not hurt your popsicles or you.


  • The design itself may have flaws. This is a no-go if you want a sturdy framework. Additionally, since the bags must be discarded after use, the length of your usage is truly determined by how many popsicles you are and will be creating.

8. Zipzicle Zip-Top Ice Pop Pouch, 36-Pack

Zipzicle’s Ice Pop Pouch is identical to our prior offering. This item contains 36 Popsicle mold pouches. Unfortunately, there is no color diversity, but your unique popsicles will be the show’s major attraction as a result.

These disposable popsicle pouches are ideal for any gatherings or essentially any location you want to carry it since it does not take up much space and is extremely simple to serve. This product’s construction is really basic. It is manufactured from BPA-free plastic.

Because of this, there won’t be any harmful chemicals that will have an effect on your popsicles.  But unfortunately, these are not re-usable hence if you out of the mold pouches, then you just need to buy a new pack.


  • Because of the compact size and portability of this product, the popsicles are ideal for gatherings and can be brought outside.
  • When you purchase this product, you will get 36 zip molds, which is a sufficient number for a big event.
  • This product’s plastic is BPA-free. Being BPA-free ensures that the plastic is clean and will not affect you or your popsicles.


  • The design may be a problem for some, and since the zip molds must be discarded after usage, your options are restricted.

9. Tovolo Easily Removable Dino Pop Molds

We’re back to funky items where firms truly go above and beyond. This time, the Firm Tovolo is introducing their animal line. This product allows you to manufacture up to four popsicles at once. The subject refers to the fact that there are several varieties of this product.

This product has 9 various themes, each of which is unique and may make the whole experience more enjoyable and thrilling. Silicone is used to make the product. As a result, preparing popsicles is a piece of cake.

Additionally, because of the silicone construction, popsicles will not stick and will be simple to remove from the tray. Since the tray of this product is a little height, there will be no unintentional dropping of the Popsicle while it is frozen.


  • This product can generate up to four popsicles at once, which is very common and ideal for a family.
  • This product’s 9 distinct themes are what really distinguishes it. You may make your pick based on what you want and enjoy.
  • This product’s tray is rather tall. As a result, it has a good ground when placed in the freezer.
  • Because of the silicone structure, this product is much more robust and resistant to temperature fluctuations.


  • The large overall size of this product may be a problem if you have limited freezer space.
  • Since this product is not dishwasher safe, you will have to spend extra time cleaning them, which is inconvenient.

10. HIC Flavor Blast Ice Pop Maker Popsicle Freezer Pop Molds

The HIC Flavor Blast popsicle mold bags are reusable, as opposed to single-use mold bags. These come in a set of four distinct colors. This product is ideal for folks who don’t have a lot of freezer space and want quick popsicles.

These popsicle molds come with caps that aid in effective sealing, which aids in freezing and preventing fluid spillage while in the freezer. These silicone molds are available.

Silicone is not a hard substance, but it is long-lasting. As a result, it is quite simple to burst such popsicles and has no influence when it comes to freezing temperatures. Silicone is also BPA-free. This assures that the material is free of dangerous substances and that your popsicles will not get contaminated. This product is dishwasher friendly, so you no longer have to waste time cleaning them by hand.


  • This set includes four reusable popsicle molds. As a result, you may produce four popsicles at once.
  • Because of its resilience to varied temperature, the silicone structure of this product makes the whole product robust and simple to use.
  • BPA-free silicone is also utilized. As a result, you can be confident that your popsicles will not be contaminated.
  • This item is dishwasher safe. Since they are dishwasher safe, you won’t have to spend time cleaning them by hand, which may be a tremendous relief.


  • The molds are divided due to the design of this product. As a result, there is a strong probability that you will lose a Popsicle mold or two.

Things You Should Know Before Buying The Best Popsicle Molds


Although it may not matter for most of what popsicles are constructed of, it is really a highly important factor that most people miss. The reason for paying close attention to the material when purchasing popsicles is simple: durability and your ice pops in the production. You may be restricted in your usage depending on the product’s substance. Additionally, the material utilized to make the product will determine the quality of your popsicles. Ultimately, in the end, you want your popsicles to be beautiful and not broken, stuck, or taste awful due to the material in which they were enclosed.


The size is the second most important element to consider while purchasing a Popsicle. All sizes are not always appropriate. Indeed, you may believe that the larger the better, but this is not always the case. And this has a significant influence on children. Youngsters just cannot handle, much alone consume, a large-sized Popsicle. That is why knowing your requirements and obtaining an overall size that is suitable for everybody would be the ideal option.


In certain circumstances, you can produce 6 popsicles, while in others, you can make 12 or even 4. Based on your demands, you should get the Popsicle since you don’t want to run out of ingredients or have a large product in the freezer that takes up room.


This is a fun component rather than an essential one. But, it is incredibly significant since it has the potential to make the whole Popsicle experience very exciting and fascinating. Popsicles are available in a variety of forms, colors, and patterns, and depending on what you desire and purchase, it may be a delightful experience.

Unique features

When it comes to popsicles, this is more of a convenience feature. There are several elements that may assist and optimize the production of your popsicles. Although it is not required that you concentrate on what features it provides at first, make sure you grasp the features that will assist you in enhancing your experience with that product. As a result, make sure you view, decide, and then go over the product’s characteristics.


Eating popsicles with your friends and family on a hot day is a memorable experience that everyone should enjoy. When it comes to ice cream and popsicles, the more the merrier. It is the pinnacle of ice cream enjoyment. That is why popsicles are so popular, and the best thing is that they can be produced at home without any fuss or expense.

Of course, you already know that, which is why you’re here. We hope that our post has helped you decide which popsicles to purchase and what is excellent and terrible. We looked for and chose the top popsicles on the market so that you may assess and compare them for yourself. Of course, the purpose of this essay is not to tell you what is best, but to prepare you so that when you get to the market, you can assess it for yourself since you now have some groundwork.

Making popsicles is a wonderful way to spend time with your children, particularly on a hot day. It is more cheaper and healthier than purchasing it outdoors, and we can’t wait for you and your family to have a wonderful time and cool down on a hot and sunny day.


Is plastic or silicone better for popsicle molds?

Plastic is lightweight, resilient, and inexpensive, but it may not withstand frequent washes. Silicone molds are flexible, so they do not need hot water to free the popsicles, but they may have the same dishwashing concerns as plastic molds.

Are stainless steel popsicle molds better than silicone?

Stainless steel popsicle molds endure longer than silicone or plastic molds and corrode less than aluminum molds. Metal popsicle molds prevent single-use waste and are a preferable option if you wish to avoid using plastic kitchen items.

Does Family Dollar have popsicle molds?

Create your own for $1 with our handmade popsicle mold kit. TELL US: What is your favorite popsicle flavor?

What is the trick to getting popsicles out of mold?

Fill a pan or container at least as tall as the mold with warm (not boiling) water, and quickly dip the mold in for 20 to 30 seconds, or until the pops release. Take the mold out of the water and lay it on a stable surface.

Do you spray popsicle molds?

While creating popsicles, a few things usually work best for us: 1: We always use Pam or similar nonstick spray to spray the interior of our popsicle molds. We quickly regret not doing so. Spray first, then fill!

What is the best container for silicone molds?

When manufacturing bespoke molds, a basic box is the most efficient method to keep the silicone contained. The box may be manufactured from household items such as a milk carton or a plastic container, or it can be constructed from plexiglass, cardboard, or foam core.

Are latex molds better than silicone?

Whether the casting medium is concrete, plaster, or a form of faux stone material, latex is employed. This is because latex is much more abrasion resistant than silicone and can withstand repeated castings or rough, coarse material.

What is an alternative for silicone molds?

Rather of utilizing your silicone for silicone molds, retain it and use it to manufacture silicone castings. Then make the mold using ComposiMold. ComposiMold is a one-part molding material that can be melted and remelted to create new molds at any moment. ComposiMold is a mold-making substance that can be heated and poured.

What is the standard size popsicle mold?

Size of a Popsicle

While there is no standard size for pop, the amount you’re accustomed to seeing at the grocery store is usually about 3 fluid ounces. Popsicle molds for children are smaller, weighing around 1 ounce.

What products are contaminated from Family Dollar?

According to the Food and Drug Administration, the discount retailer issued a voluntary recall of the products, which also included allergy pills, toothpaste, mouthwash, anti-perspirants, soap, dishwashing liquid, sunscreen, and eye drops, after they were inadvertently shipped to stores across the United States from about May 1-June 10.

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