The Top 10 Powdered Cheeses for Fast Macaroni and Cheese, Popcorn Seasoning, and More

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Certainly, we all appreciate a fast mac and cheese every now and again, and the simplest way to prepare it (if you don’t have a blue box on hand) is with powdered cheese. This not only means you can make it as cheesy or as mild as you like, but it also ensures you always have enough cheese to create mac and cheese.

In this review, we examine into powdered cheese in depth, including how adaptable it is and how it is created. We also provide evaluations of some of the greatest powdered cheeses available to help you choose the ideal powdered cheese for your needs.

Best Selection

With its popular flavor, family friendliness, and shelf stability, the Hoosier Hill Farm Cheddar Cheese Powder is our top selection among powdered cheeses. 1 pound resealable jar.

Budget Selection

The Kraft 100% Grated Parmesan is our budget-friendly powdered cheese option; it’s just excellent for adding a flavor of Italy to a variety of meals.

Product Name Grade
Cheddar Cheese Powder by Hoosier Hill Farm A
Kraft 100% Grated Parmesan Cheese Shaker A-
Anthony’s Cheddar Cheese Powder A
King Arthur Better Cheddar Cheese Powder A-
Medley Hills Farm Gourmet Cheddar Cheese Powder B+
Barry Farm Cheddar Cheese Powder B
Hoosier Hill Farm Cheddar Cheez Powder A-
Amish Country Popcorn Cheddar Cheese A-
Wincrest Bulk Foods Cheddar Cheese Powder A-
Judee’s White Cheddar Cheese Powder A
Seed Ranch Flavor Co. Cheddar Craving Vegan Cheese A-

1. Cheddar Cheese Powder by Hoosier Hill Farm

The Hoosier Hill Farm cheddar cheese powder is a powdered version of the renowned Hoosier Hill Farm cheese.

This powdered cheese comes in two sizes, including a 1 pound plastic container, and may be used in a number of meals or just sprinkled over popcorn or fries. It takes 1.5 pounds of actual cheese to manufacture 1 pound of this powdered cheese, which contributes to its rich taste.

This powdered cheese is shelf stable and does not need to be refrigerated after opening. Several customers were dissatisfied while using this for mac and cheese since they anticipated greater taste from a Hoosier cheese. Some people are also put off by the artificial hue of this powdered cheese.


  • Suitable for use in cooking or for finishing dishes with
  • Uses 1.5 lbs. of regular cheese to make 1 lbs. of powdered cheese
  • Comes as a large 1 lbs. resealable jar
  • Is shelf stable and does not need refrigerating after opening


  • This is a strong colored cheese powder which may not be suitable in all recipes
  • Some consider this lacks ‘cheese’ flavor compared with other powdered cheeses
  • May not work as well in mac and cheese as you would expect

2. Kraft 100% Grated Parmesan Cheese Shaker

The 8 oz jar of Kraft 100% Grated Parmesan cheese is an Italian style parmesan that comes in a ready-to-use shaker container. This cheese, made with quality milk, adds a tangy, nutty, and salt taste to a variety of recipes and is highly flexible, suitable for completing salads, pastas, and many other foods.

This comprises, in addition to the cheese, potassium sorbate as a preservative and cellulose, which prevents the parmesan from clumping. This, unlike other powdered cheeses, must be refrigerated once opened.


  • Italian style grated parmesan
  • Tangy, salt and nutty flavor
  • Can be used across a variety of dishes
  • Comes in an 8 oz ready to use shaker jar


  • Needs to be refrigerated after opening
  • Contains potassium sorbate which some buyers may prefer to avoid

3. Anthony’s Cheddar Cheese Powder

Anthonys cheddar cheese powder has no GMO ingredients and has been batch tested and verified as gluten free. The orange hue of this powdered cheese derives from the use of natural annatto rather than artificial dyes, making it suitable for vegetarians.

This powdered cheese comes in a 1 pound or 1.5 pound resealable container and does not need to be refrigerated once opened, however the package does urge that it be chilled. Like other powdered cheeses, it may be used in a variety of cuisines or just sprinkled over pretzels, almonds, or popcorn.

This might be tough to combine with liquids and clumps easily. Several customers have complained that it is too light in flavor when compared to other powdered cheeses. While this comes in a resealable pack, there is a greater danger of the packaging being broken, and it may be difficult to shut the pack once opened.


  • Does not contain any GMO ingredients
  • Batch tested and verified as being gluten free
  • Contains natural annatto rather than artificial coloring
  • Vegetarian friendly
  • Does not need to be refrigerated


  • The resealable pack does not always reseal well after opening

  • There is more risk of the pack being damaged as it is a soft pack

  • Some consider this tastes a little too mild

  • Can clump when mixed with liquids

4. King Arthur Better Cheddar Cheese Powder

The King Arthur Better Cheddar cheese powder, available in 8 oz reusable plastic jars, is a white powdered cheese manufactured from Vermont sharp cheddar cheese. While some chefs have been dissatisfied with the lighter taste of this, it is suitable for use in baking and favorites such as mac and cheese. It is also perfect for finishing meals with or adding to snacks.

While it looks to be gluten-free, it is made at a facility that also processes wheat and other allergens, so it may not be suitable for individuals who have dietary intolerances or allergies. This powdered cheese contains microbiological rennet, making it appropriate for vegetarians, albeit this information is not written on the jar label.

This powdered cheese is shelf stable and does not need to be refrigerated once opened. However, this only comes in one size of 8 oz jars, so after using it for baking or making mac and cheese, it will not last as long, making it more costly than other powdered cheeses available in bigger packs.


  • White powdered cheese made from Vermont sharp cheddar
  • Ideal for baking with or just sprinkling over foods
  • Does not need refrigerating once opened
  • Reusable plastic jar


  • Only available as an 8 oz pack which does not last long when using it for cooking with
  • Jar not labeled as suitable for vegetarians although the rennet is microbial rather than animal-based
  • Some consider this has a lighter flavor than other powdered cheeses so find themselves using more

5. Medley Hills Farm Gourmet Cheddar Cheese Powder

Medley Hills Farm cheddar cheese powder is an orange-colored cheese made using a combination of granular and blue cheeses that may be used in recipes, to make sauces, or just for dusting.

Once opened, this 1.5 pound resealable ziplock bag does not need to be refrigerated. It also comes with a simple cheese sauce recipe written on the package.

While gluten-free, this product is not yet gluten-free certified, and it contains artificial rather than natural colors. Several of the components in this powdered cheese have recently changed, and some people believe it has lost part of its cheese taste. The bright orange hue may not suit many meals, and it may be difficult to combine into drinks.


  • Larger 1.5 lbs. resealable pack
  • Suitable for cooking and baking with or as a finishing powder
  • Made with a blend of granular and blue cheeses
  • Does not need refrigerating
  • Includes a recipe for cheese sauce


  • As a richer colored cheese powder it may be too colored for some recipes
  • You may struggle to mix this powder
  • Has changed ingredients recently and not all regular users are keen on the changes
  • Colored with artificial colors

6. Barry Farm Cheddar Cheese Powder

Barry Farm cheddar powder is formed from a combination of cheddar and granular cheese. This is a multipurpose powder that may be used in cooking as well as as a dusting powder on popcorn, pretzels, and other foods.

This is a bigger 1.5 pound shelf stable powdered cheese that does not need to be refrigerated once opened, however you may need to move it to a resealable bag or container since it comes in a sealed plastic bag rather than a resealable one.

It is tinted with artificial colors and may clump when opened. You may also need to visit the Barry Farm website to learn more about the nutritional information, since it is not included on the container.


  • Blend of cheddar and granular cheeses
  • For cooking or finishing with
  • Larger 1.5 lbs. pack
  • Does not need to be refrigerated once open


  • Packaging does not show nutritional information
  • Comes packaged in a sealed bag so will need transferring into another container or bag once opened
  • Contains artificial colors
  • Can be prone to clumping

7. Hoosier Hill Farm Cheddar Cheez Powder

The Hoosier Hill Farm Cheddar Cheez powder comes in a 1 pound plastic container and is perfect as a finishing powder on snacks, pasta, salads, and more. It’s also great with mac & cheese and cheese sauces.

This is a granular and blue cheese combination that does not need to be refrigerated once opened.

This is colored artificially rather than naturally and is prone to clumping. Several customers believe that this lacks cheese flavor and tastes a touch saltier.


  • Larger 1 lbs. of powdered cheese in a resealable plastic jar
  • A blend of granular and blue cheeses
  • Shelf stable and does not need refrigerating
  • Can be used for sprinkling with or in recipes such as mac and cheese


  • Compared with other powdered cheeses this can taste saltier
  • More risk of this clumping when you use it
  • Made with artificial colors

8. Amish Country Popcorn Cheddar Cheese

Two 3.8 oz shaker jars of cheddar cheese seasoning and white cheddar seasoning are included in the Amish Country cheddar and white cheddar seasoning package. These powders are GMO and gluten free, making them ideal for popcorn flavoring.

The cheddar cheese seasoning contains cheddar cheese and Romano cheese, as well as additional additions such as turmeric and paprika, whilst the white cheddar seasoning has white cheddar cheese and turmeric extract. Nonetheless, they are devoid of artificial colors.

Some consider both flavors lack taste and at times it can be difficult to shake the cheese powder out as the holes in the shaker are small.


  • Set of cheddar and white cheddar seasoning in shaker jars
  • Free from any GMO ingredients
  • Do not contain artificial colors
  • Gluten free


  • Smaller pack sizes
  • Only suitable for using on popcorn, pretzels and other snacks rather than as a traditional powdered cheese
  • May not have as much taste to them as you would expect
  • Can be difficult to shake out the seasoning as the holes in the shakers are small

9. Wincrest Bulk Foods Cheddar Cheese Powder

The Wincrest Bulk Foods cheddar cheese powder is suitable for use as a Kraft cheddar cheese powder and may be used for cooking or as a finishing powder. This powdered cheese is made from a combination of granular and blue cheeses and comes in a bigger 1 pound resealable plastic container.

Since this is prone to clumping, it will need a bit more effort to mix it up for mac and cheese. It’s also a bright orange powder that might work in a variety of cuisines. The hues are likewise manufactured as opposed to natural.


  • Can be used as a Kraft cheese substitute
  • 1 lbs. resealable plastic jar
  • Suitable for cooking with or sprinkling
  • Made with a blend of granular and blue cheeses


  • The orange color may be too bright in some recipes
  • Can clump more than other powders sot be prepared for extra mixing
  • Contains artificial instead of natural colors

10. Judee’s White Cheddar Cheese Powder

Judees white cheddar cheese powder comes in 11.25 oz. or 2 lb. resealable foil sealed packs. This gluten-free powdered cheese is produced in a gluten-free factory. It is also devoid of GMOs, rBST hormones, soy, starch, and colorings.

This shelf stable powdered cheese with a mild aged cheddar taste is suitable for sprinkling or cooking and does not need to be refrigerated once opened.

Some believe this to be on the saltier side, and it might clump if not well blended in a liquid before adding to a meal.


  • Gluten free powdered cheese
  • GMO and rBST hormone free
  • Comes in a resealable foil lined pack
  • No added colorings
  • Does not need to be refrigerated


  • Needs mixing well in liquids first before cooking with as can clump
  • Some have found this to be saltier than other powdered cheeses

11. Seed Ranch Flavor Co. Cheddar Craving Vegan Cheese

The Cheddar Craving vegan cheese from The Seed Ranch Taste Co. is a non-GMO powdered substitute created with nutritional yeast, almond flour, and natural flavorings.

If you are vegan or have a dairy allergy or intolerance, this may be used to sprinkle on top of dishes or snacks, or even to cook with and create sauces from.

This 4 oz shaker jar is shelf stable and does not need refrigeration once opened. Some purchasers think this to be extremely salty, so you may not want to add as much seasoning if using it in lieu of cheese, and it does cost more than conventional powdered cheese as a substitute to cheese.


  • Vegan/dairy free powdered cheese
  • No GMO ingredients
  • No artificial flavorings or colorings
  • Preservative free
  • Does not need to be refrigerated


  • May be saltier than expected
  • More expensive than traditional powdered cheeses

Considerations When Purchasing Powdered Cheese

Why Do You Need Cheese Powder?

Powdered cheese may be used in baking, such as breads, focaccias, or muffins, and it can also be added to casseroles, soups, pasta dishes, and other foods. It goes well with pizza, salads, and even baked potatoes. You can also use it to create fast cheese sauces for cauliflower cheese, various oven meals, or even hollandaise sauce for Eggs Benedict. Powdered cheese may be mixed into scrambled eggs or used to cover chicken and other meats, fish, and shellfish.

Of course, powdered cheese is fantastic for putting over heated popcorn, nachos, pretzels, and fries. While cooking, powdered cheese is more adaptable than fresh cheese since you may use as much or as little as you wish.

Powdered cheese is also the fastest method to make family favorites like mac and cheese. It may be combined with milk or other dairy liquids before being added to cooked macaroni with simple spices.

When you mix powdered cheese with other ingredients at home to produce dishes like mac and cheese, you have complete control over what you’re cooking with, as opposed to purchasing prepackaged versions, which may include additives and preservatives that you want to avoid.

One of the most significant benefits of powdered cheese is that it is shelf stable and, unlike fresh cheese, does not go bad quickly. Certain powdered cheeses should be refrigerated after opening, but the majority may be kept in an airtight container in the pantry.

If you live a great way from a grocery shop, having powdered cheese on hand means you can quickly make a cheese sauce or cheese bread without having to go to the store.

Powdered cheese is also useful for carrying on camping excursions or adding to your disaster preparation box to give more flavor to macaroni, noodles, canned chili, and other savory dishes.

How Much Cheese Is Really in Powdered Cheese?

Since powdered cheese is not required by federal law to have a certain amount of cheese, the simplest approach to determine how much cheese a powdered cheese contains is to read the contents list. Similarly, the amount of cheese in a powdered cheese determines how much calcium and vitamin D it contains.

or synthetic flavors and colors, preservatives, and anti-clumping agents. Autolyzed yeast extract or other flavor enhancers may also be included in powdered cheese. The calorie, fat, protein, and salt composition of powdered cheese will vary depending on the manufacturer. A normal powdered cheese will include around 15% cheese, as well as whey, oil, natural and artificial flavors.

Cheese powder is a commercially available dried version of cheese that is often produced by a spray drying technique. To do this, the cheese is melted into a liquid, the appropriate ingredients are added, and the liquid is sprayed through a nozzle, forming droplets. The droplets are then exposed to heated air, which vaporizes them and turns them into powder. The powder may then be packed and distributed for sale.

Things to Watch for When Purchasing Powdered Cheddar

Colors in orange. While these brilliantly colored powders look excellent in a fast mac and cheese, the color may be too noticeable when sprinkled on other foods. A white or non-colored powdered cheese may be more appropriate in this scenario. Further factors to consider, in addition to the cheese quantity and nutritional profile, are the taste profile and even the color. Powdered cheeses often have artificial or synthetic yellow coloring.

While the majority of powdered cheeses are cheddar flavored, they may also be prepared using hard cheeses such as Italian type cheeses or even blue cheeses, which provide distinct tastes to a meal. Powdered cheese has a wide range of flavors, from strong to mild. Whatever one you choose will also be determined by how you want to utilize it in the kitchen.

Certain powdered cheeses are verified to be free of GMOs and may also be gluten free.

or almonds are excellent alternatives for vegans or those with a dairy allergy or intolerance. While many cheeses are created using animal-based rennet, others are made with microbial rennet, making them vegetarian-friendly. Powders containing nutritious yeast and

Powdered cheese is not always simple to obtain in grocery shops, so many people prefer to get it online.


In this study, we examined powdered cheese in depth, including how to use it, how it is created, how much cheese a powdered cheese truly contains, and what to look for when selecting a powdered cheese.

We’ve also tested some of the finest powdered cheeses on the market, including a few options for those with special dietary requirements. Therefore, whether you want to ditch the mac and cheese kits and make your own, or if you simply want some more taste on your popcorn for the next movie night, we hope that we have provided you with the knowledge you need to choose the finest powdered cheese for you and your family.

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