The Top 10 Small Fridges for Convenience, Cooling Power, and Storage

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Finishing up that basement man cave? Maybe you’re assisting your youngster in furnishing their dorm room at school. In any event, you’ll need a means to store and cool drinks, and locating the perfect tiny refrigerator is essential.

Yet, there are other solutions available on the market. How can you know which is best for you? In this guide, we will go through the top ten micro fridges on the market and take you through everything you need to know before making a purchase.

What You Need to Know When Buying the Best Mini Fridges

Now that we’ve gone through some of the best selections on the market, you should have a better sense of what’s available. But, you may still be unsure about what makes one tiny refrigerator superior to another. Although your budget and personal use needs will be important, there are several aspects that may be applied universally.


Let us begin by talking about dimensions. Check that the micro fridge will fit into the available area. Height, breadth, and depth are the three basic dimensions to consider. Obtain measurements of your room and ensure that the units you are considering fit (pun intended).

Form Factor

You’ll see from our evaluations that there are a variety of form factors available. Although it is about aesthetics to some degree, theres more to it than simply style. The major forms include the following:

  • Tall mini refrigerators are taller than they are broad, like a regular refrigerator. They may also be referred to as counter models. A taller refrigerator often has more space in the door and more shelf space. The disadvantage is that you need ample installation space for the unit’s height.
  • Refrigerators with square or cube shapes are common nowadays. They demand greater breadth and depth while taking up less room in height. They are suitable alternatives for places where taller refrigerators would not fit. They do, however, come at a cost in terms of accessibility and space. Even though the cubic capacity is the same, you may discover that you can put less goods in the fridge.
  • Two entrances There are very few tiny refrigerators in this type available, although there are several (none on our list, though). They look like regular refrigerators and include a separate door for the freezer. Since the thermostat is positioned here, the freezer normally performs better than the refrigerator part.
  • Travel Refrigerators We tested three different travel coolers and found them to be quite comparable. They are intended for mobility and often come with two power cables, one for a wall outlet and the other for an automobile outlet. All three of the devices we tested chilled to 32 degrees but could be converted to warming mode with the flick of a button.

As you can see, each style has something to offer, but they also have at least one or two negatives. Take a good, hard look at your area and consider your storage requirements, as well as how you want to access the refrigerator and what you intend to put in it.

EnergyStar Certification

All freezers need energy to function. Nevertheless, not all models need the same quantity. A tiny fridge may really use a surprising amount of power, so look for EnergyStar certified versions. This will be included on the product information, in the user handbook, and often in the product description for the refrigerator.

This accreditation indicates that the refrigerator has been tested and certified to consume less energy than other models on the market, not only saving you money but also lowering your demand on the power system.

Capacity and Interior Layout

The quantity of cubic feet of storage provided by the refrigerator is referred to as its capacity. The greatest capacity in our studies was 4.4 cubic feet, but most micro fridges are far smaller. But, internal space is not the primary determinant of what and how much you can store.

The interior design is another consideration here. A small fridge with 3.4 cubic feet of room, for example, may seem to be more competent than one with 3.0 cubic feet of space, but if the internal arrangement is incorrect, you may be unable to make full use of that space. Look for a compact fridge with the proper configuration, which should contain things like:

  • Count of shelves
  • Is it possible to remove shelves?
  • arranging storage Shelving for doors
  • halved shelves
  • Vertical can stacking racks
  • Bins for shelves
  • Bins for doors

Ideally, you’ll locate a unit that not only has enough of room but also supports your capacity to utilize that space with a functional layout and a plethora of internal conveniences.

Freezer or No Freezer?

If you paid attention throughout our evaluations, you would have noticed that some of the micro fridges we reviewed included freezers while others did not. Some freezers were full-width, while others were just half-width. There are a few things to consider here.

Do you need a freezer? If not, choose a unit that lacks one. Freezers consume internal space and restrict the amount of food that can be kept in your refrigerator. If you aren’t going to utilize it, buy one without a freezer.

Half or Full Width?

The distinction between half-width and full-width refrigerators is obvious from the name. One covers the whole width of the fridge, giving you extra freezer capacity at the expense of top shelf space. The other covers barely half the width of the fridge, giving you less freezer capacity but more useable space on the top shelf.


In micro fridges, there are two kinds of shelving:

  • Wire shelving is rather prevalent. It is lightweight, inexpensive, and somewhat durable. If you drop anything, though, it will go right through the shelf and cover everything beneath. Wire shelves are also more difficult to clean fully and do not appear very elegant. Also, they are difficult to utilize for keeping things with narrow or oddly shaped bottoms.
  • Glass shelves are more expensive than wire racks, but they are simpler to clean. They also aid in the containment of at least a part of a spill. Since glass shelves have a solid surface, everything lying on them has a firm foothold. Having said that, glass is readily cracked, so purchase a fridge with tempered glass shelves to assist assure longer durability.


Doors are important components of your refrigerator, yet they are sometimes disregarded throughout the purchasing process. Be certain that the door opens on the proper side for your installation location or that it can be reversed. If you need to go backwards, ask yourself:

  • Is it difficult to remove, reverse, and replace the door?
  • Is it necessary to use any special equipment to reverse the door?
  • Is it necessary to change the handle while reversing the door?

In addition to the aperture, the arrangement of the doors inside storage should be considered. Do you have room for bigger bottles? Is the door capable of holding two-liter bottles, or are you restricted to 16.9-ounce bottles? Can just 12-ounce cans be stored in the door?


Micro fridges offer two handle styles: molded in and bolted on. The key question here will be whether or not the handle can or should be reversed with the door. A door with a molded handle, for example, may simply be reversed, while certain types need you to reverse both the door and the handle.


The external finish is more than simply a matter of appearance. Obviously, your refrigerator should appear nice, but keep in mind that the coating also protects the underlying material from corrosion and damage. Nowadays, various kinds of external materials and finishes are employed, including the following:

  • Painted Metal: Arguably the most popular treatment, painted metal is relatively durable and comes in a variety of hues. It is also reasonably priced and readily accessible.
  • Stainless Steel: While stainless steel is becoming more commonly accessible in micro fridges, it is still not extensively used. It is a terrific option for rust and corrosion protection, and it also looks beautiful. It is, nevertheless, more costly than painted metal or other treatment possibilities.
  • Plastic: Surprisingly, thick, molded plastic is becoming increasingly popular in the business. This is especially true for portable fridges due to the lightweight nature of the material. A thick layer of foam insulation will be placed underneath the plastic to assist the unit retain temperature.

Each of the three outside alternatives has advantages and disadvantages. Choose the one that provides the greatest balance of durability, cost, and style.


While portability may not be a problem for everyone, it is for many. We looked at three distinct portable mini refrigerators that utilised both automobile power outlets and residential wall outlets.

Yet, most micro fridges are portable to some degree, even if they cannot be used while in travel. They are, by definition, tiny, light, and readily transported from one location to another. But, if you need to power your fridge while traveling, consider purchasing a portable fridge.

Top 10 Best Mini Fridges

Product Name Grade
RCA RFR321- Mini Refrigerator A
Danby Designer DCR044A2WDD-3 Compact Refrigerator A
Midea WHS-65LSS1 Compact Refrigerator B+
AstroAI Mini Fridge A-
Chefman Mini Portable Compact Personal Fridge B+
Uber Appliance UB-CH1 Uber Chill Mini Fridge B+
BLACK+DECKER BCRK17B Compact Refrigerator A
Daewoo FR-044RCNM Retro Compact Refrigerator A-
EdgeStar Convertible Refrigerator or Freezer B+
Haier HC27SF22RB 2.7 Cubic Feet Refrigerator A-

1. RCA RFR321- Mini Refrigerator

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Highlighted Features

  • 3.2 cubic yards
  • Can dispenser built-in
  • Shelves made of tempered glass
  • The reversible door

The RCA RFR321-Black FBA Small Refrigerator is the classic little refrigerator. It is small in size, yet it has a lot of storage capacity. It also has a space-saving, flush-back design that allows it to fit into practically any place.

This tiny fridge has 3.2 cubic feet of storage capacity. This features a built-in can dispenser, so all you have to do is grab a beverage and the next one will roll right into position. The shelves are constructed of tempered glass for durability and simple cleaning, and they pull out to allow for further customization of the interior area.

The refrigerator has an adjustable thermostat so you may maintain it at the temperature you like. The adjustable feet keep it steady even on uneven ground. Lastly, the door may be reversed to accommodate any installation layout.

2. Danby Designer DCR044A2WDD-3 Compact Refrigerator

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Highlighted Features

  • Door storage for 8 cans
  • Bottle storage that is tall
  • Shelves made of glass
  • 4.4 cubic yards

Danby’s tiny fridge has a wonderful blend of features and extra storage capacity. It has 4.4 cubic feet of storage space for drinks and snacks. It also has a full-width freezer area, which other rivals do not have.

The refrigerator features 2.5 glass shelves that can be removed and changed to your specifications. There is a space for tall bottle storage, and the door can accommodate up to eight cans. This refrigerator is also EnergyStar certified for energy efficiency, so you won’t have to worry about your electric cost. The push-button defrost keeps the freezer clear of ice, and the mechanical thermostat adds dependability.

The handle is built into the door, although it may be flipped to accommodate varied installation requirements. It’s ideal for usage in a leisure room, man cave, dorm room, and a variety of other settings.

3. Midea WHS-65LSS1 Compact Refrigerator

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Highlighted Features

  • Ample storage space
  • Form factor is small.
  • Warranty period of one year
  • The reversible door

The Midea WHS-65LSS1 Small Refrigerator is one of our more compact alternatives. It has 1.6 cubic feet of storage capacity in an ultra-compact form factor that fits in almost any location. This little refrigerator comes with a complete one-year guarantee and has walls that are slightly tapered toward the rear to assist retain temperature. The thermostat is mechanical and has a temperature range of 32 to 35.6 degrees.

The adjustable legs on this item enable it to sit level even on non-flat surfaces. The door is also reversible to accommodate your individual installation requirements. It is important to note that, although there is a freezer compartment, it will not keep goods frozen for lengthy periods of time, and the machine does not produce ice.

4. AstroAI Mini Fridge

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Highlighted Features

  • 4 liters of storage
  • Little refrigerator on wheels
  • AC or DC power source
  • Cools or heats

Searching for a compact tiny refrigerator? The AstroAI might be just what you’re looking for. It has a four-liter capacity in a compact packaging and can hold a full six pack of cans or the equal quantity of food.

The AstroAI can cool to 32 degrees Fahrenheit, but it can also keep heat to 150 degrees Fahrenheit, making it an excellent choice for delivering cold or hot goods. It has two plugs, one for regular wall outlets and the other for vehicle power outlets.

This little fridge does not utilize freon, which is good news for anyone concerned about the environment. Instead, its performance is reliant on semiconductor refrigeration microchips. It is CE, FCC, ETL, and RoHS approved, and it also has a three-year guarantee.

5. Chefman Mini Portable Compact Personal Fridge

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Highlighted Features

  • AC or DC power source
  • Freon-free
  • Cools up to six cans
  • Food is heated

The Chefman Small Portable Compact Personal Fridge is a portable fridge that is quite similar to the AstroAI. It’s small and lightweight, making it ideal for travel. It also operates on both alternating current and direct current, due to the two distinct power connections provided with the item.

The machine can chill your food and beverages to 32 degrees Fahrenheit, but it can also be adjusted to warm with the flick of a button. This makes it an excellent choice for carrying soups and other items that must be kept warm. The four-liter volume means you can fit a whole six pack of cans within. This leaves plenty of room for additional products like fruit or yogurt cups, sandwiches, and the like.

This one, like the AstroAI tiny fridge, is environmentally friendly. It makes no use of freon. Instead, it uses superconducting materials and microchips to handle heating and cooling without negatively impacting the environment.

6. Uber Appliance UB-CH1 Uber Chill Mini Fridge

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Highlighted Features

  • Design from the past
  • AC with DC capability
  • The use of solid-state technologies

Another personal micro refrigerator with a high aesthetic value is the Uber Appliance UB-CH1. The classic look is fantastic, and you can select from six different colors.

This tiny refrigerator has enough inside space to hold four 16.9-ounce bottles or six 12-ounce cans. Of course, that amount of room allows for plenty of storage for items such as fruits and veggies, drinks, snacks, and anything else you may want to bring.

Unlike other tiny refrigerators, this one chills food and beverages using solid state components. It may also function as a warmer for foods that are best served warm. The fridge may be powered by either AC or DC, depending on your requirements. It also works well in a variety of settings, such as a bedroom, dorm room, or even the automobile.

7. BLACK+DECKER BCRK17B Compact Refrigerator

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Highlighted Features

  • 1.7 cubic yards
  • Glass shelves that can be removed
  • The reversible door
  • Operation is really silent.

Few brands have the same degree of recognition and trust as BLACK+DECKER. This small refrigerator also lives up to the brand’s reputation for excellence. Within, you’ll discover 1.7 cubic feet of space, enough for practically anything you wish to keep. The glass shelves are detachable and may be shifted forwards and backwards to suit your requirements. There are also shelves in the door for additional storage.

This device has leveling legs for stability and a reversible door to accommodate any installation requirements. The mechanical thermostat is adjustable from 33.8 degrees to 33.8 degrees, and the freezer area is big enough to handle ice packs and even frozen entrees. Unlike some of the other models on our list, this one can freeze sufficiently to form ice.

8. Daewoo FR-044RCNM Retro Compact Refrigerator

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Highlighted Features

  • Elegant vintage style
  • A class-leading 4.4 cubic feet
  • LED illumination
  • Slide-out drawer

Looking for something out of the ordinary? The Daewoo FR-044RCNM Retro Compact Refrigerator is the answer. One glance at the outside style will have you falling in love, but open the door and there’s so much more. Internally, there is 4.4 cubic feet of room, which is about as excellent as it gets. You’ll also find adjustable glass shelves, a slide-out drawer for fresh fruit and vegetables, energy-saving LED lighting, and more.

This EnergyStar-certified refrigerator may be utilized on the floor or on a table. It is also intended to work with Daewoo’s other retro-style appliances, such as the microwave oven, coffee maker, water kettle, toaster, and others.

9. EdgeStar 1.1 Cu. Ft. Convertible Refrigerator or Freezer

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Highlighted Features

  • The exterior is made of stainless steel.
  • Locking the door
  • It serves as a freezer or refrigerator.

Are you looking for a highly small appliance that may be used as a fridge or a freezer? EdgeStar has your back. This unit has just 1.1 cubic feet of storage capacity. You do, however, get a detachable shelf and the flexibility to move from refrigerator to freezer with the flick of a button. The door locks also assist keep nosy eyes away from your precious beer or ice cream.

Not only does the stainless steel exterior look nice, but it also protects the device from wear and tear and prevents corrosion and stains. The fridge also comes with a one-year components guarantee (90 days on labor).

10. Haier HC27SF22RB 2.7 Cubic Feet Refrigerator

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Highlighted Features

  • Legs that can be adjusted
  • Thermostat that can be adjusted
  • Tray for ice cubes
  • freezer with a half-width

The Haier HC27SF22RB has 2.7 cubic feet of storage capacity. Although not as large as some of the other models on our list, this one has enough of storage capacity for food and drinks. The half-width freezer holds an ice tray and a modest quantity of food.

There are two retractable glass shelves. The door also includes shelves, with enough room at the bottom for three 2-liter bottles and other goods on the little shelf above. The mechanical thermostat (with seven settings) may be changed to your favorite level, and the legs can be adjusted to maintain the device level on virtually any surface.


As you can see, there are several things to consider when evaluating the finest micro fridges. There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all answer here. You should be able to discover a fridge that fits your physical space well, has the inside layout and capacity you want, and has an outside aesthetic you like.


What is the best mini refrigerator on the market?

Our top choices
Overall winner: the Black + Decker 3.2 cu ft Small Refrigerator.
The Insignia 2.6-Cubic-Feet Small Fridge is the most affordable option.
AstroAI Small Fridge Portable Thermoelectric Cooler and Warmer is the best portable.
Finest vintage design: Galanz Retro Mini Refrigerator.
Mar 22, 2023

Which mini fridge is the most energy efficient?

Our top recommendations for the most energy-efficient mini-fridges
The Liebherr UR 500. Liebherr UB 501, Leaf Score. Liebherr UPR 513 Leaf Score. GE GME04GGKBB Small Refrigerator Leaf Score. BLACK+DECKER BCRK43V Small Refrigerator Score. Leaf Rating…
Danby Designs Small Fridge. Furrion 3.3 cu. ft. Leaf Score.

What is the lifespan of mini fridge?

How Long Will a Small Fridge Last? Although the lifetime of any appliance varies greatly owing to a variety of circumstances, you can anticipate your fridge—full-size or mini—to endure for roughly ten years. The industry-standard warranty covers components and service for one year.

What is the storage capacity of a mini fridge?

What is the capacity of a mini-fridge? The majority of popular small refrigerators have a capacity of roughly 50L.

What brand of refrigerator has the fewest problems?

Top-freezers have the greatest expected dependability of any category. Despite these high ratings, most top-freezer brands were evaluated poorly by owners. Five of the nine manufacturers in the category received top ratings for expected reliability: Kenmore, LG, Maytag, Samsung, and Whirlpool.

Which fridge is best quality?

The Top 10 Refrigerators in India (March 2023)
LG 260 L 3 Star Smart Inverter Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator is the best overall.
Whirlpool 215 L 5 Star Inverter Direct-Cool Single Door Refrigerator is the best single door refrigerator.
Samsung 345 L Inverter Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator is the best double door refrigerator.
More to come…

Which fridge uses the least electricity?

Side-by-side refrigerators or top-mount freezers vs. side-by-side refrigerators – yes, it does matter where the freezer is located: A top-mount freezer refrigerator is the most energy efficient refrigerator design.

What is the most energy saving refrigerator?

The LG LRTLS2403* takes the top spot. This LG refrigerator is a top freezer with Energy Star Most Efficient certification for 2022. It has a capacity of 23.8 ft3 and is 10% more energy efficient than the US Federal Standard.

Do mini fridges increase electric bill?

Small Fridges Save Energy

In fact, if you’re in the habit of opening your large kitchen refrigerator often to grab the next cold drink, a compact fridge may actually reduce your energy use. Since it is so compact, a mini-fridge loses a lot less cold air than a kitchen fridge every time you open it.

Can you leave a mini fridge plugged in all the time?

It is OK to run constantly. The only time you would disconnect is to empty out the freezer.

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