The Top 10 Whiskey Glasses for Enjoying Good Whiskey

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If you prefer a glass of whiskey now and then, the whiskey glass will enhance your pleasure of the drink. The whiskey glass is designed to improve your experience of nosing, or smelling, the scent as well as the flavor of the whiskey.

In this post, we’ll look at the three primary varieties of whiskey glasses and weigh the benefits and drawbacks of each. We also go through a variety of whiskey glasses to help you choose the perfect whiskey glass for your favorite drink, whether it’s whiskey or whisky!

Best Pick

Our favorite is the lead-free Venero Crystal set of four whiskey glasses, which is dishwasher safe and comes in a presentation box.

Budget Pick

The Glencairn set of four whisky glasses crafted of lead-free crystal and built for optimal enjoyment of good whiskey is our Budget Pick.

Product Name Grade
Venero Crystal Set of Four Whiskey Glasses A
Glencairn Set of Four Whisky Glasses A
Norlan Set of Two Whisky Glasses B+
Gmark Set of 12 Whiskey Shot Glasses A-
Maketh The Man Set of Two Whiskey Glasses A
Mofado Premium Whiskey Glasses B+
Bavel Rock Style Old Fashioned Whiskey Glasses B+
Taylor’d Milestones Reserve Whiskey Glass A
Dragon Glassware Diamond Whiskey Glasses A-
Red Rocks Set of Four Old Fashioned Whiskey Glasses A-

1. ​Venero Crystal Set of Four Whiskey Glasses  

Highlighted Features

  • A set of four 10-ounce lead-free crystal glasses
  • A modern style with strong walls and large weighted bases.
  • There is a satisfaction guarantee as well as a lifetime limited warranty.
  • Come with a presentation box
  • Suitable for cleaning in the dishwasher

The Venero Crystal set of four whiskey glasses has thick walls and strong weighted bottoms. These modern lead-free crystal glasses are dishwasher safe and come in a satin-lined presentation box. These glasses come with a money-back guarantee and a lifetime limited warranty.

Some recent purchasers have reported receiving this set without the presentation box, rendering it unsuitable for giving. As with every glass, there is a danger of breakage during delivery, and an unusual number of purchasers have expressed dissatisfaction with the tapering base of these glasses.


  • Four 10 fl. oz glasses
  • Heavy bases
  • Lead-free crystal
  • Presentation box
  • Guarantee


  • The tapering base design might not appeal to many purchasers.
  • There can be a risk of shipping damage
  • Some customers may be able to get the glasses without a presentation box.

2. Glencairn Set of Four Whisky Glasses 

Highlighted Features

  • A set of four lead-free crystal whiskey glasses with a 6 oz capacity.
  • These shorter glasses feature a tapering lip to preserve scent and a broad bowl to enjoy the color of the whiskey.
  • Can be cleaned in the dishwasher

The Glencairn set of four whiskey glasses are shorter 6 fl. oz. glasses with a tapering mouth for ease of sipping while keeping scent. These also feature a broad bowl so you can admire the color of the whiskey and effortlessly warm and swirl it in your palm. These glasses may be washed in the dishwasher.

Because they are smaller glasses, they are only appropriate for lesser amounts and are not ideal for individuals who love to dilute their whiskey or serve it with heaps of ice. A number of consumers have also reported that the four-piece set was arrived in a six-piece box with two gaps, which may pose issues if the set is given as a gift.


  • Four 6 fl. oz glasses
  • Lead-free crystal
  • Tapered mouth
  • Dishwasher safe


  • Because they are smaller glasses, they are inappropriate for adding a lot of ice or diluting well.
  • The set of four may be supplied in a box that holds six, making it unsuitable for giving.

3. Norlan Set of Two Whisky Glasses

Highlighted Features

  • Two contemporary double-walled handblown borosilicate glass whiskey glasses
  • With a total capacity of 6.9 fl. oz. and a concave outer rim to fit the mouth better,
  • Allows the whiskey to become more expressive
  • A microfiber polishing cloth is included with these glasses.

The contemporary style The Norlan set of two whiskey glasses was developed in collaboration with a master distiller, and these double-walled glasses are handblown borosilicate glass. The outer rim is concave to fit the mouth better, and swirling the whiskey in the glass enhances the pace of oxidation, allowing more ethanol to escape. This implies that the lower volatility enables the whiskey to be more expressive. These glasses hold 6.9 fl. oz. total and come with a microfiber cleaning cloth.

These are more delicate than standard whiskey glasses since they are double walled, and because they are lower in weight, some owners believe they appear and feel more like bargain glasses. The unusual customer has also reported fogging between the walls, even after handwashing the glasses. The manufacturer also advises against using ice or whiskey stones in these cups.


  • Two double-walled whiskey glasses
  • Hold 6.9 fl. oz
  • Handblown borosilicate glass
  • Design reduces volatility


  • The manufacturer recommends against using ice or whiskey stones in these glasses.
  • These are more delicate than regular whiskey glasses.
  • There is a little possibility of fogging between the walls.

4. Gmark Set of 12 Whiskey Shot Glasses 

Highlighted Features

  • Set of 12 whiskey shot glasses that may also be used for wine tastings, desserts, espressos, and other beverages.
  • 2 ounce glasses with a total capacity of 3 ounces
  • Heavy-base glasses with European styling
  • Made from high quality lead-free glass, these can be cleaned in the dishwasher

The Gmark collection of 12 whiskey shot glasses has strong bases and European style. These shot glasses are constructed of high grade lead-free glass and are dishwasher safe. These cups are perfect for espressos, wine tastings, desserts, and other usage in addition to shots.

As with every glass, there is the possibility of shipping damage, and each glass carries 3 fl. oz. rather of merely 2 fl. oz. Some consumers have also remarked that the glass seems smoky-colored when marketed, yet it is only clear glass.


  • 12 set of shot glasses
  • European style
  • Heavy bases
  • Lead-free glass
  • Dishwasher safe


  • Each glass has a total volume of 3 fl. oz. rather than 2 fl. oz.
  • Some customers purchased these believing they were smoked glass, however they are really transparent.
  • Can be a risk of some breakage during shipping

5. Maketh The Man Set of Two Whiskey Glasses 

Highlighted Features

  • 10 oz. glasses with an Art-Deco influenced European design
  • Made of non-lead crystal These are packaged in a high-end display box.
  • The manufacturer provides a satisfaction guarantee.
  • Although dishwasher safe, hand cleaning is suggested.

The Maketh The Man set of two whiskey glasses is made of lead-free crystal and has an Art Deco-inspired European design. These glasses carry 10 oz of liquid, allowing for ice, whiskey stones, or water. These feature thicker bottoms for added stability and may be washed in the dishwasher, while hand cleaning is preferred. This set of glasses comes with a deluxe presentation box and a satisfaction guarantee.

Some of the glasses’ quality control may not be as high as you would anticipate, and as bigger squared glasses, they will not appeal to everyone.


  • Set of two 10 fl. oz glasses
  • Lead-free crystal
  • Heavy bases
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Presentation box


  • Not all purchasers will like the form of squared glasses.
  • While dishwasher safe, hand cleaning is preferred.
  • Quality control is not always as effective as it should be.

6. Mofado Premium Whiskey Glasses 

Highlighted Features

  • A pair of lead-free crystal handblown large whiskey glasses.
  • Glasses with a 12 oz capacity that are seamless and hefty.
  • Have a classic design with a weighted bottom
  • Gift wrapped and backed by a 30-day satisfaction guarantee

The Mofado set of two whiskey glasses is made of handblown lead-free crystal and holds 12 fl. oz. These bigger, seamless glasses have a weighted bottom and will accept larger ice cubes and whiskey stones. These glasses also have a 30-day satisfaction guarantee and superior gift wrapping.

Some glasses include air bubbles, and a few consumers have reported that these glasses suddenly shatter, particularly when filled with ice. Because they are handblown, there may be subtle changes between two glasses in a pair. Because they are bigger and heavier glasses, they will not be suited for all drinkers, especially those with little hands.


  • Two 12 fl. oz whiskey glasses
  • Handblown
  • Lead-free crystal
  • Heavy base
  • Gift boxed


  • Some glasses contain air bubbles
  • There is a chance that some of these may spontaneously fracture.
  • Not all pairs will be matching glasses
  • Because they are bigger and heavier glasses, they may not be suitable for little hands.

7. Bavel Rock Style Old Fashioned Whiskey Glasses

Highlighted Features

  • Set of six 11 fl. oz rocks style whiskey glasses
  • Seamless and made from lead-free crystal
  • Modern shape with a heavier base
  • Come packaged in a gift box
  • Suitable for cleaning in the dishwasher

The Bavel set of six whiskey glasses in the rocks style contain 11 fl. oz. and are made of lead-free crystal. These dishwasher-safe seamless glasses offer a sleek and contemporary style with thicker bases. They are also packaged in a gift box.

These whiskey glasses may not last as long as planned and may shatter when washed in the dishwasher. Because they are larger glasses, not everyone will find them comfortable to drink from.


  • Set of six 11 fl. oz glasses
  • Rocks style
  • Lead-free crystal
  • Seamless
  • Dishwasher safe


  • Because they are heavier glasses, not all drinkers will appreciate them.
  • Although dishwasher safe, they may shatter in the dishwasher.
  • May not be as durable as other whiskey glasses

8. Taylor’d Milestones Reserve Whiskey Glass 

Highlighted Features

  • Pair of two 10.5 fl. oz whiskey glasses
  • Lead-free and dishwasher safe glass
  • weighted bases and shaped to concentrate aromas at the top of the glass
  • These are scratch, chip, and break resistant and come with a shattered glass warranty.

The Taylord Milestones set of two whiskey glasses is handcrafted in the United States of dishwasher safe and lead-free glass. The weighted bottoms of these 10.5 oz glasses enable air to liberate imprisoned scents and concentrate them at the top of the glass. These are also scratch, chip, and break resistant, and come with a shattered glass warranty.

Some consumers have gotten glasses from a different manufacturer, and these glasses may be bent at the base. These glasses no longer feature the manufacturer’s engraving on the bottom, which has disappointed several consumers.


  • Made in the US
  • Two 10.5 fl. oz whiskey glasses
  • Weighted base
  • Scratch resistant
  • Guarantee


  • Some of these glasses can be crooked at the base
  • These no longer carry manufacturer etchings on the base
  • There is a little possibility that you may get glasses from a different manufacturer.

9. Dragon Glassware Diamond Whiskey Glasses 

Highlighted Features

  • Diamond-shaped glasses with a spill-proof 50-degree angle developed in California
  • The shape of the glass helps whiskey to aerate when it is poured and swirled in it.
  • This pair of 10 fl. oz glasses come in a gift box
  • Dishwasher, freezer and refrigerator safe
  • There is a money-back guarantee as well as a one-year limited warranty.

The Dragon Glassware set of two whiskey glasses is made of lead-free glass and is diamond-shaped with a unique spill-proof 50 degree angle that enables the whiskey to aerate as it is poured and swirled in the glass. These California-designed glasses come in a gift box and are dishwasher, freezer, and refrigerator safe. These 10 oz glasses are also backed by a money-back guarantee and a one-year limited warranty.

Some consumers are dissatisfied with the weight of these glasses, believing them to be too light for sipping whiskey. Others believe that the cups’ openings are too narrow for beverages like cocktails.


  • Two spill-proof angled glasses
  • 10 fl. oz capacity
  • Lead-free glass
  • Diamond shaped
  • Gift boxed
  • Guarantee


  • The glass’s aperture may be too tiny for various sorts of beverages.
  • If you like a thicker whiskey glass, you may be dissatisfied with these.

​10. Red Rocks Set of Four Old Fashioned Whiskey Glasses 

Highlighted Features

  • six granite cooling stones tumblersFour whiskey rocks in a set
  • The sturdy base of these 10 oz glasses is squared, while the top is rounded.
  • They are dishwasher safe and will not cloud, etch, or discolor with time.

The Red Rocks set of four 10 oz. old fashioned whiskey glasses includes six granite cooling stones. These glasses are dishwasher safe and will not discolor, fog, or etch throughout the life of the glass. These glasses have a square form at the bottom and a rounded shape at the top. They also feature larger bases for added stability.

Swirling releases the scent of a drink, and some consumers have discovered that the cooling stones do not keep beverages as cold as promised. An unusual customer also said that they would have wanted the foundation to be a bit heavier.The square base makes mixing a bit more difficult.


  • Pair of whiskey rocks glasses
  • Come with six chilling stones
  • 10 fl. oz capacity
  • Heavy bases
  • Dishwasher safe


  • The square base of these glasses might make swirling more difficult.
  • Some owners would want to see the bases be heavier.
  • The cooling stones may not be as effective as planned.

Things to Consider Before Buying A Whiskey Glass

Whiskey is often used to refer to any whiskey manufactured outside of Scotland (with the exception of Canada), including American, Irish, and Japanese whiskeys. Scotch whisky, like certain Canadian whiskies, is usually spelled without the e. Some whiskey glasses are referred to as whisky glasses since they were built for Scotch whisky.

Using a whiskey glass can help you get the most out of a glass of whiskey, or even bourbon.

For almost a century, Scotland has been the world’s top producer of whiskey, with single malts accounting for 10% of worldwide sales. The United States is the biggest importer of Scotch whisky and the world’s second largest producer of whiskey, producing 37 million cases per year, followed by Canada, Ireland, and Japan.

What to Look for When Selecting A Whiskey Glass

A whiskey glass’s curve and form are crucial for its nosing capabilities, or how effectively it enables you to nose or smell the whiskey contained therein. The value of an excellent whiskey’s scent cannot be overstated.

The drinkability of a beverage relates to how simple it is to drink from a glass. The drinkability of a whiskey glass is affected by its shape, thickness, and curvature.

Consider how the glass will seem whether placed on a shelf, on a table, or in your hand. The appearance of the glass enhances your drinking pleasure. The glass’s shape and patterns may also have an influence on your drinking experience; consider how simple it is to handle the glass, as well as its size and weight. Whiskey should also be allowed to breathe.

Types of Whiskey Glasses

The whiskey rocks glass is a popular whiskey glass that many of us use. This is a strong glass with straight sides and a thick base that is simple to drink from but does not give much nosing power since fragrance quickly escapes from the glass. This glass’s broader rim is great for adding ice, and its bigger capacity allows for the addition of water or mixers for whiskey cocktails.The tumbling

Glencairn or snifter glass: This shorter glass has a weighted tulip-shaped base that enables you to swirl and warm the whiskey to release smells while also visually appreciating the whisky inside. A Glencairn glass is perfect for drinking whiskey neat, but be warned: it may take some effort to become accustomed to drinking from one.

The Glencairn nosing glass, often known as the Glencairn nosing glass, is extensively used in blending laboratories and distillery tastings in Scotland, and is the only glass authorized by the Scotch Whisky Association. A Glencairn should be used to store a single or double measure of Scotch, or a few drams, despite its 6 fl. oz. size.

A dram is really one eighth of a fluid ounce, but it is nevertheless used colloquially to refer to a tiny quantity of Scotch whiskey. If a dram is ordered from a bar in Scotland, a 0.85 fl. oz (25 ml) measure is normally delivered.

A tulip or Copita glass features a slender stem on a large base, allowing you to warm the whiskey by cradling the glass in your palm. The tulip, which is based on a Spanish sherry glass shape, is thinner at the top, enabling you to appreciate more of the perfume. Unfortunately, the tulip glass’s shape and broader rim might allow whiskey to spill more readily. These cups are ideal for sipping whisky neat.


In this post, we discussed the significance of the form of a whiskey glass and how it might affect your drinking experience, as well as why a whiskey glass should also look and feel wonderful. We’ve also discussed the primary varieties of whiskey glasses, including the tumbler, Glencairn, and tulip glass, as well as their benefits and drawbacks.

We hope you liked our essay about whiskey glasses and are now more confident in selecting the greatest whiskey glass, whether for a gift or for your personal pleasure.


What glasses make whiskey taste even better?

Glencairn. The golden standard of whiskey sipping glasses, the Glencairn. With its short, strong base, you can create the ideal swirl. It is the greatest smelling and tasting glass for all whiskies.

What is the best glass to drink whiskey neat?

“The Glencairn glass is ideal for tasting whiskey neat,” May explains. “It has a thick, sturdy base, and the shape makes swirling and color observation easy.” The hole is narrower than in a regular glass, allowing for more personal nosing and tasting.”

What is the best glass for bourbon whiskey?

The Glencairn is often regarded as the best glass for sipping bourbon or any other whiskey, and it is widely regarded as the gold standard for bourbon drinking glasses. This glass is shaped like a tulip, with a thin rim and a bowl-like base to keep the perfume flowing as you spin and funnel it to your nose.

How do I choose a whiskey glass?

While a bigger bowl allows for the use of aeration and swirling methods, it should not be as large as a wine glass. As a result, when choosing a whiskey glass, consider one that is big enough to enable the whiskey to breathe but not as huge as a wine glass.

Should whisky glasses be thick or thin?

The glass’s neck should be small, funneling aromas to the nose. Aromas will vanish before you get a chance to savour them if the neck and aperture are too large. The glass should not be overly thick since many tasters like to warm the whiskey with their palm for better expression.

How do you drink high quality whiskey?

The most basic method to consume whiskey is neat, with sips of chilled water in between. Some individuals sometimes add a few drops of water to their whiskey, which may help the tastes blend. Experiment to determine what works best for you, but take it gently at first. Don’t pour in too much water all at once.

Do whiskey glasses make a difference?

The appropriate whiskey glass may improve or break your drinking experience. Different whiskies need different glasses. A excellent whiskey glass will also improve a whisky’s nose (smell) and flavor.

Does the shape of a whiskey glass matter?

Look no farther if you want to improve your tippling skills. “The shape of the glass is vitally important to the experience of breathing in and tasting a spirit,” Dave Smith, chief distiller and mixer of St. George Spirits in Alameda, California, says.

Is crystal or glass better for whiskey?

Crystal has grown increasingly desirable for whiskey glasses as glassware has evolved. It is more resilient than glass and less prone to chipping. Whiskey glasses are delicate due to their thin rims. Crystal glasses provide a clear view of your whiskey.

What’s the difference between bourbon and whiskey?

While all whiskeys are manufactured from a fermented grain mash, bourbon is made mostly from maize (more on that later). And there are many manufacturers to select from in the domain of bourbon.

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