The Top 12 Pot Holders in 2022

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Almost every home chef leaves their hands uncovered while removing a hot pot from the oven or stovetop. As a result, they often burn their hands on a hot pan of brownies. Having a pot holder handy in the kitchen might help improve that.

Pot holders are composed of heat-resistant material that allows you to handle hot cookware without being burned. Modern pot holders not only handle safety problems, but they also function as kitchen aesthetics. They are available in a range of attractive styles with several fascinating functions. The greatest pot holders will bring a lot of value to your kitchen while without breaking the budget.

Best Selection

This well-rounded set from Homwe is our top pick for this list because it includes both potholders and oven mitts, giving you flexibility in how you want to protect your hands depending on the situation.

Budget Selection

These potholders are comprised of two different fabrics on each side, which offers both comfort and effective heat protection. They are our budget selection for this list since they are reasonably priced and can be purchased and utilized by anybody who need hand protection while cooking.

Product Name Material Color Grade
Homwe Silicone Oven Mitts and Pot Holder Silicone exterior and polyester-cotton linings Black A+
DII Cotton Terry Pot Holders 100% cotton Black and white A+
BIG RED HOUSE Oven Mitts Silicone and Cotton Black A+
ARCLIBER Oven Mitts Cotton Grey A
Ritz 040024 Pot Holder Cotton Navy Blue A+
Lifaith 100% Cotton Kitchen Everyday Basic Terry Potholder Cotton Gray A
Love This Kitchen Premium Silicone Trivet Mats Silicone Black A
Joyhalo Pot Holders Cotton Beige A
Rorecay Oven Mitts and Pot Holders Silicone and cotton Black B
Bekith Trivet Mat and Pot Holders Silicone Multi-color B+
Honla 4-Piece Oval Pot Holders with Pockets Silicone and Cotton Black and white B
Ritz 056211 Royale Collection Pot Holder Cotton Graphite B-

1. Homwe Silicone Oven Mitts and Potholders

When you understand the utility of both a pot holder and an oven mitt, it can be difficult to choose between the two. To save you from the mind-boggling decision of whether to go for a pair of mitts or a set of pot holders, Homwe thought why not both, and thus here it is, a set that includes two of your favorite heat protective kitchenware.

The gloves and potholders are constructed of heat-resistant silicone and have designs that make them slip-resistant and excellent for opening jar lids. The pieces in this set are constructed of silicone, which has the extra benefit of flexibility, allowing you to bend your hand in whatever direction you choose to gain a good hold on hot handles.

The silicone used in this set is heat resistant to 450 degrees F and is appropriate for heavy-duty applications both inside and outside the kitchen. This well-rounded set will keep your wrists, forearms, fingers, and tabletop safe from hot items around you, enabling you to cook and eat in safety, style, and comfort.


  • This pair contains both potholders and oven mitts, making it very versatile.
  • The potholders and oven mitts are constructed of heat-resistant silicone that can withstand temperatures of up to 450 degrees F.
  • The silicone’s patterned structure enables it to be used for opening jar lids and maintaining a strong grip without sliding even when your hands are moist.
  • Pot holders may also be used as trivets to keep hot things off your kitchen counter.


  • Since the potholders are not quilted, they may not be as comfy as fabric potholders.

2. DII Cotton Terry Pot Holders

DII pot holders come in a range of appealing hues, and the greatest thing about them is the comfort you will experience while using them. The potholder is constructed of terry cloth, the same fabric used to make towels, on one side and Silverstone lining on the other.

The set includes three potholders that can be used interchangeably to extend their life. The two sides of the potholders have been stitched together to provide a solid grip and long-lasting durability.


  • Instead of two, the set includes three potholders.
  • The set comes in a variety of colors to pick from.
  • The pot-holder is composed of terry cloth on one side and Silverstone lining on the other, which provides exceptional heat resistance.
  • The pot holders have been quilted to promote longevity and provide a strong grip.


  • These will not dry in the dryer.
  • They are not watertight.

3. BIG RED HOUSE Oven Mitts

To produce thick and bulky oven mitts, the Big Red House Pot Holders use silicone into its construction. Despite this, they remain adaptable and maneuverable. As a consequence, they perform their role well.

Since the filling is composed of cotton, it is entirely safe and pleasant to use on a regular basis. The pot holder can withstand temperatures of up to 480 degrees Fahrenheit. Moreover, the silicone stripping functions as a non-slip grip. As a result, you won’t have to worry about the bowl or pan sliding from your grasp.

The device is lightweight and can sustain extensive usage. Its black finish with a slightly textured surface makes it a stylish complement to any kitchen.


  • The pot holder protects your wrists and forearms by covering up to 12.5 inches.
  • The silicone-cotton blend provides the most flexibility.
  • The pot holders include a silicone strip that provides a non-slip grip.


  • This product’s silicone simply provides slip resistance and no further heat protection.

4. ARCLIBER Oven Mitts

These pot holders are big enough to fit over large hands. The 13-inch long mittens will protect your wrists and forearms from temperatures as high as 450 degrees Fahrenheit. As a result, it is ideal for any cookware, including barbeques and outdoor ovens.

The product’s flame-retardant coating is another noteworthy aspect. It can withstand flames for up to 10 seconds. If you leave the mittens on the heat for too long, they will catch fire. The flames, however, will extinguish as soon as they are withdrawn from the heat source.

The set includes two pot holders made of 100% quilted cotton. As a result, you will have maximum freedom. They are also exceedingly light and long-lasting.


  • The product’s flame retardant coating makes it suitable for barbeques and other types of cooking.
  • It is 13 inches long and covers your hands up to your forearms.
  • The product can withstand temperatures of up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit.


  • The goods can only be dry washed. Washing it will remove the flame retardant coating from its surface.

5. Ritz 040024 Pot Holder

Its pot holder’s ingenious design makes it a three-in-one heat-protective kitchen gadget. It was created by a firm that has been producing dependable household textiles since 1892, and their knowledge and competence is represented in this pot-holder as well. First and foremost, it may be used as a pot holder to securely grab hot pan and pot handles.

Second, the pocket on the pot holder allows it to be worn on your hands like an oven mitt. Finally, it may be used as a heat pad on your countertop to prevent hot things from leaving burn spots on the surface.

The pot-holder is 8.5 by 7.5 inches in size to provide you the most surface area to work with, and it is constructed of 100% terry fabric cotton, which makes it very resistant to high heat. The two potholders in the set are available in nine different colors for you to select from.


  • The pot-revolutionary holder’s design enables it to be used in three different ways.
  • Potholders may also be used as mitts and heated pads.
  • They are composed of 100% terry fabric cotton, providing an additional layer of heat protection.
  • You have a choice of nine distinct hues.
  • They are machine washable in cold water.


  • They are not watertight.

6. Lifaith 100% Cotton Kitchen Everyday Basic Terry Potholder 

If you want a basic set of pot holders that aren’t mitt-styled, this set of five pot holders made of Terry cotton fabric is a great option. One side of the pot holder has a Silverstone lining for a non-slip grip.

The fabric has been quilted to make it more durable and flexible. The pot holder features a hook at one corner that you may use to hang it after cleaning or in a convenient location when you’re in a rush.

One of the finest features of this set is that you may choose your preferred color from a variety of color possibilities, making it simple to match the set to the color of your kitchen décor.


  • Design that is simple yet effective
  • The set includes five potholders.
  • They are constructed of Terry fabric on one side and Silverstone lining on the other, providing effective heat protection.
  • The pot holder is quilted for strength and flexibility.
  • They are washable in a washing machine.


  • They do not provide wrist protection.
  • They are not watertight.

7. Love This Kitchen  Premium Silicone Trivet Mats

The variety of various applications for these potholders is astounding. The silicone construction of the pot-holders is the major reason it may be utilized in so many different ways. This set’s silicone is heat resistant up to 442 degrees F, and the surface is patterned with raised dots.

As a result, it not only protects diverse surfaces from hot things, but it also keeps your counter top and hands from becoming wet. For example, while stirring a hot sauce on the stove with a utensil, it might be annoying if you don’t have a place to put the hot sauce-covered mixing paddle.

If you position this pot-holder next to your stove, you may place the spoon or paddle on top of it without worrying about the sauce running out and making a mess on your kitchen counter. This silicone pot-holder may also be used as a huge coaster. When you have a pitcher of ice-cold lemonade on your table, the condensation from the pitcher may form a puddle. Yet, since these potholders are waterproof, you may securely place them under your pitcher to keep water from reaching the tablecloth.

When used as trivets, the potholders will prevent the table surface from being scalded by a casserole pan that has just come out of the oven. While the pot holders have a strong body and are not fragile, they can be bent in any manner you need them to while clutching a hot handle since they are constructed of flexible silicone.

They may also be used to open a jar lid that is difficult to open with bare hands since they are dotted. They may be cleaned in the dishwasher or by hand after use, and the nonstick silicone makes them extremely simple to clean.


  • The potholders double as a trivet, coaster, spoon rest, and jar opener.
  • Since they are water-resistant, they provide excellent thermal protection from hot liquids.
  • The silicone is nonstick and features a dotted surface, making it anti-slip and simple to clean.
  • They are resistant to fungus development and do not absorb odor.
  • These can be cleaned in a dishwasher.
  • They feature a top hole for hanging.
  • They are sturdy yet flexible, allowing them to be twisted into various forms while holding hot things.


  • They may not be as pleasant to hold as cotton potholders.

8. Joyhalo Pot Holders

The Joyhalo PH 6 Pot Holder is a substantial hot pad. Thus, if you’re tired of wearing gloves and pot holders, this is the thing for you. It has a one-of-a-kind design and a faultless mechanism in terms of heat resistance.

The product is made of cotton and will keep your hands safe from hot cookware for a long time. It is flexible and allows for smooth moving while keeping a tight hold.

Its clever design enables you to use the pot holders both inside and outdoors all year. It is constructed of cotton loops with cotton binding. Also, the filler is constructed of polyester. The product’s surface is somewhat patterned, giving it a refined appearance.


  • The product is available in a range of vibrant hues, enabling you to choose the one that best complements your kitchen design.
  • The cotton pot holder is packed with polyester, giving it a substantial thickness.
  • They are resistant to regular washing.


  • Several customers were dissatisfied with its thickness and chose a pan using numerous holds.

9. Rorecay Oven Mitts and Pot Holders

The Rorecay Pot Holder will be an excellent addition to your kitchen, covering up to your arms. The silicone oven pot holder is intended to provide convenience to your kitchen while also protecting your hands while cooking.

The surface has a light gray honeycomb pattern design on top of a black body, providing slip resistance. The product also features an attached loop at the top for simple hanging. Keep it close at hand by hooking it to racks.

Another intriguing characteristic is how simple it is to clean. After a thorough washing, the silicone body dries quickly. You just need to rinse, clean, and wipe.


  • The pot holder is constructed of food-grade silicone that is BPA free.
  • Since the body is waterproof, it is not damaged by steam or hot food.
  • The product is 15 inches long and will completely cover your hands.
  • In addition to the mittens, the set includes trivets and little pinch mitts for more flexibility.


  • The large mitts are not suitable for little hands because they cannot give a solid grasp.

10. Bekith Trivet Mat and Pot Holders

If you want a colorful set of pot-holders with various purposes, this set from Bekith contains a set of four multipurpose pot-holders in red, blue, green, and orange that will undoubtedly add colors to your kitchen décor.

The potholders are constructed of silicone, which is resistant to extremely high temperatures up to 500 degrees F and has a texture that makes it not only aesthetically appealing but also useful for a variety of functions.

It may be used as a trivet to protect your tabletop from hot meals, as a spoon rest to keep your spoons and ladles while cooking, as a jar opener to effortlessly twist open tight lids on jars, and as a garlic peeler. The pot-garlic holder’s peeler feature is unique and handy for anybody who does not want their hand to smell garlicky after peeling garlic cloves.

All you have to do is insert the garlic within the holder and roll it around a few times, and the skin of the garlic will simply peel off. They may be kept in a compact manner since they are highly flexible and can be rolled up or hung through the hole at the top at any suitable location within your kitchen.


  • The set includes four potholders in a variety of vibrant colors to liven up your kitchen decor.
  • The potholders double as a jar opener, spoon rest, garlic peeler, and trivet.
  • The potholders’ patterned texture makes them non-slip.
  • They can withstand temperatures of up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • They are versatile and may be folded up for easy storage.


  • If you want a set in a single color to complement your kitchen decor, this may be too vivid for you.

11. Honla 4-Piece Oval Pot Holders with Pockets

This one-of-a-kind pair of pot holders blends the softness of Terry cotton fabric with the better heat resistance of silicone.

On one side, the pot holder is made of 100% cotton Terry cloth, which makes it comfortable to wear by providing padding and aeration to your hand, while the side that comes into contact with hot objects is made of silicone, which is resistant to flame, steam, and high temperatures of up to 500 degrees F.

We also like the pot holder’s unusual form, which is oval rather than square, to provide your hand a comfy home after you place your hand within the pot holder’s pocket. The silicone surface has raised dots patterns, which means it will assist you grip onto slick things without sliding and open tight jar lids. The set includes four pot holders that may be used both inside and outdoors to provide adequate heat protection in a variety of circumstances.


  • The pot holder features a pocket and may be worn as a glove on your hand.
  • They are constructed of silicone and Terry fabric, so you get the best of both worlds.
  • Since it is made of silicone, it is resistant to steam, grilled fires, and high temperatures of up to 500 degrees F.
  • The quilted Terry material provides maximum comfort when wearing the pot holder.
  • The raised dots pattern on the silicone surface provides a firm grip even on slick surfaces.
  • It features an unusual oval form that fits any hand size without being cumbersome.


  • Because of their design, they are not ideal for use as trivets.

12. Ritz 056211 Royale Collection Pot Holder

For long-lasting heat protection, this set includes four pot holders made of 100% Terry looped fabric and canvas material. It is fashioned in the form of traditional potholders with no frills, so anybody who appreciates basic elegance will like this set.

The pot holder has been created with two compartments, one for your thumb and another for the rest of your fingers, to ensure that it remains on your hand and gives a strong grip. Its design keeps your grasp stable even while carrying heavy pots with heated handles.

While not in use as a pot holder, they may be placed on your table as hot pads to prevent your table surface from being burned by the hot pans’ bases. These potholders may be laundered in the washing machine, saving you the time and effort of hand-cleaning them.


  • The package includes four potholders, so you get two pairs instead of one.
  • Pot holders may also be used as heat pads to protect the table’s surface.
  • These are created with pockets for your fingers so you may use it as a pocket mitt to have a tight grasp on anything you are holding while wearing them.
  • They are composed of 100% Terry material and provide excellent heat protection.
  • They are washable in a washing machine.


  • They are not watertight.

Considerations Before Purchasing the Best Pot Holder

As you can see, pot holders come in a variety of sizes and forms, so it’s a good idea to be aware of a few things that will help you decide which pot holder is best for you. To make it easier, we will outline a few aspects to consider before purchasing a pot holder in the following part.

a mitt or a potholder

Some pot holders include pockets or are fashioned in the style of gloves to be worn on your hands, while others are constructed in the typical square shape. If you often use the oven and want an all-around protection for your hands, mitt-styled pot holders are the way to go. The benefit of square pot holders without pockets is that they can be swiftly grabbed and utilized when you’re in a rush to cook, and there’s no trouble of wearing and removing them.


Silicone and Terry fabric are the two most frequent materials used to make pot holders. Terry fabric is the cotton cloth with loops that is often used to make towels, and so you can predict how pleasant they are to touch, which silicone does not have. While silicone is not as pleasant as Terry fabric, it does offer benefits such as improved heat protection, resistance to hot steam, being waterproof, and being easier to clean. If you want the high heat resistance of silicone and the softness of cotton, choose pot holders with a cotton inner lining and a silicone exterior surface.


The greatest pot holders will be comfortable and simple to use. Instead of adding weight to your load, they will seem to be an extension of your hand. Choose a pot holder that fits comfortably in your hands and does not feel like a bulky glove. You want something that is simple to grasp and will allow you to hold the hot pans for as long as you need.

Color selections

Several of the sets on this list have as one of their merits the range of colors that they provide. When buying for a household item, you want it to complement your home decor, so being able to pick any color that you like is a plus. When you have numerous members of your family using their own pot holders, having pot holders of various colors makes it easy to distinguish whose pot holder it is.


Many individuals these days are hesitant to let a single-tasking kitchen item, such as pot holders, to take up important kitchen space. As a result, numerous manufacturers have begun changing their pot holders in novel ways to accommodate this trend. As you can see from the goods on this list, many pot holders have many purposes beyond than protecting your hands when handling hot things. Certain pot holders may also function as coasters, jar openers, trivets, spoon rests, and even garlic peelers! However, we understand that many users want a dedicated pot holder that is simple and classic, and stays true to its original purpose, which is why those pot holders are also on our list, and it is up to you to decide whether you want a simple pot holder with one function or something that can be used for a variety of purposes.

Questions and Answers

Is silicone better than cotton for pot holders?

Silicone potholders and oven mitts are preferred over cotton ones because they can withstand temperatures of up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. As a result, they are a safer option than traditional fabric or cotton gloves. They can also withstand scorching and melting for considerably longer. Also, as compared to cotton pot holders, silicone provides a more stable grip, particularly with hot cookware.

Because of these features, silicone is a better option for the outside of pot holders. In fact, some of the greatest pot holders combine silicone and cotton, giving you the best of both worlds.

What is the purpose of pot holders?

Up to a particular temperature, pot holders are normally heat-resistant. As a result, they can handle hot cookware while protecting your hands, table, and countertop from burns and damage. Hence, whether you’re a professional chef or a home cook who just prepares on occasion, it’s always a good idea to have a set of pot holders on hand to guarantee kitchen safety.


While pot holders are the most convenient alternative for doing most of your cooking on the stove, if you like to bake, you should read this instructive article on oven mitts. You can judge the pot holders on our list based on the main factors that we have discussed, and then decide which one would be the best pot holders for you to keep in your kitchen and use on a regular basis to keep your hands protected while cooking your favorite dishes and serving hot dishes on your dining table.


What are the best kind of pot holders?

Overall, the best pot holder. Pratico PratiPad Plus is the best single pot holder on the market. … Best Hot Handle Holder. All-Clad Textile Silicone Pot Holder. Amazon Fundamentals … Ideal for Heavy Cast Iron. Silicone Hot Skillet Handle Cover. Cookware with a Crucible … Finest Protection With Hand Pockets. Silicone Hot Handle 2-Pack Mix. Double Oven Mitt from Maison d’ Hermine.
Jan 10, 2023

What is the best pot holders material?

Cotton, silicone, or both are often used to make the finest pot holders. These fabrics are heat resistant and offer great hand, finger, and wrist protection when cooking, baking, or grilling.

What do chefs use for pot holders?

Most chefs instead depend on a stack of nicely folded cotton towels, many of which are tucked under their apron and the rest of which are heaped in a corner of their work station.

Are silicone pot holders better than cotton?

The majority of the finest oven mitts are made of silicone, which can endure temperatures in excess of 400 °F for an extended amount of time without burning or melting. Silicone also provides a more firm hold on a heated surface and does not slide as cotton does.

What pots retain moisture best?

Plastic and glazed ceramic pots are ideal for tropical plants, which want to keep their soil wet. These containers retain moisture, allowing you to go longer between waterings.

Why do TV chefs use towels instead of pot holders?

What’s going on? Cooks-chefs prefer to have a side towel accessible at all times to grip the hot handle of a pan, so they tuck one end of the towel inside their apron and the towel is always there.

What is the best padding for pot holders?

Which batting is best for pot holders? Insul-Bright is the ideal batting for pot holders since it is heat resistant. Quilt batting can also suffice. To be honest, you may use a broad range of fabrics, including heavy duty denim, drop cloths, and old dish rags.

Why do cooks use pot holders made of cloth?

Pot Holders’ major use is to protect your hands when moving hot pots, pans, and plates. For example, transferring a Sauce Pan from one cooktop to another or from the stovetop to the dinner table. Pot holders are just a square-shaped piece of fabric with a slot for our hands.

What fabric is heat resistant for potholders?

Insul-Bright is a polyester needle-punched insulating material. It has a reflective, metallicized poly core and is comprised of double-sided hollow polyester fibers. As a result, it is great for potholders, table cushions, oven mitts, ironing board covers, casserole cozies, baby warmers, and other uses.

What does Gordon Ramsay use for pots?

HexClad, the hybrid cookware brand, certainly does. And they’re the same pans that celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay uses at home. HexClad may have been discussed on Gordon Ramsay’s FOX program Next Level Chef. He became a partner of the business after using and appreciating them.

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