The Top 13 Popover Pans for Light, Airy Popovers

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Muffins and Yorkshire puddings are delicious, but nothing beats a basket of piping hot, oven-fresh popovers when you want something crunchy on the exterior and airy and light on the inside. If you’re wondering what popovers are, they’re the American version of Yorkshire pudding, and they’re hollow on the inside but crispy and butter-coated on the exterior.

While many people attempt to create popovers on muffin trays, a specialised popover pan is required if you want the ideal popovers. There are considerable distinctions between muffin trays and popover pans, and the best popover pan is what makes your popover pop, giving it the stretched walls and puffy structure at the top.

Best Selection

The Bellemain Nonstick Popover Pan is our top selection because of its large capacity, which keeps popovers from turning flat, its durable nonstick coating, which allows for easy release, and its high quality construction, which enables it to last a long time.

Budget Selection

The Chicago Metallic Professional Popover Pan is our budget pick because of its sturdy aluminized steel construction, which improves baking performance, high-quality nonstick coating, which makes baking and cleaning a breeze, and well-built structure, which can be used to prepare a wide variety of desserts.

Product Name No. of Cups Weight
Material Item Dimensions
Bellemain Nonstick Popover Pan 6 1.79 Alloy Steel 13.62 x 10.31 x 1.73 A
Chicago Metallic Professional Popover Pan 6 1.70 Aluminized Steel 16 x 9.5 x 2.25 A
Fox Run 4868 Muffin Pan 12 0.86 Steel 10.5 x 13.75 x 1.25 A
CHEFMADE Popover Cake Pan 6 1.72 Carbon Steel 15 x 8.6 x 1.8 A
Fox Run 4754 Linking Popover Pan 6 1.76 Carbon Steel 1.97 x 9.13 x 14.96 B
Norpro Nonstick Mini Popover Pan 12 1.68 Metal 14.5 x 10.5 x 2 A
Nordic Ware Petite Popover Pan 12 2.00 Cast Aluminum 8.88 x 14.25 x 1.88 A
Norpro Nonstick Linking Popover Pan 6 1.04 Metal 16 x 9.25 x 2 B
Chicago Metallic Gourmet Ware Popover Pan 6 1.15 Steel 16 x 9.5 x 2.25 A
Anolon Advanced Nonstick Bakeware Popover Pan 6 1.21 Steel 13.62 x 10.31 x 1.73 A
HostStyleZ Popover Pan 9 1.35 Carbon Steel 10.63 x 10.24 x 1.58 B
R&M International Non-Stick Popover Pan 6 1.60 Steel 15.75 x 9.25 x 2.44 A
Nordic Ware Grand Popover 6 2.25 Aluminum 14 x 9 x 2.2 A

1. Bellemain Nonstick Popover Pan

If you’re doing everything properly but your popovers aren’t rising like you want them to, it’s time to retire your old pan and consider this popover pan from Bellemain. This pan combines high quality, performance, and user-friendliness in an unusual manner.

The shape of the pan would indicate to any baker that Bellamain is aware of the prerequisites for flawless popovers. The pan features six cups, allowing you to make half a dozen popovers at a time, and the cups have a substantial depth of 2.25 inches, allowing your popovers to rise high and become airy on the inside.

The pan also boasts an astonishingly effective nonstick surface, allowing you to use just enough butter to impart a rich taste to your popovers while avoiding the use of an excessive quantity of oil. The popover pan is likewise composed of dark charcoal-colored steel, which allows it to absorb heat quicker and bake your popovers more efficiently.


  • Since the pan includes six wells, you can create six popovers at once.
  • The wells are separated, and there is ample room for air to move around them, promoting even baking and assisting the popovers in rising.
  • The wells are 2.25 inches deep, allowing the popovers to rise.
  • You don’t need to use as much butter since the pan is nonstick.
  • The pan may be cleaned in a dishwasher.


  • Since the pan only has six wells, it is not the ideal choice for making more than six at a time.

2. Chicago Metallic Professional Popover Pan

If you like baking muffins, Yorkshire puddings, and popovers, this is a multipurpose pan from a well-known brand that will meet all of your tea time bakery needs. The pan has six deep and well spaced wells, making it an ideal bakeware for producing delicious popovers.

The pan is made of aluminized steel, which ensures that your popovers are airy and uniformly cooked. Lifting a puffed-up popover from the popover pan might be difficult, but not with this pan, which has been coated with silicone to make it nonstick and simpler to clean.

The pan’s sturdy construction enables it to resist high temperatures without warping or being worn out. This item may be cleaned in the dishwasher and used in the oven as long as the temperature does not exceed 450 F.


  • Since the pan is made by a well-known brand, its quality can be relied on.
  • It is flexible and may be used to produce foods other than popovers in the bakery, such as muffins and cornbread.
  • The pan is composed of aluminized steel, which ensures strong heat conductivity and uniform heating.
  • The pan has been silicone-coated to make it nonstick.
  • It can be cleaned in a dishwasher.


  • It only contains six wells as opposed to twelve.

3. Fox Run 4868 Muffin Pan

If you have a big family or want to bake extra popovers for your neighbors, this Fox Run pan will come in handy. It allows you to produce twelve popovers at a time.

We understand that the name of this product is a muffin pan, not a popover pan, but if you’ve done any study on popovers, you’ll know that many people bake popovers in muffin trays.

And if you don’t want to retain a single-purpose pan like a popover pan, this will allow you to bake a broad range of baked goods such as muffins, popovers, Yorkshire puddings, cupcakes, and so on. Apart from the increased baking capacity, this pan is very durable due to its lightweight but solid stainless steel construction, which resists corrosion, warping, and scratches.


  • This pan can bake twelve popovers at a time.
  • The pan’s body is composed of steel, which is scratch, corrosion, and warp resistant.
  • The pan may be used to prepare a variety of baked goods.
  • It can be cleaned in a dishwasher.


  • The pan was not designed primarily for making popovers.

4. CHEFMADE Popover Cake Pan

This CHEFMADE popover cake pan not only performs well, but it also serves as exquisite bakeware that is ideal for everyday usage. The popover pan’s outside and inside are both champagne gold in hue. The pan has six wells, each of which can store 65ml of batter. This pan may be used to prepare different sweets, making it ideal for the holiday season, parties, and everyday usage.

The pan is constructed of commercial-grade carbon steel. Its 0.8mm thickness enables for quicker and more equal heat dispersion.

When exposed to intense heat, the thick material also protects the pan from warping. The pan features improved edges that improve traction, keep it stable during usage, and prevent warping. There is enough room between the wells for air to flow efficiently, resulting in a light and fluffy popover.

Since the pan has a lasting nonstick coating on the inside, you won’t need to use much oil or butter to grease it. Since it is built of high-quality food-grade materials, it is unlikely to chip or get damaged when subjected to high temperatures. Because of the nonstick coating, you may move the popovers from the pan to another dish without losing their form. It also makes cleaning simpler since all of the hardened food and crumbs wash away easily.


  • The nonstick coating contains no Teflon, PTFE, or PFOA.
  • Its carbon steel structure makes it incredibly strong and long-lasting.
  • You won’t need to use baking liners since the popovers will simply slip out.
  • You can simply remove it from the oven by holding onto the pan’s outside edges.
  • The pan warms up rapidly, reducing baking time and energy use.


  • The popover pan should not be washed in the dishwasher.
  • The pan is only oven-safe up to 428 degrees Fahrenheit.

5. Fox Run 4754 Linking Popover Pan

If you looked at Fox Run’s previous product, a muffin pan that can also be used to produce popovers, and thought, “Well, this seems good, but I do want a dedicated linked popover pan,” then this is the product for you.

Since this is a pan particularly intended to generate ideal popovers, it will provide better outcomes than a muffin pan while producing popovers. The pan is linked, allowing air to flow around the wells and enable the dome of the popovers to blow up and rise high, producing a crispy, golden brown outer layer.


  • It is built of lightweight carbon steel and weighs just 1 pound, making it far lighter than comparable popover pans and more portable.
  • The pan’s carbon steel design makes it very robust and resistant to staining, scratching, bending, and corrosion.
  • The pan can create six popovers at once.
  • The pan’s well has large tapering openings, which causes the popovers to rise and have an airy interior.
  • The pan’s connected construction facilitates air circulation around the wells, resulting in evenly cooked popovers.


  • You can only manufacture six at a time, so if you want to make more, this is not the ideal solution for you.

6. Norpro Nonstick Mini Popover Pan

Whether you’re cooking popovers for your family or a party, a pan with a lot of wells allows you to produce a lot of popovers in one batch. This Norpro popover pan is one such example. Despite its modest size, it has twelve wells, making it ideal for baking a large number of delicious delicacies in a short amount of time.

Each well is two inches deep. The top section is 2.25 inches in diameter, while the lower part is 1.5 inches in diameter. This form is ideal for generating airy, fluffy, puffed-up popovers.

The popover pan has a nonstick coating that allows you to use less oil, butter, or cooking spray to grease it. The nonstick coating helps the popovers to slip out easily. It also makes cleaning easy since no pieces need to be scrubbed.

The popover pan includes handles that make it easy to remove from the oven. Also, one of the handles includes a hole on top that enables you to place the popover pan on a wall mount for convenient storage.


  • It has clear, precise directions that are simple to follow.
  • It features delectable recipes that work flawlessly.
  • You may use this popover pan to create different tiny treats.
  • Because to the high heat, the nonstick coating is unlikely to chip.
  • It is light and simple to transport.


  • If you don’t like little popovers, this pan may not be for you.
  • This pan should not be washed in the dishwasher.

7. Nordic Ware Petite Popover Pan

Even the most ardent popover aficionados would appreciate some variety in their popovers every now and then. Furthermore, since your popovers are modest in size, they are easy to eat as a light, healthful snack.

Keeping this in mind, Nordic Ware, a brand known for producing high-quality bakeware, has created this pan that allows you to make adorable, bite-sized popovers that are not only great for some quality tea time alone, but also for parties where you need to make a large number of popovers for a crowd.

This pan allows you to produce twelve popovers at once, making it simpler to prepare a dozen popovers in a short amount of time. Since this pan includes wells in a tray rather than a wire rack, there is less possibility of batter spilling inside your oven and making a mess.

We also like how the pan has two handles on the sides so you can securely slide it into and out of the oven. While the wells are on one pan, they have gaps beneath to optimize circulation around the wells and produce a soft, airy interior with a crispy outer.


  • The pan is ideal for making mini bite-sized popovers.
  • This pan can create twelve popovers at a time.
  • The pan includes handles, so you can move it around simply and safely.
  • It was intended to enhance circulation around the wells, causing the popovers to rise and have an open interior.
  • The skillet is nonstick.


  • It cannot be cleaned in a dishwasher.
  • If you want to produce traditional popovers, this may not be the greatest solution.

8. Norpro Nonstick Linking Popover Pan

This Norpro popover pan allows you to make not just giant, fluffy popovers, but also other sweets such as large cupcakes, big muffins, brownie bites, and much more. The pan may also be used as a mold tray for frozen desserts.

The popover pan is built of high-quality materials that can endure extreme temperatures. During the baking process, it is unlikely to deform, wear out, or get discolored. The pan is incredibly sturdy and will keep its quality for many years.

The nonstick coating helps you to remove the popovers from the pan without scraping the edges, which may destroy their form. You simply need a tiny bit of butter or oil to grease the pan.

Although though this pan is not dishwasher safe, it is quite simple to clean by hand. All you have to do is thoroughly clean it with hot, soapy water. Use mild soap since harsh soaps may ruin the pan’s nonstick coating.


  • Each hole is 2.5 inches deep, so your popover will be large and airy.
  • The popover pan comes with detailed instructions and a variety of delectable recipes.
  • The pan is small and compact, making it simple to store.
  • In a single batch, you will be able to prepare six popovers.
  • The side handles make transporting simple.


  • The nonstick coating is not particularly long lasting. After repeated usage, it begins to peel off.
  • If you do not properly dry the pan after cleaning, rust stains may form on the surface.

9. Chicago Metallic Gourmet Ware Popover Pan

Chicago Metallic’s bakeware offerings never fail to disappoint. The Gourmet Ware Popover Pan is no exception. Since the pan contains six cups, you can create half a dozen popovers in one batch. If you’re looking for a durable and multi-functional popover pan, this might be one of your finest selections.

Heavy-gauge steel is used to make the popover pan. Since it is relatively thick, it will not distort when baking popovers, huge cupcakes, or large muffins. The broad base also helps the pan transmit heat more quickly. It aids in properly transferring heat throughout the inside, ensuring that your popovers cook correctly within the time limit.

The nonstick coating on top of the heavy-gauge steel keeps the popovers from sticking. This means you won’t need to use any baking liners since the popovers will readily slip out. Just oil the muffin cups with a little butter and you’re ready to go. Cleaning is significantly simpler since nothing adheres to the pan and you don’t have to scrape away crumbs and other garbage.


  • Since the cups are rather deep, your popovers will be large and fluffy.
  • The cups are placed widely away from one another, allowing for optimal air circulation.
  • Because of its excellent quality construction, you may easily and quickly clean this item in the dishwasher.
  • The popover pan is lightweight and portable.
  • The well-designed construction contributes to its stability throughout usage.


  • Although having just 6 cups, the pan is rather huge and unwieldy, making storage challenging.

10. Anolon Advanced Nonstick Bakeware Popover Pan

This Anolon popover pan is a basic, connecting type popover pan that allows you to manufacture six popovers at once. The unique characteristic of this pan is that the open area on the frame enables heat and hot air to travel around each of the wells, resulting in consistent outcomes with each popover.

Since the pan is safe to use at temperatures up to 450 degrees F, there is no danger in using it in a high heat oven, particularly because a hot oven is one of the essential criteria of a crispy, golden brown, puffy popover. The pan is made of carbon steel, which is very resistant to rust and corrosion and will survive for a long period.


  • The open frame design of the pan enables air and heat to flow around the popover wells.
  • Since the pan is composed of carbon steel, it is very resistant to corrosion and warping.
  • It can be used safely in a very hot oven, which is essential for creating great popovers.


  • It should not be washed in the dishwasher.

11. HostStyleZ Popover Pan

If you’re seeking for a popover pan that can also be used to produce other sweet delights, consider the HostStyleZ Popover Pan. This pan may be used to bake bread, cupcakes, muffins, tarts, crme brle, pudding, and many other things. The popover pan is made of high-quality and safe materials, making it perfect for regular usage.

It is composed of food-grade heavy-gauge carbon steel that is free of BPA and other hazardous chemicals. The pan performs an excellent job of transmitting and spreading heat. The pan can maintain heat for extended periods of time because to its thick walls. It also includes a nonstick coating on top, which makes baking and cleaning easier.

The pan has 9 cups, so you can prepare a huge quantity in a short amount of time. The interior of the cups is textured to make your sweets seem more appealing. Three of the nine cups are simple, three have a flowery design, and the rest have a spiral texture. You will be able to make a variety of popovers or muffins.


  • The size is ideal for producing sweets for a big group of people, whether for tea time or a small gathering.
  • To oil the pan, you won’t need to use much butter or frying spray.
  • There is no need to line the muffin cups with grease paper or baking liners before pouring the mixture into them.
  • The popover pan may be washed in the dishwasher.


  • Sharp or metal utensils may ruin the pan’s nonstick coating.
  • To prevent rust stains from forming on the pan, properly dry it after cleaning.
  • Since the cups are shallow, your popovers are unlikely to be large and fluffy.

12. R&M International Non-Stick Popover Pan

This R&M International nonstick popover pan features six cups that are the right shape and size for cooking huge, fluffy, and buttery popovers. Other treats, such as muffins, brownie bits, or small cakes, will be possible. The pan weighs just 1.6 pounds, and the exterior edges make it easy to transport in and out of the oven.

The popover pan is composed of robust steel, which means it can withstand high temperatures. All of the cups heat up fast and evenly, ensuring that your popovers or other sweets cook correctly within the time limit.

The popover pan’s steel design allows it to survive extreme environments. Also, the nonstick coating is incredibly durable and effective. It helps you to slip the popovers out without scraping the edges.

One feature we like about this pan is that it is dishwasher safe. When exposed to intense heat, the nonstick coating is unlikely to crack or flake. This pan may also be cleaned by hand. Warm or hot water and light soap or dish detergent are all you need. After cleaning the pan, use a paper towel to properly dry it. Rust patches may emerge on the surface if you allow it to air dry.


  • To save time and effort, the popover pan may be cleaned in the dishwasher.
  • The cups enable you to construct huge popovers.
  • This item may be used to produce various foods such as Yorkshire pudding.


  • After a few usage, the nonstick lining begins to break off.

13. Nordic Ware Grand Popover Pan

If you’re looking for a popover pan that will endure for a long time, Nordic Ware’s popover pan is a good option. It features a well-thought-out structure that enables you to produce a half-dozen popovers in a single batch. Moreover, the curved handles on both sides make it easy to transport from one location to another.

Since the pan is composed of thick cast aluminum, it holds heat efficiently and swiftly distributes it throughout its cooking surface. This allows you to produce popovers in a short amount of time. Moreover, the strong build allows it to work effectively for many years. With regular usage, the pan is unlikely to fall apart or deform.

This pan is not dishwasher safe due to its metal construction. You may, however, clean it thoroughly with hot or tepid water and light soap. Nothing adheres to the surface since it has a nonstick coating on top. You won’t have to clean or soak the pan in water to remove all of the crumbs and food particles. Everything simply washes away.


  • The empty areas between the cups allow for improved air circulation.
  • The popover pan is backed by a limited lifetime guarantee.
  • The item is handcrafted in the United States using high-quality materials.
  • This pan may be used to produce large muffins.
  • The nonstick coating is long-lasting.


  • The weight of the popover pan is 2.25 pounds, making it heavier than the other pans described in this article.

As previously said, popover pans may come in a variety of styles and models, and it is not advisable to make a selection before learning all there is to know about purchasing the best popover pan for you. As a result, we’ve compiled the specifics on how to choose your popover pan.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Popover Pan 


If you often make popovers for parties or family gatherings, you may wish to invest in a large popover pan. Popover pans typically hold 6 or 12 cups, however 9 cups are not unusual. If you have a popover pan with 9 or 12 cups, you can create more popovers in a single batch, so if you’re throwing a party, you can easily make enough for everyone in only 2 or 3 batches. If you and your family are not big fans of popovers, however, a popover pan with 6 cups would enough.

Cup Size

Popover pans often come with two cup sizes: full-sized and tiny. If you want your popovers to be huge, light, and fluffy, invest in a popover pan with full-sized cups. Popover pans with little cups may be perfect for producing children’s popovers. Unfortunately, the popovers may not rise as well in tiny cups.

Multifunctional Popover Pan vs. Regular Popover Pan 

A versatile popover pan is ideal if you wish to make not just popovers but also other sorts of baked goods such as muffins, cupcakes, and puddings. But, if you do not want to compromise the quality of your popovers, it is preferable to invest in a standard popover pan. The difference between a popover pan and a standard popover or muffin pan is that the wells on the pan where the batter is placed are deeper, giving the popovers more room to rise and puff up. Moreover, the wells are separated by a connecting design with an open frame to allow air and heat to flow around the wells, allowing the popovers to bake quicker. As compared to muffin pans, popover pans have an advantage when it comes to preparing popovers.

Ease of Cleaning

Most popover pans feature a nonstick coating that makes cleanup a breeze. With hot, soapy water, you may quickly remove all of the crumbs and hardened pieces of food. Abrasive soaps and dish detergents are prone to destroy the nonstick coating, so use mild soap or dish detergent instead. If you want to save time and effort while cleaning, consider purchasing a dishwasher-safe popover pan. Whether you wash it by hand or in the dishwasher, always use a paper towel to dry the pan. Rust patches may emerge on the surface if you allow it to air-dry.

Quality of Construction  

You should always get a popover pan made of high-quality, food-grade materials. Because of the high quality of the materials used, your popover pan can survive tough circumstances, making it incredibly solid and lasting. The popover pan should be somewhat thick to efficiently conduct, retain, and distribute heat throughout its cups. If your popover pan has a nonstick coating, be sure it does not contain any dangerous compounds like PFOA or PTFE.


How much batter should I pour into each cup?

Using batter, fill the fourth of the cup. You should not totally fill the cups with batter since it will overflow and make a mess in the oven. While it varies on the size of the cup, it is ideal to fill around 3

How do I prevent the popovers from becoming flat?

To begin, heat your oven to 350°F. During the preheating phase, place the empty popover pan into the oven. Another option is to use warm popover batter. Your popovers will likely cook quicker and rise faster if you use a hot pan and warm batter. You should not open the oven door during the baking process since this causes heat loss and flattens the popovers.


Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could create your own morning or afternoon popovers instead of going to a cafe? You might make your popovers as you desire, whether with a sweet filling or with cheese and bacon. The finest popover pans will enable you to prepare popovers that are as good as, if not better than, those found in restaurants. Popovers are quite tasty and can be simply created with a high-quality popover pan.


What are the best type of popover pan?

Our Favorite Choices for the Best Popover Pans
The Finest Pan for Popovers.
6-Cavitiy CHEFMADE Commercial Quality Oven-Safe Popover Pan.
12-Cavitiy Vodolo Easy-Release Silicone Popover Pan.
6-Cavity Fox Run Connecting Popover Pan.
Nordic Ware 12-Cavity Bite Size Nonstick Popover Pan.
6-Cavity USA Pan Aluminized Steel Nonstick Popover Pan.
Additional details…•January 26, 2023

Why are my popovers so dense?

or failing to use a high-quality popover tin. Look for graphite or carbonized steel pans. Dense popovers (either from not rising or not having attractive hollows inside) may be caused by a number of factors, but the most common include not beginning with room temperature eggs and milk, not preheating the popover pan, and not using a nonstick popover pan.

Why do my popovers always deflate?

If your popovers lose volume after baking, they are most likely underbaked. Too much steam is trapped within these light baked items when they are undercooked. As they are taken from the oven, the moisture condenses, causing them to collapse.

What pan does Alton Brown use?

A Lodge cast iron skillet is Alton Brown’s favorite cookware.

Should popover pans be greased?

A greased popover pan should be used. Melted butter is my preferred method, although oil or nonstick spray would also work. Greasing the pan prevents the completed popovers from sticking and encourages browning on the outside of the popover. Place your pan in the oven to preheat once you’ve buttered it.

Why are my popovers not airy?

The most crucial thing you can do to assure popover success is to pre-heat your oven to the proper temperature. The hotter the oven, the greater the rise of your popovers. It makes sense: the quicker the liquid in the batter turns into steam, the more likely your popover will expand before the crust hardens.

What is the best flour to use for popovers?

If you’re preparing popovers for the first time or haven’t had luck in the past, try half bread flour and half all-purpose flour.

What is the ratio of flour to liquid in popovers?

Popovers are created using the thinnest quick-bread batter, which has a liquid-to-flour ratio of 1:1.

What is the biggest causes of popover failures?

Query About Baking Capabilities
There aren’t enough eggs.
There is much too much butter.
There is much too much cooking.
There isn’t enough cooking.

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