The Top 13 Whipped Cream Dispensers for 2022

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Sundaes, hot chocolate, lattes, ice cream, and pies are all available. None of them are complete without a generous dollop of delectable whipped cream. Making whipped cream at home is simple, particularly if you have an electric mixer or a whisk. When you have a whipped cream dispenser, the experience becomes much more pleasurable.

The uses for whipped cream dispensers are limitless. Whipped cream dispensers are also available at the bar. A few of squirts will instantly improve your drink or coffee. Thus, if you’re wondering where to discover the greatest whipped cream dispensers, we’ve got some fantastic ideas for you.

Best Selection

The ICO Professional Whipped Cream Dispenser is in a class by itself. The product’s 1-pint metal body allows users to make wonderful fresh whipped creams, sweets, sauces, and infused liquors on the move. It has everything you could want and more.

Budget Selection

For those on a tight budget, the EurKitchen Professional Whipped Cream Dispenser has a leak-proof strengthened aluminum thread and three nozzles, enabling you to quickly create unique desserts.


Quick Comparison: Top 13 Best Whipped Cream Dispensers

Name Material Color Grade
ICO Whipped Cream Dispenser Aluminum Silver A+
EurKitchen Whipped Cream Dispenser Aluminum Black A+
iSi Gourmet Whipped Cream Dispenser Stainless Steel Silver and Red A
Otis Classic Whipped Cream Dispenser Stainless Steel Silver A+
FineDine Professional Whipped Cream Dispenser Stainless Steel Black and silver A
iSi 163001 Professional Whipped Cream Dispenser Stainless Steel Silver A
CastleWiz Professional Whipped Cream Dispenser Aluminum Black A-
RestaurantWare Whip Tek Whipped Cream Dispenser Aluminum Silver A
Gorgeous Kitchen Professional Whipped Cream Dispenser Aluminum Silver A-
OrangeHome Whipped Cream Dispenser Aluminum Silver B+
Swice Whipped Cream Dispenser Aluminum Black B+
ADTZYLD Whipped Cream Dispenser Aluminum Silver B
Nuvantee XK1008 Whipped Cream Dispenser Aluminum Silver B

1. ICO Whipped Cream Dispenser 

Highlighted Features

  • The product comes with a warranty and a money-back guarantee.
  • Provided by a reputable European company with a presence in Central America, Mexico, Canada, Europe, and the United States
  • In addition to whipped cream, it may be used to make infused liquors, soups, and aerated sauces.

Because of its exceptional functioning and practical design, the ICO Whipped Cream Dispenser is the greatest whipped cream dispenser. This multipurpose cream whipper is ideal for both the home kitchen and the commercial kitchen. This cream dispenser is intended for use in the preparation of desserts, whipped cream, soups, sauces, and cold and hot creams. This handy kitchen equipment allows you to enjoy fresh whipped cream in no time.

In only 30 seconds, you can make up to 2L of preservative-free, high-quality whipped cream. Just pour the contents into the cream whipper and charge it with the N2O charger. This dispenser is also compatible with cream chargers from other companies. With the ICO whipped cream dispenser, you may enjoy savory creams, aerated soups, and mousses at home. You may try out new and exciting culinary trends with this dispenser, which comes with a 2-year guarantee.


  • The body is composed entirely of TUV-certified aluminum.
  • The product is covered by a two-year warranty.
  • It comes with three stylish tips, an instruction manual, and a charging container.
  • Compatible with other manufacturers’ N2O chargers


  • The cartridge holder is not strong and may break if not handled properly.

2. EurKitchen Whipped Cream Dispenser

Highlighted Features

  • Professional caterers, home cooks, artisan bakers, and chocolate lovers will love it.
  • This product elevates your gourmet masterpieces to the next level.
  • It includes an aluminum dispenser, brushed metal head, three decorative tips, a cleaning brush, and a black lacquered canister.
  • Long-lasting and secure
  • This dispenser comes with a warranty and an immediate money-back guarantee.

The EurKitchen Professional aluminum whipped cream dispenser will never let you down when it comes to delicious and creamy whipped cream and sauces. You may improve the whole experience of eating delectable pies, ice cream sundaes, drinks, crepes, baked products, sophisticated desserts, and mousses.

This long-lasting whipped cream dispenser allows you to create healthier and tastier delights. The aeration procedure of this dispenser uses less fat, resulting in airy and light pleasures that are low in calories but high in taste. The all-aluminum body and helmet are lightweight and were designed with safety in mind.

If you have leftovers, store the dispenser in the fridge and use it the following day. The airtight vacuum seal will keep your delicate topping from deteriorating. Hand washing is all that is required to clean this easy-care equipment. A brush is included to clean the dispenser head and decorative tips.


  • Body made of strong aluminum
  • It includes three decoration ideas for creating a professional-looking presentation.
  • Simple to clean and use
  • It has a valve cover and a charging holder.
  • This package comes with a recipe book.


  • Is dishwashing safe?

3. iSi Gourmet Whipped Cream Dispenser

Highlighted Features

  • It is suitable for both hot and cold applications.
  • Gourmet whip is available in three sizes.
  • A variety of accessories are available to enhance your overall experience.

Professional and home cooks all around the globe recommend the iSi brand. Together with whipping cream, this cream whipper may be used for sweets, soups, sauces, cold and hot creams, and whipping cream. This dispenser is both long-lasting and adaptable. The iSi cream whipper works well in both cold and hot temperatures. This product has a stainless steel bottle and head. Both are durable and dishwasher safe. They are readily capable of carrying the burden of professional kitchens.

This whipped cream dispenser has three stainless steel tips: tulip, straight, and star. It includes a charging holder and a cleaning brush. This whipper comes in three distinct sizes. Manufacturers provide a multitude of accessories to assist you optimize your culinary creativity. The iSi whipper is perfect for making fluffy and light finger food, cold and warm sauces, whipped sauces, desserts, and whipped cream.

This multipurpose food whipper is also intended for professional usage. The head has a fixed stainless steel value for simple dispensing and a protected silicone grip. The silicone gasket is heat resistant and has a removable tab for easy cleaning. The major elements of the iSi cream whipper are innovation, design, and functionality. It is really simple to use and may enhance your whole experience.


  • Both the body and the bottle are composed of stainless steel, which is both dishwashing safe and long-lasting.
  • It comes with three ornamental tips, a cartridge holder, and a cleaning brush.
  • It is HACCP and NFS compliant.


  • Is not covered by a warranty.

4. Otis Classic Whipped Cream Dispenser 

Highlighted Features

  • For many years, it has provided dependable service.
  • A one-year guarantee is provided on the charger holder, tips, and gasket.
  • You may make artistic patterns with your whipped cream thanks to the many tip types.

Because of its durable build and multifunctional use, this whipped cream dispenser will quickly become your favorite culinary gadget. The stainless steel construction makes this item durable. This professional quality cream dispenser was designed for the food service sector but is also suitable for domestic kitchens. It comes with three decoration ideas and is simple to clean.

The Otis Classic whipper may be used to make not just creams but also cocktails and mousses. The use of stainless steel in the construction of this whipper makes it a safe option. Food does not react with stainless steel. As compared to aluminum whippers, it is more durable. Stainless steel has a lower heat conductivity than other metals. All of these things combine to make it a secure bet.

This whipped cream dispenser includes a whipper, three decorative nozzles, a storage cap, a charger holder, a user handbook, and a cleaning brush for decorating tips. This gadget is powered by a regular NO2 charger, which is not included in the box. It is suggested that you clean this whipper by hand.


  • Food-grade stainless steel is used.
  • A one-year warranty is included.
  • Is long-lasting, safe to use, and lightweight.


  • Is dishwashing safe?
  • Is pricey when compared to other models with comparable characteristics.

5. FineDine Professional Whipped Cream Dispenser 

Highlighted Features

  • The set contains three plastic nozzles and three extra stainless steel nozzles, allowing for limitless possibilities.
  • The product is made of heavy-duty aluminum for long-term use.
  • All of the materials utilized in the manufacture are of the highest quality.

The FineDine Professional Whipped Cream Dispenser is an excellent instrument for making light, handmade whipped cream. Using the items you have on hand, you may make wonderful and frothy cream. It will be a healthier and more delicious alternative to store-bought alternatives.

The dispenser works its magic on every meal or dessert, from mousse and ice cream to butter. The product is made of robust aluminum and is intended to last a long time. It is designed with an ergonomic body in mind for your comfort.

Moreover, the device comes with three plastic nozzles and three stainless steel nozzles, giving you a plethora of possibilities to work with. The bundle also includes a range of fascinating recipes.


  • The body is comprised of a strong and long-lasting material. Longevity is a given.
  • Since it is comprised of food-grade materials, it is both safe and healthful to use.
  • The ergonomic design provides users a secure grip.


  • Consumers have stated that when used often, the device fails to provide. It can hold between 250 and 500 cartridges.

6. iSi 163001 Professional Whipped Cream Dispenser

Highlighted Features

  • Bottle and head are made of high-quality stainless steel.
  • A detachable stainless steel piston with a silicone seal and a fast release tab is included.
  • The set includes ornamental tips, a cleaning brush, and a charger holder.

Are you seeking for a high-quality, professional-grade cream whipper that will provide years of trouble-free service? If so, you might look at this iSi professional cream whipper. The whipper and body are composed of high quality stainless steel, which does not react with acids, retains smells, or discolor.

This professional cream whipper has a silicone seal and a quick-release tab. The detachable stainless steel piston makes it simple to clean the whipper. This whipper has a stylish tip, cleaning brush, charger holder, and stainless steel thread.

Delicious sweets, flavored cream, and pure whipped cream may all be made. As compared to conventional whipping procedures, this whipper produces twice as much whipped cream. This professional cream whipper is suitable for use in pastry shops, ice cream parlors, and coffee shops.


  • Stainless steel piston with removable silicon seal
  • It is simple to use and dishwasher safe.
  • Is it NSF-approved?


  • Numerous users have reported leaks.

7. CastleWiz Professional Whipped Cream Dispenser

Highlighted Features

  • The head and body are composed of high-quality metal, which ensures a long shelf life.
  • A silicone rubber is used to improve grip.
  • Six nozzles and a large brush are included for cleaning the interior.

The CastleWiz Professional Whipped Cream Dispenser is designed for daily usage. The high-quality aluminum construction can sustain repeated usage while delivering a nice rubber grip all throughout. It is also leakproof, making it an excellent alternative for those who prefer whipped cream and froth on their coffee.

The set contains six nozzles, giving you a plethora of decorating possibilities. It also includes a lengthy cleaning brush that will reach the bottom of the dispenser. While not dishwasher safe, the device is reasonably simple to clean.


  • The product is really simple to clean and maintain. It also includes a cleaning brush.
  • The device has a leak-proof construction that ensures smooth functioning every time.


  • The item is not dishwasher safe.

8. RestaurantWare Whip Tek Whipped Cream Dispenser

Highlighted Features

  • This dispenser is composed of metal and has a capacity of 0.5 liters.
  • Three decorator nozzles and a whipper are included in the box. The cartridges are available individually.

The RestaurantWare Whip Tek Whipped Cream Dispenser is a versatile gadget that comes with three nozzles, a lid, and a cleaning brush. Working with this device will reduce hand fatigue since it has a smooth functioning. You may quickly administer a huge volume of whipped cream without tiring your hands with mousses or cream.

The package includes a cartridge holder and a cover. All you have to do is couple it with a matching cartridge to get the appropriate quantity of charge. Because of its aluminum structure, the dispenser is expected to endure a long period while meeting your demands. It also has a high-quality appearance, even when used on a daily basis.


  • The device is simple to clean since it includes a cleaning brush.
  • The product is made of strong aluminum and is expected to last a long time.
  • The device includes a quick lever that is simple to pull and use.


  • Several consumers have complained about the dispenser’s inconsistency.

9. Gorgeous Kitchen professional whipped cream dispenser

Highlighted Features

  • A useful cooking tool for creating both beautiful and tasty sweets.
  • Serves delicious and attractive toppings
  • Because of its flawless design, it provides superior performance.
  • It comes in unique packaging, making it a great gift for foodies.

This metal whipped cream dispenser comes with three decoration nozzles, allowing you to easily decorate your dishes with whipped cream. You can quickly decorate waffles, pastries, hot chocolate, and ice cream. Three beautiful nozzles provide a professional and upscale touch to your projects.

This whipped cream dispenser is constructed of high-quality metal and is built to endure for years. Any leftover whipped cream may be refrigerated for a few days. The dispenser’s complete setup is simple to clean. You must clean the dispenser with soapy, warm water.

This fantastic culinary utensil saves you time that you would otherwise spend hand whipping. This whipped cream dispenser also includes a stainless steel coffee scoop and a bag clip as an extra bonus.


  • Together with the whipper, an extra product is included.
  • It includes a charging holder, three decorating nozzles, an instruction handbook, and a cleaning brush.
  • Purchase is risk-free due to the manufacturer’s warranty.


  • Due to the double-walled insulation, the design is somewhat substantial.

10. OrangeHome Whipped Cream Dispenser

Highlighted Features

  • The product uses a nitrous oxide cartridge.
  • The metal body does not smell or stain.
  • Three plastic nozzles are included in the packaging to aid with decorating.

OrangeHome is a well-known brand in the cookware business, and their Whipped Cream Dispenser is no exception. You will not have hand cramps when using the product. The machine will do everything for you.

All you have to do is insert a nitrous oxide cartridge (available separately). And there you have it! Unlike carbon dioxide cartridges, it has no aftertaste. The dispenser is appropriate for both home chefs and professionals. It is capable of produce enormous amounts of whipped cream on a daily basis.

There are three types of culinary decoration nozzles: star-shaped, straight, and tulip-shaped. It also comes with an injector nozzle for inserting whipped cream into cupcakes or pastries. There is also a cleaning brush included to make upkeep a breeze.


  • There is no aftertaste from this whipped cream dispenser.
  • The matte surface, along with the ergonomic shape, provides a firm grip.
  • The product is simple to maintain.


  • Consumers have expressed worries regarding the lever’s durability.

11. Swice Whipped Cream Dispenser

Highlighted Features

  • The product has a sleek and stylish black finish design.
  • Six replaceable nozzles for ornamentation are included.
  • The lever is near to the dispenser and provides a secure grip.

Swice Whipped Cream Dispenser is an excellent choice for a professional-grade whipped cream dispenser. When it comes to durability and performance, this product is unparalleled.

The dispenser’s six nozzles will let you to make spectacular presentations on sweets, cakes, and beverages. The lever is easy to hold and gives you total control over the instrument. It’s never been simpler to make rosettes on cakes. Also, a recipe book is included with the kit so you may experiment with new foods.


  • The product’s elegant design makes it suited for both contemporary and traditional kitchen items.
  • Decorating rosettes is a breeze because to the pleasant grip.
  • The bundle includes a free recipe book and accessories.


  • The machine comes with no instructions, making it difficult for novices to use.

12. ADTZYLD Whipped Cream Dispenser

Highlighted Features

  • The device is designed to work with 8-gram Nitrous oxide cartridges.
  • Three stainless steel nozzles are included in the package.
  • The dispenser includes a leakproof silicone seal ring on the head.

ADTZYLD Whipped Cream Dispensers, which are compatible with 8-gram nitrous oxide cartridges and have a 1-pint capacity, will put an end to your hunt for the ideal gadget. The pricing of the goods is reasonable. It demonstrates that high quality does not have to be pricey.

Both the container and the lid are composed of aluminum, making it both sturdy and lightweight. The weight is quite manageable. Moreover, the container comes with three stainless steel decorating nozzles. They are strong and will not break even if replaced regularly. The brand promotes safety by offering a firm grip on the charging holder.


  • The dispenser is designed with a non-slip feel.
  • Since the product is composed of aluminum, it is both lightweight and robust.
  • There is little risk of cream spilling out, resulting in a flawless operation.


  • Several consumers have observed that after a few uses, the lever falls off.

13. Nuvantee XK1008 Whipped Cream Dispenser

Highlighted Features

  • The head and body are both leak-proof.
  • The canister has a capacity of 500 mL.
  • Three plastic nozzles and a cleaning brush are included in the package.

Here’s a low-cost appliance for your kitchen. The Nuvantee XK1008 Whipped Cream Dispenser is one of the finest whipped cream dispensers on our list since it is both elegant and useful. It will let you add flair to your drinks or desserts with minimum effort.

The set includes three ornamental tips in cross, plum blossom, and lotus forms. This will assist you in creating unique whipped cream creations. Besides from cream, you may whip frostings, ice cream, butter, and a variety of other things.

The canister has a rubber sealing that prevents leaks when you top the sweets with whipped cream. It also makes removing the cap simpler. The dispenser is also relatively basic in design, making it extremely simple to assemble and use.


  • The canister’s rubber fitting provides an ergonomic grip and leakproof operation.
  • The product is dishwasher safe, making it simple to clean.
  • The design is sleek and contemporary.


  • After a few uses, some consumers have complained a metallic odor.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing the Best Whipped Cream Dispensers


The greatest whipped cream dispensers are made of aluminum or stainless steel. The majority of the goods on our list are constructed of aluminum since they provide a solid but lightweight body with a pleasing appearance. There are dispensers that are built of both aluminum and stainless steel, and occasionally include a plastic top. These devices also guarantee durability and adaptability.


This is an important factor to consider when purchasing a whipped cream dispenser. Choose a product that has many nozzles; the more, the merrier. When it comes to ornamentation, nozzles will provide you additional alternatives. This is particularly important for creative bakers who want to experiment with their creations. It’s ideal to get a device that comes with many tips or nozzles so you don’t have to purchase them individually.

Why Should You Own a Whipped Cream Dispenser? 

It’s normal to ask this question when there are several possibilities for purchasing professionally manufactured whipped cream from a shop. Yet, the advantages of making your own whipped cream for sweets and beverages are enormous. Here are some reasons why you should acquire a whipped cream dispenser:

Controls calories 

Even though we all like a delicious piece of cake, many of us are nevertheless concerned about calories and their influence on our health. While preparing your own whipped cream, you may always use sugar-free sweeteners to reduce the amount of calories you consume. This is just the beginning. You may use a low-fat and low-sugar replacement for all of the components. That will only provide positive consequences.

No artificial flavors 

Many dessert lovers, like myself, are put off by artificial tastes. When you use a dispenser to make your own whipped cream, you have complete control over the cream. You may tailor the cream to your preferences by using all-natural flavors.

Moreover, you may personalize the design by utilizing culinary colors, fresh ingredients, and so on. Changing the nozzles allows you to include a variety of designs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are whipped cream dispensers worth it?

In terms of convenience, consistency, and quality, nothing beats whipped cream dispensers. Not only will it help you make professional-looking whipped cream swirls, but the dispensers will also keep the cream fresher than any other container. Whipped cream in a dispenser may be refrigerated for up to ten days.

Whipped cream dispensers are meant to make whipping cream simpler for baristas and bakers who already have their hands full. The finishing touch on a drink or dessert will now be flawless without breaking a sweat. Hence, if you’re looking for a good whipped cream solution, a dispenser should be the way to go.

Why is the dispenser releasing liquid whipped cream? 

Whipped cream is a colloid, which is a mixture of liquid and gas. Yet, you may sometimes acquire liquid whipped cream from a dispenser. This may occur for one of two causes.

Initially, the canister’s seal might be damaged. This will cause the gas to leak and provide inconsistent service. Another possibility is that the whipped cream has gone bad. Inspect the container to verify whether the cream is still fresh.

Are there any safety concerns associated with whipped cream dispensers? 

There have been multiple stories of cream dispenser explosions. The gas capsules were ejected at tremendous speeds, inflicting injuries and property damage. These were mostly caused by high pressure within the canister.

But, there is no need to be concerned since certain models have been identified and manufacturing has been halted. The issue has been rectified, and newer models are safer.


Whether it comes to decorating and jazzing up sweets, pastries, or beverages, whipped cream dispensers provide a multitude of alternatives. Buying a dispenser and creating your own whipped cream is always a fantastic idea, whether you’re a barista, a creative baker, or a whipped cream aficionado. Before making a buying choice, research the qualities of the finest whipped cream dispenser. You will not be disappointed.


What is the best brand of whipped cream dispenser?

Overall winner: iSi Cream Profi Whip from Amazon.
Amazon has the best price on the Impeccable Culinary Items (ICO) Professional Whipped Cream Dispenser.
Amazon’s Best Mini: ZOEMO Professional Whipped Cream Dispenser.
Best for Decorating: Amazon’s Otis Traditional Whipped Cream Dispenser…. Best for Gifting:…
Best Manual Date: January 27, 2023

Is it worth buying a whipped cream dispenser?

Therefore, we determined that the convenience of a decent cream whipper is worth spending a little extra for: it not only makes it simple to produce expert swirls and dollops of whipped cream, but it can also store cream in the refrigerator for many days.

Is aluminum or stainless steel better for whipped cream dispenser?

Aluminum dispensers are a wonderful and long-lasting option. They are, nevertheless, more suited to cold drinks. Most of them are also not dishwasher-safe. Stainless steel dispensers are also a long-lasting and adaptable choice.

What brand whipped cream dispenser does Starbucks use?

To get you started, most homemade whipped cream dispenser models include whipping cream recipes. The iSi Profi Cream Whipper and N20 Cream Chargers are used by Starbucks.

What is the best whipping cream mixer?

The 5 Best Whipping Cream Hand Mixers
Scraper for the Breville Handy Mix.
Hand Mixer from Black & Decker.
Hand Mixer by Hamilton Beach.
Power Advantage 5 Speed Hand Mixer from Cuisinart.
Hand mixer with 9 speeds from KitchenAid.
Jan 4, 2021

Is cold or room temp whipped cream better?

It is critical to use cream directly from the refrigerator for optimal volume and texture. Freezing the bowl and beaters might also assist to keep the cream cool throughout the whipping process.

Why is my whipped cream too runny from dispenser?

Whipped cream that is runny or watery

Another difficulty that individuals have when using a whipped cream dispenser is runny or watery whipped cream. This is usually caused by the dispenser not shaking enough or not shaking enough before releasing the cream. The thicker the whipped cream, the more you shake it.

How long can you leave cream in a whipped cream dispenser?

Whipped cream may be stored in a dispenser for 3 days to 3 months. Using a nitrous oxide charger will assist to stabilize the cream and keep it from spoiling. Whipped cream may be stored in the refrigerator for up to 24 hours, but it will lose texture and taste after that.

Is Real whipped cream better than Cool Whip?

What is our conclusion? If you’re not a calorie tracker and don’t mind the quantity of fat you ingest, go for the natural stuff: whipped cream. It tastes better and has more natural ingredients than Cool Whip® (plus, whipping it up by hand is great workout!).

Which makes excellent whipping agent?

Whipping agents used in sorbets and sherbets include milk proteins, vegetable proteins such as hydrolyzed pea and soya protein, gelatine, propylene glycol alginate, and cellulose derivatives such as methyl cellulose and hydroxypropyl methylcellulose.

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