The Top 15 Kitchen Timers in 2022

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While an app may easily replace the modest kitchen timer, the kitchen timer, unlike our tablet or phone, can typically withstand a thick coating of chicken grease or cookie dough. Additionally, although most kitchen appliances now have built-in timers, you still need to be nearby to hear them go off, so utilizing a separate kitchen timer allows you to wander about the house while cooking. Kitchen timers are also handy for tracking study sessions, playtime, photography or craft projects, and a variety of other duties around the house.

There are two sorts of timers: mechanical and digital, and this study will look at some of the best-selling models of both. We also discuss the distinctions between the kinds and some of the main aspects to consider when selecting the finest kitchen timer for your culinary requirements and your house.

Best Selection

Antonki Digital Kitchen Timer won our best selection award in a tight battle. It is the most durable and trustworthy device available, because to its all-arounder character, which includes an extremely loud alarm, a 1000+ day guarantee, and a large count range.

Budget Selection

The Wrenwane Digital Kitchen Timer is the greatest option for the money. The timer has an easy-to-use operating technique, a highly visible display screen, and a loud but not too deafening alert, all within your budget.

Product Name Item Weight Timer type Grade
Antonki Digital Kitchen Timer 0.16 ounces Digital A+
Wrenware Digital Kitchen Timer 0.64 ounces Digital A+
Uigos Digital Kitchen Timer 2.4 ounces Digital A
Habor Kitchen Timer 3.2 ounces Digital A
Albayrak Kitchen Timer 4.3 ounces Mechanical A-
ThermoPro TM02 Digital Kitchen Timer 1.44 ounces Digital A+
OXO Good Grips Triple Timer 6.4 ounces Digital A-
Datexx The Miracle TimeCube Timer 0.32 Ounces Digital A
eTradewinds Elegant Digital Kitchen Timer 1.25 pounds Digital A+
KADAMS Digital Kitchen Clock Timer 4.7 ounces Digital A+
Taylor Precision Products Digital Timer 0.48 ounces Digital A
KeeQii Kitchen Timer 5 ounces Mechanical A
KTKUDY Digital Kitchen Timer 2.24 ounces Digital A
XREXS Digital Kitchen Timer 0.95 ounces Digital A+
LIORQUE Kitchen Timer 3.88 ounces Digital A

1. Antonki Digital Kitchen Timer

The Antonki Digital Kitchen Timer, which can count down and up, was picked as the first product in our review article. Not only is this a useful addition to your kitchen, but its versatility makes it a treasure! It may be used as a children’s timer, a teacher’s timer, a student’s timer, a classroom timer, a cooking timer, a restroom timer, a meeting timer, a game timer, a BBQ timer, and an egg timer!

This one’s simplicity of use is extremely noteworthy, since it includes both minutes and seconds buttons and can be quickly reset to 00:00. Moreover, it includes a strong magnetic back pad that enables you to put this timer in any magnetic base, particularly your refrigerator or oven.

But be cautious! It is recommended that you should not place the timer on any hot magnetic base as this may cause it to lose its magnetic characteristic.


  • It has a very loud alarm to ensure hearing in another room.
  • It comes with a power-saving AAA battery that can last 1.5 years.
  • Features a count range between 00:00-99:59
  • Backed up by 1000+ days of worry-free warranty for full replacement or refund.


  • The alarm may beep during setting, which may not be suitable for quiet demand.

2. Wrenwane Digital Kitchen Timer

If you have trouble seeing the numbers on your kitchen timer, the Wrenwane Digital Kitchen is a good option since it has a wide display that is viewable from all angles. You can get a good look from across the room, and the timer is easy to see since it has large and bold numerals.

Not only that, but it has a 99-minute and 59-second count-up and count-down timer. The timer is powered by a single AAA battery, which has a low power consumption and hence outlasts most of its rivals on the market.

Besides from these benefits, we like this one because of its adaptability. It is not only fantastic for your kitchen, but it can also serve as a timer for your study, exercise, or gym training session. To top it all off, the timer has a strong and clear but not deafening alarm sound, so you won’t miss it even if you’re in another room.

The most useful aspect of this timer is the incredible simplicity of usage it provides, since you have three distinct positioning options. You may hang it with the hook or connect it to any metallic surface with the magnetic back. It can also stand on its own thanks to its retractable stand.


  • It comes with both countdown and count-up features
  • It comes with an easy on/off button
  • Features easy-to-read-from-all-angles display
  • It can be used in either freestanding position or wall mountable.
  • Ideal for people with unclear eyesight.
  • Features a power-off mode to save battery


  • You need to budget extra as the batteries are not included.
  • The alarm speaker may be too quiet if the timer is hung up or fastened using the magnet, as the speaker is on the rear of the product

3. Uigos Digital Kitchen Timer

Uigos Digital Kitchen Timer, like the former, has an incredibly visible display with big clear numbers, but the difference is that it comes in a pair of two. The large and bold numerals make this a great complement to your kitchen, particularly for those with weak vision.

It has an on/off switch and can count both down and up, making it a popular option in the market. The fact that it takes so little time to set up distinguishes it from the competition. You may press and hold the button for 3 seconds and the time will automatically advance, and we thought this function was fantastic! This super-efficient kitchen timer has a simple on/off switch.

Last but not least, you may attach it to any surface with its magnetic back, make it stand on your kitchen counter with its retractable stand, or hang it with the in-built hook, whichever is most convenient for you.


  • Features 3 way placement
  • It comes with a quick set time feature
  • It comes with a wide count range of 00:00-99:59
  • Has easy to read display


  • They consume more battery than claimed so you need to budget extra for the batteries

4. Habor Kitchen Timer

The Habor kitchen timer has a 2.6-inch LCD screen that can show clear and bold numbers for your convenience. With this addition to your kitchen, you won’t have to worry about overcooking or undercooking your food since it has a 67-94 dB loud alarm that keeps you awake even if you’re in another room.

The appealing blue timer is powered by a single AAA battery and includes both a 12 hour (that switches from AM to PM) and a 24-hour mode, depending on your needs.

hours on their own. Not only that, but if you want to rapidly set the timer, hit the H, M, or S button for 3 seconds to fast forward, and you’re ready to go! seconds You may switch between modes by pushing the MODE button, and you can even switch between minutes.

You may also utilize the timer mode to count up and count down, with a count range of 1 second to 24 hours. This function of the timer makes it excellent for not just cooking but also for other duties such as a gym session, children’s activities, and meetings.

Moreover, you don’t have to worry about your timer dropping since you can easily install it in three ways, including utilizing its powerful magnets, which remain precisely fixed on your refrigerator. You would also need to change the batteries if the display became hazy or the ring loudness became lower.


  • The timer is backed by a lifetime warranty.
  • It does not require any setup time
  • It does not produce any extra sound as the button tune is mute when you fast forward
  • It comes with a magnetic back, retractable stand, and a hook for hanging.
  • Operate on simple on/off button as an energy saving-clock
  • Offers friendly customer service after the purchase.


  • The durability of the product is an issue as the plastic casing results to be very fragile
  • The quality is not up to the mark and can slip out easily

5. Albayrak Kitchen Timer

Albayrak provides the greatest kitchen timer to give your kitchen an elegant design while also adding a beneficial element. The kitchen’s 304 stainless steel exterior and saucer-shaped design give it a timeless appearance. This is not only visually appealing, but it is also very water and corrosion resistant.

Since the timer has a strong magnetic back, you may attach and keep it on any metal surface in your kitchen, particularly a fridge, refrigerator, or oven, whichever is most convenient for you.

On top of that, the characteristic that distinguishes it as an industry leader is its built-in 70 dB mechanical loud alarm. In low noise situations, the sound may easily span a radius of around 10m, ensuring that you never miss it even while you are away.

Finally, since this timer is so exact, you won’t have to worry about any misreading.


  • It is backed by a 1 year- free replacement warranty
  • Features a very sleek and attractive design
  • It is made of premium quality material that gives it the extra stability
  • It is environment-friendly as it does not require batteries.


  • It can only be placed on metal surfaces because of its magnetic back
  • Difficulty in reading small numbers as it does not have a display screen

6. ThermoPro TM02 Digital Kitchen Timer

Who needs one when you may have several? ThermoPro’s kitchen timer enables you to watch two distinct timings on the same timer at the same time, and we couldn’t be happier! The timer is a dual digital timer with a count range of up to 23 hours 59 minutes, making it suitable for use not just in the kitchen but also for exercise, children’s activities, and meetings.

low levels (between 70-105 dB), as desired. This will fulfill both purposes, and you will not bother anyone around you. medium The timer has a big 2.6-inch LCD backlit screen with a backlight function that illuminates the numbers even in low-light conditions. Another feature that makes this timer a popular is the ability to change the loudness of the alarm from high to low.

Moreover, the built-in unique mute mode will notify you when it is time without making any unnecessary noise. It does not stop there; the timer also features a calendar clock mode, allowing you to read the date and time from anywhere.

Another distinguishing characteristic of the timer is that it has a user-friendly memory, which means that it will restore the previous timer date when the countdown has ended. This way, you won’t lose track of time and can maintain track of it.


  • Has large easy-to-read digits with a backlit display
  • It comes with an adjustable alarm volume
  • Offers multiple placement options as it comes with a tabletop stand for placing it on your counter and a magnetic back for attaching on any metal surface.


  • Requires 2 AAA batteries, which are not included in the pack

7. OXO Good Grips Triple Timer

The OXO Good Grips triple timer has three 100-hour timers and is intended for extended and various cooking times. All three timings are shown on its tilted LCD display, and when not in use, it works as a clock. It includes gentle, easy-to-press buttons and non-slip feet to hold it in place on the tabletop.

It includes a gentle audible alarm and is powered by two AAA batteries. Some users may discover that this timer may not have the promised lifetime, especially when used often.


  • Two AAA batteries are included in the pack
  • Features easy-press number buttons
  • Useful for timing long events and sub-intervals
  • Features an angled face that gives clear visibility of the display screen


  • The alarm tone may be too quiet for some users
  • It is not as durable as its other competitors
  • Cannot withstand the rough and tough us

8. Datexx The Miracle TimeCube Timer

The Datexx TimeCube is simply a kitchen timer with four distinct duration labels on each of its four sides, allowing you to set the number side for any period between 1, 3, 5, and 7 minutes. This timer’s simplicity is extremely interesting. It has an alarm that runs between 70 and 72 dB, which is adequate to keep you attentive at all times. As the timer runs out, the alarm sound may be adjusted and replaced with a friendly beeping sound.

Moreover, the digital timer at the bottom displays the time remaining in both minutes and seconds before your alarm goes off, making it easier to keep track of time.


  • It has versatile use and is ideal for exercise, homework, kid activities, and games.
  • Operates with an easy on/off button.


  • Requires 2 AAA batteries, which are not included in the pack
  • Features only limited time increments

9. eTradewinds Elegant Digital Kitchen Timer

The Tradewinds Elegant Digital Kitchen Timer comes in a bundle of six timers rather than one or two. The more the better!

To help you save energy, the timer has an auto-shut program that goes off on its own after 2 minutes of inactivity. Moreover, you will never have to worry about the appearance of your timer being harmed since it has a foam anti-scratch appliance-saver magnet shell that keeps the timer looking as good as new.

The timer’s distinctive feature is that you just need to press the button for 2 seconds to fast forward. This timer is our ultimate favorite because of the huge display screen and powerful yet pleasant-sounding 75-80 dB alarm sound that can clearly be heard in adjacent rooms.

This is not only a valuable addition to your house, but it also has business applications as a medical, dentistry, and salon timer. Moreover, the timer may be connected to any metallic surface thanks to the super-strong flush set magnets.

Finally, the timer stores auto memory via auto shut off, preserving the most recent reading for future use.


  • It is backed by a lifetime warranty and offers free replacement for any quality issue
  • Requires 1 AAA battery, which is included in the pack
  • Features easy-to-read display that is visible across the room
  • It can count up and down to 99 minutes and 59 seconds at max
  • Features an integrated magnetic surround system with a stand and a hanging hook
  • It does not pivot, wobble, pop off, or slide down from the attached surface.


  • Not ideal for the ones who are on a budget as it is expensive

10. KADAMS Digital Kitchen Clock Timer

We picked this waterproof digital clock timer from KADAMS for the 10th item in our review post because it comes with Ip24 protection, keeping it safe from all types of kitchen risks.

This kitchen timer’s standout feature is that, in addition to being an excellent timer, it has an interior temperature thermometer display that translates between Celsius and Fahrenheit and has a temperature range of 0C-50C. (32F-122F). Not only that, but it also has an indoor humidity hygrometer display with a range of 20% to 95%.

The timer contains a time display that can be altered between 12 and 24-hour settings. The alarm sound is strong and clear but not deafening, keeping you attentive even when you are not in the same room as the timer. Another reason that makes this our top pick is the three mounting choices it provides. You may use the stand to place it on your tables, the in-built hole for hanging or mounting it, or the suction cup to hang it on glass, windows, mirrors, granite, and stainless steel. Nevertheless, the suction cup will not function well on tiles, and the timer may slip off, so be cautious.

The timer is also configured with a low battery indicator, which alerts you when your battery is low (battery power less than 2.75V) by displaying a signal on the LCD screen. The LCD screen is composed of a breakage-proof transparent plastic acrylic substance called pmma, which is stronger and more durable than conventional glass.

Even though the timer is waterproof, you should avoid placing it immediately in front of a body of water since it may be destroyed. It is also recommended that you avoid putting it in locations with excessive humidity.


  • Ideal for use in bathroom, shower, and kitchen areas like sinks as it is humidity and moisture-proof
  • Made from premium quality material that makes it extra durable
  • Features significantly stiffer display screen that is injury-proof
  • Comes with a total countdown of up to 99 minutes.
  • Features eye-friendly LCD green display color for a clearer view


  • Requires high quality 2 AAA alkaline batteries, which are not included in the pack so, you need to budget extra

11. Taylor Precision Products Digital Timer

If you’re seeking for a tiny and lightweight kitchen timer, this may be the device for you. The Taylor Precision Products Digital Timer has a flexible design in that it may be clipped anywhere in your kitchen, affixed to any metallic surface using its magnetic back, or placed on your kitchen counter using its stand.

The timer’s wide 0.75-inch display makes it easy to view the numbers from any angle.

Buttons for stopping. The timer can show up to 99 minutes and 59 seconds, which is a big range and might be useful for various duties such as school projects and workplace meetings. It has the ability to count both up and down. After your setup is complete, the timer emits a beeping sound and functions through simple start.


  • It is backed up by a 1-year warranty
  • Operates with 1 AAA battery which is included in the pack
  • he timer has great precision and is highly accurate


  • Has no cons so far

12. KeeQii Kitchen Timer

The KeeQii Kitchen Timer, which has an 80 dB loud alarm and can cover a test distance of 0.98 feet, might be the solution to your issues with unheard alerts. The alarm is not only loud, but it may linger up to 3 seconds and 30 milliseconds after the time has passed. Forget about worrying about overcooking your meals since you can hear the timer’s loud and clear sound even if you’re in another room.

The timer has a strong magnetic back that enables you to attach it to any metallic panel, including your fridge, refrigerator, and oven.

Two easy actions are required for the timer to function properly. Before each usage, you must turn the timer a complete clockwise circle until the pointer is aligned with zero symbols. The next step is to turn the timer knob counterclockwise, directing it to the number you want it to ring. The timer will only start once these two stages are accomplished.


  • Environment-friendly and energy-efficient as it does not require batteries
  • It offers an easy twist one key operation
  • The black and silver color complements most kitchen appliance
  • Offers money-back guarantee if quality issues are faced within 30 days of purchase


  • The maximum limit in the timer is up to 60 minutes only
  • It has a noisy ticking sound

13. KTKUDY Digital Kitchen Timer

The KTKUDY Digital kitchen timer, which has both quiet and ring modes, is the 13th inclusion in our review article. It is the ideal timer for instances when you do not want your timer to sound an audible alarm, since it has a silent and flash mode.

With simple conversion, you may easily switch to the ring mode, which produces a 70-90 dB loud beeping sound that keeps you aware even when you’re in another room.

Some incredible features are the memory function and quick forward capability. You may quickly swap between minutes and seconds. Additionally, you won’t have any trouble storing or positioning the timer with this one since you can do so in three different ways: using the magnetic back, the retractable stand, or the hook for hanging.


  • It comes with a one-year hassle-free replacement/money-back warranty
  • It is a budget-friendly choice
  • Offers super easy operation with on/off switch
  • It has an energy-efficient nature


  • Requires 1 AAA battery, which is not included in the pack

14. XREXS Digital Kitchen Timer

The XREXS Digital Kitchen Timer enters the second last place in our review article with a loud beeping sound that can be heard from any room in the home, allowing you to forget about your timer. The strong and clear figures shown on its huge LCD panel are easily seen.

Moreover, if the timer is left inactive for 10 minutes, it will switch off on its own. It can count down and up and has a memory feature, which means it remembers the previous time setting. It is not only a great kitchen timer, but it can also be used for homework, fitness sessions, games, and school timing activities.


  • Operates on low-cost AAA batteries
  • The batteries are included in the pack.
  • Features a 2.1 x 0.75 inches display screen for better visibility
  • It comes with an auto-off feature
  • It is highly affordable.
  • It has a magnetic back, retractable stand, and hook for hanging


  • Has no cons so far

15. LIORQUE Kitchen Timer

Buttons for SP. 1S, and longer pushes are required to quickly increase the times. A lengthy push of ST1M5M will also switch between 12-hour and 24-hour mode. For the third and final product in our post, we choose the LIORQUE kitchen timer, which has the most shortcut settings. You may simply set the counting time by quickly and briefly pressing 1H.

The huge and strong numerals shown on its 2.7-inch LCD are very visible and can be read from any angle. Not only that, but you may choose from three distinct levels of alarm sound, the loudest of which is 90 dB.

Since it has a strong magnetic back, you may store the timer by adhering it to any metallic panel. You may also use the solid stand to position it on your kitchen counter, or you can hang it from the lanyard hole. If the timer stops functioning after a few months of usage, you will need to change the batteries.


  • Features an extremely wide count range (up to 99 hours 59 minutes 59 seconds)
  • It comes with an adjustable alarm volume
  • It has an easy to read the screen
  • It comes with three mounting options


  • Has no cons so far

Timers, both mechanical and digital

Mechanical timers are the most conventional kind of timer, and they function by rotating a portion of the timer to the desired time. It then counts down, frequently with an audible tick, until zero is reached, at which point the ringer sounds.

Analog clocks are occasionally available with bigger numerals for persons with low eyesight, and they are considerably simpler to operate than digital timers. The biggest drawback of mechanical timers is that they generally have a maximum duration restriction of 60 minutes.

Electronic timers often have a greater time range than mechanical timers, frequently up to 24 hours, with some even reaching 99 hours. They often have a clock function, however digital timers may be more difficult to set than mechanical timers, and batteries may sometimes run out during timing. They are often freestanding or wall-mounted.

Considerations Before Purchasing the Best Kitchen Timers

1. Longevity

Extreme circumstances equal kitchen. As a result, you’d want your kitchen timer to be able to survive harsh conditions. Your kitchen timer should be resistant to water splashes, humidity, and heat, and it should be easy to wipe away oil and fat.


A good kitchen timer is one that can be used both inside and outside of the kitchen. Since you can bring it with you, it becomes more handy. Only when it is tiny and lightweight does it provide portability. While you are not in the kitchen, you should be able to attach your kitchen timer to your fabric apron or hang it around your neck.

3. Sound of an Alarm

What good is a timer if it does not have a distinct alert sound? You don’t want to continually glancing at your timer, but you do want it to remind you of your task even when you’re not there. As a result, using clocks that support greater decibels is always a wise choice. It is critical that your alarm be both loud and long-lasting. This manner, unless you desire differently, you will never miss the ring.

4. Accuracy and count range

The most basic timers can count hours and minutes, but only the greatest timers can count seconds. When it comes to cooking, accuracy is highly valued, so why not have a kitchen timer that can measure time to higher precision?

A timer with a large count range, in addition to accuracy, is always a plus. Again, it’s not a necessary for daily usage, but a kitchen timer with this added function might come in useful during lengthy and intense cooking sessions.

5. Usability

clear and generate no further trouble. off Your kitchen timer should be simple to use, or else using it will be irritating. Complex kitchen appliances sometimes lose their worth and provide little enjoyment when used. The finest ones are those that provide easy operation by push buttons, such as on

6. Flexibility

Why wouldn’t you want your kitchen timer to be helpful for more than just cooking? A versatile timer may be useful in a variety of scenarios. A multi-function timer may be used for workouts, meetings, and children’s activities. Not only that, but if your timer has several settings, such as a stopwatch mode or a clock mode, it is the icing on the cake.


We hope that our study has given you some ideas about what sort of timer is ideal for you and your house, whether you like the simplicity of a mechanical timer or a multifunction digital timer.

Utilizing a kitchen timer not only frees you from having to be near the kitchen while cooking, but it also prevents you from damaging your phone or tablet when using your timer app. Having the finest kitchen timer on hand or strung around your neck also guarantees that your cookies are in the oven for the correct amount of time.

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