The Top 5 Honey Dispensers for Simple Pouring, Measuring, and Serving

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Honey is an excellent component for toppings, baking, spreads, and a wide range of other dishes. Yet, since it is so thick and sticky, finding a proper dispenser for it might be difficult. However, fortunately, there are specialized home and commercial use honey dispensers available that may make it easier to store and serve honey, and theyre certainly worth a look if you enjoy honey. Pour dispensers and dippers are available, as well as a variety of other alternatives that provide both usefulness and aesthetic.

We’ll look at the best five honey dispensers on the market and what they have to offer in this guide. Moreover, we will provide useful advise on selecting the ideal honey dispenser for your specific requirements. Let’s start with a short glance at how the top dispensers compare, and then we’ll dive into the full evaluations.

Best Selection

The Hunnibi Dispenser with Stand is our top pick, with a fashionable beehive style similar to the rest of the products on our list, but with a superior quality glass and integrated stopper to keep honey fresh when not in use.

Budget Selection

The Syrup Dispenser is an excellent solution for individuals on a tight budget. It has many of the features of higher-end versions but at a lower price, and it can be a terrific addition to any kitchen for quick gravity dispensing. The Honey Norpro

Product Name Grade
Hunnibi Honey Dispenser with Stand A
Norpro Honey/Syrup Dispenser A
Mrs. Anderson’s Baking Syrup Honey Dispenser A-
Bottom Flow Honey Dispenser B
NORPRO 780 1 Cup Bee Hive Honey Syrup Dispenser Jar A-

1. Hunnibi Honey Dispenser with Stand

Highlighted Characteristics

  • Drip-free dispenser design
  • Made of glass, not plastic, for superior durability
  • Features unique beehive design

This pour-style honey dispenser is guaranteed to receive rave reviews from your family and friends. It not only dispenses honey efficiently, but it also has a charming design and a stand so you can keep it nearby at all times. Unlike other dispensers, when you push the lever, this type flows from the bottom, resulting in a no-drop, no-mess flow that’s ideal for measuring, topping, and more. The glass container is simply cleaned with soap and water, or it may be placed in the dishwasher for extra faster cleaning.

This dispenser incorporates a bottom stopper that offers an airtight seal to keep your honey fresh. You’ll never have to worry about your honey spoiling or crystallizing while it’s sitting. Also, you won’t have to worry about finding a spot for it since it’s fashionable enough to put out on the counter, table, or kitchen island. The dispenser carries one cup of honey, sugar, maple syrup, chocolate syrup, or any other comparable substances.

2. Norpro Honey/Syrup Dispenser

Highlighted Features

  • Gravity pour design for mess-free serving
  • Includes base that can be used for storage and display
  • Cute beehive design

3 cup of hot water. The Syrup Dispenser is comparable to the first type on the list, however it is more affordable. The simple glass dispenser is long-lasting and intended to keep honey clean at all times. While the honey isn’t being used, the base may even be filled with warm water to protect the stopper spout from crystallizing. The trigger handle makes it simple to distribute honey or syrup by gravity, and when you’re through, the flow is stopped off, leaving no mess behind. The glass base can accommodate three ounces, or one cup. The Honey Norpro

The chrome-plated grip and lid are both robust and fashionable. Moreover, the trigger is light to the touch and may be used by anybody, even those with poor grasp or tiny hands. Unlike other dispensers that take a lot of effort to pour from the top, this gravity dispenser can retain and distribute up to one cup of honey, syrup, or similar liquids while saving you the mess and stress. For optimal performance, the manufacturer advises hand cleaning this dispenser. This model comes with a manufacturer’s warranty against damage and defects, as well as a satisfaction guarantee with every purchase.

3. Mrs. Anderson’s Baking Syrup Honey Dispenser

Highlighted Elements

  • 8-ounce capacity
  • Available as a single unit or two-pack
  • Comes with glass stand for display and storage

This container may also carry one cup, or eight ounces, of honey, syrup, or other comparable liquids. Moreover, the top trigger may be quickly pulled to remove the stopper, enabling the liquid to flow from the bottom for simple topping, measuring, and more. The chrome-plated lid adds a classy touch. It also comes with a strong glass stand that keeps the dispenser upright and secure while not in use.

While the dispenser is not being used, you may fill the stand with warm water to protect the honey from crystallizing at the spout. This dispenser should not be cleaned in the dishwasher, but it is simple to clean with warm, soapy water and can be hand-washed in a couple of minutes. The dispenser is comprised of excellent food-quality glass, silicone, and chrome-plated plastic and is lightweight but sturdy.

4. Bottom Flow Honey Dispenser

Highlighted Characteristics

  • No-drip gravity flow design
  • Holds up to one cup (8 oz.) of honey
  • Can also be used for syrup and other condiments

The Bottom Flow Honey Dispenser is a bottom-flow design that relies on gravity to provide a consistent pouring option for your honey and syrups. Because of the big hole, this dispenser can be filled in a matter of seconds and is embossed with a delightful beehive motif. The dispenser comes with a base that makes it simple to store while also displaying your own flair. Additionally, it’s entirely constructed of tough glass with a polished chrome-plated cover.

This dispenser is a mess-free solution that even children can use to pour syrup, honey, and other difficult-to-work-with liquids. Moreover, the one-cup size is ideal for holding just enough without overdoing it or necessitating frequent refills. You may even fill the convenient base with warm water to protect the bottle’s spigot from crystallizing while not in use.

5. NORPRO 780 1-Cup Bee Hive Honey Syrup Dispenser Jar

Highlighted Features

  • Sturdy glass design
  • Glass dispenser and stand are dishwasher-safe
  • Easy trigger makes pouring a breeze

Another traditional beehive shape, this type from Norpro provides simple dispensing wherever you need it. The container and glass base are composed of high-quality materials and are dishwasher-safe for fast and simple cleaning. Moreover, the long-lasting chrome-plated lid and trigger may be hand cleaned to keep them clean and the honey flowing smoothly. While not in use, the base may even be filled with water to protect the honey from crystallizing at the spout.

This Norpro dispenser has received rave reviews for being simple to use, especially for children, the elderly, and individuals with grip difficulty or tiny hands. It can also store up to one cup (8 oz.) of honey before needing to be replenished. These gravity designs will provide the ideal dispensing solution with minimal mess and no drips by distributing from the bottom. Forget about typical pour-over type containers that become sticky down the side; just squeeze the trigger, dispense what you need, and immediately stop the flow with no drops left behind.

How to Choose the Best Honey Dispenser: Save the Sticky Mess in Fashion

Purchasing a honey dispenser entails much more than you would expect. After all, those porcelain honey containers with hive-shaped dippers are adorable, but are they effective? Choosing the greatest honey dispenser is all about determining what works best for you. To assist you, we’ve produced the information below to introduce you to these handy kitchen gadgets and show you what they have to offer.

Read on to discover more about selecting the finest honey dispenser and which types will best fit your requirements.

What exactly is a Honey Dispenser?

Reusable honey dispensers are popular among people looking for a more convenient method to store and utilize their honey. For example, although many products come in squeeze bottles, they aren’t necessarily functional or aesthetically attractive. It may be preferable to have a specialized dispenser.

There are two types of honey dispensers: pour-over dispensers and dipper pots. A pour-style honey dispenser must have a large enough hole to enable the viscous liquid to flow freely. You wouldn’t be able to use an oil bottle to dispense honey, for example, therefore a specialist gadget could be your best option. These dispensers are available in a variety of forms and sizes, as well as commercial or heavy-duty designs.

Different Materials Used in the Construction of Honey Dispensers

The models on this list are all constructed of strong food-grade glass. Its lids are often made of chrome, stainless steel, or chrome-plated steel and are very sturdy. The metal triggers are meant to be easily pushed by any hand, which distinguishes these dispensers from other choices on the market.

Of course, quality plastic or other composite materials are used to make dispensers for household and business usage. Ceramic honey pots and crocks with dippers are also available. There is no correct or incorrect answer as to which material is ideal, although it is always preferable to use anything other than plastic, such as glass or ceramic, for a more lasting solution.

Consider the thickness of the glass utilized as well as the design’s longevity. Most of the types on this list, for example, feature an embossed honeycomb pattern, which offers the glass greater robustness and longevity than a conventional glass container. Likewise, keep in mind the handle and lid, since they are often problematic due to the material utilized. For the greatest effects, use a stainless steel or chrome-plated finish. It is not only fashionable, but it is also the simplest to clean and gives the most long-lasting solution.

Dipper Pots vs. Gravity Dispensers

Honey dispensers, like other condiment dispensers, come in a variety of forms. Since there aren’t many logistical issues, what you finally pick will be based on what you enjoy. We only evaluated gravity dispensers since they are the simplest and most popular to use, but there is always fun to be had with a dipper pot that contains a beehive-shaped dipper or other trendy additions.

The benefit of gravity dispensers is that they are a mess-free option. Rather of having to wait for the dipper to finish pouring before you can sprinkle the honey, or scoop it out of a jar and worry about making a mess, a gravity dispenser makes it simple. You may dispense honey from the bottom of the jar with a simple pull of the trigger. When you release the trigger, the flow will come to a halt and there will be no mess to deal with.

What’s wrong with the standard honey bear or squeeze bottle that comes with most store-bought products? There’s nothing wrong with these containers; they simply aren’t as clean, and they only provide a temporary solution since they must be changed every time you run out of honey.

It’s even simpler for people who prefer to purchase organic or fresh honey since you can go get a jar or two, then bring it home and put it in your dispenser for convenient access at any time. Although gravity dispensers are the most practical, having a honey pot at home may be preferable to the storage and dispensing alternatives you currently have.

Dipper pots are often built for appearance rather than usefulness. They do, however, provide a means to utilize honey if you are prepared to work a little more to prevent the mess. Again, these pots are adorable and seem to be enjoyable to use, but dipping may become messy if you’re not cautious. Also, utilizing this approach rather than a dispenser with a trigger that you just press until you obtain the proper quantity of honey might take substantially longer.

Container Durability and SecurityLid

A honey dispenser’s sole purpose is to make it simple to use and serve honey, syrup, and other sticky liquids without making a mess. It nearly defeats the point if you do not take care to choose a container with a tight cover or is intended to avoid leaks and spills. The last thing you want is to buy a honey dispenser only to have it leak and dribble all over the place when you try to use it.

Always search for containers with long-lasting, high-quality lids made of stainless steel or chrome plating. Ensure that they are strong and screwed on securely. Choose honey dispensers that will keep everything contained, even if a leak or drop occurs.

When you pick one of the gravity dispensers on our list, you also receive a robust foundation to hold the dispenser while it is not in use. Not only is this a terrific method to keep it fresh, but it may also provide greater security in how your honey is kept. Whatever of the form you pick, all of the components of your honey dispenser should be safe and long-lasting.

Commercial vs. Residential

You may choose one design over another depending on where and how you want to utilize your honey dispenser(s). Commercial applications, such as those used in restaurants, may, for example, keep to a more simple pourable design. A home kitchen, on the other hand, can benefit from a pot that is both elegant and useful, giving a one-of-a-kind touch to the environment. It’s all about discovering what works for you.

Of course, as previously noted, durability plays a role in the application. Restaurants and professional kitchens may need a heavy-duty dispenser, although a home chef may be happy with something for occasional usage. Look particularly for the sort of dispensers that you need, as well as any other kitchen items that you have in mind. It may be OK (and even helpful) to choose a honey dispenser designed for restaurants and commercial purposes for household usage. After all, these instruments are purpose-built to endure longer than typical home-use dispensers.

Prioritize Your Personal Needs

When purchasing an item like this, there are undoubtedly certain must-have features. The bulk of the characteristics, though, will be a question of personal choice. Make sure you consider what you want from this instrument since that is what is most important.

In addition to the characteristics and aspects stated above, you may have other demands for the honey dispenser you choose. Consider all of them while making your purchase since, with so many high-quality items to pick from, you won’t have trouble finding what you need.


That concludes our look at the top honey dispenser alternatives on the market today, as well as our recommendations and helpful hints for selecting the best match for your kitchen. Remember to evaluate the dispensing technique, the materials utilized in construction, and the overall security and longevity of the dispenser. Gravity dispensers are our preferred option due to their simplicity and lack of mess.

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