The Top 7 Canned Crab Meats for 2022

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Crab, as we all know, is a delicacy that you probably don’t eat very often. This might be due to its comparatively high cost in comparison to other seafood selections. It might also be due to a lack of availability.

But what if we told you that obtaining crab flesh wasn’t that difficult? Instead of purchasing a full crab and having to pull off its shell only to get to the crab flesh, why not choose an alternative where all of the hard work is done for you? This is when tinned crab flesh comes in handy.

We’ll show you seven of the finest canned crab meat options on the market today in this study. Canned crab meat is a good substitute for fresh crab meat since it has the same rich crab taste. It is not only less costly than the actual thing, but it is also far more accessible since there are so many different brands available nowadays!

Please read all seven reviews of these canned crab meat selections before proceeding to the purchasing guide. In that part, we’ll go over some of the most significant factors to consider before making your ultimate selection. Let’s get this party started!

Best Selection

The Crown Prince, Fancy White Lump Crab Meat is our top option for canned crab meat since it produces a large quantity of crab meat and has no preservatives in the can, making it completely safe and nutritious to consume.

Budget Selection

Buying on a tight budget? Not a problem! You may quench your crab meat desires with the BUMBLE BEE Crab Meat, Fancy White while paying a very reasonable price!

Product Name Grade
Crown Prince, Fancy White Lump Crab Meat A
BUMBLE BEE Crab Meat, Fancy White B+
Chicken of the Sea Lump Crab A-
Chicken of the Sea White Crab B+
Heron Point Jumbo Lump Crabmeat B-
Handy Premium Lump Crab Meat B
Handy Pelagicus Jumbo Lump Pasteurized Crab Meat B+

1. Crown Prince, Fancy White Lump Crab Meat

The Crown Prince, Fancy White Lump Crab Meat is the greatest canned crab meat option. Whether you’re concerned about the ingredients or are more health-conscious, this Crown Prince Lump Crab Meat will set your mind at ease.

There are no preservatives, MSG, or sulfites in this can of lump crab flesh. These substances are often used to enhance and frequently exaggerate the taste of crab flesh, and they are not included in this Crown Prince can.

This crab meat is likewise prepared and packaged without the use of bleaching agents, instead being packed in water. This helps to maintain the natural flavor of the crab flesh itself. This crab meat is collected off the coast of Thailand and is recognized for its rich taste.

Each serving of our Crown Prince Lump Crab Meat provides 615mg of omega-3. It’s also a great source of protein, with each meal providing 17% of your daily protein needs. As a result, if you’re seeking for a flavorful and light protein source, canned crab meat is a terrific choice.

Many of you may be curious about its nutrition data, since it has no preservatives or MSG. This canned crab meat is also a nonfat product, which means it includes no saturated or trans fats. It does include a substantial 19% cholesterol and 12% sodium level, so keep these statistics in mind if you believe they are excessive.

You’ll receive 120g or 4.25oz of full-flavored crab flesh with this Crown Prince White Lump Crab Meat. Each serving should be 60g, or nearly half a can of this crab flesh. One serving of this canned crab flesh provides roughly 40 calories for those managing their calories. If you’re not going to consume the whole can when you open it, keep it refrigerated to retain its freshness and flavor.

What we liked: We loved this canned crab flesh since it catered to health-conscious customers. This crab meat worked well on its own as the major protein of a dinner, but we also appreciated it as dips for our chips, salads, and crab cakes.

What we didn’t like: since it didn’t utilize any preservatives to assist keep its full, natural taste and also to improve the flavor, this crab meat is missing in complete flavor and may frequently be flavorless for some individuals. We discovered that adding our own salt to it really enhanced the flavor.

2. BUMBLE BEE Crab Meat, Fancy White

Another great canned crab meat option is the BUMBLE BEE Crab Meat, Fancy White. The texture of this crab flesh makes it extremely appetizing. Although other canned crab meats include large pieces of crab flesh, our BUMBLE BEE Crab Meat is flaky rather than chunky.

Because of its cost and flavor, this canned crab flesh is an excellent option. Crab meat fans will like this BUMBLE BEE product since it has a distinct feel than canned crab meat. Many people like this flaky form of crab flesh, and this may be the greatest option for it.

Each BUMBLE BEE White Crab Meat tin contains 120g of flaky white crab flesh. This canned crab meat, like many others, is ideal for two meals and contains around 60g each serving, which is about the equal of one quarter cup. If you’re counting calories, this one has a net caloric intake of 45 calories, including 5 fat calories.

About the nutritional contents of this can of crab flesh, it comprises 20% cholesterol, 11% sodium, and 1% fat. This canned crab meat is a good option for folks on the keto diet as the main protein in your dinner or even as a light snack. It is quite adaptable and may be taken in a variety of ways as both the major protein and as a supplemental protein.

Many individuals prefer canned crab meat over other canned fish, such as sardines or salmon, since it is considerably lighter to ingest. It is also incredibly economical, which makes it highly appealing to customers who find it difficult to locate budget-friendly crab flesh.

What we loved: We appreciated the flakiness of the crab flesh. It made us feel less pressured to utilize it as the major protein in our meals, and we instead used it as a complimentary protein in our recipes. For example, we used flaky crab meat in our spinach and artichoke dip, where those tastes took center stage, but the flaky crab meat offered a great texture as well as a fantastic amount of protein.

What we didn’t like: The one issue we encountered with flakier crab flesh is that it’s frequently difficult to tell whether you’re being ripped off when you open the can. Since there is water in there to keep the crab meat from spoiling, it seems like there is more water than crab meat because the crab meat has been broken down into flakes. As a result, it may seem that you are not receiving a lot of crab flesh from this container.

3. Chicken of the Sea Lump Crab

With good reason, Chicken of the Sea is one of the most popular canned seafood brands. They manufacture outstanding and flavorful canned seafood items, like Lump Crab. It’s quite tasty and full of both natural and artificial taste.

If you’ve already bought and appreciated the Chicken of the Sea Lump Crab, you should certainly grab this. This lump crab is imported from Vietnam, and each pack contains 12 cans of your favorite tinned crab flesh. Each can weighs 6 ounces and includes 120g of pure and fresh lump crab flesh.

Customers who have bought this pack of 12 Lump Crab cans think that it is a significantly better bargain than purchasing a single can on its own. They further claim that if you have a family or are planning a big party, this box of 12 cans is ideal.

When not serving this crab flesh at big events, many people believe it makes an excellent mid-afternoon snack. It’s light, rich in protein, and should be enough to keep you going till supper. It is also high in omega-3 fatty acids and calcium, providing several health advantages.

In terms of nutritional value, each can contains 17% cholesterol, 13% salt, and 1% fat. Nevertheless, unlike some other canned crab meats, this one contains some Sodium Pyrophosphate, which is a salt additive. The goal of this is to keep the crab meat’s full taste and firmness, so that it does not dissolve into a flakier crab flesh texture.

What we liked: We appreciated the taste of this canned crab meat as well as the recipes on the back of the can. We tried the crab pesto pasta, which was incredibly fantastic and something we cooked many times using this lump crab flesh. We really liked the pricing we paid for this pack of 12 cans since you certainly get more bang for your money.

What we didn’t like: We didn’t like the fact that there wasn’t uniformity in the quantity of crab flesh in each can. For example, in two of the 12 cans, we found much more crab shells than crab flesh, which looked like a waste of two cans.

4. Chicken of the Sea White Crab

White Crab is another famous canned crab meat product from Chicken of the Sea. This one differs from their Lump Crab in that the texture is finer and flakier, rather than larger pieces of crab flesh.

This is an excellent canned crab meat option if you don’t want something as solid as lump crab meat and rather something more shredded. This form of shredded crab flesh is what you should anticipate when you buy it, but it’s not what everyone expected when they purchased it.

This Chicken of the Sea White Crab comes in a 6-ounce can with 113g of crab meat. This one, like their Lump Crab, comes in a pack of 12 cans, so you’re getting a lot more bang for your buck when you buy more cans, particularly if you enjoy flaky crab flesh.

This canned crab meat, like other canned crab meats, is high in protein and omega-3 fatty acids for a happier and healthier life. You may nibble on this white crab or use it in quantity for your meals since it has so many health advantages.

In terms of nutritional content, this White Crab can has 17% cholesterol, 13% salt, and each serving size contains around 30 calories. Chicken of the Sea, like their Lump Crab product, employs an additive to help keep taste as well as a preservative to help preserve freshness.

When it comes to flavor, many people think it has a milder flavor and is sweeter (rather than saltier). But, as many people have pointed out, do not drain the can’s extra fluid since they claim that most of the taste is in this water. If you want to create crab meat or seafood soup, just dump the contents of the can into your soup.

What we loved: As a supporting protein in our dishes, we particularly appreciated this flakier textured white crab flesh. Since it isn’t full or substantial enough to be the primary protein in any meal, it worked particularly well as an add-on flavor in our soups and dips.

What we didn’t like: Like many other folks, we wished the crab flesh had more substance. We didn’t anticipate it to be this unreliable since it wasn’t described as such. But, we made the most of what we had and utilized it wisely. People should be aware, however, that they should not anticipate complete and robust crab flesh pieces from this one.

5. Heron Point Jumbo Lump Crabmeat

If you want heaping, massive pieces of crab flesh, go no further than Heron Point Giant Lump Crabmeat. It has some of the biggest bits of crab flesh in a can, which is why people adore it.

When you open a can of Heron Point Jumbo Lump Crabmeat, you can anticipate juicy, soft, and delicious lumps of crab meat. As the name implies, these giant bits of crab meat are likely to be some of the largest lumps of crab flesh in a can.

In addition to having unusually huge lumps, they have relatively few shells, which are common in canned crab flesh. This means you’ll have more crab flesh to consume and fewer shells to fish out of your mouth.

This crab flesh is extracted from the crab’s two fin muscles, making it very soft and simple to chew. Following that, Heron Point thoroughly cleans it so that it is totally pasteurized and ready to eat immediately from the can or serve on a dish or platter.

Several customers who have bought our Heron Point Crabmeat are pleased with its flexibility. Several people claim you can eat it directly out of the can as a snack, while others think it tastes fantastic as the main protein in a meal, such as crab cakes. Some individuals have even utilized this giant crab flesh to make crab meat cocktails.

What we loved: Of the numerous crab meats we’ve tasted and evaluated, we especially appreciated the fact that this crab meat did a superb job of keeping its form and size. Typically, once these bits of crab flesh are in the jar, they might split and become stringy or flaky, but that was not the case with this one. Eating it was a treat since they were still fairly huge in size!

What we didn’t like: The one thing we didn’t enjoy was that when you open the can, it has a really strong and fishy odor. If you don’t mind and aren’t bothered by it, it shouldn’t be a problem for you.

6. Handy Premium Lump Crab Meat

Superior Lump Crab Meat is another excellent choice for crab fans who want bigger crab bits. Our Premium Lump Crab Meat is cooked from live crabs in Southeast Asia, which improves the crab meat’s texture and taste.

Maybe the nicest feature of our Premium Lump Crab Meat is that they utilize a special black light to check the contents and remove the shell. As a consequence, the final product is tasty, big crab flesh with no shells.

Another fantastic feature of this crab meat is the huge amount of crab meat you receive when you purchase a can. Each container contains one pound of crab meat! To put that into perspective, each can contains an impressive eight servings. In comparison, the Crown Prince and BUMBLE BEE crab flesh cans only provide two servings each can.

Each serving size includes around 57g of crab flesh and 45 calories. Each may also have less salt, as indicated by its 9% sodium content.

Customers who have bought this Superior Lump Crab Meat rave about its versatility, claiming that it can be used in almost any cuisine. Its pieces are big enough to stand out on their own or as a prominent protein, as as in crab cakes. They also recommend and supply a recipe for crab-stuffed mushrooms, which is ideal if you want to take your cuisine to the next level.

What we liked: The quantity of crab meat you receive in a single can is by far the most appealing aspect of this crab meat alternative. It’s amazing how much crab flesh is packed into one can, and one can generally lasts you a few dinners, depending on how many people you’re cooking for. We also loved that each can may be used and refrigerated for up to 18 months.

What we didn’t like: Although we appreciated the meatiness of this crab, the price was the main deterrent. Each can is quite costly, and we would have liked a much lower price or two cans supplied in a pack at the price we paid for this.

7. Handy Pelagicus Jumbo Lump Pasteurized Crab Meat

The Handy Pelagicus Giant Lump Pasteurized Crab Meat comes in last on our list of the finest canned crab meat. The Pelagicus sells crab meat in one-pound cans, similar to the previous canned crab meat, with the distinction that this comes in a pack of six cans. Each can is pasteurized, which means the crab flesh has been thoroughly cleansed and is ready to consume the minute you open it.

As stated on the can, you may anticipate ranging from 55 to 75 pieces of crab flesh in each can. These portions are often large and flavorful. Several individuals have praised this brand for their ability to keep shells out of their cans. This results in a more delightful eating experience as well as piece of mind knowing that your crab flesh is free of those bothersome shells.

Another intriguing detail about this crab meat is that it is sourced from India. You would not think of India as a seafood or crab meat supplier, but the crab flesh is exquisite and full of content.

Each can has eight portions, each of which contains 50 calories. It has fewer cholesterol and salt than other canned crab meat choices, with just 18% cholesterol and 7% sodium. It is strong in protein and contains just 2% fat.

Consuming this Handy Pelagicus Jumbo Lump Pasteurized should be done as soon as the can is opened. Although they must be refrigerated after opening, be aware that they have a shorter shelf life and that the remainder of each opened can must be consumed more quickly.

What we liked: We were great admirers of the jumbo lump crab flesh, which we found to be more flavorful and substantial. We particularly like the texture of this crab flesh since it stayed in its complete form in our mouths and didn’t break apart. Overall, this crab flesh is quite nicely textured and has a subtle taste.

What we didn’t like: even though it comes in a pack of six cans, the price of this crab meat is still much too excessive for us. Nonetheless, if you like this brand, it is substantially less expensive per can than the Premium Lump Crab Meat. Both versions are available in one-pound cans.

Considerations Before Purchasing the Finest Canned Crab Meat

As we said in the opening, getting access to crab flesh might be difficult depending on where you reside. Since it is seafood, it might also be a costly alternative. Nevertheless, the availability of canned crab flesh eliminates such difficulties. Nevertheless, before you go out and get some canned crab flesh, there are a few things you should think about.

These are crucial concerns that every canned crab meat consumer should have in mind while purchasing it. Not all canned crab meats are the same, and it is vital to emphasize this fact since some consumers have bought canned crab meats that entirely disappointed them. Therefore, before you buy one that you don’t like, have a look at our top factors.

Crab Meat Comes in a Variety of Styles

There are many varieties of canned crab flesh, and recognizing the subtle variations between them would be quite beneficial.

Several of the canned crab meat alternatives we investigated included either lump crab meat or white crab meat. White crab flesh contains both large and little bits of crab meat and is significantly more stringy or flaky. They may arrive in pieces, but they are not tight and substantial.

Lump crab meat and, for some, jumbo lump crab meat are more expensive types of crab flesh. They normally go through a more thorough washing and sanitization procedure to ensure that the crab is safe to eat straight from the can while remaining appetizing. This form of crab meat is obviously chunkier, and firms who provide it will normally go out of their way to ensure that all of the shells are removed from the crab flesh. Since there is a lot more intricacy and care put into these cans, they are more costly than white crab meat.

What It Is Good For

If you don’t usually consume crab meat, you should know that it’s highly flexible in terms of the amount of meals it can be used in. You may use canned crab meat as the main protein in your recipe, but it can also serve as a side dish. Crab cakes, crab soup or bisque, salads, and even dipping sauces are some of the more popular meals that incorporate canned crab meat. There are a plethora of dishes available that use crab flesh and all of them taste fantastic.

Price and worth

In a nutshell, seafood is often more costly than other meals. The same may be stated for certain canned crab meat selections, but not all. Certain canned crab meats, such as white crab meat, come in smaller cans and are thus less expensive. As compared to bigger crab meats, such as jumbo lump crab meat, they may be much more costly since you receive far more meaty bits of crab flesh.

Certain crab meats are also sold in packs with varying amounts of cans. Although it may seem that a pack of cans offers better value than a single can, the greatest advise we can provide is to be sure you’ve tasted that exact can before. We’ve heard too many accounts of individuals purchasing huge packs of 12 cans just to be disappointed when they discover it’s not the sort of canned crab flesh they were searching for.

Last Thought

Crab flesh is a lovely and delightful delicacy to consume, but it may be difficult to get for many people. That will no longer be the case with the greatest canned crab meats. You may now get fresh and delectable crab flesh. If you’re seeking for a certain sort of crab flesh, you’ll be glad to hear that there are many options available for you to select and purchase.

Whether you want an additional supper alternative or want to wow your visitors, canned crab meat is the closest thing to real crab flesh and tastes just as excellent!

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