The Top 7 Chocolate Syrups for 2022

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Something about having the nicest chocolate syrup poured all over and on top of your vanilla ice cream is just so delicious and appealing. Whether it’s because chocolate is undoubtedly delicious, or because who can resist a little extra sugar in their dessert?

Whatever the reason for individuals wishing to utilize chocolate syrup, they may be unaware of how versatile it is. Although most people associate chocolate syrup with ice cream, it may also be mixed into milk to make your own variation of chocolate milk. Even better, if your pie crust seems to be dry, you may add some chocolate syrup to it to provide moisture and texture.

There are many excellent chocolate syrup options available, and although they may seem to be the same product in the end, there might be significant distinctions. The quantity of sugar used, the kind of chocolate used (white or dark), and the number of calories are all elements that may influence both the flavor and people’s preferences for which one to select.

Best Selection

Torani Sugar Free Chocolate Syrup is our top recommendation for chocolate syrup. It’s difficult to find one that beats this one in terms of quality, taste, and value. It’s full of that powerful and deep chocolate flavor but in a syrup shape.

Budget Selection

ChocZeros Chocolate Sugar-Free Syrup will please shoppers seeking for a low-cost chocolate syrup. This one is not only less expensive, but it is also healthier, with no added sugar in the syrup.

Product Name Grade
Torani Sugar Free Chocolate Syrup A
ChocZero’s Chocolate Sugar-Free Syrup A-
Walden Farms Calorie Free Chocolate Syrup B
HERSHEY’S Chocolate Syrup A-
Ghirardelli Premium Sauce White Chocolate B
Monin – Gourmet Dark Chocolate Sauce B+
The Original Bosco Chocolate Syrup A-

1. Torani Sugar Free Chocolate Syrup

Those seeking for the greatest chocolate syrup can go no farther than Torani Sugar Free Chocolate Syrup. This chocolate syrup stands out from the crowd due to its excellent value and healthier components, which may surprise some people.

Chocolate syrup is not regarded to be the healthiest topping for ice cream or milk, but with the Torani, this issue may be overcome. This is due to the fact that this chocolate syrup is sugar free, and if you look at the nutrition data, you will discover that it includes 0 grams of total sugar.

If you’re wondering where it gets its sweetness, the answer is that it’s sweetened with Splenda. Using Splenda as a sweetener decreases the sugar level to nothing, making this the ideal guilt-free chocolate syrup to pair with vanilla ice cream. Another advantage of not using sugar in its preparation is that it does not include any calories!

Several individuals have praised Torani Sugar Free Chocolate Syrup, and with good reason. Apart from the guilt-free delights of ingesting it, this delightful chocolate syrup comes in a set of four containers. Each bottle contains 25.4 ounces of sugar-free chocolate syrup, or roughly 750 milliliters.

What we liked: Despite the fact that this chocolate syrup has no sugar, which is nearly impossible to believe, it tastes really good and is full of that familiar chocolate flavor. It had a thick and silky feel, just like any other syrup.

What we didn’t like: as much as we like this Torani Chocolate Syrup, four bottles of it is much too much for us to drink, no matter how guilt-free it is!

2. ChocZero’s Chocolate Sugar-Free Syrup

ChocZeros Chocolate Sugar-Free Syrup is undoubtedly the greatest buy for those looking for the most bang for their budget. Some customers just want the greatest product for the best (lowest) price, and the ChocZeros Chocolate Syrup provides outstanding value as well as a high-quality chocolate syrup.

This chocolate syrup may be described as decadent, delicious, smooth, and full of chocolate taste. It is also sugar free, as the name implies, so you don’t have to feel awful about adding a little more in your milk or on your ice cream.

Despite the lack of sugar, it produces a sweet syrup flavor due to the use of genuine cocoa liquor and high-quality cocoa beans. What’s more amazing is that this chocolate syrup doesn’t use any water to dilute it, resulting in a wonderfully smooth and rich syrup that’s also devoid of preservatives.

This sugar-free syrup has around 37 calories per serving (one tablespoon), but it also contains 14 grams of dietary fiber. Each bottle of this chocolate syrup contains 12 fluid ounces, or about 350 milliliters.

What we liked: The texture of this chocolate syrup was excellent. It was quite fudge-like and tasted just as nice as some of these other syrups, so it was fairly consistent with other and even more harmful chocolate syrups. The fact that it didn’t include any sugar was a huge plus, particularly if you want to have it with your ice cream but are watching your sugar consumption.

What we didn’t like: It touts itself as being appropriate for the Keto diet, but what we found was that ingesting this syrup quickly knocked us out of ketosis and made us feel awful for a few days. This has happened to a few other folks as well.

3. Walden Farms Calorie Free Chocolate Syrup

Walden Farms Calorie Free Chocolate Syrup is another wonderful and tasty chocolate syrup option to choose. This chocolate syrup is developed and processed in the United States, and it, like our top and budget-friendly pick, provides another guilt-free option to enjoy chocolate syrup with your favorite treats.

For others, indulging in gluttonous vanilla ice cream drizzled in chocolate syrup is a dream and a daydream. One disadvantage for those who dream about it is that this chocolate syrup may be high in both sugar and calories. These concerns may be alleviated by using our Chocolate Syrup, which is both sugar and calorie free. This chocolate syrup is made even more tempting by the fact that it has no fat or cholesterol.

This chocolate syrup has no fat since it is prepared from defatted cocoa powder. Use this defatted powder with a natural flavor, water, and caramel color to create a guilt-free chocolate syrup! Despite the fact that it has no sugar or calories, it does contain sucralose, an artificial sweetener. Sucralose may be a divisive sweetener for certain individuals, depending on where you stand on the issue.

This Walden Farms Calorie Free Chocolate Syrup is available in a case of six bottles. Each bottle holds 12 fluid ounces, or about 350 milliliters.

What we liked: Despite the lack of sugar, the flavor of this chocolate syrup is surprisingly excellent. We used it in a number of ways, including over ice cream, in a smoothie, and to create chocolate milk, and each time the flavor was fantastic and we were pleased.

What we didn’t like: The texture of this chocolate syrup was very disappointing to us. Its fairly goopy and occasionally lumpy, and not the smooth and rich texture you would come to anticipate from a top-notch chocolate syrup.

4. HERSHEY’S Chocolate Syrup

We couldn’t speak about chocolate or chocolate syrup without mentioning Hersheys, one of the world’s largest chocolate-making companies. The Hersheys brand is so beloved in America that its corporate offices are in Hershey, Pennsylvania, the town named for this renowned chocolate-making enterprise. As a result, it’s no wonder that they also make some of the most delectable chocolate syrup available.

If you’ve ever tasted a Hershey’s chocolate, especially the iconic Hershey’s Kisses, you’ll know precisely how their chocolate tastes. Consider their Chocolate Syrup to taste just how it would if you melted those Hershey Kisses and placed them in a bottle!

Hersheys Chocolate Syrup has the sweet, rich, and familiar flavor of dark milk chocolate melted down into a flawlessly smooth and creamy chocolate syrup. This Chocolate Syrup goes great with any treat, and for parents searching for a less sugary chocolate syrup option, this Hershey’s one includes up to 50% less sugar.

This Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup has just 20 calories per tablespoon, which is amazing considering the only thing they know how to manufacture is chocolate! A bottle of their Chocolate Syrup contains 18.5 fluid ounces (550 milliliters).

What we liked: We adored this Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup for its flavor and nostalgic appeal. When we had it, it reminded us of our youth, and the fact that it had less sugar, which was extremely evident in its flavor, meant that we didn’t have to second-guess giving it to our children.

What we didn’t like: There isn’t much to dislike about this throwback chocolate syrup. Possibly one thing we did notice was that, rather than using less sugar, there was a slight flavor of an artificial sweetener of some type.

5. Ghirardelli Premium Sauce White Chocolate

Ghirardelli is a luxury chocolate company renowned for their chain of locations where consumers may buy their favorite sweet delicacies. They also offer an outstanding selection of sweet treats, particularly chocolates. Ghirardelli Premium Sauce White Chocolate in liquid form is a wonderful chocolate syrup alternative for those looking for something a little different with their chocolate syrup.

As the name suggests, this Ghirardelli Premium Sauce White Chocolate is ideal for those who prefer white chocolate over black chocolate. White chocolate has a milder and occasionally sweeter flavor than black chocolate. Those who like white chocolate will recognize the delightful and sweet white chocolate flavor in this white chocolate syrup.

This white chocolate syrup contains genuine cocoa butter and may be used in a variety of ways. This chocolate syrup may be used as a topping on top of ice cream, but its taste is also adaptable enough to be used in espresso-based cocktails and other hot beverages. When you add this white chocolate syrup to these drinks, it becomes a suitable alternative for regular sugar.

Ghirardelli provides its White Chocolate Syrup with their trademark elegant logo in an equally fine bottle. But, since it comes in a huge, five-pound container, you will receive a lot of white chocolate syrup with this one. Since there is so much syrup in this one bottle, you may wish to use a pump to extract the white chocolate syrup; however, this pump must be purchased separately.

What we liked:The taste of this white chocolate syrup is fantastic, and it’s ideal if you’re looking for a change from your typical dark chocolate syrup.

What we didn’t like: One item that disappointed us was how clumpy this white chocolate syrup became. We didn’t have the pump, so every time we tried to obtain any syrup, all we got were large, chunky globs of white chocolate syrup.

6. Monin – Gourmet Dark Chocolate Sauce

Monins Gourmet Dark Chocolate Sauce is ideal for chocolate syrup fans searching for a quality dessert experience. This chocolate syrup, packaged in a lovely container that resembles a little shampoo bottle, is a luxurious experience for people who appreciate the finer things in life.

This Monin Chocolate Sauce delivers bold, rich, velvety, dark chocolate tastes. Its texture is exactly what you would expect from a high-quality syrup, and there are several ways to enjoy this syrup. This Monin Chocolate Sauce will provide lots of delicious chocolate taste to your ice cream, as a dipping sauce for your pastries, or even in your drinks, and will not disappoint.

Many people consider this Monin Chocolate Sauce to be among the greatest in terms of flavor, with its incredibly powerful dark chocolate flavor and pleasant smelling scent. It has a wonderfully creamy and velvety texture, yet it is not too sweet, maintaining that precise balance between the sweetness and acidity of dark chocolate.

This Monin Dark Chocolate Sauce is packaged in a BPA-free container with 12 fluid ounces (355 milliliters) of chocolate syrup. It’s also highly health aware, since each serving has just 60 calories and 12 grams of sugar. Its recipe has no artificial colors or flavors, and it is also gluten-free and Kosher. Making this chocolate syrup as accessible as possible is precisely why it is an incredibly fantastic complement to any dish.

What we liked: If you want an ultra-premium chocolate syrup experience, you probably won’t find one better than this one. We were quite pleased that the texture of the sauce did not alter or get clumpy after months of use. The texture stayed smooth throughout our use of this bottle, which we highly recommend.

What we didn’t like: The consistency of the sauce in this chocolate syrup could certainly be improved. This syrup is a little thick and could definitely be thinner. This would make it simpler to get it out of the bottle. But, if you want your chocolate syrup thicker, this is a great option.

7. The Original Bosco Chocolate Syrup

If you’ve ever tasted chocolate syrup before, whether in a restaurant, an ice cream shop, or even at a friend’s home, chances are it was The Original Bosco Chocolate Syrup. This chocolate syrup is a timeless staple, and Bosco began manufacturing chocolate syrup in 1928.

This vintage flashback chocolate syrup will transport you back to a simpler moment in your life. You would not hesitate to request further pours of this wonderful chocolate syrup. Its smooth and delicious chocolate syrup would effortlessly pour out of the bottle and all over your vanilla ice cream for you to enjoy.

You may now recollect and buy a piece of nostalgia for yourself and your children. Since they have not altered their formula, the Original Bosco Chocolate Syrup tastes precisely the same as it did when you were a youngster. Each pour of their chocolate syrup retains the ideal chocolate malt flavor that goes great with any of your favorite recipes.

Each bottle of Original Bosco Chocolate Syrup contains 22 ounces of fluid, or about 650 milliliters. Their chocolate syrup is created from natural cocoa and is high in B vitamins. Each serving size has 22 grams of sugar, so keep that in mind when you pour it over your ice cream.

What we liked:Until recently, we had entirely forgotten about the Bosco brand and their chocolate syrup. Not only did it taste precisely how we remembered it as kids, but we were overjoyed to watch our children appreciate it as much as we did when we were their age. An incredibly fantastic throwback that is still wonderful!

What we didn’t like: now that we’re older and more concerned with calorie and sugar content, this Bosco Chocolate Syrup has a higher sugar and calorie (110) count per serving, so keep that in mind if you’re concerned about these statistics as well.

Considerations Before Purchasing the Finest Chocolate Syrup

Chocolate Syrup Type

When most people think of chocolate syrup, they think of the dark, smooth, and sweet chocolate syrup that is often seen on top of ice cream sundaes. Although the great majority of chocolate syrups are of the dark chocolate sort, there are plenty of white chocolate ones available as well.

White chocolate syrup is for those who prefer white chocolate over dark chocolate. After all, why pass up the opportunity to have white chocolate splattered all over your ice cream? White chocolate syrup tastes similar to dark chocolate syrup and is a similarly delicious pleasure to enjoy on your favorite pastries.

The Sugar Content

You probably already know that adding a lot of chocolate syrup on your ice cream or in your milk will make it taste extremely sweet. Most chocolate syrups are made from natural cocoa sources, which adds a lot of sweetness to the syrup.

There are, however, several excellent chocolate syrups that strive to keep the sugar level as low as possible. Even better, there are certain chocolate syrups available, such as Toranis, that provide sugar-free chocolate syrup! It will, however, utilize an alternative sweetener (such as Splenda) to sweeten the syrup, but the sugar level will be essentially nil.

If you need to limit your sugar consumption, we recommend that you look into the nutritional value of the chocolate syrup you’re interested in. Most of them are fairly sweet, as demonstrated by their sugar levels, but there are a couple that are absolutely devoid of it.

Caloric Value

In a similar vein to the sugar content, the calories in chocolate syrup may be rather high when calculated per serving. Certain chocolate syrups have a low calorie content, ranging from 20 to 40 calories per serving. But, since chocolate is so sweet and indulgent, there are a few chocolate syrups that have calories in excess of 100 per serving.

If you are a calorie counter, you will be relieved to discover that there are still some delicious and excellent chocolate syrups that have no calories at all. This is not only a huge benefit, but it also encourages individuals to grab for that additional pour of chocolate syrup!


When it comes to the texture of chocolate syrup, the simple answer is that it may vary. As it comes out of the bottle, the majority of chocolate syrups are quite flowing but also very smooth. When you shoot chocolate syrup from the bottle, it normally runs out pretty smoothly and without any resistance.

Yet, there are situations when this is not the case. There are times when the chocolate syrup may thicken or clump together within the bottle. What occurs is that it no longer flows easily from the bottle. When it does come out of the bottle, it won’t be particularly liquid-like and will instead seem like globs or clumps of chocolate.

To avoid this, it is important to heed the directions for storing your chocolate syrup after use. Some bottles may ask you to refrigerate it immediately after use, while others may instruct you to store it in a dry pantry.

Last Thoughts

Smooth, creamy, rich, and sweet. These are all the wonderful ways people describe chocolate syrup. Its adaptability as a final sweet touch to your dish is limitless, whether you use it over ice cream, in milk, on dessert, or even on crepes.

Therefore, the next time you receive a scoop of vanilla ice cream or want to spice up your next glass of milk, try adding some of the finest chocolate syrup to it. We guarantee you will not be sorry.

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