The Top 8 Powdered Eggs for 2022

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Eggs are maybe one of the finest breakfast meals of all time. Everyone enjoys eggs first thing in the morning, whether scrambled, sunny-side up, or over easy.

But have you ever gone through a dozen eggs in a hurry and wished you had more? It’s a dilemma that many individuals, particularly families, face. To counteract this, why yearn for more eggs when you may have them ready, on demand, and ready to consume at any time?

You can now make eggs in minutes using the finest powdered eggs, and you don’t even need to have any eggs in your fridge. Several individuals remark that when cooked, powdered eggs taste nearly precisely like normal eggs! These powdered eggs also have a considerably longer shelf life than real eggs, so you won’t catch salmonella sickness from them.

In this analysis, we look at the best eight powdered egg products on the market right now. We’ll offer you our honest opinion and tell you what’s good and bad about each one. Continue reading all the way to the end for a brief small shopping tip on the top things to consider when purchasing powdered eggs. Let’s get this party started!

Best Selection

Because of its remarkable likeness and flavor to genuine eggs, the Augason Farms Dried Whole Egg Product is by far the best powdered egg selection.

Budget Selection

Judees Whole Egg Powder is a great option for individuals looking for powdered eggs on a budget. It’s ideal for making breakfast at home or bringing along on camping vacations.

Product Name Grade
Augason Farms Dried Whole Egg Product A
Judee’s Whole Egg Powder A-
OvaEasy Dehydrated Egg Crystals Powdered Eggs B+
Z Natural Powdered Eggs Bulk Size B
Sonstegard Powdered Eggs B-
Modernist AAA Grade Egg White Powder B+
Wise Company Powdered Egg Bucket B-
Future Essentials Powdered Eggs B

1. Augason Farms Dried Whole Egg Product

The Augason Farms Dried Whole Egg Product will have your family desiring eggs in no time. This powdered egg product comes in a two-pound container with 71 servings of eggy delight.

Augason Farms has a fantastic reputation for producing a wide range of food items that save space in your kitchen while yet providing nutritious advantages. Their Dry Powdered Egg Product is no exception, since it is gluten free and works well as a meal or snack.

Many people consider this powdered egg mix to be one of the finest since it tastes so much like actual eggs. You may use this powdered egg product to manufacture your favorite sort of egg, except sunny side up, and it is said to be quite tasty.

This particular powdered egg product is also well-known for its low cost. Instead of going to the grocery store every weekend to restock on fresh eggs, keep your cupboard stocked with this container instead. If you do store it in your cupboard, Augason Farms suggests keeping it at temps ranging from 55 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

Probably the nicest advantage after eating these eggs is that they have a shelf life of an amazing 10 years! Fresh eggs will not survive more than a few months, and having powdered eggs in your cupboard allows you to prepare eggs whenever you want.

3 cup warm water; if you’re very hungry, create six eggs by combining a full cup of egg powder and warm water. It’s incredible how simple it is to manage how much you create simply scooping the powder and mixing it with water. 3 cup egg powder and 1 cup The nicest part about creating eggs whenever you want is that you can create as many as you want. Just add 1 egg for every 2 eggs.

What we liked: More than any other powdered egg product on our list, this Augason Farms one yielded a cooked egg product that tasted the most like a real egg. This taste was fantastic, and the texture was just what you’d expect from a regular egg.

What we didn’t like: Our single complaint had nothing to do with the product itself. Rather, our jar or can of this powdered egg came broken, with a heavily dented side and an illegible expiration date. We believe the expiration date is 2029, however it might potentially be 2020.

2. Judee’s Whole Egg Powder

Judees Whole Egg Powder is another another excellent powdered egg product that can fulfill any egg need. Instead of a large jar, this powdered egg product comes in a foil-lined bag sealed with an oxygen absorber to guarantee optimal freshness and a longer expiration date.

This Judees Whole Egg Powder comes in a 24-ounce container and is made entirely of whole eggs. This box contains the equivalent of 52 entire eggs! The eggs are pasteurized and contain no GMO components. They are sourced from American egg producers. This box is all about freshness, and the powdered eggs in it are prepared from eggs that are less than a month old.

When completely cooked, the freshness is evident since the eggs taste light and fluffy, much like regular eggs. Although you may prepare this egg powder primarily for breakfast, it also provides you a lot of flexibility since many people have used it in baking by substituting this egg combination for regular eggs.

Preparing these eggs is also quite easy; just combine equal parts egg powder and equal parts warm water and well mix. To produce a two-egg equivalent omelet, just combine four tablespoons of water and egg powder.

Judees shares a few pointers on how to get the most out of these eggs. The most essential thing is that after you’ve broken the seal and opened the packaging, the eggs will stay fresh for another two months if kept at room temperature. If the package is kept in the refrigerator, this time may be extended to six months. According to Judees, the shelf life of this egg powder is about one year.

What we liked: Because of the freshness of this egg powder and the package’s oxygen absorber, which helped to keep it even fresher, we appreciated carrying this powdered egg combination on camping vacations since it held up well against the elements. Every morning, we produced eggs from this egg powder combination, and they tasted precisely like the genuine thing!

What we didn’t like: despite the fact that we carried it camping with us for a week, after the fourth day, we discovered a hole in the bag with egg powder seeping out of this tear. After researching this problem online, we discovered that many other customers had identical concerns about the packaging puncturing too quickly.

3. OvaEasy Dehydrated Egg Crystals Powdered Eggs

Dehydrated Egg Crystals OvaEasy Powdered Eggs is another excellent option for obtaining the best powdered eggs. Powdered eggs are simply dried eggs prepared from genuine eggs, as the name implies. The egg crystals in this powdered egg product are crystal (cold) freeze-dried. This critical freeze-drying technique is essential for maintaining as much taste as possible from the eggs.

The OvaEasy Powdered Eggs employ all-natural components, including natural eggs, to generate these dehydrated egg crystals or powder. The powder is made from pasteurized eggs and has no preservatives or additions to improve the taste. As a result, you receive an egg powder that is composed entirely of genuine eggs.

This powdered egg comes in a very modest 128g bag per container. This bag contains around 12 whole eggs, so instead of purchasing a dozen eggs from your local grocery shop, just take this bag. Each serving is around the size of one egg and has about 70 calories.

The OvaEasy Powdered Eggs are intended to make your eggs lighter and fluffier, which is reflected in the directions. They suggest combining two teaspoons of egg powder and three tablespoons of water. The finished product is clearly lighter and less filling than a conventional egg would be.

These powdered eggs have a lengthy shelf life and will last you a long time. These powdered eggs will keep in your cupboard for around two and a half years at room temperature. It does not need to be refrigerated, but once opened, they suggest eating the full bag within six months to get the most freshness out of the powdered eggs.

What we liked: We absolutely appreciated making our eggs lighter by following their recommendations. As we created our scrambled eggs, we discovered that they tasted almost similar to scrambled eggs produced with actual eggs.

What we didn’t like: We didn’t care for the bag size of OvaEasys Powdered Eggs. Despite the package states that you would receive 12 serves, we only got 10 servings before the powder ran out. We would have like to see more powder in this package.

4. Z Natural Powdered Eggs Bulk Size

If you’re seeking for powdered eggs that will last you practically a lifetime, the Powdered Eggs Bulk Size may be the best option. This massive box of powdered eggs will undoubtedly last you a long time, whether you intend on preserving it in case of an apocalypse or wanting to feed your family for the next several years!

The Powdered Eggs Bulk Size comes in a large cardboard box and weights an incredible 50 pounds! According to the information on their cardboard box, one pound is about equivalent to 32 eggs. Thus, for 50 pounds, you’ll need 1,600 eggs! If you purchased a dozen eggs every week for two and a half years, you’d have 1,600 eggs!

These powdered eggs are totally dried, and it is recommended that you keep this package in a cold, dry area. In fact, it is suggested that you refrigerate this package after you open it. It may be difficult to find room to refrigerate a large cardboard box, if it can be refrigerated at all, and many individuals have said that they just scoop out the powder and place it in smaller ziplock bags to conserve fridge space.

This healthy protein source originates from American farms and is a favourite morning item for many people. Each egg includes 14 vitamins and minerals that are essential for a balanced diet.

They suggest two teaspoons of egg powder or around two eggs for each serving size. A serving size is equal to 83 calories and contains 76% cholesterol, 13% protein, and 8% total fat.

If you don’t want to buy the 50-pound cardboard box of powdered eggs, they also offer one-pound packages that come in their own bag. If you want maximum value, though, you cant go wrong with keeping enough eggs in your home to last you a few years!

What we loved: Of course, we appreciated the large quantity of powdered eggs that came in this package. It is huge in both size and weight, but the eggs are nicely cooked. We were hesitant at first, but after a few attempts, the eggs came out just as wonderfully as we had imagined.

What we didn’t like: clearly, storage is a huge problem with this, something we didn’t consider before getting it. We had to go out and buy zip-lock bags separately just so we could keep it. It would have been preferable if we could simply put this box in our room-temperature pantry, but it recommended the fridge and we didn’t want to risk it.

5. Sonstegard Powdered Eggs

If you don’t intend on purchasing enough eggs to last you until the apocalypse and prefer a more manageable amount of powdered eggs, Sonstegard Powdered Eggs are the way to go.

Each packets or bags of Sonstegard Powdered Eggs contain 6 ounces (170g) of egg powder. The egg powder is made from USDA-certified and inspected eggs, ensuring that the eggs are 100% natural and devoid of any dangerous toxins.

Just combine two teaspoons with three tablespoons of water to make the equivalent of one conventional egg. Customers love the Sonstegard Powdered Eggs because they make fantastic scrambled eggs. The crucial component when frying the eggs is to add a little amount of butter to make it light and airy, as well as a pinch of salt to enhance the flavor of the eggs.

This powdered egg package’s modest size also makes it extremely simple to travel and a fantastic option for both short and extended camping adventures. It does not need to be refrigerated, so you can be certain that the egg powder will not spoil during your vacation.

The shelf life of these eggs is about one year from the date of manufacturing, therefore watch for this essential date on the packaging.

Numerous customers who have bought the Sonstegard Powdered Eggs have said that it is an excellent product to try if you have never tried powdered eggs before. It doesn’t provide a lot of eggs (about the equivalent of 14-15 eggs), and the taste and texture are identical to regular eggs.

What we loved: We appreciated the flexibility of this powdered egg option. When making scrambled eggs, we also used it as a replacement for normal eggs in our baking, and it worked well.

What we didn’t like: the flavor of this Sonstegard Powdered Egg might be a little stronger. It tastes a little blander than other powdered egg options, but the texture is pretty similar.

6. Modernist AAA Grade Egg White Powder

If you just like or prefer egg whites and dislike the yolk, there are several wonderful powdered egg solutions that only use the egg white. For folks who just wish to consume egg whites, the AAA Grade Egg White Powder is one of the finest egg powder options available.

This AAA Grade Egg White Powder is fully pasteurized and is guaranteed to be perfectly safe to ingest. This egg white powder is available in a 14-ounce (400g) package. Although many people use this egg white powder to cook and consume eggs, this powdered egg product in particular is utilized for much more.

Baking is one of the most typical applications for this egg white powder. Several people have commented on how well this product creates meringue and icing. It’s particularly useful in recipes that call for egg whites, and if you don’t have any eggs on hand, this egg white powder is a good replacement.

A few other individuals utilize this in their alcoholic cocktails, and others believe it works great in Whiskey Sour concoctions that need raw egg whites. Some individuals add this egg white powder to their smoothies for added protein.

There’s nothing difficult about this egg white powder, and it’s made in the same way as the others. Just combine some powder and water and use it for whichever purpose you see fit. Please keep in mind that our AAA Grade Egg White Powder has a few years of shelf life; nevertheless, to obtain the most fresh-tasting egg whites from this powder, store it at room temperature and remove as much air as possible from the bag before re-sealing it.

What we liked: We used this egg white powder for the same reason that many others did: to whip a meringue. This egg white powder is an excellent foaming agent, and our meringue tasted just like egg whites from actual eggs.

What we didn’t like: The one thing we didn’t enjoy about this egg white powder was that when we fried the eggs, they didn’t taste like typical egg whites, and the flavor and texture felt a little wrong.

7. Wise Company Powdered Egg Bucket

The Wise Company Powdered Egg Bucket will provide you with enough eggs to last you a long time. This big 4.2-pound bucket of egg powder contains a whopping 144 servings of eggs. Each dish contains one egg, so you’re really receiving 144 eggs (12 dozen).

Making the eggs is clearly quite straightforward. You just need little water and powder mixed together to get started. The largest and most unexpected aspect of these powdered eggs is that they do not need boiling! They suggest mixing around two-and-a-half teaspoons of powder with equal parts water for each serving size and waiting about 15 minutes for the eggs to spontaneously form on their own. You may still cook the egg since it will cook much quicker, but if you don’t have access to any heating, this will suffice for immediate eggs.

Think again if you believe dealing with a big ol’ bucket full of powdered eggs would result in a gigantic mess. Each bucket contains six independently packed pouches of powdered egg, each with 24 parts. If you want to take this camping, you won’t have to tote along a large pail of powdered eggs. Instead, using a separate bag makes it much easier to travel.

When it comes to transporting these individual egg powder packets camping, they are also good alternatives since they almost never go bad. With this Powdered Egg Bucket, Wise Company claims a 25-year shelf life. They call these emergency meals and are supposed to last a very long period. These are particularly useful if you are putting together emergency preparation packs.

What we liked: We obviously had to test the non-cooked method of creating eggs with this egg powder, and the eggs cooked in 12 minutes, much to our surprise. Although it may seem to be a fast gimmick, it truly works!

What we didn’t like: Although the no-cook eggs are a fun and inconsequential notion, they didn’t taste like eggs and were also frigid since they had just been lying about for 12 minutes.

8. Future Essentials Powdered Eggs

If you’re searching for a great deal in powdered eggs, the Future Essentials Powdered Eggs are an excellent choice. Youll receive plenty of eggs with their 2-pack cans of powdered eggs with each can weighing roughly 8 ounces.

In terms of productivity, each can yields around two dozen extra-large eggs. The egg powder is manufactured in the United States and is created from fresh eggs that have been pasteurized to assure its safety for human use.

To prepare the eggs, mix two teaspoons of powdered eggs with four tablespoons of water to produce the equivalent of one egg. The ultimate product is eggs that are significantly lighter and less thick than conventional eggs when scrambled. Just decrease the quantity of water from four tablespoons to two if you want your eggs firmer.

The Future Essentials Powdered Eggs has a maximum shelf life of 10 years if stored in a dry and cold environment. If you are disappointed with our powdered egg product for any reason, Future Essentials will give you a complete, 100% refund. Just return this powdered egg to them within a year of purchase and you will get your money back with no questions asked.

What we loved: We appreciated the consistency of the egg after it was completely cooked. We want our scrambled eggs to be lighter, and we liked their recommended serving size.

What we didn’t like: We weren’t crazy about the flavor of the eggs. Although we love them light, they were a little too runny for us and seemed undercooked. Also, the flavor was quite bland, with no resemblance to genuine scrambled eggs.

Considerations Before Purchasing the Finest Powdered Eggs


When purchasing powdered eggs, one of the most important considerations is the estimated egg yield per container, bag, package, can, or bucket of powdered eggs. On the outside of most packages, it will state how many eggs you may anticipate to create with the egg powder.

There is no set quantity of eggs produced by each powdered egg carton, therefore you must verify. Some packages yield as few as a dozen eggs, while others might produce hundreds of eggs, so be sure to examine the label carefully.

Powdered Eggs Storage

Another crucial consideration is where you will keep your powdered eggs. Although it varies, the two most prevalent locations are in a dry, room-temperature environment. The idea here is to keep the environment dry, which will assist to keep the eggs fresh.

The refrigerator is another option for storing powdered eggs; however, not all powdered eggs may be kept here. Before doing so, double-check your package to ensure that it is in good condition.

How Long Does It Last?

One of the most essential considerations is how long these powdered eggs will last, and the answer varies. Some can endure up to 25 years, however this is not to be anticipated of all powdered egg products.

We usually find a sweet spot between one and two years. If you want to consume these powdered eggs as soon as possible, it is recommended that you do so within six months. In any case, there should be an expiration date on the container, which you should adhere to.

Package Dimensions

As we can see from our list, the packaging sizes for powdered eggs may vary significantly. Many are available in smaller containers or pouches that are considerably more manageable in terms of size and transportability. These smaller kits are easy to transport on short camping vacations.

As we’ve seen, some powdered eggs come in big buckets or even a gigantic cardboard box. As a result, the package size is largely dependent on how much powdered eggs you want to buy. The larger the box size, the more egg powder you want to purchase, and vice versa.


Although most people use powdered eggs to produce excellent breakfast foods, it may also be utilized for other reasons. Many people prefer to use powdered eggs in their baking, and there are several all-white egg powders that will whip up a meringue just as effectively as regular egg whites. So, certainly, there is a lot of variety in how you may prepare and utilize these powdered eggs.

Last Thoughts

If you constantly run out of eggs, you may solve the problem by purchasing one of the finest powdered eggs. They not only taste like the genuine thing, but they are also just as simple to prepare as regular eggs.

They come in various packages, and the number of eggs produced by each box varies. Therefore, whether you’re wanting to test your first powdered egg packet or stock up for a long time, there’s a powdered egg alternative for everyone.

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