Top 16 Best Manuka Honey Brands in 2022

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The demand for health-conscious food products is increasing as the number of health-conscious customers like you and me grows. Manuka honey is an intriguing addition to the list of health-conscious foods. This is a unique honey that can only be found in New Zealand. There is a reason why this specific sort of honey has suddenly acquired popularity. According to research, this sort of honey is beneficial to the skin and digestion. In fact, frequent use of this honey might operate as a preventative measure for cancer and skin illnesses.

However, not all Manuka Honey is equally beneficial in disease prevention. The quality of honey is determined by a variety of elements, including weather, soil, and location, to mention a few. This post regarding the finest manuka honey brand is not like other review articles. We don’t want you to take any chances with something you’ll be consuming immediately. As a result, in this review, we will not only discuss some of the best brands, but also how each of them might assist your health.

We will also attempt to offer you with a viewpoint on what criteria you should consider when selecting Manuka honey since it may have a direct influence on your health. Before buying a product, always look for certificates such as UMF, MGO, Kfactor rating, and other organic certifications.

Best Pick

Our favorite of the bunch is the brand New Zealand Honey Co., which has an MGO concentration of 515. This has a high category concentration and is excellent for natural immune system development. The flavor is also appealing to non-specialists.

Budget Pick

The Manuka doctor brand is a low-cost option. It has the necessary medical characteristics for the skin, digestion, and breathing. It is best for new users to begin with this honey to get acquainted to the distinct flavor of Manuka honey.


Quick Comparison: Top 16 Best Manuka Honey Brands

Top 16 Best Manuka Honey Brands in 2022

Product Name Grade
New Zealand Honey Co. Raw Manuka Honey UMF 15+ A+
MANUKA HEALTH – MGO 400+ Manuka Honey A+
Comvita Certified UMF 15+ (MGO 514+) Manuka Honey A+
Happy Valley UMF 18+ Manuka Honey A
Tahi Manuka Honey UMF15+ B+
Manuka Doctor Bio Active Honey) A
Wild Cape UMF 15+ Manuka Honey B+
Manuka Honey Active UMF 20 MGO 901 (By Natural Solutions) A
Bee’s Inn Manuka Honey UMF 10+ B+
Manukora UMF 20+ (MGO 830+) Manuka Honey A+
Wedderspoon 100% Raw Manuka Honey A
Airborne (New Zealand) Manuka Honey B+
Manuka Honey 500g UMF 20+ (By API Health) A+
Manuka Honey MGO 820+ (By Good Natured) A
Three Peaks Manuka Honey B+
Steens Manuka Honey UMF 15 (MGO 514) B+

1. New Zealand Honey Co. Raw Manuka Honey UMF 15+ 

Highlighted Features

  • Honey is totally gathered and packaged in New Zealand.
  • Brand is part of the UMF association
  • MGO concentration is 515, indicating that it has a UMF 15+ rating.
  • It has anti-inflammatory and therapeutic qualities.
  • Goes through independent lab testing
  • Can be used as alternative sweetener
  • Original honey flavor is kept intact

New Zealand Honey Co. is a reputable brand in the Manuka honey industry. To begin, let’s discuss about how it was sourced. As the name implies, the honey is gathered and processed solely in New Zealand, the only area where Manuka honey is found. In fact, you can pinpoint the precise site where this brand obtains and processes its honey. The excellent thing about their company is that they have genuine and trustworthy sources to back up their claims. This takes us to their credentials. This brand is a member of the UMF organisation, which was the first to give Manuka honey companies with proper accreditation.

The MGO concentration is 515, indicating that it has a UMF 15+ rating. This indicates that the product has a high concentration of MGO. A UMF level of 15 or above indicates that the honey has therapeutic potential. This kind of honey has anti-inflammatory and therapeutic qualities. This is because of the place from where they are derived. The characteristics of manuka honey vary depending on where it is obtained. In terms of medicinal value, this honey is beneficial to the immune system and digestion. This is true for all Manuka honey with a UMF grade of 15 or above.

In terms of quality testing, the brand is subjected to independent lab testing in accordance with the UMF association’s criteria. As a result, you can be certain that only high-quality honey reaches you. However, since the brand lacks a consistent storage method, consistency may not be maintained between batches. If you want totally organic and organically derived items, this is a fantastic place to start. They provide 100% organically derived honey while attempting to preserve the original taste. They may be used as an alternative sweetener in smoothies, beverages, shakes, cereals, and so on.


  • Naturally sourced honey from New Zealand
  • Licensed and reliable brand
  • High concentration of MGO
  • Possess therapeutic impact
  • Organic product
  • Good for skin and digestion


  • Consistency is not maintained in the texture

2. MANUKA HEALTH – MGO 400+ Manuka Honey  

Highlighted Features

  • MGO 400+ is the equivalent to UMF 12+, which is a good concentration.
  • Suitable for natural medicinal benefits
  • Honey is sourced 100% from New Zealand
  • Good Morning America praised it for its superior quality.
  • Smooth texture and delightful to the palate
  • Quality testing is carried out at an ISO17025-certified laboratory.
  • It complements waffles, cereals, pancakes, and other morning foods.
  • Can be mixed into drinks or eaten with a spoon.

If you’re seeking for a honey brand to consume on a daily basis to reap additional health advantages, the honey provided by the company MANUKA HEALTH is one of our top recommendations. Without further ado, let us first discuss its health advantages. Essentially, this brand provides an MGO 400+. MGO is an abbreviation for methylglyoxal. This chemical molecule has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial effects that are good for your skin and digestive system. The high content of MGO in Manuka Honey contributes to its therapeutic advantages.

This product is not explicitly approved by the UMF rating, but based on the concentration of MGO, we may estimate that it is comparable to UMF 12+, which is a relatively good number for dealing with health difficulties. This concentration is regarded optimal; it is neither too high nor too low. As a result, we believe this is the greatest solution on the market for natural skin and digestive healing.

Because this honey is derived entirely from New Zealand, we can guarantee its authenticity. It has also been highlighted on Good Morning America due to its superior quality. This brand is one of the most popular debunkers of the misconception that food with therapeutic properties cannot be pleasant. This honey has a smooth texture and is really rather tasty. This is something that you would enjoy on a frequent basis. You may eat it straight from the jar or put it into your favorite shakes and smoothies. It goes well with waffles, pancakes, cereals, and regular breakfast.

Moving on to certificates, remember that when it comes to Manuka honey, you should constantly search for them. Fortunately, the creators of this product go above and above to guarantee that the quality is excellent. Before distribution, the product is subjected to independent quality testing. This testing is carried out in an ISO17025 approved laboratory to ensure that the product provides precisely what the manufacturer claims.


  • Possess medium ranged medicinal benefits
  • Ideal for regular intake
  • Superior quality
  • Certifications provided
  • Tasty and delicious
  • Ideal for skin-care


  • The plastic packaging is not that good

3. Comvita Certified UMF 15+ (MGO 514+) Manuka Honey 

Highlighted Features

  • Product is Halal, non-GMO and Kosher certified
  • The specific location of the New Zealand beehive from which the honey is derived is traceable.
  • Comvita is a member of the UMF Association, the most trusted accreditation for Manuka honey.
  • MGO (Methylglyoxal) has a molecular weight of 514+, which is comparable to UMF 15+.
  • Possess strong therapeutic effect
  • As part of your skin-care regimen, you may apply it straight to your skin.
  • Can be used as a sugar alternative in shakes, smoothies, breakfast items, drinks, and so on.
  • Good for digestion, immune system development, coughs, sore throats, and skin problems.
  • Supports environmental efforts, as well as bee and tree research projects.

Comvita Certified UMF 15+ (MGO 514+) Manuka Honey may be an excellent option if you have religious preferences while purchasing food goods. It is certified Halal, non-GMO, and Kosher. One of the product’s distinguishing features is that the brand Comvita is a member of the UMF Association. In general, UMF certification is the most credible source of certification for Manuka honey, and it is one of the sector’s pioneers. As a result, you have nothing to worry about when it comes to the quality of this brand’s honey. We thought it was one of the best of the top manuka honey products we evaluated.

Furthermore, when a company has UMF accreditation, it means that you can pinpoint the specific site of the New Zealand beehive from where the honey is derived. When it comes to the product’s health benefits, we believe it is among the best. MGO (Methylglyoxal) is 514+, which is similar to UMF 15+. This is a high concentration of MGO. As a result, this honey has a powerful medicinal impact. In fact, this degree of focus aids in the prevention of a variety of skin, digestive, and other disorders.

We suggest that you pick this product if you are experiencing skin or stomach issues. However, for regular honey consumption, it is best to avoid such a concentrated substance. Because of its high content, this honey should be consumed on alternate days rather than every day. If you already have skin or intestinal problems, you should avoid taking it on a regular basis. We liked how you can apply this honey straight to your skin as part of your skin-care regimen.

We could easily go on for pages outlining the advantages of ingesting this honey. In summary, this honey is beneficial for digestion, immune system development, coughs, sore throats, and skin problems. The honey tastes great and may be used in place of sugar in shakes, smoothies, breakfast dishes, drinks, and so on. This is an excellent starting point for a new diet for health-conscious customers. We would also like to mention that the brand has been on the market for over a decade and contributes to sustainability efforts, as well as tree and bee research projects. In other words, the company believes in giving back to the community.


  • Ideal for consumers with religious preferences
  • Comvita is a member of the UMF Association, the most trusted accreditation for Manuka honey.
  • Highly concentrated with MGO
  • Reliable and experienced brand
  • Gives back to the community
  • Possess medicinal benefits
  • Authentic and premium quality product
  • Comes with BPA free jars


  • The jars are not completely full up to the top

4. Happy Valley UMF 18+ Manuka Honey

Highlighted Features

  • Sourced from the finest beehives of New Zealand
  • Brand is part of UMF association
  • This brand’s quality testing is done independently.
  • Strong therapeutic impact
  • MGO rating is 690+ which is equivalent to UMF 18+
  • Skin, irritation, and stomach issues are all resolved.
  • Eye pleasing packaging
  • Jars used are made from BPA free plastic
  • Jars are completely filled with honey

Happy Valley is one of the best brands on the market in terms of dependability and genuineness. The honey is collected from New Zealand’s best beehives. Yes, they make that claim, and it is true! If you don’t trust us, they come with a slew of credentials to back them up. To begin, this brand is a member of the UMF organization. As a result, the sources are trustworthy, and the quality requirements satisfied here are of the highest caliber.

In reality, this brand’s quality testing is done independently to assure that nothing dangerous reaches you. Moving on to the therapeutic effect of the product, we believe it is fairly powerful. The MGO rating is 690+, which corresponds to UMF 18+. This is a very concentrated substance. This concentration is used to treat illnesses including the skin, inflammation, and digestion. Because of its high content, we recommend that you limit your consumption of this honey.

To be on the safe side, consume this honey on alternate days rather than every day for the greatest outcomes. Its excellent quality packaging distinguishes it from the rest of the brand. Other brands’ packaging is often constructed of medium to low-grade plastic. However, the packaging for this product is both appealing and secure. The jars are made of BPA-free plastic.

Typically, the whole jar will be totally filled and packaged for you. As a result, you will not feel as though you are paying more for less. When compared to competing goods, the honey is denser. If you like creamy honey over diluted honey, this honey is ideal. However, if you dislike thick honey, this product may not be for you.


  • Reliable and authentic product
  • Possess creamy and dense texture
  • High MGO concentrated product
  • Superior quality packaging
  • Possess high medicinal benefits
  • Possess actual UMF certification and license


  • The rich flavor may not be acceptable for all palates.

5. Tahi Manuka Honey UMF15+ 

Highlighted Features

  • Follow organic bee hiving practices
  • Maintain environmentally and bee-friendly practices for obtaining Manuka honey.
  • Works to restore the habits of over 60 endangered species.
  • Honey is completely raw and unpasteurized
  • Usage of minimal filtration process
  • UMF rating is 15+
  • Licensed brand of the UMF association
  • Dilute and less creamy texture

Tahi brand should be your first pick for Manuka Honey if you are concerned about the environment. This brand is well-known for its organic beekeeping techniques. In fact, it is one of the few companies that sources Manuka honey in an eco-friendly and bee-friendly manner. This is referred to as ethical beekeeping. Essentially, they do not utilize dangerous chemicals to increase honey production. They let the bees live in their natural environment.

To give back to the community, the company works with over 60 endangered bird species. That is really commendable. Aside from being ethical, the brand provides a variety of advantages, ranging from health benefits to exquisite flavor. If you like organic items, this one is raw and unpasteurized. This is filtered little to offer you with a 100% natural product. Being eco-friendly and entirely natural are the two criteria that provide the brand a competitive edge.

In terms of the brand’s general characteristics, it offers healing and prevention functions. The UMF grade is 15 or above, indicating a high concentration of MGO. This high dosage is good for avoiding skin disorders, inflammation, and stomach troubles. It is also useful to the development of the human immune system. It is also a UMF association-licensed brand.

As a result, we don’t believe you need to be concerned about its validity or dependability. Due to its high MGO content, we recommend consuming this honey on alternate days. When compared to traditional manuka honey, the texture is less creamy and a little watery. It is a little sweeter than its competitors, which may be appealing to certain customers. However, many people like this form of honey.


  • Ethical bee-keeping brand
  • No added preservatives
  • Completely organic products
  • High MGO concentration
  • Licensed brand
  • Offers unique taste


  • The overall texture is not consistent

6. Manuka Doctor Bio Active Honey 

Highlighted Features

  • Possess a 24+ bio active rating
  • Honey is sourced 100 percent from New Zealand
  • Anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antibacterial properties
  • Follow strict standards with quality testing
  • Thick textured honey
  • Can be used as a substitute to sugar
  • Ideal for sweet-tooth
  • Non-GMO product

In our perspective, Manuka Doctor is a medium-priced manuka honey. This product, too, has several certifications. However, the main issue is that it is not a member of the UMF organisation. Nonetheless, it is not a terrible brand since it contains nutritious ingredients. To begin, let us discuss the fact that it has a 24+ bio active rating. This characteristic is beneficial to honey in general, not only manuka honey. This number simply means that the peroxide activity in this product is high.

Peroxide activity is beneficial to body metabolism, which has an influence on healthy skin and digestive mechanisms. We’d like to alert you to one critical element. Marketers and advertising are continually labeling their products as bio-active. Understand that this is often a marketing ploy since there is no clear link between being bio-active and manuka honey. Any decent grade honey will typically have strong peroxide activity. As a result, this designation implies that it is healthy for your health and a high-quality honey, but not the authenticity of Manuka honey.

Having said that, the honey is entirely obtained in New Zealand. This information is correct, thus we had faith in the validity of Manuka Doctor Brand’s provision of genuine Manuka honey. Nonetheless, this substance is anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, and anti-bacterial. Despite not being a certified Manuka honey brand, it adheres to stringent quality testing criteria. This brand also goes through a thorough standardization procedure for pollen and peroxides in honey.

This was our favorite aspect of the product. We also like the flavor of this honey. It may be eaten with a variety of foods as a sugar replacement. The texture is pretty thick, and anybody with a sweet appetite would like the flavor. We suggest refrigerating the honey during warm weather; otherwise, the thick texture will be damaged.


  • High peroxide activity
  • Good for body metabolism
  • Ideal for regular intake
  • Provide medicinal benefits
  • Good taste
  • Offers value for money deal


  • Because the honey is not UMF certified, there is no assurance that it is Manuka.

7. Wild Cape UMF 15+ Manuka Honey 

Highlighted Features

  • Sourced from East Cape region of New Zealand
  • It lacks the caustic and harsh flavor of traditional Manuka honey.
  • Part of UMF association
  • Mild taste and goes well with generic palate
  • Product is rated UMF 15+
  • Enjoy the health benefits of high-quality Manuka honey.
  • Does not harm the bees while sourcing
  • Comes with BPA free jars

Wild Cape is one of our favorite Manuka honey products due to its distinct flavor. This flavor is present since they were sourced from New Zealand’s East Cape area. The flavor, texture, and quality of Manuka honey are heavily influenced by the weather, soil, and location. Manuka honey from the indicated location is really mild and complements a wide range of palates. The distinguishing characteristic for this brand, in our opinion, is its particular flavor. This is a reputable brand that sells genuine Manuka honey.

Why? This is due to the fact that this brand is a member of the UMF organization. As a result, you have nothing to worry about when it comes to the product’s quality, dependability, and originality. The product has a UMF 15+ rating. This suggests that the concentration of MGO in this honey is high, which is obviously a positive thing. The honey has all of the same health advantages as regular Manuka honey.

Another advantage of the product is its attractive packaging. We really liked the jar’s label design. However, there are other aspects to consider. The jars used are high-quality BPA-free polyethylene. This is yet another uncommon Manuka honey brand that supports ethical beekeeping practices. When they source the honey, they do not damage the bees and instead allow them to live in their natural environment.

As a result, environmentalists might choose this brand for this feature as well. One issue we discovered with the product is that certain consumers prefer the caustic flavor of manuka honey, which this brand lacks. Strong flavor is chosen by certain individuals over mild flavor.


  • Exclusive taste
  • Trusted and reliable Manuka honey brand
  • Concentration of MGO is high in this honey
  • Follows ethical bee-hiving
  • Good packaging
  • Exact region of honey sourcing can be traced
  • Licensed brand


  • Some consumers prefer the strong flavor of generic Manuka honey to the gentle flavor of Manuka honey.

8. Manuka Honey Active UMF 20 MGO 901 (By Natural Solutions)

Highlighted Features

  • Before sending honey to consumers, it is stored in specialized honey rooms.
  • Licensed brand and part of the UMF association
  • Honey has an MGO 901 rating, which is similar to a UMF rating of 20+.
  • This brand is subjected to independent quality and purity testing by the UMF organization.
  • Single source honey
  • Possess unique taste
  • Sourced from Te Araroa New Zealand

If you want real and long-lasting Manuka honey, go no further than Natural Solutions. We included this in our top manuka honey brand evaluation because of its unusual storing option. Due to transportation concerns and other difficulties, the flavor of various brands varies. In fact, improper storage has a negative influence on the potency of Manuka honey. What we liked about the product was that it was stored in specialized honey rooms before being sent to clients.

These honey chambers sustain a stable temperature optimal for preserving the Manuka honey. This, in our opinion, is Natural Solutions’ competitive advantage. This is a licensed brand and a member of the UMF organisation. This organization certifies Manuka honey for its genuineness. Aside from that, the UMF organization conducts independent quality and purity testing for this brand. As a result, you should have no reservations about the overall high quality of our Manuka Honey.

Another intriguing aspect of this brand’s manuka honey is that it comes from the Te Araroa trail in New Zealand. That region’s manuka honey has a distinct flavor, which some people like. The honey has an MGO 901 rating, which is comparable to a UMF rating of 20+. Because of the high quantity of MGO present, it provides significant medical advantages. One disadvantage is the limited volume of the jars utilized. Because this honey is supplied in little quantities, it may be inconvenient for certain consumers.


  • Innovative storage
  • Reliable and authentic brand
  • High concentration of MGO
  • Superior quality testing
  • Actual source identified
  • High potency


  • Sold in small quantity only

9. Bee’s Inn Manuka Honey UMF 10+ 

Highlighted Features

  • The brand represents a skilled group of bee keepers in New Zealand’s North Island area.
  • Has licensed UMF rating
  • Each batch of honey is individually checked for purity and authenticity before being licensed.
  • Rating of UMF 10+
  • Entail medium therapeutic property
  • Can be used as an alternative sweetener
  • Natural product with no additional preservatives.

Bees Inn is one of the most genuine Manuka honey brands. They specialize on finding pure honey. In fact, this brand is backed by an experienced group of New Zealand beekeepers. The Bees Inn brand has a licensed UMF rating, so you don’t have to worry about the product’s genuineness. A legitimate UMF grade also signifies that the honey source may be traced all the way back to New Zealand. When it comes to this brand’s quality control, we appreciate their thorough and thorough approach.

Each batch of honey is individually checked for purity and authenticity before being licensed. As a result, it guarantees that you obtain the finest Manuka honey available. The honey in this variant has a UMF value of 10+. The honey has a modest amount of MGO. As a result, the intake of this honey will have a medium degree of therapeutic influence. We adore moderately concentrated Manuka honey. This is because this form of honey is safe to consume on a daily basis and helps to naturally improve your immune system.

We would strongly suggest consuming this honey with your daily meal to keep a healthy diet. Because of its moderate sweet flavor, it may also be used as a sugar replacement. What we liked most about this product was the variety of concentrations available from the manufacturer. In addition to the UMF 10+ version, there are two further versions: 5+ UMF and 15+ UMF. That is, the brand has plenty to offer for both moderate and high MGO concentration preferences.

If you want organic goods with no extra preservatives, this brand will definitely win your heart since it is made entirely of raw honey. One disadvantage is that since the honey is not filtered, it may take some time to get used to its distinct flavor. The package is pretty appealing and includes all of the important nutritional information in great detail. Unfortunately, the jar is made of plastic.


  • Authentic Manuka honey
  • Exact source of honey is traceable
  • Rigorous approach to quality testing
  • Possess medium concentration of MGO
  • Ideal for regular consumption
  • Organic and naturally sourced honey
  • Eye pleasing packaging with detailed information


  • The taste of completely raw and unfiltered manuka honey is not for everyone.

10. Manukora UMF 20+ (MGO 830+) Manuka Honey 

Highlighted Features

  • Authentic and licensed provider of Manuka honey
  • Part of UMF association
  • Goes through independent quality testing
  • Has a UMF rating of 20+
  • It has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial effects.
  • Goes through minimal filtration and processing
  • Possess a creamy and thick texture

If you’re seeking for a high concentration of MGO from a dependable and trustworthy supplier, look no further. Manukora is a genuine and accredited supplier of Manuka honey. The honey is obtained from a select places of New Zealand and distributed to consumers after passing independent quality testing. One positive aspect of the brand is that it delivers on its claims while attempting to avoid inflating product qualities. Manukora is a UMF member and, of course, a trustworthy and reputable brand.

It has a UMF value of 20+, indicating that the concentration of MGO in this honey is exceptionally high. This honey should be used primarily for its therapeutic properties. It may treat and prevent a wide range of skin problems, from acne to wrinkles. It also has anti-inflammatory effects that aid digestion. We suggest ingesting it on alternate days rather than every day due to its high concentration. This honey is not entirely raw, but it has undergone minimum filtering and processing.

This gentle processing provides the honey the desired texture. We like the creamy texture and taste of this manuka honey. However, since the matter is subjective, we cannot promise that you will like the flavor as well. It arrives in a plastic jar, and the packaging is not as high-end as it seems on the surface. Another issue we discovered with the product was little fragments of gritty texture. This grainy texture is not appealing to many people. Nonetheless, owing to its high UMF rating, it provides the most health benefits.


  • Very high concentration of MGO (Methylglycoxal)
  • Partially organic product
  • High health benefits
  • Resolves skin issues
  • Reliable brand
  • Strong flavor


  • Possess bits of grains due to mild processing

11. Wedderspoon 100% Raw Manuka Honey 

Highlighted Features

  • Honey is naturally sourced from New Zealand
  • Certified with KFactor 16
  • Possess high pollen content
  • Good for cough and cold
  • Can be used as an alternative sweetener
  • Ideal for regular consumption
  • Non-GMO product

If you’ve heard about Manuka honey from friends or colleagues, you’ve probably come across the brand name Wedderspoon. Despite certain flaws, this business clearly understands how to promote itself to people. Because of its flavor, texture, and health advantages, this is one of the most popular on the market. The honey is supplied organically from New Zealand. However, there is no direct confirmation of tracking back to the source. It does give a good certification that is recognized by the government of New Zealand.

They are KFactor 16 certified. This is a certification that the company uses to verify the exceptional quality of the honey they provide. KFactor displays a scale of pollen content in honey. Now, a high pollen concentration is beneficial to any honey and has therapeutic advantages for you. It may be used to treat coughs and colds and as a healthy alternative sweetener. However, this does not necessarily imply that it is an excellent Manuka honey. Yes, the honey offered by Wedderspoon is of high quality, however we are unsure if it is derived from the pollens of the Manuka plant.

One of the reasons we included this brand in our list of the top manuka honey brand reviews is to help you understand the concept of Kfactor. You must realize that Wedderspoon honey is of high grade and has several medical effects. It has confirmed Kfactor 16 accreditation, indicating a high pollen concentration. However, this does not always imply that the honey is Manuka. Nonetheless, we enjoyed the honey’s overall presentation and flavor. You may consume it on a daily basis since the manufacturers did not publish the MGO content, implying that it is present in a little amount.


  • Smooth texture and good flavor
  • Popular honey brand
  • Non-pasteurized honey
  • Value for money deal
  • Provides Kfactor certification
  • Possess health benefits


  • Does not have authentic UMF certification

12. Airborne (New Zealand) Manuka Honey 

Highlighted Features

  • Ideal for family consumption
  • Sold in 17oz. jars
  • High pollen content
  • Good for skin and digestion
  • Used as herbal honey
  • Can be used as a substitute to sugar in food item
  • Independent pollen quantity and quality testing is performed.
  • Honey sourced from New Zealand

If you enjoy honey and need it for your family, you may want to look into the Airborne brand. This honey is distinguished by the fact that it is offered in larger quantities than its competitors. This honey is specifically offered in 17oz. jars. This is quite handy for consumers since they do not have to order honey over and over again. This amount is great for a family meal. The brand has been on the market for many decades. As a result, you may be certain that this is an excellent honey brand.

Concerning other aspects, the makers state that it can be obtained all the way from New Zealand and that the sourcing can be tracked to the precise place. However, they need UMF accreditation to demonstrate this. We can tell you that Airborne produces high-quality honey for you, but we are unsure if this is genuine Manuka honey. Batches of honey are individually lab tested to ensure pollen count and product quality. This was one of the aspects of the brand that we appreciated.

They ensure that only high-quality pollen honey reaches you. This honey is also raw and little processed, which is a benefit. Because of its high pollen concentration, the manufacturers also claim that it is herbal honey. Users have proved that frequent use of this honey is beneficial to the digestive system and the skin. As a result, we see no risk in purchasing this honey for normal family usage. Because it may be used as an alternative sweetener, this honey is ideal for health-conscious customers who are transitioning to low-sugar diets.


  • Sold in high volumes compared to peer products
  • Organic product
  • Suitable for low sugar diets
  • Good quality honey
  • Mild flavor and good taste
  • Possess 70+ pollen rating


  • Does not provide authentic UMF certification

13. Manuka Honey 500g UMF 20+ (By API Health) 

Highlighted Features

  • Part of the UMF association
  • UMF grade of 20+; exhibit optimum manuka honey health advantages
  • Possess strong anti-bacterial properties
  • Each batch of honey is subjected to independent quality testing at reputable labs.
  • Ideal for consumption once or twice regularly
  • API health publishes their test results
  • Possess unique texture and palatable flavor
  • It is an excellent alternative sweetener for regular meals.

API health brand sells Manuka honey with a high MGO content. If you want to get the health advantages of honey, this is one of the best brands to go with. This brand is a member of the UMF group. As a result, this brand provides pure and top grade manuka honey. We are no longer simply hurling statements at you. This brand comes with official UMF accreditation to demonstrate its value to clients. It has a UMF rating of 20 or above.

This grade indicates that the content of MGO (Methylglyoxal) in this honey is very high. This level of MGO concentration offers the most health advantages to customers. MGO has powerful anti-bacterial characteristics that are good to your health, especially the skin and digestive system. This implies that this brand provides one of the highest grade honeys in terms of therapeutic effects.

at terms of quality testing, each batch of honey produced is subjected to independent quality testing at reputable labs. Manufacturers ensure that only high-quality items reach their consumers. That is admirable behavior on their part. To maintain total openness for its clients, the business even releases their test findings. Despite the fact that this is a very concentrated product, you may safely drink it once or twice per day.

We liked how it has a distinct texture and taste. It is neither too mild nor too powerful, but rather the ideal density. It complements pancakes, shakes, smoothies, and cereals. We believed it would be a perfect substitute sweetener for your regular meals. Our opinion of the product is that it is ideal for individuals who wish to begin a low-sugar diet and obtain additional natural health advantages.


  • Offers pure and premium quality manuka honey
  • Concentration of MGO (Methylglyoxal) is very high
  • High therapeutic effect
  • Maintains transparency
  • Maintains optimum density in the texture
  • Ideal for low sugar diet


  • The jars are made of plastic
  • There are no particular storage requirements for preserving the Manuka honey texture.

14. Manuka Honey MGO 820+ (By Good Natured) 

Highlighted Features

  • MGO 820+, with an equal UMF grade of 20
  • For quality control, lab testing are done separately.
  • The New Zealand government has certified laboratories where testing are done.
  • Maintains quality and concentration standards
  • Provides raw honey with no added preservatives
  • Does not artificially sugar-feed the bees
  • Cold extraction approach is used to maintain maximal anti-bacterial capabilities.
  • Possess medicinal benefits

This is an Australian brand, yet they sell Manuka honey with MGO 820+. This is a very high concentration with an equivalent UMF grade of 20. Unfortunately, they are not a member of the UMF organisation. As a result, they lack qualification to back up their claims. The fact that they give genuine lab test results that are completed independently is a plus. They strive for complete openness in order to demonstrate that the honey delivered to you is of high quality.

The New Zealand government has certified the labs where the honey batches are examined. As a result, you have no need to be concerned about the high quality of the honey delivered to you. Aside from clear quality testing techniques and therapeutic advantages, there are a few more features that distinguish the Good Natured brand. For starters, this is 100% raw honey. The brand’s next advantage is that they practice ethical beekeeping. The honey is sourced using organic and natural methods, and the bees are not exposed to any hazardous chemicals throughout the process.

This is unusual in the world of brands. This is a major yes for environmentally minded customers. In terms of the therapeutic advantages of the items, we were astounded by the brand’s revolutionary processing technique. This is most likely what prompted us to include this brand in our list of the top manuka honey brands. To maintain the highest anti-bacterial qualities of the honey, the makers use a special cold extraction procedure. We believe that if the product had been UMF accredited, it would have been an absolutely excellent brand. This is the only flaw we discovered in the product throughout our study.


  • High concentration of MGO
  • Use of innovative methods
  • Maintains transparency
  • Reliable source of quality testing
  • Follows ethical bee hiving methods
  • Ecologically conscious brand


  • Although not officially recognized as pure manuka honey by the UMF organisation, this honey is of high quality.

15. Three Peaks Manuka Honey 

Highlighted Features

  • Works great as an alternative sweetener
  • Suitable for daily consumption with usual dietary items
  • The brand has UMF accreditation, which is the most genuine manuka honey certification.
  • Quality and concentration are separately evaluated in labs.
  • Natural honey is derived from New Zealand’s North Island.
  • UMF rating of this product is 10+
  • Comes in 17.60z jars
  • Flavorful honey with moderate medicinal benefits
  • Good for respiratory and digestive system

Three peaks has developed moderate concentrated manuka honey for frequent usage. It does not have the classic bitter manuka honey flavor, but it is made more acceptable for frequent use with everyday foods. This honey works well as an alternate sweetener, and we like its distinct flavor. This is most likely due to the New Zealand area from where this honey is derived. Because the issue is debatable, you may choose to vary in terms of taste.

Moving on to additional qualities, consider its genuineness and purity. This brand has the UMF accreditation, which is the highest genuine certification for manuka honey. The quality and concentration are separately evaluated in labs. It is a trustworthy and legitimate brand that gives you with manuka honey. The honey is derived organically from New Zealand’s North Island, which is the sole centre for manuka plants. This product has a UMF rating of 10+. This suggests that the MGO concentration in the product is lower. However, this does not always suggest that the honey is harmful.

Even this UMF grade shows that the honey has minimal medicinal properties. In reality, this kind of concentration is ideal for long-term healing and frequent ingestion. Manuka honey’s flavor might be ruined by excessive MGO levels. As a result, many regular honey consumers choose low concentration MGO manuka honey. Essentially, this concentration allows you to enjoy a tasty honey while reaping the modest medical advantages of manuka honey. This honey, in particular, is good to the respiratory and digestive systems.

The gold foiled packaging looks wonderful on the outside, however the jars are plastic. This is a setback for us. The containers are useful since they have a capacity of 17.6oz. This is a large capacity honey jar, making it an excellent option for family enjoyment.


  • Good texture and flavor
  • Authentic and pure brand
  • Maintains standardized quality
  • Organic product
  • Ideal for regular intake
  • Ideal for family consumption
  • Eye pleasing packaging
  • Possess medium therapeutic impact


  • A low MGO concentration signifies a poor overall therapeutic effect.

16. Steens Manuka Honey UMF 15 (MGO 514) 

Highlighted Features

  • Comes with a unique label code that may be used to track out the source of the honey.
  • The MGO concentration is 514, implying that it should be similar to UMF 15.
  • Honey is raw and completely unpasteurized
  • Cold-pressed technique is used to maintain antibacterial characteristics.
  • Minimal filtration to preserve amino acids and other essential elements.
  • Suitable for the treatment of digestive and respiratory problems

Steens takes an unusual approach to providing transparency to its consumers. Essentially, the source of manuka honey is critical. The source indicates whether or not the honey is genuine manuka honey. To verify that their consumers are getting genuine manuka honey, they include a unique identifier on their labels. This label may be traced back to the location where the honey was obtained. This is an interesting method to providing authenticity. We were blown away by the packaging’s one-of-a-kind label.

The main issue here is that it lacks UMF certification. The brand claims an MGO content of 514, which means it should be similar to UMF 15. Again, we cannot be certain of the product’s legitimacy since it is not UMF certified. We have no doubts about the honey’s quality. In many ways, this honey is of high quality. First and foremost, the honey is raw and unpasteurized. It employs a cold-pressed process to preserve Manuka honey’s antibacterial properties.

It is filtered as little as possible to preserve the amino acids and other important elements in the honey. In terms of medical advantages, since it should have a UMF grade of 15, the therapeutic effects should be mild. In particular, honey may help with digestive and respiratory disorders in the long term. It is essentially a natural process that provides health advantages. If you substitute sugar with this honey, you may also start a healthy eating regimen. The flavor of this honey is good in our opinion, although we believe it might have been much better.


  • Medium level of MGO concentration
  • Possess moderate therapeutic impact
  • Unique approach to transparency
  • Organic product
  • Unique filtering and processing method
  • Ideal for healthy diet


  • The brand is not UMF certified
  • Taste is not suitable to generic palates

Things to Consider Before Purchasing Manuka Honey

Top 16 Best Manuka Honey Brands in 2022


Understand that you will be directly ingesting manuka honey on a daily basis. As a result, the brand’s authenticity is critical. That is, if it is real manuka honey or, at the absolute least, whether it is a high-quality honey. You examine certificates and honey-specific ratings to determine whether the honey is of high quality. When it comes to Manuka honey, the only genuine accreditation is membership in the UMF organisation and a legitimate UMF rating. If a brand lacks UMF accreditation, this does not imply that it sells genuine Manuka honey.

The UMF organization is the sole platform that enables Manuka honey accreditation as well as quality testing techniques. If the company has UMF certification, you may even track back to the actual area of the honey’s origin. However, there are more ratings available, which we shall examine in the next section. It is better to choose companies that have UMF certification, although there are a few excellent brands with exceptional qualities that provide superior quality honey despite not having UMF certification. In brief, choose companies that are trustworthy and have been on the market for a long period.

MGO concentration

The MGO content of the Manuka honey should be checked next. Manuka honey is distinguished by the presence of the chemical component Methylglyoxal (MGO) in the honey. This MGO is responsible for the majority of honey’s therapeutic advantages. It benefits the skin, the respiratory system, and the digestive system. Essentially, you will discover brands that state the MGO concentration. It is preferable to verify the UMF rating in addition to the MGO concentration. The graph below shows the direct relationship between UMF and MGO rating.

UMF rating

MGO concentration range

UMF 5+


UMF 10+


UMF 12+


UMF 15+


UMF 18+


UMF 20+


When MGO concentrations are high, the therapeutic benefits are also enhanced. The mildest concentrations are usually those with a UMF grade of 5+ to 10+. This level of concentration is ideal for repeated consumption throughout the day. As a result, for a reduced sugar diet, this is the concentration to choose. Following that, the concentration of MGO ranges from 12+ to 15+. This is beneficial for the natural therapeutic effect. Essentially, you will be able to observe natural healing of your skin, digestion, and respiration at this range of concentration. Your immune system will improve as a result of long-term usage. They also perform nicely as a sugar alternative. MGO concentrations are greatest in the 18+ to 20+ rating range. When companies get manuka honey, they may offer this as the highest concentration. However, because of the high content of MGO, it is best to ingest the honey on alternate days.

Quality testing

As previously said, you are directly ingesting the honey, and quality testing is one of the main considerations here. Make certain that the brand you choose is subjected to a thorough quality inspection before being dispatched to you. Each batch of honey should be individually and independently quality verified in certified labs. Typically, UMF certified products must adhere to tight quality control regulations. However, with non-UMF products, you must read the product description to see if they have undergone independent quality testing. There are a few companies that are not UMF approved but share the lab test results in order to preserve openness. Those brands are also trustworthy.

Sourcing and processing

Because we’re talking about genuine manuka honey here, sourcing and processing methods are critical. Manuka honey is solely derived from New Zealand. However, there is a catch. Each area of New Zealand is significant in its own way. The flavor and quality are heavily influenced by the weather conditions in that place. When it comes to processing, always opt for raw, unpasteurized honey. This sort of honey has the most nutritional value. To keep the nutrients intact, choose ones that have undergone little filtering. However, if you dislike caustic flavors, you should go for the one with more filtering, since raw honey may not be as appealing. Check to see whether the manuka honey was extracted using the cold extraction technique, which is usually a good option.

Ethical bee keeping methods

This feature is critical for environmentally conscientious and health-sensitive customers. There are several brands that do not feed artificial chemicals to the bees. They go for entirely natural harvesting. The organic harvesting process aids in retaining the majority of the nutritional advantages of manuka honey.


There are two key terms that marketers use that you should be familiar with. The first is the Kfactor score. The Kfactor rating essentially indicates the potency and pollen grain concentration of the honey. This does not guarantee that the honey is Manuka honey. However, it demonstrates that a high Kfactor value indicates that the honey is of excellent quality. Another name for this is bio-active. This word also indicates that the honey is of high quality, but it does not imply that it is genuine manuka honey.


To be honest, the flavor of Manuka honey isn’t that appealing. It takes some time to adjust to the bitter flavor. The flavor also differs depending on geography and concentration. As a result, you should initially test two to three brands to get the ideal flavor for your palette. If you do not consume honey on a regular basis, you will not be able to get the full advantages of the honey. As a result, it is critical that you begin to like the flavor of Manuka honey.


What is the best Manuka honey in 2022?

The blossom of the Knuka tree, from which our bees make our Raw Knuka Honey, Category Winner in the World’s Best Tasting Honey competition in 2022. Knuka Honey is made from the bloom of the Knuka tree (Kunzea ericoides), which is linked to the world-famous Mnuka.

Which Manuka honey is the best?

The Pros’ Picks for the Best Manuka Honey Brands
The New Zealand Honey Company Ltd.
Manuka honey from Comvita.
Raw Manuka Honey from Manukora.
Raw Monofloral Manuka Honey (Wedderspoon).
Manuka Multifloral 25+ MGO in the air.

What is the best Manuka honey for digestive problems?

These higher grades are advised for taking manuka honey for therapeutic reasons, such as addressing gastrointestinal problems:
UMFTM 20+ Manuka Honey | MGO 829+
MGO 1122+ Manuka Honey UMFTM 24+ MGO 1282+ Manuka Honey UMFTM 26+ MGO 1282+

Who is the largest producer of Manuka honey?

New Zealand has the greatest monetary value of honey exports in 2021, with a ceiling of $327 million US dollars. That equates to roughly 12% of all-natural honey supplied! The high monetary worth of New Zealand’s honey exports is most likely related to the country’s status as the only distributor of Manuka honey.

Which UMF or MGO honey is better?

Is UMF or MGO superior? UMF is a purer indication since it is a comprehensive, complex grading system; yet, MGO is simpler and easier to verify. As a result, you can’t conclude one is more trustworthy than the other.

What is a good number for Manuka honey?

Manuka honey with greater levels of antibacterial activity – MGO 263+ (UMF 10+) or above – is most often utilized in cosmetics and for health reasons. Manuka honey with relatively modest levels of antibacterial activity (MGO 83+ or UMF 5+) is an excellent everyday option.

Is there a better honey than Manuka?

Honeys made from ivy, oilseed rape, and heather. The antioxidant content of Irish heather honey was found to be higher than that of Manuka honey, which is produced in New Zealand by bees that pollinate the country’s native Manuka shrub.

Which Manuka honey is best in New Zealand?

The Top 10 Manuka Honey Brands on the Market (Explained)
Raw Manuka Honey from the New Zealand Honey Company.
Manuka Doctor UMF 20+, Manuka Honey MGO 925+.
Raw Manuka Honey from Manukora.
Manuka honey from the Cape of Good Hope.
Raw Premium Manuka Honey from Wedderspoon.
Raw UMF 20+ Manuka Honey from Kiva.
Comvita Manuka Honey 5+… Pri Manuka Honey.

What is the healthiest honey in the world?

Manuka possesses antiviral as well as antibacterial effects. MGO (methylglyoxal) is responsible for its therapeutic properties. Manuka honey is one of the healthiest types of honey on the world due to its high amounts of MGO.

How do I know if my Manuka honey is medical grade?

Look for the UMF or AMHA certification on the label of Manuka honey. This indicates the strength of the honey and confirms that the product is genuine Manuka honey. Furthermore, if the product was created in New Zealand or Australia, it is more likely to be authentic.

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